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projects. The company provides onshore and offshore geotechnical services and analysis, with a state-of-the-art laboratory in Curitiba; and has a joint venture with CGG to develop high-technology seismic activities locally, such as ocean-bottom node projects through its geoscience division. It operates through support bases in Rio das Ostras and Curitiba, and offices mainly in Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Sao Paulo. The core of the company’s operations is focused on subsea operations, as senior marketing manager Rogerio Carvalho elaborates: “Our primary activities in Brazil are the provision of ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles) and diving services. The ROVs are either installed on drill rigs to support clients’ drilling activities, or in vessels to provide a complete package of inspection, repair, maintenance and construction activities. The vessels that carry these ROVs are typically called ROV Support Vessels or RSVs.” Rogerio continues: “We split our diving activities in air (shallow) diving, ranging from zero to 50 metres of water depth, where we have equipment and people also performing repair, maintenance, inspection and installation works

onboard units like FPSO’s and platforms. We perform (deep) diving, providing these services in water depths ranging from 50 to 300 metres, from vessels with a saturation diving system onboard, typically named as Diving Support Vessels or DSV’s. At the moment, Fugro is the only company providing saturation diving in Brazil. Our biggest client is Petrobras, and all of the divers and ROV operators are local Brazilians, so one big challenge is to find the right people.” Fugro also provides survey services in Brazil that make the company an important contractor at the early stages of the life of oil and gas fields. “Another significant operation that we carry out is what we generally call survey, which involves the mapping of the seabed and also understanding its geology by collecting seabed samples,” says Rogerio. “We collect all this data via a survey vessel, then we process, interpret and deliver reports or consultancy to our clients that will use this information to develop their future subsea infrastructure and field developments. We have a dedicated, stateof-the-art survey vessel operating in the Brazilian and South American markets called MV Fugro

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