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UN platforms for South-South Cooperation

Ines Tofalo on behalf of Yiping Zhou, Director, and Francisco Simplicio, Division Chief

Special Unit for South-South Cooperation 8 /10/2012

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The Special Unit for South-South Cooperation (SU/SSC) was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1978, via the Buenos Aires Plan of Action. ď ą

Hosted in UNDP, its primary mandate is to promote, coordinate and support SS and triangular cooperation on a Global and UN system-wide basis.

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Governing body: UNGA High Level Committee on SSC. 17th session decision is renaming to UN Office for SSC.

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Cooperation Framework approved by the Executive Board-- objective: the establishment of a multilateral support architecture for SSC.

The multilateral support architecture: SS Policy Space GSSD Academy GSSD Expo South-South Assets and Technology Exchange

What is the Role of the UN system supporting SSC?

- Convener/promoter: bring actors together, encourage dialogue, facilitate consensus building and coordination. - Broker: match offer and demand for experiences, expertise and technology. - Partnership builder: facilitate inclusive partnership and strategies. Mobilize resources and engage relevant expertise. - Intelligence gathering, analysis: Compile and analyze data, report trends and provide support and continuity to intergovernmental decisions.

South-South Policy : Intergovernmental Processes (HLC for SSC of the UNGA, UN Conference for SSC)


UN system SG Report Publications

(South Report, Outreach: Southern Innovator)

GSSD Academy facilitates access to Southern develop ment solutions and expertise. - Identify,

documen solutions with t andquality assurance through peer-review processes. catalogue - Sharing Innovative Experiences/ Solution Center: Southern

- WIDE: Create, maintain and federate rosters of experts - SSC Training materials (e-module, how-to handbook) - Thematic institutes (linked to centers of excellence in the South) - Fund Management (IBSA, PGTF, SSTF)

How can the GSSD Academy support SSC to Promote Governance Approaches for Citizen Security? Current activities include:  GSSD Academy is supporting response to SG Report on Civilian Capacity in the Aftermath of Conflict: 5 identified gap areas: Safety and Security, Justice, Inclusive Political Processes, Core Governance Functionality, Economic Revitalization).

How can the GSSD Academy support SSC to Promote Governance Approaches for Citizen Security? 

WIDE Roster Platform is powering rosters of experts on these gap areas built by: OAS, Resdal, UN Mediation Support Unit – and we welcome new partners!

Discussion paper, in partnership with OGC and workshop participants, inspired by debates of this conference.

Fund Management –projects in portfolio IBSA Fund: Solid Waste Collection as a Tool to Reduce Violence in Haiti.

Reduction of urban violence through community organization around the labor-intensive process of waste management.

GSSD Expo: Showcases Southern-grown development solutions

Annual Event: 2012 Renewable energy and Climate Change

- DG Meeting and Leaders Roundtable bring together South-South Cooperation leaders for collaboration and exchange of solutions - Solution Exchange Forums (thematic) presentation and discussion of solutions - Solutions Exhibition Floor display and interaction - Launching of New Initiatives and Partnerships - Solutions Matching (with SS-GATE support)

SS-GATE: A network of virtual and physical venues where entrepren eurs, CSO, and - Public listing of quality solutions and Southern technologies (web), governme - Assistance to solution seekers, nts can - Mentoring for access to funding.

SU/SSC welcomes your partnership: -Contributing to SSC policy space; -Documenting, peer-reviewing and disseminating Southern solutions and expertise, rostering talent; -Showcasing Southern solutions, or -Transferring southern technologies.

Thank you!

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