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Melody - A group of sisngle tones in musical compositions and a tune that sticks easily in your head. Harmony - Notes that accent the melody and make the piece pleasurable. Chord - More than three notes played at a time. Solfege Tones - Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do Tonic Triad - The simplest chord which consists of Do, Mi, So, (high) Do

This note is called “The 5.” This sits directly above “The 3.” As a syllable, it is ______.

This note is called “The 3.” It sits directly above the tonic. This notes as a syllable is _____.

Here’s a fun game to help you learn notes:

This note is called the tonic. It sits on the first note of the tonic triad, _____.

Music Tester Worksheet  

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