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Asian Elephants live in Southeast Asia. The Elephants live in the forest. It is hot and moist. You may see frogs, a lot of insects, Rhino, Black leopard and a lot more. They need shelter, air, water, heat and rocks to live. Elephants enjoy playing

Polar Bears live in the Artic. The Polar Bears live in the Tundra. The climate is cold. You may see reindeer, snow leopards, penguins, artic fox, musk ox and lots more. They need snow rocks, salt water, no plants, heat and air.

Lions live in Africa. They live in Savannah. The climate is hot. You may see zebras, giraffes, rhino's and elephants and many more. They need rocks, dirt heat, air and water. The plants they like in there exhibit is Torn Acacion tree, Umbrella trees.

Sea turtles live in the Tropical Ocean. They live in the Ocean. The climate is wet and cold as you go down. You will see whales, eels, fish, and dolphins and more. They need to live water, air, heat and plants. They like to play over sea weed, sea grass, and oralcup coral.

Wild Horses live in China. They live in Grassland. The climate is warm and sunny. You might see American Bison, Giant Tree Sloth, and rabbits and a lot more. They need to live is heat, water, air and rocks. They like broad leaf bush.

Camels live in North Africa. They live in the Desert. The climate is hot and dry. They live with Rattle Snakes, Jack Rabbits, Owls and Meercats and a lot more. They need to live is water, heat, air and rocks. They like to play under Quiver trees and Doum Palm trees.

Amazing Zoo  

Zoo's were created in Microsoft's Zoo Tycoon and then students reasearched information on each animal in the exhibit.

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