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Evadne Tea

Packaging project The goal here was to create an identity for the fictional company, Evadne Tea and produce two different types of packages. The first package includes individual tea bags in the four different flavors with a fitted, clear lid to showcase the branding and assortment. The other product is a more extravagant gift basket that includes a tea pot, two jars of loose tea, cup and saucer and one of each of the four individual tea bags while staying cohesive with the branding and materials.

Atlanta Savannah Lacoste

SCAD Academic Calendars

0 709 | 07 | 07 Fall Orientation 09 | 07 | 07 09 | 10 | 07 09 | 17 | 07 11 | 15 | 07 11 | 16 | 07

Residence halls open Fall quarter begins Lacoste quarter begins Last day of classes Residence halls close at noon

0 801 | 05 | 08 Residence halls open 01 | 07 | 08 01 | 14 | 08 01 | 21 | 08 01 | 25 | 08 03 | 13 | 08

Winter quarter begins Lacoste quarter begins MLK Jr. Day. No classes Makeup class Day* Last day of classes

0 803 | 22 | 08 Residence halls open 03 | 24 | 08 03 | 31 | 08 05 | 29 | 08 05 | 30 | 08 05 | 31 | 08

Spring quarter begins Lacoste quarter begins Last day of classes Residence halls close at five Commencement Day

0 806 | 21 | 08 Residence halls open 06 | 23 | 08 06 | 30 | 08 08 | 21 | 08 08 | 28 | 08 08 | 29 | 08

Summer quarter begins Lacoste quarter begins Last day of classes - Lacoste Last day of classes Residence halls close at five.



09 | 07 | 07 09 | 07 | 07 09 | 10 | 07 09 | 17 | 07 11 | 15 | 07 11 | 16 | 07

03 | 22 | 08 03 | 24 | 08 03 | 31 | 08 05 | 29 | 08 05 | 30 | 08 05 | 31 | 08

Fall Orientation Residence halls open Fall quarter begins Lacoste quarter begins Last day of classes Residence halls close at noon

Residence halls open Spring quarter begins Lacoste quarter begins Last day of classes Residence halls close at five Commencement Day


01 | 05 | 08 01 | 07 | 08 01 | 14 | 08 01 | 21 | 08 01 | 25 | 08 03 | 13 | 08

Residence halls open Winter quarter begins Lacoste quarter begins MLK Jr. Day. No classes Makeup class Day* Last day of classes

06 | 21 | 08 06 | 23 | 08 06 | 30 | 08 08 | 21 | 08 08 | 28 | 08 08 | 29 | 08

Residence halls open Summer quarter begins Lacoste quarter begins Last day of classes - Lacoste Last day of classes Residence halls close at five.

Pigskin Pairing Event

Children’s All Star Foundation

iPgskiN PA I R I N G

children’s all star foundation


All Destination Travel

avel orthwest

All Destination A+ Longevity Management Concepts


All Destination


All Star


PA I R I N G Pigskin Pairing Event


Texas Schools Cooperative

Longevity Management All Destination Travel Concepts



All Destination

A+ Longevity Management Concepts












Logo Design Illustrator

Various logos designed for clients in Austin, TX and Little Rock, AR.





(can only use the shape

Founded in 1954, Supima is the promotional organization of the American Pima cotton growers. Supima’s main objective is to promote the increased consumption of American Pima cotton around the world. Supima is a major sponsor of research programs to improve the quality of American Pima and works closely with cotton industry organizations and government agencies to ensure a fair and viable marketing environment for American Pima cotton growers. In order to promote its awareness of the Supima® brand, Supima advertises in both consumer and trade publications.

Announcing an Opportunity for Emerging Design Talent: Event: Date: Location:

OPEN CALL FOR DESIGNERS June 17, 2008, 4 PM - 9 PM Thompson Hotel, SoHo, NY

Supima has created a runway event to showcase the best upcoming talent with fabrics made from Supima, the world's most luxurious cotton. The latest Supima fabrics from top international mills will be given to designers selected to create a women's wear piece. The resulting design will be presented at a live runway show that will take place the evening of July 15th at Gotham Hall, NYC.

Supima Fashion Show

To be considered for participation, interested designers will need to present at an open call that will take place Tuesday, June 17th from 4 PM to 9 PM at the Thompson Hotel in SoHo. Designers will interview with a panel composed of fashion editors, established designers and Supima representatives.

E-mail blast, Poster, Magazine Ad, Winner’s Magazine

Designers participating in the open call should bring: A sketch of proposed women's evening wear design A copy of their design portfolio Current CV / Resume

Magazine Ad featured in Fashion Mini

Selected designers will be provided with ten yards of fabric with which they can create a women's evening wear design. The fashions will be shown on professional models at the PREFAB runway event on the evening of Tuesday, July 15th. Selected designers will have their sketches and information featured in a magazine that Supima will publish and distribute to over 10,000 retailers, buyers and fashion industry insiders. Winning designs will also be featured on the Supima website and included in future promotions.

Supima is the cotton of choice for leading designers and retailers including Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom, Oligo Tissew, Brooks Brothers, James Perse, Splendid and more.

E-mail Blast

In 2007, I was asked if I would like to be a part of designing the marketing material for Supima Cotton’s annual fashion show. The fashion show, only in it’s second year, was still figuring out the appropriate marketing material that would give them the most positive publicity. The first item we designed was an e-mail blast (shown left) that was to be sent out to all affiliated corporations, friends, magazines, newspapers, etc. Soon after, we designed a large poster that was posted around the SoHo area of Manhattan and a matching magazine ad that was published in Fashion Mini Magazine of New York (above). The design was also used on Supima’s homepage. After the fashion show, Supima decided to publish a small magazine (right) that would showcase each winner and all of the finalists. The design was a clean, simple square format that focused on the details of each contestant’s garments.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SUPIMA’S SPECIAL EDITION: Magazine devoted to Design Competition NEW YORK -- When Supima started its Competition for Emerging Designers last year, its mission was to bring emerging fashion talent to attention of a broader public. And Supima continues to put its money where its mouth is.

Competition for for Emerging DesignersDesigners 2009 Competition Emerging 2009

After its initial contest in 2008, Supima produced a lush, special edition magazine devoted to the contest--complete with bios and contact info for each participant. That proved such a hit--”selling out” at last year’s edition of Première Vision in France as well as top fabric shows in the Far East--that Supima decided it was only fair to produce another, equally upscale publication in honor of this year’s participants.


Combining the photo reportage of Tom Concordia, Giulia Piccari, Jackie Saad Robinson, and Marc Lewkowitz, the stunning, squareformat glossy was designed by Kaitlin Schmidt and Kathryn Gillespie under the supervision of art director Joseph Alfieris.

Self Portrait Charcoal

Sometimes there is just a time when inspiration strikes and the urge to make and mate letters with the environment becomes unbearable.

Elizabeth’s Winery

Identity and Wine Labels At the beginning of this project we were told to create a company based on our middle names. I decided to create a typography based identity for a winery. I then designed five colorful, illustrated labels for different types of wine and applied them to dark blue bottles.

We are ALL a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into a mutual weirdness. We call that love.

P.O. Box 263 Bryant, AR 72089 501-847-0371 office 501-943-3060 fax

Promotional Ideas, Inc. - 501-847-8188 / Fax 501-847-7758 ART for #10 Envelope

design #2

P.O. Box 263 Bryant, AR 72089 501-529-3355 cell 501-847-0371 office 501-943-3060 fax

Mark Middleton Managing Director

Mark Middleton Managing Director

Midcorp Capital

Identity and Branding Material Design

P.O. Box 263 Bryant, AR 72089 501-529-3355 cell 501-847-0371 office 501-943-3060 fax

P.O. Box 263 Bryant, AR 72089

Starting from scratch, I came up with a simple, yet effective logo that was easily incorporated on matching branding material.

Mark Middleton

Managing Director

Mark Middleton Managing Director

P.O. Box 263 Bryant, AR 72089 501-529-3355 cell 501-847-0371 office 501-943-3060 fax

P.O. Box 263 Bryant, AR 72089 501-529-3355 cell 501-847-0371 office 501-943-3060 fax mmiddleton@middletoninc

Logo Color

PMS 312 Blue PMS 368 Green

s | Consulting

Energy Audit

Logo Color

Font in Logo




IN E C A D AUD rtunity to IT had the oppo cally Austin I have ange dramati ch e As a native to cap A ds s the prin is xas lan Te Th ral rs. ci nt yea pl Ce e of Airtig er the see the ov I n am ow gr fo ht s cuse Bu ion ha our being an d on assisting all pa ilding Performance as our populat only changed r un owth has not we change ou and timel derstanding resour rties involved by population gr required that y. y o nc in als cie s fo ha effi rm t d ation to be ce of accurate the proper landscape bu nsumption an st and ards energy co only those ty. The Austin ECA assist the sale of in the heating nd attitudes tow ou gr D Audit ad ite ck ba m g s necessar family uctin re nd ng dresses qu co elo rs ir lif y a em yea to ents and in meet the With fifteen ECAD cludes: ing field and sinesses bu d an s • me air condition Identifies r ho fo ns tio ec wi sp ide nd in ows hour of di goal is to prov loss control rect sunl receiving more th rance agent my ize efficiency and • Attic in an one as a local insu sulation co ight tion to maxim • lua H ndition ea eva gs. tin in ate ur sav g an an acc ective (Seasonal d Air Conditioniand current R valu sts through eff co e th En ng ce er lan Sy ba gy Efficien stem SEER e. assessmen cy independent system. t of general conditiRatio) value and rmance is an ral rfo nt Pe g Ce on in r fo ild of • Air Duct Sy mechanica Airtight Bu ing a resource l stem ev dicated to be mendations Blower third party de ucation, practical recom sting to dealution including • Recommteen Duct termine le great h ed r ug ou ro th As e. xas vic Te efficiency dations for impr akage amounts al customer ser of energy and ov and saving and exception ion s opportuning home’s energy ows, conservat ne of ities community gr rces will be the cornersto Each ou at. res gre ral tu xas our na ntral Te what makes Ce help slow the need for ng ni C tai in O ma MPLET will E B U IL conservation PERFO step towards n. R M A N C D IN G ergy productio e. nc E EVAL re additional en ffe di g U T IO N ing, make a bi What is th Do a small th e be Performan nefit of completin g a Compl ce Evalua tion? Thi ete Buildin the Austin s in g ECAD as well as the cludes everything for following rm an ce • Blower Doo rfo Pe g : r Teasting ild in : Bu at e et us t pl ac • Deter ines Fo r a co m in fo , co nt air infil • Deter min n or m or e Ev al ua tio e correct tration into home • Locatems so vent tio n need • Recommenurces of air inila filtration s datio • Carbon Mindoor air qualityns for improved onoxide (C • Determines O) Testing ance ing Perform appliance levels of CO ge Airtight Build - Phone nerated by 94 • 03 (512) 423• Gas LeakCaghecks for proper dr Fax 39 65 e Testing afting of ap 2m (512) 53 .co ce pliance an • Checks fo tperform info@airtigh from wall r gas leaks at visibl • General H e supply to applianc m om .co e performance • Identife Investigation www.airtight • Review yofpotenital moisture pe en er • Identify fir gy consumptio netration e and vola n compo til • Identifyunliad hazards e organic B U I L D I N G P• ERec R om F O R MbiAlitNy C Ezard ha s men effiency an dations for impr ov d savings opportun ed energy ities


96 / 0 / 11 / 0 57 / 0 / 100 / 0

Logo Grayscale Logo RGB

0 / 160 / 209 131 / 184 / 25

AIRTIGHT ghtperfo

Energy Audits | Consulting

Byron Phillips, Owner Tel: 512.423.0394 Fax: 512.532.6539



Do a small thing, make a big difference.


Improving Energy Efficiency, Savings and Sustainability

Logo Black & White / One Color

Airtight Building Performance

Identity and Branding Material Design This job was done for an Austin businessman trying to get his business off the ground. I came up with dozens of logos before we decided that this was the one. Then, we decided that heavyweight flyers would be an effective way to market himself in the local community. Fitting within a standard size envelope for practicality, these flyers were able to showcase all his business had to offer in a sleek, yet eye catching design. I also provided him with basic branding guidelines for future use of his logo.

35 mm Photograph, Mt. Holly Cemetery in Little Rock, AR

Digital Photo

Digital Photo, Photoshop

35 mm Photograph, Photographers Forum annual photography contest Finalist. Photo was published in a hardcover book showcasing all winners.


WE DO IT ALL Reach thousands of new customers without breaking your advertising budget.

m e d ia k it

Call or e-mail for more information on growing your business with Direct Mail.

501.988.0999 •

LO RE AC H al l yo ur

CA L cu st om er










$200.00 $250.00

250 500


$260.00 $290.00 $310.00 $520.00 $900.00 $1400.00

750 1,000 1,500 2,500 5,000 10,000

$354.14 $357.86 $381.04 $583.78

750 1,000 1,500 2,000

Logo Design, Advertisements & Marketing Material


S OC HU REqu antity: TR I-FOL D BR printed 500 750 price: $217.80 1,000 1,5 $263.20 00 2,5 $275.12 00 5,0 $280.04 00 10 $306.74,000 $533.24

quantity: 250 500 750 1,000 1,500 2,000

RD S BU SIN ES S CA k. ndard stoc Full Color, Sta

250 500 1,000 2,000 5,000

price: $30.00 $42.00 $46.00 $110.00 $190.00

ices ies & paper cho *Other quantit e will vary available. Pric

Next Step Publications

Postcards are S printed on both sides in full color. Direct Mail Services ava ilable.

$303.06 $343.86

250 8.5x11 folded, glossy paper. on high quality

quantity: 501.988.0999




& MO


11x17 Newslet glossy paper. on high quality

ded, 8.5x11 Full Color, 2-si er. on glossy pap

ic h p a r


S WS LE TT ERted FO LD ED NEters , folded, prin




ER S DO OR HA NG bled Sided on Full Color, Dou glossy stock. heavy weight

quantity: 250 500 1,000 2,500 5,000

price: $195.90 $206.06 $214.86 $396.56 $653.80 Let

6 X 11



$114.00 $130.00 $150.00 $180.00 $200.00 $280.00 $400.00 $680.00


250 500

750 1,000 1,500 2,500 5,000 10,000


price: $203.06 $210.88 $219.88 $261.58 $286.06 $384.74 $574.68 $985.10


PO Box 6533 Sherwood, AR 72124 p. (501) 988-0 999 f. (800) 847-5 250


info@nexts teppublicatio




us know ho w we can he another typ lp YOUR bu e of project siness grow! in mind, we If you have possible. A few other se will try our best to ma ke that rvices avail able includ • Flyers of e: all

sizes • Logo De sign • Brandin g Materials (Letterheads , envelopes, etc)


• Pocket Fo lders • Posters & Ba • Promotion nners al Items • Rack Ca rds


A Lingerie Party honoring bride-to-be

Jessica Pitts




Wedding Series

Photography, Save the Dates, and Invitations This project began with engagement photos taken in downtown Little Rock which I then incorporated into their Save the Date postcards. It was a simple, square card with a touch of color that will run throughout the entire series. For the wedding invitations, we continued to use the square format with elegantly placed typography. Each piece is printed on a metallic pearl coated linen card stock, and then stacked.

Saturday, March 23, 2013 3-5 PM Jessica’s House 1 Stonebrook Court Little Rock, AR. Hosted by the bridesmaids

(Jessica H., Melanie, Audrey, Jessica K., & Kaitlin)

Please RSVP by March 10, 2013 Call or Text (501) 554-1126 Jessica wears 36 B/ Lg.

Jessica Marie & Justin Carthan Wright Your Love And Friendship Has Helped Us Become Who We Are

Together With Their Families, Invite You To Share In Joy And Love As Best Friends Become Husband And Wife.

Saturday, the eighth of June Two thousand and thirteen at 6 o’clock in the evening

Saint Luke United Methodist 6401 West 32nd Street Little Rock, Arkansas 72204 Reception to Follow Peabody Hotel


Jessica Marie & Justin Carthan Wright Wouldn’t miss it for the world! Will celebrate from afar.

JessicaReception Marie & Justin Carthan Wright Please join us in celebration shortly following the ceremony.

The Little Rock Marriott 3 Statehouse Plaza Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Avo Uvezian Cigars

Branding & Packaging project The goal was to design a newer, modern logo for the fine cigar company, AVO. Along with the identity, I created two different cigar labels, a glass box, and a gift set that includes cigars and a cutter.

Full Color

Express Printing Co., Inc.

Logo, Business Cards, Branding, Advertising I designed this updated, bright logo for Express Printing after realizing the infinite possibilities that could be done with this concept. The colors and shapes in this logo made designing the business cards and ads very easy! Incorporating different sections out of the circle turned out to be an aesthetically fun way to differentiate between each employee.

Full Color Reversed

2 Color

Services Include:

Kaitlin Schmidt Office Manager

• • • • • • • • • •


17 Crestview Plaza Jacksonville, AR 72076 phone 501.982.6101 fax 501.982.6250

Banners Binding Brochures Calendars Custom Invoices Document Scanning Booklet Making Business Cards Copy Services Graphic Design Services

• • • • • • • • • •

Direct Mail Printing Offset Printing Presentation Material Promotional Items Signage Posters Invitations Canvas Printing Faxing

And MUCH more!

Kerri Grimm Office Manager

Now with 2 locations!

201 E. Main St. Cabot, AR 72023 phone 501.843.5336 fax 501.843.9362



201 E. Main Street Cabot, AR 72023

17 Crestview Plaza Jacksonville, AR 72076

(501) 843-5336

(501) 982-6101


Mike Emerson Owner

Business Cards and Advertisement

201 E. Main St. Cabot, AR 72023 phone 501.843.5336 fax 501.843.9362

Pattie Emerson Owner

201 E. Main St. Cabot, AR 72023 phone 501.843.5336 fax 501.843.9362





Carpe Diem 1981-20 06

Screen Printing (Above) This was a hand drawn design I made for a friend that passed away. The design was then screen printed by hand on over 100 shirts for his friends and family on the 5 year anniversary. (Right) This was my very first attempt at screen printing. I wanted a design that resembled the psychedelic rock posters from the 70s. Shown are the two transparencies that were later burned onto the screens along with the final 2 color print.

Jabberwocky Glorious Nonsense.


Goat girl gave her goblin a gratuitously gross grendlewick.

is fine!

X Xerx explains xynome zygex to xulu.

You yanked your yummy-yooble from your yankistrat!

“ Somehow it seems to fill my head with ideas – only I don’t exactly know what they are!”

Opposites Attract, Pen & Ink

Great Grandmother, Charcoal

keeps the eye fresh, the mind “ Drawing alive, and intuition nimble. -Timothy Nero






Magazine for Wellensteyn Clothing Co. This is from when I was apart of a two-person design team that constructed a “coffee table book� for the German Clothing Company, Wellensteyn. The project consisted of going to 40 different cities throughout the United States and picking a random person from every place. Each person would then give us a story about their lives while being photographed in one of the Wellensteyn jackets. This project was hosted by EdMedia Inc. based in New York City. (All photographs by Poppy de Villeneuve)

23 CASABLANCA, White Benny Newell Aspen, Colorado I’ m from C ol orado and I’ m j ust l i v i n g th e m o u n ta i n l i fe s ty l e . Yo u k n o w, thi s and that. . . an al ternati ve l i fes ty l e . I g u e s s y o u c o u l d c a l l m e a s k i bum. H aha! O r maybe the ski i ng B u d d h a . Ye a h , th a t’s r i g h t, th e s k i i n g B uddha. That’s me baby! When I w a k e u p i n th e m o r n i n g , th e fi r s t th i n g I do i s breathe i n and out deepl y, me d i ta te a l i ttl e th e n I l o o k o u ts i d e , a n d I’ m j ust gl ad to be where I am. I’ m c o n s c i o u s m a n , a l i v e a n d k i c k i n ’ i t.

39 ENGLESJACKE, Silver/Red Blackstripes Nami Nagakura Brooklyn, New York I s t u d y E n g lis h in la n g u a g e s c h o o l. I t i s u se f u l f o r m e . Fo r m y p l a n s. I mis s my f a mily v e r y mu c h h o we v e r. M y h o m e t o w n i n J a p a n i s S h i z u o ka C it y. My f a mily a n d I a lwa y s d o man y t h i n g s t o g e t h e r. E ve r y S u m m e r f o r e x a mp le , I c limb Mt . F u ji, t h e bi g g e st m o u n t a i n i n J a p a n , w i t h m y g r a n d f a t h e r. H e is E ig h t y - t h r e e y e a r s o l d . I t t a ke s u s a b o u t f o u r h o u r s t o c limb u p a n d o n ly o n e h o u r t o g et d o w n . I t h i n k o f h i m a l l t h e t i m e .


This was originally a stencil I had made in high school. I later added some color by airbrushing.


This was another stencil design I made. I later decided to use the design on a piece of black and white scratch board

Your Arkansas Hometown Magazine Logo Design, Magazine Layout & Ad Design

Tim Hawkinson Exhibit Poster

Straws, wire, tape, Photoshop, InDesign If you have ever seen any of Tim Hawkinson’s work, you know that it is a little out of the ordinary. He has made art from random things found around his studio to a replica of a bird’s skeleton made out of his own fingernail clippings. For my poster I decided to make his name from things I found around my house, bendy straws and wire.

Museum of Modern Art Novemeber 25- December 6, 2007


G 51895


$25 $20

at gate in advance


Legends of Golf Liberty Mutual

The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa

April 20–26, 2010

Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf Legends of Golf Tournament Campaign

The Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf tournament holds a class wide competition every year. The assignment consists of designing a poster, ticket, and a brochure/ ticket order form. This design focuses on the sport of golf as well as the Westin Savannah hotel (where the tournament is held) in a bold, modern way. Along with these pieces, three other marketing materials were designed as well. Those included a billboard, newspaper ad, and an animated web banner.

A p r i l 2 0 – 2 6 , 2 010 The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa

Ticket Information: 1.912.234.5700



Savannah, Georgia’s First

“This tournament to me is the granddaddy of them all and to have my name on the trophy is really an unbelievable thrill.” - Jay Haas, 2006 & 2007 Champion

101 East Bay Street Savannah, GA 31401

Ticket Order Form

The 33rd Edition of the Liber t y Mutual Legends of G olf, the tournament that sparked the creation of the Champions Tour, is coming back to Savannah, Georgia, April 20-26, 2010.


his is your chance to walk the fairways with the greatest stars in golf and many of the legends who helped make the game what it is today. A truly unique event, it is a “must see” for golf fans of all ages! The week is packed with a combination of outstanding competition and engaging activities that offer tournament patrons a new and dynamic way to experience the sport. Demaret Division A 36-hole, two -man competition team competition, featuring golfers 70 and over, many of whom are the true pioneers of the game, including Billy Casper, Doug Sanders, Gene Littler and 2008 champion Al Geiberger and Jimmy Powell. Pro-Am On Wednesday and Thursday, lucky amateur golfers team up with the Champions Tour professionals in this two day Pro-Am on the tournament course. Pro-Am days provide unique opportunities for spectators to get autographs and pictures with their favorite players. Raphael Division A 36-hole, two-man team competition featuring players like Chi Chi Rodriguez, Lee Trevino, Bruce Lietzke and 2008 champions Gary Koch and Roger Maltbie.

The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa

April 20–26, 2010

Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf

Past Champions: 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Sam Snead/Gardner Dickinson Julius Boros/Roberto De Vicenzo Tommy Bolt/Art Wall Bob Rosburg/Gene Littler Sam Snead/Don January Roberto De Vicenzo/Rod Funseth Gay Brewer/Billy Casper Don January/Gene Littler Don January/Gene Littler Orville Moody/Bruce Crampton Orville Moody/Bruce Crampton Al Geiberger/Harold Henning Charles Coody/Dale Douglas Lee Trevino/Mike Hill Lee Trevino/Mike Hill Harold Henning (medal play) Charles Coody/Dale Douglas Lee Trevino/Mike Hill Lee Trevino/Mike Hill John Bland/Graham Marsh Charles Coody/Dale Douglas Hurbert Green/Gil Morgan Jim Colbert/Andy North Jim Colbert/Andy North Doug Tewell- Legends Division Bruce Lietzke/Bill Rogers- Raphael Division Miller Barber/Jim Ferree- Demaret Division Bruce Lietzke- Legends Division Roger Maltbie/Gary Koch- Raphael Division Miller Barber/Jim Ferree- Demaret Division Hale Irwin- Legends Division Bob Charles/Stewart Ginn- Raphael Division Don January/Gene Littler- Demaret Division Des Smyth- Legends Division Tom Watson/Andy North- Raphael Division Orville Moody/Jimmy Powell- Demaret Division Jay Haas- Legends Division Tom Watson/Andy North- Raphael Division Orville Moody/Jimmy Powell- Demaret Division Jay Haas- Legends Division Tom Watson/Andy North- Raphael Division Butch Baird/Bobby Nichols- Demaret Division Tom Watson/Andy North- Legends Division Gary Koch/Roger Maltbie- Raphael Division Al Geiberger/Jimmy Powell- Demaret Division Tom Lehman/ Bernhard Langer- Legends Division

Legends Division The Legends Division two-man team, better-ball format will bring excitement, along with a lot of birdies, high-fives and low scores. The Legends Division brings together players like Jay Haas, Mark O’Meara, Nick Price, Tom Kite, Bernhard Langer, Fuzzy Zoeller and defending champions Tom Watson and Andy North.

Schedule of Events Monday

April 20

Round One, Demaret Division


April 21

Final Round, Demaret Division


April 22

Round One of Pro-Am


April 23

Final Round of Pro-Am


April 24


April 25

Order Form Tickets may be purchased on-line at www.

Tickets may by be completing purchased on-line at, by, and mailing in this completing mailing this following or by calling following and form, or byincalling 1. 8 77. 9form, 42 .1123. 1. 877. 942 .1123.


Round One, Raphael & Legends Division Final Round Raphael Division


April 26

Final Round, Legends Division


Emerald Club


One ticket for each day Monday-Sunday ($70.09 plus $4.91 sales tax)

Ticket Packages:



* Senior Citizen Price for Ages 60 and older ($60.75 plus $4.25 sales tax)

19th Hole


19th Hole

Weeklong Admission ($116 plus $8.18 sales tax)

Round Two, Legends Division

Any Day Ticket


($25 at Gate) ($23.36 plus $1.64 sales tax)

The only ticket that includes access to the clubhouse.

Admission into the tournament all week, Emerald Club, Wednesday-Sunday and Clubhouse Friday-Sunday. $125 Investment includes sales tax

Emerald Club Golfest presented by Golfweek Magazine

The country’s largest outdoor golf lifestyle event will be a part of the tournament on Saturday and Sunday. Fans of all ages can test the latest golf equipment, visit the various travel, wellness, real estate and teaching aide vendors, watch clinics and exhibitions and participate in contests. Custom club fitting will also be available.

Additional Hospitality

A limited number of private hospitality opportunities are also available. For more information please call the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf tournament office at 912.236.1333.

Youth Policy

Children 16 years and under are admitted free of charge when accompanied by a paying parent or guardian.


Success on the PGA Tour extends well beyond the ropes. Proceeds from the tournaments benefit local charities and people in need, with more than $100 million being distributed last year across the PGA Tour, Champions Your and Nationwide Tour. In fact, in October 2005 the PGA Tour announced the charitable giving had reached $1 billion, which is more than any other sports organization. The Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf has been successful in raising funds for deserving charities right here in Savannah. Since 2003, with the help of our corporate sponsors and spectators, more than $1 million has been distributed to more than 80 Savannah based charities, helping make dreams come true right here in our own community.

You and your guests will enjoy relaxing and dining in this specially built pavilion. Amenities of this sports bar atmosphere include non reserved tables, televisions, scoring terminals and choice of food and beverage for purchases.

Each Emerald Club purchaser receives: • One Emerald Club ticket book (one ticket for each day, Monday-Sunday) • Unlimited week-long access to the tournament and access into the Emerald Club Wednesday-Sunday • Free parking $75 Investment includes sales tax $65 Senior Citizen Discount

Birdie Package


Eagle Package


Includes 20 Any Day Tickets (SAVE $100) ($280.37 plus $19.63 sales tax)

Includes 50 Any Day Tickets (SAVE $500) ($467.29 plus $32.71sales tax)

Sub Total:

Form of Payment (please print) Name Company Address (NO P.O. Boxes please) City Daytime Phone ( E-mail Address




Check or money order enclosed (make check payable to Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf ) includes sales tax (Ages 60 & Up)



American Express

Account Number

$20 Any Day Ticket

(price at gate, $25) Ticket good any one day of the tournament

Expiration Date Signature Mail order to: Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf P.O. Box 863102 • Orlando, FL 32886-3102 All sales are final. Tournament is not responsible for lost or stolen ticket. This investment may qualify for a 100% deduction as an entertainment expense incurred in connection with a charitable sporting event. Please consult your tax advisor.

35 mm. Savannah, GA

As a designer, I am continuously influenced by my surroundings and experiences. Music is a huge part of my life and probably my greatest inspiration. The explosive expression and rhythmic patterns in different types of music inspire me culturally and aesthetically. When I became interested in Graphic Design during my junior year of high school, I realized that design was a vital tool that allowed me to work with a variety of styles and imagery while being able to express myself. After spending four years at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I have met people that have inspired me, motivated me and have taught me more than I could have ever hoped to learn on my own. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design, spent years free lancing, collaborating, working, and learning with other designers. I am always looking for new opportunities and experiences that will allow me to learn, excel and grow as a person and a designer.

Thank you.

Kaitlin Schmidt Portfolio  

Collection of work ranging from identity, print design, fine arts, and photography. Thanks!

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