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FORESIGHT Knowing what lies ahead means meeting and matching possible obstacles before they turn into potentially fatal objections. We identify stakeholders, recognize roadblocks, and align agendas to prepare the ground well before we clear it.


INSIGHT Knowing how our clients think and feel helps us understand their ambitions and empathize with their aspirations. We identify what people want from spaces and we use the resulting insight to design places that enhance lives and reward investment.


ON-SITE Knowing exactly what needs to happen long before we get to site means that being on-time, on-spec, and on-budget are fully realized. We don’t do overruns and overcharge. We do stay around to extend a supporting hand, and long after handover if needed.


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We help Owners optimize their facilities and systems through analysis, design, and strategic implementation.





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BY THE NUMBERS Total Project Construction Cost

Total Project Square Footage

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Higher Ed

$472 million

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4.8 million s.f.

$214 million


$1.3 billion


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Workplace Community Lifestyle

2.7 million s.f.


SERVANT LEADERSHIP Our core value shapes the firm’s extensive community service and teaches them to put the client first, to walk in the Owner’s shoes. That’s why buildings designed or renovated by Schmidt Associates reflect the goals and cultures of the client’s organizations — not the designer.

13.6 million s.f.

14,000 hours of community involvement in the last 10 years

Our staff has participated in over

*Numbers represent data over the past 10 years






O N -S I T E



At A Glance Location: Indianapolis, IN Size: 59,000 sq. ft. Cost: $14,500,000 Type: New Construction Services: Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Interiors, Energy, Landscape Architecture, Technology, Sustainable Design

Acting out of their Strategic Plan, the Greater Indianapolis YMCA created a new facility in Pike Township. This setting offers major opportunities as it is one of the most demographically diverse areas of Indianapolis. The new YMCA must be welcoming to all. The other dynamic aspect of this project are the multiple partnerships the Y is creating to increase the effectiveness of the facility. In addition to the somewhat typical health care partner, there are also partnerships being formed with the Veterans Administration to include a veterans’ rehabilitation space. The YMCA hired Schmidt Associates to act as their lead architect and help bring all the varied groups together into one cohesive building. In this building, efficient spaces are a huge priority, as money spent on redundant spaces is a misuse of donor dollars. 4

Clockwise from Top: Fitness Room with Running Track; Aquatic Facility; Chapel; Welcome Desk



At a Glance Location: Muncie, IN Size: 113,650 sq. ft. Cost: $21,123,000 Type: New Construction Services: Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Interiors, Energy, Technology, Civil, Landscape Architecture, Construction Administration

The Arc of Indiana had a dream of creating a place where individuals with disabilities could gain post secondary education in an immersive learning environment—a working hotel . The project’s primary goal was to increase employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities by providing training in the hospitality, culinary, and healthcare industries. Schmidt Associates applied our collaborative philosophy and created a space with the full understanding of what our client needed to meet their unique challenges. The design culminated in a 150 room hotel with a fully integrated training center and two restaurants. Through this unique design and local partnerships, the center allows those with disabilities from across Indiana to attend this life changing training institute, to learn the vocational and living skills to achieve independence. 6

Clockwise from Top: Lobby; Guest Room; Training Institute; Entry to Training Institute; Restaurant



At a Glance Location: Indianapolis, IN Size: 3,000 sq. ft. Cost: $1,500,000 Type: Renovation Services: Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Interiors, Construction Administration

Originally constructed in 1880 as a Catholic church, the St. Joseph Brewery and Public House celebrates the facility’s original design intent. The original sanctuary is now home to a new 3,000 sq. ft. establishment with dining space for approximately 125. The former alter was reconstructed from the original timber framing to support the weight of the brewing operations— now fully in view of the dining area. The bar construction includes reclaimed wood from the original church construction. Light fixtures were added that are in keeping with lighting that would have been in the original church. The kitchen—along with other brewing support spaces—is located in the lower level of the church to minimize the disruption of the sanctuary space. Finishing the space, a new stair was constructed to provide access to the original choir loft overlooking the dining areas below. The balcony also includes private dining spaces for groups/events. 8

Clockwise from Top: Brewery; Bar; Upstairs Seating; Overall View


HEADQUARTERS Indiana Youth Group (IYG)

At a Glance

Location: Indianapolis, IN Size: 14,000 sq. ft. Cost: $1,680,000 Type: Assessment, Renovation Services: Assessment, Programming, Master Planning, Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Interiors, Civil, Landscape Architecture, Technology

The Indiana Youth Group was looking for a new home—a space that would welcome and support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. To secure funding for the facility, they engaged Schmidt Associates to provide a facility assessment, programming, and a master plan. We then worked together to take the project to the next level and implement the master plan. The project focused on creating multi-purpose indoor and outdoor spaces for both oneon-one conversation and large group activities. Specific amenities include a “family room” and kitchen, classroom spaces, art space, exercise space, as well as counseling and office spaces. The renovated facility creates a friendly, welcoming environment designed to instill a sense of belonging and support.


Clockwise from Top: Main Entry; Security Desk; "Family" Room; Exterior



At a Glance Location: Indianapolis, IN Size: 41,900 sq. ft. Cost: $7,360,000 Type: New Construction Services: Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Interiors, Civil, Landscape Architecture, Construction Administration, Sustainable Design

The Children’s Bureau serves at-risk families throughout Indiana, fulfilling a wide variety of needs, from foster care licensing, food and clothing drives, to emergency child care. With these needs in mind, they set out to build the Gene Glick Family Support Center and executive offices. The challenge was to create a space for an extremely complicated program that incorporates non-secure and secure spaces for the utmost safety of the children. The building is carefully designed to segment populations, assuring that user groups mix intentionally, never accidentally. Schmidt Associates delivered a unique facility that is also LEED Gold certified. 12

Clockwise from Top: Exterior Faรงade Facing I-65; Playspace; Lobby


COURAGE CENTER Children's Bureau, Inc.

At a Glance Location: Indianapolis, IN Size: 16,700 sq. ft. Cost: $1,060,000 Type: Renovation Services: Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Interiors, Technology,Civil, Landscape Architecture, Construction Administration

The Children’s Bureau planned a renovation of their secure residential facility for youths aged 10-18 who suffer from emotional and behavioral disorders caused by traumatic events. The goal of the “Courage Center” is to teach the youth to take personal responsibility for developing skills that will benefit them now and in the future. The Children’s Bureau required additional space to implement a clinical treatment model called, “Teaching Family,” a model that fosters a family-like environment providing humane, effective, and individualized services. Schmidt Associates renovated the existing building, and more than doubled its capacity by adding an additional residential unit and an on-site school. 14

Clockwise from Top: Lounge; Security Desk; Gathering Space; Playground



At a Glance Location: Fishers, IN Size: 35,000 sq. ft. Cost: $7,500,000 Type: New Construction Services: Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Interiors, Energy, Technology, Civil, Landscape Architecture, Extended Services

After growing the Cornerstone Lutheran Church - Carmel campus (formerly Carmel Lutheran Church) to a congregation of more than 3,000 members, the flock felt a calling to expand to a multi-site ministry in Fishers. The mission of Cornerstone Lutheran Church is “to reach out, care for, and build people toward maturity in Christ.� Answering the call, Schmidt Associates worked closely with the congregation to meet their growth needs. Phase one includes a gathering space, a multipurpose room, and an indoor play area. Phase II will include the main sanctuary where the parishioners will build toward their maturity in Christ. 16

Clockwise from Top: Lounge; Security Desk; Gathering Space; Playground


RUCKUS MAKERSPACE Riley Area Development Corporation

At a Glance Location: Indianapolis, IN Size: 25,400 sq. ft. Cost: $935,000 Type: Renovation Services: Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Interiors, Technology, Construction Administration

The Riley Area Development Corporation’s Ruckus Makerspace was developed as a place where inventors, designers, artisans, photographers, craftspeople, and engineers can share equipment, technology, and ideas to launch their creations. Located at the Circle City Industrial Complex, the challenge was to deliver an innovative and imaginative space that provides the latest technology, equipment, and resources for makers who want to scale beyond a start-up, or DIY home-based location. Ruckus was designed collaboratively to foster a community for creative stimulation, education, and entrepreneurship.


Various Makerspaces


COVINGTON CITY PARK Friends of Covington City Park

At a Glance Location: Covington, IN Size: 1.6 Acres Cost: $750,000-$900,000 Anticipated Type: Master Plan Services: Landscape Architecture

The proposed 1.6 acre playground in Covington, Indiana was designed in coordination with Friends of the Covington City Park and the children of the community through their Dream and Design initiative. Following themes of adventurous, natural, and all-inclusive, the playground focuses on creating a dynamic space within the existing city park. A network of play structures creates a continuous circuit of exploration and activity. Several features of the park include a splash pad that drains into a native garden, an exploration path, tree houses, climbing structures, sledding hill, sand play, swings, and a relocated restroom facility. 20

Community Planting Day


PROPHETSTOWN STATE PARK AQUATIC CENTER Indiana Department of Natural Resources

At a Glance Location: West Lafayette, IN Size: 4,550 sq. ft. Cost: $6,000,000 Type: New Construction Services: Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Interiors, Civil, Landscape Architecture, Construction Administration

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources wanted to blend the best of modern convenience with the history of Prophetstown State Park, making an even more attractive repeat destination for both travelers and local residents. Requiring a low profile, compatible with the park’s prairie landscapes, Schmidt Associates accepted the challenge and designed a 4,550 sq. ft. aquatic center that captures the beauty and the history of the picturesque prairie lands. The Aquatic Center includes a zero-entry leisure pool, water spray features, body and tube slides, a lazy river and plenty of lawn areas for sunbathing, among other amenities for the guests. The Aquatic Center was also designed with the new millennium in mind and offers the latest technological advances like wireless access for the guests, ensuring it will be a community destination for years to come. 22

Clockwise from Top: Bathhouse Exterior; Overall Exterior; Zero Depth Entry; Indoor Space


ABE MARTIN LODGE INDOOR AQUATIC CENTER Indiana Department of Natural Resources

At a Glance Location: Nashville, IN Size: 11,000 sq. ft. Cost: $4,000,000 Type: Addition Services: Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Interiors, Civil, Landscape Architecture, Construction Administration

Brown County State Park and its Abe Martin Lodge have been drawing guests to southern Indiana since 1932. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources wanted to enhance the experience for the guests and increase the number of annual lodge visitors. Following the lead of commercial hotels around the country, they wanted to add an Aquatic Center. How to blend the beautiful rustic scenery around the Abe Martin Lodge with a 11,000-squarefoot indoor aquatic center became the challenge for Schmidt Associates. The Aquatic Center was designed to connect and complement the two existing buildings on site, making it look like it has always been there. This modern Aquatic Center features a design that is rustic on the inside and complimentary to the lodge on the outside. 24

Clockwise from Top: Exterior; Lazy River; Play Area


STATE FISH & WILDLIFE AREA FIRING RANGES Indiana Department of Natural Resources

At a Glance Location: Indiana Size: Varies Cost: Varies Type: New Construction Services: Master Planning, Design, Construction Documents, and Construction Administration

Schmidt Associates and Kramer One were commissioned by the IDNR to provide a prototypical design study for the renovation of the state fish and wildlife area firing ranges. This design was implemented at several parks across the state, most recently at the Willow Slough Fish and Wildlife Area. The primary safety features of the range include concrete baffles, poured side walls, earth backstops with eyebrows, and a range master building with full view of the range. Shotgun shooting stations were also constructed.


From Top: Firing Line; Aerial of Deer Creek Fish & Wildlife Firing Range - Courtesy of dbnphotos.com


ASSESSMENT & MASTER PLAN Indiana State Fairgrounds

At a Glance Location: Indianapolis, IN Size: 1,000,000 sq. ft. Cost: N/A Type: Master Plan Services: Facilities Assessment, Master Planning, Budgeting, Phasing Strategy

The Indiana State Fairgrounds facility assessment and master plan looked at multiple structures and connecting landscapes. Each was reviewed, assessed, and designed in relation to one another for phased R&R and capital project implementation. Schmidt Associates served as the team lead for this effort, coordinating a multiplemember team—including national fairgrounds planning firm, Populous—as well as providing all facility assessments and creating a custom database for R&R. In addition, the master planning effort included extensive interviews with stakeholders and community members, informing the ultimate vision for the final project.


Conceptual Renderings


MASS AVE PLACEMAKING Riley Area Development Corp.

At a Glance Location: Indianapolis, IN Size: 1 Mile Cost: $217,000 Type: Master Plan Services: Architecture, Electrical, Civil, Landscape Architecture

Through neighborhood and stakeholder input, plans were established to elevate Mass Ave as a major events destination in Indianapolis. The plan included an outline to engage users with entertainment and art, augment circulation, improve lighting, and improve the overall experience quality. To accomplish and execute this strategy, Schmidt Associates created a Mass Ave Placemaking Plan. The design includes an outline of costs, partners, and timeframes to accomplish the goals of the study. To attract potential funders and partners, we developed graphics and signage, highlighting the objectives. We have been intimately involved with the redevelopment and renewal of the Mass Ave cultural district since 1979. With our expertise and experience, we have delivered a plan that shares the vision with potential funders and partners to elevate Mass Ave as a destination in the city. 30

Inspirational Renderings for Placemaking Plan



At a Glance Location: Indianapolis, IN Size: 4 Miles Cost: $700,000 Type: Study Services: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Electrical, Civil

Schmidt Associates’ worked with the City of Indianapolis and the Lafayette Square Area Coalition to create gateway features on the city’s west side. The project entailed designing and detailing gateway structures, intersection icons, branded bus shelters, and pedestrian sidewalks along 38th Street, Lafayette Road, I-465, and I-65. Each of the design elements needed to communicate the unique neighborhood of the International Marketplace. The design methodology created a consist branding message that represents food, faces, and fabric—as well as met the criteria of being durable, iconic, and simple. 32

Clockwise from Top Left: Branding Art; Bus Stop; Branding Signage


WEDA BRANDING Monroe County Council

At a Glance Location: Bloomington, IN Size: 1,334 Acre Area Cost: $2,000,000 Type: Study, Assessment Services: Architecture, Civil

The Monroe City Council planned to develop a name for the Westside District that is consistently used, has brand recognition, and helps create a sense of identity and a strong sense of place. The plan was designed to contain a variety of structures to attract new business and employees. Working together with the stakeholders, we designed a campaign that highlights the natural materials to be found in the area. During the first phase, the plan is to install signage at five primary gateways. A second phase planned 36 signs at secondary gateways and intersections. A third phase will involve implementing consistent business signage. When the project is complete it will create connections rather than barriers with the district, and connect it to other key areas in Bloomington, Indiana.


Branding Renderings



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