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Katharina used

to live as a nun

estled among old beech and oak trees, it is only


special emanating from those grounds, for it was

reformer, Kartharina, jointly with another eight nuns,

romantic ruins today that attest to the once

Katharina von Bora who used to stay there as a Cister-

escaped from the monastery in 1523 and subjected

lavishly equipped Marienthron Monastery in Nimbschen.

cian, before she eventually got married to Martin

herself to Luther’s protection. He married her some

However, there is still an exuberant flair of something

Luther. Influenced by the teachings of the renowned

time later, after she had refused other candidates who had proposed to her. It was a good choice. Six children were born from that wedlock, who founded the ancestry of the »Lutherides« still growing in our day. Those who come to Nimbschen today will find a modern hotel

Art on the monastery premises

compound on what used to be the stables and warehouses of the old monastery premises. The buildings have been developed with great effort and much care for detail. This combination of historical ambience and exclusive equipment has created a special atmosphere. The range of services is extensive: Nights can be spent comfortably both at the four-star hotel, with its altogether 49 rooms, suites and apartments, or in Monastery ruins

one of the 32 rooms of the three-star guesthouse. Exquisite catering and a multitude of leisure activities will perfect any stay. Those who are looking for history not only within the monastery’s sphere, will find a wide variety of palaces and castles along the Mulde River.


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Hotel ★★★★ Guesthouse ★★★ • 48 rooms • 32 rooms • 98 beds • 56 beds

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Comfort suite

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Hotel Kloster Nimbschen GmbH | Nimbschener Landstrasse 1 | 04668 Grimma | Phone +49 3437 9950 | | DIRECTIONS | BY CAR along autobahn A 14, exit Grimma, head for Grimma Zentrum, then follow federal road B 107 towards Colditz; the hotel is at a distance of 2 km after leaving Grimma (from the city limits sign) | BY RAIL from Leipzig to Grimma | BY BUS No. 619 Rochlitz – Grimma (also from Grimma railway station)

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