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Paradise in a nutshell nly a few people are allowed to enter because


chers inside the building. While strolling through the

this solitaire amongst German castles is simply

garden outside, visitors can go back in time to the

too small for crowds. A walk through Little Pheasant

world of 18th century court society. Even more pictu-

Castle therefore remains an exclusive pleasure just as it

resque and unusual are the pier and the red-and-white

used to be in the past. Embedded in the gentle culti-

brick lighthouse close by, which give testimony to the

vated landscape east of Moritzburg Castle, the presti-

playful and decadent spirit of the times. This is where

gious castle built by the Dresden Court in 1770 is the

the nobles of landlocked Saxony dreamed their dream

only late Rococo castle remaining in Saxony. Funding by the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz, the Ostdeutsche Sparkassen Stiftung and by the World Monuments Fund allowed for it to be comprehensively Little Pheasant Castle

restored and it is now open to the public again with all its filigree glory. Originally erected in a confined space in chinoise style, it once housed a complete small-size

of glorious sea battles which for want of a real fleet

offered its masters and mistresses a room with a real

royal court. Furniture and murals restored to their ori-

could only be carried out with extras and a great

»sea view« – this is also afforded to today’s visitors be

amount of imagination. At least Little Pheasant Castle

they of royal blood or not.

ginal state and a collection of stuffed birds are eye-catLighthouse at Moritzburg Little Pheasant Castle

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DIRECTIONS | BY CAR via autobahn A 4, exit Dresden-Wilder Mann; via autobahn A 13, exit Radeburg BY BUS/RAIL from Dresden-Neustadt station by bus towards Radeburg – Großenhain, get off in Moritzburg | Historical narrow-gauge train Radebeul Ost – Radeburg, get off in Moritzburg

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Schloss Moritzburg und Fasanenschlösschen | 01468 Moritzburg I Phone +49 35207 873610 I |

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