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count’s lovely cabinets

defiant building changed hands several times. It was

building around 1795. Neo-Gothic tracery, reminiscent

again. – Today some of what used to be the counts’

mainly the Von Einsiedel family that changed the

of the design in Venetian palazzi, decorates, for example,

residential rooms accommodate topical museum cham-

appearance of Wolkenburg, which was held by them

the cast-iron balustrades, the wall decorations and the

bers dedicated to the Counts von Einsiedel and to the

from 1635 for 310 years. The castle was then first

filigree grates of doors of the beautiful built-in cabinets.

Wolkenburg-born painter Fritz von Uhde. The court-

changed into a palace, giving it forms of the Renais-

The precious interior has undergone thorough restora-

yard and the terraced castle park lend open-air events

sance and the Baroque. Around 1790, Detlev Carl Count

tion and now appears in its vigor of 200 years ago

a romantic and atmospheric ambience.

von Einsiedel had the main building redesigned in the style of Classicism. The banquet hall, which is still in use today for events, has been preserved from that time. Stucco reliefs on the walls include depictions of allegories on the stages of a lifetime, of the times of day and the seasons as well as portrait medallions. Likewise, cast-iron figurines that can be admired in both the castle and park recall the lifetime of the count. As proprietors The count's library

of the art foundry in Lauchhammer, Detlev Carl Count von Einsiedel and his son had developed a process for

being in the clouds [Wolke lit. cloud] to those who

manufacturing large-size cast-iron sculptures. The

beheld it from the Mulde River valley. Still today, some

count’s library is an architectural gem of the special kind.

of its walls seem to grow directly from the steep rock spur

The two-storied, pavilion-like room of a circular floor

precipices straight into the sky. Over the centuries, the

plan was installed into the attic of the castle's main

DIRECTIONS | BY CAR along autobahn A 4 to exit Limbach-Oberfrohna, then along roads S 244 to Limbach-Oberfrohna and S 249 to Wolkenburg; along autobahn A 72 to exit Penig, then along federal roads B 95 and B 172 to Wolkenburg | BY RAIL from Chemnitz to Glauchau, then by bus to Wolkenburg


Schloss Wolkenburg | Schloss 3 | 09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna | Phone +49 37609 58170 | |

Wolkenburg Castle


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n the Middle Ages, the estate may have appeared as

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Old splendor in new glory  

Die bekanntesten der sächsischen Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten in Wort und Bild - eine Broschüre des Schlösserland Sachsen - die englische A...