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lector Augustus the Strong once acquired the

architect, Matthaeus Daniel Poeppelmann. The grand

the place served the noble family as a »pleasure castle«

castle for his favorite Anna Constantia Countess

castle and park grounds directly situated on the banks

and retreat to nature during the summer season. It is

von Cosel. When Saxony’s best-known mistress fell

of the Elbe River are considered a perfect example of

most impressive to approach the castle with its

out of his favor and the castle became his property

the chinoise style merging the architecture of the Far

distinctive pagoda roofs on an Elbe River steamboat.

again, Augustus had the Hillside as well as the River-

East with that of European Baroque. Away from the

The view from the river was a sight Augustus and his

side Palace erected according to plans by the famous

hustle and bustle of the residence town of Dresden,

entourage, who often indulged in pleasure rides on the Elbe River using fancifully designed gondolas, have already enjoyed in their time. One of them has been preserved and can still be admired in the park. The English, the Dutch and the Chinese Garden on the





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Holiday Apartments (2) • 2 rooms, 4 beds • 1 room, 2 beds



In the Lilac Courtyard of the New Palace

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Orangery and the Palm House, that has been recon-

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of exotic plants and gorgeous floral decoration. The


visitor to take a stroll and be enchanted by the wealth

Baroque chinoiseries

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extensive grounds around the castle buildings urge the

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structed, in old splendor, attract those who take a bota-

open during summer season. At the Castle Museum,

nical interest to appraise their exotic treasures, as does

one can see the Royal Kitchen, the classicist Domed

the famous 250-year-old Japanese camellia. It has

Hall and the Catholic Chapel and learn about its

meanwhile grown to the size of a tree and has been

eventful times as a summer residence. Most recently,

given a glass home all of its own to protect it in winter.

there is a guided tour offered for guests who suffer

Every spring it displays anew its stunning wealth of

from dementia at Pillnitz Park. These are beautiful

blossom. The Museum of Decorative Arts and the

moments for relatives and carers , if the sense of

Castle Museum accommodated in the castle itself are

memory awakes and a short, relaxing break is possible.

Schloss & Park Pillnitz | August-Boeckstiegel-Str. 2 | 01326 Dresden | Phone +49 351 2613260 | | DIRECTIONS | BY CAR via autobahn A 4, exit Dresden-Hellerau or Dresden-Altstadt; via autobahn A 17, exit Pirna, towards Radeberg and then follow the signposting BY BOAT by Elbe River steamboats to the Pillnitz jetty

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