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Elites. Myths. Misconceptions. C

hanging fortunes create particularly charming

pronounced its relentless sentences. Also, Countess

buildings. This is especially true for Nossen

von Cosel, the famous mistress of excessive Saxon ruler

Castle. The medieval knights’ castle that previously

Augustus the Strong, is part of Nossen Castle’s history.

stood on this site was first mentioned in 1185 in con-

In 1716, the critically sick mistress had been attended

nection with a legal dispute of the owners, the Lords of

to at this place for a month before she was taken to

Nuzzin. Elector Augustus started converting the old

Stolpen Castle where she was to die in solitude

walls into a Renaissance hunting lodge in 1554. This

49 years later. Today, Nossen Castle presents the

gave the architecture of what used to be a murky forti-

fascinating history of Saxon nobility in changing exhibi-

fication a certain degree of ease. The spirit of that

tions. Apart from the von Schoenberg and von Friesen

European era of cultural dawn can still be sensed today.

families, the exhibitions will present further chronicles

Former prison cells and authentic replicas of medieval

of other aristocratic ancestry that ruled the country

torture instruments, however, are proof of the dark

between the Vogtland and Lusatia regions for many

side of this place where, for quite some time, a court


Nossen Castle

The Fireplace Room

The historical library

Schloss Nossen | Am Schloss 3 | 01683 Nossen | Phone +49 35242 50435 | | eo

BY RAIL from Dresden, Meissen, Doebeln, Leipzig to Nossen | BY BUS from Meissen, Freiberg, Doebeln, Dresden to Nossen

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DIRECTIONS | BY CAR via autobahn A 14, exit Nossen-Nord or Nossen-Ost, via autobahn A 4, exit Siebenlehn


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