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Inspiration for a master builder with calling the valley of the Mueglitz River, over which Lauenstein Castle rises, Saxony’s loveliest valley. Visitors may judge this for themselves. As a matter of fact, however, this castle perched on a mighty cliff is not only worth a visit because of its fabulous surroundings. Instead of a fortified medieval castle, in the 16th century, a spacious residential castle was erected here with lavish furnishings which testify to the artistic-mindedness of its

In the Museum of the East Ore Mountains

owners and which today houses the Museum of the

The castle with the Baroque garden


East Ore Mountains. The murals in the Bird Hall, the

village of Fuerstenwalde in 1666. He spent his child-

splendidly arched stuccoed ceiling of the Coat-of-Arms

hood and youth in Lauenstein. Perhaps it was the grand

Hall, and the portraits in the castle chapel remain a

architecture of the local castle which profoundly affected

feast for visitor’s eyes even many centuries after their

the later career of this carpenter from the Ore Mountains.

creation. Lauenstein Castle really comes to life whenever

Or maybe it was the famous sandstone altar and the

the falconry presents its birds of prey. We must not,

Buenau epitaph of the town church? Filigree »architec-

however, forget the town’s greatest son, George Baehr.

ture« of a completely different kind can be found only

lthough many a Saxon countryside has its own

praises because it had been marked so highly with the

This exceptional architect who built the world-famous

a few kilometers away from Lauenstein – in Glashuet-

beauty, hardly any would be able to sing its own

favor of a king. King John of Saxony got carried away

Church of Our Lady in Dresden was born in the nearby

te where Germany’s finest watches are made.





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Osterzgebirgsmuseum Schloss Lauenstein I 01778 Lauenstein | Phone +49 35054 2 5402 I |

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DIRECTIONS | BY CAR autobahn A17, exit Bad Gottleuba then towards Geising/Lauenstein via road S178 to Lauenstein | BY CITY RAIL S1 Dresden – Schöna to Heidenau, then continue with the »Mueglitztalbahn« railroad to Lauenstein

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