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Cold ore and red-hot motorbikes Inner castle courtyard

Wildeck Castle


he Bohemian Route used to link the trading

tury fortifications, watched over the Zschopau River

order of Duke Maurice of Saxony into a far less martial

treasures, since Zschopau used to be a centre of the

centre of Leipzig with the royal residence of

passage by night and by day and made the town of the

hunting castle. From the 17th to the early 20th century

Saxon automotive industry in the 20th century – noble

Prague. Initially, it was mainly used for transporting

same name a safe harbor for merchants from all direc-

the Higher Forestry and Gamekeeping Authorities

DKW bikes of the »Rassmussen Collection«, numerous

salt from the Halle region to Bohemia, hence its name

tions. Today only »Fat Henry«, a more than 30-meter-

were accommodated there. Today, the white Renaissance

MZ motorbikes as well as enduros and racing motorbikes

»Salzstrasse« (salt road), but later also by traders and

high residential watchtower with meter-thick walls, is

castle that can be seen from afar, houses several museums

wait to be admired. Especially the children will love the

carters – and they all needed protection. Therefore,

a reminder of the once defiant fortification. In the

especially devoted to the industrial history of the region.

coin-minting workshop, the mineral collection and

Wildeck Castle, built on the foundations of 12th-cen-

middle of the 16th century, Wildeck was converted by

Mainly bikers will be thrilled by the many two-wheeled

the giant slide.




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Schloss Wildeck | Schloss Wildeck 1 (satnav address: Altmarkt 2) | 09405 Zschopau | Phone +49 372528 7170 | | WiFi: planned 2017

eo » Wild eck C

DIRECTIONS | BY CAR via autobahn A 4, exit Chemnitz-Nord, further along federal road B 95 to Chemnitz and via federal road B 174 to Zschopau BY RAIL from Chemnitz to Zschopau

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