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gloss of silk

of the main attractions of the venerable castle. Its

comital family’s parlors is dedicated mainly to the castle

the castle display pieces of contemporary fine arts, the

name goes back to the dynasty of those von Wildenfels

and town history as well as the nobles of the Counts zu

trade of making ginger-bread and natural-historical

who had set up a castle more than 800 years ago, which

Solms-Wildenfels. Further rooms in the north wing of

knowledge about the Wildenfels Intermountain Area.

is regarded as the predecessor to today’s intricate building complex. After the noble family became extinct in 1602, the Counts zu Solms inherited its estate and shaped its current appearance. They converted the old Blue Salon

castle palace into a granary, erected today’s castle tower

andy-beaked birds in pink and gold crowd richly


and redesigned the residential and representation

embroidered blue webs of silk, exotic plants

rooms in the area of the outer bailey in neoclassicist

blossom and oriental oil lamps gently swing. Still

style. It is mainly in the style of the late 18th century,

being in the heart of Saxony, you will feel enchanted

in which the interior of the castle presents itself to its

by the magic of »Arabian Nights« in the »Blue Salon«

visitors today. The castle hall, whose centerpiece is a

of Wildenfels Castle. The wall decoration, which is

high, round stove of Meissen porcelain tiles, is being

unique throughout Europe, is presumed to consist of

used for performing concerts and giving lectures now;

parts of a pompous tent for representation, originating

the former ancestors’ hall with its precious wall and

from the Persian-Turkish cultural area, which had come

ceiling murals provides for a perfect ambience for wed-

to Wildenfels as spoils of war in 1737. After their elab-

ding ceremonies. The permanent exhibition »Court of

orate restoration, the silk tapestry webs can be admired

Muses – Wildenfels Castle« in what used to be the

again for their previous splendor and are deemed one

Wildenfels Castle


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Vid Schloss Hartenfels

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Freundeskreis Schloss Wildenfels | Schlossstrasse 2 | 08134 Wildenfels | Phone +49 37603 58569 | |

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DIRECTIONS | BY CAR along autobahn A 72, exit Zwickau Ost, then follow road S 283 up to Wildenfels | BY RAIL from Chemnitz to Zwickau, then by bus No. 141 to Wildenfels

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