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knights, bailiffs and the Wettins

hose who would like to see an unspoilt


ably around 1200 when colonizers opened up new ter-

medieval fortification, will find it at Schoenfels

ritories for settlement in the later Pleissenland area. In

Castle. Seldom, the typical setup of a castle like this,

the 13th century, Schoenfels was under the rule of

with a wall and moat running all round, with an outer

bailiffs, noble families who, on behalf of the emperor,

bailey, a lower castle and the core castle, has been pre-

governed and held court in the Vogtland [Vogt lit.

served in such completeness and genuineness over the

bailiff ] region, which was named after them. But they

centuries. The defiant building was founded presum-

eventually lost their power to the Wettins in 1398, who then, in their turn, enfeoffed noble lords with the Schoenfels dominion. Today’s appearance of the castle interior was most strongly influenced by the Lords von Weissenbach, who resided at Schoenfels from 1459 to 1586. The gentry, in its time, claimed higher standards in modern conveniences and enhanced the old buildings. To the outside, the fortified character of the castle

Schoenfels Castle

was maintained; the interior, however, became more

could be heated and created a pleasant atmosphere,

enchanting little organ with its wooden pipework as

comfortable. Therefore, from about 1480, a new wing

even during winter time. At the same time, a castle

well as the lavishly decorated pulpit originate form the

was attached to the northwest of the castle. It also

chapel was set up, built of the remainder of a tower

time of the Baroque. A round tour of Schoenfels Cas-

included a bower that has largely been preserved in its

gate of the lower bailey. The winged altar in this late-

tle conveys fascinating impressions of the living condi-

original state. It was built of painted planks of timber,

Gothic sacred space shows Renaissance forms; the

tions of those who used to inhabit it.

Late-Gothic bower


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Museum Burg Schönfels | Burgstrasse 34 | 08115 Lichtentanne | Phone +49 37600 2327 | |

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DIRECTIONS | BY CAR along autobahn A 4 to exit Zwickau, then follow federal road B 93 to Zwickau, B 173 to Lichtentanne; along autobahn A 72 from Chemnitz-Hof to exit Zwickau West, then follow federal road B 173 towards Lichtentanne | BY RAIL/BUS from Chemnitz to Zwickau, then by bus No. 29 to Lichtentanne, then along the hiking path Russbuttensteig, or bus No. 181 to Schoenfels (Mon-Fri)

Old splendor in new glory  
Old splendor in new glory  

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