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An enchanting family castle The Knights’ Hall


hoever loves the magic of life, should visit

resque mixture of styles: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque

Even the medieval corridors with their corners and

Schlettau Castle with their children. This

and neo-Gothic – magical moments are normal in this

bays offer the visitor »intelligent« entertainment: ghost

small 14th century palace, which had to watch over

ambitious fox’s den. As if in a set of pictures, you can

nights take place here quite often, as do jousting events

the historic salt road near Annaberg, has been a manor

pass through the herbal liquor cellar, dark dungeons,

and monks’ banquets. Because of the careful redeve-

house, abbot’s residence, hunting lodge, and cotton mill

the Knights' Hall, and come to see spinning wheels in

lopment of the old walls it is no surprise that magical

in its time. The interior of this curiosity is accordingly

operation, or a gallery of paintings from the Ore

Schlettau Castle has been designated as especially

colorful and full of nooks and crannies, with its pictu-

Mountains in the forest room with its animal trophies.

suitable for family outings since 2005.

Schlettau Castle

Förderverein Schloss Schlettau e. V. | Schlossplatz 8 | 09487 Schlettau | Phone +49 3733 66019 | | Vid e

DIRECTION | BY CAR autobahn A 72 exit Stollberg-West, then towards Annaberg-Buchholz via Zwoenitz to Scheibenberg, then via federal road B101 to Schlettau




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WiFi: planned 2017



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