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Meissen with the castle hill at night: Albrechtsburg Castle with the Cathedral and the Local Court

is »Meissen«. Here, where the castle hill is surrounded





goes an old German rhyme. The solution to the riddle


along its side three waters flow?« – Thus


Mov i e »


here is the hill on which three castles grow,

lbr e ch t sb u rg C


since 1471

View in the Boettger Room

above the Elbe River. With the »White Gold« produced in Meissen, its triumphant march through

by the Elbe, Triebisch and Meisa Rivers, a wooden

The fortification was soon replaced by a castle built of

seen from afar – a masterly piece of architecture whose

Europe began. Impressive exhibits in the castle rooms,

fortification was built in 929, high above the gloomy

stone that henceforth stood out as a solitary landmark

bold architectural solutions and design still impress

displayed in a modern interactive style, remind us of this

forests in the eastern-most parts of the then still young

of mundane power sending out impulses far beyond

visitors today. However, after centuries of blossoming,

stroke of occidental inventive genius. In every corner,

Holy Roman Empire. It was to become the cradle of

the borders of the Meissen Margraviate. So it was here

the place remained unused for a long time. It was not

visitors will find a real picture book of Saxon history,

Saxony – the place from where, for centuries to come,

that, supervised by master builder Arnold von West-

until Augustus the Strong decreed that the first Euro-

which time and again brings the fascination of architec-

the princes’ dynasty of the Wettins ruled the land in

falen, Germany’s first representative castle building was

pean porcelain manufactory move into the building

ture, power and porcelain in Germany’s oldest castle

the heart of Europe, which steadily gained in power.

erected by the Wettins as a symbol of their power to be

that new life was breathed into the castle situated

back to life.

Albrechtsburg Meissen | Domplatz 1 | 01662 Meissen | Phone +49 3521 47070 | | | DIRECTIONS | BY CAR via autobahn A 4, exit Siebenlehn, further along federal road B 101 up to Meissen; via autobahn A 13, exit Radeburg; via autobahn A 14, exit Nossen-Ost; via federal road B 6 from Dresden to Meissen | BY BOAT by Elbe River steamboats up to the Meissen jetty | BY CITY RAIL S 1 to Meissen station | By sightseeing tour bus between the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory, the city center and the castle hill 20

Old splendor in new glory  
Old splendor in new glory  

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