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The heritage of

the Cistercians


hen the waves of Reformation swept over

the echo of the monks and their activities. Such was

the bricks of the monastery were removed to be used

Saxony the German princes who had convert-

also the case at Altzella, after the Saxon sovereign, Prince

elsewhere, while valuable books from the library, numbe-

ed to the Lutheran faith drove the monks out of their

Henry the Pious, had ordered the secularization of the

ring well over a thousand, were passed on to the Uni-

monasteries. There remained ruined monastery grounds,

Cistercian monastery there. The grounds where the

versity of Leipzig. However, since Altzella was the

in which only those interested in history could perceive

monks had lived and worked since 1175 fell into ruin,

cemetery of the noble Wettin family, the royal court in Dresden never ceased to be interested in the site. Here, in 1787, Elector Frederick Augustus III erected a mausoleum in early neoclassicistic style, while his garden architect Johann Friedrich Huebler surrounded the white burial place with a landscape park in the style of the Romantic period. The manmade landscape, so natural in its appearance, with its old pointed arches, seemingly fixed gables and broken pillars quickly attracted famous names of the German art world of

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the time, including Caspar David Friedrich and Ludwig Richter, who found inspiration galore in Altzella. Anybody attracted to the soft splendor of the old monastery grounds is certain to find the same fascination that drew those Romantics before them.

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Mausoleum of the Wettins

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Klosterpark Altzella | Zellaer Strasse 10 | 01683 Nossen | Phone +49 35242 50450 | | DIRECTIONS | BY CAR via autobahn A 14, exit Nossen-Nord or Nossen-Sued, via autobahn A 4, exit Siebenlehn | BY BUS No. 424 from Dresden to Altzella

Old splendor in new glory  
Old splendor in new glory  

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