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FEB. 2010 - 5 KR /0.5 EURO / 1 USD


a DIY punk ffanzine anzine fr om s weden from sw

deadl y se ven (usa) deadly sev glidslem (s we) (sw kör sbär sf etter a (s we) örsbär sbärsf sfetter ettera (sw ba by shak es (usa) bab shakes

theme: females and punk skinb yr ds pin ups * mar tillo (esp) skinbyr yrds pinups martillo kjf photos (usa) * marziona (ita) y) * chantal (usa) (pry) amy lou(uk) monik (pr


hello, this is the führer speaking!...and Bo who is drinking When I look at the statistics can I see that Schizo #1 and #2 have get more than 4000 hits each, I can’t almost understand it but it’s also kick my ass to continue. As long as people just read a few pages and like what they read will I continue. And as long as I can open doors for bands, or help people to discover new bands will I continue because that is something that give me a lot back.

This picture will be significativ for Schizo Fanzine #4, I have had themes in my earlier issues but not as much as in this, were everything except the ads and reviews will focused on the female part of the punk scene. I still have the utopian dream to unite skins, punx, crusties etc to get a strong scene. So that’s a reason why I try to mix different kind of people from lot’s of countries. Another reason is that it interest me to know how the scene are in south america or... in Norway. And the biggest reason is that I fucking like so many genres of punk and try to be openminded. I will never interview a band that I dislike. Schizo Fanzine will always be free to download so I don’t have to interview “big bands” just for the reason that I need to sell a lot

I ran out of space and I planned my work bad in some cases, so some reviews there was gonna be in this issue will be in the next issue. Im sorry. I hope 2010 will be the year when my old band Diskent will reunite and record some new stuff. That would be really fun since I’ve got lot’s of good response from people who’d liked Diskent. The latest news is a 3-way split with a hungarian band and an indonesian band. You can listen to our songs at:

Some other things that never will cost your label, distro, fanzine etc at is to advertise. And you can always feel free to print some copys of Schizo Fanzine and sell, trade, switch against a beer or what you want. As long as you don’t sell too expensive

I hope to see you out there, Schizo Fanzine #5 will be out in May 2010 I look forward to Punk Illegal again, the line up looks already great.

I can’t believe that I have made 4 issues and the regularity have been great. From the beginning was it just supose to be 32 pages in this issue, but it went 40. The band of the month is gone but will be back in Schizo #5

Cheers! micke (new email)


schizo fanzine


2009. TOP-10

4, A pretty short intie with BABY SHAKES 8, Amy Lou-time, always interesting 10. Deadly Seven. 15. Swedish Körsbärsfettera. Brilliant 17. Monik: If the girls are united... 20: Kori Fugnitti - KJF Photos 23: Martillo from The Capaces 24: Marziona - The Queen of D-beat 26: Reviews 27: Amy Lou again about misogynism 28: SkinByrds Pin-ups 31: More reviews 35: Glidslem from Sweden 38: Chantal from Forfucksake (Us) schizo fanzine


1. Körsbärsfettera As I wrote in the review of their debut album The best swedish punk band since Ebba Grön

2. Punk Illegal 2009 Lot’s of great bands, good atmosphere and of course - I got beaten up

3. Fullersta I spent more time than ever at the Fullerstahouse. Great bands and people. DIY

4. Dublin Bad weather but all in all was it a great trip. The Guinness at O’Donahuges are unbeatable

5. Burnt Cross / AUK High Class anarchopunk, the most played record in my stereo 2009

6. Ungovernable Resistance The best Internet radio. Just a kakafoni of punk in different genres and a mad Gaz behind the mic

7. Campus Sterminii Campus Sterminii, Giuda, Diskonto and Uncurbed at Ungdomens hus in Uppsala. Kir, afterparty, the forests of Uppland

8. Mob 47

bokad åt wanda rec.

Mob 47 at Kafe 44 in Stockholm. So fucking fast, tight and brutal. The best D-beat band ever

9. The French Oi! scene The french Oi! scene have just become better and better with The Headliners in the front

10. Schizo Fanzine This is my Top-list. But it’s not just Schizo Fanzine, I would like to send a big THANX to the entire DIY scene


some personal stuff came between an interview with Andi from Snap-Her, but we both promise that we will fix it to #5 in may

But don’t cry, because here is:

Well, yes the answers are a bit short, but what the hell, they will introduce their music but it kind of fun because I’m sitting here with a Driller Killer T-shirt. The can explain how broad Schizo is. Well, I hope you will get a bit enjoyed when you read about BABY SHAKES 1. Okey, hey Baby Shakes, you have that “bäver näve” on your Myspace. So what’s your connections to Sweden? Haha, we obviously got that saying from a few of our swedish friends. Our european booking agent, Alley cat productions, is located in sweden. (Yes, the backside of Sweden // Schizo) 2. Please introduce the band members, and how did you form the band? Was it decided from the beginning that you was going to play the music you do? There’s Judy (lead guitar) Mary (lead vocals/guitar) and Claudia (bass). Currently we have shingo playing drums. We all love the same bands so it was really easy to decide on what kind of music we’d like to play. 3. I think you have lot’s of Beach Boys and surf pop inluences, are you the “Beach Girls” or tell me about your influences and describe your music. I dont think we are the Beach girls but we certainly love the Beach boys! We love all kinds of music though...glam, soul, punk, rock n roll, girl groups etc... I think our music is always evolving because we’re always finding new bands to listen to and inspire us.


4. It just struck me that you are a really good looking band, just like the other bands in this issue. Do you think that the appearance help good looking bands (both female and males)? Do you benefit from that? And why shouldn’t you? Thanks! Well i think appearance helps anything even if your not in a band but we’re definitely not trying to rely on that alone. We wanna be awesome at what we do. 5. What have you released so far? Say some words about your releases. And have you done any fun tours? Let me and the readers take part of some funny or nasty stories from your tours or after partys? So far we’ve released three 7 inches, one split 7inch with gentleman jesse/black lips/coffin bound, one ten inch and an album. Yes we’ve had some amazing tours! And sorry we don’t tell! :) okok we completely destroyed a hotel room on our euro tour but then felt bad in the morning so we tried to clean up as best we could. Dont most bands do that? Minus the cleaning part. haha (Was that really all? Come on girls, gimmie som really tough things to write about next time. Understand? Haha //Schizo)

6. Schizo Fanzine is about to present bands from all genres of punk. It’s because I like all kind of punk and my utopian dream is to unite everyone. What will you say to the people who are into harder genres of punk, so they can listen to you? What kind of people visit your gigs? Where is the best places to play at that you have experienced? We love touring Europe and Japan. We’d do it over and over again. 7. What is your dreams and goals? Do you have any messages in your lyrics? Tell me what they use to be about? Our goal is to have fun with our music and get better while doing it. We want people to enjoy our music. 8. Ok, what do you think about Suicde Girls and what is feminism for you? And even if you have much 50’s rock n roll /pop will I categorize you into punk. So what is punk for you? Honestly we don’t care about the suicide girls, those girls can do whatever they want. not something we would do though... 9. Please, ask me a question and I will answer really honestly When did you start schizo fanzine? (It was in the first half of 2009, not long time after I started the distro. I needed to have much stuff to do since my mother died in the end of 2008, I needed to have great things to think about. And now, when I’m working with Schizo #4 is it a bit amazin that I have succeed to do 4 issues. Lot’s of thanx to all of you who have helped me out in someway. //Schizo) 10. What is your expectations for 2010? Write another album and tour japan again! 11. And for the entire future, do you have any plans yet? Ok, to finish this, add what you want or write something that I have forget to ask. Thanks for interviewing us! Good luck with Schizo fanzine! Keep on rockin


Lisa McMic hael - Br own ba g pr opa ganda McMichael Bro bag propa opag

Brown Bag Propaganda sits in the middle of the US in St. Louis, MO. Started in June 2008, our love for punk rock music was the driving force to make this project a reality. Being a musician, it's understood how hard it can be for bands to get their music out to new people. With a DIY attitude, we wanted to help bands work together to build a stronger scene - worldwide. It's become even better than we had ever hoped and we have no plans on stopping any time soon! - Lisa McMichael Hey Lisa, I hope that we can cooperate in the future. Brown Bag Propaganda reviews will be on page 33. Keep it DIY. Cheers // Schizo

Sauna, Lube and Gr oping y Lou Groping oping.. By: Am Amy There’s not many blogs I follow with a big frequency but Amy Lou ( write so great but to rarely. Therefor am I glad that she wanted to write some parts of her life for Schizo Fanzine. Well, feel free to decide if you wanna follow her blog at Myspace after you’ve readthis We're really lucky. When I say we, I mean everyone reading this, not just girls. In the last 30 years, thanks to just a few people, and just a few bands (Crass, Aus Rotten etc.) we have managed to tell the image that advertisers and corporations paint of women to sell their shitty products to fuck off. It's something I find unique to the anarcho/hardcore/crust scene. Bands with female members are at a much higher percentage than any other scene, the only thing that is missing is the female fans. I wish there were more girls in this scene to hear this message. Summer 2009 I stand in a packed room in Stuttgart (Bepart) - the air was vile, like some kind of crust powered sauna, yet most of the festival braved this for Agrimonia, and packed in all the way back to the door. One of the things I liked about it is that no one gives a shit, or half the time recognises it is a girl singing. Simply no issue. This shows we have come a long way - the person on stage is judged as a person, musician, not girl or boy. Cut to Obscene Extreme a couple of months later and some terrible US goregrind

band was on in the afternoon. A female guitarist dressed as a blood covered nurse was doing guest guitar on one track- he introduced her as a 'hot ho' or something like that, kept emphasising it was a 'hot chick that could play' then proceeded to sing about ass rape. It was so lame I wasn't even offended, just felt embarrassed for them all. I checked that the band is called 'Lividity', and the song was called 'No time for Lube'. It just shows a lack of intelligence from most other genres, that their records are so crappy they have to use sex to sell them. An age old advertising ploy, and nothing new for music. I also crowd surfed at both festivals - no prizes for guessing which one I got groped at by the crowd. and I mean a guy reaching round to almost yank my tit off, not just a misplaced hand or mistake!

mainstream, rock, metal bars clubs due to my unfamiliarity with punks there, or there simply being no squats (Helsinki is one example) .The guys feel insecure at approaching women. One factor may be that the music paints women as mythical sexual deviants, insatiable and unapproachable. So they get so drunk, that by the time they are confident enough to talk to you they come out with the most sleazy shit possible. Then often get too physically close for comfort.

That is just a couple of examples, another is that I have many mainstream female friends which it pains me to watch them spend fortunes on trying to be what the advertisers call 'Beautiful'

On one occasion a fight broke out after 1 guy tried to physically force me to drink a shot. After all some songs teach I'm only good for one thing. Well, maybe that's an overstatement, I don't blame sleazy rock, or one band or individual - I blame the way people don't question what images are being sold to them.

City Nights This doesn't just affect girls, it affects boys. In a few cities in europe, I have been in the

If I travel and go to stay in a squat, or to a crust gig, there isn't this strange theatrical performance, nor expecta-

tion. A guy can ask me what I think of the music, because he wants to know what I think of the music. I also don't suspect that his next move will be to try and grope me. If my make up is messed up, or I'm a little drunk, I won't be bet upon by the group of guys as to who can fuck me first. But why when I'm outside of my little crust safety bubble, I wonder why so many people behave like this? Of course you get weirdos everywhere, but when the majority of guys in a mainstream bar treat you like a piece of meat, it's really worrying. Where is this behaviour coming from? Well, people are bombarded every day with trash in the news, if you don't look/behave like Princess Victoria, or David beckham, or Gisele Bundchen, you fail. This insecurity sells the products, but it breeds so much self doubt that it drives people

My only hope is that due to there being less money to spend on the aspirations corporations and advertisers sell, people outside of the scene will wake up and see these problem. Like anarcho-punk did 30 years ago -What vision is left and is anyone asking?

Thanx Amy, you will have a constant invitation to write for Schizo Fanzine. And I trust you and know that what topic you want to write about will it be really great reading. And this is really what I think, without any ulterior motive. I hope you will get a great 2010. //Schizo

Yay, As I wrote in the beginning of this issue will “The band of the month� be back in next issue. That mean that I look out a band from Myspace that I feel is a bit better than all other bands. It will be band of the month for Mars, April and May. It will all depend on my daily mood when I listen around. Wich I do often. I have easier to get stucked on Myspace than fucking youtube. By the way, I take bribes hehe.

to act like idiots in the bars like I mentioned before.

Hey, what the hell is this? It’s fucking Deadly Seven from Las Vegas They have strong influences of Wendy O Willams. And I think it’s great that they annoy the etablishment and the fucking christian rightwing bastards who probably masturbate at the pics as fast as their partner goin to the supermarket. Well, since I want all kind of punk from all kind of people I could not avoid to do this interview. Hey ho let’s go 1. Hello girls, can you first of all introduce yourself please HI - WE ARE VERY HUNG OVER. JUST GOT OUT OF BEING IN THE STUDIO FOR 24 HRS STRAIGHT. SO FUCK OFF. HI I’M Gluttony - I play guitar Pride - I play Key Tar and Key Boards Sloth - I play with myself Lust - I play bass and fuck your boyfriend Wrath - drums Envy - I dont play shit Greed - I play for money and we all sing.. horribly.. we sound like Fall Out Boy being run through a meat grinder. We suck ass , and dont give a fuck what you or anyone reading this piece of shit article thinks. Who are you and what the fuck do you do? 2. Ok, this issue of my fanzine are about active girls in the punk scene. And you are really active. But the biggest reason why I want to interview you is that I think you might be very controversial, is that a trigger for you to be controversial and shock the rightwing-christians etc? Christians are so up tight. They protest every show. They stand out front with their little signs. Harass our fans. They call, email and leave us death threats on myspace. Talk about Pot calling the Kettle Black. They worship the worlds first Zombie. Then go to church each sunday , eat his body and drink his blood??And they hate us cause we fuck each other on stage, fuck the audience, cover each other in our menstrual blood, sacrifice animals, throw gasoline on the crowd and beat people up? We dont get it?? Havent the Christians been doing that for years? I mean honestly havent more people in history been killed in the name of Jesus than anyone else??


3. I can’t stop thinking of one thing. Are you a real band, did you start from scratch or how did form D7? Or is it just a project? How did you girls come togheter. We are a real fuckin band. 4 of us were in a punk band called Bloody Klitz before Deadly Seven. All of us were raised by Punks... well Envy was raised by a pack of wild dogs.. but thats another story. We have been punk our whole life since our whore mothers were gang raped by The Ramones and Satan. This isnt a fuckin act. This is real. We are the real fuckin deal. When I am pouring gasoline on you and lighting you on fire in the middle of one of our shows, ask me that question again. I dare you. People just cant compute it in their small brains cause we are fuckin hot. I guess some people think that you have to be fuckin ugly to be punk.. thats because in the 80’s ..the girls who were punks were usually the fat ugly ones who couldnt get laid anywhere else so they hung out with the punks so they could get laid. They were like Fuck It.. Im Fat as Fuck.. might as well dye my hair purple so I can get some dick in this stinky cottage cheese filled pussy.

4. I have understand clearly that you are true exhibitionists but if we talk about the music for a moment. What kind of reviews have you got when it comes to the music or is there anyone who care about it? The reviews so far have been good. But, again. We dont give a fuck about reviews! Usually reviewers are losers who couldnt make it anywhere else in life and think that their opions matter. Well, opions are like assholes.. everyone has one. So they can take their opions and shove them up their mothers asses. 5. Well, Wendy O Williams, what’s your comment about her. Do you imitate her or is she a role model for you? Of course she is one of our major influences. We love her! I mean who doesnt love W.O.W.? People always make the comparison to her cause we wear nipple tape like she does. When actually we wear the nipple tape for the same reasons she had to wear it.. cuz venues wouldnt let her (us) play naked. 6. You’re classified as good looking girls, almost nude, so I must ask you three things. a) do you feel (and how is the feeling) that you have total control of stupid guys that just see you as some piece of meat?

our story... We were all Las Vegas showgirls .. you know the bitches with feathers on their heads? We were making dirt a week.. the same wages Showgirls were making in the 1960’s..One week.. we came to work .. and our show was closed. Without warning. So .. we decided to do what we all loved and that was to play music. So thats how D7 was formed.


Men are pigs by nature. And it just so happens we love to fuck and slaughter Pigs. What the pigs dont realize is when they are slamming in the pit in front of us covered in our blood, covered in our shit they are really our slaves and dancing for our enjoyment not us for theirs. b) will you or have you take the full step out and been total nude sometime? We actually play nude every show. Myspace wont let us post the nude photos, they kept shutting down our page ( We start off wearing nipple tape but we are fully nude by the end of each show. And the cops always shut us

down and we usually get arrested for it. Men can go to the beach with their tops off. We take off our tops and the world comes to a fuckin hault and everyone goes mad. Stop those sluts! Stop them now! Fucking Bullshit. c) what is feminism for you? This interview already sucks ass. We dont want to bore your readers any more with our views on feminism. Come to a show you will see true feminism in action. but.. I will say this.. being a feminist doesnt mean you dont love to suck cock! Men think if you are a strong woman you must be a dyke. Well... we love pussy.. but we also love a good hard cock more. 7. Well, back to the music again, you have your band The Kuntz in the background, right? How do you write your songs? And you play some covers as well, I know you play Too drunk too fuck by Dead Kennedy’s, any more covers? Your own songs, what are they about, I mean the lyrics? What have you released so far? And have you toured outside the states? And have you been in any other bands before? Youve done your homework. The first few years we had a back up band called The Kuntz. Our manager the evil Mr.D thought it would be more powerful if all 7 of us sang. It did work really well. 7 bitches naked screaming at you was very powerful. He also had us perform some old school punk covers from Circle Jerks, D.I. , Black Flag, D.K., FEAR etc. But, the 4 of us who had a band before wanted to start playing .. so we told Mr.D to go suck a dick. We are playing our own music, and writing our own songs now. Our upcoming album is called PARASITE CITY.. its about all the crazy fucked up shit we see in Las Vegas from Drugs, Child prostitutes , Aids, Death, Tansexuals etc. Our first EP was called CUNT. We followed up with our full length album BLOODY COVERS. We actually mixed our menstrual blood into the ink on the printing of our album cover. You can buy BLOODY COVERS anywhere shitty music is sold over the internet. Check out our myspace at for more info. We havent yet toured outside the states.. but we would love to play wherever it is you are from. 8. Describe a D7 gig, what can the audience expect? And what kind of people do you have in the audience? SEX , DRUGS SATAN AND ROCK N ROLL. EXPECT TO NOT LEAVE ALIVE. EXPECT TO BE COVERED IN REAL BLOOD, FECES, PISS, VOMIT, FOOD, CAKES, MEAT. MAYBE WE WILL JUMP IN THE CROWD , PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE, MAYBE WE WILL SUCK YOUR DICK OR LICK YOUR PUSSY ON STAGE. MAYBE WE WILL THROW FIRECRACKERS INTO THE CROWD OR COVER YOU IN GASOLINE. IT IS ANARCHY, IT IS UNCONTROLLABLE MAYHEM. IT IS LIFE. IT ITS DEATH. IT IS REAL AND ITS IS ART! (Caps lock for fuck sake. But you are welcomed to Sweden, it is a boring country so we need some action and you would be perfect to create chaos and mayhem //schizo )


9, Ok, I guess that many different groups of people want to ban you, have you got any threats? But I wouldn’t be surprised if lot’s of ultra-conservative men wank off to your pics and videos. You play punk, but what have you heard from the anarcho/DIY punks, I can imagine that you’re not their favorites? We have been banned from every venue we play. Every show the cops come in and shut us down, and Christians protest outside. We have received death threats from radical christian and muslim groups that feel threatened by us. As far as Anarcho/ DIY punks not liking us??? Why wouldnt we be their favorites? We are a “Do It Yourself” Punk band to the fullest degree. Most of us are true Anarchist by nature. Our shows are complete Anarchy. Some of our influences are Anarcho/DIY acts like the Poison Girls,Crass,Conflict,Antisect,Sacrilege,Flux of Pink Indians,Amebix, Riot 111 (New Zealand), Warumpi Band (Australia) and Grindcore bands like Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror. But our all time Anarcho Punk bands in America would have to be MDC and Reagan Youth. As far as our sound goes I think we tend to lean more to the Digital Hardcore side like Atari Teen Age Riot. 10. Well, we all know that sex sale, my opinion is that it’s free for everyone to do what they want as long as no one been forced to do something, What’s your background, have anyone of you worked with porn, stripclubs etc? PRIDE WORKED AS A STRIPPER BEFORE SHE BECAME A “PROFESSIONAL DANCER” , IM SURE WE ALL HAVE SUCKED DICK FOR MONEY. I MEAN WHO HASNT RIGHT? DONT THINK IF YOU GO ON A DATE .. GO TO DINNER...AND GO TO A MOVIE... AND YOU SUCK SOME COCK IN THE CAR AFTERWARDS CAUSE YOU FELT OBLIGATED YOU JUST DIDNT SUCK DICK FOR MONEY. WE HAVE BEEN IN PORN.. BUT IF YOU COME TO OUR SHOWS .. I AM SURE YOU CAN SAY WE HAVE.. OUR SHOWS ARE MORE PORNOGRAPHIC THAN ANY PORN YOU COULD EVER WATCH IN YOUR HOME.

11. Before we end this, please list your favourite bands, top-5 or something like that. BACKSTREET BOYS, 98 DEGREES, N SYNC, SPICE GIRLS, BRITTANY SPEARS, FALL OUT BOY AND NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. 12. Thanx for you wanted to contribute in Schizo Fanzine, is there something you want to add, feel free to do it.Welcome to Sweden by the way OH THATS WERE YOU ARE FROM SWEDEN.. I BET YOU GUYS HATE WHEN DUMB AMERICANS CONFUSE YOU AND THINK YOU ARE SWITZERLAND. (I don’t care, but I hate dumb people, it doesnt matter if they are from amerika, israel or sweden // schizo) Thanks Sweden for taking the time to read this bullshit. We wish we could give you your fucking money back .. we hope you stole this magazine.. rip out our article and next time you take a big bloody shit wipe your asses with it. (HAHA, this fanzine is free //schizo) oh.. and Sloth says she loves your Meatballs! (Reallly? I ate meatballs today, I must tell you Sloth that I make really good meatballs //schizo)

Thanx for the fast answers, I hope you will remember me when you release your CD this summer haha. Cheers!


Körsbärsfettera from Sweden hit me hard in the last part of 2008. And in 2009 did they released their debut album who is one of the strongest debut ever made by any band. Their pure fucking punk rock are excellent and even if they sing in swedish will I recommend them to everyone, even if you don’t will understand the lyrics. Let me present one of the best swedish band ever: Körsbärsfettera

1. Hey Körsbärsfettera, first of all it’s your job to translate or explain what Körsbärsfettera relly mean in english please. Ha! Wtf Cherrycunt it is and that´s just because. 2. I have not read anything bad about you and your debut CD was fucking great, have you heard anything from any label? Please tell me about your album? Well that´s nice to hear and we haven’t met much criticism either. Labels today can´t offer you much so that´s why we decided to give our record out by ourselves. I mean of course some labels have a lot to offer a band but not in this genre and for a band who sings in Swedish. We think that music is happiness and a way to speak out our frustration but it´s not like we wanna be rock-stars or something. As long as we can get some gigs and that people enjoy our music and shows we are satisfied. Our album is a plain Swedish punk record about typical things like work, love, hate and getting pissed.

who´s hanging out with Dropkick murphy´s in Boston or in Sweden when they´re over here, as often as she can. Totta (drummer) gets loud when she´s drunk but she don´t like bananas. (My friend almost went into a fight with Totta at Sham 69 down in Gothenburg. I really have to take this advantage, but in wich way don’t she like bananas?//Schizo)

3. Okey, maybe it’s time to introduce the band before this interview are over, let’s go

4. How would you describe you music. And you have swedish lyrics, what are they about? Have you ever thought about english lyrics? What are your favourite bands?

Anna (lead-singer) a just married nurse with a strong will and a lot of attitude. Josie (guitars) even known as the Sausage is full of energy and it looks like she jumps up and down out of a energyboost when she´s on stage. Hanna (bass) is the queen of partying all night long and still never get a hangover. (Except once). Jennie (guitars) mother of Betty and the girl

Simple punk music with lyrics right from our hearts about the ups and downs in life. No English lyrics in mind for this band no. To mention some: Dropkick murphy´s, Social distortion, Blood for blood, Dan Berglund, Mustach, Asta kask, Desmond Dekker, The Accidents, Los fastidios, Evil conduct, The Liptones and lots of more of course!


5. What is the best and the worst with just girls in the band? The best part is that we enjoy spending time together and that we have the same goal. The worst part is that maybe sometimes we don´t speak our mind right out. But that might be more out of respect cause we´re friends than the fact that we´re girls. Being an exclusively girl-band is of course an advantage sometimes just because there are not that many bands like us. 6. Well, a “girlband”, do you think that people treat you different just because you are girls, good looking as well? Have you ever or will you ever make use of that you are (good looking) girls? Of course every band take advantage of their benefits so whatever helps us get to do what we want: we use it. But you know our hopes are mostly up for that people like to listen to our music, lyrics and enjoy´s our shows when we´re out playing. People are often very friendly both audience and other bands but if that has to do with that we are girls or not I don´t know. You know I´ve never been a lad! :) 7. My last interview with you was in november last year, I guess you have developed pretty much since then? How is a gig with KF nowadays? Tell about some nasty story that you have experienced during this time? Yeah! We like to think that we have improved in both staging and musically so hopefully if you should see us today you would get some more energy from us and a little better performance musically too. I don´t know about nasty but we have attended two festivals which we thought was pretty exciting and we did two gigs with Texas Terri and that was awesome!

8. And what about beeing a girl in the punk scene? Are you really a minority? Is there any unity? I think that the punk scene is pretty much like the “real” society, that there is some kind of social classes and that the beautiful girls will have more status, do you think I have right? Actually I had a conversation about the punk scene the other day and thought about why I love it so much. I think that punk is the only subcultural that really allows you to be the way you want. If you wanna dress up and get some crazy clothing going on that´s OK , but if you don´t that´s OK too. You can drink as much as you like but you don´t have to, you can be liberal with drugs but you can dislike it too. You can be loud and annoying but you can be nice and quiet as well, and of course it doesn´t matter if you´re a girl or a boy considered pretty or ugly as hell! United in our dissatisfaction and our love to the music. 9. Ok, do you think that the questions this time was better? And again, give me a question and you will get an honest answer. Yes this time you gave me space to speak my mind, not only in the perspective of us being girls. (No question to me? Okey, I will give me one. Do you think that the questions was better this time? Yes a bit, but the last time did I wrote some questions much just for being rude//Schizo) 10. Tell me about the future, do you have any plans for 2010? I wish you all the best and if you have have any last words, just go on... This spring we´re gonna do some gigs and we have been talking about a split or a single release, so keep yourselves updated! Finally, Gin & Tonic is my companion tonight and punk and music is a way of life!


If the gir ls ar e united, the y will ne ver be di vided. By: Monik girls are they nev divided. Well, first of all, I’d like to introduce my country, Paraguay, South America… I’ll tell you about a war that has happened in 1864 here which influenced our scene, yes it did (at least that’s what I think), and I will tell you a little bit more about how women started to fight for a country too, I don’t want to sound nationalistic or any of that shit but is the place where I live and the scene that I´m supporting too. Back in the history, “the triple alliance war” with Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay took my country a lot of lands and a lot of people were killed, even all of the soldiers... so women (“Las residentas” Paraguayans women who fought the war along with the soldiers) and kids started to fight too leaving my country with almost no survivors and the ones that survived (most women, babies and elderly people) started to take care of all Paraguayan stuff (politics and economics) and families issues... Paraguay was one of the biggest and richest countries in south America, it had a strong economy and it was not dependent of the European nations like any of the others south American countries so this was seen by England as a bad example that didn’t have to be follow, cause we were like a problem for them because of our economics potential and politics, that was why the english lend money to Brasil and Argentina and offered them army support to finish with Paraguay, it was more and Imperialistic war than a war for lands supported by England. And this war took everything away. our money, our lands, our people, Paraguay had to start everything all over again... We dont have access to the sea so that makes paraguay a more inaccessible place for others... with the time, Paraguay was getting recovered from it, but still taking a consequence from it and this have left scars...Since then, my country had military


presidents an a dictator (Alfredo Stroessner) in the 50´s until the 80´s, so many things were prohibited to do... I can say that maybe it was not allowed to have a rock band cause Freedom of speech meant “TORTURE”, Yep! Many were killed or just disappeared and nobody knows what happened to those people, all that we know is that it was a punishment from a fascist government. After this dictators was gone one of the first punk rock bands was formed like in 1989 or something meanwhile in Brazil and Argentina you could find punk rock scene since the 79 or something... i dont know really well the year, but it was in the late 80´s that Paraguay could start something up... it was not allowed to wear long hair during the dictators years... so you can imagine about the metal scene... hahaha, well... time has passed by but it is very difficult from bands from Europe, or north America to come over here, i think is because they don’t know anything about us or something like that... it is easier for Brazilian bands or Argentinean bands to play here... and more difficult for others to come cause no one will organize a show with an overseas bands cause the organizer will fail!. Since the war, Paraguay hasn’t recovered from the economic side, so now, we are suffering consequences of money exchange and the difference between Dollar/ Euro to “Guarani”,

Paraguayan money, which is not so valued comparing to the others... I can start to tell you about all the bands that were appearing through the time… but i wanted to focus on the female side of the story. The first punk rock band that I mentioned was called KAOS (1989), and it had a girl playing the bass… the only single that I’ve heard it was in a compilation CD called “Punk y Hardcore subterraneo de Paraguay” (underground punk and hardcore from Paraguay) from Funebre Records… after that time, I don’t know why, there just wasn’t any girls showing up in a gig… i´ve started to go to shows since the year 2000 or something like that and I felt kinda weird cause there were no girls there!!! Just boys at the shows, and the only girls that showed up there where the girlfriends of the one playing, I was a teenager back then when I came up with punk music, because of my brothers influence actually who introduced me to the underground side of Asuncion, my city. You know, I think sometimes a girl needs another girl to share ideas and share the things you love, in my case punk rock and derivatives, well I know you can do this with any friend no matter the sex, but is like you feel comfortable when you have a female friend to talk about this… I don’t know how to explain that feeling… I’m not talking about sexual options or sexuality stuff, no, which has nothing to do with what I am talking about. I remember once my brother said to me, “Don’t go to the show, is not for girls”, Maybe he was trying to take care of me because I am his little sister and he didn’t want me to go to the moshpit or something to get hurt, and I was surprised with my brothers answer. You see my culture was based in a “macho” one… so women had to be submissive, I say “HAD” because that is something that right now is changing and that was like a fire inside of me, something that I had the urge to change!. Well the thing is that after i´ve been participating and going to some gigs around my city i´ve realized that the girls that were showing up were girls interested in someone of the band… groupies’


maybe. In 2001 there was 1 all-girl band!! I didn’t get to see them, cause I never got to see any flyer or something like that about those gigs, it wasn’t punk rock though, it was just some rock band… but knowing that it was an all girl band took a big smile on my face! The band name was “sociedad boohista”. As time went by I started to look after punk rock bands and information about girls band (punk rock related)… as soon as I found the riot grrrl movement and some information about them. I felt identified with their ideas so i´ve started to look after through the internet about Paraguayans who knew about something like that and stuff… my result? NOTHING! Nothing about this riot grrrls thingy… but I found a girl who made a zine, and is still making though, I’ve seen their zines and liked them, they were so simple and direct, the zine name “Autonomia”. Ok but after being looking for this riot stuff I have been reading about activism and doing it yourself, if you aren’t seeing any girls bands… why don’t you do it yourself… I asked that to my self as well…so I got into Action and made a community about Grrrls in Paraguay with this same ideas as the Riot Grrrls from olimpia, i´ve found many communities from argentina, chile, brazil, so it was about time to enter the field of battle so i´ve created a website for a community of Riot Grrrls of my country in 2004, it was really nice knowing that there were girls interested in the same ideas that I had and it was really nice that we worked as a support for others too… we declared war to that scene that was composed mostly of men (a nice war)… it was the time of the girls to show up, and so we did. This is such a long history to tell, so I will go directly to the bands that we found and were formed. Since that time we got to organize 3 Ladyfests over here, I had the chance to participate in a band that is was called Chilly Chilly Gang Bang, a nice experience with making “music” if you can call it like that (I played vocal there), it was a mix of punk, hardcore and ska, a friend of mine called me to make some crust too in a band, I went to rehearse with them, but I couldn’t stay longer because of my studies and moved to Brazil where I had the chance to go to some HOLYSHIT GREAT

SCENES!!!!!!. But Paraguay was coming with some good bands like this one called Carnival Prozac Dreams, they make alternative Rock kinda screamo with some mix of hardcore, my happiness was fulfilled when I got to know a band of girls making punk rock/ hardcore with really good bands influence as BULIMIA (an all girl punkrock band from Brasil) the band name: “Le Femmes”… WOW! That was good, is a pitty that they don’t play anymore. Ok there are a lot more bands, some gothic ones, some rock ones, some covers one, and one that is called “las residentas del rock” after “las residentas” the women who fought the war in the triple alliance, the vocalist was from that band that I mentioned before “sociedad boohista”… they play mostly rock covers but they´re rocking my country on!. Maybe some of those girls with bands just don’t like that “feminism stuff”, they want to be known for the music they make and not for the fact that they´re girls, which I think is great but I would like to see more bands with content in lyrics and stuff, I am not so much into music (in a melodic way of speaking), I don’t know how to play any instrument (YET), so what I like the most in some bands are the lyrics and what they have to say. Still, my country scene is very little compared to those from Brazil and Argentina, nothing compared to that. As you can see, since the time we´ve started as a community a lot have changed and some of our own battle were won, we have the same power of any person to make stuff, but I don’t know why we´re still a minority group in the Rock field. All I can say to any other girl or men who reads this is that any women have the capacity if they´re united to make a country grow up again, like all of those women who worked after the war of Paraguay. and any other girl can make a scene look better and encourage others to participate in a war to what oppresses us ( society, religion, patriarchy, minority right, racism, sexism and things like that) and maybe express all that through music… a guitar, a bass, a battery and a microphone are the best guns ever! use it, and BLOW THINGS UP!


Get in touch for latest info!

Kori Fugnitti - KJF Photos Who is in the punk scene? As I use to say: “I will never judge but I will ALWAYS have my own thoughts”. Maybe a bit opportunistic but no, Im so far away from opportunism that is possible. Anyway, here is a little different contribution to Schizo Fanzine

Hello! My name is Kori Fugnitti (g is silent… sounds like FUN-etty) I am 31 years old, from the Springfield, IL, US area, and I have been a photographer for over 15 years. Photography is my passion, but music is my love. I have been very lucky that I get to combine the two of them. I love being able to capture the true emotions on a musicians face. I have only recently been photographing the punk scene. I love ALL music but a couple good friends of mine from Pints and Punx really introduced me into the scene. The first show I did was Dreadknock:Ripper. The emotion that poured out of these guys was incredible! Their fans were so into the music like I have never seen before! From there it made me realize how much creativity there is in the punk scene. As far as girls in the scene, I think they have come a long way from the days of The Runaways. Back then (early 70’s before I was even thought of yet), what was considered the first real all girl punk band. Only lasting two years, Certainly not because of rock star attitudes such as Joan Jett, but more than likely because music fans were used to men being punk, i.e. The Ramones, The Clash, etc. Just like anything, with punk music, women have had to struggle to overcome stereotypical barriers. And most of the great punk bands continue to remain in the underground because those barriers have not been 100% broken. Maybe its just me getting… older, or more wise to my surroundings, but it seems like females are really coming out strong lately into the scene. I really admire and respect them for their strength. Surrounding Springfield, IL Area: Contact me at kjfphotos , or at

Introduction to Pints and Punks Photoshoot

Photoshoot for Pints and Punx Hooligan Wear (Men’s and Woman’s T-Shirts)

Too bad that I have to reduce the size of some pics, but there’s nothing to do. I suggest you visit if you want to see more pics and with colour. //schizo



Mar tillo er in The Ca paces Martillo tillo,, sing singer Capaces Dominik from NATD Productions got in touch with me and introdue the spanish band The Capaces to me. And the following text is written by Martillo, the female singer in the band I will try to be optimistic, that’s my intention, but I know that I will end up getting angry and wanting to break something, because this all is definitely pretty rotten! But as I don’t want to ignore the great things that sometimes happen in this city, I will start in a good way. In the end, it’s about compiling good feelings, and from my point of view, going out of your house with the best “intentions”, meeting up with your friends, or just seeing what happens, looking for a homely atmosphere, playing table football, listening to good music and having a funny, interesting and slightly bizarre conversation. Sometimes good concerts, never-ending and at the same time surrealistic nights, people you know, usually from other

bands, I wouldn’t say brotherhood, more like respect… but not in every case, there are loads of idiots, or loads of people, maybe interesting or just secondary characters in the script of a bad play, you forget them as easy as you meet them. There are also some scene spots, some really hip and trendy, others the beloved shit-hole hidden like treasure between skyscrapers with 20 floors for more than 18 years of history…the sanctuaries of punk. And unfortunately pretty bruised by the trendy and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona…the bad weed is not wanted on the sidewalks of the city, but this does make certain that the bad weed grows tall. And having in mind that I prefer not to plan things, I use to come home late. That’s how I imagine a night of good “intentions”, with the aim to enjoy it. If you hear a song and find someone to trash to it together

with you, a smashhit like Poison Idea’s “Deep Sleep”, then you’ll probably know whom to share a beer with. Normally people care more about what shirt you are wearing including the neckline that’s in the offing and I’m not being demagogic, it’s between “modernos” (fashion victims) and “babosos” (antisocial fucked up people) I have to admit that in this aspect, because normally my motivations go no further than to roll around on the floor, be a wild one, make some noise and have some good beers and whiskeys, I get lost in my own world and don’t give a shit about anything. The surroundings I and the girls around me are moving in here, are clearly male dominated, but that doesn’t mean chauvinist. I think outside of punk things are way worse, so if you ask about my opinion, |’ll stay punk, and not just because I can be myself with prejudices, but also because it’s way more fun!

FROM “DON’T SHAVE YOUR LEGS” TO MYSPACE “ALBUMS”: A FLUX OF PINK ITALIAN MEMORIES I met Marzia when her band Campus Sterminii had a gig in Uppsala - Sweden in the summer of 2009. A really kind girl but she is the queen of D-beat//schizo

By: Marziona, Italy “Girls in the scene” is an issue i’ve been exposed to for a very long period of my life. When i was 13, and started to play music, i got into metal stuff where girls were just into it but not a part of it: none of them was playing, none was doing something beside hanging out with her boyfriend who was playing in a band and so on.They actually were their “boyfriend” shadow/keyring and this didn’t match for me, but i realised it only when i first stepped into punk. I got into punk by chance and I immediatly saw a huge difference from the metal scene i was used to, with girls into it actively, doing distros, bands, running places and so on. I wanted to do it myself, and i actually started. It was in the ’90s, riot grrrl still had a reason to be, there were a lot of female bands and girls in bands too, it was almost obvious for you, as a girl, to take part in self-defence meeting, ladies-only contexts, reading circles of femminist pamphlets, spreading anti sexist ideas throught flyers and demos. Most of all, there actually were a lot of “feminist” situations to be involved in and it was easy to get in touch with it. In the past, I’ve been playing in all-female bands even if I’ve never been a “i want to cut all dicks” girl, i’ve always been standing for a good mix of both sexes and a constructive and positive attitude towards doing things together (boys and girls) in full respect for each others. Nowadays, i’m still involved in bands, i play in 3 bands with all guys and i fit perfectly with them. I’ve never considered myself as a feminist cause i always stood up for women’s right basing on my “good sense”: i’ll stand against something because it’s WRONG, not because i’m a feminist and for this reason, this is WRONG. To me, this is a consequence of the ’90s: who lived that period, in Italy, at least, felt its great attitude for women’s right and involvment but also the “heaviness” sometimes it was carring in it. Too much p.c, too much “closed” into a scheme of extreme “activism” that creates divisions more than union. Girls felt themselves attacked by everything: from a single “joke” to a too much aggressive attitude in the pit while pogo dancing, to everything else. All seemed to be agains girls and if you, as a girl, dared to use too much make up or too “female” clothes, shaving your legs, for example, you could be accused of being too much barbie, too much fashion, too stupid and too less active.


Don’t even mention listening to bands like Guns and roses or Motley crue (which i love ahahah) !!! No Biklini Kill, no party! I actually loved and still love Bikini Kill but I also like/d Manowar (ahahahahah) so I basically didn’t give a fuck. After a while I realised the way the female “movement” in punk was going was not my cup of tea. I kept on dealing with anti sexism and female rights from behind the scenes, doing things on my own rather than taking part in collectives which seemed to me more a church institution than a punk or “alternative” situation. What is unexpected, and the main point of these lines, is that i never thought we would go from “too much “ to “too few”. I’m talking about ITALY and i stress this a lot because our situation in terms of “female” conciousness is poorer compared to European standards, and i can say that just because i travel a lot and i’ve experienced it through the years. Italian punx are kind of “fed up” with feminism; i mean, old punx, cause the “new” generation hardly got in touch with this kind of issue. It’s not difficult to talk with some raised in the ’90s punx about it and have a strong “stop stop don’t start talking about it please!!!”. This is not because they don’t give a fuck, but just because they had

too much about being concerned about EVERYHTING involving girls.Obviously respectng females and their/our rights, feminism is something that reminds them, and me as well, to a too closed, serious, heavy world and way of dealing with it. Now, since the first years of 2000, i can state that this kind of matters are no more so common. It’s rare to jump into feminist contexts or demos beside big media events mainly dealing with rapes and abortion defence. It can be, first, cause punx can get informed via internet and for this reason, meetings and gatherings dealing with feminist subjects are no more needed to spread the ideology. Second, nowadays it’s easier for a girl to get “emancipation” and find a “place” in the punk scene: they have more freedom to move than in the past (when i was 14, i usually was the only young girl at a punk show while now i’m always the oldest in a majority of teens), they are daughters of a more emancipated generation of mothers themselves (with a less “traditional” idea of family and female roles than we had in the past, due to fast even if mimimum society changes) and, again, they can get a lot of infos via web. What i wonder,is why italian girls really care so few about being “active” in the scene: if you travel through Europe, you see girls running places, doing djset, driving bands in a van, booking shows and (very important) BUYING RECORDS! Maybe, it’s just a wrong impression I had but i don’t think so. In Italy we have some great girls doing things like that (and also an extremely active lesbian collective called “Clitoristrix” in Bologna),but they are really few.All the rest of girls are crusty-like meteors you see for one year and then disappear the way they appear. Few girls show a real interst in music supporting it and buying it, few other do music themselves. The big majority just “is” and do, not even suggest, nothing. Myspace made it easier to check the new crustpunk “wannabe” trend, and i’m not criticizing it, but I will just be happier if i could see more entusiasm from girls, with the hurge of create something themselves rather than having everything always ready. I’m SUPER happy about this young generation of people taking part in the punk scene but a bit more “female” and “political” conciousness would be more than welcome. Sometime, at punk shows, it seems to be attending a Suicide girls context, which is actually much better for our eyes than hairy legs and enormous jumpers like in the ’90 but it would be better if accompained with something else.I do myself love make up and skirts but i do my best to be actively part in the scene, playing or helping organising things as i can. I sometime saw girls get bored for all the night while getting extremely overexcited

as soon as the disco thrash music started. Let’s have fun, ok, no problem for me, but let’s also do something more. So, the final point is: how can we make girls be more involved in female issues again? How can they be more active? How can we create conciousness that they actually CAN and MUST do something more? Or, nevertheless, DO THEY GIVE A FUCK ABOUT IT ANYMORE???? I don’t want to sound like a grumpy grandama but i really think italian girls can do more, also thank to internet which makes life easier under many aspects.. I’m happy in seeing all those young faces at shows, i’m happy cause a lot of girls wrote me mails like “after seeing you playing drums i decided to start myself and now i have a band”, i’m extremely happy about this! What I would love to is promote a practical way of living punk that they don’t have anymore. The point is that they see things but they don’t dare to make it themselves. Create something new with the fresh air they brought is something i’d love to, seeing more human connection rather than a myfriends list on myspace which translate itself in mimimun “real” connections in everyday life. I’d love to see more girls organising things bringing also new inspiration in doing it and maybe new ideas. Italy improved a lot during the last decade in terms of “scene”, Italian punx are more supportive and concious than in the past. About the girls, let’ s see if we can create an alternative to what the feminist world was in the ’90s with new ways and occasions to express our needs and feelings. Sometimes, even if i’m “old”, experienced and “disillusioned”, i’d love to :)

reviews reviews reviews reviews reviews reviews get in touch if you want me to review your stuff. Im sorry, but don’t despair. The reviews who don’t are in this issue will be in next. I did some misstakes with the planning work. Please forgive. Miscondücters - Braindead

Battle Flask - Smile... tomorrow will be worse

There’s always something special with new bands from England. Much water under the bridges since the birth of the punk, but anyway, I like it. Even if Miscondücters don’t have the pure of english punk in their music. And don’t expect raw crust just before the skulls on the cover. But how the fuck shall I explain their music, it’s not easy to put them in a genre. But the best thing is to start from a bit classic hard-rock n roll, especially the vocals and some of the guitars, mix that up with some american old school punk. Even if I’m not very much in to the classic hardrock scene can I hear what I guess is influences from many different bands like Black Sabbath, and that’s the same with the punk parts where I can mention Black Flag. Too much rock star rock n roll for me, how I now mean with that. 5 songs on almost 15 minutes, and if I try to explain how I mean... I guess that people who are a bit more interested in the technique of making music rather than use the soul of make music will appreciate Miscondücters.

Alright, here we go, an american band who I really like, that is not happen to often nowadays. The main thing that hit me is the rock n roll, almost rockabilly parts even if the biggest part is punk fucking roll. The melodys remember much about Dead Kennedys, but Battle Flask are more influenced by DKM, fuck them, and up the Battle Flask and their own sound. Just the title of this record make me smile, and the song with the same name are great as well. I like the lyrics, they are punk but without all the common clichés. “Bastards meet the bastards, Smile... tomorrow will be worse. Bastards, meet the bastards, allegiance, pledge your allegiance” I don’t use to be best friend with digi-packs, but the lay out and art work are really well done. All in all, 13 great punk songs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Battle Flask will be a band to count on in the future

The Washingtonians This demo is free to download, just go to their Myspace. But I really recommend you to try to order this CD just because of the eccentric cover. Or of course not JUST because of that, because the music is fucking good as well. 9 tracks where influences from both Disrupt to more ordinary crust can be heared and it’s tight from the first chord to the last. Before I listen to this CD had I heard The Washingtonians at Ungovernable Resistance radio show, but I couldn’t really remember myself of that they was so great. The vocals are just as brutal as the music and all different tempo mix make the sound really proffesssional. I cannot say anything else that try to get your copy or download it. I will do my best to get some copys of The Washingtonians to Schizo Distro.

Nervous Breakdown - Never Green This indonesian band confuse me, it all depends on wich song you want to listen at who will decide if you think they are great or bad, if they play hardcore (old school us-hc) or what the hell do they play? They sound more american than indonesian, if it’s not custom to have so many different sounds in the indonesian scene? Take a look at their Myspace. I’m sure that N.B not will be a band that will disturb my neighbours in the future


y Lou Why is it gir ls seem to be the big gest miso gynists? By: Am Amy girls bigg misog OK, so a wish for a ‘United Sisterhood’ is probably an old cliché, but the minute another girl does something good, there seems to be a huge desire to make critiqué, even from socalled friends. Maybe boys have the same problems with other boys, I just don’t know this myself. Or maybe I’ve passed the 2 year mark for living in Leeds and know people too well. Here are a couple of examples of what I’m talking about. A girl felt the need to approach my boyfriend and tell him ‘I wasn’t good enough for him’. I’ve had trouble with this particular person in the past, and she has been horrible to me since she met me 18 months ago. Her and her boyfriend were a contributing factor to a previous relationship of mine breaking down, as if that wasn’t enough. She claims that since I put up a few bands at my house, that I slept with all of the members of one particular band (of which only half the band stayed with me), and other similar rumours when other bands stayed. I’ve never slept with any random musician when they were staying at my house, just for the record. Not all of the musicians have been male either, so christ knows what rumours she’s now purportrating. My reasoning was that I thought it would be nice for touring bands to stay in a warm house, with an abundance of vegan food and peace and quiet. Especially when in winter, when the alternative was a freezing bare floor in a squat or similar. Especially in the case of vocalists, when if they get flu, the tour can be fucked. Thanks to other women though, I’m cast as a brothel owner. How bands must be dissapointed when they stay with me and don’t

get this ‘extra’ service. haha! Secondly, A particular girl who befriends people so she can sleep with their male friends / ex boyfriends. It’s really weird, I hate hidden agendas, and like to think what you see is what you get, but this particular person uses people and moves on. I’m not just talking of a one off, but a different guy every week for the last couple of months since she ‘appeared’ on the scene. Every single one has been one of the Leeds crust punks. This isn’t like the rumour mill I was subject to - she openly talks about it and also writes blogs on her Myspace page after she sleeps with them...worried yet?! If you want to be part of a scene, there are much better ways than this?? Buy some records, go to a show, cook and clean at a squat, help a touring band with backline, work the bar? None of my business at the moment, but she was sat with us in the pub the other night for quite some time in a group of friends and didn’t say a word, just watched me. I just hope it stays none of my business, and I am not her next ‘friend’. Why is there the need to behave like this? These particular experiences aren’t new things, but I would have thought people stopped behaving like this when they left high school. How do people have time to do this?? The second girl I mentioned also approached me at a party and started asking about my job in Finland - somethings she could only have known from scouring posts on my boyfriends facebook page from that day :S Perhaps one would joke and say ‘I’m popular’ - Nah, popular with crazies, not normal people! Walk the dog, read a book - just leave me out of it!

RIOT PUNX CLUB, Sigurdsgatan 25, Västerås, Sweden (11/2-2010) Sir Reg, Prins Carl and Dystra Li I have interviewed Sir Reg in Schizo Fanzine, there are also 4 members who use to be in the band I played in for some years ago - The Barcrawlers. I will say it again, that I am very fastidious when it comes to this cros over by irish folk music and punk. But Sir Reg is fantastic. The only thing that disturb me is that they almost play too fast sometimes, take it easy for fuck sake haha. But the arrangement in the songs are fucking high class, and so are the melodys and the musicians. Sir Reg are influenced by bands like Flogging Molly and DKM, but Sir Reg are a better band than Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys. It was the first time I watched them live, I know that they are a great live band and they didn’t disappoint me at all Prins Carl, the second band for the evening didn’t disappoint me either. I had heard them on their Myspace and didn’t expect much. But the first thing that gave me hope was that the guitarplayer and lead singer Johan was in the band, he use to play the guitar in one of my favourite ska band for some years ago - The Jamborees. Anyhow, Prins Carl make it as hell. Great Oi!, the swedish style but with english lyrics. The last band Dystra Li wasn’t fun at all. Thanx to Riot Punx Club and the 2 first bands for a fun evening.

SkinByrd Pinups is not like fucking Suicide Girls who just try to make a lot of money in the name of punk, fucking wankers. No, read what Hope Torrez, the founder of SkinByrd Pinups have to say. And then will some other Byrds from the site write about... just what they want. Are you a byrd, don’t hesitate to contact skinbyrds pinups

Hope Tor ya Mad d orrrez a.k.a. Me Mey Madd My name is Hope Torrez. I am the founder of SkinByrd PinUps and a proud S.H.A.R.P skin. I have been doing pin-up work for over half my life and have a love for the form. That however does not change the fact I am a skinhead and am proud of the beauty my fellow skin sisters posses in their many different ranges of diversity. I wanted to share this with others. I wanted them to celebrate byrds for their true beauty. Byrds just being byrds. I noticed that there were not many skin head pin-up girls that celebrated their own unique beauty. And their were no pin-up spaces dedicated to skinbyrds at the time. And I wanted to change that. And I did. We were the first true skinbyrd

pin-up space! I had a goal to take moms, sisters, wives, lesbian, straight, any combination of those, any race being welcomed, and show their beauty was more than just skin deep. It was flourishing with pride and dignity. And it was about time that was seen and celebrated in my opinion. That is how SkinByrd PinUps came about. And with the hard work and dedication from every byrd on this site giving it their all to keep it going. With no financial gain to be made at the site we simply do it... Because we have a love for our way of life! And we want to do something positive to bring about understanding in the masses as to what being a skin is all about. This is what puts the fire in the belly so to speak.

Pepper Cash


i'm gonna be 32 in dec. been a byrd since i was about 19 or 20?. i've been a pinup model in general for many years and wear a wig for those types of shoots but have always shaved my head. i'm a mom a navy wife, a singer. i work with American Indian charities such as NARF and non profit organizations like Backpacks for Pine Ridge(reservation) that help children have school supplies, clothes they can focus on what's important, learning. being half white and half Pawnee and a skinbyrd is hard, considering that my native family gets confused about the 'militant look' and the hair cutting which is pretty much taboo for us. i stayed a byrd though especially after my daughter was born so that i could feel strong enough to protect her. in a way keeping my boots makes me feel like that's possible. i also want her to see that a woman can be beautiful and strong. those 2 combination don't have to be alien

from each other. byrds don't have to always be seen as these harsh dyke types the media puts out there. alot of us are moms, and girlfriends, and wear makeup but we also can throw down for the people we love to! the skinhead way of life has always appealed to me because it's close knit. it goes very deep. not everyone in the scene actually gets that though. some of the younger crowd use the scene as an excuse to get fucked up and beat random people senseless. they don't really understand pride, or loyalty or friendship apparently that goes with it and that pisses me off. alot of people don't understand the nurturing side of skinhead life and it's there if you look for it. i try to live my life thru those values alot, meaningi'm there for my family and friends. i try to present myself in a way that is positive to my daughter and younger people around me(i hope!). i'm hoping thru my kid i can keep the lifestyle alive!

Dame Mic the Ma gnif icent Magnif gnificent I started as a punk in the early 80’s at age 14 and was gradually introduced to the skinhead world and told by many that I had more of a skinhead mentality than a punk For a long time i was what some would call a skunk, gradually stil, l turned into a full blooded skinbyrd around 92-93, but I still retain my punk roots with the love of the music and maybe with the colours i choose to dye my hair hahah. Skinheads to me are one big family, most are just lovely, lovely people (not all, of

course) but our subculture has this closeness and loyalty that just amazes me. And we are definitely the smartest dressers around! The reason I am so proud to be a skinbyrd pin-up is because we are the CLASSIEST pin-ups around. There is sexy and there is raunchy and we are just damn SEXY with a capital S! We are not all little scrawny girls, we are women of all shapes and sizes. Classy, sexy and proud of it That’s the essence of skinbyrd pin-ups!

Miss Selva Oi! My Bio: My name is Selva. I was born in Osnabruck, Germany. I have lived in Florida for the past eleven years of my life. Life as a skinhead girl never has its dull moments, I have met figures in my life such as my amazing husband, to my really close friends down here in Florida and other states as well and an array of great bands such as Sick of Society, Bermondsey Joyriders, Hub City Stompers, Olde York, U.F.C, Toasters, Bad Manners, Anti Nowhere League, and so

much more! Hopefully the music scene down in Florida will pick up more so my friends and I will be able to go to a show that we would actually enjoy (do it yourself? haha//schizo). I love Skinbyrd PinUps, we are showcased in a classy but sassy manner and us girls are able to be ourselves on a non stereotypical modeling website instead we are true skinhead girls. Us Skinhead Girls will always stay true, stay rude,and always till the day I fucking die... stay United By Oi!.

Salena Maria J ones a.k.a Ba bysnak es Jones Bab ysnakes Why am I a Skinbyrd? Hmmmmmmmmm........... That question isn’t very hard to answer at all. I had my time running with the wrong people but never quite fit in anywhere until now. I spent so much of my life being misunderstood. I love being a Skinbyrd. Skinbyrd Pin-ups gives us a podium, a soapbox. I was raised to speak my mind and never be persauded. Quite honestly I was never taught to hate. I grew up in a loving Southern Baptist Family who was very involved in a multicultural church. My Mother was a Sunday School Teacher and my Father was the pure meaning

of working class. I’ve lived in Baltimore my whole life. Anyone who has ever lived in Baltimore knows that you cannot go through life with blinders on. There is so much hate and senseless violence here. I love my city and I believe in change. I know that poverty breeds hate and violence. That’s something I feel can be helped. I have hope that people can come together. Get involved with your community. Get involved with your children. Do your part and plant a seed. I look at life through the eyes of a child in many ways. Children see no color, children feel no hate and children never do what they are told. ;-)

~Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away~George Carlin

Na tassja Noctis / Bleac h Ba tallion Natassja Bleach Batallion

C O N T A C T N A T A S S J A:

Background: Natassja has been involved in the Punk & Oi! scene since the early 1990s, singing and playing guitar in streetpunk bands such as The $ellout$ and Drunken Catholics which played at many house parties and venues such as Off the Alley and the Big Horse, with bands such as Deadscene, Treason, and Dead Steel Mill, and others. In the 2000s, Natassja played guitar in the Oi! band Wardogs (with ex-Deadscene members) who shared a stage with with theGlory Whores, Reckless Youth, Street Brats and other local acts, and provided guitar and backing vocals for hardcore punk band Skullkrusher who released a 7' inch split with Sweden’s A9 and appeared on several internationally distributed compilations, as well as reggae unit Primitive Dub Syndicate who eventually became the Villains (aka Graveyard AllStars). She has also released

solo reggae/ska music under the name Natassja Noctis. She is also the author of the skinhead horror book “Moonstomp! Volume One: Nite Klub”, which is available from several stores. BLEACH BATTALION was formed in the summer of 2008. Natassja writes all the songs and plays all the music in the studio with the exception of the the first CD (“Model Citizens”), on which Natassja played guitar and sang, and included additional musicians on Drums (Kyle) and some Bass guitar (Jaye). The rest of the lineup has changed several times. Live musicians are welcomed to apply anytime (pref. skins or street punks). Influences of this project include: Street Rock, Rock N Roll, Oi!, 77-82 Punk Rock, Glam, Twee, Ska, Mod, Skiffle, Sharpie Rock, Garage Rock, Old School Heavy Metal / NWoBHM, Skinhead Reggae, Street Fashion and Beer!

Frisian Outla w Skingir Outlaw Skingirll 1.How long have you been a skinbyrd? What in your life brought you to choosing to be a skin byrd? I became a skingirl some years ago, back then i was still in the punkscene, but many of my friends were skinheads, and i always had more interest and conection to the skinhead subculture, and i think it just grew into me after a few years. 2. How if any has punk influenced your music and life style? I was a punkgirl when i was young, so yeah it defenatly influenced me to. 3.Why you are proud to be a SkinByrd Pin-Up Cause it defines the beauty of a skingirl, and shows that skingirls are true females and can be proud to show that to the world! 4. what kind of impact do you make or hope to make on the


skinhead scene/life style. Well i hope to contribute to the skinhead scene by organizing more concerts,meetings and other things to keep the spirit alive. 5.How the skin way of life has changed your life for better or worse. It has changed me for the best, it made me realize that i should be proud of myself and everything i do or decide to do in the future, it made me a stronger woman,and realize that its my choice to make in life 6.a few bands you like? Well i love so many bands, and its hard to choose from them, it also depends on my mood witch band i prefer to listen to at the moment, but music is my life,and it will always stay that way, its something i can not live without, my records are my babys,and i love them,


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send me a mail for all info, or if you want your review as a text document or pdf. contact: for reviews

The Beldings - EP

Striktlickers - Drink and destroy. Demo

Garage punkrock with horror theme. It’s not my favourite kind of punk. But much better than all gore grind. Since I’m not dedicated to this scene can’t I really say for sure but I think this can be some kind of tribute, the song titles: Jason, Night of the living dead, Evil dead etc etc. This 5 songs will borrow 4 minutes of your life, and if you like the theme, try it for fuck sake. I like the songs but it will probably not be the most played songs in 2010 for me.

Hm, where will I begin. I’m sorry to say but everytime I give Striklickers it has ended up with me thinking that I can’t stand the vocals. The music is traditional D-beat crust and I even like it. But that roaring vocals is nothing for me. Come on Viktor, release the dove of peace and sing insted of sound like a raped fucking angel with dirty wings... Drink and Destroy contains of 10 songs, and the last one are an Anti-Bråjlers cover. Back to the music wich not are far away from Spritvev for an example. Fucking raw and brutal.

Schlingelz - Drunkrockers

GxFxTX - First try

This is a great punkrock band with lot’s of german punkrock influences, well that’s not strange since they are from Germany. But it’s classic. 5 songs with german punkrock, sometimes pretty much 77-influences. No wonder why I like this. Ha. 10 minutes of pure joy, 3-chords, rather than good. But it is charming. I like bands who sing in their own language, it makes the songs a bit stronger. I can’t pick a favourite song, I like them all but ok, I like “Der rednar”, have no idea what the lyrics are about but it’s a great song anyway.

I’m not spoiled with Lithuanian bands, it will be an interview with a Lithuanian Oi band in the future but this is not Oi! it’s pretty much trash hardcore with experiments, fast vs. slow parts etc. This record with 5 tracks are free to download and they will just take 4 minutes. And when have 4 minutes of a bit US oldschool been wrong? No nay never. I know that GFT is a sideproject but I hope that they will continue with their music because it sounds like they have much more to give. I like the short song “You must pay” wich contains different parts even if it’s just 42 seconds. Great job boys.

Per Capita - S/t The german Per Capita really know how to play brutal hardcore. I don’t want to critisize a good band like this too much, and there is not too much bad I can say except that it can be to much dullness. A few songs then and then is great but listen through the 11 songs make it feel like just one long song. I love the vocals and all in all can’t I stop to thinking about Disfear but with a harder hardcore style. If I will pick one of the 11 songs will it be “Conclusion” wich are great from the beginning to end. And that song impersonate Per Capita. I hope to hear more from Per Capita soon.

Dissension - Demo dissensionanarcopunk

Quarto Potere / Tetano split-ep Yeah, more free stuff, and more great stuff. Q.P are a fucking great anarcho-crust band, really well played music with a fucking go whole the time, it’s even some grind parts, and that is really to flirt with me. I look forward to their upcomming releases, they will split a 7” with Olim Palus soon. Well, on the B-side...Tetano, darker hardcore crust and only 3 songs. This Brazilian band have both grind and death metal parts, and they mix everything exellent. Download this split with cover and everything, it’s worth it


It’s not impossible that it will be a south american-theme in Schizo in the future. If you are interested into hardcore from Venezuela, check out Dissension, their demo are free to download at their myspace. Sometimes they come out of step, I think they could try to play a little bit slower, it will always be some kind of backbeat, but hey this is hardcore, not some kind of ska. They have potential, but right now could it be much better, and I hope they will work on their beats in the future. It’s more crust than us hardcore. It’s fucking hard to review when it is so damn out of step. But keep it up. 7 songs, 8 minutes.

Mor e rre evie ws ffor or fuc k sak e. sc hiz odistr More views fuck sake schiz hizodistr DemosXLecture / Smiles It sounds a bit different, a split with an indonesian band and a band from Wales. They have 5 songs each and Indonesian DemosLecture sing in both english and indonesian. The short songs have both fast and slow parts, I like the song “Bunuh Lalu Bunhu Diri” a song with talking-song and ends with a fast/grind part. They have an eccentric sound and I like it. Smiler are also a bit odd, sometimes they can sound like one of their influences Black Flag and then it’s mixed with crust and deat metal. And the vocals get a hardcore feeling. They also make a cover of the Black Flag song “Rise above” and I like their version. Get in touch with the bands, you won’t be dissapointed. I think that this split can be enjoyed of people who are into many genres of hardcore/punk.

Glidslem. Demo (CDr) What the hell is happen. First Körsbärsfettera and now Glidslem, a new girlie punkrock band with even more genuine 77-sound than KF. And Glidslem have a genuine swedish sound with so simple but so lovely lyrics and riffs. I hope that Glidslem won’t develop their musical talent too much, because the 8 songs on this demo are so fucking perfect. I will not be surprised at all if Glidslem will play at some festivals this summer of 2010. Their live attitude seems to be present and active after the youtube clips I’ve seen with the band. If I summarazie my impressions can’t I say nothing else that it will be fun to follow Glidslem during the future. This is more swedish for me than Gärdebylåten in fucking Dalarna.

Sangre . Aaaah push it! Push it! Special tour edition 2009 I hate that Sangre was playing in Sweden for some years ago, or sooner that I didn’t know it at that time. But I hope they will be back soon. This dutch band is simply one of the best. Crusty punkrock with vocal intervals, male/female. And I adore Goska and the way she sing. I can’t be totaly biased and I have even started to follow the results of AZ Alkmaar. But when I listen to the music is it no problem to enjoy it, because Sangre are a fantastic band and the best is that they fucking play much more punk than many other crust bands who mix with metal. Goska have the rawest voice in the whole punk world, read the interview with her in next issue (was suposed to be in this isssue, but hang on)

The Capaces - Amplifired (CD) contact: web: Fuck, this is the best fucking punkrocknroll that I’ve heard for a long time back in history. And I don’t care if I disturb the neighbours because this is in need for high volume. It’s a fucking blast and Martillo have such a raw voice that is so compatible with the music. This is their second album and I hope they will continue in same style. I can’t wait until they release next album with the great title “Whatever it is, I’m against it”. If I have to compare The Capaces with some other bands would it be the swedes in The Loudpipes with some Hellacopters from their power rock n roll punk era. And yeah, why not some G.B.H too?

Knullad med kniv Vem bryr sig om musiken när det är namnet som räknas This is free to download. The title means “Who care about the music, it’s the name who’s important” Well, Knullad med kniv “Fucked with a knife” has a name that doesn’t offend me or make me smile. I don’t even think it’s a cool name. If you are interested in their sound, visit their Myspace. I don’t care about their music, but the name is worthless. Well ok, the music is pretty good old school swedish rawpunk.

Toro Bravo Skausmas nieko nereiskia I wrote in a review on page 31 that I not was spoiled with bands from Lithuania but here’s another Lithuanian band. A really good skinhead Oi! band. And it’s great to see that not all skins are nazis in the east block. Well, the music is really nice, I like the songs with much singalong-choirs - “Kol gyuvus mus mata” where it’s a great guitarr melody who comp the choirs. Toro Bravo have nice melodys, almost a bit odd in a positive way, but I guess it can be because of the language. They sing in lithuanian and I started to translate the lyrics with some internet crappy translator, after translating the first song (very bad translation) did I take a better look inside the sleeve and noticed that they had the lyrics both in lithuanian and english. The lyrics are much skinhead working class influenced, and even if some clichés can appear is it much easier for me to take in than when I hear a US-band sing about it, because I know that there really is hools in the east block. And Toro Bravo is skins so they have all rights to sing about their lives. The best songs on this very great CD if I must pick a few will be “Kol gyvus mus mata”, “Rokenrolas” And to end this, this is a great street punk band, so check them out.

Revie ws of Br own Ba g Pr opa gandas 3 rreleases eleases views Bro Bag Propa opag Radio Riot - Volume one There is lot’s of talents and intentions on this great compilation with mostly US bands and a few from europe. There is some Rancid in a few bands but more genuine. I can also hear some GBH influences. I will name just a few that I think is a bit better than the others haha. But The Hex Bombs with 2 songs are a band that I hope will have a bright future. Not so bright are Sick, who play a bit crusty hardcore and do it mucho grande lalala. Val & bitches are much 77punk, and I like that. I had just heard one of the bands on this comp. and it’s really fun to discover new bands. Ok, some of them maybe should stay in their rehearsal room, but it’s genuine. Another band I like are The Loaded Nunes who have som Vanilla Muffins style with choirs and harmonys. Well, this comp. start with lot’s of punkrock but also contain some grind, hc, etc, It’s a blended comp for people who like to discover new bands.

Radio Riot - Volume two Alright, here’s the follow-up and there’s just like volume 1, one band I’ve heard before. 26 songs of varying punkrock, more bands that not are from US, like the german hc band Sadistics, not pure hc though, there’s lot’s of guitar melodys. Another band is Viki Vortex and the cumshots from Spain, rare punkrock but a terrible sound, I think they are a great band, but it’s not easy to hear...too bad. Ok, what can the US bands perform? The Chernobyl babies play a classic song, but with own lyrics. It’s original - Lord of the dance, an irish song, but The Bussiness have done it too, a really fun song. But the Chernobyl Babies do it well, I am a friend of singalong Oi! rock n roll. From Springfield MA comes Subculture Stereo, yet another band with much 77-punk influences like UK-Subs. Radio Riot 2 is more traditional punk, maybe a bit demo standard, but not bad, Since I like to discover new bands is this comp. great, just like Vol.1

3-way in the pit. Round #1 Here’s a interesting 3-way split with the bands The Hated, Battle Flask and The Loose skrewes. They contribute with 4 songs each. I often have problems with US streetpunk bands but The Hated haven’t recorded their songs in some fancy expensive studio so this sounds more genuine comparing with the big US-bands. A bit Blanks 77 in their demo era maybe. Lot’s of people compare Battle Flask with DKM, Rancid etc, but for me is Battle Flask far better than DKM (I don’t like DKM) The melody in “Insurrection generations” are great and sometimes would I rather compare them with Dead Kennedys, it’s really catchy and impossible to just sit still to their country influenced punkrock. Their fullenght “Smile... tomorrow will be worse” will be out in 2010, and while you wait, get Brown Bag Propaganda a visit to order their stuff. Oh, the last band on this 3-way split is The Loose Skrews, an ordinary punkrock band that not are better or worse than any other

Break out #3 Compilation. Cut out records (CD) I fucking love compilations, and this one is great. Lot’s of different hardcore/punk bands. But what happen at track 4 and 5, it’s Sir Reg with their irish-flogging molly-style. It’s always good with some bands who break through with some variation. I have connections to Sir Reg (read the interview in Schizo #3) Ok, what’s more? There is a really great band called Stab your back who contains with 3 songs, but I can’t decide if it’s hardcore ala Gorilla Biscuits or Aus Rotten, really great anyway. Atrocity Solution have a really interesting song, they mix ska with with “skate”punk and in the end even som raw punk. Dead Subverts have only one song on this comp, I wish there was more, I think I can hear a bit Disfear. Another band that is a bit different are Indonesian The Bandits n friends who I think sounds a bit like Millencolin. American Wages of Fear is fucking great (Interview in Schizo #5 would be nice) According to me Is Wages of Fear the best band on this comp with their trashy punk. What else can I say, the standard is different but good in general. 16 bands, 31 songs and I can’t find anything to complain over. All band contacts are in the booklet. This is a great project made by Niestroy. Thanx.

I’m sorry, there will not be any tape reviews since my tape recorder eating up the tapes, so I don’t wanna try to play them but I hope it will work for next issue. Sorry and thanx


Halvfabrikat Records Promo 2008 Sista Vilan. Halvfabrikat (CDr) Halvfabrikat Records Promo 2009 Det är bara svinen som hörs hela tiden Well, this is a split-review for the promos Halvfabrikat have made from 2008 and 2009. It’s of course songs from their releases. Many of the releases have been in the vein of pure anxiety mixed with crust, and that’s what this promo offer. But that’s not all folks... I think that Operation save this promo to be a bit boring. They are more old schol kängpunk. One of my favourite band M:40 have a contribution, but it belongs to one of their slow song, I miss their rage and fastness, that make them to one of my favouriteband. Dodeskaden play fast but the biggest part of their song is just probably to learn people how to pronounce their name. The last two bands on this promo i Passiv Dödshjälp and End of all wich both have a traditional Halvfabrikat sound with much anxiety in ther crust punk mixed with pretty much metal. What will Promo 2009 offer, any news? Yeah, even if it start with Sand creek Massacre and Passiv Dödshjälp is there one song each with Link and Raised By Drunk from their very delayd split 7” RBK (R.I.P), Anatomi-71 and Misantropic (All new since Promo 2008) stand for the real original crust or kängpunk. M:40 is not far away, but they have their lovely anxiety and the contribution on this Promo is much better since last. The other bands are: Livstid who play two songs and End of all, a great band, but a bit too much metal for me

Nieystroy - Ashamed Niestroy is not an easy match to review since they mix hardcore, punk and even some grindparts. But it is the hardcore wich dominates. The vocalists are totaly furios. Damn, since I work at two places did I of course forget this EP at my home. So I will write a review in next issue. It will also be an interview with Nieystroy in Schizo #5 You will get value for your money if you order this EP since it also contains a bonus-cd with more songs, like their CD “Cries of pain” from 2008. I have a few copys in my distro, so check out this german band and get in touch with me or them if you are interested.

Social Distrust - Who is my killer Wanda Records(Digi-CD) When I got this album did I thought that Social Distrust would be a pretty fast and dirty punkband. Oh, so wrong I had, and honestly a bit disappointed. The lads in S.D have very strong influences of Hellacopters, it’s a pity that it is from the later era of Hellacopters. I’m sure that these germans will have a big bunch of fans both in Germany and in many other countries, but they don’t really impress on me, sad but true. It’s just that I don’t like this kind of well produced rock punk. They are very musical but still, I have to be honest. Oh by the way, I read somwhere that they should sound a bit like Rancid, that’s not really true. The best thing with these 10 songs (31 minutes) is that they have a characteristic sound from song 1 to 10 and that’s the melancholic ray. No, I won’t play this CD more in my stereo. Sorry.

The Menace. s/t (CD) One of my old favorite bands is called Menace, an english 77band, but this The Menace is from Austria with a sound far from england 77. This is hardcore, screamy, dirty and trashy. The vocals are so raw and fucking great. I can see The Menace like a fucking kick in the balls of all metalcore fuckers, this is fucking genuine. The booklet are really nice with lyrics and a sticker inside. I don’t use to like songs like “The same old song” but The Menace make stuff that I don’t use to like in a good way, so what the fuck can I say, I will play this record in the future, and they get me in a creative and brutal mood. I know that there’s lot’s of people out there who are in to this kind of thrash punk, so what the fuck are you waiting for? You will find this record verry cheap in Schizo Distro, and they support the DIY-distro where all “profit” will go to Klubb Gråzonen in Stockholm.

Warvictims / Sistemas de Aniquilacion split 7” 10 labels is behind this split 7” With Swedish Warvictims and the peruan Sistemas de Aniquilacion They have 3 songs

each and I think that S.D.A win this match. They are so fucking raw and the switch vocals make it even better. Both bands have lyrics about the usual things as war, society etc etc. I hope you get your copy, because this split is fucking great. Warvictims produces as hell and their käng with an old school touch is fucking great, high class. The only thing I can complain about is the vocals of Warvictims, I’m not really a friend of that dark singing. It’s just like DOOM, they music is fucking great but I can’t really stand the vocals, I prefer vocals as Avskum for an example. But I know it’s individual


just when i discovered Glidslem from Sweden did I read in the notorious blogg “Turist in tillvaron” By Micke Sörling, that he had discovered them without any other connections to each others (or, maybe the name Micke) Well, we both liked them, and I know that he have wrote more than on time about them... I sent some questions, and here’s their answers wich they have done togheter. 1.Hello, let’s start with a introduction of the band, who are you, when did you form the band and have you released anything yet? We are four girls from Sweden who play in a punk band. The line up consists of; Jonna Vallsater, bass; Linnea Snell, vocals; Ronja Lehtonen, guitar and Malin Gustafsson, drums. We formed the band in August 2008, from the start we had a guy on drums, but he moved out into the wilderness to drive a tractor instead...Our current drummer joined the band January 2009, after that Glidslem developed, in our opinion, a better sound. We recorded our very first demo in the summer of 2009, and when funds allow, we are ready to go back into the studio. 2. How would you describe your music, and from wich bands do you get your main influences? Even if our music is pretty “tra-la-la!”, the lyrics are aggressive and anti, and we get our inspiration from our community and whatever we believe is important. We feel we really do have something to say, and we don´t try to live up to some punk cliché. Our greatest sources


of inspiration are the Swedish government and Carola ( Swedish so-called music icon...) 3. Glidslem consists of 4 girls, so you are a female band, if you had been 4 guys wouldn’t you have been called a male band. Why do you think this is? 3. It´s more common for guys to play in a rock band, so let´s assume that´s the reason why. We ourselves find it tiresome; one shouldn´t name a band depending on gender of it´s members. That has nothing to do with music.

4 Why do you think that punk girls often behave like “ordinary” girls, that they move out of the way? Or am I’ve wrong? I think it seems like the girls are in a minority in the scene, is there an explanation? It’s almost like “the hero vs. the whore-syndrome”. Are equality just a word? How do “punk girls” behave compared to “ordinary” girls? We believe that there are no definable rules on how a “punk girl” should behave. The more classic definition is to be yourself, and speaking only from our point of view — we´re not gonna move out of the way from anyone or anything!!! 5. What is true punk for you? Do you call yourself punx or do you just play punk? That’s a tricky question according to what I think punk is about. Linnea: I´ve never called myself “punk”, it doesn´t seem relevant. The punk music and what it consists of, however, has indeed formed me into what I am today, which means not accepting any kind of oppression or fascism.

6. If you get one wish each, what would that be? Do you think it’s easier for you as girls to reach your goals? I mean, it must be so much more all-boys bands than all-girls bands. We both find it positive and negative to be a part of a socalled “girlband”. You meet people who find an all-girl band cool ( we don´t necessarily agree on the label), but you also meet those who seem sprung right out of the 50s, and don´t believe that a girl is able to hold an instrument, even! Our goals are to be heard, to try and influence and change people and society. A new punk revolution doesn´t seem like a shitty idea, consisting of a lot of girls that dare to make themselves heard! 7. What’s your opinion about Suicide Girls? Everybody is allowed to make their own choices, we don´t have that strong opinion in the matter. We feel that these girls, however, desperately need to be seen. But, it´s their life!

Malin: People call me “Cruster”, so I guess I am punk...True punk is to not let anybody control you, and not to give a shit about what everybody else says! Jonna: It´s about being who you are, it´s as simple as that. Fuck the clothes! The punk attitude is not to be found in what you´re wearing. Having said that, I do like the “typical” punk style, but prefer to wear my own mixed outfits. Ronja: I agree, you have to be yourself. I suppose you could look like hell, but still be the nicest person in the world. I´m not “hard core punk”, but definetely punk!

8. Okay, back to Glidslem, write some lines that you think it’s necessary to know about the band? And please, give us some crazy story that have take place. What´s necessary to know about Glidslem, is that we are four pissed off ladies in our prime; one pill-popping on sick leave; one homeless homo; one permanently poor student and one who works with whoopie cushions! We intend to revolutionize Sweden ( but rather the hole world...) !!!


We have never, EVER, done anything crazy, we would never, EVER, put ourselves in jeopardy, in any way whatsoever!!! We are honerable citizens who attend church every Sunday ( accept Jonna, ´cause she´s gay and won´t be let inside!). We would never, EVER, use nicotin, caffeine, alcohol or any other drug, it´s a sin according to the Reverend ( whom Ronja is having intimate relations with). The only alcohol we´ve ever tasted is the sacramental wine, and you don´t even get a buzz from that. One time, though, Linnea combined too many pills with the sacramental wine, and she was found passed out on the church bench... The craziest thing about our band is Malin, really — she suffers from a split personality disorder, unfortunately. On and off she calls herself “ Torrghnina” and behaves a bit strangely, and wears ONLY black clothes. We have also found a pentagram(!) on a wall in her home, painted in blood (!!) and an altar with a chopped off goats´ head(!!!) Otherwise we are rather normal and well adjusted...

9 Write a short report from your area a) try to involve what kind of unity you have among the girls b) and a short scene report in general 9a. There are, unfortunately, not that many “punk girls” in our community, but in between those that do exist there is some unity, however could be a lot stronger. 9b. It used to be better. A few years back several punk gigs occured more frequently, but lately not so much. Our home town is pretty dull, you don´t find that many punk bands around here, at least not the kind we like, it´s more hardcore. So in all, the punk scene sure could grow in our opinion, especially a more varied mixture. 10. And well, let’s finish this interview, do you have something to add? Oh, I forgot, tell me about your future? We´d like to transform Sweden; to make a change before our society falls into pieces. We´d like to influence people with our music, let them know how we feel, and be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. To spread some kind of hope — without sounding like fucking saints. We may be angry, we may be young, but we feel we do have a grip on the state of this country — which is HELL! Our first and foremost goal, however, is to make sure that Carola is caught up in a hurricane , and when we are filthy rich we´re gonna donate money for a hair transplant to (our current prime minister) Mr Fredrik Reinfeldt...

Sounds good to me. The best thing would be to kick down and take that ponytail from Fuckng Anders Borg. Thanks for the answers, and good luck in the future. // schizo


Chantal fr om FORFUCKSAKE (us) from It was thru Ungovernable Resistance Radio that I first heared FORFUCKSAKE, and they are a great band. Their leadsinger Chantal have a great voice, I wish she was in my non-existing band. Anyway, this issue of Schizo Fanzine is totaly dedicated to the girls in the punk scene. So I didn’t hesitated, so here are an inteview with

Chantal from For fuck sake

1. Hey Chantal, tell me who you are and how you became a part in the punk scene? I was never really into the music that was on the radio, and I grew up in a really small southern town with nobody to show me anything else. I kind of had to figure it all out by myself but when i heard Operation Ivy for the first time, I knew there was something out there that I was meant to be a part of. I just had to find it. And I did. 2. You are the leadsinger in the band For fuck sake, describe your music and what you have released so far? Loud and fast punk rock. All the members of the band have different influences and you can tell in our music. A little crust, a little streetpunk, a little all comes out. So far we released a six song EP called “Piss Drunk EP” on Unrepentant Records. Unrepentant is also set to release our full length, “Trapped Like a Rat” in early Feb. 3. You are the only girl in the band? Do you get more attention than the rest of your band mates? What kind of difference do you notice at your gigs I am the only girl in the band. I think guys that are hiding behind the computer get a little more bold than they would in real life and say things they wouldn’t normally say. So online yeah I seem to get a lot of off the wall comments but at shows or when people recognize us when we are out, everyone is always really respectful toward me. It’s easy to type “yeah, id fuck that shit” but are you really going to say that when you shake my hand? Nope. I think people like seeing a girl tear it up on stage. I have a lot of younger punk rock girls come up to me after shows and say that i inspire them in their music. The punk rock scene, while pretty liberal, can be somewhat male dominated and if some 15 year old girl can look at me and think that she could do what I do, then that makes me happy. 4. How is the unity among the punkchicks in the Riverside area? Oh they are awesome. I did not grow up here so the only girls i meet are at shows or out partying or whatever and they are all so great. There are some amazing girls that put together Ladyfest Inland Empire that we were really excited to be a part of. I think women in punk rock in general tend to stick together for the most part.


5. What is your opinion about Suicide Girls? They are hot!!! haha! I mean, women with tattoos and piercing are just as beautiful and sexy as the women in playboy right? I don’t have a problem with it, we have met a few suicide girls along the way that are just really amazing and cool women, and it empowers them to do what they do. thats what its all about. everyone gets empowered by doing different things, who am i to say someone shouldn’t take off their shirt if thats what makes them feel strong and beautiful? I guess most people would say its demeaning to women and all that but thats just not how I feel about it. Everyone can appreciate beauty. (I think the girls have the right to show themself how much nude they want, my problem is that they profit on punk, but that’s another story//Schizo) 6. When will you come to Europe and drink with me and Gazz (Ungovernable resistance) What kind of alcohol do you prefer? You buying our plane tickets?! haha, we’d love to get out there someday of course! I’ll take a jack and coke. double please. (I’m sure that Gazz can pay, he is a famous radio media man, ohh, I forgot, he just drink Cafe Latte mohaha //Schizo) 7. What is punk for you? Do you think it’s necessary to be active political? Any opinionsabout feminism? Punk is freedom. That means lots of different things to different people so if you want to be political or if you want to get drunk and fuck shit up thats up to you. Its more important for us that punk rockers stick together to open the minds of ignorant people, but we’re never going to overthrow the government, its just not going to happen. So we try to fight for things that we can actually change. I believe women can do anything men can do. Unfortunately not everyone thinks that way and we just have to keep working hard to prove it. 8. Please finish this with your own thoughts about females in the punk scene. Women in punk rock are smart and strong and tough as fucking nails. I am proud to be a part of the scene and show the younger generation that you can do whatever you want to and nobody can stop you. Or you’ll spit vodka in their fucking face. 9. Thanx a lot Chantal, please give me a question and feel free to add what you want And what do YOU think about women in the punk scene? Well, without to be soo fucking PC do I have to say that the girls who work for the DIY scene are fucking lovely and strong. And what else can I say, punk girls are hot as hell, so that’s another reason why you are important in the scene. //schizo

when you follow the struggle, the truth, the madness... then you fucking follow the D.I.Y radio show - Ungovernable Resistance DIY where you will hear the best punk, from Oi! to grind. If you are in a band get in touch, surf to: Bands outside our scene... ...FUCK OFF! Metalcore FUCK OFF, emo FUCK OFF. PUNK NOT PROFIT!


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Burnt Cross - Too many graves is fucking great. I’ve loved Burnt Cross since the first time I heard them. It’s anarchopunk with a great oldschool feeling and great vocals. This is nothing but a magnificent seven

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