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INEPSY [can] SA TURD OES [s[swwe] SATURD TURDAAYS HER HEROES a] [fra] FIL THY CHARITY [fr FILTHY PINTS & PUNX [usa] e] [cze] DR UNK NNAACH OSTEN [cz DRUNK CAMPUS STERMINII / GIUD GIUDAA [ita] THE BLA CK TAR BLACK ARTTAN CLAN [bel] the sc hiz o theme: east eur ope ... schiz hizo europe ope...

Thanx for the great response I got for Schizofrehn #1. More than I could expect. Im also glad that those english parts I wrote didn’t cause any problems. I have probably got more self-confidence so it will be a few articles in this issue. I love to write but it’s not always easy to express all thoughts in an other language than swedish. But since I don’t wanna mix swedish and english can you prepare yourself that it will be some incorrect grammar sometimes. Like I use to say, as long as the significance in the text are clear is it not so important if I write “is” or “are”. But still - there’s a difference between a cook and a cock.

My life is just a mess, I don’t understand how it’s possible for me to be in charge over myself with this fanzine, my distro and all the things I love to do. I can work with this for hours but I can take the thumb out of my butt when it comes to fill a form for housing allowance. I hate that shit, even if it benefit me.

#2 It will be much more to read in this issue, I have increase the pages from 28 to 36 and decrease the size of the text. I will continue with “the band of the month” wich was a project at my netzine from the beginning. But I put that netzine on ice to just focus on this version. It will be a small theme in this issue - about the east european punk scene. That is something who really interest me, the scene and the countries as well. So this time will my fanzine-special be a long interview with Drunk Nach Osten-zine.

I just want to say that it’s possible that I have forget something, but I will try to attend that to Schizo #3 that I hope will be out in november 2009. I don’t have any ideas for the contribution right now except a tour diary. I will follow Pipes And Pints on their small Scandinavian tour Schizo #2 is totally free. Read it on the web, print your own copy or print to trade for a beer or what ever you want. I don’t mind, just dont make too much profit. Common sense my dear friends.

// Micke

schizofrehn distro schizofrehn fanzine and i have not done any proofreading, so.. let’s go and a big thanx to all of you out there!


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19. Hungary Scene report 22. Drunk nach osten

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28. Campus Sterminii / Giuda

12. Reviews 16. Filthy Charity interview

31. Black tartan clan 32. Pints and Punx

contacts [ Bands/Labels/Distros ---> Fanzines ---> The People ---> Bands/Labels/Distros ---> Fanzines ] It’s possible that I’ve forget someone, I’m sorry but it wasn’t my purpose. But here is the people, bands, zines etc that fill these 36 pages Alltrue Annihilation Fanzine Black tartan clan Barra Brava Because the bean Campus sterminii Cervelli Stanki Charge fanzine Disagreed DNO Dockside Hookers Ebola Filthy Charity Giuda

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Inepsy Iszonyat Killdaddies Kjell Hell Körsbärsfettera Pipes and pints Pints and punx Project hopeless Raised by drunk Saturdays heroes Solecismi Pedestri Think about Ungovernable resistance

Inepsy was a big surprise for me at Punk Illegal 2009. And I was not alone, I met many punx afterwards who cherish them. So don’t miss them live if you get the opportunity. These questions are answered by Sam

1. Hey, what about beer, rock n roll and a hot summer day? Sounds good, are you paying the beer?... in fact we are not fans of hot summer days, all our outfits are black so its god damn too hot under the sun. (shorts and a hawaii shirt is more rock n roll/schizo) 2. Please, introduce the band and what does Inepsy really mean? Inepsy is composed of CHANY on guitar and vocal, SAM on drums,JP on bass and BOB-E on rythm guitar...Our band perform sometime as a 3 pieces and other times as a 4 pieces depending on the disponibility of the band members....There..s only a few songs that we can not perfom live as a trio(drum, bass and guitar) because of the dual guitar parts. On our 2009 European tour, JP got really sick and had to fly back to Canada. We got Koppa the guitar player of KONTATTO(Italy) filling on bass and later on we got Simone from CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY(Italy) so at this point lets say Chany and me(Sam) are the core of Inepsy. There is no real meaning in the word INEPSY, its just the fusion of 2 words: INEPT and PSYCHOLOGIC wich describe perfectly the humanity in general.

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3. Please. describe your music and what are your lyrics about? Do you just write lyrics in english or do you use french sometimes? We are often associated with crust-punk, but we are not... our style is distinct by our mid tempos and rock and roll guitar riffs. We are described as a blend beetween Discharge and Motorhead. Our lyrics deals with drugs and alcool abuse, American imperialism and war in all his aspects. No we dont sing in french because it doesnt sound right....punk rock was create with the english language so we might as well continue with the language it came from. We totally respect the bands who found the way to sing with their own language but we think using an international language to sing our songs gets more people into it as well. 4. I have a theme in this issue, it’s about the east european scene. Do you have any experience from East Europe? Yeah we did a couple of countries in eastern Europe. Last tour we did Slovenia, Slovakia and including the 2007 tour been to Poland and Czech Replubic twice. Bratislava was really really cool but as a band from oversea that come to Europe its always hard to go farther than those countries for 2 reasons. The 1rst: is we have a rental to pay everyday for the van and the backline so we can not really afford to drive 800km to go play a few shows without knowing if people are gonna show up. 2nd: not a lot of drivers dont wants to go tour bands there....they hate dealing with the borders, with the neo-nazi attack and they are scared to get their van stolen.

5. Icehockey, is it the Canadiens who rule or do you miss Quebec in NHL? Or do you don’t care about it at all? We are not really big fans of sports in general, we think professional sports are just made to alienate the population ...sometimes we watch the play off but its not a religion for us like the rest of the people.

8. The swedish punk scene is really divided, is it the same thing over there? How would you describe the punk scene in Canada and what’s the biggest difference between the canadian and american scene?

There was a time where the scene was really divided but since the last 10 years, crusties, punk rockers, hardcore kids and metal heads are often seen at the same concerts....i dont know what happened i guess all those people opened their minds to other music that fits their musical taste. As for the group division itself ..well i’ll just say that we are too much punx in Montreal so it is physically impossible to hungout all together at the same time. The difference between American punx 6. If you just would be able to have 3 albums in your and Canadian punx in my opinion are collection wich would you choose? And why? into their way of life....A lot of American Punx have the punk outfit, goes to Only 3 records ishhh!, ok i’ll go with those: 1rst- METALLICA shows, writes political zines but if you Kill em all: i cant never get sick of this record look at their way of life... they are working 2nd- AIRBOURNE: cause i can have my dose of Ac/Dc mix everyday, owns a house, owns brand with Rose Tattoo new car and those fancy i phone and 3rd- GIRLSCHOOL Hit and Run: because its a girl band that stuff, they have so much bills that rock hard as Motorhead they are slave to their jobs. In Canada punx have to work to 7. What’s your opinion about drugs? Is it much drugs where you live? survive too, but they switch job constantly... most of punx dont We think drugs are a cancer for poor people in general. Montreal is really a even own a computer and they fix party means booze and unfortunatly lots of drugs too. Drugs their same old shitty trucks since always been there a lot in the Montreal punk scene, we can not really judge the last 5 years, most dont even the people who are using it, but what we know is we lost so much friends have cars and rides their bicycle. because of it. I speak of deadly overdose, some are facing lots of years in A lots of them lives in buildings jail cause they were dealing. Its also sad to watch good friends doing the occupied just by punx. same things for years....they would like to get to a next level in their life but they cant cause their fucking drug control them everyday. Its funny you mention about the Quebec Nordic team cause we saw signs of Peter Stastny everywhere in Bratislava....he is doing politics in Slovakia now hahahahah! All the Slovak punx were wondering why we knew this man and they obvioulsy didnt seems to care about him, but in Canada he was a superstar back in the 80’s. Peter Stastny and his two brothers where the first east European players to come to play hockey in a NHL team....they had a lot of shit by their country at the time for doing this.

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What have you released so far, give me some comments about your albums SEE YOU IN HELL e.p.(2002): Our first years in the band were really chaotic.... Inepsy are usually tuned to D but Chany..s tuner was broken and he was tuning his guitar by ear since the past 3 months so the stretching of the strings made the band fail to record this session at the proper D tunning...hahahahah! I guess its why this release is the the metal heads favorite. ROCK N ROLL BABYLON l.p.(2003): personally my favorite for the sound and the production, even if we didnt have much experience at the time and we used the same recording studio for the next 2 releases after, It was recorded and mixed really fast but came out really good. CITY/WEAPONS l.p. (2005): on this record Chany really did a great job for the for the sound, i think some songs on this record dont have the impact they were supposed to have but overall satisfied. NO SPEED LIMIT FOR DESTRUCTION l.p. (2007): this record brought a lot of controversy in the punk scene. We kind of overused the formula and had lost inspiration so we decided to do a real rock and roll record using the same apocalyptic thematic for the concept. We blurred our beat tempos and distortion to a more straight foward rock approach in the vein of Kiss and Tank. This new sound shocked a lots of our older fans... this record is cool cause shocking our own scene is the real meaning of Punk Rock. MADNESS AND OVERKILL e.p/ l.p (20??): recorded but not out yet.

9. Describe an ordinary Inepsy gig? Have you played with any cool bands? An ordinary Inepsy gigs is either people going nuts and pogo all over the place or on tour in some places we never been, people show up cause they heard the name but never heard the music they dont know how to like:.... what the fuck is this band? this isnt punk or this isnt metal.... its funny to watch the reaction of the people sometimes. I dont know what you mean by cool bands ...We played with tones of bands, i’ll start with the old ones : Sub Humans, U.k. Subs, Icons Of Filth, The Varukers, G.B.H, The Kids, The Accused, Dr Know ....for the modern ones we played with and really enjoy: Assassinate(pdx), World Burns to Death, Toxic Holocaust, Skitkids, Municipal Waste, Bastardator, Loaded, Brutal Knight, Criminal Damage. 10. Namedrop some bands that influence Inepsy, and please recommend a few bands from Canada? G.B.H, DISCHARGE, ANTI-CIMEX, Fast Eddie Clarke, TANK, CELTIC FROST, VENOM, VOIVOD, BROKEN BONES, The VARUKERS. Bands from Canada you have to check out: CHAPEL(Vancouver), BASTARDATOR(Ottawa), UNRULED (Montreal) DISKONECTED (montreal)

11. Sweden and Canada use to be mention as similar places what’s the first thing you think of when you think of Sweden? How far is the canadian society from the american? What’s good and what’s bad? We were in Sweden not even a month ago when we played at Punk Illegal festival, yeah the weather, the landscape reminded me my country a little bit. Even if politically Canada is getting more and more like the USA, we still have social programs like free health care wich is a minimum for a civilized society to be able to offer health care to a man that doesnt have anything. The other points is the daily violence, most of the cities in United States are really Canada we dont have this daily violence yet...its just sad that MTV and their stupid gangster worshiping is showing all the kids of today how to be an american gangster.

Here’s the dates for the Raised By Drunks UK-tour and at last have their split 7” with Link been released For all necessary info, look at: 15 Sep 2009 20:00 - Derby, Victoria Inn 16 Sep 2009 20:00 - Leeds, 120 Rats 17 Sep 2009 20:00 - Bristol, Chesters 18 Sep 2009 20:00 - Bath, St James Wine Vault 19 Sep 2009 20:00 - Blackburn, The Charles Napier 20 Sep 2009 20:00 - Manchester, Retro Bar 21 Sep 2009 20:00 - Newcastle, Ouseburn Regeneration Centre 22 Sep 2009 20:00 - Nottingham, TBC 23 Sep 2009 20:00 - Sheffield, Stockroom 24 Sep 2009 20:00 - Bradford, 1in 12 25 Sep 2009 20:00 - Colwyn Bay, Prince Madocs

12. Tell me about some crazy tour? The one we just did was pretty crazy if you ask my opinion. 2 months in a half in total, only 2 days off, getting hammered almost every night, staying in squats....there was some days i was wondering if my body would be able to finish it but soon as the night was coming and i had my 3rd beer i was ready to rock. 13. Okey it’s time to finish this, is there something you want to add? Feel free to write what you want. Oh, I forgot... what’s the future plans for Inepsy? Any dreams? Future plan is to tour American westcoast. We havent been there since 2003, we get a lot of request to go play there. We tryed a couple times to set up a 2 weeks tour there but for some reasons there..s always a major problems with Chany..s American waiver. Its a lot of organisation to go play United States even for us because U.S. borders always refuse bands witouth working we have to ship or rent guitars over there, find a band to share the backline and cross the borders as tourist. Oh yeah i forgot we are also doing a split 7inches with Toxic Holocaust, they cover two of our songs and we cover two of their songs...check it out

Thanx a lot for the great answers, I hope your future will be great, you really deserve it. Take care!

The Czech band Pipes and Pints are in the studio right now and will soon release their full-lengt album on Wolverine Records. They will do two scandinavian gigs in october. I wrote wrong dates in Schizo #1 so here’s the real dates. 2. october - Copenhagen 3. october - Gothenburg 4. october - Lindesberg 5. october - Stockholm Here’s Pipes and Pints at Myspace Here is some space I need to fill. I just want to put this issue out now, but still have some reviews to write. But since it’s night time is it not a good idea to play records very loud. Or I think it’s a good idea, my fucking neighbours disturb me at daytime with their fucking little dogs. Or, it’s nothing wrong of the dogs, but it would be great if the owners could let the dogs playfar away where they not can disturb me!

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“To all those who didn’t show up: Where were you? At home surfing on the net and chatting to like minded wankers about how little that happens? Or maybe you stayed at home to save some money for your next spider web/star tattoo. It seems that it is more important to look the part these days than to actually get involved. Fucking poseurs, why don’t you get a life?” /Inspector Frost (quote from

I will never wear a uniform, I will never conform myself and I will never join anything that force me to wear a uniform or conform myself. No, I don’t talk about join the army. I talk about to be a part of another movement, the punk movement. I don’t like to put things into genres, but that’s a fucking good thing when writing reviews or just to explain a band for a friend. “Oh the play crust hardcore with a mix of old school swedish käng”. Because the punk scene have been big, maybe too big, and it’s very important to belong to just one scene. Because some punks are affraid of other punks, because “he is a skinhead and I can’t be his friend because he might have friends who’s listen to WP” or “Damn, I can’t go to that gig, it will just be a lot’s of dirty crusties who never wash their hair, what would my friends say if they knew that I like d-beat...” Fuck off, I don’t like to wear any other clothes than I want to wear, I don’t listen to bands just because to feel cool. I have never done that, not even when I was 15 (wich is 15 years ago).

boston-amercian bands that think it’s cool to be irish. But roots and culture is not the same thing. Well, my hate against that plastic irish thing have to wait this time. But lot’s of places I have contacted have been pure crust-punk places. And they have told me that Pipes and Pints doesn’t fit in “their” scene. Ok, nothing I can do. But if I would guess I think that their sound would fit more than any crust band in the world. Not just because I like them, but because they don’t play crust. It’s the big white spaces who set off the painting, if you see what I mean.

? Y T I N U

I don’t write this to place myself on a pedestal. It’s not what it’s about. I write this because I wish (yeah WISH) that the punk scene could be united. This is no new feelings I have but it have become more clear now from day 1 in my work to help the Czech band Pipes and Pints with a Scandinavian tour. They play fucking good punkrock with bagpipes. Just like Dropkick Murphys? NO! I said, they play fucking good punkrock with bagpipes, that’s a big difference. Thet don’t pretend to be irish or scotish, and they are not just one of 10000

I will never condemn the crust scene anyway, because they are very willing to put up gigs, partys and lot’s of other things. “Ok... but they smell and look awfull...” Who care? People from the other punk scenes care. Why? I don’t know. It just seem so strange for me, I love NOFX and I love Disrupt, I love Angelic Upstarts and I love Gorilla Biscuits. And I dress how I want and feel, maybe more like a football supporter than a punk. I don’t use to name myself as a punk, despite that I have played in bands, have my distro, working with fanzines etc etc... But I don’t have the uniform and that doesn’t bother me, but since many people think it’s so fucking important, don’t call me a punk then, just let me have my distro, work with my fanzine without patches and stuff on my clothes. I thought I would be a piece of cake to write this text, but when I write I really feel how big our scene is. But I still mean that unity is something we could strive for. //Micke/Schizo

100 fucking% diy-punk

Saturday's: 7pm-10pm UK/ 8pm-11pm European time/ 2pm5pm EST (North America) & 3pm-6pm South America (Bra) warvictims wolfbrigade nakot doom discharge avskum warboys crucifix zudas krust E.O.M crass mob47 conflict... etc

ungoverna bleresistan ce@google check out the news:

band of the month (july) And the beat goes on... The band of the month will this time be the swedish Saturdays Heroes. They have got great reviews and belong to one of the best swedish bands right now. Sweden is not really spoiled with punkrock/Oi! bands at the moment so it’s sweet that we have a future, because the members of Saturdays Heroes are young but have already a professional sound

1. Hello Saturday Heroes, I have decide that you are ”the band of the month” (July) Please introduce the members of the band, a bit history and if you have any dirty groupie storys you wanna share? Hello Schizodistro! I am Alex the leadsinger and leadguitarist, and only 18 years old. The other maniacs is Niklas 17 on the bass, Marcus 19 on the rythm guitar and Michael 15 on drums. We started last year because we had a few song ideas, and it turned out pretty good. Then our bassplayer left the band and we put the band on ice for a while. Then we decided to play again and later on Niklas joined the band. And groupie stories, well we don’t have any groupies yet. But that day, all this hard work will be worth it ;) One fun thing we have experienced was at a show. A middle age man stumbles up to me, drunk to hell and says ”Sorry guys, I missed your show” and then he took his jacket and left. We played 2 hours later haha. 2. When did you start listen to punk? You are a pretty young band and often I got the feelings that new and young bands are influenced by just one genre or one band, but I think you do a great mix of the latest american streetpunk wave and more old english traditional Oi!. Do you strive for a special sound or do you just mix all kind of music you like. How do you write a song and whatabout the lyrics, it’s not easy to write an eccentric text anymore, what’s your recipe to not get stucked into all cliché stuff. We all started to listen to punk when we were around 12 i think. It’s the rebellion age you know, when you get tired of teachers and parents. and we all know punk is the best revolt music! The influences is so mixed i don’t even know where to start. My influences come mostly from Irish folkmusic but they are not so present in our music i think (yet), and the other dudes are mostly influenced by american streetpunk or oi. Mix that

together with some rock’n’roll and I think you’ve got our sound there. Writing songs is mostly done by me, i think every song we play right now is written by me. And that is mainly because the other dudes got girlfriends and stuff to do, i just relax all the time. I have this policy that every song must be about something real, something we’re a part of. Maybe a story about a friend? Or maybe about our own lives, we might be young but we still have a little experience of life. So almost every song is related to something in our lives, wich makes them pretty personal i think. And the clichés are pretty easy to stay away from if every song are self-related. We don’t strive for a special sound, but my opinion is that every band is getting a special sound after a while. Cause no guitarist or drummer plays the same.

3. Can you describe your local scene, is it any gigs, lot’s of people, any fanzines, bands etc or are you living in yet another swedish boring ghost town? We live in Norrköping and Finspång and actually the scene is pretty okay. In Norrköping it’s alot of good oi gigs with bands like Indecent Exposure, Evil Conduct, Antipati, Gatans Lag and in a couple of days The Clichés (wich is a Norrköping band) and Vindicate This! will play here. And in Finspång we have this punkrock place called ”Rockbageriet” were we had our first gig. It’s always alot of pogodance and alot of beers in there, and one goal with our band was to play there. You can say that punk really lives in there. But mostly it’s a swedish ghost town haha!

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4. Are you satisfied with your recording (The demo)? I look forward to hear moore, what is the plans for the future? All reviews I’ve read has been really positive have you got any respons from any labels? What will happen with Saturdays Heroes if I just aloud you to dream for a moment? The demo turned out great I think, it was our first time in a studio ever so we were a bit nervous. But you know, we have heard it so many times so i think everyone in the band really hates it right now. Yeah all reviews have been great (including yours) and i was fucking chocked that the response turned out to be great. Im going to book studiotime for the winter again I think, because we have so much new material we wish to share. No response from labels actually, but we have not been looking for it either. If Im alowed to dream for a moment, I can see us tour around the world and making new friends everywhere. That is my dream and the rest of the bands dream. New faces and places everyday, that would be really awesome. I don’t see any big money or music videos, but that’s how we like it. But right now we are writing songs like crazy, i don’t like downtime you know.

5. What can I expect of a Saturday Heroes gig? First of all you will hear an exploding intro song and on every gig we have played the pogodancers are totally crazy, so watch out for that haha! But you will see about 30-40 minutes of punkrock with a few covers. We mostly cover The clash or Cock sparrer. Sometimes we have played the Iron Cross song ”Crucified” with great response. But if you like the demo I think you will be happy, because our opinion is that we sound better live. But you know, I don’t really know what to expect from us live. We just do our thing, but we love when the audience seems to like it. It makes you happy for weeks! Great question by the way!

6. If you got a question from a foregin fanzine about the swedish punk scene, what would you answer? I would say that it’s good, but not enough gigs. More gigs and more places to play at and it would rock, but I can see it’s on the way. Just look at all the gigs down in Skåne or in Stockholm. So a big thanks to Prettyshittytown and all those who puts their heart and soul in booking bands and keeping the live feeling up. Nothing is better then watching a good band live.

7. Okey, I’m really glad that I found you on Myspace, just what we needed in Sweden right now. Is there anything you want to add? Feel free and write what you want. We are really glad that you found us too, and your support is warming the whole band! This question is hard to answer but I will try! Check out our myspace and listen to the songs, if you want to book us just mail or! A mail on myspace is okey to! Thanks to Schizodistro for the ”band of the month” award, feels great! Stay loud and proud!

the best from the swedish punk & Oi! scene Download Gatans Lag - “Alla hängda rövares själar” + Brewed in Sweden vol.3 FOR FREE!




MYSPEJS fucking great bands


com A french band with early punkinfluenced Oi! Well, my own band who exist in the mid 90’s So fucking brutal political raw punk from Peru German punk/hc (I have their 7” in the distro) Female punkrock band from Sweden Female punkrock band from Sweden

Great, I found some space to write some nonsense. First I was thinking to write about football, something that really touch me deep. Or, rather Hammarby, a way of life. It feel like we are back in the 90’s, so fucking bad. It’s not easy to hardcore support a team, my moodswings depends very much of how we play. I have been so fucking down so for the first time in my life did I stay at home insted of go to the match. I hate myself, and I hate this psychical disease and I hate the system that have decide that I must be healthy before 1/1 2010. Hey, it’s not a broken leg that will heal within 6-8 weeks. I don’t know what will happen. Sometimes I just wish I was an ordinary person with an ordinary job. FUCK OFF


Wanna send your stuff for review? Send a e-mail first to Think about / Alltrue Split-Cd

Punk-rock come dio comanda. Split-Cd Solecismi Pedestri / Killdaddies (2007) Here’s a split Cd co-released by lot’s of labels. I can’t really say that these two italian bands sounds similar, if it is because S.P have italian lyrics and Killdaddies have english dito. But that’s just good, it would have been boring with two bands who had the same sound. I prefer S.P, I like italian vocals and I like their catchy punkrock wich make me happy (thanx). I need that sometimes. Take some NOFX and mix with The Business and I think it would sound almost like S.P, because it’s not pure streetpunk, but it’s really nice. I have probably never played a record so many times before I wrote this review, simply because I like S.P. Ok, Killdaddies is not a bad band in some way, they play more straight on a bit more aggro and I meantion NOFX on S.P, and I will continue with those old USHC-bands, this time the swedish No fun at all. Killdaddies sounds sometimes very similar to the old NFAA records. I have to reclaim that both of the bands not are straight US-HC, this is much more punkrock and that’s what I like. They share this record with 4 greats songs each and if you’re not in to the crust scene or in to the american scene, this is probably right record for you.

Yet another italian split, this time with Think About + Alltrue. I have avoid this record for a while because of the cover, wich I don’t like. It looked so emo for me. But I didn’t know what to expect from the music, so I put the record in my cd-player, turned the speakers to disturb the fucking neighbours and pressed the playbutton... and went into ectasy from the first tune. Think About deliver fantastic hardcore with old school N.Y feelings but fresh anyway. Those Hardcore-choirs fit perfect everytime, damn, I fucking like this band. And the other band, Alltrue are maybe even better. Since I’m from Sweden will I reflect to the 90s exploation of hardcore bands in the northern part of Sweden. Like Abhinanda, Raised Fist etc... but also to the older US scene with Gorilla Bisquits, one of my favourite bands. It’s high-class from the beginning till the end. And that concern both of the bands. One reason why I prefer Alltrue is their switch-vocals between male / female. And they are harder and more straight on. A thing that I like when it comes to this kind of hardcore. They share this split with 5 songs each. And all 10 songs are fucking great. If you just like Gorilla Bisquits a bit will this record surprise you of how fantastic hardcore can be even in the beginning of 2000. The sad thing is that Alltrue dosen’t exist more.

Because the bean - La catena Umana CD 2008 Because the been got help by many different labels to release their first full-lenght album in 2008. “La catena umana” means The human chain. And of what I can interpret from their italian lyrics will that maybe be almost like a theme since they have many lyrics about the society and things around that. 2 of the 11 songs are written in english, the other 9 are in italian. I think that italian punk are attractive, there’s something special, and this is great hardcore. Italian mixed with some US old school but they have their own sound. Some parts pretend sometimes to be boring, I guess that their next recording will be better with more ideas, even if their is fine breaks, and well-played music and I like the vocals. I’m thinking and thinking, but can’t find out what it is that disturb me. It really bother me. What can I say more than if you like the italian sound and have at least one Minor Threat album will you like Because the bean. I don’t own a M.T-album, so this album is fine for me.

Ebola - Il vero degrado è l'abitudine al vivere (CD-r) Free to download on their homepage (look at contacts) When I listen to Ebola it takes me about 13 years back in time when I bought a cassette with Disrupt. There’s a really similar sound but Ebola is even more brutal. This demo Cd-r contain 12 tracks recorded with a taprecorder, the sound is alright anyway, it fit this kind of music. Raw and noisy, fast and brutal. Well a mix between Disrupt and Arsedestroyer,it’s just to download this for free

Drunk Nach Osten #1 (Fanzine) Czech DNA is a fanzine for the eastern europe punk scene and it’s a fucking great fanzine. I am a big fan of east europe and the intro in this zine is one of the best thing I’ve ever read. DNA get you a big opportunity to learn a lot about the east european scene, take the chance and download DNA#1 for free. DNA#2 is already out in Czech and will be out in english in august I hope.

Charge #4 (Fanzine) Italy This handwritten fanzine in pure DIY-style contain 36 pages (A4) and interviews with: Besthoven, Kalashnikov, razzaparte and much more. Some parts are written in english and some in italian. I wish I could read italian because this seem to be a great fanzine. Get this fanzine from same place as Ebola, among the contacts. Great job!

Annihilation #7 (Fanzine) Indonesia I haven’t read Annihalation before but this zine is a killer zine, with info about lot’s of band. Read about Besthoven, Zudas Krust, Dödsfälla and plenty of other bands. Reviews info and a tribute to Kawakami. The lay out is great, fucking punk disorder in the best chaos way. Excellent!

Drunk Nach Osten compilation (CD-r) Hey, a 37 song will be included in DNA #1 with lot’s of bands, relevant eastern europe bands in different hardcore punk styles. Here’s a few of them: Distress, Festa Desperato, Komatoz, Vaseline Children, Risposta etc etc... Just try to get it.

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Iszonyat - Periferia (CD) Hungary

Körsbärsfettera - Alla ska ha linne. (CD) Sweden

There is something special with bands who sing in their own language. Some people think that punk lyrics are very important. Of course they are, but is there anything that can shock anyone nowadays? No. So I prefer to listen at the general impression and I think that would be a reason why I like other languages than Swedish or English, besides that will I not hear all clichés if it should be any of them. I like Iszonyat very much, they mix great punkrock with some hardcore influences but still lot’s of melodys. My favourite song on this album will be “Gittegylet”. Do you remember the american band Blanks 77? There is some similar parts, and that’s just great since I like Blanks 77 but Iszonyat is not any copys, they have their own sound. I know lot’s of band who fall because of lousy vocals, but that’s one more thing that make this 7-song album great, the leadsingers and the choirs are very good. Iszonyat welcome to Sweden =)

Smack! I can just say that these girls CAN ROCK N ROLL! I start to admire this band from the first moment I heard them on Myspace. This new full-lenght album, released by them self, CRED! contain 14 songs, a few of them are from their demo, but it dosen't bother me. I’m proud that Körsbärsfettera are from Sweden, probably the worst part of Sweden, but anyway. Körsbärsfettera = Cherry cunts, and it's slang for a good looking girl where they are from.

Dockside Hookers - Killing the music (EP) I was thinking and thinking, because this band remind me of another band, and at last I remember. M.I.D from Sweden. But since the hookers are from Canada I don’t think M.I.D is a band that that have influenced them. I would describe Dockside Hookers as a great punkband with strong Oi! influences. Very straight on with good melodies. A thing that really disturb me is the lyrics who are filled with clichés. I shouldn’t complain since one song is named United, I always speak about a united scene. But I hope you understand what I mean. Another thing is the vocals, sometimes are they really great but sometimes it sound like the singer are taking a shit while he’s singing. Well, the 4 songs on this EP are good, I would probably not stand a full-lenght with Dockside Hookers, something who probably depend on me more than the band.

Hej Ninja! - Discography I feel that I have to be honest. I don’t like this Swedish band at all. But it’s a good initative that it’s free to download their three albums. I can like Screamo/ hardcore if the dose is minimum. I’m sorry but I cannot listen to three albums with this music and therefor will this review be very bad

The Cherry girls ARE good looking, but it doesn’t affect this review. Their music is speak for itself . Pure old school punkrock, so energetic with nice choirs, and I must say that Anna have the best voice in this scene right now. I know that people wanna place Körsbärsfettera in the Oi-genre, but this is not Oi! This is nothing else than true punk with the “fuck you all-mentality” with great lyrics about men who are pigs (without any feministic propaganda), working class, ideal of womans, unity etc. If you doesn't get pogo feelings from this lovely album, stay away from the punk scene you punkmothe... My favourite songs on this almost 30 minutes long (short) Cd is: Ät skit, Ta ett andetag (for the lovely vocals) Tonårsfylla, and Dårarnas Paradis (plus the "hidden track") Körsbärsfettera is the best swedish punkrock band since Ebba Grön. Thank you Totta, Jennie, Anna, Jossan and Hanna for making my broken heart beat like it was the last day of my life.

Cervelli Stanki - 15 years, old tunes, New blood It’s sad but this band have quit playing, you will know why in the interview witch C.S in this issue. It’s a great Oi! rock n roll band. I don’t know so much about them, even that they have played for 15 years. Sometimes I think about Los Fastidios, but Cervelli Stanki doesn’t have all extreme lyrics. Of course is the language another reason. An indiependent reason why I like Cervelli Stanki is that they have great sticks, and the choires just come in just at those moments that make the songs good. Yes, I know that the swedish scene are divided but this is not any “playing for happy people”-band. Itally is a political country and here’s a band that play really well. Schizo #2 have lot’s to do with Italy this time reviews + interview. Cervelli Stanki would be placed high up on a top-5 italian-band-list if they just would have a little bit more aggression in their guitars and the vocals.

Disagreed Crustzine #2 (Internet/Paper) Wiieee, Here’s #2 of Disagreed. It’s still a mix of Serbian and English, that’s the only negative, because I like this fanzine and want to be able to read everything even if the most part are in english. There’s interviews with: Sangre, Bottox, Parkinsson wankfist pleasures, Blasting Dead Artwork, Besthöven, Gadget, Cranial Incisored and an interview with me (Schizofreh). I still like the layout even if that’s nothing who is really important for a fanzine, but I’m interested in layout and stuff like that so I feel that I have to say it anyway. Just like Disagreed #1 is this issue free, so I know that you wont be disappointed. And in the future will it be a split Disagreed/Schizofrehn.

Plan Beer - S/T (Download for free) Plan Beer is a true DIY-band, and a good one as well. This 7-song record is free to download on their Myspace. And if you don’t do it you will actually miss something good. I haven’t any idea what they sing about but the music is great. Punk with some melancholy hardcore feelings. I am convinced that Plan Beer is a band I will listen often to. But they are not easy to put in a genre. But as I said, punk with melancholic melodies. That’s something I like, as long as it’s not too much. Download for fucking free!

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Me4tez - Hvostomikrylom

P.F.A - Yellow water

Im probably not right man to review this. It’s very noisy and raw black metal. But even if it’s not normally my cup of tea can’t I say something else that I like it. I have no idea if Me4tez is a good or bad band, but why should I care. The beatuy is in the beholders eye... or ear. I will also say that I think it’s cool with a black metal band from Belarus. I think that everyone who like noise and dark stuff will likethis.

Hm, more hungarian punk, but what is this, hardrock solos and totally crazy vocals. The songs are short, 12 songs on 8 minutes. The cover of this record are really cool, and it reflect the music, not really serious but fucking eccentric. I can’t really think of a band that sound similar, or Maybe RKL from USA. But they are far from this mad trashinfluenced punk.

The Duel - Childish Behaviour / Wierd acoustix n bits n bobs (2 CD) This review was suppose to be in Schizo #1, but I forget it, so here it comes. This is a double-CD and I will start with Childish Behaviour. With the influences from the old british 77-era must I say that they mix that well with some more modern stuff. With a female on lead vocals is it easy to name another band with a female vocalist and I’m sorry, I will go the easy way. I will name the swedish band The Sounds. I think thats the modern stuff with keyboard give them the The Sounds sound. But this female have more anxiety in her voice. It is the vocals that catch me. I like her, and I like her far better than that female in The Sounds. It’s up to you to think if it’s ok with older people than 16 yrs that sing about to change the world. I listen to this CD when I drove from Stockholm to my little town, and it’s an excellent car-punk rock n roll record. What the fuck, I like this record but it’s still nothing that I use to listen to but since it catch me really much it must be something special. Wierd acoustix n bits n bobs contain some songs from Childish Behaviour in other versions mostly acoustic.Modern Day Slave is really great on disc 2. But there is also some other songs. It’s total 25 songs and I it’s time to decide... Yes! It’s much more quality than quantity. True fucking (sometimes deep) punkrock

Project Hopeless - Av hela mitt hjärta (Not enough records) 7” / free download Project Hopeless belongs to some of my favourite bands. Their brutal hardcore penetrate my soul, oh I don’t mean to be deep and pretentious, but it’s the truth. Im not surprised thafindt P.H have toured with success in both Ireland and the USA. This record is free to download but it’s also possible to buy it (From Schizo Distro for an example) I did an interviev with the band for some months ago, but I used the translation tool at google and the interview became a disaster. So therefor will I try to get a new interview in Schizo #3

Barra Brava - Bring back the skins CD / free download This one came in the last minute, but there was some space left to write a review for this full-length. Last time I heard them it was more Oi! influenced. This record have the focus on ska music. And they do it really well. I’m much into ska so I think I’m aloud to write this review. Bring back the skins is also a song with Judge Dread (R.I.P) but it’s not a cover, it’s their own. I think they do it pretty simple but that hasn’t necessarily make this CD bad, no on the contrary the simple melodys really make me wanna dance (I can’t dance and I will not dance). If I get it right is it just one cover on this CD. The Specials - Monkey man, but with spanish vocals. All 9 songs is in spanish. My favourite song is De Noche, when they slow their temp. It’s not the Voodoo Glow Skulls-tempo. It’s always fun to find great bands and Barra Brava belongs to the great bands. Hola, Viva la mexico! Haha.

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Since I felt a bit toughtful about this review did I sent som questions to the band, and here’s the short interview. 1. Hey P.F.A, introduce the band, and what does P.F.A mean? Hi ladies/gentlemen! PFA is a punk band from hungary with short,chaotic and stormy songs. The band includes 4 childhood homies: K.Z. on guitar, BOROS on drums, TIBI on another guitar and ÁRON on bass/vocals The name, PFA means 'Animal Farm Pigs' (from behind) after Orwell's "Animal Farm" (Orwell is great /Schizo) 2. I think you really have your own sound, wich bands influence you? We've been each other's closest friends since we were pre-teens, that's why we can write songs so easily. All of us can think with each other's brains. Our masters are: Dead kennedys, Something against you, Propagandhi, Discharge, Nofx, MDC, Black sabbath, Crass, None more black, Ramones...etc 3. That sound you have, it's total madness, how do you act when you play live? Do you get good response? BOROS plays the sacred tutta-tutta beat while K.Z. and me (ÁRON) try to get our 4 chords. Meanwhile TIBOR plays his chaotic-scratchy solos, and the cherry on the top of this cacophonycake is me trying to scream like I was sitting in a cannibal tribe's boiling pot. But somehow it seems that those few hungarian punkers like it. (And at least one swede/ schizo) 4. And the last question, what do you think of the hungarian punk scene? If you have any last comments, feel free to write what you want. It's a bit bizarre here. People are poor and so narrow-minded and this economic-decline-thing just adds more desperation to them. Young kids become racists/sexists/homophobes/conformist cause that's how they are raised unfortunately. So it means there are just a few (real) punks/skins/crusties/metalheads/edgers but these few ones stick together. One bad thing: there are no squats here just pubs, basements...etc.It's totally impossible to run a squat here but somehow it works, we got no reason to cry. More and more great foreign bands come to us every week and there are a few new and a couple of old great hungarian bands. Thanks for the interview and thanks for supporting us by your 'zine! All the best: P.F.A (ps:our new 7-song-EP gets released by this fall/early winter) Thanx to you too. I hope the people out there will show you some interest. I have been more and more interested in Hungarian punk. Cheers! // Micke/Schizo

Carosah - CDr Damn, this is heavy and evil. Haha, no it’s not heavy metal it’s fucking pure hardcore from Wicklow in Ireland. Throw all thoughts about happy whiskey drinking gingermen away. This is not music that will cheer you up. And that’s what I like. I think of swedish bands like M:40 and End of All. There’s a total maniac mix of hardcore, grind and punk. And fucking angry. It’s almost beautiful. I like when they decrease the tempo and the second after is there a slow part. Hey, if you want this CD-r, contact me and all the profit will go to the swedish Irish Information so you will get a nice 3-song record and support Irish Information. I look forward of a full-lenght with Carosah, they spellbound me.

Contagium - EP 2009 Shit, I might have wrong but these canadian guys is really flirting with the death metal scene. It’s total furious, and there’s many paradoxes here. I don’t use to like the dark vocals, but here I do, both the vocals and lyrics are dark. They are influenced of bands like: Amebix, Axegrinder och Napalm Death. Death Crust, can that be a new sub-genre? There is some slower parts but the music is mostly fast and brutal. It’s almost all I can say. I think that Contagium can get good reviews in metal zines as well. My favourite song is the first one - Cold Mind, it start out so brutal and have some slow parts too.

Vervain - Rigshospitalet CD (Nobleway Records) Oh, this CD came by the snail mail, I don’t know how they found my address but they did it and here i sit and listen, and like it. They mix swedish lyrics with english dito. This is the first release on the new Nobleway Records and I hope they can be etablished. For this is a gold release, Vervain mix pretty simple punk with great hardcore melodys. Vervain is not a new band for me, I have their demos and was suppose to review them but, here we are with this full-lenght insted. Vervain have succeed to make it impossible to put them in a special genre, and that’s a good mark. What more... Yes, the vocals are so desperate, and that make me to think about Against Me! even if they are a band that have been fucking bad. So at that moment when Against Me! went bad, Vervain came and put them down from the throne haha. I hope that you all out there want to help both Vervain and the punk/hc label Nobleway Records. The swedish lyrics have the great touch of punk and they are all very much We-against-you! They really shout ut the/their view of the fucking society. This record will be played a lot in my little flat. Hm, the best way is to play in the computer... what? A hidden track???

competition : wich bands do you think of? name at least 2, then send a mail to and I will pick 2 of you who will win a paper version of Schizo Fanzine #3 There is at least 8 bands to chose between

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FIL THY FILTHY CHARITY I like Brie, Dijon Mustard and KIR, I like the popband Stereo Total and I like Amelie from Montmartre. But except all of that I use to dislike France with their arrogant attitude. In some way I got contact with Dave from Filthy Charity and swish, I had two more things to like about France. Dave and Filthy Charity. What else could I do than give them some space in Schizo Fanzine. So, let’s hear what Dave have to say... 1. Congratulations, it was 20 years since you formed Filthy Charity, you don’t have to tell the whole story, but please mention a few happy, sad or crazy things that you can remember from all these years Thanx!! There is a lot of history but there is one which comes back regularly! It’s during our tour in UK with corpus vile in 1994. After a crazy night and a good gig, we slept at the our friend’s home, Dave of HYBERNOID, during the nigth a couch was burned, everybody was crazy, the smoke was everywhere in the house. Everybody went out under the snow, in shorts and nude! It was a crazy wake up! 2. What’s the main thing that have kept Filthy Charity alive for so many years? Only the love of noisy music! 3. How is the social situation in France? There have been some really big riots in the suburbs etc, why? Was your hometown Marseille affected? Since the introduction of the euro, the arrival of Sarkozy and his ultra-liberal policy, the situation becomes very hard. There are 2000 unemployed per day, the social divide is becoming increasingly important, in short! Is the shit!!! But there is an awakening of the people, now employees take in hostage their boss, they destroy work equipment, they threaten to blow up factories, they realize they will get nothing in the framework of legality! The french police state has a policy of repression against the poor who live in the ghetto. The riots were caused by police abuse in the so called sensitive areas, often isolated geo-

graphical and social. Marseille has not been affected, cause it is a city that is very popular and cosmopolitan. The town center is as poor as in the suburbs. There is also many associations present on the ground, etc: Marseille is not France! Marseille is Marseille!

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4. Tell me about the name Filthy Charity and introduce the members?

7. The french punk scene seems to be pretty small comparing to France who is such a big country? Am I right? Where have the punx stronghold in France? Except Filthy Charity, which are the 5 best bands in France right now?

To the base, it’s a nod to Filthy Christians. It expresses a deep disgust of christian charity and the lie of social democracy. Now, the line up is: Mello (bass), Greg (vocals), Lionel (drums/vocals) and Dave (Guitar). 5. Is it ok for a punkband to earn a lot’s of money? It depends what is earn a lot of money! If it is able to earn money for repeat, play and touring without that you have money out of your pocket, why not, but it is never happened to us! Make a punk band just for the business, it’s inconceivable for us! (I agree, but if you spend every day to rehearse, maybe because you can’t get a job, and then one day you succeed and get money enough for living a good life I don’t see any problems, because I think that punk is a tool that can help you out of chaos and poverty, but that’s my opinion/schizo) 6. I have a small theme in this issu e, it’s about the east european scene. How much do you know about those countries, have you had any gigs there and which bands can you recommend? We have never had the opportuni ty to play in Eastern Europe, but we’d love to do! There are enormously good bands like Pr?m yslová smrt, Lycanthrophy, See you in hell, Infek cia and many others!

I do not think that in France there is less punk band in the broad sense of the word. It is true that the crust / grind / power violence / HC is minority compared to a certain style of punk rock alternative very french. The north of France has a bigger scene than in the south. 5 best band in France: GASMASK TERROR, Lout Society Kürse, Serious Shit, Scheisse Forever and BackLash, these two last are from Marseille. I don’t know how, but questions 8 just dissapeared but it was clearly that they prefer Cantona in every way. (I can agree a bit, 1992 with Leeds United when they won P.L, they had waited 16 years, glory glory/schizo) 9. How would you describe your sound, and how do you create your songs? Wich is most important, the lyrics or the music? We have an approach must more crust than past. The songs are created spontaneously, we make turn riffs and if it’s good we keep it. We put vocals and that’s all! “Guigan forward” (french expression). The music and texts are important, a song is the sum of the two.

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10. How much do you know about Sweden? Anticimex, Totalitar, Mob 47, Avskum, Skitsystem, Absolut Vodka, Viking, Volvo, Ikea, ABBA, Europe! Greg is from Normandy, and thus a little Swedish! (Haha, is he drinking mead or calvados? /schizo)

11. How much help do you get from the internet? More gigs maybe? Internet is a good communication tool which allows a trading simple and quick everywhere in the world. Through it, we found old contact and has made many very good new! Necessarily all that allows to do more gig! 12. Do you drink, Kir? What’s your favourite alcohol? No Kir for us! (I drank two bottles of KIR for some days ago, the throw up had a really cool colour /schizo) Only rum with chili or ginger, pastis, wine, beer, etc! 13. Hm, is there anything I have forget now? Ask me a question if you want. Otherwise, feel free to tell me about your future and add what you want. Thanx a lot, Micke, for the interview and support! One question! Have you drinking pastis?! Pastis Ricard or pastis 51?! (No, but since I like ouzo will I probably like it, I will see if it’s able to buy it in Sweden /schizo) Our split album with WARDEAD will be out before the end of the year. We will open a place and record shop in Marseille. Swedish band are welcome to play here and drinking pastis with us! We hope to meet you in Sweden the next year and playing crazy gigs! (Yeah, and if you dont drink Kir then, I think the punx will hunt you as hell haha. Here is a top-3 who’s drinking Kir in Sweden. 1. Maybe, we’ll playing in South America 2011 and more gigs in the next month. FUCK RACISM, FASCISM, SEXISM!!! Peace, Love and Respect!

theme:east europe Hey, I got this long and really great scene report from Gagarin from the really great hungarian band Iszonyat. I thought it will fit very well with my small theme about east europe. Some people doesn’t count Hungary in to east europe, but I do, and my word is you law, otherwise... drop me a mail

THIS REPORT IS FROM HUNGARY BUT MOST FROM THE VESZPRÉM AREA I’m glad to have the opportunity to write you this report about Veszprém county’s punk rock scene and our small community – obviously this will be quite subjective.

I wouldn’t go further back in time to start as we can only talk about a punkrock scene in the area from the early 2000s. As always, this has started with not more than one or two bands and the kids gathering around them.

can say the number of these events was heavily dependent on the changing mood of club owners and the changing of the club owners themselves. We had some great full house shows with sweat dripping from the ceiling but we also had our share of gigs with not more than ten or less people attending. First it was a bowling place in the town of Tapolca which later had to be changed for the basement of a local pub. With the years we had events in various places but somehow were always forced back to the basics – back to the basement. Most of the Hungarian hardcore\punk have shown

here themselves as well as a lot of foreign bands such as Kurwa Aparata [Aut], Hope Dies Last [Lv], S-Contro [Ita], NoMansBand [Ro], Skutek Utek [CzR], Bulbulators [Pol], Asunto [Chile], Insolentes [Mex] etc. Recently the average is one show in two months running under the title „Break the Silence” - brought to your courtesy by the guys from PlanBeer. We had a few gigs in the Ajka Town Community Center but there wasn’t a real choice until the opening of a club ( first Locomotive Pub later under the name Club Lucky Strike ). Through the two years of its existence this pub gave place to gigs for more than two hundred bands from all over the world. Just the mention some of them: Skarpretter [Dk], The Tangled Lines [Ger], Fractura [Ger], BXCXM [Ger], Question [Bra], Ataque Periferico [Bra],

There are only four major towns in our country with an active community: Ajka, Tapolca, Várpalota and Veszprém, This scene is continously changing as new faces appear and some are lost but here is alway a hard core to stay. We have started to get into organising events with Iszonyat around the year 2002 - always a hundred percent DIY, simply because there were no other options to play gigs It is either you make things happen for yourself or there is nothing. Looking back now I

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Our friend, András gave a shot to putting up events in Öskü and Gyulafirátót ( both are villages in the near vicinity of Veszprém town ) but these efforts were mostly fruitless.

KANG [Lt], Abduktio [Fin], Confusa [Fin], ANS [Usa], Clorox Girls [Usa], PRF [Usa] Pavilionul 32 [Ro]. As always, money came into the picture once again: the kids running the events were being asked for more and more by the owner that led to the closing of the place. Since then, it’s been silent save for a few shows at a community center on the outskirts of Ajka, the main purpose of this being help for touring bands like Dead Vows [Swe], Boredom [Aut], Killin’ It! [Usa], Burial [Ger], Love Potion [Dk]. I have to mention Nagyvázsony, a small village halfway between Tapolca and Veszprém where a squatted basement gave shelter to a lot of new punkrock bands but Fest Desperado from the Czecz Republic or the Slovakian S.I.K.A. who now play under the name „Beton” also payed their visit. Unfortunately the local population and the police force have not tolerated the place too much and this led to closure. The was brought down and now functions as an ambulance station.

As Veszprém had it’s local rock pub, Padlás, Várpalota had Alagsor but I haven’t really been following what was going around these. As long as I know the latter is still working but as for Veszprém we are once again left without a suitable venue. Padlás was closed down due to financial reasons and the only possibility, Völgyhíd Presso also went bankrupt. Under Authory Of [Bel], Michel Platinium [Fra], Hevn [Nor], Ariges [Arg], Los Dolares [Ven] played there. There is one other pub with live music until 21:30 but the owner is constantly changing making it impossible to plan. Isn’t this confusing? This is where we are right now and the future doesn’t seem any brighter.

smal interview with PFA, you will find it on the review pages/ schizo). Their first demo included 11 tracks in just 10 minutes which was followed by a record with 31 songs. Their new material is coming soon under the title „Yellow Water” containing contagious trashpunk. They’re something to look out for! There was a band called „Tu"réshatár” with the lead singer being my good friend András who I mentioned above being active in putting up shows. They were playing raw and energetic, inyour-face hc punk but the band spread after a demo tape and a European tour. Eskabbe is another Veszprém originated band being on the scene for a long time now. Their music could be characterised as very energetic rock with loads of punkrock and ska influences. The lead singer is also the frontman of the newly formed trio sarcastically called Davey and the

Local bands are few in numbers but at least we can say we have some great groups around. The „Break the Silence” events that I’ve mentioned above are organised by a young and still enthusiastic Tapolca punkrock band called PlanBeer. Recently they did a short tour with PFA and they’ve just came up with their second demo tape. As for Várpalota, the town is traditionally home to melodycore. Végállomás and the newly reunited Unchanged are both a proof for this. Veszprém is also a home to the very young but also very active PFA ( borrowing their name from an Orwell novell and changing it to their own taste ) (I made a very

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Porchmonkeys mostly playing covers from bands like Operation Ivy and Teenage Bottlerocket. Even though Thin Lizzy was never a punk band, there is a cover band called More Drive who are often warmly welcomed with

appreciated. Of these I have to mention Lépéselo"ny from Székesfehérvár who are probably one of the best old-school hardcore band in Hungary. Fegyelmezo" Részleg plays true punk and they are also responsible for managing Pucok Underground club.

their very open hearted DIY attitude. Veszprém has been really strong on the metal core scene even though I don’t really know and follow these bands ( God’s Lonely Man, As Hearts Bleeding ). Finally a few words about Ajka. Even though originally Iszonyat was formed in Tapolca, only one member lives there. Basically said we are a street-school (or streetpunk or call it what you will) band with two singers (male\female). We’ve recently finished our first album that was followed by a European tour in April reaching as far as France, Germany and Switzerland. I would like to say a word of respect for all the bands from neighbouring counties. They’re giving us a lot of help and their friendship and support is much

Think Again is from the Southern shore of the lake Balaton is into modern hardcore and just had their new material published. Suicide Pride from the small town of Csorna plays heavy hardcore music and they have a new side project called Mind Your Step following the heritage of Black Flag and Minor Threat. The only Fanzine around is "Nem Változunk" published and edited by the guitarist from PlanBeer. The second edition has just been published and there is also a blog based online version called "We don't change". This is shortly the recent history of the scene and I hope you can find something interesting in it. Thank you for the opportunity and with any questions feel free to email me or contact me through myspace. With friendship: Gagarin aka Zsolesz Contacts: or

Thanx Gagarin. I really love to hear about what’s going on outside my own boarders. I know that boarders are just some stupid old shit, but we have them, and every country is unique. We can sit here in Sweden and just smile over that we influence every other land around the world with our classy Dbeat, and we have great bands in Sweden, but as you can see in the Giuda/ Campus Sterminii interview maybe it’s time for us swedes to not just sit there and just care about AntiCimex or Mob 47. There’s fantastic bands everywhere in every single village. I really like scene reports, and the purposes are endless. It’s all depends on who is writing and how it’s written. Give your own band, scene, city, country some cred for what’s going on. It was great to read about Hungary now and particular since I have this little East Europe theme. So if you wanna have some space in next issue. Just contact me att myspace or

IT’S FREE TO HAVE YOUR AD IN SCHIZO FANZINE... contact me, and we’ll make a deal.


F A NZ I N E S PE CIA L theme: east europe with:

drunk nach osten

Hey, it couldn’t be much better. The Czech Rep. fanzine Drunk Nach Osten is the fanzine I will interview this time. And since I have the east european theme is it a perfect combination. I will send a big thanx to Paaya for the great answers. If you are just like me, interested in the E.E scene, download Drunk Nach Osten for free. Do it DO IT Except the punk scene is there another thing that might sound strange, but I think it’s so beatiful in many of the industrial citys who are totaly grey. It’s same thing with english backyards. Something really fascinate me. But I know that the nature can be very beautiful too... everything is not just grey and dirty Hello Paaya, introduce yourself and tell me how you came into the punk scene? Hi there, Micke! Don’t know what to tell you… I’m a 24 year old bastard living in Brno, Czech Republic. I do a fanzine called Drunk Nach Osten, I’ve been playing in some bands here and then (especially Festa Desperato, but we haven’t been very active in the last two years, still searching for a drummer), organising shows in Brno, travelling as much as I can (too little time for that recently), soon finishing my studies of history and English at the local Faculty of Education, trying to start working as a translator of English, trying my best to live my life on the full without being an apathetic consumer moron… When I was about 14 I got impressed by punk as to me it was suddenly something that represented a total negation of the world of my schoolmates - stupid macho sportsmen and stolid nerds. Of course I found out soon that the punk scene is full of different types of idiots too, but at that point it was something real, something enormously exciting. No messing about, anger, spontaneity, creativity, every-day politics… It was a bit funny, that I listened to quite light punkrock stuff at the beginning, while simultaneously I was reading local hardcore fanzines about extreme music and politics etc. And as the creative part has always been very important to me, very soon I started a band with a friend of mine; we made our first fanzine together (both pretty shitty, but who cares, we were 16, hehe). page 22

I hope that everyone who reads this interview will download your fanzine Drunk Nach Osten, what will they expect? Expect nothing! Haha… Well, DNO is a small A5 fanzine aimed exclusively at the East-European punk/hc scene – that from my point of view involves the area of ex-Czechoslovakia, Poland, ex-USSR, ex-Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece. In every copy there is a CDr compilation as well, including most bands from the zine itself. You usually get some interviews with recent bands, something about some old stuff, travel/tour reports, scene reports, reviews of EE stuff, lots of photos and lyrics translations. Mostly raw punk(rock), hardcore, noisy shit, only DIY stuff. No ska/ gore/pop-punk/metalcore. The original idea was, that I myself had found out that I knew almost nothing about what was going on in the area, which is actually so close to where I live. So I started to search around, contacted some people… and the fanzine was my way to share the information I found with other people, and also a way to ‘popularize’ that. So the fanzine is quite personal too. I only write about things that appear interesting to me myself. I have no ambitions to make DNO some megalomaniac magazine uniting the East European ‘scene’. You can download the zine in pdf from + the compilation in mp3s.


Sergej Makarov, Alexej Kasatonov, Igor Larionov, Vjatjeslav Fetisov och Vladimir Krutov. The most well-known people from russia under a long era From Russia in the north down to Greece in the south, that’s a big area and many different languages. Is there a big difference between the people you have contact with and how the bands sound as well? Yeah, of course there are big differences, often even inside particular countries, where you have very active areas (in terms of punk) contrasting with totally dead parts. Of course it is sometimes possible to generalise, even musically, but all in all the Eastern Europe is a very diverse area in many aspects. You might actually say that the only generally common characteristic (except Greece) is the communist history. However, even the communist systems in particular countries varied a lot – from a relatively independent and liberal Yugoslavian system to pretty tough systems of the USSR or Romania. Even now you have countries like Slovenia, Czech, Slovakia or Hungary, which became quite normal capitalist states, joined the EU, NATO and the Shengen system etc. contrasting with Belarus reigned by Lukashensko’s dictatorship, or the poor post-war states of Bosnia and Hercegovina, or Serbia with all its after-war sanctions and impossibility to travel outside the country. There are countries, whose punk/hc scenes have had long history reaching even late 70’s (Poland, some ex-Yugo states, Czech) contrasting with countries, whose scenes are still kind of in their beginnings (Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia, the Ukraine) or practically non-existent (Albania, Moldova, Montenegro). And yeah, there are many languages too and the language barrier might be quite bad sometimes, especially in Hungary or Greece, where the knowledge of English is not that good and not that common and the languages are very complicated, though beautiful. Each area has some interesting specifics, but you need to find them out yourselves, I’m afraid.

page 23

It wasn’t long time ago since the whole east block got democracy, but how much democracy and freedom do you really have? What has happened to the punk scene from 1989-2009? Again, it’s not very good to generalise, as the situation might differ a lot from country to country. But of course, it’s all just a wannabe ‘democracy’ everywhere. ‘Freedom’ to choose your master in elections (sometimes not even that – see Belarus for instance). ‘Freedom’ to work, consume and sleep. It wouldn’t be clever from me to talk about other countries than Czech, because I don’t live there. But here, you can definitely say, that many things got better since the fall of the bolshevik regime. Of course, there are still shitloads of problems of a different kind, but still it’s something very different. If I were to choose living in the fucked up 80’s bolshevik Czechoslovakia or in the fucked up 2000’s capitalist Czech Republic, I would undoubtedly choose the later one. The punk scene evolved a lot since those days. Quite a good working network of people has been built, which is able to organise things, you have shitloads of bands and lots of fanzines, foreign bands touring every now and then, established audience in many towns, lots of DIY labels and other activities. And of course there’s a lot of trends going on, I also have the feeling that the Czech scene is getting pretty apathetic, depoliticised. Though many bands still have cool critical lyrics, there’s not much going on in reality. Many bands from the 80’s joined the mainstream right after they got the chance to do so, but a new DIY scene grew up since the early 90’s. Some of the biggest differences between now and then are the possibility to travel abroad and have foreign bands touring here, much greater freedom of speech, separation of the DIY

scene from mainstream punkrock, problems with nazis since early 90’s, introduction of various ‘activist’ issues (eco, animal liberation, anarchist, antifascist stuff etc.), better financial situation = better equipment, but also ‘punk consumerism’… etc. But as I said – I’m only talking about Czech. And the situation may be (is!) rapidly different in other countries. It’s not very rebellious to be a punk in Sweden nowadays, how do you get treated by the “ordinary” people, cops and other authorities? I would say it’s not much different in Czech either. The punk ‘image’ has been around for over thirty years now and since then people have pretty much got used to it and are not shocked anymore. But who cares. I look how I look like because I like it and I have better things to do than to think of how could I shock people more. I think it depends much more on how you behave, what you do, than how you look like, although you can still get treated like shit when you happen to meet an idiot. And of course you draw attention too. Even when you don’t want to (when you’re meeting nazis, shoplifting or whatever). But you know, in the last year I worked as a teacher in a local primary / lower secondary school and there was NOT A SINGLE remark or question concerning my appearance neither from the director nor from my colleagues, nor from the parents. And I dressed completely the same how I do any other time. Just the kids were pretty confused asking me questions like “Are you a neonazi? Are you a skinhead? Are you anarchist? Are you a skater? Are you antifascist? Are you a terrorist?” Hahaha… So I would say – you don’t get much different treatment if you just LOOK different. But you may surely get a lot of shit when you ACT different.

page 24


Which of all east euro countries have the best or strongest scene? Difficult to say, because I don’t know your criteria. But in general, I would maybe vote for Poland or Slovenia, there seems to be quite a lot of things going on and there seems to be quite enough people active not only in music. Czech is pretty much OK I think, though I already told you that it seems to me that punk/hc in Czech is more and more about music than about any other alternative. Greece is kind of a special case in many aspects, but they have heaps of bands and a cool squatting scene. I think these are the countries I would point out right now. But maybe it’s all just my illusion. I don’t live there. How can the support for neonazism be so strong in a country like Russia and probably more eastern countries? It would be better to ask someone who lives there, but anyway. I think it’s quite a complicated issue. Firstly, some issues may not be discussed enough publicly, secondly, the nazis feel that they can do whatever they want, as the state doesn’t care very much and any grassroots antifascism is still not strong enough to fight back effectively. Then I think it’s also about the fucked up (not only) economic situation and many people are looking for scapegoats. Also it might be boredom, when kids are offered nothing better to do than to hang out with nazi hooligans. I don’t know. Okay, back to Drunk Nach Osten, if you were financially independent, how would you develop DNO then? I would probably make normal CDs instead of CD-Rs, and do a better distribution (not having to care about postal rates). And of course I would make it more regular, as it takes me a lot of time now to do another issue just by myself while I go to school and work at the same time. Oh and of course I would explore much more by travelling! But that’s all utopia. The only thing I am planning to do now is to copy the fanzine in a professional printing plant, instead of xerox. It’s cheaper in the end, and timesaving too. And the paper is not that heavy either, so I might save some money when mailing copies abroad.

Squat Milada in Prague

page 25

If I have understood the situation right you release DNO in Czech first and in English later? Is the content the same in both versions? What do you think is most important when you do an interview? Yeah it comes out in Czech first, and later in English (it takes me about half a year to do it). The original idea was, that it would be a shame not to publish the materials that I have in English as well and it’s not such a big problem to translate the rest. So the content and the graphics is mostly the same. But sometimes I don’t bother translating some long tour reports that were written in Czech. On the other hand, the Czech version does not include almost anything about Czech, Slovakia and Poland. The reason is, that the knowledge of what is going on in these countries is much better over here so there was no need for me to explore those scenes that deep. But there’s some Czech, Slovakian and Polish reviews in the English version and by chapters I’m also translating a book about early Czechoslovakian punk/hc called ‘Kytary a rev’ (‘Guitars and scream’), written by Filip Fuchs from SEE YOU IN HELL. Sometimes I also include some interview that already appeared in some other fanzine in Czech, but were never published in English. The most important thing for me to do an interview is to know the people at least a little bit, to have something to ask about. Then it’s easy. I cannot really imagine doing an interview without knowing any details about the person/band.

How much do you know about the Swedish scene? I’ve never been to Sweden, but maybe I’d like to get there one day as well. I just heard stories about people being extremely cold at shows and some people being ultra PC about everything. But I don’t know if that’s true, hehe (That is sad but almost true/schizo). And of course I have always listened to some Swedish bands… BURNING KITCHEN, MOB 47, VÅLD, ASTA KASK, AGONI, TOTALITÄR, NO SECURITY, CHILDREN OF FALL, MODERAT LIKVIDATION, DISCHANGE, DISFEAR, ANTI CIMEX, ABSURD, AVSKUM, TO WHAT END?, WARCOLLAPSE, WOLFPACK, ETA, DS13, REGULATIONS, SKITKIDS, DISKONTO, MASSMORD… A couple of years ago we used to be in touch with the guys from these bands like REIGN OF BOMBS, BLACK STAR RISING and SVARTENBRANDT, but I haven’t heard from them for a long time. We did a show for them over here in Brno. Also to ARCATERA. Kaj from Wasted Sounds was (hopefully still is?) going to release our LP (of FESTA DESPERATO) which was originally supposed to be recorded three years ago already, but we had some line-up problems since then, so…

Any favourite bands outside the east block? Of course! I’m definitely not listening only to EE stuff! Although I must confess, that I haven’t really been following any other scenes in the last years. Some of my favourites… CRUCIFIX, DEAD KENNEDYS, AMEBIX, BOMBENALARM, DISCHARGE, GOUKA, HELLSHOCK, MASSKONTROLL, CODE 13, HEALTH HAZARD, GISM, REAGAN YOUTH, PARAGRAF 119, SUBHUMANS, RESIST, SOTATILA, KAAOS, MELLAKKA, ROCKY AND THE SWEDEN, DISRUPT… lots of old UK punkrock, I often listen to completely non-punk stuff too. Some Czech folk songwriters, stuff like JOY DIVISION, THE CURE, DEPECHE MODE, BLACK SABBATH, old rock’n’roll, some old rock/pop shits, even some classical… lots of shitty disco hits too, as I sometimes play music at parties. I’m a music freak, you see.

What do you think about genres within the punk scene, is it very divided in the east? Or is it cool with a mix between all kinds of different punk bands at a gig? Again, it depends on where you are. Here in Brno, it is very common, that the sub-genres are more or less divided, although some people sometimes try to connect that a little bit. But when I was for instance in Timisoara in Romania, there was a festival where you had raw hardcore, grindcore, metalcore and oldschool punkrock bands all playing together in one night. I quite like this mixture of styles (except what I wrote about before – no ska, gore, pop-punk and metalcore). There were some friends of mine over here who tried to mix black metal, down-tempo and hc/crust bands at shows, but it was not really easy as the Czech black metal scene is full of nazis and once it turned out that one of the black metal projects that were supposed to have played, was actually a nazi guy. But I think the less developed scene you have, or the less bands are touring the area, the less choices you have, the less picky you are and the more diverse shows you have. In Prague, where you have a show almost every day, it’s very divided by genres. On the other hand in some town in the Ukraine, it is almost a holiday when a foreign band comes and no one probably cares what subgenre it is, as long as it’s at least a bit punk or whatever.

BRNO What about the future, DNO#2 is already out in Czech, when will it be out in English? And what else can you add about the east scene? Feel free to write what you want. I hope the English version of #2 to be out till the end of the summer 2009. I’m almost finished with translating and it will just take me some time to learn how to edit the pdf for printing. I never want to stop doing the graphics cut’n’paste, because that’s what I love to do and moreover I hate computer graphics

page 26

(both aesthetically and doing it myself). Something to add… I think the eastern scenes are very often not that developed musically and in many other ways, but on the other hand there’s often incredibly huge enthusiasm and although touring or travelling to these countries might not always be as smooth as somewhere else, the more do I think that it’s fucking worth it. But still, the subtitle of the zine is “EAST EUROPEAN PUNK – NO FUCKING RARITY – CRUDE REALITY”; I mean I wish people stop seeing it as some kind of an exotic rarity, but realise, that over here, there’s really a lot of interesting things going on, that are just as real as they are elsewhere. Just break the information blockade… I would also like to say that I am definitely no ‘expert’ in EE punk, haha. As I said, I started the zine because I wanted to find out more myself. If you want to know more about the scenes in particular countries, it’s surely better if you contact the local people directly. OK, Micke, thanx a lot for your interest, time and space in the zine and hope to have the chance to meet you in person one day! Whoever would like to contact me, do it at or Download the zine from http:// or at Soulseek (my nick is Paayajainen) together with lots of EE punk. Love, Peace, Hatred, War and Noise!!!

g this interview: What I listened to while answerin the end of war know dead the HELLSHOCK – Only you do, damn if you don’t if n Dam – HEN KITC NING BUR g steady THE BUZZCOCKS – Singles goin DEFIANCE – No future no hope screaming at his partner Some Gypsy girl under my window No EE punk, haha! see? You and some disco rubbish…

Thanx a lot for the long answers, I really enjoy them and appreciate to get a view into the east. Even if you don’t wanna call yourself an expert am I satisfied as hell, hope to see you some time! //Schizo

page 27

“ IN NOMINE PATRIS, FILII ET CAMPUS STERMINII “ have no idea what it means, but it look like a cool quotation, stoled it from Campus Sterminii’s Myspace

This is the first live interview in Schizo Fanzine. And it’s also an interview who was broadcast in the excellent Ungovernable Resistance radio show. Fucking classy show. The interview was made when ehm, “Schizo” was a bit drunk, poor italians, but I think we had a fun time all of us. Ok... First there’s an interview with Koppa from both of the bands plus Baris from Giuda. And it will be followed with a smaller interview with the fucking beautiful Marzia from Campus Sterminii

And oh, the interview was done after their gig at Ungdomens hus in Uppsala, Sweden Okey, here we go with two italian bands, can you introduce your band? B: I am Borys, guitarplayer from Giuda. We started up in 2004 and had some changes with the line-up. We have released 2 LPs and 1 EPs. We are now making our third Euro-tour and we have done a UStour as well Right and tell me about your band? K: I am Koppa playing in both bands but I will just talk about Campus Stermini now. Wich means Extermination Camp. I don’t really know but I think we started in 2003. We have made one split-LP, one split-EP and lot’s of compilations. We have toured in Europe two times.

If I name bands like Los Fastidios... K: We know them but they have nothing to do with us. They are from another scene. Oi! Skinhead scene doesnt follow our scene and we don’t follow their scene, not because we don’t like them but the music is not what I like B: Thats true, you know we respect the bands and we now that the Los Fastidios drummer is engaged [/can’t hear/]... he is a cool guy, but it’s another scene and we just don’t like it. K: The singer is also vegan wich is quite weird for a skinhead band You have lot’s of political shit in italy? K: We have a big one called Berlusconi. Yeah, I mean isn’t he a man that keep the punk alive, someone that you can hate? K: He is a big thing to hate for everybody. The punks should hate everybody but this one specially sucks. He is a dirty motherfucker that everyone should hate. What do you think of the swedish scene? K: A lot’s of good band but a cold audience

page 28

B: It’s probably the most respectful scene all over the world because of all bands so of course we like swedish bands. We have a label and we have released swedish bands

Everyone, from Norway to Brazil use to like Anti-Cimex and the swedish bands B: Yeah, people in Sweden maybe should be more interested in the forign scene interersted Everybody know swedish bands but if you ask around not so many people know any italian bands or polish bands (Marzia went in to the interview and talked very fast italian so I filled in with some kind of Swenglish “Mitt in the interview with those really nice guys... kom det en jävla snärta”) And I had to ask her about the swedish scene too M: Great. It have been a big inspiration for whole my life. It’s a bit different against our. As I told you before, young people use to have great bands... But we are not young anymore... M: No but there’s a lot’s of young kids and I wish that the scene could countinue like everybody was like 1819 again I saw a skinhead in there, thats what I want, take the skins into the crust movement and the crust into the skin movement B + M : Yes why not. M: That would not work in Italy. We have it with metal people but not with skinheads Have you played in any of the east european countries? K: Compare to Sweden, I think it’s better. In Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland too. There’s much more interest from the crowd into the bands. It’s something who is kind of new there. They go to shows, buy records, they dance and enjoy the show. And I will end this interview with: B: Borys from Giuda... K: ...and Koppa from Campus Stermini

And here I stand with the drummer of Campus Sterminii from Italy. Where in Italy? Orginal from Genua but now I live in Bologna We had a swedish [... more football...] We don’t have to talk about football, we can talk about your band. It’s actually not the only one, because I play in two other bands. Drummers always play in lot’s of bands... Yeah, you know why? Because drummers is a lot of few What kind of music do you listen to? I’m more into metal stuff, punk and crust of course but I prefer trash metal. And what’s your opinion of swedish bands? It’s fucking great. You know, coming here is to come to the place where all the bands I love comming from. What did you think of the gig tonight? Great, lot’s of people were interested and that people from sweden who’s use to have great bands playing are interested of an italian band mean much to me. [...] Skins don’t often go to punkshows there’s more connections between metal people and punx What do you think of all political stuff in Italy? It’s shit, but people are stupid so they don’t care. I wanna escape to Sweden. Don’t do that... or maybe...

Thanx to you all... it was really fun to meet you, and I hope you’re comming back.

band of the month (august) This is a bit unusual. I have found another band beside Pipes and Pints who play really fucking great punk with highland bagpips, I don’t like DKM, some of you know that, but now, let me present the best band of Myspace in August...BLACK TARTAN CLAN 1. Hello Black Tartan Clan, Schizofrehn have chosed you as the “Myspace-band of the month” (august), please introduce the band First of all, thank you for chosing Black Tartan Clan as ‘Myspace band of the month’! The Black Tartan Clan was formed in February 2008 and is at this moment the only Celtic Punkrockband in Belgium. The name was chosen because we all wear black kilts (= black tartan). We feel like a clan because we’re one big family (band members, wives, roadies, friends). The band members are MacLoud (vocals), MacMot (drums), MacTouche (guitar), MacPië (bass) and MacHoze (Highland bagpipes). 2. What response have your CD get? Very good response on presentation (MacTouche did the artwork) and sound quality (we did the recording and mixing ourselves). After 3 months we had to order another batch of CD’s because we were all sold out. It’s already being sold in many online internet shops and since last month it’s even available in (belgian) record shops. The CD is getting airplay on many internet radios, from Scotland to Australia, except on belgian official radio, but that’s no news, they’re very slow to recognize local talent. 3. It’s easy to mention you in the same genre as Dropkick Murhpys, I don’t like them at all but I like you. Namedrop some bands that influence you. And describe your own music

3. Where is it most fun to play? Tell me about some extraordinary gig Punk and Disorderly in Berlin (Germany) was our first really big gig and we had a great sound on stage and in the venue. Although we were the first band playing, there were already some 1000 people there, quite an experience for a beginning band! We also did 2 minitours in Scotland and they really like us there (I think it’s the kilts and the bagpipe! J ). In July 2009 we played in Edinburgh and afterwards we were made official members of the Na Fir Dileas clan, not something they usualy do with non-Scots. 4. Belgian beer, is it the best in the world? Write down a top-5 list of your favourite beer

There can be only one : Jupiler. But we also I think we’re somewhere between the Dropkicks like Guiness and whiskey. (And what about (catchy energetic songs) and Real MacKenzies Leffe, Duvel, Stella, Chimay, Westmalle, (lots of bagpipes), but it’s just a reference for Delerium Tremens etc, all the Trappist beer, people who didn’t hear us yet, we do have a the pale ale etc... My reason is that belgian sound of our own. We just replaced the solo beer are better than the beer from the british guitar with the bagpipes, the rest is mostly and irish islands, but it’s of course free to catchy punkrock, some songs are more tradithink what you want / schizo) tional celtic, others are very modern. Leffe - fantastic beer

page 31

5. What do you think of the Belgian punk scene?

6. What do you expect of the future?

It’s rather quiet but not dead. We did a gig in July 2009 with Dirty Scums and in September 2009 we have a gig with Belgian Associality. Both are considered the longest playing belgian punkbands. I think there will also be a gig with Funeral Dress in the future.

We want to grow, both as a clan (everyone is welcome) as in our music. We will release a single next month to keep our fans happy until the release of our next full cd. We hope to play at some festivals next year, not only in Belgium but also in the neighbouring countries, hopefully Sweden one day! The USA is also on our list, but that will take quite some planning.

7. Any last comments? It’s great to know that people from all over the world are interested in the Black Tartan Clan, we’ll do our best to give everyone a good time!

Thanx to BTC/McPië for the answer and to Christina McMum for her help

PINTS & PUNX Pints and Punx is not a band, not fanzine not a... yeah what the fuck is it? 1. Hey Pints and Punx, tell me who you are and how you came up with the idea to start Pints and Punx. What's your intentions? Well at the moment there are only three of us working on the pints & punx cause; my damn good buddy Ross (dickie the dago), Shane G., and myself Erik. Dickie and I started this page to 1: Help spread the awareness of child abuse/ neglect around the world. To let people know that those that prey upon the innocent and the

young will have to answer to other punishments besides those that are handed down by the court of law. Lend your voice and fists to those who cannot defend themselves "NO MORE VICTIMS." 2: This site is also here to help bands, artists, companies, venues etc. . . get their names out to help draw more attention their way. We want and are here to make punk a threat to the establishment again!!!

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We all know the punk/ skin movement has always stood up for the underdogs in life and we want to strengthen the worldwide scene. One world one scene, stand up and fight!!! 2. Now when you have your new silkscreen machine, what can we expect in the future? Ha the damn machine is kicking our asses haha. Well once this thing works properly we will have our first simple pints & punx design ready for shirts. Later we hope to keep adding newer designs, hopefully get local artists that are true to the scene pitch in new designs and whatnot. This will do one of two things help draw more attention our way and also help gain recognition to local artists. 3. How and when did you personally became a part of the punk scene? I can only answer for myself (Erik). I guess I was around the age of 11 or 12 stealing my older brother's tapes he had from bands like; FEAR, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, THE GERMS etc. . . He was into the skating scene back in the day and of course I looked up to him and followed suit. I began skateboarding and hung out with those kids, but I really got into the scene when

I hit middle school I think I was around 13 at that time. I met new kids that in turn they introduced me to new bands and new style and most importantly the punk attitude. I started attending local shows and kept meeting new people and I felt like this was the best thing ever. When I hit highschool is when I first met Dickie and we have known eachother for about ten years now. So I think we have both been into the scene now for about alittle over 17 18 years now, but as I said I can only speak for myself. 4. How much response have you got so far? Is it any bands/labels etc that have try to get you into different directions just for their own profit? We have been truly blessed to meet so many great people, that is no joke. Yes we have met alot of flakes and phony ass people (emos) or the fucking bonehead nazis claiming to be skins til I look over their page and listen to their music and find out other wise. I will never knowingly add a white power band, you will not find a rasict band on our friends list. However it is not my place to judge another person due to their beliefs. We started this page in May of 09' and we have added new people and bands constantly everyday. Luckily we haven't run into anyone that has tried to push us into a direction that we are not willing to go. We will not be a beast of burden for anyone nor will we be a meal ticket for anyone. Like I said everyone we have added or talked to loves what we stand for and what we are about, and we are damn proud of what we have accomplished so far. We hope for nothing but the best for everyone on our friends list. MUCH RESPECT to you all, cheers!!!

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5. Okey, here's some personal questions. a) make a top-5 list of bands who exist now b) what's your favourite alcohol? c) how much do you know about sweden? Once again I can only answer for myself a) 1)DEAD HEROS, 2)CRIMEWAVE, 3)N.S.O.A. (new society of anarchists), 4)THE INSURGENCE, 5)MOTORHEAD b) I drink alot of Smithwhicks or Guinness, mix them both and have a black and tan c) Sadly im not to familiar with Sweden. Other than it is in northern Europe and that there is this really kickass kid named Micke that lives there, you may know him. 6. A constant question is the "sell out"-phenomenon, what's your opinion about earn a lot's of money by playing punk? What do you think of other concepts as "punk police" or "PC-punk" as well? To me punk is a street movement. It's about the kids that come from the working class backgrounds and broken homes. It's about being pissed off and venting frustration and aggression. Never once have I said hey I want to become so popular with this page and being punk that I want to retire a rich old man, fuck that. As I recall I have heard a ton of bands bashing the wealthy and that's what I believe drives us and gives us our voice. We know what it is like to struggle and go without, we live that life day in and day out. It's a tricky thing because for one I believe those that are being born into wealth or those that have been, are getting over to easily in society. All the top stories in the papers and news are about entertainment celebs

and rich powerful families. Those left to struggle in the streets are left to do just that, struggle. Best recent example I can give is this: the rights of the Iranian people being squashed by that brutal tyrantical dictatiorship. Sure it was news for awhile but then all of a sudden an accused pedophile died and he became front page news. No one gave a shit while he was in court faced with child molestation charges but when he died it was all the world could talk about. What happened to the struggle of the Iranian people that were being murdered in the streets all for wanting to have their voices heard. This is what sickens me with society, we have a warped perception of values and priorities. To get back to the question, how can you put down a person that has struggled all his life and finally catches that lucky break and strikes it rich. I'd say to me it's what that person does with their wealth. I mean are they giving back to their communties or giving to charities? To me life boils down to what a person stands for and is willing to do. A person should be judged for their actions and not by what's in their wallets. I myself have came up in a working class household and I can honestly say thanks for everything i have worked for and mean it. I hope this answers your question some man. 7. You are living in one of the most famous cities in the whole world - Springfield. Please write some info of the scene in Springfield. Wich state/city in USA have the best punk scene? Springfield isn't one of the more famous cities but it has it's history, that's for sure (I was thinking of The Simpsons / Schizo). Well when I first stepped my foot through that door into the punk world, I didn't know much really. By the time the early 90's rolled around I met alot of folks here in the scene. To me it seemed like our community here was growing all the time. I'd say that was the case up until around 97 through 99 our scene collapsed. Then things started going in their own directions. Some of those that were truly loyal to the scene here either died, moved, turned their backs or became useless drug addicts. Ever since our community here has been trying to repair itself. It also doesn't help when you have the newest trend to hit the streets (emo) and larger companies like hot topic invading the malls of america. Seems to me though now here, that the fashion aspect of punk has been replaced by the true passion of it. We have had a few hardcore bands pop up around central il over the last ten years. It has replaced the mohawks and leather jackets with attitude. I thinks that's great. I hate to label punk bands into different sub-cultures. Punk is punk, it's an attitude and a lifestyle. It's

certainly not a trend to be marketed into different genres.

pint punk pint punk pint punk

8. Except that USA is one of the biggest country for opression, war and capitalism... is it true that you don't say "bye" when you end a telephone conversation? And what about the dating system, is it such a big deal as it look like on tv? Can you comment what you think about that it's not legal to bring a lion to the cinema in Baltimore?

Well personally I say cheers or later when im at the end of a conversation. Im sure this maybe true for lot of people im not sure ? The television programs relating to finding love on camera are a joke. They are not comedies mind you they are just edited in a way to make the dramatic super dramatic to boost ratings and as we all know ratings equals money. So these turds that go on dating shows to find love do things that get them face time on the t.v. and make a name for themselves. Piss off you fake fucks!!! Hahaha a lion in the cinema, that reminds me of a VANDALS song "anarchy burger" it goes alittle something like that only dealing with pissing on cheese at a resturant and not a lion in the cinema. It should really be about the common respect for your fellow man and doing what is right towards others. 9. Whats your opinion about a) Michael Moore b) Barack Obama

We are diveded somewhat. I still see kids with mohawks showing up at the hardcore shows. Everyone is welcomed at the shows. It's more or less an age thing here the old school kids and the new school kids don't really mingle together. Why i don't know maybe it's just people are more comfortable hanging out with people they know. That takes me back to why I don't really like to label punk music into different genres, to me it's all punk and serves one purpose.

a) Michael Moore, well leftwing ,rightwing it's all just one sided propaganda. In order to best come to a common ground you must first be open to hear both sides of any argument. b) Barack Obama, it is great to say I have lived to see such a historical event and truly I am pleased with it. To show how this country has been able to vote in our very first minorty as president. I think that alone speaks loudly for us. As for his politics I find him to be the same run of the mill politician. They tell you want you want to hear to get elected yet their party already has their agenda lined out for them, so it's politics as normal. Same bullshit just a different face, all it will ever be. Doesn't matter what side of the fence you are on. Also let's face it he came into power after eight years of the bush administration. Doesn't look too promising for anyone to straighten out that mess. 10 The swedish punk scene is really divided, people who are in to one genre can't spend time with people who are in to another genre, do you have same problems? It's like catholics and protestants, they are both christians but hate eachother, not far away from racism

11. If all records in your collection except 3 albums would disappear wich 3 would you wanna save if you could, and why?

1) THE MAINSTREET SAINTS- "EVERYONE WANTS TO GO TO HEAVEN , BUT NOBODY WANTS TO DIE." A great in your face OI band find it if you can. 2) any of my FEAR albums for sentimental reasons. 3) the last one would have to be any one of my mixed cd's that have alot of great stuff on them. Those would be my run through a fire or a collapsing room to save cds. 12. Have you heard the new Rancid album, what do you think of that one and what do you think about Rancid? I myself have not heard any RANCID album after "OUT COME THE WOLVES"

13. Okey we have come to the end, feel free to write what you want. Very much respect to you, you are doing a great job. Cheers!

We would like to thank you mate for everything you have done for us and giving us the oppurtunity to take part in your second issue of the zine. Congrats on that man hope many more are to follow this one up and we look forward to helping out anyway we can. You are truly a great guy Micke and we hold you in the highest man, much respect to you. I would also like to say thanks to everyone who has passed on kind and encouraging words to us. All the good folks that we have on our friends list. People and bands we have partied with along the way. My great friends and family my beautiful daughter rylee. My buddies Dickie and Shane for helping out here and there. S.C.S much respect OI OI OI!!! Thanks to the folks out there striving to bring about change for the better in our world. Never forget that you are not alone in the fight. Stand your ground never forget your past and stay true to your roots. Never backdown, never give in, and don't go without a fight. Thanks a ton from the lads at pints & punx, cheers!!! erik/ dickie/ shane

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