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Whether at work or home or in between, the unique PORT Technology by Schindler can make your life more comfortable, more secure and a lot more convenient. It all starts when leaving the apartment. At the door, weather can be checked, real-time power consumption monitored (to check for that forgotten appliance) or messages picked up. Most importantly, an elevator can be ordered so that, by the time the landing is reached, it can be there waiting. At work, access rights can be verified and security barriers operated such that, using the world’s most advanced elevator

The PORT Technology

control system, passengers can be sent directly to a specific elevator. This elevator has been pre-programmed to speed

them to their floor and, once there, access can be obtained,

Back in the apartment an innovative visitor control is avail­

lights turned on and individual offices unlocked. During the

able. A special visitor PORT in the lobby is used to connect

day, seamless transit around the building will be provided as

directly to the apartment via video and audio signals. The

the system strives to learn and then anticipate requirements.

occupant is then free to accept or reject the visit. To accept, a visitor button in the apartment is used to open the outer

On returning home, mail can be picked up using PORT Tech-

door and direct the visitor to an elevator, which is pre-

nology to open both the mailbox and any of the larger pack-

programmed to the correct floor.

age store closets that have been dynamically assigned to allow a secure delivery to take place. Once ready to enter,

Throughout the day, PORT Technology is there to help

either by car or by foot, access rights can be checked, the

you. Your security, your comfort and your convenience are

outer door can be opened and an elevator, with a pre-pro-

the central goals of our system. As we have already men-

grammed destination, assigned. On arrival the apartment

tioned, life just got better!

door can be unlocked, either automatically or with a quick wave of a card.

PORT – many small things make one big difference.

PORT Access System The details...

To give a more detailed picture of day-to-day life with PORT we explain on the following pages some of the key individual elements and how they are used. This particular set up is for an apartment but an office is similar.

Apartment Door Inside

Apartment Door Outside

Elevator / Lobby

Visitor Control (Main Entrance)

Post Box / Garage

The Features

...functionality explained

Apartment Door Inside Elevator Call Door Lock Visitor


Settings Home Back

Elevator call By pressing the elevator call button an elevator is called to your floor.

Door lock When you press the lock symbol the apartment door is locked or u ­ nlocked. The color (red/green) indicates the door state (locked/unlocked). Visitor The visitor symbol allows you to open the outer door to a visitor and send an elevator to bring them directly to the correct floor.

Back  The back button allows you to go back one step in the menu system.


The home button takes you directly back to the main page.

Card reader

Will be used in future personalization features.

Applications Weather The current weather and forecast for the next few days.

Energy consumption Graphical representation of the energy consumption of the apartment (optional).

Live Cam Live Video streaming from the camera in the corridor or the main entrance camera.

Messages To enter texts that will appear on the PORT in the corridor.

Visitors List History of the last call activities.

Settings Personal settings e.g. volume of the door bell.

Apartment Door Outside

Door Bell

Pin Keypad To manually unlock the door.

Card Reader To unlock the apartment door with the PORT key card.

Visitor Control (Main Entrance) Back Button

Who would you like to visit? Please enter the name...

Card Reader To unlock the entrance door with the PORT key card.

Elevator / Lobby

Floor 2




Roof Terrace


Parking P1


Parking P2


Step 1 Enter your destination floor.

Destination Floor

B Use Elevator

Scroll Button Settings Keypad (manual floor entry) Back Button Card Reader

Step 2 Please take note of the allocated­ elevator on the display.

to: Groundfloor


Step 3 Go to the elevator and enjoy the ride.

Post Box / Garage

Post Box To unlock your personal post box show your PORT card to the card reader at the post box system.

Garage The garage door will open after presenting the PORT card on the card reader in the driveway.

Useful Information

...for your convenience

Online: www.schindler.com www.theporttechnology.com

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