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Schilt Publishing & Gallery January – June 2017

new titles

21 Mario Giacomelli Under the Skin of Reality

2 Pavel Baňka Reflection

Linda Dorigo and Andrea Milluzzi Rifugio

4 Kirk Crippens and Gretchen LeMaistre Live Burls

Diana Matar Evidence

6 Evgeny Berezner, Irina Chmyreva, Natalia

Peter Suschitzky Naked Reflections

Tarasova & Wendy Watriss Contemporary

Elena Perlino Pipeline

Russian Photography

Lauren Fleishman The Lovers

8 World Press Photo 17 Dutch edition 10 The Best of LensCulture Today 12 Dornith Doherty Archiving Eden 14 Lotte Christensen Constructions

Schilt Gallery 16 Jindra Viková Sculptures

17 Pavel Baňka Photographs


Leonard Freed After The War Was Over Anna Fox Resort 1 Butlin’s Bognor Regis Anna Fox Resort 2 Butlin’s Bognor Regis 22 Louise Baring Emmy Andriesse Elliot Ross Animal Elliot Ross Other Animals

grey matters Lucia Ganieva Ermitazhniki (GM 1)

19 Michel Huneault The Long Night/La longue nuit

Chiara Tocci Life After Zog (GM 2)

Maria Gruzdeva BORDER

Matthew Murray Ska (GM 3)

Majida Mouasher Modern and Contemporary

Gesche Würfel Basement Sanctuaries (GM 4)

Samia Halaby Drawing the Kafr Qasem Massacre

Camille Renée Devid My Other Side (GM 5)

Arab Art from the Levant

Donald Weber & Arthur Bondar Barricade (GM 6)

World Press Photo 15 Dutch edition

Ananda van der Pluijm An Incomplete History

World Press Photo 16 Dutch edition World Press Photo Stories of Change

(GM 7) 23 Distribution

20 FotoFest Changing Circumstances FotoFest View From Inside Sadik Kwaish Alfraji Sara Davidmann Ken. To be destroyed Edward Thompson The Unseen Yola Monakhov Stockton The Nature of Imitation David Batchelder Tideland Giancarlo Ceraudo Destino Final

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Dear friends, What an amazing spring collection we have for you this time around. Every one of our featured books is truly remarkable – there’s no other word to describe them. And to top it all, we’re holding a spectacular exhibition in our gallery! Enjoy a premature glimpse of the brilliant book Reflection by the grand Czech master Pavel Baňka; the pure-blooded and bloodcurdling account by Kirk Crippens and Gretchen LeMaistre of the illegal tree felling of America’s most renowned trees: Live Burls – Poaching the Redwoods; the long-awaited overview of Contemporary Russian Photography; the consistently unsurpassed World Press Photo Yearbook (2017); the first exciting fruits of a new partnership between LensCulture and Schilt Publishing: The Best of LensCulture Today – 150 Contemporary Photographers You Should Know; the superb volume of documentary and yet artistic works in Archiving Eden by Dornith Doherty, showcasing seeds and seed banks from all over the world. This is an essential and urgent book in today’s era of climate change and its fateful consequences; and Lotte Christensen’s fine art book Constructions, in which nature acts as a projection screen for inner human dilemmas. And as icing on the cake, Schilt Gallery will be organising a major retrospective of the works of the above-mentioned Pavel Baňka, complemented by the extraordinary and unique creations of the well-known Czech ceramic artist Jindra Viková, who happens to be Pavel’s wife. What an incredible couple! So if you’re a lover of photography and art, you know the place to be: Schilt Publishing & Gallery once again offers you the cream of the crop. To keep up to date, follow us on Instagram (schilt_publishing); from now on, this will be our main platform for informing you about our latest scoops on a daily basis. And now it’s high time to dust off the slogan we first started out with: As long as we all continue to refuse to accept mediocrity, a wonderful future lies ahead of us! Kindest regards, Maarten Schilt October 2016

Pavel Baňka

Design: Markéta Othová ISBN 978 90 5330 882 0 Format: 24 x 29 cm (landscape) Flex cover 160 pages with approx. 180 photos in full colour and duotone World rights January 2017

Reflection If we tried to imagine Pavel Baňka’s creative life as a photograph, its inherently transient nature would probably show very soon. There would be a steady stream of portraits, staged figurative actions, spaces artificially created by the artist himself, images verging on the abstract, as well as landscapes and interiors with a spiritual dimension. Such an imaginary picture would then suggest a host of frameworks within which Baňka’s work might be arranged, based on various inner and external criteria – just as the motif of the frame itself keeps recurring throughout Baňka’s work. A biographical angle would show that ever since his beginnings as a self-taught photographer, Baňka has retained his determination to search and invent, thus keeping at bay any danger of artistic stagnation, while always putting new approaches to the test. Within the framework of Czech photography, Baňka’s place would be somewhere behind the founding father figure of Jan Sudek, whom he also references in his early works, and alongside Jan Svoboda, with whom he also shares an interest in the work of renowned Czech glass and jewellery artists. In Baňka’s nudes and some of the portraits, we can also find traces of another giant of Czech photography, František Drtikol. Like Drtikol, Baňka’s main objective is not creating a mere image of the subject, but rather constructing a photographic picture, where the photographed figure acts only as a fully integrated, yet provocative, part of the whole. In Baňka’s photographs, a piece of jewellery does not function as a mere decoration of the model but rather as an extension of their body and an expression of their mood. With each small prop, the spatial dimensions and inner meaning of the portrait shift.

£40 | $50 | €45


Schilt Publishing

This book focuses mainly on Baňka’s early work and is divided into three areas entitled Construction, Figuration, and Abstraction. The title Construction refers to the way an image is constructed by light. Baňka photographs panels of mirrors placed in a landscape, he opens windows, thus reflecting and focusing the view into the interior. The mechanisms of light shining through or being reflected, as captured in Baňka’s photographs, refine both the vision and the awareness of space. In his kinetic, phased figurative pictures, Baňka’s wife, his daughter, or he himself then become the protagonists of a few second-long photographic actions: a simple movement creates a sequence, interconnecting personal and general levels. Other photographs play out almost on the surface so to speak. The term Abstraction is not used to suggest the notion that images lose their descriptiveness – rather, they shed the shackles of exact contours, becoming blurry and gaining evocativeness. In his experiments with exposure length, the immediate moment of a picture being taken is enriched by the time frame of the past as well as of the possible, just as Baňka himself seems to suggest when he speaks of “recollections” and “imaginations”.

Pavel Baňka was born in 1941 in Prague, and has had several creative “lives”, which have intermingled for decades. As a photographer and as a teacher and a mentor in the Czech Republic, United States and United Kingdom, he has influenced generations of artists. He is also known as a curator, writer, and the founder of the popular photography magazine FOTOGRAF. His work is held in many collections including: Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi, Belgium; George Eastman House, Rochester, New York, USA; Art Institute of Chicago, USA; Paris Audio Visual, France. His photographs have been exhibited in galleries and festivals all over the world.

Kirk Crippens

Live Burls

& Gretchen

Poaching the Redwoods


Design: LevievanderMeer, Amsterdam

In 2013, an alarming number of National Park redwood trees were shorn of their knobby protrusions, called burls. The trees were disfigured by thieves aiming to sell distinctive burl wood to luxury furniture retailers. One team was bold enough to fell an entire tree for its burl. Kirk Crippens and Gretchen LeMaistre read about these trees in the news and were motivated to go and see them. Rangers from the Redwood National and State Parks assisted them in accessing and photographing each site. From 2013 to 2016, they made many visits to the National Park redwood forests of Humboldt County, California. On their first trip to the region, they passed a tourist attraction called “Trees of Mystery”. The entrance featured a 50-foot effigy of an American folklore lumberjack, Paul Bunyan, and a large souvenir store with a neon sign that read, “Live Burls”. At first they laughed at the spectacle; but the sign brewed in the back of their minds as they began to explore the lure and the lore of giant redwoods.

ISBN 978 90 5330 881 3 Format: 28 x 34 cm (portrait) Hardcover with cloth cover and inlaid photograph 64 pages with 28 photos in duotone World rights April 2017 £35 | $45 | €40 Based in San Francisco, Kirk Crippens and Gretchen LeMaistre have worked together for over 10 years and are also independent artists. Kirk’s work is held in the collections of Museé de la Photographie, Charleroi, Belgium, RayKo Photo Center, San Francisco, USA, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, USA, amongst others. Gretchen’s work is also held in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and has been exhibited at SPMOMA, San Francisco, USA. In 2016, Live Burls was exhibited at Candela Gallery, Richmond (VA), USA, and Datz Museum of Art, Gwangju, South Korea.


While redwood trees are sensational for their size, their burls are unique for less obvious reasons. Redwood burls contain stem cells that enable the trees to clone themselves. In a sense, a redwood tree may never truly die because the burls’ genetic codes maintain cycles of reproduction dating back nearly 200 million years when the species began. Only one percent of redwood seeds become trees; instead, burls generate the majority of trees. Redwood trees and their cousin sequoias sometimes exist for as long as three thousand years. For these reasons, they were given the species name “Semper virens”, or “Ever living”. Steinbeck once referred to them as “ambassadors of another time”. Out of respect for their ancient heritage and after an extended period of aggressive logging, Theodore Roosevelt pioneered forest preservation efforts in the early 20th century. He is famously quoted as saying, “A grove of giant redwoods or sequoias should be kept just as we keep a great or beautiful cathedral.” Today less than five percent of old-growth coast redwood forest remains in the Northern Hemisphere, most living in the Redwood National and State Parks. Yet even the protected trees are subject to threat. Shorn trees are more vulnerable to disease, and their ability to reproduce is uncertain. Decades may pass before the full extent of poaching damage can be assessed.

Evgeny Berezner, Contemporary Irina Chmyreva, Natalia Tarasova & Wendy Watriss

Design: HvA Design, NY ISBN 978 90 5330 768 7 Format: 22 x 24.5 cm (portrait) Hardback 360 pages with approx. 300 photos in full colour and duotone World rights March 2017 £45 | $55 | €50


Russian Photography Contemporary Russian Photography is the first extensive publication presenting the history of Soviet-­Russian creative photography from the early 1950s to 2012. This book is based on a broad collection of photographic work never before assembled from these years. The book presents the evolution of creative photography of the post-Stalin period through the wild experimentation of Perestroika and its aftermath in the 1990s to the work of young Russian photographers today. In its presentation of Russian photography, the book shows the remarkable breadth of the photographic arts in Russia over the past 66 years. The essays provide a re-examination of the history of creative photography in the Soviet Union and Russia after Stalinism. The book is divided into three chapters: After Stalin and “The Thaw” The Re-emergence of the Personal Voice Late 1940s through the 1970s Including artists such as: Victor Akhlomov, Max Alpert, Naum Granovsky, Gennady Koposov, Pavel Krivtsov, Vsevolod Tarasevich, Alexander Ustinov. Perestroika Liberalization and Experimentation Mid 1980s–2010 Including artists such as: Sergey Chilikov, Alexander Gronsky, Vadim Gushchin, Yuri Kozyrev, Gregory Maiofis, Sergey Maximishin, Boris Mikhailov, Igor Moukhin, Alexey Titarenko. The Young Generation A Collective Portrait Mid 2000s–2012 Including artists such as: Oleg Borodin, Maria Kozhanova, Margo Ovcharenko, Nikita Pirogov, Tatiana Plotnikova, Anna Skladmann, Anastasia Tailakova, Daria Tuminas.

The history of Russian creative

multi-media projects at Moscow

classical photography since the

photography since the late 1950s, its

Museum of Modern Art, Evgeny

mid-nineties in Russia and abroad.

artists and artworks, are the subjects

Berezner curated over 150 exhibitions

She is the Assistant Professor at the

of essays by the leading Russian

of contemporary and classical Russian

Photography Art Department of

curators and independent art

photography. Irina Chmyreva is the

Moscow State University of Culture

historians, Evgeny Berezner, Irina

senior researcher for photography at

and Arts. Wendy Watriss,curator and

Chmyreva and Natalia Tarasova.

the Department of Russian Art of the

co-founder of FotoFest International

Former Deputy Director General for

20th Century in the State Research

has worked extensively with Soviet

photography and multi-media

Institute of Art History in the Russian

and Russian photography and this

projects at the ROSIZO State

Academy of Fine Arts. She has written

team of Russian curators. Her

Museum and Exhibition Center of the

widely on Russian photography.

introduction pays homage to the

Russian Ministry of Culture and

Natalia Tarasova has been curating

durability of the creative Russian

Deputy Director for photography and

exhibitions of contemporary and

spirit and its contemporary history.

Schilt Publishing

Gregory Maiofis

Vlad Krasnoschok Before devoting himself full time to documentary photography in 2008, Michel Huneault worked for over ten years in the international development and humanitarian field. His practice video elements, he has worked in Canada (Lac-MĂŠgantic), Japan (Tohoku), Haiti (Port-au-Prince) and across Europe during the 2015

Anna Skladmann

Valera and Natasha Cherkashin

often mixes photography with audio/

migratory crisis. His work has been shown in various venues in Canada, France, UK, USA and the Netherlands. Michel is a regular grantee of the Quebec and Canada Arts Council, and in 2015 he won the prestigious Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor prize for his long-term work on Lac-MĂŠgantic. Boris Mikhailov

17 Dutch edition


Design: Heijdens Karwei, Amsterdam ISBN 978 90 5330 886 8 Format: 19 x 24.5 cm (portrait) Paperback

Every year since 1958, an international jury has met in the Netherlands under the auspices of the World Press Photo Foundation to choose the world’s finest press photographs. Universally recognised as the definitive competition for photographic reportage, it has been described by Michael Rand as “the international photographic contest”. Publishing the results of the latest annual World Press Photo Contest, this exceptional book contains the very best press photographs from 2016 – pictures submitted by approximately 6,000 photojournalists, photo agencies, newspapers and magazines from about 125 countries. Selected from around 100,000 images, these prize-winning photos capture the most powerful, moving and disturbing images of the year. “Will amuse, sadden, console and ultimately teach you much about this world of ours.” People Photography

240 pages with approx. 250 photos in full colour and duotone World rights; English (Thames & Hudson), German (Till Schaap Edition), French (Till Schaap Edition), Spanish (Blume) and Italian (24 ORE Cultura) rights sold. April 2017 €25 Schilt Publishing is the primary publisher of the World Press Photo Yearbook. Co-editions are available in 6 different languages. For details of the English-language edition of World Press Photo, please contact Thames & Hudson at sales@thameshudson. or visit Illustrations: Spreads from the 2016 yearbook


Schilt Publishing

“Some of the very best work being done around the world today.” News Photographer

The Best of LensCulture Today Justine Tjallinks

150 Contemporary Photographers You Should Know Fresh, inspiring, insightful, thought-provoking: here is an overview and introduction to 150 of the most exciting contemporary photographers from cultures around the world. This book celebrates excellence in the visual language of photography in all genres: documentary, fine art, photojournalism, portrait, street photography, abstract, landscape, architecture, nature, alternative process, experimental, poetic, personal, and more. From the already world-famous, to brand new discoveries and emerging talents, anyone who is serious about the current state of photography around the globe will be delighted and surprised to discover the rich variety of photographers and their imagery presented in these pages. Design: Heijdens Karwei, Amsterdam ISBN 978 90 5330 880 6 Format: 19 x 24.5 cm (portrait) Paperback 288 pages with approx. 200 photos in

Who are the people practicing this profound universal language with “fluency” in our image-saturated world today? This book attempts to answer that question. The editors of this volume believe it takes the critical eyes of curators and experts in the field to discover and celebrate true excellence, finding those images that stand out from the crowd and deserve our considered attention.

full colour and duotone World rights April 2017 £22 | $29.95 | €25

LensCulture is a global network and online magazine that has become one of the most popular platforms for discovering and sharing the latest and best in contemporary photography – currently reaching a monthly audience of over 2 million around the world. You can find out more at


Schilt Publishing

In addition to appearing in the pages of this book, all of these photographers have been featured in exhibitions and shows at large-scale international photo festivals and events around the world in the past year, including London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo.

Alia Ali

Vanja Bucan

Antonio Masiello

Graciela Magnoni

Luisa Dorr

Poike Stomps

Dornith Doherty

Archiving Eden Spurred by the impending completion of the Svarlbard Global Seed Vault, Archiving Eden explores the role of seed banks and their preservation efforts in the face of climate change, the extinction of natural species, and decreased agricultural diversity. Serving as a global botanical backup system, these privately and publicly funded institutions assure the opportunity for the reintroduction of species should a catastrophic event or civil strife affect a key ecosystem somewhere in the world.

Design: LevievanderMeer, Amsterdam ISBN 978 90 5330 884 4 Format: 24 x 29 cm Half-cloth hardcover 184 pages with approx. 125 photos in full colour World rights May 2017 £40 | $50 | €45

Since 2008, Dornith Doherty has worked in collaboration with renowned biologists at the most comprehensive international seed banks in the world: the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service’s National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation in Colorado, USA, the Millennium Seed Bank, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in the UK.; and PlantBank, Threatened Flora Centre, and Kings Park Botanic Gardens in Australia. Utilising the archives’ on-site X-ray equipment that is routinely used for viability assessments of accessioned seeds, Doherty documents and subsequently collages the seeds and tissue samples stored in these crucial collections. The amazing visual power of magnified X-ray images, which springs from the technology’s ability to record what is invisible to the human eye, illuminates her considerations not only of the complex philosophical, anthropological, and ecological issues surrounding the role of science and human agency in relation to gene banking, but also of the poetic questions about life and time on a macro and micro scale. Doherty is struck by the power of these tiny plantlets and seeds (many are the size of a grain of sand) to generate life and to endure the time span central to the process of seed banking, which seeks to make these sparks last for two hundred years or more. Use of the colour delft/indigo blue evokes references not only to the process of cryogenic preservation, central to the methodology of saving seeds, but also to the intersection of East and West, trade, cultural exchange, and migration. This tension between stillness and change reflects her focus on the elusive goal of stopping time in relation to living materials, which at some moment, we may all want to do.


Dornith Doherty was born in

awarded a Guggenheim Foundation

Institute of Arts, USA.; the Museum

Houston, Texas and received a B.A.

fellowship. Doherty’s work has been

Belvédère, the Netherlands; the

cum laude from Rice University and

featured in exhibitions widely in the

Museum of Photography, Rafaela,

an MFA in Photography from Yale Uni-

USA and abroad at institutions

Argentina. Her work is held in

versity. She is Distinguished Research

including: FotoFest, USA.;

numerous permanent collections

Professor at the University of North

The Bluecoat, UK.; the Centro de

across the world.

Texas, where she has been on the

Fotografía, Spain; Galerie Lužánky,

faculty since 1996. In 2012 she was

Czech Republic; the Minneapolis

Schilt Publishing

Lotte Christensen Constructions In 2009, Lotte Christensen travelled to the Canadian wilderness. As so often before, venturing into nature, she had her camera with her and was out to make pictures. Among mountains and trees, she found a good spot for an image. She put up the camera, ran into the frame and placed herself with a map between her hands. A “click” sounded, but not the usual “clack” of the mirror falling back into place - the camera was out of order. Being far away from civilization with a non-operational camera, the situation all of a sudden felt meaningless. It was the making of images, the exploration and documentation, that was her tool for being in, and dealing with, this foreign landscape. To create felt more important than to be.

Design: LevievanderMeer, Amsterdam ISBN 978 90 5330 883 7 Format: 17.2 x 22 cm (portrait) Hardcover with dust jacket 76 pages with approx. 40 photos in full

The act of making images is in itself a way of living life for Danish artist Lotte Christensen. The camera and the act of constructing and making an image is an essential approach to the world in search of an understanding of her place in it. She works as a visual philosopher with photography and nature to construct images that explore existential issues. She enters the landscape using herself as a measuring tool, gently pulls plants though paper to isolate them from their natural environment, or brings back parts of nature to her outdoor studio to build fragile constructions. In line with the tradition of representing landscape in art history, in Lotte Christensen’s work, nature acts as a projection screen for inner human dilemmas.

colour World rights May 2017 £22.50 | $27.50 | €25


Schilt Publishing

Lotte Christensen’s work speaks to the imminent human desire for a sense of meaning in existence: Why am I here in this world? As we measure, categorise and examine the world around us in order to understand and define our lives, we end up building an almost tragi-comical connection to the natural world, such as that of the scientist – at once observing and being part of the natural world. In the images and sculptural work of Christensen, this balance between heartfelt, honest attempts of making meaning and the sometimes humorous results co-exist in a strange and poetical universe.

Lotte Christensen, born in 1979 in

human mind and the natural

the Danish countryside, is a visual

surroundings. It has, among other

artist now based in Copenhagen,

places, been shown in various venues

Denmark. She holds an MFA from the

in Denmark, Sweden, France, Austria,

School of Photography, Gothenburg,

Slovenia, Canada, the USA, China and

Sweden and a BA in Fine Art

Korea. She has received work grants

Photography from the Glasgow

from the Eric Ericsson Foundation

School of Art, Scotland. Her work

and the Danish Arts Foundation, and

deals with the relation between the

is also represented in this collection.

Schilt Gallery Pavel Baňka Photographs Jindra Viková Ceramics

Peter Martensstraat 121 NL – 1087 na Amsterdam T +31 20 330 59 29 T +31 6 51 98 47 47

20-11-2016 till 26-02-2017

Schilt Gallery



Schilt Gallery

SELECTED backlist Check our website for a complete overview of all our titles and

Michel Huneault The Long Night of Mégantic / La longue nuit de Mégantic

Maria Gruzdeva BORDER

ISBN 978 90 5330 876 9

£30 | $40 | €35

A journey along the edges of Russia ISBN 978 90 5330 878 3

Bilingual: English/French

15 Dutch Edition

£30 | $40 | €35

ISBN 978 90 5330 850 9 €25

16 Dutch Edition ISBN 978 90 5330 866 0 €25

Modern and Samia Halaby Contemporary Arab Drawing the Kafr Art from the Levant Qasem Massacre The Majida Mouasher Collection

Essay by Salman Abu Sitta

ISBN 978 90 5330 877 6

ISBN 978 90 5330 874 5

£40 | $55 | €45

£40 | $50 | €45

Stories of Change Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’ ISBN 978 90 5330 823 3 £40 | $55 | €45

special editions!

Schilt Publishing



FotoFest Changing Circumstances Looking at the Future of the Planet

FotoFest View From Inside Contemporary Arab Photography, Video and Mixed Media Art

ISBN 978 90 5330 862 2

ISBN 978 90 5330 825 7

ISBN 978 90 5330 861 5

£45 | $60 | €50

£45 | $60 | €50

£45 | $55 | €50

Edward Thompson The Unseen An Atlas of Infrared Plates

Yola Monakhov Stockton The Nature of Imitation

David Batchelder Tideland

ISBN 978 90 5330 863 9

Text by Elisabeth Biondi

£60 | $75 | €65

£40 | $50 | €45

ISBN 978 90 5330 845 5

ISBN 978 90 5330 864 6

£27,50 | $35 | €30

£40 | $50 | €45

Schilt Publishing

Sadik Kwaish Alfraji Curated by Nat Muller ISBN 978 90 5330 848 6 £45 | $55 | €50

Text by David Campany ISBN 978 90 5330 856 1

Sara Davidmann Ken. To be destroyed Edit and text by Val Williams

Giancarlo Ceraudo Destino Final Argentina’s Death Flights during the Dirty War

Mario Giacomelli Under the Skin of Reality Treasures from the Sassoferrato Archive

Linda Dorigo & Andrea Milluzzi Rifugio Christians of the Middle East

Edited by Katiuscia Biondi, Marina Itolli and Catia Zucchetti With an introduction by Achille Bonito Oliva

ISBN 978 90 5330 843 1

Diana Matar Evidence

Peter Suschitzky Naked Reflections

ISBN 978 90 5330 842 4

ISBN 978 90 5330 846 2

£40 | $50 | €45

£45 | $55 | €50

Leonard Freed After The War Was Over

Anna Fox Resort 1 Butlin’s Bognor Regis

Jewish Life in Amsterdam in the 1950s Text by Bernadette van Woerkom

ISBN 978 90 5330 803 5

£35 | $45 | €40

ISBN 978 90 5330 813 4 £40 | $50 | €45

Elena Perlino Pipeline Trafficking in Italy

Lauren Fleishman The Lovers

ISBN 978 90 5330 824 0

Last available copies, North America only!

£30 | $40 | €35

ISBN 978 90 5330 836 3

£35 | $45 | €40

£45 | $55 | €50

ISBN 978 90 5330 857 8

Resort 2 Butlin’s Bognor Regis

£30 | $40 | €35

ISBN 978 90 5330 840 0

Dutch edition:

£45 | $55 | €50

Leonard Freed De oorlog voorbij Joods Amsterdam in de jaren vijftig ISBN 978 90 5330 858 5 €35

Schilt Publishing


Gesche Würfel

GescheWürfel’s first university degree was in Spatial Planning (from the University of Dortmund) and she spent several years afterwards working in the field of regeneration and public participation. In 2005, she moved to London to study Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London where she focused more on my own visual arts practice. These experiences all shape her approach to the relationship between space, human (inter)action, and nature. In particular, she tend to investigate the physical manifestation of underlying social and urban processes by exploring notions of place as well as the relationships humans have with their environment (in urbanscapes as well as cultural and natural landscapes).

Gesche Würfel is a German visual artist living and working in New York City. She received her Diploma in Urban Planning from the University of Dortmund, Germany, and her M.A. in Photography and Urban Cultures from Goldsmiths, University of London, UK. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. In 2007, Würfel was selected as one of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries showcasing the best emerging talent from UK art schools. Some of her recent exhibitions include solo shows at Field Projects, NYC; Wolk Gallery, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA; Civilian Art Projects, Washington, DC. Her work has been presented among others in group shows at Tate Modern, [space]; Kokerei Zollverein, Essen, Germany; and Curator’s Office, Washington, DC. Her work is included in the MIT Museum’s Collection, along with private collections in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Grey Matters 4

Basement Sanctuaries

Basement Sanctuaries combines a wide range of influences. Her work is research-based and usually has a strong theoretical foundation.

Louise Baring Emmy Andriesse Hidden Lens ISBN 978 90 5330 790 8 £30 | $40 | €35

Grey Matters 1

Grey Matters 4

Grey Matters 7

Lucia Ganieva Ermitazhniki ISBN 978 90 5330 798 4

Gesche Würfel Basement Sanctuaries

£12,50 | $20 | €15

ISBN 978 90 5330 819 6

Ananda van der Pluijm An Incomplete History Text by Bill Kouwenhoven

£12,50 | $20 | €15 Grey Matters 2

Chiara Tocci Life After Zog

ISBN 978 90 5330 859 2 £15 | $25 | €20

ISBN 978 90 5330 796 0

Camille Renée Devid My Other Side

Elliot Ross Animal

£12,50 | $20 | €15

ISBN: 978 90 5330 839 4

Text by Manfred Zollner

Grey Matters 3

ISBN 978 90 5330 730 4

Matthew Murray Ska

and other stories

£35 | $45 | €40

£12,50 | $20 | €15

ISBN 978 90 5330 736 6

Text by Addie and Mitchell Vassie

Edition of 50

ISBN 978 90 5330 812 7

£175 | $350 | €250

£12,50 | $20 | €15

Special edition

Grey Matters 6

Donald Weber & Arthur Bondar Barricade The EuroMaidan Revolt Text by Larry Frolick

Other Animals

ISBN: 978 90 5330 841 7

Text by Diana L. Daniels

£12,50 | $20 | €15

ISBN 978 90 5330 835 6 £35 | $45 | €40 22

Grey Matters 5

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T 020 7845 5000


f 020 7845 5055

Buckinghamshire, Derbyshire,


Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northants,

Michelle Strickland

Nottinghamshire, Oxon (except

Key Accounts Manager

Oxford), Shropshire, Staffordshire,

T 020 7845 5000

Warwickshire, West Midlands,

f 020 7845 5055



Schilt Publishing


Ian Tripp

Eastern Europe

South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho,

T 07970 450162

Sara Ticci

Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe


T +44 7952 919866

Peter Hyde Associates

Channel Islands, Cornwall, Devon,


5 & 7 Speke Street

Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wales

(Corner Nelson Street) Eastern Mediterranean, Bulgaria,

Observatory 7925

Victoria Hutton


Cape Town

T 07899 941010

Stephen Embrey

t (021) 447 5300


T +44 7952 919866

f (021) 447 1430

London Gift Accounts



James Denton


Middle East

T 07765 403182

Interart S.A.R.L.

Middle East incl. Egypt and Eastern


1 rue de l’Est


South and South East Gift Accounts

75020 Paris

Stephen Embrey

T (1) 43 49 36 60

t +44 7952 919866

F (1) 43 49 41 22


Subsidiaries, Agents and Representatives Abroad




Central & South America, Mexico and The


Book City Co.(P.J.S)


Karim White

P.O. Box 158757341

Natasha Ffrench

T 07740 768900

743 Shariati St.

Export Sales Department


Tehran 16396 t +(9821)88459950

Thames & Hudson Ltd e

Italy, Spain, Portugal

f +(9821)88459949

Natasha Ffrench



Export Sales Department

Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Thames & Hudson Ltd


Michael Klein



c/o Vertreterbuero Wuerzburg

PO Box 11-1181

T +49 931 17 405

Scandinavia, Baltic States, Russia and

Sin-El-Fil, Al Qalaa Area

f +49 931 17 410

the CIS

Sector No. 5


Per Burell

Bldg #31, 53rd Street

T +46 (0) 70 725 1203



t (01) 488 035

Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

f (01) 510 659

Bas van der Zee T +31 (0) 623137695



Africa (excluding South)

Ian Bartley Export Sales Department Thames & Hudson Ltd e


Schilt Publishing


Distribution in North America


Singapore and South-East Asia

China (PRC), Hong Kong and Macau

Thames & Hudson Singapore

Thames & Hudson China Ltd

52 Genting Lane

Units B&D 17/F

#06-05, Ruby Land Complex

Ingram Publisher Services

Gee Chang Hong Centre

Singapore 349560

One Ingram Blvd.

65 Wong Chuk Hang Road

t (65) 6749 3551

LaVergne, TN 37086


f (65) 6749 3552

IPS: 866-765-0179

Hong Kong


e customer.service@

t +852 2 553 9289

f +852 2 554 2912

India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan


Kapil Kapoor Roli Books

Distribution in The Netherlands

For China enquiries:


Marc Zhang, Beijing

t + 91 11 4068 2000

Centraal Boekhuis


f + 91 11 2921 7185


boek-verkopers t +31 (0)345 – 47 58 88


Ms Helen Lee, Taipei

Pakistan and Sri Lanka


Scipio Stringer



Representation in The Netherlands


Coen Sligting Bookimport

Australia, New Zealand, Papua New

Groot Nieuwland 27


Guinea & the Pacific Islands

1811 ET Alkmaar

Scipio Stringer

Thames & Hudson (Australia) Pty Ltd

The Netherlands

Export Sales Department

11 Central Boulevard

t +31(0)72 – 511 92 20

Thames & Hudson Ltd

Portside Business Park

f +31(0)72 – 511 70 29


Fisherman’s Bend


Thames & Hudson Ltd Korea

Zita Chan e

Victoria 3207 Malaysia

t (03) 9646 7788

Thames & Hudson Singapore Pte Ltd

f (03) 9646 8790

c/o APD Kuala Lumpur


Representation in Flanders/Brussels Luster Publishing

No 22, 24 & 26 Jalan SS3/41 47300 Petaling Jaya

For countries not mentioned

Tania Van de Vondel

Selangor Darul Ehsan

above, please contact:

Hopland 33 bus 4.2

t (603) 7877 6063

Ian Bartley, Head of Export Sales

2000 Antwerp

f (603) 7877 3414

Export Sales Department



Thames & Hudson Ltd

t +32 (0)474 - 88 49 68

181A High Holborn


London WC1V 7QX t +44 (0)20 7845 5000 f  +44 (0)20 7845 5055 e

Expected July – December 2017

Schilt Publishing’s Book of Cats Elliot Ross Dusha, 2015

& Gallery Amsterdam Peter Martensstraat 121 NL – 1087 na Amsterdam

london Yasmin Keel T +44 7794 055862

new york Amber Terranova T +1 718 954 2188

T +31 20 528 69 12 M +31 6 51 98 47 47

Schilt Publishing January - June 2017 catalogue  

View our catalogue for forthcoming titles to be published between July-December 2016. 'Reflection' by Pavel Baňka 'Contemporary Russian Pho...

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