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INDULGENCE WITH A CLEAR CONSCIENCE High quality standards, the safety of our products and the careful handling of natural resources are therefore important foundations for the development of our company over the long run. Social competence and sustainability, as well as appreciation for all partners and the environment, have direct effects on the quality of service. Satisfied employees have enthusiastic guests. Thus the circle is completed: enjoy dining at the Schick Hotels & Restaurants with a clear conscience. Fresh, natural, domestic products and the positive feeling of truly being welcome. DOING GOOD WITH A LITTLE SIGN At the Restaurant „Das Schick“ different products of the FAIRTRADE-assortment are used, as per example: FAIRTRADE rice, FAIRTRADE quinoa and FAIRTRADE bananas at the breakfast buffet. FAIRTRADE means quality and a positive feeling rolled into one.

AMA-GASTROSIEGEL – GUARANTEED PROVENANCE ASSURANCE For the disposition of Austrian products resp. products from surrounding culinary regions, we have been decorated and certified by AMA Marketing: Austrian premium beef and Beef ALMO Almenland Almochse – from the Genuss Region Almenland Almochse Austrian veal from Kremstaler Milchkalb (suckling calf) Lamb and mutton of the Austrian racka, – Ing. Heiss, bio-company Deichtlalm, Felling/Riegersburg Austrian milk, dairy products and cheese – with AMA-seal of approval Austrian eggs of free run hens Austrian potatoes, root vegetables, apples, seasonal fruits and vegetables Austrian chicken “Steirerhuhn” - guaranteed by poultry farm H. Lugitsch, Gniebing/Feldbach Trouts – of domestic waters, guaranteed by Gut Dornau, Leobersdorf

GENUSS REGION ÖSTERREICH AT THE SCHICK RESTAURANTS Enjoy at the Restaurant „Das Schick“ varied delicacies of the “Genuss Region Österreich”, as per example: “Wiener Gemüse” – Viennese vegetables, Vulcanoraw ham from the Genuss Region Steirischer Vulkanlandschinken and lamb of the „Weizer Schafbauern“ from the Genuss Region Weizer Berglamm. Genuss Region Österreich – future with quality and regional brands. BÖG – Beste Österreichische Gastlichkeit and Restaurant „Das Schick“ BÖG (= Best Austrian Hospitality) is Austria’s biggest platform for premium gastronomy and for producers of first class food. 350 companies and establishments between Neusiedlersee and Bodensee are members, as well as the Restaurant „Das Schick“. True to the motto: BESTE (Best) The company enthuses with highest quality, with the ambition to hold and upgrade this top level. ÖSTERREICHISCHE (Austrian) The focus is on regional Austrian dishes, with a minimum of three accredited products from the Genuss Region Österreich. GASTLICHKEIT (Hospitality) The establishment offers a unique premium service! The owner as well as all employees exude Austrian hospitality!

Restaurant "Das Schick" in Vienna - Indulgence with a clear conscience!  

Enjoy your meal at the gourmet restaurant "Das Schick" in Vienna a little bit more knowing that we prepare our cuisine with sustainable and...

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