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Simplified Precedence Diagram

Group 1 Scheme Design 2014

Demolition Stage 1

Site Planning

Planning Phase

Preliminary Inspection


Site Preparation

Secure the site

Site inspection and setting out

Excavation of Clarifier

Site Infrastructure

Excavation of Aeration Tank

Reroute Services

Construction stage 1

Excavation Stage 1 Excavation of Primary Settlement

Prepare the Base

Place floor formwork

Fix Steel

Pour Floor


Construct Mass Concrete Walls

Remove Shuttering

Backfill Excavation

Installation of Precast Sludge Collection Tank

Prepare Sludge Collection Tank Base

Demolition Stage 2

Flume Decommission Balancing Tank and Screening system

Dewatering Provisions

Demolition and Reinstatement of Site

Overflow Pipe

Construct Control Room





Fittings Out

Mechanical & Electrical Services Stage 2

Mechanical & Electrical Services Stage 2

Fittings and Installations


Divert Influent

Make Connection to New System

Reinstatement Stage 1

Decommission Old System (Salvage Components)

Troubleshooting/ Snag list Assessment Screen Provisions

Mechanical & Electrical Services Stage 1

Fine Tune the System – (Yes/No)

Fittings and Installations

Demolition and Reinstatement of Site

April 18, 2014

Conclusion Of Site Work

Handover Phase Removal from Site


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Simplified Precidence Diagram  
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