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Group 1 Scheme Design 2014

Contract Keypoints Thresholds set(T1, T2)

Is delay not a result of Contracor/ Contractors Personnel fault Y/N Red answers qualify for extension

Contractor becomes aware of Delay


Notify ER within40 days(9.3.1)

Is delay or minimising of delay avoidable Y/N

If qualifies, extension shall be given for date for substantial completionbased on Clause 9.3,9.4 & 10

Does the contract provide otherwise Y/N

Notify ER of how much of T1 and T2 are used up by for delay to substantial completion

Programme Contingency

Delay >T1, then Extension =0

T1 <Delay ≤ (T1+2T2), then Extension = (DT1)/2

Change order issued Y/N. If yes time may be shortened or lengthened

Is the workadditional, substituted or previously omitted

Max adjustment for a single change order €50,000

Delay cost

Compensate in accordance with Contractors tender

Additions to contract sum

No agreement ER makes fair evaluation

Compensate in accordance with expenses incurred by the Contractors Compensate if delay causes schedule to run into nonworking days

Max cumulative adjustment for change order €150,000

Other stuff

Stuff to incorporate Thresholds(Formulae) If not apply Healy Hypothesis Payment intervals (Monthly or less) Clawback of retention subject to 10% defects period(Apply or not) Daily Costs/Actual expenses?

April 17, 2014

Use rates in pricing document for similar work

If work/ conditions not similar use reasonable rates based on pricing document

Has delay event more than one cause? Y/N

Is any cause a non compensation event

Does not apply if not compensation event

D>(T1+2T),then Extension =Delay-T1-T2

Compensation Event Qualify? Y/N

If yes, no compensation!

Notify ER under 10.3.1

Professional Indemnity Insurance Bond depends on size of contract – (12. to 25 %) – clawback of retention as job progresses Bond reduces by one half on substantial completion of the works Reduce retention by 25% if 25% of the works have been completefd, carry through as project progresses. Employer sets thresholds (T1 and T2). The employer specifies if contractor is to be paid his daily delay costs or his actual expences (exclusive of profit)

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Contract keypoints