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rOEL sCHEFFERS E n g i n ee r & G r a p h i c D e s i g n e r K

Age: 30


Location: Sausvatn, Norway

SHORT SUMMARY After my education and several side-projects I decided to stay and work with my last internship company, Becx. Simple reasons were: loads of responsibility, broad tasks and I got to be creative all day. Together with my direct superior we have managed to establish the brand "Becx Machines". Nowadays Becx develops and sells specialized machinery for professional green contractors all over the world. After 7 years of working for Becx in Netherlands I decided to quit and moved to Norway to be with my family. Now I am open for new fitting challenges!

Objectives My objectives are to be loyal to those I work for, innovate wherever I can and be creative in everything I do.



Professional 3D - CAD CAE - calculation

1996 2003

Pre-university education Economy and Society Tilburg, Netherlands

2004 2006

Propaedeutic Year Automotive Engineering HAN higher professional education Arnhem, Netherlands

Draftsman Advertisement Web design Brochure design

SOFTWARE Solidworks Office

2007 2011

Illustrator Indesign

Mechanical Engineering Bachelor (Automotive specialization) Fontys PTH higher professional education Eindhoven, Netherlands

Acrobat Wordpress PremiĂŠre

Spare Time Bike design Down hill ski Kids

Employment Several small jobs

Engineer / Designer / Drafting

Engineer / Draftsman

Engineer, webmaster, designer

Restaurant, paperboy, supermarket, local gardening equipment shop 1998 - 2006

Engineering/designing motorcycle Internship @ PTH Eindhoven 2009 - 2010

Movies Nature Wordpress

Language English Dutch Norwegian German

Various race-car components Internship @VA Motorsport 2006 - 2007

Co-owner Bedder VOF

IT - web design company Practical manager + web design 2007 - 2010

Several machines / websites / brochures Becx Tuinmachines Moergestel 2008 - 2015

rOEL sCHEFFERS E ngineer & G raphic D esigner K

Age: 30


Location: Sausvatn, Norway

PORTFOLIO ENGINEERING Most of my time as professional engineer I have spent on projects for Becx Machines. Over the years I have been developing several different machines, such as big professional hedge-cutters, hydraulic arms and weed-brushes. The activities covering this projects were: 3D-modelling, CAE/FEA-calculations, prototype-drawings, production drawings, renderings and several side-activities that come with every project such as dealing with suppliers and fabricators. For most of this machines I have been solely responsible for all the models and drawings. Two years ago we decided to take in an intern due to heavy workload with more and more machines being designed, I have been guiding him during his internship and he became the colleague who took my spot after I quit to move to Norway.

Technical documentation

Production Drawings, Overview, single parts, welding.

3D models + Rendering

CAE Calculation + Design

Assembly Drawings

rOEL sCHEFFERS E ngineer & G raphic D esigner K

Age: 30


Location: Sausvatn, Norway

PORTFOLIO DESIGN Over the years I also got familiar with different branches of design. From web design to brochure and company branding.

Web design

Brochure + Price lists


rOEL sCHEFFERS E ngineer & G raphic D esigner K

Age: 30


Location: Sausvatn, Norway

PORTFOLIO Motorcycles My spare-time passion lies with building motorcycles. As opposed to working with PC and designing/calculating, I can get my hands dirty here. Nonetheless the process of building bikes helps me very much with getting insights in several production methods such as welding, drilling, milling and turning.

Latest project, Yamaha GTS1000.

BMW K100RS Featured all over Internet + in several magazines US/DU/NL/UK

Motorcycle design internship.

Scheffers Engineering CV  
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