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Color Art Integrated Interiors Digital Signage Content Proposal Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIGITAL CONTENT STRATEGY ELEMENTS In order for the 5 digital signage screens to be used to effectively communicate messaging that is dynamic and fresh, the main components of the content strategy are outlined.

DIGITAL SIGNS Color Art currently has 5 different signage systems: 1. Tec Panel near Media Lounge 2. 3x3 square on Microtiles 3. 4x1 vertical on Microtiles 4. 1x3 horizontal on Microtiles 5. Warehouse Monitor

ELEMENTS BROKEN DOWN 1. The first step is creating 18 custom, corporate templates that can be used for each of the companies as well as the integrated company. Each company will need two formats: 16:9 and 4:3 ratios. 2. Once these custom templates are designed, a well-planned and balanced playlist is crucial in the overall effectiveness in reaching and engaging the viewers. The content relevancy, content flow and number of impressions during the viewer’s visit are important attributes that make a successful digital signage network. The content mix and content loop length are two key ingredients in constructing the playlist. 3. Content Mix: One of the goals of a good content mix is to capture the attention of the audience and to engage the viewers for the longest possible time. This will drive the ultimate playlist with loop length, target audience, etc. I have divided up the Content Mix into 5 categories: A. Corporate Branding (individual company info, news, showroom maps or facility photos, community programs, green initiatives, what's new? etc) B. Product Showcasing (which can include products from all companies)

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C. Vertical Marketing (includes both experiential marketing pieces - where the sign can be used to provide market examples ie: a directory in a hospital - and actual vertical market pieces that enhance the products and services provided in healthcare, education, etc) D. Eye Candy (includes seasonal, holiday, sporting or current event samples ie: the 2012 election) E. Data driven elements (includes weather, rss and social media feeds, traffic, etc) *note, data driven elements may have additional fees costed to them based on the items selected.

4. Content Loop

The next step is setting up a playlist - my recommendation to start

would be a 6 minute loop and might look something like this:

1. Corporate brand – 15 sec. 2. Community involvement –30 sec. 3. Product – 15 sec. 4. Eye candy – 30 sec. 5. Vertical Marketing – 60 sec. 6. Product – 30 sec. 7. Corporate brand – 30 sec. 8. Eye candy – 15 sec. 9. Product – 30 sec. 10. Community involvement –15 sec. 11. Product – 15 sec. 12. Education – 30 sec. 13. Corporate brand – 15 sec. 14. Eye candy – 15 sec. 15. Product – 15 sec.

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Once the 18 templates have been created, the next part of your

production budget will depend on how much you want to spend

and how much of the assets you currently have on hand. Custom production of content will depend on whether or not you desire a 15 second piece or a 60 second piece. Each of these elements will have to be priced on an as-needed basis. A Content Subscription is a good way to get generic content on a monthly basis based on the theme/content you prefer. Themes will be agreed upon while finalizing content marketing strategy.


1. CA Integrated brand – 15 sec.

2. Recent WINs from Color Art companies – 30 sec.

3. Furniture Product– 30 sec.

*4. Get fit tips for the new year – 15 sec.

5. CARE brand – 30 sec.

6. New Healthcare Product – 30 sec.

*6. Healthy Advice: vertical market sign– 30 sec.

7. FMSG Brand – 30 sec.

8. 2013 Event Updates – 15 sec.

9. ITG Brand – 30 sec

10. Education Content on broadcasting across campus –15 sec.

11. Education Products – 15 sec.

*12. Winter lunch ideas for school – 15 sec.

13. CIC Brand – 30 sec.

*14. Showroom piece – 30 sec.

*Note: These items depict a generic pool of content that I will be working on for a library subscription. Fees for these elements will be based on a subscription package that will be determined by the Initial Content Management Strategy Meeting.

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Custom Corporate Templates: The development of custom, corporate templates that can be used for each of the color art integrated interior companies. Each company will need two formats: 16:9 and 4:3 ratios. Cost per company: $250

Initial Content Management Strategy & Monthly Service: The purpose of the content management strategy service is to create a workflow that is most efficient for all parties involved. From submitting requests and proposing content ideas, to laying out the time and production limitations/capabilities of these requests. This meeting is vital in determining the content and workflow to make this campaign successful. It includes the development of • a 12-month timeline • strategy and content mix to be rolled out February 1, 2013 • gathering internal assets, themes/content ideas, • templates required to increase the efficiency of the uploads • the management/training process • custom content will also be determined based on individual project needs, however, we will look at ways of using the current stock to update and revise for ease of use by Bethany Initial Content Management Strategy fee: $2,500 The monthly management fee includes a monthly meeting to gather information needed for the upcoming schedule. This will begin February 1, 2013. Monthly management fee: ! $500

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Content Subscription: 3 pieces will be made available on a monthly basis as indicated by your subscription selection: for example, if you were interested in Workspace Insight, the piece would discuss: • How you can create a more productive workplace…through remodel? • How should/can art be utilized…wayfinding, healing, and serenity. • Fun/Cool office trends for geeks (Google, Apple, etc) • How is lighting used to create an enhanced atmosphere? Annual Content Subscription: $100/month, 12 month commitment: 3 pieces/month

Custom Content Production: Creation of customized animation will be determined on a projectby-project basis. Hourly fee: $150/hour Payment Structure: •

Retainer of $2,500 due at signing of contract.

Corporate template fee of 50% due at beginning of development, and remainder to be paid upon completion.

Monthly management/subscription fees due on the first of each month.

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