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Rural companies must invest in a good internet plan If you have ever had a bad internet connection, you know the value of a good one. When it comes to business, fast and reliable internet is key to the success of networks, software, checkouts, hotspots. and most things that help your business operate. At Tularosa Communications, we pride ourselves on having the best infrastructure to power business-grade internet and deliver speeds up to 1/1 Gbps. Many rural businesses don't keep up with technology and end up losing business to nearby cities who deliver a better customer experience. That is why we dedicated ourselves to make sure that we provide businesses with competitive internet solutions to support your business needs. With high performance internet, your business now has the ability to enjoy seamless video conferencing, massive file sharing, can access advanced voice services, and support the software it uses to conduct business without lag time. The translation is: reliable connectivity boosts productivity and ensures your customers get the best experience while doing business with you.



The benefits of our internet Eliminate lags and deficiencies within your business to improve the customer experience. Powers seamless telecommunications performance such as teleconferencing and VoIP, Enhanced bandwidth for software and application support. Stable connectivity with reduced latency and outages. Local customer support team with 24/7 on call technicians.

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that businesses


without network design were either doomed to fail as their inter-company communication lines halted

Network design has never been more essential

during the pandemic shelter-in-place orders, or were forced to scramble last minute to get one. As companies continue to be thrusted more into a digital age. network capability proves to be as important as good employees. A good design will allow for enhanced office support like computer A talking to printer B, while giving mobility and access for field or remote work, but will also ensure data protection like cloud back-up services and security. With all these layers of support, firewalls, backups and lets face it... cords- it's a job better left to the pros. Having our MSP team handle your networking needs will not only save you on time and frustration, but will also eliminate unnecessary purchases giving


you cost savings as well.


The benefits of flexible networking Our network managers can design your network so that it works for you.

Multi-service ports to support voice, internet, and access circuits on a VPN. Public and private access connectivity to ensure users have the right accessibilty. Scalability to provide flexibility and cost savings. Growing? No problem! Real time management with 24/7 monitoring and performance reporting


Data breaches can bankrupt your company or clients Â

Malware, spyware. ransomeware, botnets,

But where do you start? Shouldn't your latest

trojans, phishing. worms, unpatched software...

subscription to anti-virus software cover you?

who can keep up? The truth is that many

The answer is: not always. What clients don't

businesses don't, and that is a huge threat not only

realize is that there is a lot of management,

to your business, but also to your client's personal

maintenance, and customization that goes into

data. That is why so many big companies are

business cyber security- like updates, patching,

requiring smaller companies to verify security

firewalls where you need them, and securing data

compliance measures before they will do business

in a cloud environment in the event a piece of

with you. An employee with access to company

equipment goes down. There are also layers of

email on her unsecured phone that unsuspectingly

access and security clearance that should be

clicks on the wrong link, can you have you and

incorporated into your network to protect your

companies that work with you paying millions due

business in the event of a cyber attack.

to data breaches. Most businesses don't have IT personnel that In 2020, large security firms are reporting that

are proficient in cyber security and that is why we

cyber attacks have more than doubled, which

have dedicated staff who do this for our clients to

makes sense because the pandemic created a

ensure that their business is protected 24/7- all

perfect environment of increased traffic and

year long.

transactions online.



The benefits of managed security With multifaceted 24/7 monitoring and incident response, you eliminate inefficiencies. Managed security across all network devices. DDoS mitigation, firewalls, endpoint security systems, filtering, and secure cloud services. Threat management and intrusion detection reporting. Incident recovery response, removal, and analysis.


Missing calls costs you more money than the VoIP investment Nowadays, no one wants to wait or be given an alternative number to dial. How many times have you called a business like a bank or credit card company, only to hear that you dialed the wrong department and now have to start all over- and the dread of dialing that new number frustrates you? If the issue isn't imminent, many people won't follow through and it leaves a negative connotation in their mind about your service. The beauty of VoIP (and companies that have it), is that it allows customers to be transferred despite geographic location, has a hold message feature to distract the customer and inform them of important business information while waiting, and transfers directly to voicemail for a better customer experience. For the businesses, calls can automatically be routed to alternative numbers after a certain number of rings if an employee is on leave, or can be directed to cell phone numbers if in the field. This means, business is not lost and clients stay happy.



The benefits of hosted voice Conduct better business with features like park, rollover, auto-attendant, and hold messaging.

Robust call routing and automation settings deliver the best customer experience. Scalability for your business no matter how big or small. Mobility when you need it, simply route calls to cell phones when in the field. Self-service customer portal allows you to change settings in real time.


Business needs to be mobile for more than one reason Imagine business where each employee has one company owned number that will reach them in the office, in the field, or while they work from home without them lugging around company equipment. That means customers and co-workers no longer have to be frustrated because they are being sent to voicemail yet again when they reach out on the wrong line. It also means that you no longer have to provide company cell phones, alternative laptops to desktops, or allow expensive company equipment like handsets to be sent home. On top of added savings from reduced capital expenditures, our Max Mobility UC product eliminates the problem of having to toggle between software and apps to communicate via phone, video conference, and messaging. Our one app solution combines all three forms of communication into one intuitive interface tied to the company assigned number for a professional look no matter where you are. And if an employee terminates, client communication is maintained and business is not disrupted.



The benefits of Max Mobility One cost effective UC interface for audio, video and web conferencing that travels with you. Intuitive interface that even the novice can master. Flawless across multiple platforms, it can be ran from browser, desktop app, or mobile. Scalability for any enterprise size with personalization for your business. Cost effective pricing, no upgrades or time restraints, and no minimum user commitments.


Managed service providers bridge the gap for small businesses Â

Gain access to top talent IT professionals

Managed service providers also provide remote

without having to recruit, process and payroll

or onsite management of equipment and

them as employees. Not everyone can afford full-

networks. Something not working? With the click

time staff and/or not every business needs them.

of a button, a dedicated professional will be

The beauty of a managed service provider is that

working to fix your issue based on your trouble

you can leverage their expertise on a fee for

ticket entry, The remote support ability reduces

service basis.

downtime and keeps business operations optimized, Now, businesses can have the best

But what exactly does an MSP do? MSP teams

practices in place, while being cost effective so

can build the technological infrastructure that you

that both business and budget are protected from

need to operate more efficiently while keeping you

the get go.

protected from cyber threats. That means, they build networks according to the scale of your

With an IT professional's salary costing around

business to enhance the flow of communication,

$65,000- $100,000 per year, it is no wonder why

install firewall and security measures to make

small businesses lag on updated infrastructure,

sure that only the right people have access to

technologies, and security measures- they simply

certain files, integrate compliance and risk

can't afford it. Managed service providers bridge

mitigation, and report on analytics and data

that gap by offering a solution with a wide variety

management to keep you informed.

of managed options and a la carte services.



The benefits of managed services Employed IT experts working for you on a costeffective subscription based model. Remote and onsite troubleticket support for reduced downtimes. Scaled network design, installation, management, and monitoring eliminates unnecessary expenditures. Monitored and managed security and performance optimizes your work flow while protecting you from threats. Outsourced expertise saves you time and money so you can focus on your business.

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TBTC/TCI ADA Statement of Compliance and Relay New Mexico flyer available in all offices. TBTC/TCI are equal opportunity service providers.