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2nd Quarter 2012

The Death of Redevelopment Making Sure the “Estate” Pays all the Debts of the Deceased © 2012 Laurie N.Gustafson, Paula S. Crow and Charles R. Olson As Governor Brown would say, the “funeral” is over. The initial shock has worn off. It’s time to move on. If you were doing business with a redevelopment agency (RDA) before it dissolved as a developer, service provider or otherwise, where do you stand now? Below we offer a brief review of what to be aware of to protect your interests. Bottom line – Is your contract with the former RDA an “enforceable obligation” as defined in California Assembly Bill No. 26 (AB 26) which dissolved the RDAs? You’ll need to be prepared to make your case that it is, not just once, but at continuing six month intervals for the foreseeable future. The intent of the California legislature, emphatically expressed in AB 26, is to preserve all assets of each former RDA for use by the local government for core services such as police, fire and schools. According to AB 26, former RDAs collected approximately 12% of all property taxes in California, for a total of $5 billion in fiscal year 20112012. Although AB 26 states that AB 26 should not be construed to interfere with a former RDA’s payment obligations, it also states, more than once, that efforts should be made to terminate

or renegotiate agreements to reduce obligations, allowing more funds for core services. AB 26 establishes layers of checks and balances to achieve the goal of asset preservation. First, a successor agency (SA) must be established for each dissolved RDA. In most cases this role has been undertaken by the jurisdiction that formed the RDA. For example, the City and County of San Francisco is the SA to the former San Francisco RDA. (The City of Los Angeles, which declined the successor agency role, is a notable exception.) The SA’s job is to, as expeditiously as possible, wind up the affairs of the former RDA; however, in the process keep paying all “enforceable obligations”. The next level is the local Oversight Board (OB), each comprised of seven members – its job is to check that the SA complies with the law. In San Francisco, the Mayor has appointed four members to the OB. The other three were appointed by BART (the largest special district receiving property tax dollars), the City Superintendent of Schools and the Community College District. The

OB is thus comprised of stakeholders interested in ensuring that former RDA funds are redistributed to taxing entities for non-redevelopment purposes. With the OB’s veto power over the SA’s decisions, the SA cannot simply act as a continuation, unchecked, of the former RDA. Finally, at the state level, the Controller and the Department of Finance (DOF) each has the right to check and overturn SA and OB decisions. The identification of “enforceable obligations” began before the former RDAs were dissolved. Each RDA prepared (continued on page 2)



(continued from page 1) a list of “enforceable obligations.” Generally speaking, parties with a fully executed, properly adopted contract with a former RDA were likely to be included on the list. After adopting the enforceable obligations list, each former RDA prepared a draft “Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule” (ROPS) listing enforceable obligations and payments due from January 1 – June 30, 2012, for consideration by the SA.

Shipyard and portions of Bay View Hunters Point and Transbay.

Following dissolution of the RDA, each SA adopted its own ROPS for OB approval. Under AB 26, the OB has a fiduciary duty to both the holders of enforceable obligations and the taxing entities that stand to benefit from the redirected RDA funds. In San Francisco, significant battles between the SA and OB are not likely given that the city and county are the same entity; in contrast, Oakland and San Jose are each just one of multiple jurisdictions within their respective counties, all of which will fight for a portion of the remaining funds.

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Finally, after the OB has approved the ROPS, the SA must have, no later than April 15, 2012, submitted the ROPS to the DOF and Controller for approval. As the dust begins to settle on the dissolution of the RDAs, in many instances, the state level is where the challenges to “enforceable obligations” will occur. If more local tax dollars are available for schools, less burden is on the state to provide those funds. The state has the most to gain if local property tax funds are redirected from former RDA contracts. To perform their audit and oversight functions, the DOF and Controller must have the necessary resources. AB 26 allows the state to use former RDA funds for this purpose. Thus, the state has a motive to vigorously challenge “enforceable obligations” and an expense account to mount the fight. The Governor however, will likely direct that the state select its challenges carefully so that tax increment funds be used only to fight battles with the greatest likelihood of success and reward. Under AB 26, the ROPS listing and approval process repeats itself every six months until all enforceable obligations are completed. Getting on the initial list does not assure protection from future challenge. AB 26 permits the OB and the SA to terminate or renegotiate enforceable obligations to reduce expenses. Revisiting the approval process every six months facilitates this goal by seemingly making this a continuing iterative process. Legislation is being proposed that would allow an SA to prepare the ROPS each twelve months. Although new legislation may streamline the process, any legislation that would substantially overhaul the process would likely be vetoed by the Governor. As this unfolds, plenty remains to be seen, and enforceability battles will likely spawn lawsuits when the stakes are high. In San Francisco, perhaps the best chance of staying on the ROPS is to be under the umbrella of a large project that has been deemed an enforceable obligation and will likely remain on each succeeding ROPS, such as Mission Bay, Hunters Point

The bottom line is, if you have an unfinished contract with any former RDA, vigilance is key – you need to make sure your contract is on each ROPS going forward. The content of this article is not intended to provide legal advice or to create an attorney-client relationship with the readers.

Laurie N.Gustafson, Paula S. Crow and Charles R. Olson are real estate attorneys at Stein & Lubin LLP. Their many years of experience include work in all areas of real estate, from acquisitions and sales, to leasing, financing, construction and redevelopment. Their practice also includes more specialized areas such as affordable housing and land use/CEQA representation and related litigation. Laurie currently serves on the Board of Directors of CREW San Francisco. Paula currently serves as Board Counsel to the Emeryville Oversight Board.


CREW SF welcomed Jennifer Siebel Newsom on January 11 for a discussion of her film, Miss Representation, a documentary about the portrayal of women in media. Here are just two of the many responses to this discussion inspired by the preview of the film. Be sure to check out EVERYTHING EVENTS for a full listing regarding our upcoming screening.

We’re Miss Represented: So Now What? It is a fact that women are objectified and marginalized in the media. It is a fact that women are under-represented in positions of power and influence in America. It is a fact that our society is too slow at moving towards equality for women. These issues have all been true for a very, very long time. Through Miss Representation, Newsom illustrates well that women are indeed vastly mis-represented; however, the average person is fully aware that women don’t fare well. The film left me boiling, freshly disappointed at the disparity, and overall feeling pretty helpless. I kept thinking: “So now what?” Newsom should be commended for raising awareness to women’s issues, yet the film needed to move beyond stating the obvious and explore a real call to action. The footage of young women discussing their loss of self-esteem, their anxieties, and their frustrations at the world before them, made me curious about the future from their eyes. Hearing testimonies from these young women made it clear that, as a society, we haven’t done enough to support them. We haven’t come up with realistic strategies for average women and girls to hold on to, find comfort in, and implement as they move through life. I kept thinking what an inspiring film it would have been if it focused on exploring, discovering, and finding solutions. (continued on page 3)


(continued from page 2) Being part of a male-dominated industry myself, I couldn’t help to think what Newsom would see had she put her lens over women in the real estate industry. How far have we collectively come? What legacy are we leaving for the next generation of women? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but there is certainly room for more female leaders in real estate. The fact that CREW even exists is proof that we value, and perhaps even need, the net that binds us together. In my search to answer “so now what” I decided it was my responsibility to make a pledge to the young women of tomorrow. For what it’s worth, I pledge to do a project with a team consisting entirely of women. Yes – all women. When I think about the young women in real estate searching for examples, watching us, looking up to us, I want to do what I can to let them know that I see them coming. ~ Krissy Mummert, Urban Field Group

Reinforcing the “CREW-Volution” When Jennifer Siebel Newsome’s video clip of Miss Representation ended, I realized that I had been holding my breath. I looked around the room at the CREW luncheon; the audience was serious and teary eyes were not uncommon. The nine-minute clip exposing how mainstream media disparagingly portrays women and contributes to the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America struck a chord for me. I was left with a stew of emotions: conviction, incitement, anger, sadness and empowerment. At that moment, I was proud to be amongst fellow members of CREW, “a strong industry [that] succeeds with women in positions of power and authority. CREW SF’s goal is to continue to provide opportunities for education and for leadership development for women so that they can succeed.” Valerie Concello, President CREW SF. The inspiring “CREW-Volution” that started CREW SF 25 years ago was to intended to provide opportunities beyond the “good old boys” commercial real estate industry. To me, CREW is a testament to how small actions can lead to cultural and sociological change. On the elevator ride down to the lobby, I was with two CREW members; one male and one female. We exchanged opinions about the program, and the male was hesitant to contribute. After some prodding, he expressed his opinion that women in leadership positions compromise family structure. In response to his opinion, the woman shared her personal experience as a full-time attorney. Due to her work, she and her husband relied on the assistance of a nanny to help raise her children. She was very proud of her accomplished, grown-up children. In her experience, she was able to have a successful full-time career and made a point to make the time spent with her family of high quality and value. I found this woman’s experience inspiring and respected her ability to challenge our society,

which is rooted in the patriarchal, dominator model. This view of a patriarchal system will not change until people are willing to step outside of it and create new structures, including gender roles, based on equity and justice. While individual acts do not necessarily change institutional and social structures, examples such as this woman’s can change consciousness and encourage collective action to transform institutions. I am seven years in to my career and am well aware of the ‘good old boys” redux. CREW SF connects me with accomplished women whom I look to as mentors. In turn, I intend to do the same. As members of CREW SF, we have the power of hundreds of professionals with a limitless supply of talent, motivation, and spirit ready to work toward positive change. Continue to do what you do everyday! ~ Kristina Owyoung, Pankow Builders

Everything Events may 22 - miss representation


y popular demand! A full screening of the film Miss Representation. Those of you who missed an enticing luncheon presentation in January by the film’s creator, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, will have an opportunity to view the entire award-winning film, Miss Representation. We know the problem – women in our country, including in our industry, are vastly under-represented in positions of power, leadership and influence. Miss Representation examines and challenges the media’s limited portrayal of women and the effect this misrepresentation has had on the underrepresentation of women in leadership positions. With candid interviews with politicians, actors, journalists and teenage girls, the film explores actions to take to change this direction so that women and girls can reach their potential as leaders in our industry and our society. Join members of CREW SF and guests for viewing the documentary, enjoy a glass of wine while networking before the screening, and engage in a post-film discussion. Please visit to register for this event or to find more information!

2012 CREW SF Golf Tournament


ore! Look for details on the 11th Annual CREW SF Golf Tournament, tentatively scheduled for September. Bring out your collared golf shirts, khaki shorts and sunscreen as CREW SF will be moving this golf tournament to a warmer side of the Bay. Take a break from your typical workweek and join CREW SF and fellow golfers in the industry for an excellent day of networking, new friendships and a fun game of golf in the sunshine. *Date and golf course to be announced soon. The good news? You won’t have to wear a parka!


SPOTLIGHT ON CREW NETWORK WHAT IS A DELEGATE? What is the best analogy for CREW Network? Since the organization is based on a federation model, one might be tempted to compare it to the U.S. Congress, which is also a central body comprised of local representatives. However, that comparison would probably conjure up a divisive, dysfunctional organization, which doesn’t fit at all. Perhaps a wheel with many spokes is a better analogy – but you somehow have to think of the spokes as not just attaching to the hub, but also having connections to each other. That is a bit of a mind twister, but those connections are at the heart of CREW Network. CREW SF is one of 74 member organizations (chapters) that comprise CREW Network. Each chapter is represented by two Delegates. CREW SF’s is represented by Helen Duong (Boston Properties) and Nancy Lundeen (Allen Matkins). Each year, Delegates from all 74 chapters get together at three Council Meetings held by CREW Network. They meet on February 2-3, 2012 in Albuquerque, NM (it snowed!). Next up is June 14-15 in Montreal, QC and finally on October 24 in Chicago, IL. Delegate’s are meant to serve as a liaison between CREW Network and its’ chapter; making sure members or their chapter are aware and take advantage of the resources available to them including: CREW Network Board Hosted Conference Calls which provide an opportunity for chapter leaders to interface with one another, share best practices and examine new ideas and approaches to major topics impacting quality chapter operations; Leadership Series Webinars which offers programs that help CREW Network members develop and improve their leadership skills, increase their knowledge of the industry and gain strategies for dealing with the unique challenges women leaders face today. The program includes the Leadership Development Series, Chapter Chairman Leadership Series and University Lecture Series; CREW Network Chapter Playbooks that are developed by CREW members and staff to serve as a guide for chapters and committees on best practices; CREW Network Industry Research White Papers and Benchmark Studies provide industry reliable statistics addressing the advancement of women in commercial real estate and to develop the business case for diversity. Through the development of annual white papers and the publication of its industry benchmark study every five years, CREW Network is the definitive resource for information on women in the commercial real estate. This year Helen and Nancy hope to share the tangible and intangible benefits of being part of an 8,000 member organization. CREW SF teams are encouraged to use our Delegates to access information and suggestions from CREW Network leadership and as well as knowlegde from other chapters. To really experience what it means to be a part of CREW Network, you are encouraged to join Helen, Nancy and many others from CREW SF at the CREW Network Convention & Marketplace in Chicago, IL from October 24-27, 2012.

Mark Your Calendar Evening Networking Event Miss Representation Screening May 22 | 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM Delancey St Theater, 600 Embarcadero

Real Estate Tour June 13 | time TBD

Membership Madness June 27 | time TBD

Luncheon Legislative Impacts on California July 11 | 11:30 AM- 1:30 PM

Real Estate Tour August 8 | time TBD

CREW SF Golf Tournament 11th Annual Golf Tournament TBD in September

Leadership Breakfast September 12 | time TBD

Evening Networking October 10 | time TBD

2012 CREW Network Convention & Marketplace October 24-27, 2012 Hilton Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Luncheon Annual Economic Forecast November 14 | 11:30 AM- 1:30 PM San Francisco City Club

Luncheon Annual Holiday Meeting & Auction December 12 | 11:30 AM- 1:30 PM San Francisco City Club

Member successes Julia Nelson has a new role as Director of the Lifestyle Portfolio at Design Worldlife Partnership in Bangkok, Thailand. She will be responsible for the management of their hospitality, high end retail and high end residential division, overseeing a team of 25 people. She brings nearly 25 years of experience in base building architecture and corporate interiors to her new position. For the previous four years, Julie has served as project manager for a range of commercial interior projects at hooksASD in San Francisco.


CREW SF Build Day Twenty CREW SF members volunteered on March 2nd for a Habitat for Humanity Build Day. Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco partners with hardworking families, community volunteers and donors to build affordable ownership homes in Marin, San Francisco and on the Peninsula. The site was a 36 unit condominium building in Daly City, located at 7555 Mission St. The development is the largest and most ambitious new construction of any Habitat affiliate in the U.S. CREW SF provided coffee and croissants for a morning networking session before the build began. The Habitat for Humanity program provides a handup, not a hand-out. Habitat Greater San Francisco selects hard-working families with very low incomes to partner with them as homeowners.

Trish Kuo Beckman, (Field Paoli Architects) and Alaine Raven (First American Exchange Company, LLC)

Aly Ebzery (BCCI Construction Company) and Lauren Huntley (Veritas Investments Inc.)

Molly Jans (Swinerton Builders)

Chris Fraedrich (Poplar Builders)

Catherine Phillips (First American Title Insurance Company)

Jessica Vasquez (Securitas Security Services USA)

Applicants for homeownership go through an extensive selection process, including a review of their financial status, job history, residency, and other qualifications. Applicants must meet income guidelines, have good credit, a minimal level of debt, and be willing and able to perform 500 hours of “sweat equity� to build their own homes. The selection process, building of the home, and sweat equity can take up to 18 months. There are numerous tasks that volunteers can be involved in. Jobs include community facility repair such as painting or demolition; single family home rehabilitation such as tiling a bathroom, installing windows, or repairing a roof. The work at 7555 Mission St, which the CREW volunteers were a part of was building from the ground up, including blocking and framing, drywall, siding, fiber and denim insulation. A fun day was had by all. It was an opportunity to roll up our sleeves, take a break from our desks, and work side by side with fellow CREW members for the greater good. About the Author Amy Frank is an Interior Designer at Gensler.

Top Row, from right: Elizabeth Erhardt (Rutan & Tucker LLP), Chad Wilson (First American Title Insurance Company), Verna Causby-Smith (FDIC), Amy Frank (Gensler), Michelle Margiotta Fraedrich (Cornish & Carey Commercial Newmark Knight Frank) and Chris Fraedrich (Poplar Builders). Second Row, from right: Trish Kuo Beckman (Field Paoli Architects), Catherine Phillips (First American Title Insurance Company), Kristin Gowdy (RMA, Inc.), Laurie Gustafson (Stein & Lubin LLP), Julie Baird (First American Title Insurance Company | NCS), Jessica Vasquez (Securitas Security Services USA) and Kristina Owyoung (Pankow Builders). Bottom Row, from right: Aly Ebzery (BCCI Construction Company), Alaine Raven (First American Exchange Company, LLC), Ed Rusky (First American Title Insurance Company), Lauren Huntley (Veritas Investments Inc.) and Donna Schumacher (Donna Schumacher Architecture).


Meet the TEAM LEADS PROGRAMS team TRIO Lead - Alaine Raven Business Development Manager First American Exchange Company, LLC Chair - Lada Kocherovsky Associate Principal Page & Turnbull Vice Chair - Michelle Jones Managing Principal RIM Architects The Programs Team is determined to elevate the quality of our events, seminars and programs to a new level by involving the most accomplished members of San Francisco’s real estate community, CREW members and industry experts. The Program Team’s goal is to provide educational, networking, and leadership development opportunities, while encouraging strong business relationships through CREW. A number of successful programs have taken place this year, including an empowering presentation by Jennifer Seibel Newsom on her documentary Miss Representation and an engaging discussion with real estate experts that focused on San Francisco’s Mid-Market Development. The 2012 Programs Team includes: Team Lead, Alaine Raven (First American Exchange Title Company), Chair, Lada Kocherovsky (Page & Turnbull Architects) and Vice Chair, Michelle Jones (RIM Architects). Critical members of the team are Program Director in Real Estate, Melissa Holmes (Holmes & Associates), Program Director in Leadership, Laurie Gustafson (Stein & Lubin LLP) and Program Director in Networking, Sherril Jackson (SEJ Design). We are lucky and grateful to be supported by a strong project management team who assist us with every aspect of event preparation. The CREW SF Programs Team is a great avenue for members to become more involved by participating in determining the types of programs, defining the approach to presentations and events, selecting and working with keynote speakers and presenters, and providing coordination and support. We look forward to working with you and welcome you to our team! The Programs Team meets on the fourth Thursday of each month from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at Stein & Lubin, LLP, 600 Montgomery Street, Fl 14, San Francisco.

Communications team Julie Frankel Marketing Manager Treadwell & Rollo Western Region The Communications Team is responsible for the publication “The View”, the emailed Miniqués, and most of the printed and electronic messages that CREW SF sends out. The mission of the Communications Team is to articulate the value and benefits of CREW SF to our existing and potential membership base through media channels and to convey CREW SF’s message to its membership, the real estate community, and business community at large. Julie is the Marketing Manager for the Western Region of Treadwell & Rollo, an environmental, geotechnical and civil engineering firm with six offices in California. She is in charge business development and marketing activities for the firm which include production of corporate marketing initiatives, as well as coordination of proposals and qualifications packages. She plays a large role throughout the entire business development cycle at Treadwell & Rollo, leading industry organizations like CREW SF, attending events, coordinating sponsorships and maintaining network relationships. The Communications Team meets on the third Thursday of each month from 12:30 pm -1:30 pm at the Treadwell & Rollo offices at 555 Montgomery St, Ste1300, San Francisco.

community affairs team Andrea Tobias Marketing Communications Manager BCCI Construction Company The Community Affairs Team upholds the objectives of CREW San Francisco through charitable and educational endeavors. The team’s responsibilities include coordination and fundraising for community service and community outreach programs throughout the year. These programs include UCREW, an event that reaches out to college students seeking a career in commercial real estate, the CREW SF Scholarship Program for members aspiring to enhance their professional development, and the highly anticipated and exceptionally well-attended annual CREW SF Golf Tournament. With over 10 years of industry experience, Andrea has developed a thriving career as a marketing professional within the world of commercial real estate. Her passion for public relations, advertising and business development strategies are directed towards helping companies establish brand recognition in the marketplace. Andrea currently works for BCCI Construction Company, a leading commercial contractor (continued on page 7)


(continued from page 6) serving the Greater Bay Area. Prior to joining BCCI, she served as Marketing Manager at STUDIOS Architecture for seven years. The Community Affairs Team meets on the third Wednesday of each month from 12:00 pm -1:00 pm at Holland & Knight, 50 California Ste 2800, San Francisco.

MEMBERSHIP team Lora Estabrook Dir. of Business Dev. CB2 Builders The Membership Team is responsible for Member Recruitment, Retention & Services. Their goals and strategies are to recruit new CREW SF members, work with existing members on member services and retention, and strive for 100% member satisfaction. They are the conduit through which all new members are processed. The Membership Team organizes Membership Madness, an event where existing CREW SF members attend for free if they bring a prospective member. They are also responsicle for The Welcome Committee who contacts each newly approved member and explain the benefits of participating in CREW SF teams, as well as New Member Orientation Lunches, that allow new members to get to know one another while learning about CREW. The Team also focuses on recruitment of potential new members through individual lunch and coffee meetings. Lora has over 35 years in real estate and related industries, and she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her clients. She has been a business development consultant for premiere general construction firms in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years. Currently, Lora is the Director of Business Development for CB2 Builders in San Francisco. Her dedication, honesty and integrity are integral parts of her personal and professional mantra. The Membership Team meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm. Locations vary.

finance team Sherry Geyer Vice President First Republic Bank The Finance Team contists of the Chief Financial Officer, who manages the budgeting for the chapter, as well as the Sponsorship Team. The Sponsorship Team develops contacts in the local community for the chapter to partner with. Companies can take advantage of the package of benefits that CREW SF offers to sponsors, which includes visibility of chapter members and the business community throughout the year as well as opportunities for networking with members. The Finance Team identifies individuals and businesses in the community who either support chapter goals or who could clearly benefit from a particular program offered. These businesses are offered a strategic partnership with CREW SF. The Finance Team is led by experienced professionals with deep ties across the local real estate community. The Team Lead is Sherry Geyer (VP, First Republic Bank), Chief Financial Officer is Jeanne Madden (Mission Bay Development Group, LLC) and Trish Kuo Beckman (BD+C, Field Paoli), who also serves on the CREW SF Board of Directors as a liaison to Finance Team. Sherry has been in the commercial real estate industry for more than 30 years. From the humble beginnings as a clerk in a construction trailer, Sherry went on to become an asset manager before attending law school. Sherry was a real estate and finance lawyer for 15 years before joining her client, First Republic Bank, in a business capacity. She is currently a VP of Lending Services at First Republic Bank where her responsibilities include the management of the commercial real estate closing department. The Finance Team meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 8:30 am at the First Republic Offices at 111 Pine Street, Fl 4, San Francisco.

NEWS Website Thanks to the Communications Team, CREW SF launched a new website on April 16, 2012! The new design will make it easier to navigate our site, provide for a better format to showcase our sponsors, and will list events in a more modern style. Check it out at

The CREW Scholarship program This program is designed to assist active CREW SF members in taking courses and pursuing other activities to enhance their careers in commercial real estate. Our Community Affairs Team (CAT) maintains a database of courses, classes and other activities that might be suitable, but applicants are not limited to activities in the database. CREW SF members who desire to use scholarship funds are required to submit an application describing how they propose to use the funds and how the particular activity will be rewarding to the applicant’s career. For information visit the Resource Center on

Governance Committee The Governance Committee is responsible for seeking qualified candidates to serve on the CREW SF Board of Directors, as well as for evaluating and making recommendations to enhance the quality and future viability of the board. They take the lead in succession planning and help to identify potential candidates for the Board. In the coming months we will be asking for members to self-nominate or nominate other candidates they feel have the leadership skills and board potential. Direct questions of the Governance Team to members: Past President, Kim Havens or President-Elect, Helen Duong.



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Allen Matkins, founded in 1977, is a California-based law firm with approximately 220 attorneys in four major metropolitan areas of California: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Chambers & Partners USA has ranked Allen Matkins as the number one real estate law firm in California for the 10th consecutive year. The firm’s core specialties include real estate, real estate and commercial finance, bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, construction, land use, natural resources, environmental, corporate and securities, intellectual property, joint ventures, taxation, employment and labor law, and dispute resolution and litigation in all these matters. For more than 30 years, Allen Matkins has helped clients turn opportunity and challenge into success by providing practical advice, innovative solutions and valuable business opportunities. When clients’ challenges require experienced trial counsel, Allen Matkins has a proven track record of successful litigation before juries, judges and arbitrators.

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