Rüdiger Schlömer

Rüdiger Schlömer

Berlin, Germany

Schalalala is a fan scarf remix project which started during the soccer world cup 2006. Since then, it has shifted from virtually remixing fan scarfs on its website to the physical realization of these remixes.

On the occasion of the exhibition Craftwerk 2.0 at the Jönköping County Museum, Sweden, Schalalala introduces a continuation of its fan scarf remix, which is inspired by movable type printing:

THE JÖNKÖPING LETTER ARCHIVE is a collection of single letter knitting patterns extracted from existing fan scarfs, which were found on the internet. For the duration of the exhibition (Sep. 19, 2009 - Jan. 16, 2010), the archive will be used for an internet experiment:

Jönköping residents and knitters worldwide are invited to each re-knit one letter from the archive and send it to the museum. All letters will be connected in order of arrival, thus generating a non-predictable text(ile) outcome.