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2 Thursday, March 11, 2010


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Sea Grant researcher to determine economic impact of birdwatching SUBMITTED BY OHIO SEA GRANT AND STONE LABORATORY COLUMBUS — The average birdwatcher in Ohio is a Baby Boomer with an average individual income more than $50,000, often with at least one college degree. With numbers like those, the state’s 2.4 million birdwatchers are obviously an important segment of Ohio’s $39 billion tourism industry, but until now, no one has studied exactly how much they impact the state’s economy. In the coming year, however, Ohio Sea Grant researcher Philip Xie plans to find out, and the information he uncovers could be used by resource managers, conservation groups, local officials and tourism organizations to create new programming, improve and preserve natural areas, and entice new visitors — and their dollars — to the Buckeye State. Xie, associate professor at Bowling Green State University, will focus his study on six sites along the shores of Lake Erie, from Toledo to Conneaut. “Using a 50- or 60-question survey, we’ll ask if they’re from out of state or in state,� he says. “How much are they spending to travel? How much on food, accommodations and equipment while they’re here? Lastly, we’ll ask for feedback on what they like and what they’d like to see improved.�

By talking to many different bird enthusiasts to pinpoint their expectations, Xie’s research can help resource managers, local governments and tourism groups hone their facilities and programming to satisfy a variety of visitors. Frank Lopez, who manages Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife, believes the study will also give communities the hard data they need to back up their   "( %"$"#%"%"$" ''$' "$  conservation efforts. " "#$$  #$$$ %( ""'$ “In Ohio, conservation and land "( use decisions are generally made at %$"%#$  "%"$"$# 

   "&#$'''$ $  the local level, so giving the decisionPHOTO BY ANGIE ADAIR makers a full picture of the economic !!(  The Midwest Birding Symposium was back in Ohio for the first time in a decade in Sepvalue of wildlife resources and tember. Lakeside served as the host site for the event that featured presentations by habitats could lead to improved or additional access to public lands,� he North America’s leading experts, an extensive vendor area with nature products and information, birding at the area’s top birding spots and the opportunity for both novice and explains. Preliminary data from this study experienced birders to network with fellow enthusiasts. will be available in spring 2011. To read more about this Ohio Sea The Biggest Week in American Birding Grant-funded research, visit http:// A big birding event is planned during the peak of spring warbler migration in the "Warbler twineline/v32i1.pdf. Capital of the World," the Lake Erie Marsh Region of Northwest Ohio. This inaugural bird The Ohio State University’s Ohio festival: “The Biggest Week in American Birding� is hosted by Black Swamp Bird Observatory, Sea Grant College Program is part of Tropical Birding, Kaufman Field Guides, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and Magee Marsh NOAA Sea Grant, a network of 30 Sea Wildlife Area. This birding festival week will be so jam-packed with workshops, warblers, free Grant Programs dedicated to the guided activities, warblers, half-day trips, keynote speakers, workshops and more warblers that protection and sustainable use of it will have to be held over 11 days, from Thursday, May 6, through Sunday, May 16. marine and Great Lakes resources. For For information, visit information on Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab, visit

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DRUCKENMILLER AGENCY, LTD 152 West Water Street - Oak Harbor, OH 43449 Phone: 419-898-2801, 898-9691 Fax: 419-898-0018 E-mail:

ST. BONORE FINANCIAL SERVICES 152 West Water Street -     Oak Harbor, OH 43449  Phone: 419-898-7655, 898-7800 Fax: 419-898-0018    E-mail:


Your local hometown community bank since 1875! Catawba | Port Clinton | Put-in-Bay Bellevue | Sandusky We go where life takes you.


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Visitors Bureau optimistic for 2010 season By LARRY FLETCHER Executive Director 2009 was the third year of the partnership between the Ottawa and Erie County Visitor Bureaus marketing the region as Lake Erie Shores & Islands. When we planned for the year we knew from various data that despite a down economy, there were still plenty of people who wanted to travel, but their vacation budgets FLETCHER were smaller than a lot of destinations would allow. Our 2009 marketing plan was designed to meet this challenge head on with carefully targeted messages promoting this area as one that offered great experiences at a great value. Our media plan included television, on-line ads, magazine ads, newspaper inserts, billboards, social networking sites, and a comprehensive media relations program. We introduced a discount card program and began promoting specially priced getaway packages. We targeted family travelers and outdoor enthusiasts living within a five hour drive. Our advertising message was that this area of Ohio is “close to home and a long way from ordinary”. In a year during which most parts of Ohio showed declines in visitation, there is significant evidence that our marketing efforts were successful in

maintaining strong visitation levels to our area. The Visitors Bureau documented increases over 2008 in all major measurement criteria: county lodging tax collections, foot traffic in the Welcome Center, website activity, Travel Planner distribution, and phone inquiries. Smith Travel Research (an independent research firm that provides data to the U.S. lodging industry) showed that overall lodging occupancy levels in the Port Clinton/Sandusky region of Ohio showed a slight increase over 2008 and outperformed every other area in the state. This data is based however on the aggregate and the increased activity did not necessarily result in added revenue for all businesses. The same Smith Travel Research mentioned above also showed that average room rates and revenue per room were down in our area compared to 2008. We hope that in time we will see the visitor spending levels moving upward along with an increase in the number of people visiting the region. One of the main elements of our 2010 marketing plan seeks to benefit from the advertising power of these very visitors talking to each other about their travel experiences. To get a glimpse of this visit the Lake Erie Shores & Islands pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can link to these from the home page at www. On these sites you will find updates from the Visitors Bureau about destinations, events and activities in our region along with comments, photos and


videos from people who have visited our area. Another site we post to frequently is called Wordpress; often used by the media to gather data for stories. Our advances in this marketing approach are primarily due to the work of Abby Yetter, Social Media Specialist for Lake Erie Shores & Islands East in Sandusky. Working in conjunction with our Erie County partners, and with the support of more than 400 area tourism industry businesses, we will continue to implement aggressive marketing strategies that adapt to the needs of consumers. In doing so we

“County owned


stand a strong chance of succeeding in our goals despite these challenging economic times. Many thanks to our 2009 Board of Trustees for their contributions to our organization: Steve Arndt, Jamie Beier-Grant, J. Bou-Sliman, Jeff Bryden, Allen Cabral, Rick Claar, Scott Doty, Ann Duez, Kim Kaufman, Julene Market, Michael McCann, Ron Miller, Marilyn Reeder, Dianne Rozak, Veronica Sheets, Gaylord Sheldon, and Marijane Siewert. Special thanks also to the board and staff of the Erie County Visitors Bureau for their continued partnership.



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8180 West State Route 163, Oak Harbor, OH 43449


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Ottawa County Emergency Management Agency DIRECTOR: Fred Petersen DEPUTY DIRECTOR: Mike Drusbacky Administrative Assistant: Beth Koch The Emergency Management Agency (EMA) operates under the direction of the Board of Ottawa County Commissioners. The EMA assists county government and local communities in preventing, planning for, responding to, and recovering from disasters. The primary mission of the EMA is to save lives and protect property in

the event of a man-made or natural disaster. The secondary mission of the EMA is to restore public services and to expedite the recovery and rehabilitation of individuals in the event of large-scale disasters. These objectives are met by conducting coordinated operations throughout the four phases of Emergency Management: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Exercises are an important part of the agency’s responsibilities. The EMA conducts exercises with local,

regional, state, and federal response agencies. These exercises test the effectiveness of the County’s response plans and procedures. The agency maintains specialized response equipment throughout the County. This equipment includes hazardous materials response trailers, mass casualty response trailers, a mobile command post and decontamination shelters. The EMA conducts and coordinates training for response agencies for various types of emergencies

including nuclear, hazardous materials, terrorism incidents and natural disasters. The Ottawa County EMA has undergone a transition in 2010. Longtime Director Jim Greer retired at the end of 2009. Jim Greer established many of the programs that the agency currently handles. The current staff of the EMA plans to continue to provide the quality services and programs that Jim established in his tenure as Director.

6 Thursday, March 11, 2010


ADfilm/acpo Continues Quest for World Class SUBMITTED BY ADFILM, LTD./ACPO LTD. ADfilm, ltd./acpo ltd., located in Lake Winds Industrial Park in Oak Harbor, Ohio, is scheduled to complete a 25,000 square feet plant expansion Spring 2010. ADfilm/acpo has been part of the Ottawa County community for over twenty years, originally establishing in 1986 at a Marblehead Ohio facility. In 1997, ADfilm/acpo custom built their manufacturing plant at their current location in Oak Harbor. Today, they thrive as a major adhesive coated film supplier to the label printing industry. In 2009, ADfilm/acpo received the Large Business Award from the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation recognizing outstanding companies making a difference in growth and quality. Currently, ADfilm/acpo 125,000 square feet manufacturing plant houses three modern pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) coating machines, twelve technologically advanced slitters, a laboratory, expansive warehouse and shipping area. In 2009, ADfilm/acpo became ISO 9001:2008 certified to solidify their commitment to quality standards in their manufacturing process and service offerings. They are now embarking on an important journey to become World Class in Lean Management. The system focuses on achieving the best quality, lowest cost and shortest lead times through shortening the production flow by eliminating waste. The recent construction of the additional 25,000 square feet building expansion supports

ADfilm/acpo continuous improvement efforts. The space is designed to improve the work flow of raw materials and increase efficiencies within the adhesive coating department. The additional space provides a detailed, organized method of receiving raw materials and systematically distributing them throughout the various processes where the materials are converted into finished goods. ADfilm/acpo Chief Operating Officer Dave McSherry states, “Over the years, we have earned a reputation for producing quality products while striving for reliable customer service and on-time shipments. Now, we are taking our company to the next level to better serve our customers and co-workers. We will achieve this by building on our solid foundation of teamwork, customer focus and process discipline. This plant expansion strengthens our internal and external stability through manufacturing process development and efficiency improvements.” As the leading PSA roll label film manufacturer, the ADfilm/acpo product line is extensive. They offer same day shipping for all stock selfwound polypropylene overlaminates in quarter-inch increments in 5,000’ or 10,000’ roll lengths. In addition to the stock PSA polypropylene, they manufacture a full line of self-wound polypropylene and polyester adhesive coated films in clear and matte finish in various thicknesses. The specialty products include easy release, FDA compliant, photoluminescent,

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Going Green in the Winter! removable, thermal transfer, UL Recognized and UV screening. In addition, ADfilm/acpo recently launched a new line of self-wound overlaminates specifically designed for the digital printing market. Kim Sponseller, Marketing Manager for ADfilm/acpo states, “These different types of adhesive coated films appear on printed labels and product packaging purchased by consumers daily throughout the world. It is remarkable to me the overlaminate used for these labels and special packaging is created at our local manufacturing company.” ADfilm/acpo customer base is comprised of flexographic, digital and screen label printers as well as flexible packaging manufacturers and contract packagers. As a USA operation based facility, ADfilm/acpo proudly service their dedicated and loyal customers in North America and abroad. Consequently, they have established partnerships with dedicated national and international distributor networks that practice the same customer commitment for quality and service as ADfilm/acpo. In 2010, ADfilm/acpo introduced a new web site, available in English and Spanish versions, at The web site offers in-depth product content with descriptions and application examples, plus fun, educational discussion forums and blogs from their resident technical specialist, Nathan Storfer-Isser Ph. D., and Lean Manufacturing expert, Dave McSherry.

Gypsum, Ohio Phone - 419-732-3161

BY CRYSTAL DYMOND Ottawa Soil & Water Conservation District With the cold weather setting in, there are a few tips to help your pocket books and the environment! The winter season can cover our landscapes with a beautiful blanket of snow but our roadways tell a different story of pollution with dirty snow. Eventually the snow will melt and runoff into our waterways. As runoff flows over the ground it can pick up harmful pollutants and deposit them directly into our lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands and coastal waters. How can you help? This winter try these easy steps from EPA to stay warm, lower bills and help the environment: • No more then 30 seconds of idling to start your car on Winter days! • Keep your car tires fully inflated • Get a regular maintenance check up for your car • Set your thermostat or install a programmable thermostat to control heating in your home • Burn only dry wood in your chimney-wet wood burns incompletely and releases more pollutants into the air • Clean the South facing windows to let the sun in • Install weather stripping to keep heat inside the house • Replace an old heater with an energy efficient heater to save energy and money! • Consider using non-toxic de-icing substances. Some chemical de-icers can be hazardous to your pets, trees and environment • Save your fireplace ashes-cold wood ashes can be mixed in your compost heap to create a valuable soil amendment for your gardens • Education others on the importance of going green and helping the environment! For information to learn more about what you can do to help, or would like us to speak in your classroom or at a public event please contact the Ottawa Soil & Water Conservation District at: 419-898-1595.

United States Gypsum Company is the worldʼs largest producer of building construction materials. The Gypsum, OH Plant has been established since 1902. The facility maintains a staff of nearly 225 associates whom help produce a wide variety of products including joint compounds, wallboard tape, plasters, texturing products and Fiberrock Brand underlayment panels, abuse resistant and high impact wallboard, roof decking, exterior sheathing and water resistant board.


Put-in-Bay's 40-foot extension under way CLEVELAND — Great Lakes Shipyard, a division of The Great Lakes Group, has been awarded a contract by Miller Boat Line, Put-inBay, to fabricate and install a new 40-foot mid-body extension in the passenger/vehicle ferry Put-in-Bay. The contract was awarded Aug. 17 and work is under way at Great Lakes Shipyard's state-of-the-art facilities on the South Bank of the Old River Channel, on Cleveland's Cuyahoga River. The project is slated for completion by spring. Miller operates a fleet of four allsteel passenger/vehicle ferries, each approximately 96-feet in length, which run on Lake Erie from Catawba to the islands of Put-in-Bay (South Bass Island) and Middle Bass Island. The mid-body extension of the Putin-Bay will make the vessel 136-feet overall in length and will enable it to carry up to eight additional full-size automobiles or an additional 100 passengers. The project also includes the installation of new rudders, a new steering system and a new main engine keel cooling system. Miller Boat Line principal Scott Market said, “After a thorough source selection process, Great Lakes Shipyard was our clear choice. We are especially pleased to be working with an Ohio-based company.” The Great Lakes Group has been in Cleveland since 1899. In 2007, the company built a new fabrication and

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The Miller will once again feature more than 60 (free) coupons for Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island at www.millerferry. com/discounts/coupons.html Check out the Miller Ferries' Facebook, a very popular share of events, photos, history and more.

Going green Miller Boat Line becomes greener with the utilization of a bio-diesel blend used to power the ferries. Not only will it leave less of a carbon footprint, but the use of this new soy bean-derived fuel will eventually save on the wear and tear of the engines. More news about this coming in the spring at and Facebook. repair facility on the Cuyahoga River for the construction of unique custom-designed marine products, such as the mid-body section, and for tug and barge construction. Information about The Great Lakes Group can be found online at www. Miller Boat Line ferries are the only scheduled means of transporting passengers, freight, vehicles and commercial vehicles to the Lake Erie islands of Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass.

Miller Ferries

to Put-in-Bay & Middle Bass from Catawba

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"Fan" the ferry

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10 Thursday, March 11, 2010


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Coming up March 25-26

Free OSHA training

WHAT: 10-hour general Industry Class offered by the Ottawa County Safety Council WHEN: 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. WHERE: Ottawa County Resource Centre, Oak Harbor INFO: Call Denise Ventrone at 419898-6242

March 26

Perry’s Victory Visitor Center opens

WHAT: The monument’s visitor center opens for the weekends. Construction tours will be given every hour. Sign up at the Visitors Center. Center will begin daily operations April 23. WHEN: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. WHERE: Put-in-Bay INFO:

“Deep Blue” WHAT: The Friends of the Ida Rupp Public Library will show “Deep Blue” (2003/UK/G/83 minutes). Admission is free and open to the public. David Attenborough’s compelling BBC film is an epic underwater exploration into the secret lives of sea creatures and a voyage through aquatic realms where humans have rarely dared to go. Waddle with playful penguins, dart through schools of fish, ride over stormy waves with massive whales and encounter alien-like creatures so rare they have never before been seen on film. WHEN: 7 p.m. WHERE: Ida Rupp Public Library community rooms. Entry is through the door on West Third Street. INFO: 419-732-3212

March 27

Easter Egg Hunt

WHAT: Easter egg hunt, Easter candy hunt, visits and photos with the Easter Bunny, games, prizes and chances to win a Golden Egg Basket. WHEN: 2 p.m. WHERE: Adolphus Kraener Park, Downtown Oak Harbor INFO: 419-898-0479; chamber@; oakharborohio. net

April 10

Early Bird Party

WHAT: All of you early bird boaters, visitors and islanders meet at the Pump to start the party. WHEN: Noon WHERE: The Village Pump, 103 W. Lakeshore Dr., Kelleys Island INFO: 419-746-2281;

OCTA treats you like family... Thanks, OCTA! “Riding OCTA is fun... Thanks, OCTA!”

April 16

419-898-RIDE (7433) & Toll Free 1-888-898-RIDE (7433)

Mr. Ed’s 4th annual Island PJ Party

WHERE: Mr. Ed’s Bar, Put-in-Bay INFO: 419-285-1000;

April 22

Let’s Talk About Books Teen Book Discussion WHAT: Read one or more of the nine books on the list provided at the library. The list includes the 2010 Newbery Medal Winner and Honor Books and the 2010 YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction Winner and Nominees. Copies of the books are available at the library. Participants will receive a free book. Bring your own snacks and drinks to the discussion. No registration required. For teens in sixth through 12th grades.

WHEN: 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. WHERE: Ida Rupp Public Library INFO: 419-732-3212

April 24

Family Fishing Day

WHAT: In celebration of Earth Day, families are invited to bring their children to the pond by the Lockwood Shelter House to catch recently released trout. WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. WHERE: 1169 N. Buck Road, Marblehead INFO: 419-734-4424;

Earth Day and Junior Ranger Jamboree Celebration at Put-in-Bay WHAT: Celebrate Earth Day by participating in a full-filled day


Many Thanks! ...for the support of the more than 350 area businesses that are advertisers in the new edition of the Lake Erie Shores & Islands Regional Travel Planner

Copies of the planner are available at either Lake Erie Shores & Islands Welcome Center or contact one of the locations to arrange delivery.

Port Clinton: 770 SE Catawba Road, 419.734.4386 Sandusky: 4424 Milan Road (US250), 419.625.2984


April 27

dedicated to Mother Nature. Activities include a Junior Ranger Jamboree at 1p.m. Sponsored by the National Park Service and the Lake Erie Islands chapter, Black Swamp Conservancy. WHEN: 11a.m. to 4 p.m. WHERE: Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial, Put-in-Bay INFO: 419-285-2184;

Fish Fry Associates Milton Pommeranz and John Hayes review project plans

BEC Associates begins 30th year in Ottawa County BEC Associates is beginning its 30th year providing consulting Civil Engineering and Surveying Services to governmental, commercial, industrial and individual clients. BEC Associates, an employee owned company, continues as Ottawa County's largest Civil Engineering and Surveying firm. BEC’s design experience includes projects in roadways and pavements, sanitary sewers and pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, water distribution systems, water treatment plants, storm sewers and drainage, site development, marinas, shore protection, erosion and sediment control, and subdivision developments. They have also performed numerous boundary, topographic, and location surveys in Ottawa County and throughout Northwest Ohio. Recently, BEC Associates has received certification from the United States Small Business Administration as a qualified HUBZone Small Business concern. This enables BEC to be eligible to receive HUBZone contracting opportunities as well as being included in the listing of qualified HUBZone small busi-

Thursday, March 11, 2010 11

WHEN: 5 to 8 p.m. WHERE: The Village Pump, 103 W. Lakeshore Dr., Kelleys Island WHAT: Enjoy a perch dinner with fries, slaw, a roll, dessert, pop and coffee. INFO: 419-746-2281;

Musical Arts Series at Firelands

Blessing of the Fleet

WHAT: Join in the 24th annual gathering of boats and aircraft that service the island to be blessed for the upcoming season. Ceremony will begin at 11 am. Coffee, hot chocolate, cookies and doughnuts served on the dock. WHEN: 11 am WHERE: Jet Express Dock, Put-in-Bay INFO: 419-285-2832;

April 30-May 1

Derby Day Weekend at Put-in-Bay

WHAT: Celebrate the annual running of the Kentucky Derby at your favorite PIB bar. INFO: 419-285-2832;

April 30-May 2

Catawba Island Boat Show WHAT: Westhuizen Duo — piano duo. ness concerns found on the SBA internet WHEN: Noon to 7 p.m. site. WHEN: 7:30 p.m. WHERE: Catawba Island Club, 4235 E. Other BEC Associates news includes the WHERE: Firelands Presbyterian Church, certification of its president, Milton R. PomBeachclub Road, Port Clinton 2626 E. Harbor Road, Port Clinton meranz, as a Certified Professional in EroCOST: Free COST: $15 at the door or $100 for sion and Sediment Control (CPESC). Many INFO: 440-899-5009; catawbaislandof the local and regional requirements for seven concerts; students are free property development now require stormINFO: 419-734-6211 water management plans to be included with the other improvement plans. Often these plans must be prepared by individuals certified as CPESC. Located in the Ottawa County BEC Associates, Mark Messa, is preparing Community Resource Centre to become certified in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). This is a Our Services are at development approach to minimize energy usage and maximize conservation of natural NO COST TO YOU! resources. BEC was involved in the new barracks project at Camp Perry using the LEED For Employers: For Job addiSeekers: concept and is currently beginning • Personal Assistance • Personal Assistance Employers: Job Seekers: tional LEED projects. • Employee Recruitment and Screening • Resume Preparation • Personal Assistance • Personal Assistance BEC Associates looks forward toSearch serving • Skills Assessment and Job Matching • Job Correspondence • Private Interview/Meeting Rooms Completion • Resume Preparation its many loyal Ottawa County• Application clients and • Employment Recruitment • Downsizing Assistance • Interview Skill Practice • Job Search Assistance maintaining the friendly relationships that and Screening • Regulatory Information Career Information have developed over the last 30 ••years. • Catalogs, Books, Videos Labor Market Information• Application Completion • Education and Training Information & Correspondence • Community Information • • Job Postings, Newspapers Interview Skill Pratice • Books, Brochures, Videos• Career Information • Workshops • Labor Market Information • Phones, fax and copy machines

Specializing in: ✦ Residential and Commercial Subdivisions ✦ Boundary and Topographic Surveys ✦ Construction Layout ✦ Site Development ✦ Flood Plain Certification ✦ Civil Engineering 6622 West Harbor Road, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452 Phone: (419) 898-9200, Fax: (419) 898-2259 e-mail:

• Skills Assessment

• Labor Market Information • Interview & Meeting Rooms • Community Information • Workshops - On• or Off Site Downsizing Assistance • Training and Education Incentives

• Catalogs, Books, Videos • Labor Market Information • Education & Training Information • Community Information Located in •the Ottawa County Community Resource Centre Community Information • Workshops On or Off Site 8043 St. Rt. 163, Oak Harbor, OH 43449 • JobW.Postings, Newspapers • Training and Education Incentives • Books, Brochures, 419-898-3688, ext. 270 • Videos 800-665-1677, ext. 270 • Workshopsare at NO COST TO YOU! Our Services • Phones, fax & copy machine 3005246 8043 W. St. Rt. 163, Oak Harbor, OH 43449

419-898-3688, ext. 270 • 800-665-1677, ext. 270

12 Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Beacon

SCHOOLS Benton-Carroll-Salem 11685 W. Ohio 163 Oak Harbor, OH 43449 Phone: 419-898-6210 Superintendent: Diane Kershaw The Benton-Carroll-Salem School District, located in Central Ottawa County, is comprise of three townships, which are reflected in its name, along with the Village of Oak Harbor and several small villages. B-C-S is a moderate sized district spread out over 106 square miles, most of which is rural. Students attend class in six buildings that consist of a high school, a middle school and four elementary buildings. Most of the students are bused to school utilizing the district’s fleet of buses. The district is proud of its excellent facilities and is recognized as one of the “lighthouse” districts in the state of Ohio. Excellent resources allow B-C-S to offer a wide range of educational opportunities that meet the learning needs of its students. Some of these opportunities include “all day, every day kindergarten,” an outstanding comprehensive reading program, a first-rate computer education program in grades K-12 and an advanced placement program at the high school that stretches the expectations for top students.

Danbury Local Schools 9451 E. Harbor Road, Lakeside-Marblehead, OH 43440 Phone: 419-798-5185 Superintendent: Dan Parent The mission of Danbury Schools, in partnership with family and community, is to prepare each student for a life of learning and personal success. The Danbury School district is located on the eastern peninsula of Ottawa County. It serves Danbury Township, the Village of Marblehead and the community of Lakeside. The district boasts strong academics,

integrated technology and extracurricular activities that provide students with a well-rounded education. Danbury Local Schools achieved 23 of 30 benchmarks on its most recent state report card designating it as an effective district. Danbury Local Schools’ Laker Athletic teams are a member of the T.A.A.C (Toledo Area Athletic Conference) with 75 percent of Danbury’s students participating in the extra curriculars. The school is a one campus setting comprised of one instructional building that educates 600 plus students grades K-12. Danbury Elementary school offers all day, every day kindergarten. Danbury High School partners with the University of Findlay to offer qualifying junior and seniors up to 14 semester hours of college credit in coursed such as chemistry, Early American History, College Composition and Calculus. In addition, the Danbury Local School District works the the EHOVE Career Center to provide a vast number of vocational opportunities and contracts with the Erie Huron Ottawa County Educational Service Center for special education, curriculum and other administrative services.

Genoa Area Local Schools 2810 N. Genoa-Clay Center Road, Genoa, OH 43430 Phone: 419-855-7741 Superintendent: Dennis Mock The mission of Genoa Area Local Schools is “to educate world-class kids by providing the opportunity for each student to become academically prepared, self-reliant, thoughtful of others, and successful in life.” Genoa Schools consist of Genoa Area High School 9-12; Genoa Area Middle School 6-8; Allen School 3-5 and John E. Brunner Elementary School K-2. The high school was built on the corner of Martin-Moline Road and Genoa-Clay Center Road because of the site’s central location. In addition to its commitment to provide the best educational environment possible, Genoa High

School offers numerous clubs and activities including musical/play, band, chorus, FFA and FCCLA. Sixtyfive percent of the district’s graduates go on to higher education. At the elementary level, classes for talented and gifted are provided.

Immaculate Conception School 109 W. Fourth St., Port Clinton, OH 43452 419-734-3315 Principal: Sister Rosemary Hug Immaculate Conception School is an elementary school serving families of the Port Clinton area and sharing the Vision of Immaculate Conception Church since 1925. Student enrollment covers diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds with 85 percent Catholic and 15 percent other Christian faiths. Immaculate Conception School is very proud of its tradition of high academic standards challenging each student to do his/her best. Students who leave ICS are well prepared for middle school. The Friends of Immaculate Conception (the school’s parent organization) has funded computers, cultural assemblies, educational field trips, playground equipment and much more through its annual auction and other fundraisers.

fundamentals as well as the fine arts. Port Clinton Middle School prepares students to meet the challenges of high school with a broad range of courses and extracurricular activities. At Port Clinton High School, students may choose from a wide variety of courses in addition to the core subjects. The Post Secondary option program offers students the ability to earn college credits at Port Clinton High School. Through partnerships with Terra Community College and BGSU Firelands, students can earn up to 24 semester hours while in high school and not miss out on the high school experience. Port Clinton High School had the highest Ohio Graduation Test scores in the tri-county area. The high school is rated excellent in state mandated testing and achieved a 100% on all indicators. Also offered are technology courses, career education, world languages and many opportunities in the fine arts including band, orchestra, chorale and drama as well as extracurricular activities and 18 varsity sports. Port Clinton Schools offer an excellent educational program, but what makes it a truly outstanding school system is its people… the staff, students, parents and community.

Put-in-Bay Local Schools 548 Catawba Ave., Put in Bay, OH 43456

Port Clinton City Schools

Phone: 419-285-3614

431 Portage Drive, Port Clinton, OH 43452

Phone: 419-732-2102

Superintendent: Steven Poe Superintendent: Patrick Adkins 419-7322102 The Mission of the Port Clinton City Schools is to inspire excellence in character and performance in every student by providing a safe, supportive and challenging environment, using community resources and enabling our students to positively impact society. Port Clinton City Schools is a district of 1800 students located on the shores of Lake Erie. The elementary schools stress excellence in the

Put-in-Bay Local School District consists of Put-in-Bay High School and Elementary School located on South Bass Island in the western basin of Lake Erie. The district serves about 80 students from preschool through 12th grade from Middle Bass Island and North Bass Island. These students fly or travel by boat to school each day. The Put-in-Bay School is located two blocks south of the downtown area of the Village of Put-in-Bay. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Preschools Genoa area • St. John’s Nurturing Center, 1213 Washington St., Genoa, OH 43430, 419-855-7158, Deb Reiner, Director • Genoa Public School/Preschool/Head Start Camper School, 310 Main St., Genoa, OH 43430, 419-855-3931, Brenda Barton, Center Supervisor/Manager WSOS Child Development Program • St. Paul Trinity United Methodist Church, 340 E. Toledo St., Elmore, OH 43416, 419-862-2279, Brenda Barton, Center Supervisor (Woodmore Schools) • Light The Way Learning Center, 310 Congress St., Elmore, OH 43416, 419-862-3431, Erica Duris, Director

• Trinity Lutheran Preschool, 412 Fremont St., Elmore, OH 43416, 419-862-7010, Dolly Sanchez, Administrator/teacher • Precious Moments Preschool, St. Peter Lutheran Church (Blackberry), 17877 W. Ohio 579, Martin, OH 43445, 419-836-8903, Peggy Skees, Director • Village Early Childhood Center, 1205 Main St., Genoa, OH 43430, 419-855-9605, Andrea Hayes, Director

Oak Harbor area • Kersten’s Korner Nursery School, 11969 W. State Route 105, Oak Harbor, OH 43449, 419898-0099, Teresa Blodgett, Director • St. John Evangelical Lutheran Nursery School,

122 Ottawa St., Oak Harbor, OH 43449, 419898-1917, Marian Clark, Director • Rainbow Acres Educational Day Care, 130 North Locust St., Oak Harbor, OH 43449, 419898-1310, Francine Harder, Director • St. Boniface Catholic School, 215 Oak St., Oak Harbor, 419-898-1340, Millie Greggila, Principal • R.C. Waters Elementary School, 220 E Ottawa St., Oak Harbor, OH 43449, Phone: (419) 8986219, Carol Burnworth, Director

Port Clinton area • Adventures in Learning Early Childhood Center, 331 Buckeye Blvd, Port Clinton, OH 43452, 419-734-1302, Margot

McCann,Director • Immaculate Conception Preschool, 109 West Fourth St., Port Clinton, OH 43452, 419-7343315, Sister Rosemary Hug, principal, Mary Heschel, preschool teacher • Port Clinton Preschool, 135 Adams, Port Clinton, OH 43452, 419-734-9698, Mary Jo Rospert, Director, Teacher • Firelands Day Care Center, 2626 East Harbor Road, Port Clinton, OH, 43452, 419-732-0009, Karen Crownover, Director • WSOS Child Development Program, 207 Adams St., Port Clinton, OH 43452, 419-734-1452, Irene Miller, Center Supervisor • Tot Spot, Day Care Center II, 2353 East Harbor Road, Port Clinton, OH 43452, 419734-1210, Cindy Harris, Director

Government Ottawa County is governed by three commissioners who are elected to four-year terms to oversee an administration of elected and appointed officials. The eight municipalities within the county (Clay Center, Elmore, Genoa, Marblehead, Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, Put-in-Bay and Rocky Ridge) all are administrated by mayor/city council forms of government. Each of the townships (Allen, Bay, Benton, Carroll, Catawba Island, Clay, Danbury, Erie, Harris, Portage, Put-in-Bay and Salem) are administrated by three elected trustees.

OTTAWA COUNTY COURTHOUSE 315 Madison St. and 1868 E. Perry St. Port Clinton, OH 43452 Office: 419-734-6700; Fax: 419-734-6898

OTTAWA COUNTY COMMISSIONERS 315 Madison St., Room 103 Port Clinton, OH 43452 Office: 419-734-6710 Fax: 419-734-6898 • Mark W. Stahl • James M. Sass • Steven M. Arndt

Cities PORT CLINTON 1868 E. Perry St., Port Clinton, OH 43452 Office: 419-734-5522 Fax: 419-734-1043 Mayor: Debra L. Hymore-Tester, 1002 E. Perry Auditor: Larry Hartlaub, 514 Short St. Treasurer: Edna L. Hansen, 307 E. 11th St. Law Director: George C. Wilber, 528 E. Perry President of Council: Linda J. Hartlaub, 1004 Columbia Ave. Council-at-Large • Debra Benko, 711 W. Lakeshore Dr, Unit 403 • John Folger, 517 E. Second St. • Michael J. Snider, 645 Orchard Drive Ward 1 — Vincent P. Leone, 1007 Taft St. Ward 2 — Mark E. Coppeler, 326 W. Fourth St. Ward 3 — Randall G. Lipstraw, 115 1/2 E. Second St. Ward 4 — Kathleen M. Mehl, 105 Hayes Ave.

Office: 419-855-7444 Fax: 419-855-7444 Mayor: Robert V. Purney, 280 Third St. Clerk/Treasurer: John Weber, 255 Third St. Council • Merle Fondessy, 350 Third St. • Sharon Wachter, 405 Susan St. • John Willard, 410 Susan St. • Timothy Traver, 275 Fifth St. • Marilyn Opfer, 335 Third St. • Mildred Lowe, 230 Third St.

ELMORE 344 Rice St., Elmore, OH 43416 Office: 419-862-3362 Fax: 419-862-2789 Mayor: Lowell Krumnow, P.O. Box 3 Fiscal Officer: Sheri Hayes, 19180 W. Portage River South


Council • Richard Claar, P.O. Box 464 • Donna J. Wollenslegel, 852 Ohio Ave. • Tom Deitemyer, 533 Linden St. • William Kieffer, 580 Bradford Court • James Krumnow, 420 Ames St. • Matt Damschroder, 712 Rice St.

420 Main St. Clay Center, OH 43408

Board of Public Affairs: Gary C. Rhiel, David Hower and David E. Crozier


GENOA 509 Main St., Genoa, OH 43430 Office: 419-855-7791 Fax: 419-855-2201 Mayor: Mark D. Williams, Mayor, 201 E. 10th Fiscal Officer: Charles Brinkman, 340 Huron St., Elmore Council • Darryl Bittner, 106 E. Fourth St. • David Adams, 918 Wilson St. • David Brown, 514 Superior St. • Eric Hise, 505 Superior St. • John Lewis, 1209 Main St. • Raymond St. Marie Jr., 107 E. 12th St.

MARBLEHEAD 513 W. Main St., Marblehead, OH 43440 Office: 419-798-4074 Fax: 419-798-1458 Mayor: Jacqueline Bird, 122 Erie Ave. Fiscal Officer: Kim Watts, 413 Stone St. Council • John Starcher, 413 Perry St. • Angela Kukay, 505 Frances St. • John McDonald, 11245 E. Bayshore Road • Mary Glovinsky, 121 Clemons St.


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Government OFFICIALS from 13 • Vickie Kozak, 113 Lake Breeze Circle

• Randy Brown, 1040 N. Julia St. • Brenda Fastinger, 597 N. Main St. • Daniel Kitzler, 14367 George St.

Board of Public Affairs: Robert Boytim, George M. Danchisen and Thomas James Bird


OAK HARBOR 146 Church St., Oak Harbor, OH 43449 Office: 419-898-5561 Fax: 419-898-0895 Mayor: Fred Conley, 425 Church St. Fiscal Officer: Jenny M. Busche, 221 W. Fourth St., Port Clinton Council • Timothy Wilkins, 349 E. Main St. • Donald Douglas, 517 West Ave. • Angela Petersen, 208 W. Oak St. • Beverly Goldstein, 154 S. Maple • Jon Fickert, 229 S. Gordon Drive • Donna Wendt-Elliott, 426 Park St.

PUT-IN-BAY P.O. Box 245, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456 Office: 419-285-4313 Fax: 419-285-2515 Mayor: Judith Berry, 392 Bayview Fiscal Officer: Joy R. Cooper, 735 Portsmouth Council • Melinda McCann Myers, P.O. Box 60 • Bill Jellison, 151 S. Toledo Ave. • Jeffrey Koehler, 414 W. Bayview Ave. • Margaret Ruth Scarpelli, 71 Ibis Drive • Terry L. Gentry, 357 Doller Ave. • Lee Krendl, 7 Bath St.

ROCKY RIDGE P.O. Box 218, Rocky Ridge, OH 43458-0218 Office: 419-898-9541 Fax: 419-898-8015 Mayor: Wayne Butzin, 1480 N. Main St. Council • Raymond Brown, 14724 W. Third St. • Brody Goetz, 14285 W. Court St. • Ray Cousino, 641 N. Ohio 590

ALLEN Fiscal Officer: Sonia Eischen, 4683 N. MartinWilliston Road, Martin Trustees • Ernest E. Cottrell Jr., Allen Township Trustee, 22095 Honeysuckle Lane, Curtice • Scott Everhardt, 22459 Bittersweet Lane, Curtice • Craig Blausey, 4907 Martin-Williston Road, Martin

BAY Fiscal Officer: Bonnie Kaspar, 5530 W. Little Portage East Road Trustees • Daniel Mulligan, 3672 S. Paulsen Road, Port Clinton • Gerry Perry, 4987 W. Little Portage Road, Port Clinton • Virginia Park, 900 S. Schau Road, Port Clinton

BENTON Fiscal Officer: Gayle S. Millinger, 3852 N. Lickert-Harder Road, Graytown Trustees • Gary E. Gregg, 696 N. Ohio 590, Graytown • James Buhro, 1114 N. Stange Road • Wesley Gahler, 3295 N. Stange Road, Graytown

CARROLL Fiscal Officer: Jessica Brough, 2990 N. Behlman Road, Oak Harbor Trustees • John Verb, 4881 N. Ohio 2, Oak Harbor

• Donald St. Clair, 11480 W. Bier Road, Oak Harbor • Richard James Keiser, 5760 Russell Road, Oak Harbor

Clinton • Alfred Wozniak Jr., 45 N. Seegard, Port Clinton

HARRIS TOWNSHIP CATAWBA ISLAND Fiscal Officer: Patricia Cerny, 4382 Peachton Drive, Port Clinton Trustees • Gary Mortus, 2940 Heron Drive, Port Clinton • William Rofkar, 3481 N.W. Catawba Road, Port Clinton • Matthew Montowski, 2157 N. Wedgewood Circle, Port Clinton

CLAY Fiscal Officer: Christina Sheldon, 21232 W. Holts East Road, Genoa Trustees • Lee Yackee, 2897 N. First St., Martin • Matthew N. Widmer, 104 N. Railroad St., Genoa • Donald E. Hoeft, 520 Nissen Road, Genoa

DANBURY Fiscal Officer: Shelley Seamon, 1475 S. Church, Marblehead Trustees • Charles Scott, 5670 E. Port Clinton Eastern Road, Marblehead • David Hirt, 1775 S. Church Road, Marblehead • Dianne Rozak, 3265 S. Confederate Drive, Marblehead

ERIE Fiscal Officer: Louise Bice- Linehan, 3343 W. Lakeshore Drive, Port Clinton Trustees • Frederick J. Bice, 3449 W. Lakeshore Drive, Port Clinton • Dale Collins, 5901 W. Harbor Road, Port

Fiscal Officer: David Robenstine, P.O. Box 396, Elmore Trustees • Jerald A. Haar, 19030 W. Ohio 105, Elmore • Carol Baker, 18903 W. Ohio 105, Elmore • Kenneth Neeb, 3445 S. Dischinger Road, Elmore

PORTAGE TOWNSHIP Fiscal Officer: Judy Johannsen, 1398 S. Fulton St., Port Clinton Trustees • Jack Stables, 173 N. Mauna Loa Blvd., Port Clinton • Drew Surovjak, 2348 E. Sand Road, Port Clinton • Sam Conte, 1760 S. Sanbay, Port Clinton

PUT-IN-BAY TOWNSHIP Fiscal Officer: Richard Rothert Jr., 331 Chapman Road, Put-in-Bay Trustees • Matthew Miller, 48 Concord Ave., Put-in-Bay • William Burris, 45 Peeple Road, Isle of St. George • Glenn Cooper, 180 Crowes Lane, Put-in-Bay

SALEM TOWNSHIP Fiscal Officer: Susan L. Perrin, 219 S. Robinson, Oak Harbor Trustees • Richard Lenke, 2086 S. Woodrick Road, Oak Harbor • Victor Harder, 2659 S. Mud Creek Road, Oak Harbor • Charles Shultz, 10376 W. Elmore East No. 6 Road, Oak Harbor

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