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Volume 28 Number 31

Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010

Benefit planned for sick little girl

A growing problem

By PAULA YOUNG Proud Grandma She’s my only child’s first child; born on April 17, 2007 what would have been my parents’ 59th anniversary and named for my late mother, Sarah Elizabeth. From the moment I watched her daddy cut the cord; and with her first breath she created a smitten grandma, as well as a new little family, I knew that my life would be changed forever by this amazing little girl. I knew that if she possessed only a portion of the traits and characteristics that I loved and miss so much in her namesake that she’d be a very special person, indeed. We had no idea how special. It soon became apparent that she wasn’t reaching her milestones in a timely manner; and shortly after her first birthday we were punched in the gut with her diagnosis. Her developmental delays had a name, Pitt Hopkins Syndrome. PHS is caused by a deletion or mutation on the 18th chromosome; and brings with it a variety of manifestations, including delays in cognitive and physical development, low muscle tone, petite stature, digestive issues and seizures; and that’s just the top of the list. The syndrome is rare; and the outward physical traits are subtle. They include a wider, slightly flattened bridge of the nose, cupped ears, Cupid ’s bow mouth, and a gap between the two front teeth. We knew that with her dedicated army of “ists”--neurologist, gastroenterologist, speech-, occupational-, and physical therapists,


Lyngbya on the surface at Maumee Bay.

Excessive phosphorus to blame for Harmful Algae Blooms By ROBERTA REDFERN The high concentrations of harmful algae in Lake Erie and bodies of water around the state are going to get worse before they get better, officials say. “When temperatures cool down, this kind of algae dies, bloats and comes to the surface. Because it’s still warm, we haven’t seen the algae die back yet,” said John Hageman, laboratory manager for the OSU stone lab. “Right now, the water is looking well. But we will probably see it happen as soon as we see regular temperatures drop. Then, we will likely see that extensive green slime on the surface.” And when you see it, officials say, is when you really need to avoid it. This type of harmful algae blooms — referred to as HABs — goes through three stages, Hageman explained: healthy algae distributed throughout the water; sick algae that comes to the surface when it dies; and then the dead algae that plummets to the bottom. It’s the sick algae sitting on the surface in stage 2 that is the most harmful, he said. The lab is waiting to see when in the next couple of weeks it will occur. The annual Put-in-Bay harbor cleanup scheduled for Monday has been called off in case it happens sooner than later. Ohio has seen excessive phosphorous run-off levels into the lake and other bodies of water this year. “We are talking about things that are mostly native — that actually belong

In the know East Harbor State Park is currently under a Bloom Advisory, meaning water-goers should exercise caution and avoid contact with any algae. To educate members of the public about the risks of Harmful Algae Blooms, Ohio Sea Grant partnered with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to produce a four-page fact sheet at:

Printed versions are also available at all Ohio Sea Grant Extension offices and at the OEPA Division of Surface Water’s Inland Lakes Program. More information about advisories at different parks and what each advisory means can be found at: tabid/22957/Default.aspx. Additional information and data on Harmful Algal Blooms is online at: www. or www.

Algae education


Bottom line — common sense and education on the algae issue prevail, said John Hageman, of Ohio Sea Grant: • If an advisory sign is posted, or if the water is pea green, has a floating green scum or is discolored, stay away. • Babies and children should be kept out of the water, period, since they have a smaller body mass and will absorb harmful poisons more quickly than adults. • Pets should be strictly supervised around water; they shouldn’t be allowed to drink it, and keep them out of it if there is green scum or water discoloration. • Older adults or adults with health is-

sues should be especially careful. • Sick algae tends to drift into quiet areas where there is not a lot of wind — coves, around docks, etc — so avoid those areas. • Concentrations aren’t high enough in this area to affect the fish population, so eating them is safe. • Drinking water systems are being tested routinely throughout this issue, and have been deemed safe to drink. • Symptoms of HABs include: tremors, blistering, skin irritation, asthmatic symptoms and more seriously, liver damage and death.

For more of Sarah’s story, go to




Tell Tales

A hoist — built from the ground up in 5-foot sections — includes an elevator car used to transport supplies and crew members to the observation deck. For more photos of the work, visit www. TheBeacon. net or find us on Facebook.

Late summer fun Another big late summer weekend is here. Saturday is the third annual Gem Beach Rocks event and the weather looks great. There will have four great bands, starting off with The Travelin’ Lounge Lizards, followed by Wally and the Beavs, Paradise Island and finally the Parrots of the Caribbean, a Jimmy Buffet tribute band. This event started in 2008 when my wife Mary Alice and I were Ottawa County United Way Campaign chairmen. So many people from all over northern Ohio remember the glory days of Gem Beach. Some can still … kind of … do “The Beach” — a dance we invented to go with



Standard Mail U.S. Post­age Paid Port Clinton, Ohio Permit #80






the popular Beach Boys music of the early 1960s. Guaranteed … it will be a good time! nnn

Our Find Wylie contest winner is Rita Dunfee who found Wylie Walleye in the Otterbein North Shore ad on page 3A last week. Rita wins a $20 gift card from Friendship Food Stores. We’ll hide Wylie again this week. If you find him, drop us a note at our office or click on the Find Wylie icon online at nnn

The second big event of the weekend is the annual Gypsum



Day Reunion starting at 1 p.m. at the Ottawa-Erie Regional Airport. Many of the folks who undoubtedly remember the glory days of Gem Beach also remember the glory days of what we fondly called “Gypsum Tech” which became Portage School. In the late 50s and early 60s many Port Clinton schools were K-8. The present high school was built in 1963, before there was a middle school. So students went right from Bataan, Immaculate Conception and Gypsum Schools right to PCHS. Anyway, there will be lots of prizes given



• Business Un e its • Mini-Storag RESERVE NOW! 419-797-6303 • 4789 E. Muggy Rd., Port Clinton, OH •



2A Thursday, September 16, 2010



Beacon Bits

Saturday morning autumn sunrise

Six o’clock and there’s only a little light in the eastern sky. I look out the window at it and then get started with my day …

6:30 and there’s a big red patch, a beautiful, intense pink-red low on the horizon while I’m starting some laundry and folding clothes … 6:45 and I look at the sky again, the color has lightened a little but it has crept higher in the eastern sky and has spread outward, left and right, in both directions. There’s a brisk cool breeze coming in through the southern windows and wafting into the house. At 7 o’clock it carries in the first faint crowing of a rooster. In 10 minutes the crowing has grown stronger and louder. It sounds good. By 7:15 the red color is gone; now the sky is a pale buttery yellow. At 7:30 I look again and the sun has appeared. I take a letter to the mailbox and walk to where I can see it around the woods. It is blinding. And very beautiful. I go back into the house after waving at a passing neighbor. The sun’s up; the day has truly begun. I unload the dishwasher and put in another load of laundry. I like the cool brisk mornings. Later in the day I looked up the time of sunrise. It was 7:22 a.m. EDT on Saturday. Sunset was at 8 p.m. A further note — by 9 p.m. on Sunday night it seemed very dark. The

days are definitely shortening down now. nnn

For the first time this week I’ve seen autumn leaves coming down. And sometimes they are skittering along in the breeze. The back deck had to be cleared of leaves twice this weekend. And Golden Rod and BlackEyed Susans are thriving in the fields. Wild purple asters make a nice accompaniment to the vivid orangey-yellow. And the corn looks almost ready to pick. Did it produce well, so early? Or did it just dry up for lack of moisture? About 40 miles south of here I saw definite colors changes in the foliage on the trees in the woodlots. There is just a little bit of red and some yellow. It won’t be long now until fall colors are upon us. nnn

Did you know that you can recycle aluminum cans for a great cause? There is an organization called “Aluminum Cans for Burned Children.” Your empty beverage cans are taken to be recycled and then the money for the cans is sent to ACBC at St Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo. There the proceeds are used for the special needs of children who have been severely burned and are being treated there. Children sometimes have need of special equipment for recovery or rehabilitation and the money goes to purchase those things or address other specific needs of the children. It is very easy to recycle your cans. The Portage Fire District (the station is on Water Street in Oak Harbor across the street from the Community Market) collects them. The collecting area is behind the building and can be accessed at any time. Put your cans into some kind of plastic bags, tied shut and then just toss the bags across the fence into the holding area. The fire department volunteers will take them to be recycled, collect the money and forward it to ACBC. It’s easy as pie … and you will have the knowledge that you are helping the environment and also of knowing the money does good things. nnn

Speaking of fire departments, why not mark your calendars now for the upcoming chicken barbecue hosted by Bay Township Volunteer Fire Department? It’s such good chicken, cooked over an outdoor open charcoal fire. And the cost is so reasonable — only $7 for a quarter chicken dinner and $8 for a half. Date is Sunday, Sept 26; time is 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. or until sold out and place is the township hall and fire station about 4 miles west of Port Clinton on Fremont Road. Proceeds from these local fundraisers go to help buy equipment for the protection of township citizens and property. nnn

Come home to your community banker.

Roseanne Hickman is raising funds for “Hannah’s Hope for a Cure.” Ten-year-old Hannah Castro, from Port Clinton, is battling juvenile diabetes. Roseanne and her staff from Perfect Color Hair and Tan will be walking with Hannah’s team on Sept. 19 at East Harbor State Park. That will be in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk. If you want to help raise money for this good cause, call 419-732-2855. Buy some tickets for a nice prize drawing. They are available at 90 N. Madison St. during business hours. nnn

Dean Miller President & CEO

Amy Kirby Cheryl DeVore Lisa Molnar Catawba Branch Manager Customer Service Rep Mortgage Banking Officer

Tickets for “It’s Chocolate” on Sept. 18 at the Johnson Island Clubhouse are available from Maureen Kennedy. Contact her at or call 419-7988210. This annual event — Good Libra-

tions V — is sponsored for the benefit of Ex Libris Book Store and for establishing a public library on the Danbury peninsula. There will be food, dancing, music and fun. The Michael Shirtz Quartet will provide the music. Time is 7 to 10:30 p.m. but if you get there early you’ll see the great silent auction items provided by local businesses and folks around the peninsula. nnn

A good friend comes from the Cleveland area once a year to spend the day with me. Each year I think of something good to see or do. Friday, Sept. 10, was the day — and a spectacular day it was to be out and about in the Great Lake Erie Vacationland. She picked me up at the office in midmorning. Our first destination was to go see something my friend had been reading about — floating houses. First we went out to Coastal Marine where a salesman showed us all around one of the two-story floating houses that are docked there. We had a good tour, inside and out, and asked lots of questions about everything from cost, winterizing (or not), utilities, etc. It’s a neat concept, like the houseboats that I’ve seen — only a lot classier. These are “docked” along a river cut there and a driveway leads to them. They overlook an expanse of river facing across to the Jackknife railroad bridge. Then we went out behind Lakefront Marina to see the floating houses there. This is “gated” so we couldn’t get too close, but could see they were on a wheel-like hub with a gazebo in the middle. We also looked at the condos along the lakefront. They command a great view — all the way around from the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station to the Bass Islands. Our “real” destination, we decided, would be the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. We went to the new visitor’s center and talked to volunteer, Port Clintonite Martha Dykes, who gave us a little background on the place and some good reading materials. Then we toured the visitor’s area completely. This includes a third floor observation platform (with complimentary binoculars) that overlooks the marsh. The ground floor area includes a little theater with a 15-minute video presentation with the history of the Marsh and it starts with glaciers and the ice ages — down to the present time and current conditions. We also took a very pleasant walk along the boardwalk, looking at trees, listening to birds, hearing frogs plop into the water (and seeing some little chartreuse green ones — so cute), watching squirrels, looking at animal tracks and seeing some waterfowl. It was all pretty neat. We were each given a free book, “Lake Erie Public Access Guidebook.” This is great. It is divided into sections — all the counties in Ohio that surround the lake. The places that allow access to the general public are listed. The book is new. It is published by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The book is beautifully illustrated with color photographs on every page. There are at least 25 listings for Ottawa County. nnn

The thing I like best about the book is its unique cover. It shows a foreground view of marshy shoreline, a middle view of a large expanse of the lake and then, in the heavens, “clouds” that have been shaped like the southern coast of our Great Lake. It’s spectacular.

Obituary Brenda Havens Missy Walker Cathy Magers Put-in-Bay Branch Manager VP Retail Manager

Melinda Stacy Customer Service Rep

Brittany Deak Customer Service Rep

Aug. 30, 1947 — Sept. 11, 2010 Brenda Havens, 63, of Port Clinton, died Saturday, Sept. 11, at her residence. Friends may call from 9:30 a.m. Wednes-

day until the time of services at 11:30 a.m. at the Second Baptist Church, 978 Limestahl Road, Port Clinton. The Rev. Gene Smith will officiate. Burial will follow in Riverview Cemetery.

Bulletin Board Nugent’s Canal Yacht Club Jessica Szuch Customer Service Rep

Mike Messa Customer Service Rep

Kelly Frost Customer Service Rep

Local - Secure - Trustworthy For the last 135 years, we’ve been busy building confidence in the services we provide by focusing on doing what is right for our customers. Earning the trust of our customers, neighbors, family and friends is how we have grown. Investing in our communities here at home where we live, work and volunteer.

Annual Auxiliary Card Party Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010 • 12 Noon at NCYC

In Loving Memory Joshua J. Rollheiser 2/23/84 - 9/18/09 The stress was just too much for you, It broke your heart in two, The day she tried to take Jenica Kay away from you. Sadly missing you son, more and more each day, Love, Mom (Lori Bartok)

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Thursday, September 16, 2010 3A

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We double manufacturer coupons up to 50¢ | PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU SEPT. 19, 2010 We reserve the right to limit quantities. No sales to vendors. Not responsible for pictorial or typographical errors.

Chamber scramble

The annual Oak Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce Golf Scramble held on Sept. 3 at the Oak Harbor Golf Club was a huge success. There was a field of 19 teams and more than 50 door prizes. The proceeds will benefit Benton-Carroll-Salem schol-

Orchestra Hall Theatre Ottawa County's Only Movie Theatre 122 W. Second St. Lakeside, OH

COMMENTARY Sound Off arships and future community events. The Genoa Bank Team headed by Capt. Justin Moore was the first place winner — congrats to them! The golf outing remains a successful annual event due to the great participation of area businesses and individuals’ generous

Students (12 & under): $3.00 Adults: $6.00


EAT PRAY LOVE PG-13 Sept. 17-19 8:00pm the Chautauqua on Lake Erie

419-798-4461 or 1-866-952-5374

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Bell Mell Tavern & Pizza Presents:

The Colin Dussault Trio Thur. Sept. 16th • 7:30-10:30pm

Pizza • Salads • Appetizers • Hamburgers • Subs • Sandwiches Dine-in • Carry-out $1 OFF Any PIZZA with coupon

BELL MELL PIZZA “Best Homemade Pizza in Town!” 307 Fulton Street • Port Clinton


contributions. The 2010 sponsors were: Sprouse Agency, National Bank of Oak Harbor, Poggemeyer Design Group, Robinson-Walker Funeral Home, McDonald’s, Drunkenmiller Agency, St. Bonore Financial, The Job Store, Jim Sass, First National Bank, Brush Wellman, Varga Custom Concrete, Baumann Auto Group, MT Business Technologies, Wistinghausen Florist, Allied Waste, Magruder Hospital, Tri-Motors, The Rocket Shop by River Ridge Creations, Terra Community College, Ottawa County Exponent, 1st Place Awards, Hair Illusions, Youngs Carpet One, AAA, Nemecek Insurance, Happy Hour Inn, Genoa Retirement Center, WPCR, Lake Erie Shores and Islands, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Paramount Health Care, US Bank, RvI, Inc formerly Riverview Industries, Stein Hospice, and Spangler Motors. Valerie Winterfield Executive Director Oak Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce

and assistance. Plans are already being made for next year’s seventh Perch, Peach, Pierogi and Polka Festival to make it an even bigger and better event. Jerry Arnold and Ed Verkin Festival co-chairmen

Humane Society Scramble

On Aug. 15, Camp Runinmuck sponsored its third annual golf scramble to benefit the Ottawa County Humane Society. This year they were able to donate $3,900 to the cause. They would like to thank the following contributors, without whose help, this wouldn’t be pos- Linda Montis & Bruce sible: Cohagen of Camp Run• Hole Spon- inmuck presenting a sors — All Bright check for $3,900 to Electric, Rex’s Lisa Ramirez of the OtSunoco, Montawa County Humane Perch, Peach, Pierogi soon Lagoon, and Polka Festival The Natural Society. The Port Clinton Knights of Columbus Wave, Harry & would like to thank all those involved in Dave’s Mowing, Imobiliare, Judy Banchmaking the 2010 Perch, Peach, Pierogi and ich, Starcher Enterprises, Harbor Winds Polka Festival a great success. This year, Park, Nick’s Road House, Lowe’s Conmore than 3,000 people attended the fes- struction, Lagoon Saloon, Gregory’s Matival. Without the hard work of more than rine, Marblehead Golf Carts, Mutach’s 145 volunteers, this festive event would Food Market, Young’s RV, Highland Harris not be possible. Const., Camp Runinmuck Many thanks go out to our suppliers, • Also providing support were — Cleats, musicians, sponsors, the city of Port Clin- West Bay Inn, Newport Dry Goods, ton and our supporters. Special thanks go Cheesehaven, Erie Food Market, Crow’s out to our neighbors, Americas Best Value Nest, Natural Wave and Camp RuninInn, Mendoza’s Mexican Restaurant and muck, Ritski’s Bar & Grill. Fisherman’s Wharf for their cooperation A special thanks to Robin and The Islander Golf Course for all their help. Thanks to all Webkinz ~ Yankee Candles ~ Jody Coyote ~ Groovy of you, looking forward to Welcome Back Customers! the fourth Annual Event. NO GATE FEE Bruce Cohagen Linda Montis 25% off regular price Sharon Teresi at both locations through Sept. 26th Ken Rieth 123 2nd St. store will be open year round Girl Dolls ~ Ahava ~ Jim Shore

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4A Thursday, September 16, 2010

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Two-party tions


Is there any value in voting in our two-party elections? When you understand value requires alternatives, maybe not. Both Republicans and Democrats are comfortable with the warfare welfare state. Both parties embrace the progressive income tax, the central bank and public education the second, fifth and 10th planks of the Communist Manifesto. Neither party seems restrained by their enumerated powers in the Constitution. Both parties are lax in abolishing unconstitutional agencies like the EPA, DEA, FEMA, FDA and the rest of the alphabet soup group. Both would rather have corporatism, crony capitalism and interventionism rather than allowing the real economic engine the free market to work its magic. Both parties run massive deficits and are willing to kick the can down the road to let our children deal with the consequences. Both parties base new law on horrendous decisions by the Supreme Court rather than basing it on the spirit of the Constitution. And the list goes on. If your vote implies value where there is none won’t those elected give you more of the same? Why wouldn’t you consider third parties or explore alternatives or not vote? I know there are those who believe it is your duty to vote. However, if you do not know the difference between a constitutional limited republic and a democracy or if you think the purpose of government is to take care of your needs your duty is to stay home. Don’t vote! Jim Boehm Port Clinton

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Ottawa County Community Foundation celebrates 10 years The Ottawa County Community Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary with “Jazz in the Gardens” at Schedel Gardens in Elmore. The celebration is 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 19. The afternoon will be a tribute to the Foundation donors and an opportunity to learn how the Foundation is growing in its mission: Doing Good. Forever. A highlight of the afternoon’s events will be a premiere viewing of the Foundation’s new video showcasing its history, purpose and accomplishments in the first 10 years. “Jazz in the Gardens” will feature the Michael Shirtz Jazz Quartet. Also scheduled are Garden Walks and a Bird and Butterfly Walk by renowned author and Audubon

field guide, Kenn Kaufman. An invitation is needed for free admission to the gardens. The Foundation welcomes everyone who is interested in learning more about its mission of cultivating, administering and distributing legacy gifts for the betterment of our Ottawa County community. Please call Joy Roth at 419-797-4293 for information. The Ottawa County Community Foundation is a non-profit organization that currently administers 53 scholarship and charitable funds. The Foundation was established in 1999 by community volunteers who had a vision for the future, for addressing needs in our community, for perpetuity.

Thursday, September 16, 2010 5A


Vee Riefsneider (left) and Glenda Phillabaum (right) were joined by the newly crowned “Big Bird,” Amy Zimmerman, of Cincinnati, at the Aug. 14 Cardinal Breakfast at the Ohio District Kiwanis Convention in Sharonville, north of Cincinnati. Zimmerman becomes the figurehead leader of the Ohio District Past Lt. Governor’s Association.

OCTA director to speak to Family Advisory Council The next meeting of the Family Advisory Council of Ottawa County will be at 10 a.m. Friday, Sept. 17, at the Ottawa County Board of DD, 235 N Toussaint South Road, Oak Harbor. The council is a group of family members who want to empower themselves by learning and advocating for people with developmental disabilities. Bill Lowe, executive director of Ottawa

County Transportation Agency will be the guest speaker. He will discuss the variety of services offered by OCTA and its future plans. Meetings are held monthly. For a list of meeting dates, email bbeck@ or call 567-262-3100. The public is welcome to attend and/or join this group.

Life Outside the Office

Foundation board members Blair Miller, Mary Coffee, John Bock and President Joy Roth at Schedel Gardens

Help available for eligible families Apply now for school aid, Fuel for Work assistance The Ottawa County Department of Job and Family Services has announced two programs this month to help eligible families. The first is designed to assist with the purchase of school clothing, the other to assist employed residents with their commuting costs. The school clothing program is for Ottawa County students enrolled in grades K-12, in a public or private school. A $200 gift card per student will be given to purchase outerwear, underwear, footware, or apparel suitable for classroom wear and/or approved school uniforms. Gift cards will be available from Walmart, Macy’s, Elder Beerman, Sears and J.C. Penney, on a firstcome, first-serve basis. Applications will be sent home with students in cooperation with all the schools within the County. Also in September, a Fuel for Work program is available to eligible adults working outside of the home. A $200 gift card to either Speedway or Marathon will be issued to eligible adult household members that work a minimum of 30 hours per week, outside of the home. Cards are to be used for fuel or automotive needs only. Applications for either program are available at the Ottawa County Department of Job and Family Services, in Oak Harbor,

family practice Jessica Crow, DO

and the Sutton Center in Port Clinton. Both programs are made possible with the use of federal TANF funds allocated to eligible Ottawa County families. Eligibility for the programs includes a household with at least one dependent minor child, and combined earnings that are less than 200 percent of the federal poverty standard. This means that a family of four’s monthly income cannot exceed $3,675, to be eligible for the program. Previous use of PRC funding does not affect eligibility for these special programs. Applications for this and other programs may be obtained at, and returned to, the Ottawa County Department of Job and Family Services, located at 8043 W. Ohio 163, Oak Harbor, OH 43449. Applications are available now and must be returned with required documents to the Ottawa County Department of Job and Family Services by Sept. 30. For information, contact the agency at 1-800-6651677 or 419898-3688.

So Much Planning

Dr. Crow completed her medical education at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She has six years of experience, including three years of medical residency in family practice at both Baton Rouge General Medical Center and at Firelands Regional Medical Center. She has been in private practice in the Port Clinton area since 2007.

Dr. Crow is from our local area, a graduate of Old Fort High School near Fremont. She and her husband Thomas have a son and daughter, both under the age of five. As a family, they enjoy fishing, spending time on the lake, and playing with their dogs, Jack and Riley. Dr. Crow’s hobbies include photography and horseback riding.

Dr. Crow is a member of Firelands Physician Group, a multi-specialty group providing primary care & specialty care services to the surrounding region, and is on the medical staff at Firelands Regional Medical Center. Dr. Crow provides patients with:  All aspects of healthcare and wellness care  Full range of family practice services, including healthcare for children, women’s health, preventative medicine, and elderly care  Accepting patients from birth on up New Patients Welcome!

For an appointment, please call 419-732-0700 3960 Harbor Light Landing, Port Clinton

goeS into RetiReMent.

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Financial Advisor

126 East Second Street Port Clinton, OH 43452 419-732-3128

Financial Advisor 2870 E Harbor Rd Port Clinton, OH 43452 419-732-6570 Member SIPC

your wishes. Even though the forms are free and can be completed without an attorney, an estimated 70 percent of Americans do not have a living will. Don’t

disease. What are your options for treatment? What are the benefits and risks of those options? How will the procedures affect your quality of life? If your pain is severe, ask your doctor to contact Stein Hospice. We can help your doctor manage your pain.

Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care. But often the decision to call hospice is not made until the very last days or hours of life, after repeated, frustrating and painful

the individuals in our care. A team of medical professionals, counselors, chaplains and volunteers join together, around the clock if necessary, to bring you and your family a range of services, from respite care to grief counseling. Remember it’s your life. Know your choices for end of life care.

6A Thursday, September 16, 2010 ALGAE from 1A here,” said Eugene Braig, assistant director of Ohio Sea Grant. “But when there are too many nutrients in the water — in this case phosphorous — it causes problems. The nutrients that contribute to HABs and other algal blooms (mostly phosphorus and nitrogen) come from many sources, including agriculture, lawn fertilizers, wastewater treatment plants, sewer overflows, leaking septic systems and precipitation. So while experts can pinpoint the culprit, the sources of the offender and the solution are a little more difficult to isolate, they say. “Back in the 1970s, Lake Erie was plagued pretty seriously with these issues. But at that time, they pinpointed sources … like from a pipe coming out of a factory,” Braig said. “Now it’s coming in from all over the landscape. It’s a similar problem, like before, but the source is different — we can’t point a finger.” The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement and the Clean Water Act came along shortly after the water issues in the 1970s, Braig said. This time — as phosphorous levels progressively climb annually — a Phosphorous Task Force created about two years ago is taking a serious look at what is happening.


“Heidelberg University has been taking phosphorous readings for 30 years or more and the readings seen this year are the highest ever,” Hageman said. “There is no reason to think next year won’t be higher yet. We are not likely to see less runoff unless we see significantly less rainfall.” “It’s going to be really hard to make any corrections for next year because no one knows where to start. It’s going to have to be everyone (being vigilant).” Because of the heightened presence of the algae toxins, the Ohio EPA and other organizations have been testing drinking water systems routinely. And although Put-in-Bay officials asked residents to conserve water earlier this month and even brought in additional water because it is taking longer to treat the water because the algae clogs the filters, officials say the water is safe to drink. “To offset the algae problem, we went from an 18-hour (water treatment process) day to a 24-hour day and that’s been working well,” said Ottawa County Sanitary Engineer Kelly Frey, whose department oversees the production of drinking water to many of the county’s residents through a regional water system. “The water is fine to drink, it meets EPA requirements.”


John Schaffner, President of Schaffner Publications, Inc., owners of The Beacon and North Coast Business Journal, recently presented a check for $2,000 to United Way in Ottawa County from proceeds taken in during the Wine Tasting Kickoff event for the 2010 Catawba/Marblehead Parade of Homes. Schaffner is on the left with Local United Way Director Chris Galvin and 2010 Campaign Chairman Ann Duez.

SARAH from 1A and more; she would become all that she could be. We don’t see how we could love her any more if she were a “typical” child. Another beautiful day in April, just shy of her third birthday, we learned that our sweet Sarah was in Dayton Children’s Hospital with two separate masses surrounding her jawbone and suspicious spots on each lung. The metastasis to the lungs forced the pediatric oncologist (now there’s two words that shouldn’t ever have to be seen together!) to diagnose “Stage IV” rhabdomyosarcoma. When given the expected survival rate, our daughter Renee said “But cancer hasn’t met MY daughter yet.” So far, the little girl has responded very well to the treatment. We were told that her treatment journey would be 54 weeks long; consisting of chemotherapy with five weeks of radiation in the midst of it. Renee and Aaron were given a “road map”, a tentative idea of what drug or drug combination would be administered when. The map indicates which administrations require admittance, and which would be outpatient clinic visits. However, the map doesn’t show the various delays or detours. For example, Sarah has to be sufficiently hydrated before the drugs can be administered, and it can take hours to get enough fluids in her via feeding tube, sippy cup and IV. Also, there are the unexpected hospitalizations when the little girl’s counts are low, or fever is high. A transfusion or infection means at least a 48-hour stay in the corner suite on the oncology floor of Dayton Children’s. Since

1994 34’ Wellcraft Scarab Super Sport with twin 275HP Mercury outboards; overall length 38’; Radar Arch w/ electronics box; fish well and storage; 6 speaker CD-AMFM radio, VHF, Depth sounder/fish finder; Garmin chart GPS; Ski Pole; rated for ten people (seated); dual Guest onboard chargers; 110W outlet; Hubbell cable 30 amp; potti; specialized graphics ($10k); water systems, plus much more; info and pics go to or phone 216-749-7466; located on Johnson’s Island; $44,000.00.

NOMS Healthcare welcomes

Allison Petznick, D.O. and Matthew Petznick, D.O.

to their Primary Care team

NOMS Healthcare is proud to announce the addition of Allison Petznick, D.O. and Matthew Petznick, D.O. to their primary care team.

Drs. Allison and Matt Petznick are family physicians with specialized fellowship training in diabetes and sports medicine. They currently are establishing their practice in Sandusky at the NOMS Medical Facility.

Allison Petznick, D.O.

Board Certified in Family Medicine Fellowship trained in Diabetes Mellitus

• Family Medicine - ages infant to adult • Type 1 and 2 Diabetes Care

- Certified trainer in insulin pump therapy

Matthew Petznick, D.O.

Board Certified in Family Medicine Fellowship trained in Sports Medicine

• Family Medicine - ages infant to adult • Sports Medicine

- Trained in Innovative Techniques/Injection therapy - Ultrasound guided injections - Non-surgical orthopedic evaluation & treatment - Specialized in rapid return to sport

Accepting new patients.

For more information or to schedule an appointment:

Call (419) 625-1200


2500 W. Strub Rd., Suite 230 • Sandusky

The Beacon

TELL TALES from 1A away, including a wheelbarrow full of goodies, 10 lbs. of perch and a case of Mon Ami Wine. nnn

Get ready to party at the fifth annual Good Librations event at Johnson’s Island clubhouse from 7 to 10:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 18. Michael Shirtz quartet will kick up the beat for eating, drinking and dancing at this gala chocolate-themed party. You are encouraged to come early for the silent auction. For tickets, call 419-7988210 or stop by the Ex Libris bookstore in Marblehead. nnn

The Fourth Thursday Ottawa County Republican Lunch Bunch will meet at noon next Thursday, Sept. 23, at the Port Clinton Elks Lodge. The speaker will be Jack Boyle who will talk on the issue of The Estate Tax, sometimes known as “The Death Tax.” Candidates should also be on hand to provide updates on their campaigns. No reservations are necessary, just show up. The buffet lunch is $10. nnn

MJ Siewert (left) has joined United Way as the Development Relationship Manager for Ottawa County. Her first official day was Thursday Sept. 9. She is deep in the throes of learning her new job and preparing for Gem Beach Rocks.

one parent is required at the child’s bedside at all times, they often tag-team and juggle Sarah’s little brother Drew; trying to achieve the right balance of time together as a family, and some semblance of normal sleep- and play-time at home for him. In the midst of our care and concern for her; and her parents’ emotional and physical exhaustion, Sarah is a literal and figurative bright spot. In her hospital issue yellow flannel pajamas, her sunny smile lightens heavy hearts. She seems to be a docile patient, taking in stride some of the procedures that a typical kid may protest. If she’s feeling just right, she’ll sit up straight in her big hospital bed, clap and giggle out loud at the theme song of “Hannah Montana” or the familiar “swing and a miss” of a Reds’ baseball game. Of course, the excellent care, life-saving meds and peripherals like travel, parking and lengthy stays and meals away from home don’t come without cost. In order to help with expenses, there will be a “Sarah’s Angels” benefit event from 3 to 7 p.m. Oct. 9 at Nugent’s Canal Yacht Club. The meal will include a pasta bar, salad, bread, beverage and dessert. Also planned is a cornhole tournament, entertainment by Steve Brownell, silent auction and 5050 raffle with Lee Martin of Tiffin serving as Master of Ceremonies. We hope that a community can come together to support this special little girl and her family. For details about the benefit, to read more about childhood cancer, or to learn everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about the 18th chromosome, go to Internet genealogy will be the topic for the Ottawa County Genealogical Society at their meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 21, at the Ida Rupp Public Library in Port Clinton. Connie Cedoz, a genealogist and librarian at Ida Rupp will be the speaker. nnn

I saw Port Clinton Mayor Debbie Hymore Tester’s picture in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Monday. She was at Catawba State Park with PD Outdoors Writer D’Arcy Egan and the new White House appointee tasked with guarding the Great Lakes from the threat of the Asian Carp that has made it all the way to the Chicago River and could overtake the Great Lakes sport fishing industry. Let’s hope this gentleman is successful. nnn

Make plans now to attend the 59th Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District’s annual banquet on Wednesday, Sept. 29, at the Ottawa County Fairgrounds. The speaker will be Jay Hendren, the Country’s FUNNIEST Farmer! For information, call the District office at 419898-1595.


Thursday, September 16, 2010 7A

Dr. Seibert to offer Stress Reduction Program at Magruder Dr. Keith Seibert will offer his Stress Reduction and Relaxation Program in the Magruder Hospital Conference Center from Sept. 27–Nov. 15. This is an eight-week program that runs every Monday evening from 7 to 8:30 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 6. There is no cost to participate in the program, but the book “Full Catastrophe Living,” by John Zabot-Zinn is required. This program is for people who are looking for personal and effective ways to handle stress, anxiety, pain, illness and life in general. While a doctor’s order is not needed, as with any new program or intervention, it is a good idea to discuss with a physician. This program should in no way replace any current course of therapy that a person and their physician are pursuing. Seibert, has worked with relaxation and meditation since 1977 and studied with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli at the Omega Institute in 1993 at the first offering of the professional certification course. The program initiated in the 1980s at the Department of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center where research continues to demonstrate the power of the program. It is

designed to help individuals become more stress hardy so they are able to more consciously “respond” to stressors instead of “reacting” in ways which may have previously been detrimental. One of the main proven and beneficial outcomes is the ability of the participant to “self regulate” chronic pain. Participants will learn and practice relaxation techniques which may be targeted to any area of the body especially areas of disease, dysfunction or pain. Typically participants are calmer, less tense, less quick to react, more peaceful and more energetic. Registration deadline is Sept. 24 and can be made by calling Seibert’s office at 419-732-3189 or email to For information on the program, visit

EHOVE to host wound care seminar for healthcare workers Healthcare professionals are invited to attend a seminar highlighting care of wounds and skin from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sept. 17 at EHOVE Career Center. Presented by Medline Industries and EHOVE Career Center, the event features Cynthia Fleck, a board-certified wound specialist and dermatology advanced practice nurse who has headed numerous wound management and advisory boards. CEUs will be available for nurses (four hours skin care and one hour law). Seminar cost is $30. Breakfast pastries and lunch are provided. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. Call 419-499-4663, ext. 280, for information and to register. The event is sponsored by EHOVE Career Center, Fisher-Titus Medical Center and its Wound Healing Institute, Gaymont Nursing Center, Heartland Home Health and Hospice, Northwest Ohio Medical, Twilight Gardens Nursing Home and Stein Hospice. For information, visit


Sun.- 1/2 off Appetizers 4-6pm Wed.- 45¢ WiNgs All NigHt Thur.- $1 beer Mon.- $1.50 HAppy Hour 4-8pm free pool ANd jukebox Tue.- tAco NigHt Fri.- $5 cHeese pizzA every Wed. - open Mic nighT W/Mike p. oSu & BroWnS gaMeS - happy hour priceS Fri. SepT. 17Th - Jk all day SaT. SepT. 18Th - karaoke W/dJ Mic 902 W. Main•Lakeside/Marblehead 798-5615

Open: Mon. - Thur. at 4pm • Fri., Sat. & Sun. at 12pm OH.LIC.27705

Starcher Watchtower Home Monitoring Service

“Your one-stop source for peace of mind while you’re away!” Call 419-798-4293 Email

Limited time only... Sign up by and receive your first month FREE. Expires 10-01-10.

Additional Services: Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical, Home Winterizing, Retail Hardware 802 West Main Street, Marblehead

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8A Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Beacon

Spots open for ICS preschool Immaculate Conception Preschool is under way. Boys and girls entered the room of Mary Heschel with smiles and hugs. They were soon busy playing with friends and checking out new and different toys to share with others. The children were given a tour of the school building, played on the playground, listened to a special story, and met the principal Sister Rosemary Hug, SND. Three-yearolds attend classes on Tuesday and Thursday, and 4-yearolds have class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you are interested, there are still a few openings, call 419-7343315. Kamdyn Periat, Alivia Mooney, Joe Nguyen, Keyden Shrader and Aubrey Haghiri enjoy their time at school.

Catawba Dental



Now Accepting new patients 419-797-2010

Gregory Hart, DDS Peter Wolfram, DDS

3274 NE Catawba Road Port Clinton, OH 43452

Third-graders Noah Spieldenner, Elijah Karl and Bob Rosiak happy to be reunited after summer vacation.

Bridal Guide

For Your Perfect Day... • All Hair Services • Nail Services • Massage Therapy • Tanning • Airbrush Tanning • Aquage Products • Gift Cards

free announcements! Fill out the form below and return it — along with a photo — to The Beacon, 205 SE Catawba Road, Suite G, Port Clinton, OH 43452 or email announcements to Photos are welcome. CIRCLE ONE:






Marriage Licenses

bride Name:

90 North Madison Street • 419-732-8255 •

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105 S. Front St., Fremont 419-332-6101

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The Bride’s World


& Tux World

wedding Date: Location: Bridesmaids:

Where will the couple reside?

Broaster Chicken Dinner 2 piece - breast & leg with sides 2 piece - 2 thighs with sides

Sides: Potato Wedges, Cole Slaw, Bun and Butter

$7.00 Dine in or Carry Out

Mon. - Thur. 11-7; Fri. 10-5; Sat. 10-3 419-626-8539 • 912 West Perkins Ave., Sandusky

Excursion Adventure Cruises Saturday, Sept. 18th New Year’s Eve at Put-in-Bay Sunday, Sept. 19th

Pt. Pelee Birdwatching $85* Essex County Canada Wine Tour $95* Friday, Sept. 24th

Lighthouse & Islands Tour


*Reservations Required for Adventure Cruises

Oak Harbor, nurse. • Nickolas Riley Biers, 25, maintenance, and Kristine Ann Reynolds, 25, sales, both of Port Clinton. • Douglas L. Hill, 29, maintenance, and Sarah E. Sells, 28, cashier, both of Marblehead. • Timothy A. Zam, 39, welder and Angela N. Adair, 31, Editor, both of Port Clinton. • Greg E. Tester, 31, laborer, and Amanda J. Mayer, 31, administrator, both of Genoa. • Alexander D. Ruchala, 52, golf cart mechanic, and Maisie Cox, 65, chaplain, both of Put in Bay. • Brandon J. Ihnat, 24, yard supervisor, and Nichole L. Fleenor, 22, STNA, both of Marblehead. • Thomas Valestine Sluder, Jr., 26, truck driver, and Bobbie Rae Harder, 23, both of Oak Harbor. • William J. Kitzler, 40, operating engineer, and Amy L. DeVault, 38, factory worker, both of Graytown.

Sunday, Sept. 26th, 11:30 - 2:00



• Dustin R. Alexander, 29, financial advisor, and Alison s. VanDyle, 25, hair stylist, both of Martin. • Samuel L. Wilson, 50 truck driver, and Rebecca L. Matthews, 44, both of Marblehead. • Zachary J. Herevia, 19, Port Clinton, U.S.M.C., and April M. Helle, 20, Oak Harbor, food server. • Joseph T. Serraino, II, 50, Bellevue, electrical/ maintenance and Shelly L. Kennedy, 47, attorney, Marblehead. • Jacob S. Hofelich, 26, Oak Harbor, engineer, and Christina M. Fryer, 25 communications director, Woodville. • Adam A. Borror, 24, inspector/packer, and Trinity L. Koester, 29, dietary supervisor, both of Port Clinton. • Ronald L. Cole, 54, courior, and Norma L. Royal, 44, hostess/cashier, both of Genoa. • Michael T. Huth, 43, Findlay, student/counselor and Trudi L. St.Clair, 48,

American Legion Post 114 221 Park St., Oak Harbor 419-898-5888

After 46 years of making wedding dreams come true, we have joined To make our next 46 even better!

Reception location:

St. Boniface 1st and 2nd graders greet the school year with big smiles.

Great Entertainment at the World’s Longest Bar Appearing Live on Stage at the Beer Barrel Saloon Thur., Sept. 16

Fri., Sept. 17

The Menus 9:30pm-1:30am

Wally & The Beavs 5:00pm-9:00pm The Menus 9:30pm-1:30am

Sat., Sept. 18 CocoBeanos 2:00pm-5:00pm Wally & The Beavs 5:30pm-9:00pm The Menus 9:30pm-1:30am

Tipper’s Evening Entertainment Darryl Gatlin Sept. 16-19

Beer • Wine • Spirits • Good Food Downtown Put-in-Bay 419-285-BEER


Thursday, September 16, 2010 9A

‘Patches’ back in town to sign latest book

‘Hollywood Kills’ at Otterbein North Shore Otterbein North Shore recently hosted “Hollywood Kills,” a murder mystery performed by Random Act. Suspicious characters mingled with the crowd as guest enjoyed a dinner of chicken and fresh broccoli over pasta with Alfredo sauce. Members of the audience were invited to participate as actors in this unique interactive, musical performance.  Join in for another night of comedy and mystery at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 23. The next Murder Mystery will be “The Revenge of Violet Rose” and Otterbein’s Chef Ryan Duffy will serve dinner. The cost is $10. RSVP to 419-798-8203 by Friday, Sept. 17.

Beverly LaHote Schwind, also known as Patches of the television show Patches and Pockets, will be in Port Clinton to sign her latest children’s book, “The Hugging Tree.” The event, at Ida Rupp Public Library, will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 23. “The Hugging Tree” is a story about the tree that was in their yard on Catawba Island. Bev loved this tree on Barclay Drive and the joy it brought to many. Her book describes what the tree felt and saw through the years, and how a disaster gave the tree a new purpose. The setting of the story is on Catawba Island and the Marblehead Peninsula. The children are encouraged to bring drawings of their favorite trees, and there will be prizes and a special book give away. Bev and her husband Jim moved to Tennessee 18 years ago. Jim was the founder of the JVS Garage Door Company and Bev worked at Magruder Hospital and Riverview Nursing Home. Stop in at the library and exchange stories with Bev. Bev’s other three books, “Blackberry Jetboy,” “Shira’s Song” and “Shira’s Dance,” will also be offered at this time.

Community Calendar Sept. 15-16

INFO: 419-332-3016

WHAT: Two-part educational series with presentations on medications, advance directives, end-of-life issues, organ donation and funeral planning. Seating is limited; call 419-732-0208 for reservations by noon Friday, Sept. 10. Each participant will receive an organizational binder to complete and take home. WHEN: 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. WHERE: Magruder Conference Center COST: $10 to cover lunch both days

Sept. 17

Medical Notebook

Sept. 15-19 Cedar Point Boat Show

WHAT: The Great Lakes’ biggest in-water boat show. Boat show tickets do not include admission to Cedar Point, nor is purchasing admission to the amusement park necessary to attend the boat show. WHEN: Wednesday through Fri: 12 to 7 p.m., Saturday: 12 to 7 p.m., Sunday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. WHERE: Cedar Point Marina, Sandusky INFO: 440-899-5009 or

Sept. 16

Sandusky Ski Club September birthdays WHEN: 6:30 p.m. WHERE: Thai Restaurant, 2047 Cleveland Rd. in Sandusky INFO: Social Chairperson Ann Portteus at 419-6020394 or via e-mail to

Free community meal WHAT: St. Thomas Episcopal and Peace Lutheran have joined together to offer the free dinner. Everyone is welcome. WHEN: 5 to 6:30 p.m. WHERE: St. Thomas, 214 E. Second St., Port Clinton INFO: 419-734-3404 or 419-732-3800

Car seat checks

WHAT: Certified passenger safety technicians will be on hand to check your child’s safety seat for proper installation, fit and recall. WHEN: 3 to 5 p.m. WHERE: Sutton Center

Grief Support Group

WHAT: Stein Hospice & Crosser Funeral Homes will be sponsoring a monthly support group. WHEN: 5:30 p.m. WHERE: Magruder Conference Center INFO: For information or to RSVP call 419-732-3141  

Family Advisory Council

WHAT: The Family Advisory Council of Ottawa County is a group of family members who want to empower themselves by learning and advocating for people with developmental disabilities. The public is welcome to attend and/or join this group.  WHEN: 10 a.m. WHERE: Ottawa County Board of DD, 235 N Toussaint South Rd, Oak Harbor INFO: Email bbeck@ocbdd. org or call 567-262-3100.

New Year’s Eve at the Bay

WHAT: Local establishments welcome you to enjoy holiday festivities including the very popular Monte Carlo casino style street games downtown Put-in-Bay on Delaware Ave. WHEN: 6 to 11 p.m. WHERE: Put-in-Bay INFO: 419-285-2832 or

Sept. 17–Oct. 31 HalloWeekends

WHAT: Back for its 14th year of chills, thrills & family fun, HalloWeekends runs Friday nights, Saturdays & Sundays during the spooky season. Come see crazy characters, a family-friendly parade and all the scares and frights you’ve come to expect from the “Best Amusement Park in the World!” WHERE: Cedar Point, Sandusky INFO: www.cedarpoint. com/

Sept. 18

Youth Fishing derby

WHAT: All kids 5-16 are welcome, must be accompanied by an adult and bring their own poles. Bait will be provided. Each child will receive a coupon


for a sandwich and beverage; food will be available for adults to purchase. WHEN: Sign in is at 11:30 and fishing starts at noon WHERE: Oak Harbor Conservation Club, 975 S. Gordon Road, Oak Harbor COST: Free INFO: Call Ralph Burnstine at 419-734-3751 (day) or 419-797-2569 (evening)

The Art of it All

WHAT: Join in for food from various area restaurants, artist demonstrations and live music on the patio. WHEN: 1 to 9 p.m. WHERE: McCallum Gallery, 724 W. Main St., Marblehead INFO: 419-798-3318;;

Chicken dinner

WHAT: Broaster chicken dinner; dine-in or carry-out. Two-piece dinners include potato wedges, cole slaw, bun and butter WHEN: 8 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. WHERE: American Legion Post 114, 221 Park St., Oak Harbor COST: $7 INFO: 419-898-5888

Sept. 19

North Coast Walk to Cure Diabetes

WHAT: Participate in a walk at the park that will benefit those dealing with diabetes WHERE: East Harbor State Park INFO: 419-732-2451

Ninety Nines meeting WHAT: All-Ohio Chapter of the group — the International Organization of Women Pilots — will fly or drive in for a business meeting and later join in

the festivities of the Gypsum reunion. WHERE: Carl Keller Field, Port Clinton INFO: Edna Hansen, 419734-2423

Sept. 20

Blood pressure checks WHEN: 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. WHERE: Danbury Senior Center, 8470 E. Harbor Road, Marblehead

WHAT: Part of Magruder’s educational series featuring Judy Paschen and an overview of complimentary and alternative medicine. COST: $6 INFO: RSVP is required by noon on Friday by calling 419-734-3131, ext. 3363.

Board of DD Monthly Board Meeting WHEN: 5:00pm WHERE: Ottawa County Board of DD, 235 N Toussaint South Rd, Oak Harbor OH 43449 INFO: For information about Committee meetings – call 419-898-0400

Sandusky Ski Club meeting WHEN: 7:30 P.M. WHERE: Chet & Matt’s, 1013 E. Strub Rd., Sandusky INFO: President Beth Akins at 419-7341331 or via e-mail to daisyakins@ Also, visit our website at www.

Sept. 21

Preschool Reading Round-Up

WHAT: 30 minutes of stories, songs, and letter awareness intended for children ages 4 and 5 with a caregiver WHEN: 10:30 a.m. and 6


way to buy insurance. You can buy your


from a stranger at

NUMBER or from

Sept. 22

Babies and Books

WHAT: 20-25 minutes of stories, songs, finger plays, and nursery rhymes

Brooke Araguz ...a neighbor, someone you know, someone you can trust and respect. Call today and talk to a real person who cares about your family’s protection and security.

intended for children ages 6 months to 23 months with a caregiver. Play and social time following the morning program only. WHEN: 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. WHERE: Ida Rupp Public Library, Port Clinton INFO: 419-732-3212


Hospital luncheon

There’s a


p.m. WHERE: Ida Rupp Public Library, Port Clinton INFO: 419-732-3212

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Each week Wylie is hiding somewhere in The Beacon. Tell us where you find him. A winner will be chosen from the correct entries.

Name:___________________________ PhoNe:___________________________ Date:____________________________ aD Wylie FouND iN:________________ Page Number:_____________________ email:___________________________




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10A Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Beacon

Come in for OSU Games $1.00 Beer Specials & Tailgate Specials Thursdays

Open Jam Night (All Welcome) with Der Haus Band 9pm-12am

Acoustic Sundays

9/19 – JK All Day, 7pm

Home of the Fly'n Pig

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Great Authenticlly Smoked BBQ! Full Menu Available Sun. - Thur. 11am - 11pm Happy Hour 2-7 daily Fri. & Sat. 11am - 1am Check out our event details on Facebook ~ Become a fan Open 7 days til 2:30 am • 111 Madison St. Port Clinton • 419-732-2030

DJ Wed. - Sun. 10pm

Great Food, Great Drinks Tuesday - Friday 3pm Happy Hour, 4pm Dinner Saturday & Sunday Open for lunch at 11:30am

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Island Idol Thursdays 7:00pm


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Saturday, Oct. 2nd, 2-6 pm Mike "Mad Dog" Adams SPECIALS Tuesday

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Saturday, Sept. 18th Jeff Sherman 7-11 pm

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419-734-1742 • Route 269, 1/2 Mile North of East Harbor State Park

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8:30 PM - 12:30 AM

8:30 PM - 12:30 AM

2:00 - 6:00 PM

17 - Cruisin’ 24 - The Late Show

18 - The Late Show 25 - Fas Track

19 - Epitome 26 - Darryl Gatlin

Saturday, October 30, 2010 - Live Entertainment -

The Late Show 8:30pm-12:30am 1st, 2nd, & 3rd prizes for best costume!

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Full Service Dining & Bar Sun-Thurs 11-10 Fri & Sat 11-11 Happy Hour 3-6

Lunch • Dinner The finest and freshest steak & seafood available!

MONDAY BEER BASH 16 oz. Pabst Cans $1.50 10 oz. Miller Lite Draft $1.00 22 oz. Miller Lite Draft $2.00 FREE Pool Karaoke Every Night 9pm


102 Madison Street, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452 • 419-734-9271


Thursday, September 16, 2010 1B


Lakers get first win By J. PATRICK EAKEN The Danbury Lakers improved to 1-1 on the season with a 3320 non-league victory over visiting Fostoria St. Wendelin Friday night. St. Wendelin got on the board first on a one-yard touchdown with 1:29 remaining in the first quarter. A two-point conversion attempt failed, and the Mohawks led 6-0. But Danbury came back with three second quarter touchdowns. Junior Lucas Kennedy threw a 29-yard touchdown pass to Corey Schenk with 8:36 remaining in the first half, but the conversion kick failed and the game remained tied at six points apiece. St. Wendelin got on the board next on a 29 yard touchdown run with 6:58 left in the half. Again, a two-point conversion pass at-

tempt fell incomplete, and the Mohawks led 12-6. Danbury came back with a 14yard touchdown run by Kennedy with 3:46 left in the half, but for the fourth time in the game the conversion failed, and the game remained tied at 12-all. But Kennedy scored on a twoyard with 236 seconds left, and the Lakers had their first lead. Kennedy followed with a twopoint conversion run, and Danbury led 20-12 at halftime. St. Wendelin regrouped to the tie the score again with 5:57 remaining in the third quarter. A 47-yard pass resulted six points for the Mohawks. The two-point conversion run succeeded, and the Mohawks had tied the game at 20-all. But Danbury closed the deal when Kennedy scored on a threeyard touchdown run with 1:36 left in the third quarter. Schenk

Danbury’s defensive lineman, Hunter Stephens, blocks this pass attempt by St. Wendelin’s quarterback Zach successfully kicked the conversion point, and the Lakers led 27-20. Danbury scored its final touchdown with 6:43 remaining in the game on a 21-yard run by Kennedy. Danbury opens Toledo Area Athletic Conference play at Hill-

top (1-2) this Friday, kickoff at 7 p.m. Hilltop defeated Holgate, 53-22, in a non-league contest Friday night. The Cadets are known for their running game, which totaled 381 yards in the victory over Holgate, including 109 yards by senior back Quinton Nofziger.

Hilltop opened the season with a 41-0 loss to Edgerton. The Cadets only had 156 yards of total offense in that game, while the Edgerton quarterback completed 20-of-27 passes for 267 yards and five touchdowns. Hilltop also lost to Antwerp, 20-9.

OAK HARBOR 34 — EASTWOOD 7 By J. PATRICK EAKEN The Oak Harbor Rockets proved they were for real Friday night with a 34-7 victory over the visiting Eastwood Eagles In total yardage, the Rockets outgained Eastwood 357 to 183, including a 257 to 135 advantage in rushing. The Rockets had 66 offensive plays to Eastwood’s 39, and Oak Harbor had 31 minutes and 26 seconds of offensive possession to the Eagle’s 16:34. The scoring opened with a 64yard touchdown run by Eastwood sophomore running back Marquise Pitts with 8:44 remaining in the first quarter, but after

that it was all Oak Harbor. Senior running back Jake Scott scored on an eight yard with 2:51 remaining in the half, and senior Miles Backus added the conversion kick to tie the game at 7-all. Then with 1:07 remaining, Scott scored again on a 29-yard run, putting the Rockets up 14-7 heading into halftime. The second half was all about the Rockets - which came out and scored three touchdowns to ice the victory over Eastwood. In the third quarter, Scott scored again on a seven-yard run with 5:23 remaining. Scott scored his fourth touchdown on a 15-yard run with 2:03 left in the

third, and he scored his fifth and final touchdown on a 10-yard with 7:24 remaining in the game. Scott rushed for a total of 217 yards on 36 carries, making up most of Oak Harbor’s 257 yards rushing. Sophomore running back Mark Konieczny added 35 yards on six carries, senior running back Kyle Mincheff had 18 yards on seven carries, and junior running back Alex Bergman ran for 10 yards on a single carry. Junior Brian Mallernee assumed the quarterback position for the Rockets, completing 7-of12 passes for 100 yards, including a 35-yard completion to senior wide receiver Zach Priesman.

Priesman caught three passes for 57 yards and senior wide receiver Davey Burkett caught four passes for 43 yards. Priesman had a 37yard kickoff return for Oak Harbor. Mallernee threw one interception, caught by Eastwood senior defensive back Justin Faykosh. The Rockets had 22 first downs to Eastwood’s eight, including a 17 to 4 advantage by ground, four to two by air, and the Rockets had one first down by penalty, Eastwood had two. For Eastwood, Pitts had 75 yards rushing on eight carries, senior running back Pernell Conner had 43 yards on 10 carries,

and five other backs combined for 17 yards on nine carries. Eastwood senior quarterback Matt Klink completed 3-of-12 passes for 48 yards, including a 26-yarder to senior tight end Cody Smith. Senior tight end Jeff Rutherford also caught a pass for 16 yards, and junior Kyle Dierker caught a pass for six yards. The Rockets improved to 2-1 overall heading into Sandusky Bay Conference action this Friday, while Eastwood fell to 1-2. Oak Harbor is at Perkins this Friday, kickoff at 7:30 p.m. The Pirates are 0-3, having lost 2017 to Bellevue, 28-7 to Sandusky, and 12-7 to Norwalk.

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2B Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Beacon


PC takes team championship Saturday’s Port Clinton Doubles Invitational came down to the final match of the day to determine a champion. The host Redskins locked horns with Ottawa Hills with the tournament title on the line. Haley Deleon and Amber Peto dropped their first set 4-6 before coming from behind for a 6–4 win in the second. As a light rain began to fall, the No. 3 title and team championship was clinched in a 10–4 third set tiebreaker. The rest of the Lady Redskin PHOTO BY BILL MIGALA squad rushed the court to congratChelsea Beck returns an Ottawa Hills shot during the Port Clin- ulate their teammates who didn’t ton Doubles Invitational while her partner, Aubrey Gillman realize the ramifications of their win. When they were told that the watches intently.

win cemented the team title, the court erupted. The freshman duo of Morgan McGlothlin and Tiffany Colston won the No. 4 championship for PC. Chelsea Beck and Aubrey Gillman finished third at No. 1 and Samantha Griffin and Rachael Szabo finished third at No. 2. Ottawa Hills won championships at No. 1 and 2 and earned a second place at No. 3 to finish runner-up. Napoleon grabbed seconds at No. 1 and 2 and thirds at 3 and 4 to finish third. Coach Jim Greer was pleased with the PC showing. “Shawnee fielded a second team and we fielded a second team plus

Oak Harbor soccer team defeats Edison The Oak Harbor boys soccer team had a great night on Tuesday, Sept. 7. The varsity boys defeated Edison by a score of 4-0 in a key SBC contest. Leading the way for the Rockets was

Phil Weirich who scored two goals and Ian Miller and JJ Rathbun who each added one goal. Tyler Eoff had two assists on the night and Alex Swope added an assist as well.

Community Internet Links Air Conditioning & Heating

Bayside Comfort - Firelands Mechanical -

The JV boys soccer team also was victorious on Tuesday night, defeating Lake 2-1. Tate Haar and Hunter Gresh scored the goals for the JV team.



Camp Perry Joint Training Center


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Marblehead - Oak Harbor - Port Clinton - Put-in-Bay -

Commercial & Industrial Painting Contractors May Painting Inc. -

Community Action


Community Builder

United Way - 211 -


Wrights General Contracting


The Giving Tree -

Developmental Disabilities

Ottawa County Board of Developmental Disabilities


Wrights Electric -

Emergency Assistance Red Cross - Salvation Army - Underwater Recovery Team -

Employment and Training Services

Northcoast Jobs Connection (The Job Store)


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Hair Salon

Hair Quarters -

Local Government

City of Port Clinton - Ottawa County - Village of Oak Harbor -

Massage Therapy

The Kenny House -

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two girls to help fill out the brackets. All of our doubles teams picked up a win with 7 of our 9 doubles teams winning 2 or more matches. Over all, the girls played very well against some tough opponents,” Greer said. The Lady Redskins have opened the 2010 campaign where they left off last season. They have notched eight straight wins and stand atop the SBC at 4-0. “Every one of our 18 girls has earned at least one varsity win this season. I don’t know if that has ever been done here. “It’s nice to see the girls rewarded for their hard work and improvement,” Greer said.


Redskins fall to 2-1 By J. PATRICK EAKEN Port Clinton came out like it was going to give the Genoa Comets a real test in a battle of two previously unbeaten teams. The PC offense opened the game with an 11-play, 66yard drive and seemed to be heading into the Genoa end zone. On a second down, and 10, quarterback Derek Colston completed a pass to Steve Wingo for 10 yards and a first down. Colston completed a pass to Josh Graves for 14 yards and another first down Then Colston threw for 13 yards to Wingo, and the Redskins were on the move. Colston threw for 26 yards to Graves, getting PC its fourth first down before Genoa even took possession of the football. But after Laurel rushed for a three-yard loss, Colston was sacked by Genoa senior defensive lineman Andrew Hayes for a nine-yard loss, then the roof really fell in. Genoa junior defensive back Brandon Roberts intercepted a Colston pass, and the drive suddenly came to end. Ten plays and 80 yards later, Genoa junior quarterback Josh Bryer threw to senior end Derek Allgier for a 19-yard touchdown pass with 4:18 remaining in the first quarter. The Comets would get two more touchdowns in that opening quarter to take a 21-0 lead. After a PC fumble, junior running back Tyler Pickard ran 20 yards for Genoa’s second touchdown with 4:03 remaining. Another PC fumble led to a 45-yard touchdown run by Roberts with 1:23 remaining. By game’s end, Genoa was walking away with a 51-0 victory to improve to 3-0 on the season. Genoa now has a 32-game regular season win streak, dating back to a loss to Oak Harbor three years ago. PC, which opened this season with victories over Gibsonburg and Woodmore, fell to 2-1. The Comets finished the game with seven touchdowns, 20 first downs to PC’s 10, 399 yards rushing to PC’s minus 31, however, the Redskins had 226 yards passing to Genoa’s 88. Colston completed 14-of-22 passes for 220 yards, good enough for a 64 percent completion rating and a quarterback rating of 77.8. Wingo caught five passes for 41 yards, Graves caught six passes for 127 yards, and Eric Reynolds caught two passes for 28 yards. For Genoa, Kyle Nutter ran for 111 yards on five carries, Roberts had 57 yards on six carries, Max Reeder had 48 yards on four carries, and Pickard and Nick Mortensen each had 37 yards. Bryer completed 5-of-7 passes for 88 yards. Port Clinton opens Sandusky Bay Conference play this Friday by hosting league pre-season favorite Clyde (3-0) at 7:30 p.m Clyde opened the season with a 21-17 victory over Eastwood behind touchdown runs by Ryan Myers, Kalob Andrews, and Jordan Colson. Since then, the Fliers have defeated Youngstown East 3822 and Bellevue 17-0.


Thursday, September 16, 2010 3B

Sign up now for phone etiquette workshop The first impression of your business may be that person who answers the phone. And that first response can make or break that business opportunity. The Service Excellence Experience Customer Service Program is working to make sure your customers receive excellent customer service by giving employees who answer the phone the skills to make a positive lasting impression. Those attending will: • Learn two keys for creating a great first impression. • Discover how asking better questions can deliver better results. • Learn to deal with the challenging caller. The Ottawa County Chambers of Commerce and Visitor’s Bureau have engaged Scott Brown, Great Service Lives, to pres-

ent this dynamic workshop. Phone Etiquette will be presented at the Lake Erie Shores & Islands Welcome Center with registration and continental breakfast at 8 a.m.; the workshop runs from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. The cost is $10 each for SEE Certified Businesses, $15 each for chamber members and $20 each for others. This workshop counts toward the requirements to maintain SEE Certification, however, the workshop is open to all businesses and their workforce. For questions or to register, call the new SEE Administrator, Sheila Powell at 419366-7420 or email The deadline to register is 5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 6.

Terra teaches social media If you want to learn more about social networking tools for personal or business use, the Kern Center for Community and Industrial Development at Terra Community College can help. Here are three upcoming courses: • Facebook for Fun — Learn why Facebook is the hottest website on the Internet, 6 to 9 p.m. Sept. 26 and Oct. 3. Cost: $29 • LinkedIn 101 — The hot social net-

working site for business professionals is LinkedIn, 6 to 9 p.m. Dec. 20. Cost: $19 • Social Media for Business — Learn how to establish a presence in the new social media, 6 to 9 p.m. Oct. 10 and 17. Cost: $39 To register or for information, call Marsha Thiessen at 419-559-2255.

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Street Sotheby’s representing Bay Point MARBLEHEAD — Bay Point Resort and Marina has announced that Street Sotheby’s International Realty will be representing the development in the coming phases. The firm now will do business in Bay Point Resort and Marina with Scott E. Street serving as the broker, and Ellen Calzonetti Dress heading up the resort sales. “The Sotheby’s brand is developed in part to accommodate waterfront resort marketing, which fits strategically with the Bay Point Resort development,” says Scott Street, broker/owner of Street Sotheby’s International Realty. Bay Point Resort and Marina and includes spacious single family luxury homes and villas, and currently offers luxurious villas and a selection of home sites, where buyers can work with a builder and interior designer to create their ideal home. The grand opening of the next phase of the development featuring the Villa Model was Aug. 1415. The response was overwhelming, and they excitement converted to actual sales over the weekend. In addition to the marina, the property currently includes a yacht club, a beach store, a nine-hole executive golf course, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, walking paths, picnic areas and a playground. The next phase of the development will also include a new clubhouse with a swimming pool and fitness center. The sales office is located at 10948 E. Bayshore Road in Marblehead. The sales office can be reached at 419-7982222.

NEWSPAPER NETWORK of CENTRAL OHIO Fremont News-Messenger •Port Clinton News Herald

Firelands makes top employers list SANDUSKY — Firelands Regional Medical Center has earned the distinction as one of the 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare, named by Modern Healthcare, making Firelands one of only four hospitals in Ohio to receive this designation and one of only six healthcare organizations in the state of Ohio to be in the top 100. Modern Healthcare will reveal the specific ranking of the 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare, from 1 to 100, on Oct. 18 in Dallas. “We are pleased to be recognized for the second year in row by Modern Healthcare,” says Jim Sennish, vice president of human resources for Firelands. “Last year Firelands was ranked as the top hospital in Ohio and we look forward to feedback from the Modern Healthcare report so we can work to maintain being a ‘Best Place to Work’ and also recognize areas where improvements could be made so that we continue to meet the expectations of our staff.” In addition to Modern Healthcare’s Best Place to Work Ranking, Firelands has been voted Best Place to Work for four years in a row by the community in the Funcoast. com Readers’ Choice Awards sponsored by the Sandusky Register. Firelands has also previously been recognized as the seventh in the state of Ohio as Best Employer by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. “This is an important recognition for Firelands because it tells us that one of our most valued resources — our employees — are pleased with their jobs, the hospital and their working environment. The award is really for our employees because each one makes up who Firelands is as an organization,” continues Sennish.

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Offer 9.24.10. *MustCannot presentbecoupon at PC FordExpires when order is written. combined with anywhen otherorder coupons or discounts. 5 qts. of oil. Ford is written. CannotUp be to combined Offer Expires 6.11.10. *Not valid onShelby previous services. Cannot be combined any other coupons 7-16-10with Excludes and diesels. Plus hazard fee any shop othersupplies. coupons or discounts. Up to 5 qts.andwith Disclaimer: Must present coupon to PC Ford or discounts. Plus sales tax andtax. extra. Port Clinton Ford for full details. Not all buyers will qualify, residency restrictions6/11/10. apply. Ford Credit rebates require financing with Ford Motor Credit sales See ServiceFreon Advisor for See details. BEACON upon service. Expires 6.18.10 of oil. Excludes Shelby and diesels. Plus hazard BEACON upon approval. Take delivery from dealer stock by 10/4/10. See dealer for details and qualifications. Programs subject to change. fee and sales tax. See Service Advisor for details.

Plus 2 Yr. Basic Maintenance Plan


4B Thursday, September 16, 2010


Local among nominees for 20 Under 40 Leadership Recognition More than 75 eligible candidates for the 20 Under 40 Leadership Recognition Program will be honored Wednesday, Sept. 29, in the lobby of Fifth Third Center at One SeaGate. Among those nominated is Jamie Beier Grant, of Oak Harbor, who serves as Director at Ottawa County Improvement Corp. A reception begins at 5:45 p.m. During the 7 p.m. program, 20 individuals will be announced as this year’s 20 Under 40 award recipients. The event is open to the public at $30 per person in advance and $35 at the door. For questions or reservations, call 419-247-1733 or go to An independent panel of judges selected the 20 candidates for recognition. The 20 Under 40 program focuses on individuals under the age of 40 who have distinguished themselves in their careers and/or in the community. It is intended that the program will further motivate


Financial Focus

Avoid dangers of ‘over-concentration’

young leaders in our area. “Every candidate is a winner. By virtue of nomination, these individuals are being recognized for their abilities and achievements,” said Dave DiManna, office managing partner at Plante & Moran, a long-time sponsor of the event. Since 1996, 280 young, community leaders have been recognized through the 20 Under 40 program. At the conclusion of the 2010 event, there will be 300 award recipients from across Northwestern Ohio. Chrys Peterson will serve as master of ceremonies at the recognition/awards event for the 15th consecutive year. This year’s candidates come from Toledo and these northwest Ohio communities: Maumee, Perrysburg, Oak Harbor, Sylvania, Fremont, Rossford, Wauseon, Montpelier, Holland, Findlay, Defiance, Rawson, Whitehouse, Haskins, Van Buren, Grand Rapids, Bowling Green and Tiffin.


419-734-3111 148 Buckeye Blvd., Port Clinton

We Don’t Just Sell Tires & Change Oil!

148 Buckeye Blvd. Port Clinton, OH

We can diagnose and repair your car to get it in Tip Top shape! *Wheel Alignment *Exhaust Systems *Shock Absorbers *Brake Service *Tune-Ups *Engine Lites *Scans/Sensors *Truck Tire Service *Air Conditioning *On-Farm Service

The Beacon

Lube, Oil, Filter & Tire Rotation $20.66 Chassis Lubricate, includes up to 5 qts. Kendall 5W30 oil. Most cars and light trucks

** No Credit cards accepted for any charges less than $25.00**

When you were in school, you had to concentrate on your studies. When you began your career, you had to concentrate on your work. In fact, in just about every endeavor in life, concentration is essential for success. However, as an investor, you may find that you actually don’t want to concentrate too much. That’s not to say you shouldn’t concentrate on your investment decisions — you should. But if you concentrate too much money in one investment, or one type of investment, you could run into problems. Suppose, for example, that your portfolio is almost entirely devoted to growth stocks. During a good economy, growth stocks generally tend to do well, so if we’re enjoying a period of sustained growth, your portfolio might show some good returns. But if the economy slumps while you own only growth stocks, you could sustain losses that may take a long time from which to recover. On the other hand, if you over-concentrate on fixed-income investments, such as bonds, your principal value might increase when interest rates are falling (as interest rates and bond prices are inversely related), but when interest rates rise, your bond portfolio will likely lose principal value. To help avoid the problems of overconcentration, it’s important to own a range of investments, which may include stocks, bonds, government securities and certificates of deposit (CDs). While this type of diversification cannot, by itself, guarantee a profit or protect against loss, it can help reduce the effects of volatility on your portfolio. Of course, how you choose to allocate your assets will depend on a variety of factors, including the following: • Your goals — Your ultimate objec-

tives should help govern your investment strategy. If you are planning to retire early and then start a new business, you may need to invest more aggressively than, say, your neighbor, who wants to work as long as possible and then stay close to home, pursuing inexpensive hobbies. • Your risk tolerance — Just as we all have different personalities, we have different tolerances for investment risk. If you can assume greater risk in exchange for potentially higher returns, you may be a more aggressive investor. Conversely, if you’re willing to take lower returns as a trade-off for greater protection of your principal, you’re probably a more conservative investor. However, to achieve your goals, you may consider moving outside your investment “comfort zone” from time to time. • Your time horizon — Your stage of life will also affect your investment choices. If you are just starting your career, you can probably afford to invest more aggressively than if you are nearing retirement, at which time you may want to cut down on risks. To build a diversified portfolio that reflects your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon, you may want to work with a professional financial advisor — someone who can assess your situation and recommend choices that are appropriate for your needs. By concentrating on a unified investment strategy — instead of over-concentrating on a specific type of investment — you can focus on where you want to go and what you need to do to get there. nnn

This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

What’s new at your business? Hand out a promotion? Make a new hire? Offering new services? Changing locations? Tell us about it. Send business news announcements — including photos — to Editor Angie Adair at or drop them off at 205 SE Catawba Road, Port Clinton.

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Storage Space

Travel Trailer

CATAWBA MINI STORAGE (YOUR EXTRA ROOM) Muggy Road, Catawba 797-6303 or 656-5263. HEATED PRIVATE, 15’x40’, 14’ high door. Seasonal. Call 419-341-0752

2008 ROCKWOOD travel trailer 33’ with large slide. Front kitchen, appliances, fiber glass side walls. And much more. Adult owned, non-smoking. $16,900. 419-788-0615.


Manufactured Homes

FOR SALE, boat trailer with 26ft Lyman cradle mounted on it. $200 or best offer. Contact 419-721-1736

MFG’D HOMES for sale in nice Lakeside-area park with marina. Contact park owner at 419-798-5103 or visit

Electronics SELLING DEKCELL LAPTOP BATTERY for Dell Latitude C500, C510, C600, C610, C800, C810 $50 70W DELL AC Adapter For Dell Inspiron Latitude 9364U K8302 HU10056-3024 $15 978-764-7008 in Marblehead. Both brand new. Camper 2009 COUGAR 5th wheel. Three slide outs, shed and 32’ flat screen included. Like new. $28,000. 419-961-2441, 419-544-0653 Public Announcements BANKRUPTCY for a fresh start call Tom Connolly, attorney 419-898-2889

Garage/Yard Sales

Lots PRIME MARBLEHEAD Waterfront lot about 150’x70’. Build a 50’ dock at your door, club house, pool, beach $74,900. High end luxury development. Call 216-225-5775


Treasures & Trash Open Daily W. Elmore East Rd. Oak Harbor 419-898-4699 OHIO STATE paraphernalia, nautical items, men’s shirts and sweaters XX. ThursdaySunday, 8920 E. Bayshore, look for Eckel’s oak sign. FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 17, 9-2 315 E. 11th. All clothing half price. Glassware and seasonal decor. Many interesting items. HUGE GARAGE SALE INSIDE !!!! WILD WINGS BOAT-OMIN. RUSSELL ROAD AND ROUTE 2. SIGNS WILL DIRECT YOU. SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 9:00 TO 5:00 Services

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Condo for Rent GREEN COVE RESORT one bedroom condo, minutes from downtown Port Clinton. All appliances included, and semi-furnished. Central air, and heat, two private decks. All season sun room. Pool. No fees, just pay electric. $500 per month 419-788-0850 GREEN COVE Condo by Davis Besse. Townhouse, fully furnished. 614-6204360 October-April. Miscellaneous For Sale CAR IN­SURANCE SR 22 fill­ings - DUI Bonds month­ly pay plan Call 7342050 FOR SALE 12’x24’ aluminum sunroom. Manufactured by Silver Top-Jalousie windowsscreens- to man doors- #’d for reassembly. $1,500 Call Dave 330-614-9153 $ PAYING CASH $ for cars & trucks any condition, also buying batteries and scrap. Clem’s St. Rte. 53. 419-7342772, 419-967-0577 Mobile Home GEM BEACH mobile home 1987 12X60, two bedroom, large kitchen cabinets, covered patio, new skirting and paint in 2008 $19,900. 740815-0128, leave a message.

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Sleepy Hollow!

18 HOLES of GOLF with CART

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Sleepy Hollow Golf Course • 6029 E. St. Rt. 101, Clyde (located halfway between Castalia & Clyde)


ANGIE ~ “AT YOUR SERVICE” Personal service provider

* General Houskeeping * Meal Prep * Run Errands * Transportation

419-960-7052 or 419-561-5779 (cell)




at 419-732-3571 to run


SHADETREE COUNTRY RV Park, 2008 Salem 39’ sleeps 10, $21,000. 1999 Coachman 29’ with Florida room and fenced area, mint condition $17,500. 29’ Coachman 1997 sleeps 4-6, clean, must be moved $4,900. 1998 Silveran boat 22’, cuddy cabin $4700. 419-265-1331 1977 MOBILE HOME 14x70, two large bedrooms, two bath, central air, washer/ dryer closed in, natural gas. $9,000. Good condition 440871-3574

Beacon Classifieds Sell! Call Charlene 419-732-1500


Buckeye Bend ApArtments Port Clinton 1 & 2 Bedroom Incl. ALL appliances, dishwasher, hook-up for washer/dryer, central air, gas heat private patio, pool $510-$585/mo incl. water & sewer 419-341-4498 or 419-734-7422


Affordable Housing in Port Clinton 1 Bedroom suites for seniors (62+) and disabled individuals.

National & Regional HELP WANTED

Thursday, September 16, 2010 5B


Wheelchairs & Rehab AT NO COST TO YOU IF ELIGIBLE!! Medicare & Private Insurance Accepted. ENK MOBILE MEDICAL 1-800-693-8896

Apply Monday thru Friday 8-4

or Call 419-732-0385 Hearing impaired TTY 711

205 Buckeye Blvd.



6B Thursday, September 16, 2010



18’ X 35’ X 11’4” All electric, well insulated, heated, separate utilities $27,500.00 5460 Port Clinton Eastern Rd. Lakeside-Marblehead, OH 419-547-7567 or 419-618-1625(cell) Located behind Friendship Station - Rt. 269

LeMarin Condo on Catawba Island

RED This property offers 2 bedrooms, UCE 2 baths, open floor plan, covered deck D! and lots of updating. Overlooking the marina with views of the lake you’ll also enjoy the priviledges the clubhouse has to offer: indoor swimming pool/hot tub, exercise room, saunas, large deck for sunning. Two 40’ docks are also included with the property. SELLER FINANCING IS AVAILABLE. Call Carol or Steve Loach at 419-420-2360 or 419-421-7094. $249,900 $229,900


3601 E. Eagle Beach Cir., Catawba Island Views of the Lake from many rooms in the home, and Beach Access!

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Brick home with 2nd story added in 2006. 3 bed, 3 bath, 3,508 sq. feet, hardwood/tile flooring, updated kitchen. 8x40 maintenance free deck overlooking Lake Park and the lake. $425,000

Call Kelley 330-417-8743 for additional info or showing.

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* This ad was incorrect in the Ottawa County Homes Guide

RE/MAX Lake Shore Realty One Grand Lake Drive Port Clinton, OH

Office: 419-734-7355, 419-262-0936, 419-262-0915 John Rader, CRS Kathy Rader, Broker

Open House Sat. & Sun., 1-5

173 N. Mauna Loa Blvd., Port Clinton For Sale By Owner, 3 Bdrm, 2 1/2 Bath, Great Lake Views & Beach Access Each office independently owned and operated.

G TIN S I L NEW Small town living on the Portage River in Oak Harbor. Keep your jet ski's and boat at the back door, shop at the grocery store one block away and appreciate the great schools. 4 BR, 2 bath home features 2 car garage, natural wood work, two porches and finished basement. $109,900

G TIN S I L NEW Country living close to Bay. This newly remodeled ranch home features open floor plan, cathedral ceiling, covered porch to watch the sunrise, 1 1/2 bathrooms, kitchen with bar, appliance, and patio doors leading to large bonus lot included. Great for BBQ's, potential barn, or area to store the water toys. Let this single level living be your next home. $93,900


ING IST L NEW Quaint little cottage with dockage at your back door, covered shelter with patio, 1 1/2 car heated garage and 35’ dockage. Great room features wood burning stove for those chilly nights, A must see! $109,000

G TIN S I L NEW River & Marina views throughout most of this furnished 2 BR condo features included galley kitchen overlooking living room with fireplace, sunroom to watch the boats. Open loft master bedroom with full bathroom, and river views. Enjoy boating, fishing with your 30' dock, and go for a swim in the beautiful entertaining association pool. Don't let this furnished unit pass you by. $139,900


Ranch 3 BR, 2 BA home on 5 acres on Catawba Island. Features of this fine home are 1,763 sq. ft., 2 car garage along East Harbor with Privacy of woods. $450,000



Owner Must Sell

902 Lake St., Lakeside-Marblehead 3BR/2BA, Lakefront, Great Views, Furniture Negotiable, Remodeled Kitchen, All New Appliances Asking $499,900

Call to view 419-341-4736

Lot 200x125 on Sand Road. Home is 2,364 sq.ft. Excellent amenities - home, yard, location, neighborhood. Immaculate inside and out. $399,000

Must See... you’ll fall in love with it. 419-341-9903


Maple St., Lakeside 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath, furnished w/new appliances, heat and electric included in rental amount

MARBLEHEAD BEST BUY $94,000 Two bedroom, one full bath. Modern updated home. Two car attached garage like new. Large lot with backyard deck. New furniture including 46” flat screen stays.


Storage Condominium 20’ x 50’ All Steel Construction


• Buckeye Blvd., Port Clinton Drive up parking, various sizes ranging from 200 sq. ft to 3600 sq. ft. Owner will remodel to suite tenant. • Port Clinton, downtown with parking lot 1200 sq. ft up to 2500 sq. ft in updated building. • Catawba, N.E. Catwba Road location 1000 sq. ft. office or 1000 sq. ft office with 3/4 acre sales/display lot. Ideal for boat brokerage or auto sales.

BUSINESS UNITS . . . Johnsons Island custom built waterfront 3 BR/2BA ranch features Florida room, open floor plan, full walkout basement, unfinished bonus room over garage w/ skylight, gorgeous stamped patio w/ canopied 40 ft dock, and uncovered 40 ft Dock. Also includes 3 jet ski floating docks, custom stone fire pit, and fantastic views . $599,900

uced! d e R Price A Best

Located on State Rt. 2 east of Camp Perry Sizes 15’x32’, 22’x27’, 20’x48’, 24’x48’ and 44’x48’. Utilities individually metered, leases starting at $160 per month.


Same sizes as above, short term/seasonal rentals available starting at $175.00 per month.

For information call

JOHN CAPUTO 419-345-9135 or email:

Natural Gas Heat - 100 AMP Electric with individual meters 16x16 overhead doors


West Bay Condo’s

State Rd. at Plasterbed Rd. • Port Clinton, OH.


Thursday, September 16, 2010 7B

Placing a Beacon Classified is


Online: Email: In Person: 205 SE Catawba Rd. (Beacon Place)

Phone: 419-732-1500 20 Words $5

20¢ a word over

Classifieds Get Results!

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YELLOW PAGE Service Directory

Property Maintenance

Window Cleaning



Computer Repair

Brick ~ Block Concrete ~ Stone

Have Lenke Computer come to your home or business for Clean Up - Virus Removal - Answer your Computer questions Call 419-898-5365 or

27 yrs. Experience in Port Clinton Area

Window Washing Plus

John Rimelspach cell:419-680-5762

Jessee Masonry 419-341-9676

Home Improvement

Free Estimates New and Repairs References Available

For Professional Workmanship Fully Insured-Bonded Complete CondoHome Rehabs Much, Much More!

Construction SEAMLESS GUTTERS The Construction & Maintenance Co.




Repair, Replacement & New Installation



Painting Linkenbach Painting & Paper Hanging

Residential • Commercial • Interior • Exterior

419-684-7539 • 419-271-3001 (Cell) Jeffrey S. Linkenbach ~ Bayview, Ohio

Home Improvement

Island Home Improvement Custom Bath & Kitchens

Tile • Wood Floors • Tile Setter & Repair No Job too small... Free Estimates

Call Ron @ 419-262-2135


Sewer & Drain

Window Cleaning

• Residential • Commercial • Window Cleaning • Power Washing • Blind Cleaning • Window Tinting • Eves Cleaned • Chandeliers Free Estimates Fully Insured

Gutters “MR. GUTTER CLEAN” • Gutters Cleaned • Install quality Aluminum Leafless gutter Guard



Kingseed Painting Barns - Bins - Roof & Home Interior Painting "Free Estimates" 419-981-2076 (cell)

Window Cleaning

The Complete  Sewer & Drain  Cleaning  Service 419-898-6395 or 419-635-2446


No More Clogged Gutters Water Problems ~ Ladder Climbing • Tree Trimming One good man = One good price = You Save Money 419-656-4693(cell) • 419-798-4137 Free Estimates - Insured

Construction/Lawn Care/Cleaning Householder Gates Enterprises

Cleaning Service

Call Donna

Roofing ~ Remodeling ~ Concrete Laminate Flooring ~ Tile ~ Siding Painting ~ Handy Man Services Lawn & Landscape ~ Pruning Spring/Fall Cleanup

T & G Cleaning Services

To Place

Shane Householder 419-734-4648 • 419-967-9014 cell

WE CLEAN IT ALL! Condo’s Inside and out ~ Window Cleaning ~ Carpets Your Ad Here Campers ~ Boat Detailing ~ Power Washing 419-732-3571 Call: 419-341-3302 or 419-341-7871


Air Conditing & Heating

George Rinas Top Soil & Landscape Screened Top Soil Stone Delivery Hydro Seeding 419-732-7720

419-732-6688 • 800-589-3366

Handyman Service

Lawn Service

Small jobs are my specialty doing the "Honey-Do" lists Call Captain Jim Wagnitz 419-967-0520

Handyman Service


Air Conditioning & Heating Services • Air Conditioning • Heating • Geothermal • Indoor Air Quality

Captain Fix-it

Housecleaning Kendra Householder 419-967-9015

L&D Lawn Service

Commercial & Residential Mowing, Rolling & Stump Grinding • Power Washing • Clean Gutters • Mulch • Trimming & Chain Saw Work

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8B Thursday, September 16, 2010


Bay Township

to Ronald R. and Judith A. Rowe, 5381 SR 163 Unit C-2, $70,000.

• 9-9-10 Josephine M. Oney to Don and Karen Price, Nugents Canal, $3,000.

• 9-8-10 Sarah J. Vradenburg to Thomas L. and Mary R. Faris, 249 Poplar Ave., $350,000.

Carroll Township

• 9-9-10 William S. and Jacqueline M. Gordon to Burl F. and Sharon K. Anderson, 2119 S. White Caps Lane, $139,900.

• 9-7-10 Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union to Brian C. Myers, 6125 N. Humphrey Road, $12,000. • 9-8-10 Federal National Mortgage to Nicholas Z. and Shyrle L. Moskal, 5148 N. State 2, $45,000. • 9-9-10 Robert Lumberjack to Doug Hosey, Locust Point Lots 1 and 2, $100,000.

Catawba Township • 9-7-10 Robert and Julianne Chapin to Richard and Patricia Koharik, Waterslip Unit W1126, North Windward, $3,200. • 9-7-10 Robert and Julianne Chapin to Richard and Patricia Koharik, Garage Unit GA-13, North Windward, $21,000. • 9-8-10 Richard D. and Louann L. Kelley to William H. Nottke Jr., 3838 E. Overlook Drive, $167,500.

Danbury Township • 9-7-10 5831 SR 163, LLC

Portage Township • 9-7-10 Daniel W. Parker and Matthew A. Parker to Michael W. and Michele M. McDaniel, 3221 E. Linda Lane, $410,000. • 9-10-10 PCG REO Holdings, LLC to Christiansen Investments, LLC, 1036 E. Lockwood Road, $40,100.

Port Clinton City • 9-9-10 Anna Marie Meacham to Joann M. Randall, 714 Monroe St., $49,900. • 9-10-10 Wells Fargo Bank to EH Pooled 810 LP, 815-817 Edison Lane, $5,000.

Oak Harbor Corp • 9-10-10 National Bank of Oak Harbor to SGH Enterprises, LLC, 715 Locust St., $60,000.

Tomi L. Johnson

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Real Estate Transfers Week ending Sept. 10

The Beacon crs crb, e-pro

Sharon Woodson

b roker A ssociAte

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Homes of Distinction Specialist CATAWBA ISLAND


2865 Trillium, The Bluffs

2855 N. Coho, Harbor Is.

Enchanting, Cotswold English Cottage in a serene setting overlooking harbor w/Lake Erie access. From the time you drive thru the stone-walled entrance you feel like you are in a different time & place. Open floor plan, vaulted ceilings w/cedar beams. Charming patio over looks harbor leading to Lake Erie. $995,000

Gated community. 2nd floor Condo with great views and 37+ft dock at door. Open floor plan and 13x20 deck overlooking the channel. Great place to golf & enjoy lakefront beach & access to water! Adjacent to private club with outdoor swimming pool and fine dining - all within walking distance or a golf cart ride! $249,000.

CATAWBA ISLAND. NEW LISTING! 2208 N. CARRIAGE LANE #5. 2BR 3.5BA Lakefront Townhome with spectacular view. Patio off the Living Room and balcony off the Master Suite overlook Lake Erie. Family Room with gas fireplace and built-in storage. Steps to sandy beach! Dockage available. Marina has direct access to Lake Erie. $299,000. CLIFTON LAGOON. 924 - 926 BEACH. Townhome in sought-after Clifton Park with views of Lake Erie and CYC (at the mouth of the Rocky River). Extra lot provides a 25X60 well space along with 2 docks or could be 4 dock spaces with 4 parking spaces in front. Amenities include fabulous sandy beach, private club house, tennis and paddle ball courts, children's playground. $479,000. CATAWBA ISLAND. LE MARIN CONDOS. $169,900.00 - $295,000. GATED Lakefront Community with Clubhouse, indoor pool, sauna, whirlpool, steam room, fitness room, 2 wind-screened tennis courts, private deep water marina w/direct access to Lake Erie. MARBLEHEAD. 11218 BAYSHORE $1,300,000. 5br 3.5 BA Custom built home on Lake Erie with fabulous views of Cedar Point. Open floor plan with vaulted ceiling. Gourmet kitchen with high end appliances. First Floor Master Ensuite. 30 foot dock and two 10 foot jet docks in private marina with direct Lake Erie access. James Hardie siding. Two gas log fireplaces. $30,000.00 custom made stained glass window over front door! OPEN SUNDAY 10851 BAY POINT 10861 BAY POINT 10921 BAY POINT

1:00 – 3:00 P.M. #1202 #1102 #502

To view a complete list of available properties and photobooks log onto

Catawba 1544 NE Catawba Road $295,000 Charming ranch located on 2.66 acres with lots of storage and extra space. Extra storage shed 14x30, an unattached building 30x56, and a machine shop 30x40. Home also has a 22x28 barn which has a loft inside measuring 16x28. For all your play time you have your machine shop which is heated and air conditioned! This home features 3 bedrooms, spacious living and dining room and an attached 2 car garage. Appliances included with purchase. Marblehead 163 Channel Grove $259,000 Channel Grove custom built and beautifully appointed ranch with vaulted ceilings, luxury kitchen and spacious master suite with a one of a kind glamour bath. The full basement and a great location near all vacation activities makes this one home you should not overlook! $22.05 Water Assessment per half thru 2018. Dockage available in the Channel Grove Marina! Seller will pay 1st year dockage up to $995.00 (2010) Marblehead 368 Lighthouse Oval $139,000 Lighthouse Bluffs townhouse, easy living in quiet community just outside the gates of Lakeside. Sunroom, attached tandem garage, low maintenance and association mows yard! Affordable year round living for any use.

$368,700. $299,000. $199,000.

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Catawba Waterfront • Location is everything! Lakefront! • 4221 sq. ft. home on 1.189 A. • Adjacent to Catawba Cliffs • Panoramic Island Views • Call Mark or Ted

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Catawba Harbor’s Edge at CIC

• Customized 1st fl condo • 3 bd/2.5 baths w/garage • Gas range/stainless appliances • On 18th Golf Hole • $324,900.00 Call Ted

Catawba Come Sail Away Condo • Condo with a 30’ Dock @ door • Turn the key & enter a true get-a-way • Furn.1st. fl. across from the pool • Private deck overlooking water • $149,900.00 Call Ted or Mark

Ted Greene 419-563-4968 Cathy Greene 419-563-4967

Marblehead • Yr-round 3 Bd, 2 Ba. • Ranch w/ 30' floating dock. • • $179,900.00 • Mark Hartline 419-341-9999

Catawba • 3 bed/2.5 bath ranch home • River Stone gas fireplace • • $309,000 • Glenna Bender 419-341-1579

CIC Area, Catawba • Golf Course, 1st fl condo • 3 bd/2.5 baths w/gar & appl. • • $324,900.00 • Glenna Bender 419-341-1579

Catawba • 3 Bed/3 Full baths/3025 sf/ Gorgeous lot • Open fl plan/Finished basement/Many upgrades • Private club house/pool/ dockage • $399,000 • Cheryl Hetrick 419-202-0144

Port Clinton • 1320 sq. ft. birck/.31 acres • Central air/wood floors/garage • $126,900 • Karmen Lucas 419-656-9188

Port Clinton • 2 bed/2 bath – Open and spacious • 3 season room overlooking pond • Appliances included • $72,500 • Lisa Horman 419-271-8110

Glenna Bender 419-341-1579 Mark Hartline 419-341-9999



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Luxury Duplex Condominiums

Which feature most influences your decision about investing in property on beautiful Catawba Island for year round or seasonal living? R R R R R R R R R R R R

Water Views Marinas Direct Lake Access Nature Trails Community Pools Exercise Facility Low Density Open Space Quiet & Secluded Quality Construction Beautiful Surroundings Luxury Meeting & Gathering Facility

Why settle for one feature when you can have them all at Catawba Bay?

“Affordable Living on the Water” 419-797-2100 • 419-341-0863 5050 E. Muggy Road, Port Clinton, Ohio Models open: Thursday-Saturday 11am to 5pm, Sunday-Monday 11am to 4pm and by appointment Tuesday and Wednesday.

Port Clinton • Investment Opportunity • Includes 30 ft deeded dock • • $105,000 Priced for quick sale • Sue Piacentino 419-341-4945

Marblehead • 2100 Sq Ft. Condo, 3BD/2BA • FP, granite, marble, heated garage • Lake view from great room • New Const. $299,900 • Karmen Lucas 419-656-9188

Port Clinton • Near beach and park • 3 bedroom • Garage • $99,900 • Margaret Lenthe 419-341-2014

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The Beacon - September 16, 2010  

The high concentrations of harmful algae in Lake Erie and bodies of water around the state are going to get worse before they get better, of...