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Eliquid In Varied Flavors To Suit Your Taste Buds

Eliquid is basically a form of liquid used in the cartridges of electronic cigarettes that comes in varied flavors and tastes. To count in, it includes three components-the agent that forms the vapor, the nicotine and the flavoring material to best suit your taste buds. All three collectively contribute to give a sense of smoking normal cigarettes but is completely safe for lungs. It is also known by the name ‘E- juice’ which is rather a tobacco used in vaporizers to give same feeling and taste as normal cigarettes. We could easily find uncountable number of different flavors that could beneficially fulfill desires of electronic cigartee smokers. If you are fond of e-cigartee, then you might be in hunt of new and fresh Eliquid flavors available in market. Nowadays there are numerous products available in market that can be suitably used to create awesome flavors for electronic cigarettes. Plenty of them are naturally synthesized using original raw materials while others are manufactured through varied techniques. Some of the most used and preferred flavors include:    

Banana Ultra mint Root Beer Blueberry

Being top supplier of Eliquid, we take great pride in honoring our esteemed customers who prefer to choose use of electronic cigartee instead of normal cigartee that pose danger to individual health. Active smoker truly understand the need to make gradual switch to e-cigs when health issues are giving alarms of unexpected diseases and illness. We embrace those citizens who put took initiatives to create a healthier environment by avoiding use of injurious toxins/chemicals and get them replaced by ingenious Electronic Cigarettes. This fresh technology makes you sit comfortable without worrying about health hazards. It makes you relax and enjoy smoking getting rid of tar or bad smell associated with normal cigarettes. When you can experience same thing with a best and effective alternative to normal cigarettes, then why not stop smoking traditional ones. Apart from readily available flavors, there exist some hybrid ones manufactured to meet customer’s demands:     

Graple Mad Plasma Cranberry Spritz Apple Icicle Peppermint Mocha Chip



Eciggies may vary in type of flavor it renders and the amount of consistency, throat hit, and nicotine concentration it offers to customers upon consumption. Usually the flavor of e-juice comes from the raw material being used to create the finished product and additional flavoring materials used to give extra smell or effects. Naturally manufactured nicotine substance is comparatively safe for use and healthier while synthesized products may pose slow but major health issues in long run.

Eliquid In Varied Flavors To Suit Your Taste Buds