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people need a place to come to

A place to know things are happening. People also need to have a sense of place when they show up with the resources available at their fingertips. Pride of place goes beyond the perks of an amenity– rich environment.

Having a place can reinforce connections and to boost productivity by putting people at ease. @cofactory

types of work FOCUS The “focus” work mode refers to office activities involving individual concentration and attention to a particular task or project: • White Noise • Background music • meeting rooms on one side, heads down on another side • headphone policy

C O L L A B O R AT E The open sharing, connecting and building on ideas through a group process: • desks are pushed together • no walls • Living Room style seating • Kitchen w/tall gathering island

LEARN Activity of acquiring new knowledge of a subject or skill through education or experience: • coLearning • Branch out nights • Coffee with Creators • Open Device Lab

SOCIALIZE Work interactions that create common bonds and values, collective identity, collegiality and productive relationships: • Community Lunch • Community Animation

tone & empowerment

TONE Tone is open, human, approachable, professional, enthusiastic and empowering, even when we are delivering messages about rent increases.

EMPOWERMENT Create, but generally enable and facilitate; to find ways to help bring member needs and ideas to actualization.

community animation We turn a shared workspace into a Community space by inspiring and connecting members through:

P H Y S I C A L A N I M AT I O N Physical animation refers to the artifacts or interventions that appear in the physical space as a means to foster connectivity and spark collaboration. You must look at your physical environment and consider the myriad opportunities for physical animation.

T E C H N I C A L A N I M AT I O N Technical animation refers to activities that happen in the online or virtual space. Members aren’t always on-site and they aren’t always available. Creating and growing a technical infrastructure allows you to accommodate members so they can engage on their own schedules and at their own locations.

S O C I A L A N I M AT I O N Social Animation refers to those activities that allow people to get to know each other on a personal level. We have various events and activities we do weekly, monthly and yearly.

What we’re currently doing: • turning walls into chalkboards & markerboards • hanging photos of members on clipboards • installing comfy couches and harvest tables • creating notice boards and events listings • keeping a coffee and tea station • Ship or Shame board

What we’re currently doing: • e-mail lists to share information • Party Chat (skype chat room) • online member profiles • online events listing • Social Media–lots of conversation

What we’re currently doing: • Community Lunch • Bar Crawl • M.O.M. events (meet other members) • Holiday Potlock • Coffee with Creators • Givecamp, Startup Weekend • Townhall meetings • Beer:30


Designing Community  

Designing community and creating a sense of place