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USC Executive Board: Co-Presidents

Runjhun Bhatia External

Shiksha Sharma Internal Campaign Coordinators Jas Guram & Sarah Law Communications Coordinators Joey Swisher & Ryan West Director of Community Building Reema Parekh Director of Finance Eric Bethea GhU Coordinators Nidha Khan & Giovonni Ravenell GROW Coordinator Simon Diez

November 2013 In This Issue: • Childline: Spelling Hope for Millions

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• Cyclone Phailin

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• Malaria Vaccine: New Possibilities

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CHILDLINE: SPELLING HOPE FOR MILLIONS Joey Swisher USC's chapter of GlobeMed partners with ARM (Alternative for Rural Movement), a nongovernment organization (NGO) in India which attempts to better the lives of the citizens in its community. ARM often achieves this goal by partnering with other organizations in the area. One such organization is Childline. Childline is India's first 24-hour, free, emergency phone service for children in need of assistance. Concerned adults and children can call 1098 to access their services. Childine not only responds to child-related emergencies but also connects children to services for long-term care and rehabilitation. They help children who have been abused, kidnapped, or have even run away. Childline has reached out to over three million

legal assistance, emotional

children since its inception, and has received twenty-seven million calls total as of March 2013. Childline is attempting to strengthen their

support and therapy, health care, and advocacy. ARM's Primary Health Center sees many patients

influence in rural areas such as the one ARM

who are directed there by Childline. ARM and

serves. Through ARM, Childline is now gaining a

Childine are just two of many organizations that

foothold in the areas surrounding Baliapal.

are attempting to improve life in India.

Childline provides victims and their families with access to

Want to help? You can help organizations like ARM and Childline by donating to Globemed through DonorsPlay! Text “gusc” to (650)319-7142, click the link, enter your phone number, and play! Make sure you use “gusc” as the group code. Every game you play for five minutes donates $1 to Globemed, so we can help ARM achieve their goals.

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vulnerable to flooding due to their mud design.

Joey Swisher

sources have been contaminated. Many crops were

In 2005 the United States was faced with one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever reach our coasts: Hurricane Katrina. Only a year ago Hurricane Sandy ravaged the eastern coast from Florida all the way to Maine. America is arguably one of the most powerful nations in the world and

The houses in this area are extremely Along with structural damage, water and food destroyed due to submergence by floods waters. Over 1700 villages have been affected and almost 25,000 houses have been damaged. To aid the relief effort, ARM is fundraising and requesting aid from charities to provide essentials such as:

yet we have difficulty coping with these disasters.

Tarps for temporary shelter

What happens when a storm like Katrina or Sandy

Medical camps to address water borne diseases

hits a less developed country like India? This question was answered on October

Clothes, blankets, and mosquito nets

12th, when Cyclone Phailin hit the state of Odisha on the eastern coast of India. Cyclone Phailin made

Fishing nets for fishermen

landfall with a wind speed of 124 mph, equivalent

Teaching Material support to students

to a Category 3 hurricane. While it weakened significantly before making landfall, it still generated a storm surge similar to a Category 5, flooding many low-lying coastal areas. Despite the intensity of this storm, the Indian government was prepared. Around 1 million people were evacuated from Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, which led to minimal loss of life. Despite the low death toll from Phailin this

Sanitation & First aid

International charities and organizations have been visiting the areas affected and have committed to providing aid. GlobeMed has also been busy doing fundraising of our own, but this is not enough. Rebuilding in just ARM’s area will require upwards of $700,000, more than four

cyclone has greatly impacted Odisha, the state in which GlobeMed’s partner ARM resides. In terms of intensity, it was on par with Katrina, and in terms of size, Phailin was twice as large as Sandy. The state government has estimated that more than half of Odisha’s population of 42 million has been affected in some way by the cyclone.

times the annual budget for the NGO. Awareness must be raised to draw further attention to the difficulties the people of Odisha are facing. If you want to contribute to the relief effort, visit our Facebook to find out more information on how to help.

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MALARIA VACCINE: NEW POSSIBILITIES By Simon Diez A significant advance in the fight against

of malaria vaccines and catalyze timely access in endemic countries.” Though GlaxoSmithKline hopes to gain the World Health Organization’s recommendation for use as early as 2015, the proposed vaccine requires its results to hold up in further studies and feedback from the European Medicines Agency.

malaria has been made in the form of a proposed vaccination. The new vaccine has shown some promise in fighting this disease, which kills 600,000 people a year, in what is currently the most ambitious clinical drug trial on the African continent. When administered to children between the ages of 5 to 17 months, the drug developed by GlaxoSmithKline showed a 46 percent reduction in cases of clinical malaria after a period of 18 months. However, it only showed a 27 percent decrease when administered to children between the ages of 6 to 12 months, and these numbers seem to decrease with time. The results of this trial, though limited, do present evidence for the first drug to be effective on a large scale against a pathogenic parasite. Malaria’s origin as a parasite has in the past made it more difficult to neutralize when compared to viruses or bacteria. The new drug attacks the parasite early in its life cycle and therefore impedes it from infecting new cells where it can mature and multiply. The drug is a culmination of almost three decades and $360 million worth of work. Despite their diligence, GlaxoSmithKline was hesitant to fund pediatric trials in the impoverished African countries until the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation showed their support by putting forward $200 million through the non-profit PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative, established by the Gates Foundation in 1999 “to accelerate the development

Smoke-Free Campus: What do you think? President Pastides announced on Friday, August 9th, that USC will be a tobacco-free campus as of January 1, 2014. Currently tobacco is banned within 25 feet of buildings and outdoor seating areas, but the new ban will prohibit tobacco throughout campus. This means that both cigarettes and chewing tobacco will be banned on campus as well as in school-owned parking lots, the Colonial Life Arena and Carolina Stadium, and the former State Farmer’s Market site. Surveys have shown that 87 percent of students and 94 percent of faculty do not smoke. Nearly 1,200 colleges nationwide are also tobacco/smoke free. Do you think this is a step in the right direction for USC? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Email your opinions to and we will put the best responses in next quarter’s newsletter! Visit cco/ to find out more.

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WHAT IS A PICTURE WORTH? By Ryan West Everyone has heard the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but what does that mean exactly? Taken literally, it means that a single picture contains large amounts of data that is easier to process than a “thousand words.” In my opinion however, this famous phrase means that a single image can elicit a thousand thoughts, emotions, and meanings. More importantly, a single photo creates a connection. This connection has been used by a multitude of people to promote awareness and aid in movements across the globe. This use of photographs to aid in awareness can first be seen all the way back during the Civil War. Early photographers were using bloody images of dead Confederate and Union soldiers to convey the true cruelty of war. Since then, pictures have made a huge impact in exposing the injustices of the world. They have been used to illustrate the evils of racism in the South, the tragedy of wars that we are involved in today, the corruption of governments, the devastating effects of nature, the effect poverty has on people all around the world, and even to facilitate revolution. We live in an age of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. In other words, we live in an age of connections. We can use the powerful connections created by photographs and other social media to spread the word about global health. We can use it to aid NGOs like ARM, so that they better the quality of life for people in impoverished communities. We can use these simple photographs to start a

movement for the eradication of global health disparities. What is a picture worth, then? When the connections a photograph creates are used to build a better world—a picture is priceless.

Page |6 than ever. We need to shift focus and look for ways to fend off depression from the start.” While he acknowledges that other factors influence a person’s likelihood of experiencing depression, including their genetic makeup, “this review shows promising evidence that the impact of being active goes far beyond the physical.”

JOGGING ON A PATH TO HAPPINESS By Safi Khan Physical activity has been lauded as an effective tool in treating depression for quite some time now. However, according to University of Toronto PhD candidate George Mammen, the


At-University-Of-South-Carolina and help us aid the relief effort.

connection has recently been taken a step further. Physical exercise has been shown to prevent depression long term. This is the first time that exercise has been

NEW SLETTER EDITORS Laura Kain and Safiyyah Ali

studied in maintaining good mental health and


preventing the onset of depression later in life. Alongside his supervisor and co-author of the

Dr. Deborah Billings

review, Professor Guy Faulkner, Mammen has

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: GlobeMed at the University

analyzed over 26 years’ worth of research findings

of South Carolina

to discover that even low levels of physical activity, such as walking and gardening for 20-30 minutes


a day, can ward off depression in people of all age groups. Mammen mentions that he began his


research because of the cost of prescription

medication. “We need a prevention strategy more

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