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A Passion for Peace At Friends School, the peace testimony is in our DNA. We practice peace in all of our social interactions, treating everyone with dignity. In our classrooms and on the playgrounds, we teach and practice non-violent conflict resolution as a means to maintain harmony, integrity, and respectful interactions in all situations. This story, written by Centre Daily Times staff Brittney Milazzo, appeared on the front page of the Centre Daily Times on September 21, 2016.

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Promoting peace is one of the core values at State College Friends School. It’s the second word represented in the acronym “SPICES” that the Quaker-based school focuses on. The others include simplicity, integrity, community, equality and stewardship. “We work with these testimonies, and the peace testimony is one of the strongest,” Director of Advancement Lori Pacchioli said. “Today was the perfect day to bring that into the community. We’ve done other peace-related activities before, but nothing like this. The day started at 7:30 a.m. with students from the school’s Peace Choir and middle school performing a song they wrote and presenting student-written excerpts about peace on local radio station 98.7 The Freq. Eighth-grade student Lilian Feinberg, 13, said she stressed the message that everyone should be peaceful. “I just think it’s important because it helps make a community feel loving and safe,” she said. Students then took a bus to downtown State College where they visited businesses and interacted with the public. They sang songs and handed out more than 100 homemade cookies to passersby. The cookies were in the shape of a peace sign designed by the students. “It’s something unexpected that can bring a smile to someone,” Pacchioli said. Sixth-grade students Grayson Ruble, 10, and Lucy Witzke, 11, said participating in Wednesday’s Day of Peace had a positive effect on their lives. International Day of Peace, Lucy said she was, at first, a little timid when interacting with people she didn’t know. But those nerves soon also known as World Peace went away when she had the opportunity to meet people Day, was founded in 1981 from around the world, when walking around Penn State’s with outreach activities campus, she said. She and Grayson said they hope the daylong peace pro- started a year later by the United Nations to promote gram will be something the school celebrates next year. “I think we should make this a thing we do every year,” peace education. It’s celeGrayson said. “We’re raising aware ness, and even though brated annually on some people aren’t taking our cookies, we’re still seeing September 21st. them pull out their headphones to listen to us, or just smile.” The students also made their way to Foxdale Village to interact with residents, and wrapped up the day with a debriefing at the school on University Drive. “Just because Day of Peace is designated for today doesn’t mean we’re not raising awareness every other day of the year,” Pacchioli said. “This is something we feel passionate about, and are lucky to be among a great group of staff and students who really embrace it.” 1



Pre-K at Friends Schoolhouse Lynne Bradley - Director and Teacher Deborah Elliott - Teacher Migelle Fuller - Assistant Teacher Shelley Roderick - Assistant Teacher

Expressions of Gratitude from the Board of Trustees as We Look Back and Into the Future

Despite the best efforts of Albert Einstein and other theorists to explain such phenomena, we still do not understand where time goes. The daily comings and goings of students and teachers throughout the school year, immediately followed by the flow into summer camp, and then the arrival of buses heralding the start to yet another academic cycle, has been like a movie played in fast forward. Here we are in February, just publishing the Annual Report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017. K- 8 Teachers Interestingly enough, the stories and photos herein could serve as a reflection of Eileen Grunenwald, K/1 any point in time at Friends School, as peacemaking, stewardship, community, and Michelle Raney, K/1 deep learning are always present in our daily rhythms and themes – and, in fact, this Sunna deForest, 2/3 has been so for nearly 40 years. As time moves forward, our school’s rich Quaker traRenée Kredell, 2/3 ditions ground us in our mission to help students become successful learners who are Emmalia Mathias, 4 confident, creative, and compassionate. It is the tireless work of our staff and faculty, Tim Austin, 5 supported by your generous gifts of time, talent, and treasure, that make our unique Bailey Kellerman, Middle School school possible; for these blessings and gifts, we are truly grateful. We appreciate eveLaura Beckley, Middle School ry donation to the 2016-2017 Annual Fund and to other funds and events that support tuition assistance, teacher professional development, and otherwise enhance our proK-8 Assistant Teachers gram and contribute to the overall culture of the school. Hoo-in Min, K/1 As we move into the second half of the academic year (with summer camp right Beth Kirchgessner, K/1 around the corner), we look forward to enjoying the familiar 2/3 classroom Going BeErin Hall 2/3 yond projects, the K - 8 class plays, Fun Fair, the all-school camping trip, and of Bethany Seib, 2/3 course, 8th-grade graduation -- a bittersweet rite of passage representing time passed Joanne Thurston-Griswold, 2/3 and movement forward. In addition, as a Board, we’ll be working with faculty and Hannah Inglesby, 4 and 5 staff to face some less familiar but also bittersweet changes at Friends School. One is the departure of Head of School Dan Hendey and the other is the reSpecials Teachers configuration of the school’s model from a Pre-K through grade 8 program to Jr.K Johanna Jackson, After-School Programs through grade 8. While both of these changes offer exciting opportunities for our Lisa Jordan and Megan Moore, Yoga school, they will take some getting used to. In particular, we are sad to say goodbye to Kelly Gallery-Price, Spanish Dan, who has served as head for 10 years after being the school’s business manager Anne-Marie Hildebrandt, Music/Peace Choir and a middle school teacher for the 8 years before that. We are grateful for his service Bethany Seib, Art to the school and are excited for him as he pursues new challenges. Dan has spent Joanne Thurston-Griswold, Phys. Ed. countless hours pouring his heart and soul into the school, overseeing our finances School Counselor through difficult economic times; forming and maintaining strong relationships with Keena Corbett donors and corporate participants in the Educational Improvement Tax Credit program; implementing our flexible tuition program; obtaining re-certification as a Quaker BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2016 - 2017 school from Friends Council on Education; obtaining funding and directing the imClerk: Ann Sidone provement of the playground; keeping our physical plant in good running order; and Katy Cleary, James Dillard, Jim Frost, Bruce doing so much more every day behind the scenes. Under Dan’s leadership, State ColKnox, Scott McGrail-Peasley, Elizabeth Pen- lege Friends School was named best private/charter school in State College three years nock, Marianne Stevens, Claudia Wilson in a row. It will be difficult to say goodbye to Dan and a challenge to find someone who can match his energy and devotion to the school! Over the next six months, we will be working closely with Friends Council on ADMINISTRATION AND STAFF Education to begin our search for the person who will lead our school into the future Dan Hendey, Head of School while respecting the values and traditions on which our community rests and that Dan Lisa Gamble, Associate Head of School and other Heads preceding him have been instrumental in shaping. Thanks to Dan, our Lori Pacchioli, Director of Advancement teachers and staff, and a committee comprised of parents, trustees, and administrators, Jackie Elliott, Administrative Assistant the foundation is in place for an exciting new configuration for our school. We are conJoanne Green, Bookkeeper fident these changes will serve families successfully while allowing the school to be better positioned to meet fiscal responsibilities and adjust to the changing educational Enjoy this publication in color online at: landscape in our area. We have great confidence in the future of State College Friends We do not pubSchool, and we offer Dan Hendey our profound thanks and very best wishes as we all move forward. lish the names of our donors in the online version. In peace, State College Friends School Ann Sidone Scott McGrail-Peasley 1900 University Drive Clerk Assistant Clerk State College, PA 16801 Tel: 814-237-8386 Email: 2

A Passion for Peace

Enjoy the video, “Peace Testimony at Friends,” produced by Greg Feinberg as a parting gift to the school upon his daughter Lilian’s 8th grade graduation. The video can be seen online at

Middle School students decorated cookies to share with students and residents in downtown State College on World Peace Day. Radio host Jason Crane invited students to the Seven Mountains Media studio to share a message of peace over the airwaves.

Dear Friends, After much reflection, I have decided to step down from my position as Head of State College Friends School at the end of this school year. Throughout my life, I have been led to serve in several different capacities: as an administrator, an educator, and as Head of School. I am again feeling a calling to explore other paths. To be Head of State College Friends has been a privilege. I am grateful to the many committed members of our school community for assisting me throughout my tenure and I feel good about what we have accomplished. I am also thankful for the support of the Board of Trustees, a high-quality faculty, devoted administrators and staff, and a generous and dedicated Friends community. I am proud that, together, we have achieved several significant milestones for the school including continuous improvements in academics, technology, and our auxiliary programs. We have hired highly qualified and dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators to help us achieve our goals. We have created a strategic plan to provide a roadmap for future developments and accomplished numerous physical plant initiatives and improvements - including new playground features. We have also achieved certification and renewal for our school’s program from Friends Council on Education and have been recognized as the area’s best nonpublic/charter school for three years running. I am excited about this moment in the life of State College Friends School. Friends School has an outstanding core of teachers, administrators, and staff who are ready to take the next steps as a team. In addition, our extended community is supportive and committed to the future of the school. I see great things ahead, and I look forward to helping to make a smooth transition to new leadership. I want to thank you all for the opportunity to serve. The Board of Trustees took a leap of faith when they appointed me ten years ago. It has been an incredible ride at Friends, and I am grateful for every minute. People do not often get the chance to work at a place they truly value and love. I am one of the fortunate few. Thank you all for your kindness and support. In peace, Dan


Through the lens of learning, laughter, and love . . .     

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Spring Creek Park Valentine’s Day Affirmations MLK Celebration Sledding on the Hill Rube Goldberg Competition

Reading Buddies Gardening and Butterflies Going Beyond Projects After-School Clubs and Games Pre-K Graduation

    

Wetlands Exploration Earth Day Celebration Big Blue Blocks Come and Play Days Visits to Foxdale

       Enjoy more stories and photos online at 4

Field Day Sailing at Sigbee High Ropes Course Quakers in the Classroom Thankful Tuesday Class Plays Visiting with Alums

   

Visit to Recycling Center Wetlands Institute, Cape May, NJ Way Fruit Farm Visit Grandparents, Friends, and Family Day

Science Fair Summer Camp Blue & White Soccer Holiday Gathering Halloween Parade to Foxdale

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     

Art Exploration Cooking Fun Meeting for Worship Fort Roberdeau Fun with Siblings at School Parent-Prepared Hot Lunch

Thank you to the many volunteers who help in the classrooms, on field trips, and at events to support the school. We appreciate your contributions of time and energy.      


All-School Potluck SPICES of Life Gala Back to School Night Basketball Clinic Camp Blue Diamond Middle School Science


Giving to Support Student-Centered, Mission-Driven Education at Friends School The two most important fundraising initiatives at State College Friends School are the Annual Fund and the Scholarship Fund. The Annual Fund supplements tuition to cover the cost of our operating budget. The Scholarship Fund allows us to offer families flexible tuition, making a Friends education accessible to many. Special funds enhance and enrich our curriculum and program, everything from teacher professional development, improvements for building and playgrounds, classroom materials, services for children with learning differences, to music, art, language, technology, and more.

Giving Opportunities - Everyone is Welcome in this Giving Community Be part of the 100% One gift. Once a year. 100%. We ask every Friends School family to give to the ANNUAL FUND any time between July 1st and June 30th (this is our fiscal year). This can be accomplished by sending a check (in the envelope provided in the Head of School Annual Giving Letter), by making a pledge to be fulfilled by June 30th, or by having an amount of your choosing added to a tuition payment. Once and done! Whether it’s $5, $25, $50, $500 . . . every gift, of any amount, serves as an affirmation that you believe in the value of a Friends School education for your child(ren). When we are able to demonstrate the value placed on a Friends School education by those closest to us—by reporting 100% family participation—it sends a clear and compelling message to friends, businesses, and granting organizations as we ask for their support. Gifts to the Annual Fund are used for operating costs, including teacher salaries, buildings and grounds, professional development, field trips and a long list of things that keep our school running smoothly.

Consider a Stretch for your Annual Gift If you have contributed to State College Friends School in the past, we are truly grateful for your support and ongoing commitment to the work of our teachers and all those who are guided by the values reflected in a Friends education for more than 300 years. As our thoughtfully-designed building ages and the needs of our school change, we ask those who are able to consider increasing their annual gift by $25, $50, $100 . . . allowing school administration to use those funds where they are most needed. We truly appreciate those who make giving to Friends School a personal philanthropic priority.

Take the Leap! We need folks who are willing to “take the leap” by making a gift of extraordinary measure to turn something wonderful into something awesome! While it may be a little embarrassing to be referred to as “an angel,” gifts of this nature do not come often. If you feel inspired to learn more about transformative giving through a one-time gift or planned giving for the future, then we’ll arrange lunch or coffee with Head of School Dan Hendey to learn more about your special areas of interest for Friends School. 6

The Annual Report of Giving 2016-2017

Gifts to the 2016-2017 Annual Fund The Annual Report is available, in color, on our website. We do not, however, list the names of donors online. In preparing this report, we have done our best to avoid errors and omissions. If any are found, please bring them to our attention. If your gift was received after the close of the fiscal year on June 30, 2017, your name will appear in the 2017-2018 Annual Report.

Thank you to individuals and families who made contributions to the following funds:

Dear Reader,

 

Thank you for your interest in the State College Friends School Annual Report of Giving. You’ll notice something missing on this page . . . we do not publish the names of our donors in the online version of our report. Should you wish to receive a printed copy of the report, in its entirety, please send a request to

  

Sheri Powell-Coles Endowment Fund Ferne Traynor Fund for Children w/ Learning Differences Freeman Fund The SCFS Scholarship Fund Mary Ziegler Fund for Young Children Myrtle Wright Endowment Fund

A full list and description of all funds may be viewed on our website: And . . . thank you to those who made a donation for tickets, boutique, teacher wishes, and/or auction items during the 2016 - 2017 fiscal year for which this report is presented. All proceeds from the SPICES of Life Celebration and the Fun Fair support students through our Scholarship Fund. Thank you for your participation and support.

Alumna Sarah Stevenson-Peck shares a smile and a story during summer camp at Friends School. 7

Scholarship Giving for Flexible Tuition Children with a Friends School education have the opportunity to carry the values of equality, peacemaking, simplicity, and stewardship through life and to use these and the Quaker testimonies to make a better world. Providing this quality education requires a basis of support from financial gifts contributed by the wider Friends School community. There are several sources of scholarship support that make it possible for us to offer flexible tuition to a broadly-diverse school community. The General Scholarship Fund is composed of money raised through direct donations, the annual parent-run Fun Fair, and the SPICES of Life Celebration. The Myrtle W right Scholarship Endowment was established to honor the memory of a long-time friend of the school. It is available to assist qualifying Quaker and minority children. On behalf Myrtle’s family, we invite donors to join them in contributing to this fund. The EITC (Educational Improvement Tax Credit) is a statesponsored program for businesses to offer charitable contributions to qualified schools. State College Friends School has been a recipient of funds from local community-minded businesses. We are grateful for this support and invite inquiries from business owners who pay corporate tax. We are grateful for the support of the following businesses who participated in the Pennsylvania Tax Credit program in our 2016 - 2017 fiscal year. This commitment enables us to offer a Friends education to a diverse community of learners. 

BB&T Bank

 Centre County Mutual Fire Insurance through the Central

PA Scholarship Fund, administered by Randy Tarpey, CPA. Marcus & Mack, Attorneys at Law  MOGLABS USA  Veronesi Building and Construction 

The state has added a tax-benefit program for qualified individuals who wish to make a charitable contribution to approved schools and receive a Pennsylvania tax credit. Please contact Lori Pacchioli for details about this new opportunity to fund a scholarship or partial scholarship for a student at Friends School.

8 10

Summary of Gifts 2016-2017 Annual Fund Special gift

73,512 10,000 $ 83,512

Scholarship Fund  Direct Donations

615 41,667 6,487 825 17,733

 EITC  Fun Fair  Friends Council

on Education  SPICES of Life Gala

$ 67,327 Sheri Powell-Coles Endowment Fund Myrtle Wright Endowment Fund Mary Ziegler Fund for Young Children T. Wistar Brown Teachers Fund for Professional Development

Total Contributions

4,855 1,000 300 2,759



In-Kind Gifts and Volunteers Many gifts to State College Friends School come in forms other than cash contributions. Whether it be a donation of goods or services for our annual SPICES of Life Gala or Fun Fair events; furnishings/art to enhance the aesthetics of the school; supplies for after-school programs; or help in keeping up the gardens and grounds, the generosity of these donors has benefitted many areas of the school. The worth of these gifts may not be measured in dollars, but they significantly improve the quality of what we do for the students. Thank you to all who contributed time, goods, and services to State College Friends School. Your gifts are truly appreciated.

Alumna Travels the Globe, Helping Those in Need By Sara LaJeunesse From teaching kindergarteners in Thailand to providing educational programs to underserved children in Costa Rica to working with asylum seekers in Cyprus, Lauren Schloss ’02 has traveled the globe with the singular goal of helping others. Her dedication, she says, stems from the values she acquired at State College Friends School. “The Friends School values have stayed with me; they have played an important role in the person I have become,” she says. Lauren began her educational career at Friends School in 1995 as a kindergartner and stayed through the end of 6 th grade, which was the highest grade available at the school at the time. She then attended a local public middle school, followed by the Delta Program at the State College High School. After graduation, Lauren enrolled at Gilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, where she majored in sociology and anthropology and minored in art with a focus on oil painting. She graduated from Gilford in 2012. Lauren says all of her educational experiences were valuable, but her seven years at Friends School affected her profoundly. “I remember loving Meeting for Worship because it taught me how to be comfortable in silence and about the joy of joining in song as a community,” she says. “That experience was really powerful.” In terms of classroom learning, Lauren says the project-based educational strategies used at the school enabled her to become immersed in the material and to remember it for the long term. “We spent a significant amount of time on different themes,” she says. “This work included conducting research, working on group projects, and giving final presentations. Everything was a full-on experience. As a result, I remember those subjects in a different way than I would have had I been merely studying for a test. In fact, when I got to the public middle school, I was surprised that the kids had been taking tests their whole lives.” When Lauren graduated from college, she worked briefly in the Greensboro area for a rural, state-funded afterschool program, but soon took a leap of faith and accepted a job as a kindergarten teacher in Chacheongsao, Thailand, a city to the east of Bangkok. “I thought I would be there only six months, but it turned into two and a half years,” she says. Beyond the teaching skills she acquired, Lauren also learned to speak Thai. “I speak Thai very well for a foreigner,” she says. Lauren briefly returned home after her stay in Thailand and then quickly took a new job at a nonprofit organization in Costa Rica called Abriendo Mentes, which means to “open your mind.” The organization provides educational and community development programs to rural Costa Ricans. She then accepted an internship in Cyprus working with asylum seekers coming primarily from Syria and northern Africa. “I was working for a small organization, called Strengthening Asylum, helping people get their passes to become refugees,” says Lauren. “It was extremely meaningful for me to be able to speak with people (with the help of a translator) and to hear the stories about the hardships they had endured in their home countries.” Currently, Lauren is visiting her family, who now lives in South Carolina. There, she is contemplating her next adventure. She says she would like to continue to work in the international social work field, perhaps with a larger organization such as the United Nations or Amnesty International. Wherever she goes, Lauren is sure to succeed. “Friends School was like a family to me,” she says. “It’s special to grow up in a small community, where the people support not only your education, but also your social development. I take that loving kindness with me wherever I go and do my best to share it with others.” 9

Right Sharing Meal Teaches Middle-School Students about Global Inequity By Sara LaJeunesse Nearly 800 million people around the world do not have enough food to eat. For the third consecutive year, Friends middle-school students are learning about food insecurity by participating in the school’s annual Right Sharing Meal, which aims to help diners understand more deeply the disparity of resources around the world. This year’s Right Sharing Meal was held on Sunday, March 26th, in the Community Room. The meal was open to the public by purchase of a ticket in the amount of $10.00. All proceeds ($961.00) were donated to Right Sharing of World Resources, an organization that funds grassroots projects in developing countries. As guests were seated, they were given a unique country card made by the middle schoolers that gave basic facts and statistics about a particular country. “The students chose a representative selection of countries to give participants a true understanding of the distribution of food resources in the world,” explained associate head Lisa Gamble. “Each card included a symbol to indicate what the card holder would be served, based on what the average person eats in the county represented on the card. Those guests with cards representing the poorest countries were served beans and rice. The next group got a vegetable as well. Those who were a bit more fortunate also got a roll. And just a couple of people got all that, along with chicken, cranberry jelly, and dessert.”

This approach makes the concept of disparity physically real for guests as they begin to appreciate how other people live and how important it is for them to share their abundance with others. After the initial shock of receiving so little to eat, guests are given an opportunity to indulge in a more satisfying meal. Middle-school teacher Bailey Kellerman strongly encourages her students to attend the meal not only to experience it for themselves, but also to provide conversation points for other guests. One of the richest conversation topics, she says, is the sharing of people’s reactions when they see they received significantly more or less food than the person sitting next to them. “It makes the huge world small,” she says, explaining that the meal fits into her geography curriculum “Mapping the World by Heart.” “Throughout the course of the year, students learn the geography of the entire world,” she says. “By the end of the year, most of them can hand-draw a map of all the countries in the world from memory.” Teacher Bailey says she also uses books that illustrate with photos all of the possessions owned by various families across the world and everything the families might eat in a week. “The difference among countries is startling, and it makes for such interesting and deep conversations with the students,” she says. “These conversations relate back to Friends School’s core values, the SPICES, especially those pertaining to sustainability, community, equality, and simplicity.” At the Right Sharing Meal, teachers expect students to engage in conversation with the guests and share what they’ve learned so far in their geography lessons. “In the past, one of the things students say frequently is that, before learning how to map the world and before working through this curriculum, they might hear of places on the news, on NPR, or in the newspaper, but not really connect to that information,” says Teacher Bailey. “After completing the curriculum, they hear about those places and can see in their mind where those people are. That makes a connection for them. They are more globally aware, which is an important part of being a citizen today. They bring this awareness with them to the Right Sharing Meal, and through the process of experiencing the meal and engaging with fellow diners, they take even more understanding and appreciation away with them.”

10 10

Best Wishes, 2017 Graduates From left, top: Liria Burgos (Delta Program), William Brown (Grace Prep), Bodhi Kennedy (Delta Program), Savannah Niedermyer (Delta Program), Katie Volz (Delta Program), Bottom: Lilian Feinberg (Delta Program), Lilly Johnson (Delta Program), Casey Wible (Grace Prep).

HELP WANTED: Kindly pass the following link to a Friends School graduate or former student. It has been a challenge for us to stay in touch with alums whose contact information has changed from their family home address to an email, Instagram, cell phone, LinkedIn, Facebook, or new household. We would really love to improve our outreach and appreciate any help families and friends can offer. This summer, we’ll have a number of volunteers and interns working with us to update our student records. We hope to hear from you.

Grandparents, Family & Special Friends Day Monday, April 2, 2018 9:30 - 1:30 Adults join us for a morning of classroom activities, followed by recess and a buffet lunch. Will you join us for this Friends School tradition? Details and RSVP (requested) online


State College Friends School provides an academically vigorous education in a nurturing environment that inspires a love of learning and prepares students to meet challenges with confidence and compassion. Guided by the Quaker testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship, we support the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each child.


A Friendly Voice with the Annual Report of Giving for 2016-2017  
A Friendly Voice with the Annual Report of Giving for 2016-2017