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SNAPSHOT-SCF TIMELINE: 10th November 2004 - Birth of the SCF ideology 15th November 2005 - SCF Constitution completed 28th February 2006 - IPA Registration completed 28th April 2006 - First SCF Executives elected 7th December 2006 - SCF account open 23rd December 2006 - First Xmas BBQ for sick children hosted by SCF 27th October 2007 - SCF Inaugural Ball held in POM 22nd December 2007 - SCF hosted Xmas BBQ and Ball in Simbu 29th September 2008 - SCF Donated K27,000.00 worth of medical Equips/Items to KGH LEADING UP TO THE PRESENTATION: The SCF information was displayed at the outpatient wall of the KGH for public digestion. By Friday 25th September all other equipments and items were assembled but the major highlight (Cosy Therm) that was ordered from USA was still in Moresby. The only flight from Moresby to Kundiawa before the presentation (Monday 29th September) was the Saturday’s flight. Thanks to Jerry Karl who stood in to take the item to Kundiawa but unfortunately he missed the Kundiawa flight. Quick witty Jerry jumped into the jump seat to Hagen where I finally received our prized item. With smiles Jerry went back to Moresby and proceeded to Brisbane and I went back to Kundiawa. Thanks Jerry for your reflex. Thanks also to Kundiawa Lutheran Day High School to help us with the transportation. This Cosy Therm (Infant Electric Bed) when installed will save some kid some day.

Meeting with Jerry (centre) in Mt Hagen

SCF Display Board - Outpatient Wall, KGH


THE PRESENTATION: At about 1100hrs on the 29th September SCF officially presented to the children’s ward of KGH medical equipments and items. The SCF president gave the opening remarks and emphasised that those equipments and items were made possible by members & volunteers of SCF, Simbus and friends of Simbus hence fulfilling one of the main objectives of SCF, to help sick children in Simbu. SCF matron, Lady Kilage on behalf of the members & volunteers of SCF officially handed over the equipments & items to the acting CEO of KGH, Sr Orpha Tugo. Jubilant Sr Orpha thanked SCF for the donation and admitted KGH wouldn’t be able to buy all those equipments and items at one shot and praised SCF for the perseverance. The Governor of Simbu, Hon.Fr. John Garia also shared the same sentiments and thanked all the Simbus who have poured their hearts to making this donation possible. Admiration and accolades continued to be poured by various speakers namely: Kundiawa Town Mayor (Mr Tine Songan), representative from the office of the member for Gumune (Mr Joe ), women’s representative to the provincial assembly (Mrs Josephine Kiak), representing mothers (Mrs Christine Tambagle), representing NGOs (Mr Eric Sinebare), representing patients (Mr Francis Nii) and representing churches (Pastor Mundi Dama).

Forum: % LIST OF EQUIPMENTS & ITEMS DONATED: (See Pg2 with corresponding numbers)

1. Cosy Therm (Infant Electric Bed) – Ordered from USA, donated by SCF 2. Computer set – Donated by SCF: Programmed by SCF IT specialists 3. 2 Wheel Chairs – Donated by Budili Club 4. 4 Auroscopes – Donated by Hon. Fr John Garia 5. 1 Mini Bar Fridge – Donated by Hon. Fr John Garia 6. 1 (21 inch) Colour TV – Donated by Digicel 7. 6 Digital Thermometers – Donated by SCF 8. 1 Food Blender – Donated by SCF 9. 4 Glucometer – Donated by SCF 10. 1 Diagnostic Set – Donated by SCF 11. 1 Digital Infant Weighing Machine – Donated by SCF Speech by the SCF President – Mr Jimmy Drekore Simbu Children Foundation (SCF) is a volunteer humanitarian organisation formed by Simbus in various fields of work and students in PNG and across the world to help sick children in Simbu. Simbu ino gupla ples, mountain pulap, rot ino gutpla tumas na planti ol pipol blong yumi ino kisim ol basic services. Most times we point fingers at the government but for once let’s take ownership of our problems and address them where necessary. I strongly believe if we put aside all our differences and work together for the common good of our people this province will see change. For too long I’ve seen advisers, preachers and politicians who rarely follow the path of their words. It is a challenge to take up this voluntary call and show the true heart of Simbu in you. As you can see here, these are the results of pure hard work and the love to help our people. SCF will pursue to establishing a office in Simbu and it would be more appropriate for us to coordinate from Kundiawa General Hospital. I’ll leave this to the hospital management and board to decide. SCF will install these equipments and I would like to put forward to the Kundiawa General Hospital that should these machines break down only SCF specialists will come to fix them. I say this because this is the beginning of what is to come. With this Cosy Therm I believe it will greatly help reduce infant deaths. By doing this we are fulfilling one of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, ie Reduce Child Mortality, which is one of the major problems in this country as compared to our pacific neighbours. With the rate HIV/AIDS is going, one day there will be no parents. Simbu, you’re a strong believer of human resource but how will you sustain your human resource when there are no parents? I’ll leave this challenge to you. Thankyou CROWNING OF MISS SIMBU RED CROSS: PNG’s Paralympic Champion, Francis Kompaon was the special guest that crowned Miss Simbu. The Miss Simbu and Miss Simbu Runner Up weren’t originally crowned because the crowns arrived after the crowning night. During the SCF presentation it was more appropriate for the two queens to be officially crowned and what an honour to be crowned by PNG’s Paralympic Prince, Francis Kompaon. Francis’ achievement sends a strong message that not only able people can make a difference for PNG. PNG’s historical medal is won by a person with disability. This great achievement is also a satisfying reward for someone who has a lot of faith in people with disability and he’s non other than Francis’ personal coach & mentor Mr Peter Aglua. From L to R: Miss Simbu, Ms Isabella Nopro,

Francis Kompaon, Lady Kilage, Peter Aglua & Miss Simbu Runner Up, Ms Christina Kenwai. Above: Francis about to crown Miss Simbu.

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Mr Eric Sinebare Rep. NGO

Hon. Fr. John Garia Governor of Simbu

Mr Joe Gui Officer Gumine MP

Mr Tine Songan Kundiawa Town Mayor

Sr Orpah Tugo KGH a/CEO

Lady Kilage SCF Matron

Pastor Mundi Dama Rep. Churches

Mrs Josephine Kiak Women Rep. PAB

Ms Kenwai Miss Simbu RU

Ms Nopro Miss Simbu

Mr Peter Aglua Paralympic Coach

Mrs Christine Tambagle Representing Mothers

Mr Francis Nii Representing Patients


Special issue on donation of equipment to KGH and Miss Simbu