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February 11, 2017 Meadow Glen Middle School 440 Ginny Lane, Lexington, SC 29072

SCFLTA Executive Board 2016-2017

SCFLTA 2017 (Un)Conference

Jill Hnat Co-President SCFLTA Delandris Jones Co-President SCFLTA Amanda Hajji President-Elect SCFLTA Liz Lawrence-Baez Immediate Past President SCFLTA Bill Baker President AATG Cristian Ugro President SC Classical Association Stephanie Schenck President AATSP Araceli Hernandez-Laroche President AATF Pamela Peek Representative SCCOL Jennifer Dwight Representative NNELL Jason Bagley Webmaster SCFLTA Margaret Young Executive Director SCFLTA

Good morning, World Language Colleagues! Welcome to the 2017 SCFLTA (Un)Conference: Captivate, Innovate, Motivate! We are excited about a new opportunity to share best practices and new ideas for the classroom. In that spirit, we decided to offer a modified unconference format which allows for much more collaborative planning time. We do not know about you, but it is so frustrating to leave inspired by a conference or workshop and then to be faced with the realities of assessing student work and creating lesson plans. The packets of information are too often swept aside or filed for “more time later.” We hope this event will allow you time to walk away with real plans using new techniques for the classroom and to work in the company of those who can offer you expert advice. Special thanks are to Lexington School District One and in particular Meadow Glen Middle School for hosting this event. Enjoy, network and get ready to captivate, innovate, and motivate in the classroom!!! Don’t forget there is further networking in a relaxed social setting at Old Mill Brew Pub in Lexington after the closing session.

Jill Hnat and Delandris Jones Co-Presidents, SCFLTA 2016-17 SERVER ACCESS: Lex1Visitor Social Media: #SCFLTA17

(Un) Conference Schedule 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.


8:30 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

General Session Welcome – Delandris Jones Unconference Goal – Jill Hnat Installation of New Officers Nominations for 2017-18 Recognition of Affiliates & Officers Awards

9:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

Round 1 Sessions

10:15 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Exhibit Break

10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

Round 2 Sessions

11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Lunch/Exhibit Break

12:30 p.m. – 1:15 p.m.

Round 3 AAT Meetings

1:15 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Exhibit Break

Awards: Friend of World Languages Lifetime Achievement Teacher of Promise Study Abroad Award Teacher of the Year

1:30 p.m. – 2:25 p.m. Round 4 Sessions Then... Come to the After Party at Old Mill Brew Pub Want to revisit any of the materials presented? Check out for presenters’ materials!

Post-Conference Professional Networking Old Mill Brew Pub 711 East Main Street, Lexington, SC 29072


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SCFLTA 2017 (Un)Conference Round 1 Sessions 9:30 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

(01) Incorporating Culture Room: C103 Culture, Right Off the Bat! Learning Objectives I can design and implement a culture lesson every day. Audience High School SCFLTA 2017 Language French, German, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish Facilitator’s Name: Caitlin Howard Title/Institution: Spanish Teacher Clover High School E-mail:


(02) Increasing TL Literacies in the Classroom Room: C109 This session will examine ways in which learner reading and listening literacies can be increased in the classroom. Attendees will be presented with ideas to increase both reading and listening proficiencies, as well as participate in an idea "swap shop". Learning Objectives I can provide opportunities for extra reading and listening practice in my class. I can find resources that can increase reading and listening literacy, I can share what I do to increase literacy in my classes. Audience K-12 Language French Facilitator’s Name: Dr. Jason Bagley Title/Institution: French Teacher/Department Chair/ Lexington High School E-mail:

(03) 50 Stations for WL Success Room: C105 It's time to review and you want the students to take charge? Stations save time, cover a lot of content, and are engaging for students. Here are 50 ideas for stations that you can use in your classroom immediately! Learning Objectives I can have my students review material using all modes of communication in a meaningful and engaging way. Audience Middle, High School Language French, German, Spanish Facilitator’s Name: Jennifer Reschly Title/Institution: Teacher/Clover High School E-mail: Co-Facilitator’s Name: Stephanie Schenck, Teacher Clover High School

(04) Technology in the Language Classroom Room: C107 This session will cover a countless number of technologies for the world language classroom. The technology will be paired with the different modes of communication: listening, reading, writing and speaking in the classroom. This session will not only provide a list of these technologies but teach you how to use them so please bring an Ipad or laptop with you! Learning Objectives I can create activities for the different modes of communication using 21st-century technology. I can use technology to create a warm classroom environment. Audience Middle, High School Language All Facilitator’s Name: Amanda Hajji Title/Institution: French and Yearbook Lexington High School E-mail:

(05) Getting out of 'Verb-Tense Silos': Increasing students' command of varying timeframes in the L2 Room: C108 Learn to help students move between verb tenses easily and knowledgeably. Learn practical and immediately applicable steps that can be implemented in the classroom as soon as tomorrow to start building students' command of varying tenses. Help students to remember and use the form and function of each tense they acquire. Audience:​High School, Higher Ed Language:​French, German, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish Facilitator’s Name: E ​ rin Carlson Title/Institution:​Instructor of Spanish University of South Carolina E-mail:

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SCFLTA 2017 (Un)Conference Round 2 Sessions 10:30 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

(06) Getting Students to Actively Critique their Own Work Room: C107 A common problem in WL classrooms is getting students to think actively about their proficiency. In this session you will learn how to teach students to self-critique and strive for higher proficiency in writing skills. We will also be talking about fun and engaging writing tasks for the world language classroom. 2017 LearningSCFLTA Objectives I can provide my students with the tools to analyze their own proficiency. I can use a variety of writing tasks to help students succeed in the classroom. Audience Middle, High School, Higher Ed Language ALL Facilitator’s Name: Amanda Hajji Title/Institution: French and Yearbook Lexington High School E-mail:


(07) Integrated Performance Assessments Room: C103 IPAs 101 Learning Objectives I can design and implement an effective IPA. Audience High School Language French, German, Spanish Facilitator’s Name: Caitlin Howard Title/Institution: Spanish teacher Clover High School E-mail: (08) Camino de Santiago & Bringing Travel Experience to the Classroom Room: C106 Description of logistical planning, history of the Camino, & bringing this back to students. Time for Q & A. Learning Objectives I can plan a trip, go, & highlight experiences to share with my classes. Audience Higher Ed, K-12 Language Spanish Facilitator’s Name: Melissa Drummond Title/Institution: Spanish Teacher St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School E-mail:

(09) Engaging All Learners Room: C105 The Missing Steps to Scaffold like a Boss Learning Objectives I can design activities to effectively scaffold instructions to build students up to successful communicative activities. Audience Middle, High School Language French, German, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish Facilitator’s Name: Stephanie Schenck Title/Institution: Spanish Teacher Clover High School E-mail: (10) Reader's Workshop: The Immersion Version Room: C109 Learn how to integrate Reading Workshop into the partial Immersion schedule by combining it with core content. Learning Objectives I can integrate literacy by infusing reading mini-lessons with scientific inquiry. Audience Elementary Language French, German, Mandarin, Spanish Facilitator’s Name: Kathrine Zahm Title/Institution: First Grade French Immersion Teacher E-mail: Co-Facilitator’s Name: Liza Speece Lexington 1 World Language and Immersion Coach

(11) How Can I Help Students' Reading Comprehension Through Adapted Text? Room: C108 Can students read with better comprehension through the use of adaptations of authentic text? Learning Objectives I can increase my students' comprehension and help them to grow their vocabulary in the target language. Audience Middle, High School, Higher Ed Language French, German, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish Facilitator’s Name: Robert Loach Title/Institution: Assistant Professor Bob Jones University E-mail:

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SCFLTA 2017 (Un)Conference Round 3 Meetings 12:30 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. Take this time to attend a meeting or visit the vendors

American Association of Teachers meetings: French (AATF): Room C109 Facebook: AATF South Carolina

CAPTIVATE INNOVATE Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP): Room C103 MOTIVATE SCFLTA 2017

Facebook: South Carolina Chapter of AATSP

German (AATG): Room C105 Facebook: AAT-SC


Other Associations:

NELL: National Network for Early Language Learning Room: C106 Facebook: NNELL Latin: South Carolina Classical Association Room: C108 Facebook: South Carolina Classical Association

SCFLTA 2017 (Un)Conference Round 4 Sessions 1:30 a.m. - 2:25 p.m.

(12) Student Engagement Room: C109 Tired of doing all of the work in your class? Learn how to facilitate engaged students by sampling some strategies and activities that get students interacting with the L2 and with each other. Learning Objectives SCFLTA 2017 I can facilitate student interaction in the L2. I can plan and implement activities that engage all students. Audience K-12 Language French, German, Mandarin, Spanish Facilitator’s Name: Liza Speece Title/Institution: World Language Teacher Support Specialist Lexington School District One


E-mail: (13) Student Honor Society Room: C105 So You Want to Start a Spanish Honor Society Learning Objectives I can follow the steps to start a new chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica at my school and I can implement worthwhile activities with my SHH students. Audience High School Language French, Spanish Facilitator’s Name: Stephanie Schenck Title/Institution: Spanish Teacher Clover High School E-mail:

(14) ClassCraft: Gamification and Target Language Usage in the Classroom. Room: C103 We will introduce Class Craft and show how we can use Class Craft to stay 90% in the Target Language, promote interactive and engaging lesson plans, and better manage our classrooms. It will be a conversation about how “gamification” can help World Language teachers stay in L2 and engage their students on a platform that students recognize and enjoy. Learning Objectives I can explain some benefits of “gamification” for my students in the World Language classroom. I can create interactive, engaging lesson plans, using Class Craft. I can build a classroom management system using Class Craft. Audience Middle, High School Language French, German, Mandarin, Spanish Facilitator’s Name: Elie Kiprotich Title/Institution: Spanish Teacher White Knoll High School, Lexington School District 1 E-mail: Co-Facilitator’s Name: Mary "Mandy" Domenech

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SCFLTA 2017 (Un)Conference Round 4 Sessions Continued... 1:30 a.m. - 2:25 p.m.

(15) Classroom Misbehavior is Captivating and Motivating -For the Wrong Reasons Room: C106 The most overlooked misconception in education today is students come to school with the social skills needed for learning to take place. Research shows an average classroom teacher loses between five to nine hours per week dealing with lowSCFLTA 2017 level pesky behaviors. Frustrated by students' misbehaviors? Dealing with discipline matters taking up valuable teaching time? I'll share some core beliefs and introduce you to theories that help you understand the impact of low level inappropriate behaviors on your students and classroom. Learn "8:00 Monday morning" research-based strategies of a fair and simple classroom management system that will eliminate unwanted behaviors by 70% or more. Learn the essential steps of teaching to expected behaviors and discover the benefits and the importance of positive interactions with your students. Learn how to dramatically increase the amount of time you spend on instruction and decrease the amount of time giving multiple warnings and repeated requests to stop misbehavior. Learn how investing extra time in your students at the beginning of the year increases the amount of time you have for instruction throughout the year. Reduce your and your students' stress level while creating a working relationship that is built on caring and respect. Learning Objectives Goals and objectives for the session: Understand the theory and rationale for five effective classroom management strategies: I understand why caring is key. I understand the importance of classroom arrangement. I understand the rationale for teaching to expected behaviors. (Teach-TOs) I understand the importance of unconditional positive regard. I understand the strategy underneath Refocus (student problem-solving to fix their own problem behaviors) I understand that punishment does not change behavior. I understand that kids don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. I understand behavior can be changed. I understand the difference between non-contingent interaction is paramount. I understand kids do not come to school (emotionally/socially prepared to learn (and why and what to do about that) Audience K-12 Facilitator’s Name: Peter Vajda, Ph.D. Title/Institution: Education Consultant E-mail:


(16) Use online resources for student collaboration Room: C108 In this session, we'll explore the possibilities available to students to collaborate in a project based lesson on weather and clothing. Google Classroom is an excellent, easy platform to share information with students, to work together to negotiate meaning with authentic texts and to present and exchange information in the target language. What are some useful management strategies given the sea of tools and resources available? Learning Objectives I can exchange advice on how to pack a bag for a trip to a destination in South America based on its diverse climates. I can describe landmarks and cultural experiences, including food and languages in various regions in the continent. Audience Middle, High School Language Spanish Facilitator’s Name: Edmund Carson Title/Institution: Spanish Teacher Orange Grove Charter School E-mail:

You’re invited! Post-Conference Profesional Networking

Old Mill Brew Pub 711 East Main Street, Lexington, SC 29072

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