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1 Mini-Tester of each scent (85) 2 Scent Circles (1Leather, 1 Black Raspberry Vanilla) 1 Fragrance Foam (Cucumber Lime) 1 Room Spray (Camu Camu) 1 Travel Tin (Camu Camu) 1 Scent Pak (Sweet Pea & Vanilla) 1 Bar (Winter Wonderland) 1 Brick (Amber Road) 1 Warmer (Charlemange) 1 Coffee Bean Tin I __________________________, agree to take responsibility for the above items. I will make sure each of them returns with the basket when it is returned. If anything is broken or lost I will be charged retail value for the entire amount of the item plus shipping and tax.

_______________________________________ Printed Name

_______________________________________ Signature

________________________________________ Consultant Signature

_________________ Date

Basket Party Agreement  

Change what is in the basket to fit yours

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