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What is your problem? Why is this an Information Design project?

My father has been a breeder of Chihuahuas for a number of years now. Having more or less 30 dogs, and more on the way, taking care of all of them is a daunting task. This is true especially for us since we only have a small home and a few people to help with taking care of them. Buying pet products for all of them was not an option for us because of spatial and financial reasons. We had to be practical if we wanted to manage our dogs properly without the excessive spending. I believe that this is an Information Design project because I am hoping to promote practicality among dog owners. A large number of people spend large amounts of money on pet products, when there are usually cheaper alternatives. I want dog owners to see that you can take care of your pet properly, even if it comes to emergencies, using only common household items.

Who is your target market?

My target market would be dog owners, specifically first-time dog owners who are willing to do a little bit of DIY.

What are the core values of your project?

• Encouraging practicality among dog owners • Creating stronger owner-pet bonds • Helping dog owners be more prepared

What is your proposed solution?

Using the knowledge we have acquired throughout the years, along with additional research, I would like to make a “dog owner’s kit” that will help dog owners take care of their pets in a more practical way. The kit will include: (a) A manual on how to create DIY items, homemade remedies, and general guidelines on taking care of dogs, (b) Tools that are necessary for pet management (i.e. scooper, dog collar, rectal thermometer), (c) Vaccination/health card, (d) Doggy treats, and (e) A time guide on when to get your pet vaccinated, when to introduce them to solid food, and other necessary information.


overall / packaging

sample deliverables

This manual will guide you through the ups and downs of having a new member in the family. Hopefully, you will learn a thing or two about DIY pet management. We wish you good luck with all your endeavours. Say hi to your new pup for us!

What are your objectives?

My main objective is to be able to teach people how to manage their dogs on their own, without relying on the various products in the market. This will not only let the dog owners save money, but also create a closer relationship between them and their pet since their pet will know that they are taken care of very well and that their owners truly care for them.

How would you measure your project’s success?

My project’s success will be measured mainly by the number of kits “sold”. This will measure the product’s initial success. But to measure if it really does work, I will make a few case studies to see if the proposed long term effects do push through: If the owners do become more hands-on with their pets, if they can cope easily when it comes to emergencies, and if they can lessen their pet management expenses.

Why are you doing this?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I chose this project because our dogs are a big part of my life. I have only gotten attached to one of them, but unfortunately, she died because of hypoglycemia. My father tried to revive her but it was too late. We all learned from that experience, and became more prepared when our other dogs also had this type of attack. Yes, I want dog owners to be prepared for emergencies. I want them to be able to treat their own pets instead of going to the vet every time they think something is going wrong. But more than that, I want them to learn how to prevent all of these and that is by proper care and management of their pets.

Jennelyn Michelle B. Lapus 092032 / 3 BFA ID FA 172.2 - D


PAWTECTION My father has been a breeder of Chihuahuas for a number of years now. Having more or less 30 dogs, and more on the way, taking ca...

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