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Fall Is A Time To Embrace Change OCTOBER 2016 • VOLUME 27 • ISSUE 7


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Cia Lindgren


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I LOVE HALLOWEEN. I always have, always will. Costumes, candy, pumpkins, parties….what’s not to love? This month, the band Stella Luce graces our cover, complete with the perfect live accent: Rachel the Ball Python. We had four snakes brought to our cover shoot by Ed Wiechern, a science teacher from Greeley. While working with photographer Marc Leverette, all subjects proved to be willing and cooperative as we spent hours upstairs at the Downtown Artery, focused on getting just the right shot. Despite my lifelong fear of snakes, I organized this shoot and the snakes were my idea. I was nervous to meet them, but once they arrived and I saw how calm they were (and that none of them had huge teeth: BONUS), I warmed up to the idea of holding them. I held the snakes, let them wind around my arms, crawl up the side of me, even get close to my face. Wow. This was a major shift. We went through an afternoon of shooting and the snakes seemed happy and rather chill in their surroundings, being handled by multiple people, and at one point even listening to music ranging from hip hop to EDM. Personally, they struck me as indie folk snakes, but that is another story. Our post-shoot dinner at Surfside 7 did not include our snake friends; they were quite content in the warmth of the handler’s vehicle, safe in their cages and away from our voices and toasts to a great shoot. And, it is my understanding that beer and pizza aren’t really their thing... This time of year is one of reflection, a feeling of calm after the wild summer months that are hot and festival filled, and also a time to regroup and tackle challenges and fears. Perhaps the snakes were just one small example of embracing change and being open to new discoveries. Fall is a fantastic time to explore our community and the multiple Halloween parties, charity events, and seasonal gatherings that are available. From the Tiny Tot Parade for the youngsters to the Exotica Erotica Ball for adults, there is something for everyone; every age, taste, and level of Halloween and autumn revelry desired. Enjoy this special, enchanting time of year, and welcome with open arms the things that frighten you the most! Happy Halloween and cheers to fall!


Dawn Duncan Managing Editor

Kaia Femenias


Editorial Contributors: Jeremy Fleischer, Carie Gueswel, Rebecca LaPole, Doug Usher, Chris Johnson, Ali Owens, Avalon Clare, Kristin Curtis, Ainhoa Palacios, Dawn Duncan

Rachel, wrapped around Alana Rolfe’s wrist

Making friends with Rachel the Ball Python

Photo: Marc Leverette Photography

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Cover: Stella Luce Tim Massa, Sean Speer, Alana Rolfe (With Rachel the Snake), Brett Schreiber Photo: Marc Leverette Photography Hair/Makeup/Styling/Art Direction: Dawn Duncan Shot on location at Downtown Artery





OCTOBER 2016 1 Juno What?! w/ Space Orphan




Mug Night Presents

Stand-Up Comedy @7pm/Funk Jam @ 10pm


10 An Evening with


Stand-Up Comedy @7pm/Funk Jam @ 10pm

JARED & THE MILL w/ Edison

Mug Night Presents


Busdriver & Metasota with QBala


Mug Night Presents

That 1 Guy





Stand-Up Comedy @7pm/Funk Jam @ 10pm



Mug Night Presents

Stand-Up Comedy @7pm/Funk Jam @ 10pm

CID Initiative Presents:


6 Billy Wayne 7 Autumn Burn 8



CID Initiative Presents:

CID Initiative Presents:

"The Perfect 15 Timing"tour Mama Lenny and feat.Layzie Bone the Remedy of Bone Thugs N Harmony & Mo Thugs w/ Jus Sayin


21 22 In the An Eveningwith Whale w/ A Bears Choice: Tom Hamilton's American Blackout, A Grateful Dead American Babies Tribute featuring w/ Grant Farm Maxwell Mud, and Men Of Letters Dave Hebert of JGB



EDM Tuesdays/ Mug Night



CHRIS WEBBY with special guests

EDM Tuesdays/ Mug Night


The Autumn

Incident 2016: Album Release Davis w/ Dirt Monkey Cody Spyker, Andy Party w/ Bronze, Write Minded & w/ Wooli and Juett, Ashley Huck, Mosaic, and Saints Project 432 w Qbala and L0S Special Guests of Never After Dan Jones

EDM Tuesdays/ Mug Night




Halloween Party feat. Post


Nightmare On

Inna Vision Paradise (as Radiohead), College Avenue with Rick Haze and Stella Luce (as The with Patti Fiasco, Cure), Slow Caves PHO, Jaden Carlson Higher Intentions (as Arctic Monkeys)

Band and more





Photo: Marc Leverette Photography


n a late summer afternoon on the porch of the old Spokesbuzz house, home of the Magnolia Sessions, the avant-pop-rock quartet named after a star, Stella Luce, gathered. It was like a family reunion, and the conversation spanned everything from moving a piano, CrossFit, cucumbers, age verification, rockstar cakes, their own “burn book,” and of course their upcoming Halloween show. Stella Luce has “a lot of success with Halloween shows,” according to lead vocalist and violist, Alana Rolfe. “We try to make them all different and unique.” They’ve had several of themed shows including last February’s steampunkthemed Black Hearts Ball, a monster-themed Halloween party, a Moulin Rouge-themed event, a Great Gatsby-themed wedding, and a Day of the Dead concert, opening for DeVotchKa. Newest member, guitarist and synth player, Tim Massa, reiterated, “We’re at our strongest on Halloween.” They considered debuting some of their new material at a solo Halloween show. However, their friends Post Paradise, along with Slow Caves, planned an all covers show and invited Stella Luce onto the bill. “It feels good to do something different, and it’s great for the holidays. Everyone sings along which builds energy,” Brett Schreiber, bass and synth player said. Slow Caves will perform all Arctic Monkeys songs, Post Paradise is playing all Radiohead, and Stella Luce will put their unique spin on the music of The Cure. Although the Halloween show will be their first time doing an all cover set, playing covers is not a new thing for Stella Luce. “What makes us unique,” said Massa, “is that we don’t select covers necessarily in our genre.” Rolfe and Schreiber recalled, “We have covered one song from every decade, from the 40’s through the 2000’s.” They had a short-lived contest on Facebook for fans to choose a cover song and whichever song won, the band would make a video for it, and give away merch. “They all sounded like us doing that song,” Rolfe explained. “The video for our cover of Ginuwine, “My Pony,” is my absolute favorite.” (It’s pretty fucking hilarious.) The respect they have for one another is obvious. Schreiber touted, “Alana has perfect pitch and can play anything by ear, and picks things up so fucking fast. However, the language of music theory is lost on Alana, but Tim understands it!” Rolfe exclaimed for Schreiber, “Oh thank God!!” Schreiber continued, “Our first album had an instrument list that was huge that we just played around with in the studio and Tim has been great at reinterpreting some of those old parts into something new and fresh.” The love fest doesn’t stop there. Massa praised Schreiber for his Alana Rolfe of Stella Luce

COVER // Tim Massa and Sean Speer

“We’re at our strongest on Halloween.”

Photo: Marc Leverette Photography

“constructive criticism. Brett can explain specific dissonance because he has a degree in Music Education, so he has the vocabulary.” Rolfe added, “I should know music theory but I’m historically lazy.” Schreiber said, “[Drummer Sean Speer] is a psychic drum genius,” and Massa added, “Sean never does what’s predictable, he drives the song along, and it’s always better than what you heard in your head. We just try not to tell Sean what to do.” Speer acted flattered and said, “They make me sound so damn good.” Their delightful debate about their upcoming album’s title, slated for a February 2017 release, sounded like a tight-knit musical sibling rivalry, or rather, camaraderie. “Our last album was called Caldera, and represented all of us throwing everything in the pot,” said Massa. It was their first album as a foursome. “The chemistry cannot be overstated with the four of us.” Speer chimed in,“It’s like cooking a pizza with no timer. Or being in a secret club that just the four of us are in.” He mused about their fans being “conspiracy theorists who think, ‘do they really exist?’ And so they have to go to our shows to see if we’re real.” Oh, they’re

Brett Shreiber

Photo: Marc Leverette Photography

real alright. Their shows have a mesmerizing edge due to their dark, eerie sound and the duality of each band member shining brightly; individually and collectively. Be on the lookout for this band that doesn’t behave the way you would expect, musically or instinctively. “Not knowing what’s next is a good thing. We’re just making music that’s fun and beautiful,” Rolfe explained. “We only care about what each other thinks … I don’t really care if anyone else likes our work,” Massa declared, “I love it.” You can also check Rolfe out in “The Blue Flower” at Bas Bleu until October 16th. More info:, HALLOWEEN SHOW W/ POST PARADISE AND SLOW CAVES October 28 Hodi’s Half Note, $10-$15 Tickets: SCENENOCO.COM I OCTOBER 2016





n unassuming front entrance on College conceals Fort Collins’ newest AM eatery, Urban Egg. The hip and spacious interior is welcoming and open, with a large bar in the rear. I went for breakfast with my wife, Katie, and our 16-month-old daughter, Madeleine. We were welcomed warmly and seated promptly. Right off the bat I knew this would be a great family experience, when they brought a fun pop-out toy for Madeleine. This helped keep her occupied while we browsed the menu. A large selection of egg dishes, along with pancakes, French toast, and lunch items are available. Additionally, they have a full bar, speciality mimosas, Bloody Mary bar, barista, and fresh juice blends. Katie gravitated towards the juices while I ordered an Americano. They use organic, fair-trade coffee, and all juices are freshly made in-house. Our server was friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. The menu proudly boasts their use of local ingredients, and our server was able to provide even more details for specific dishes. I ordered the Tuscan Benedict, with prosciutto, tomato, fresh basil, Hollandaise and balsamic drizzle. Katie ordered the Breakfast Burrito, a spinach herb tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, beans, potatoes, peppers, onions, cheese and bacon, smothered in green chile. And of course, pancakes for Madeleine! While we waited, we sipped our beverages. The Americano was very good, and I appreciate a breakfast spot that has an option for espresso drinks, not just drip coffee. But I think it’s the juice menu that really shines here. If you’re looking for a unique alternative to breakfast cocktails, these drinks are a great option. Katie chose The Cure, a mixture of pineapple, vanilla, orange juice and coconut water. According to our sever, it’s a great hangover recipe, but we enjoyed it heartily for its own sake. Other options include green drinks, along with a carrot and ginger choice that I am eager to try next time. Our food came out quickly and everything was spot-on. The benedict was rich, fresh and perfectly cooked. The tomato and basil gave the dish a needed brightness to balance the heaviness of the sauce, and the eggs were perfectly poached. I appreciated that it wasn’t swimming in Hollandaise, as is so often the case with benedicts. And the balsamic gave the dish the extra “something” that really makes it memorable. Served with crispy hashbrowns, it’s exactly what I look for in a breakfast. Katie’s burrito was enormous, which is something you want in a breakfast burrito! It was also served with hashbrowns (plus had them inside) and within a few bites Katie declared it “her favorite breakfast in town.” Seeing as how she is a breakfast aficionado, this is extremely high praise. Overall our experience was fantastic. We greatly enjoyed the ambiance and found the meal to be reasonably priced, tasty and fun. And their unique drink selection helps them to stand out amongst Fort Collins’ many breakfast offerings. We will definitely be back soon. Information:



All Photos by Doug Usher



Salsa Brava



f there is one thing to notice and love about Fort Collins, it is the abundance of original, one-of-a-kind eateries. Whether it is to grab a quick bite, or sip on a delicately handcrafted cocktail, most of these locales surpass the quality of any nearby Chili’s or Applebees one could opt for (but why would you?). The next thing to notice about this town is the abundance of Mexican restaurants period. At every corner, Fort Collins’ residents are likely to spot tacos, rice bowls and margaritas. The competition is tough, there is no denying that, and a new restaurant just entered the ring—Salsa Brava. Salsa Brava opened their doors this year. The “mom and pop” shop, which began in Colorado Springs, has brought their concept to Northern Colorado for us to be the judge. What do they bring to the table? A scratch kitchen that promises to use locally sourced, all organic, preservative-free, fresh ingredients as much as possible—just what Fort Collins’ folks like. The first example of the freshness their kitchen puts out was found in their salsa. Actually, in all three salsas—a classic pico de gallo salsa, a blackened salsa, and (my new favorite) a pineapple habanero salsa. Each of the salsas have a very short shelf life, two to three days max, meaning preservative-free is exactly what Salsa Brava is serving. The next test came when they delivered

Tacos al Pastor

one of their most bragged about products, their queso. Thankfully, I brought my boyfriend who is the ultimate queso critic. Thus far, his favorite is Illegal Pete’s execution of queso, but once Salsa Brava’s rendition of his beloved dip arrived topped with tomato and fresh cilantro, it was love at first bite. “One of the best quesos I’ve ever tried,” he said I could quote him. The rest of our meal followed a similar pattern, pleasantly surprised with the quality, and taste of the food. Aside from exceptionally tasting food, I noticed how reasonably priced their menu was—specifically their

lunch menu which offers many of their dinner entrees (same size and portions) but at a lower cost. In a town chock-full of college students, restaurants must remain affordable to the younger crowd, and Salsa Brava certainly is keeping that in mind. After what was a delicious lunch, I am happy to report back that Salsa Brava is diligently working to live up to their philosophy — Eat Well and Live Fresh. But of course, don’t leave without trying the fried ice cream. Information: Ainhoa Palacios is the Digital Media Editor of Scene Magazine.

1205 W. Elizabeth

Campus West • 493-1103


Try our hot wings an buffalo strips SCENENOCO.COM I OCTOBER 2016




5TH ANNUAL BOUNTY AND BREWS Now in its 5th year, Bounty and Brews is Fort Collins’ premiere community dining event taking place on October 15. Presented by Fortified Collaborations, this event celebrates the culmination of a bountiful harvest season. Guests will enjoy six courses prepared by some of Fort Collins’ finest chefs and the courses will be paired with beers from local breweries. Taking place in and around the greenhouse at Bath Nursery, this annual tradition is bound to be a unique and hearty experience for all. Kicking off the dinner will be passed apps from Café Vino paired with Odell Brewing Company. Following this course, guests will be seated for a seasonal salad made by Tasty Harmony and paired with a Pateros Creek brew. The dinner continues with a third course by Restaurant 415 paired with Horse and Dragon Brewery. Fish Restaurant will prepare the fourth course paired with New Belgium Brewery. Music City Hot Chicken will present the fifth course entree paired with Black Bottle Brewery. The final course will be a sweet dessert pairing created by Fort Collins Brewery and Modern Tavern. The evening will feature live music as well as an abundant silent auction. The silent auction will offer the best of Fort Collins’ experiences including food, drink, adventure and art. All proceeds from the silent auction and ticket sales will benefit The Growing Project. The event is sponsored by: The Green Team Real Estate, KUNC/ KJAC, Motherlove, Poudre Valley Community Farms, Renewablue, Rocky Mountain Publishing and White Balcony. Additionally, Fortified Collaborations thanks Bath Nursery & Greenhouse, the Fort Collins Food Co-Op, Green Ride Colorado, Pringle’s Wine & Spirits and Wunder Juice for their kind donations to this community event. The dinner will take place rain or shine. Vegetarian meals are available. Green Ride Colorado will provide free shuttles from Old Town and Mid-Town to and from the dinner. Purchase tickets at

ARTSPACE Artspace is the nation’s leader in artist-led community transformation, with 35 projects in operation across the country and another dozen in development, representing a $600 million investment in America’s arts infrastructure. With headquarters in Minneapolis and offices in Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Seattle and Washington D.C., Artspace is America’s leading developer of arts facilities. To date, Artspace has completed nearly 2,000 affordable live/work units for artists and their families as well as more than a million square feet of non- residential space for artists and arts organizations. Fort Collins public dialog with Artspace will happen at 5:30-7 p.m. on October 11, Lincoln Center Columbine Room. Join community members, the City of Fort Collins, the Downtown Development Authority and Bohemian Foundation for this forum, part of Artspace’s preliminary feasibility visit to study artist housing and other space needs in Fort Collins. Artspace is the national leader in creating affordable spaces for artists and creative businesses. The forum is open to the public with no cost to attend. For more information about Artspace visit


EXOTICA EROTICA BALL Returning to the Boulder Theater for the first time in a Decade, the Exotica Erotica Ball will be a night full of decadence and desire. Join in on Colorado’s Biggest and Best annual Adult themed event of the year and one of the top masquerade parties in the country. Come play or be a voyeur at this Hedonic Halloween Party with more than 1000 people in naughty costumes at a wild dance party. Explore your Wildest Fantasies and Dirty Little Secrets at this Halloween party that features an outstanding array of provocative live entertainment from several amazing performers. Dance the night away to awesome DJs, Go-go Dancers, Live Burlesque Dancers, Aerial performers, Jugglers, Live visual art, a Fantasy Costume contest, Body Paint, Erotic Photo Booth, and More Kinky surprises. Costumes are required and Risqué Attire is strongly encouraged. Information: Tickets:



The Holler! on stage at Holler!ween XII

OPENSTAGE’S LA BÊTE OpenStage Theatre is featuring the sophisticated comedy La Bête by David Hirson. La Bête is a dazzling production, replete with an opulent set and stunning costumes and wigs recalling France in 1654. La Bete is best translated as “fool” or “beast” and the main character, the street performer Valere, is exactly that. Critics have called Valere “bombastic, audacious, boorish, pompous, obnoxious, annoying, and....supremely entertaining!” He is certain to leave a lasting impression on audiences when he challenges a renowend acting troupe and instigates a battle between high and low art. Directed by Peter Anthony and starring OpenStage Theatre mainstays Steven P. Sickles, Greg Clark, and Gregory J. Adams, La Bête will keep audiences of all ages laughing. Through October 3 at the Lincoln Center, 417 W. Magnolia, Fort Collins. Tickets: $10-30 or 970.221.6730.

Photo: Rebecca M. Elliott


Scene from La Bête

Once a secret party tucked away on private land and only advertised to close friends and fans of the band The Holler!, the act’s take on Halloween, “Holler!ween,” celebrates its 14th year October 22, with a party bigger and better than ever. If you’re looking for the most unique Halloween party experience, you’ve found it here; this is the one you’ll struggle to explain to Holler!ween virgins and you’ll revel in your fond memories of spending time in the woods, dressed to the hilt in crazy costumes, dancing the night away with hundreds of your closest pals. 2016’s party, centered around the “14” theme, is translated into “14ers, alpine life, mountaineering, and camping,” and the costume theme (suggested, not required) will be all things alpine---”AlpenHoller!” Now a publicly promoted event and done through collaboration between Michael Kirkpatrick, lead singer of The Holler! and the Sustainable Living Association, Holler!ween takes place on property in the Poudre Canyon and features a dazzling array of costumes and impressive lineup of music with The Holler! as the headliner and that runs from 8 pm through the night. Doors are at 7 pm. Camping is encouraged and patrons are asked to bring two cans of non-perishable food items for the Food Bank. Costumes are a requirement! Those participating in the food drive will receive a limited edition Holler!ween XIV poster. Tickets ($40) include camping and first beer and the party takes place in a heated indoor environment under a large tent. Shuttle service from Old Town is available through Biodiesel for Bands (must prearrange). Detailed party, and shuttle information, and tickets: (search: Holler!ween XIV).


Joy Jackson Photo: James(L) Lowith Vossher team at Loyal Salon

Veteran stylist and esthetician Joy Jackson has recently relocated her business, Loyal Salon, to 222 Pine Street in Old Town Fort Collins. Jackson has been in the beauty industry for 26 years and a business owner for the past four. Loyal Salon is named after Jackson’s brother Jimi Jackson’s company, Loyal Clothing, which he owned until his death several years ago. “It’s in honor of my brother and keeping the name alive,” Jackson stated. Currently Loyal Salon has six stylists and offers men’s, women’s, and children’s haircuts, color and highlights, natural nail services, and full body waxing. The renovated historic building features a quaint and charming ambiance, on street parking in front of the building, and a focus on friendly service. To reach the salon, call 970.308.1202 or visit the business on facebook: SCENENOCO.COM I OCTOBER 2016



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Behind every good beer, there’s a story - and as the days get shorter and the nights grow colder, there are a lot of good beers to choose from. Below are the unnerving, spooky and completely true* legends that inspired some of Northern Colorado’s most delightfully indulgent dark beers.

COOPERSMITHS WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE CHOCOLATE MALT STOUT In 17th-century England, there lived a brewer named Dudley intent on creating the perfect stout. Day and night he toiled, year after year, obsessed with finding just the right recipe. And finally, one stormy autumn evening, Dudley sipped his latest batch and realized he’d done it - he’d created the perfect stout. As soon as the liquid met his tongue, however, his overworked brain was unable to handle its superior quality. He went mad, abandoned his brewery, and took to lurking in dark alleyways, foraging for food and terrorizing the townspeople. Recently, the recipe was found, and Coopersmiths decided to recreate it. Fortunately, no one went mad during the process, and now, Welcome To The Dark Side is available seasonally. With its creamy, dark-chocolate bitterness derived from the cocoa nibs upon which it is aged, it is a fine tribute to the stout that sent poor Dudley to a dark side of his own.

EQUINOX BEARCRUSHER RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT Long ago, near a rural Russian village, there was a vast wood so deep and cold that few had ventured into it - and none had returned. In the forest lived the largest and most vicious bear anyone had ever seen: a beast capable of tearing down entire homes with just a few swipes of its paw. The townsfolk lived in fear of it. One day, two mysterious strangers rode into town. Upon hearing of the giant bear, they set off into the forest, located its lair, and engaged it in a fierce battle that lasted three days and three nights. The two strangers returned from the forest victorious, having slain the bear and saved the village.


Bearcrusher is a nod to those courageous warriors. It is aged in red wine barrels, giving it a warm essence of dried fruit that nicely complements the notes of bitter cacao and toasted almond.

GRIMM BROTHERS MASTER THIEF GERMAN PORTER Legend has it that the most skillful thief in the world was a 19th-century German woman named Isolda. So great was her talent, it was said there was nothing she could not steal. One night, she infiltrated the Emperor’s palace and left with a priceless sapphire. Unbeknownst to her, however, the angry spirit of an ancient sorcerer had been trapped within the stone, and upon removing it from its pedestal, the spell was broken. The ghost exited the stone and instead trapped Isolda inside it. The whereabouts of the sapphire remain unknown. Master Thief German Porter, a delicious ode to poor Isolda and her fate, boasts beautiful chocolate aromas and smooth, bitter flavors of malt and pecan.

Feeling scared yet? Bottoms up! *Actually 100% false Ali Owens is a motivational & lifestyle blogger, writer, photographer and beer lover. Find her at or follow @aliowenscreative on Instagram.







AUTUMN BIKING OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND! now. What is Cyclocross? Think motorcross for bikes, on rigs that look like hybrids of sleek nimble road bikes and burly tough mountain bikes. Think mud, costumes, beer, good natured heckling, DJs, food trucks, all on spectator friendly closed loops. Ciclismo Youth Foundation’s annual New Belgium CX series runs every Tuesday night in October. As with all Tuesday night racing in NoCo, kids race free, no licenses are required, and no attitude is allowed. Cross of the North (October 7-9) is NoCo’s longrunning flagship event. Held over three days in early October, CotN includes everything from kids and beginner races to races where you can watch some of the best pros in the US (like Olympic and World Championship medalist Georgia Gould) duke it out. Food and Beer abound, as does the European festival atmosphere that is making Cyclocross the fastest growing and most accessible bike scene in the US. For more info on both, visit



Everybody knows that June is Colorado’s official bike month, but let’s get real: in FoCo every season is bike season. To celebrate the cooling temps and turning of leaves, the city’s FC Bikes program has a whole host of social bike events in October, including Fall Foliage Rides, and Art Bike Tour, a Halloween themed Zombie Safe Cycling class, and a Bike Autumn Photo Contest. bikeautumn.php.


Autumn also means it’s city budget season. The budget is a daunting, 500 page document that we doubt you’ve read cover to cover. Thankfully, Bike Fort Collins is on the case. In particular, there are three proposed budget offers relating to safer, more people friendly streets that are struggling and could use a little public support.


• Expanding Transfort Service to Sunday • Enhancement of FC Bikes (the City’s bike program) to continue to provide great programs like Open Streets and Bike to Work Day • Creation of “FC Walks” a program that would do for pedestrian safety and access what FC Bikes does for bikes. City Council loves to hear the voices of citizens, so if you care about these important programs, find your council member and drop them an email this month (final budget is ratified in early November)


Last month, I teased you by heralding the coming of Cyclocross (CX) season. Well, it’s definitely here

On Friday the 28th, Bike Fort Collins and Wolverine Farm are co-hosting a screening of the The Wind in Her Hair. This documentary explores the ways cycling can enrich our sense of well-being and selfconfidence. Groups such as Women Bike Chicago, VeloFemmes of Tacoma, Women Bike Missoula, and Ride Like a Girl have already screened the film for their groups. Additionally, The Wind in Her Hair has screened at the Oregon International Film Festival. More info at

Chris J Johnson is the Executive Director of Bike Fort Collins, Northern Colorado’s oldest and largest bicycle advocacy group, whose vision is: “more bikes, safe streets, one voice” for Northern Colorado. for more.








magine you are eating dinner with your family at Coopersmiths Pub and Brewery. You are all sitting back enjoying your meal, chatting about what happened today at school or work, when suddenly someone stumbles into Old Town Square. They seem to be limping and quite undead in demeanor. After a few minutes, you realize that the person is leading a herd of others, who seem to be in the same condition. Before you know it, you are in the middle of a full-blown zombie apocalypse. Zombies are crawling all over the Square, arms outstretched, drooling, and looking for their own tasty meal. You decide that instead of panicking and running away (most likely towards your own demise), you may as well join in on the zombie fun. This year the zombie fun will be in ghastly proportions at the 8th Annual Old Town Zombie Fest benefitting Turning Point, a multi-service nonprofit center for youth struggling with mental health, behavioral, or substance abuse issues. The festival will take place on Saturday, October 22 throughout Old Town Fort Collins and will most likely have over 3,000 attendees enjoying the Halloween festivities that local vendors have to offer. “One of the nice things about this festival is the event itself has almost outgrown us. Fort Collins has realized that Zombie Fest is the best Halloween shindig around,” says Scott Von Bargen, Media and Events Coordinator at Turning Point. In an effort to benefit the community by turning around the lives of the youth within the community,

ticket that entitles them to five free stops with goodies as they crawl along. Along the way, they can redeem their punches for free food, drinks, and fun from any of the 60 vendors and businesses along the way. Memory Box Photo Booth will be set up for some keepsakes from the crawl. “It’s a neat event because the businesses in the community are our partners in this. It changes up their evening as well,” says Von Bargen. Throughout the festival, participants can compete in various contests such as best kid’s costumes and best couple costumes. According to Von Bargen, this year there will be more entertainment between 6:00-9:00 p.m. featuring fire breathers and zombie aerial acts in the square. “We are so fortunate that the city, the newly remodeled Old Town Square, local businesses, our agency, and the public all come together for one night and the city prospers. For one night it’s a crazy mosh pit of fantastic costumes and entertainment” Advanced tickets are $16 and day of tickets at $20. They are available for purchase online at

Zombie Fest 2015

Turning Point’s biggest event of the year will not be one to miss. This year, Zombie Fest will feature an Odell Beer Garden, more entertainment on the stage, and will extend to 10:00 p.m. on the Old Town Square. The Zombie Fest will cater to all ages, beginning with the Kids Crawl from 2:00 -6:00 p.m. Prior to the first crawl, as well as throughout the evening, participants can get their ghoulish makeup done by makeup artists Evil John Mays and Juiced on Imagination. Pricing for makeup ranges from $10-$30 depending on how zombified you want it. For the adults, this year Zombie Fest will have the Odell Beer Garden set up on Old Town Square from 4:00-9:00 p.m. From 5:00 - 9:34 p.m., the Zombie Crawl for all ages will commence featuring Zombies among all types of spooky specimens. Each crawler will receive a wristband with the purchase of their

Kristin Curtis is a contributing writer at Scene and a recent graduate of CSU’s School of Journalism. She is a Colorado native, an avid outdoorswoman, and in love with the Colorado lifestyle of bikes, beers, and bands.




ocal horror rockers 13 Nails have had more than their fair share of ups and downs in 2016. Between studio issues delaying the release of their album to their singer’s sudden diagnosis and recovery from cancerous melanoma, this year hasn’t been easy. With an upcoming tour and much anticipated album release, it seems that their relentless hard work has paid off. Minus a short break each year for Christmas, 13 Nails has practiced twice a week every week for the last three years. I met with Johnny, Grey, Joshenstein, and Dr. Mark at Higher Ground Rehearsal Studios before one of their two hour practice sessions to discuss the release of their first full length album as well as their upcoming tour. If not for their smattering of tattoos and piercings, 13 Nails might come off as a group of soft-spoken nerds. Frontman Johnny Bones sports a Night of the Living Dead shirt and stands out as the only one in the room without unconventionally long hair. Incidentally, he’s also the most outspoken of the group. “We’re quiet people until we get on stage,” Johnny explains, stressing that their sound is best experienced live. With a wild array of costumes, a wireless microphone, and a fondness for crowd participation, it’s easy to understand why he feels this way. As a band best served live, the delay of their debut album American Grindhouse has been frustrating. Before linking up with Darren of Stout Studios in March, a series of sour experiences with other studios had repeatedly impeded the release. Recording the 11 track album started back in December of last year, and the long process has been exhausting. In spite of the setbacks, working with Darren turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to the bass driven band. In an effort to preserve the energy of their live performance, none of the instruments on the album were tracked individually. “I love the studio and I love working with Darren,” Johnny remarked with sincerity, but even still, it’s been a long time coming and the band is itching for the next phase of their career. “I’m ready to be back on stage again full time.”



13 Nails

Fortunately that time is imminent. On October 22nd 13 Nails will play a combination tour kickoff and album release show at The Pit in Greeley. The tour includes shows in New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada before finishing up in California. The last stop is in Los Angeles, where they will open for Dope and Flaw at the legendary West Hollywood venue Whisky A Go-Go. For a horror rock band from Northern Colorado, playing a show at the Whisky A GoGo is a dream come true. “I think it’s a bucket list thing for all of us,” Johnny said, explaining that the venue was home to bands like Mötley Crüe and Motörhead in their heyday. Getting a call from the Whisky A Go-Go is a stark contrast to when the group got together in 2012 and struggled to find their place in the local scene. Back then they played a lot of shows with metal bands, but they didn’t quite fit. As guitarist Grey Jones put it, “[13 Nails is] not quite metal enough for the metal shows and too hardcore for most of the punk shows.” This inability to fit in with a particular scene is due in part to the varying musical influences of the band members. With tastes ranging SCENENOCO.COM I OCTOBER 2016

from classical to post grunge to outlaw country, the four of them argue and chide one another for their tastes. If there’s anything tying the group together, it’s their fierce dedication to their band. It took a while for 13 Nails to own their unique sound, but they haven’t looked back since. “We finally said **** it,” Johnny said, deadpan. “We are what we are and this is what it is.” American Grindhouse will be released on October 22nd with a live show at the Pit in Greeley, 807 17th Street, Greeley, CO. Avalon Clare is an illustrator, DJ, feminist, and pop culture fairy. She is a resident artist at the Downtown Artery and a Colorado native. Social media makes her heart sparkle. Follow her at @UnicorneClare.



Mental Health Fest BREAK OPEN


ental health affects how a person thinks, what they feel, how they act, and the way they cope with life. The state of one’s mental health can strongly influence how they see themselves, their lives and their relationship to others, as well as influence the successes and achievements one will accomplish throughout their lifetime. Mental illness is considered by professionals to be any condition that causes atypical behavior patterns, creating a disturbance in the way an individual is able to cope with the demands of day-to-day life. Mental health issues cover a broad spectrum of disorders, ranging from emotional to psychological. Conditions and symptoms of mental illness can be moderate to severe and causes can be genetic, an imbalance in brain chemistry, psychological trauma or brought on by environmental triggers. Stigmas linked to mental illness can leave an individual feeling disgraced, discarded and isolated from society, as well as open to discrimination and the unfair judgments of others. Starting a conversation about mental health can help break down the stigmas and misconceptions surrounding mental illness as well as shed some light on a topic that today, affects millions of Americans. On October 14 and 15, the first annual Break Open Festival, founded by Caitlin Solsky and held at the Downtown Artery, located at 252 Linden Street, is designed to provide the community with the education and tools needed to challenge these misconceptions. When asked about the origin of the festival Solsky explains, “My family experienced the loss of my brother after a long battle with mental illness and substance abuse. I didn’t feel ok talking about it, nor was there a forum to do so; there was this notion that everyone has these challenges and nobody talks about them, so let’s give them a place to talk freeley.” Break Open is a free festival that will include the First Friday art exhibit titled Stigma, also held at the Artery, and is scheduled to run from October 7 through the 21. “By appealing to artists, musicians, and creatives with exposure to mental health issues, we are able to explore the relawill be workshops, tionship between “Stigmas linked to mental illness can leave an individual felling which include creativity and the disgraced, discarded and isolated from society, as well as open to wellness through mind and can work nutrition, as well as to promote posidiscrimination and the unfair judgments of others.” stress management tive mental health by the use of herbs, and well-being,” oils, and teas. The festival will conclude with a very special Story Slam: explains Solsky. Break Open is not a typical music festival. Layered The Day That Changed My Life, hosted by Nathan Scott and Kenny with music and art, this festival will also hold presentations, workshops Wistz, where anyone is welcome to pick up the microphone and share and feature the film: Touched with Fire, which will be shown at the Lyric their stories of great change. For more information about Break Open, Cinema Café, Saturday the 15. and to view the festival schedule, please visit: mentalhealthfestival. A mixer at the Artery will kick off the Break Open festival, and will com or For information include food, beverages, and live music. Saturday, October 15, will feaor support regarding mental health issues, please visit, Colorado Crisis ture presentations by organizations like Alliance for Suicide Prevention Services at or call 1.844.493.TALK (8255) of Larimer County, UCHealth, SummitStone and many more. There SCENENOCO.COM I OCTOBER 2016





Gasoline Lollipos


he highway, drugs and alcohol and God (which can be kind-of the same thing), poverty, heartbreak, women, darkness, the oblivion. Rhythmically; the wheels of a train. Harmonically; the wind of the highway,” Clay Rose, frontman of Boulderbased band, the Gasoline Lollipops, waxed poetic when asked about the inspiration for their songs and the lyrics he writes. Straight off the heels of a big show with their two parttime special guests at the new Caribou Room in Nederland, the GasPops (as they are affectionately called by their fans) are riding their four-piece train of what Rose calls “psychedelic murder love rock,” north this October 14th to the Swing Station in LaPorte. Von Stomper’s Wolf van Elfmand and his band will open the show. The current core band members who have been holding it down for years and are extrodinarily talented are Donny Ambory on the Stratocaster and Brad Morse on upright bass. Their newest fulltime addition is Adam Perry on drums who Rose revealed “is also a reviewer and just reviewed the Misfits which plays to his background in punk. He brings a bit more edginess and rock ‘n roll to the band. He’s really taking us to the next level by


managing us; bringing in more fans and media attention.” As for semi-frequent fixture Jeb Bows, he’s the lead fiddle for the Ghost Orchestra for Gregory Alan Isacov. Rose said, “so if I can figure out how to pay him more than Greg does, maybe he’ll come back fulltime.” Backup singer Alexandra Schwan is also on special guest status, offering a counter balance to Rose’s sound with an enchanting sweetness to her voice and tone. Readers of the Westword in Denver recently voted the GasPops as the winners of the 2016 Award for “Best Country Artist.” Rose said, “We didn’t know we played country until we got nominated for that award. Winning awards is always a good thing, though, and we play a country tune every once in a while … but our true fans probably threw up a little in their mouths when they heard that.” Their first two albums, Dawn and Death, deal with shrinks (the affectionate term Rose uses for psychologists), speed, drinking, memories, and so much more that is brought to life by Rose’s captivating lyrics. They each have seven songs and Rose likes thinking of things in sevens and threes, so he puts a lot of pressure on their third album, since it’s the SCENENOCO.COM I OCTOBER 2016

end of the trilogy that has seen him through lots of ups and downs. Resurrection is currently being recorded and will finally see the light with great thanks to Rose being sober for over ten months and counting. He is “90% sure it’ll be out Valentine’s Day!” The title track of their third album continues in Rose’s lyrically rich tradition and is a meandering, epic, unpredictable, and breakthrough song. Rose’s voice is a multifaceted gem, but his performance on this song in particular is astounding. Rose confided that his secret is “to pretend you’re confident until you are.” He can go from a soft and tender, sultry croon on the Green Bullet, to a raspy and sometimes demonic growl, to a wail, to a “seagull”-like “hey!” call, and alternate between them with extreme force. Not only does it sound good on record, it is highly entertaining to watch live. Get out to LaPorte to see them in an intimate space before they get even bigger. Tickets are only $5, available at the Swing Station: SHOW: Friday, October 14 Swing Station, Laporte, $5 Band:






Photo by Doug Usher


Lyric Cafe founder/owner Ben0f Mozer Amy Cinema Kafka and Ryan Wilson, owners Garden Sweet



ummer in Colorado tends to steal all the glory. People get excited about IPA’s, peaches, tomatoes and flip-flops. But fall is, for me, the best time of year in Colorado. The change of seasons means I get to enjoy all sorts of things I’ve been neglecting during the hot summer. Dark beers, hearty pastas, bold red wines, and shoes with socks suddenly return to my life and I couldn’t be happier. Of course, the season moves quickly, and with winter just over the horizon, I want to cram as much enjoyment into these few months as I can. What’s great about the Colorado growing season is that things start to get really exciting in September. Tomatoes are just beginning and will be growing for several more months. Eggplant, peppers, lettuces, broccoli and root vegetables are all at their best starting in September. I stopped off at Garden Sweet to see what was growing and what they were most excited about this fall. Their biggest tip? “Shop from what’s available locally and you’ll love it. Foods taste best when you eat them in season.” Their Fall CSA is essentially just a debit account with the farm that runs from October to Christmas.


Instead of getting an unpredictable box of ingredients, you just stop by the farm stand and pick out what you want. So if you’re looking for access to fresh, seasonal produce for the last months of the year, this is a fun and locally supportive way to do it. I’m especially looking forward to late season radishes, which start getting sweeter after the frost hits. Brent Jackson, Head Chef at The Kitchen, Fort Collins, says he likes to imagine sitting at the window, looking out at the snow falling; “What do you want to be eating?” That to me, is a perfect way of thinking about it. When it’s cold outside, you want to be warm inside. To me, this means roasty, malty beer, braised foods, and a bunch of friends sharing stories and reminiscing about wearing shorts “not that long ago.” Jackson says that “the availability of local, seasonal products in Northern Colorado is getting better every year,” allowing for a longer season of utilizing local. More farms are utilizing grow tunnels, allowing them to start things earlier and extend their season longer. This translates to better, more predictable produce available to consumers and restaurants alike. When the cold starts driving us indoors, it’s SCENENOCO.COM I OCTOBER 2016

easier to exchange our citrusy IPAs for a malt forward dark ale. Tim and Carol Cochran from Horse & Dragon Brewing are especially excited for the annual Beers Made By Walking, which happens each fall. Participating breweries are tasked with developing beers that are “inspired by their surroundings.” Carol loves the change of seasons as an excuse to change up flavors, both in food and beer. “Seasonal brews and ingredients are a great way to ‘spice it up’ in your gustatory life, season after season.” I, for one, can’t wait to put on a sweater, cozy up to a window and watch the snow fall with a dark beer and a plate of risotto. Hello fall, I’ve missed you. Doug Usher is the Creative Director of The Via Company in Fort Collins. He is a photographer, blogger, and die-hard foodie who enjoys the culture of his hometown of Fort Collins. He and his wife, Katie, are the parents of daughter Madeleine and the authors of the blog


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ON THE SCENE Kimber [Tour de Fat] Keelin as “Harley Quinn

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DJ Avalon [Fashion

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Johnny & Ryan [Old Town Squ


Sister Sparrow [Tour de Fat]






Fort Collins’ Broken Bow aptly calls its musical style “jug metal,” and a quick googling of the term suggests they invented it. This alone deserves applause, for it’s a style that should have come along sooner. Metal has always had a hard-on for the technical, from guitar playing with speed and precision to neurotically tuning the drums. At times, it fine-tunes the heart out of the music, and it certainly excludes less-skilled musicians. Well, Broken Bow goes in the other direction with its metal, towards a jug band, which is known for playing improvised instruments, like jugs and washboards. This adds a certain populist element to the music, not unlike punk rock. The sense is anyone with any ability could join in. Yet, it’s still essentially metal. Broken Bow has the angry growl of death metal, the frenetic speed of thrash, and lyrics appropriate for the title Desolation. But at times, it’s also kind of like being in a bar sing-a-long, as if you could play along by rapping a pint glass with your phone. For most, the music will be grating, which is true to metal. But for fans of metal, this could be a reason to leave mom’s basement and shred that hidden kazoo like Kerry King.




The debut EP, Anchored, from Fort Collins acoustic-rock outfit Places Back Home can be summed up with one three-letter word: meh. It’s not terrible, but it’s not exceptional. It’s not unlistenable, but it’s rather boring. This is a shame, since all the elements are there. What’s lacking, it seems, is inspiration. Take the track “Letters.” It begins with a picked guitar and vocalist/songwriter Chris Tofano’s competent vocals. It’s a lovely sound that builds to a chorus with a downplayed rock guitar riff. This all should work! But unfortunately, it’s too formulaic. And the lyrics – yes, they are about mailed letters to a lover – is wholly uninspiring. Listeners will not be faulted if their minds wander to thoughts of tacos only 30 seconds into “Letters.” If I sound unfairly harsh, it’s only because, as I said, this band has the musicianship and song arrangement/production sense to be so much more exciting. The title track, which concludes the album, is an example. The chorus, featuring anthemic “whoas,” is perhaps the best moment on this EP, but the lead-up to the “whoas” lacks the thrust to make it truly cathartic. This is the band’s debut, and the hope is they find inspiration before the next.




Those old enough to go to parties in the ’90s have likely seen their share of bands like Rawtune. Amidst a thick haze of weed and Camel Light smoke, holding a PBR drawn from a free keg, we watched a parade of bands all inspired by the reggae rock of Sublime and 311. Those were good times. If Rawtune had been around during this era, they likely would have been a solid headliner. And it’s hard not to imagine a live Rawtune performance today as a stoner dance fest, even if the audience is mostly new-to-Colorado bros. But the reggae-rock sound has not aged well, and the Rawtune album Cut the Leash, as a result, feels dated. This music live is likely super exciting, but recorded it falls a bit flat, one song bleeding into the bouncey next. What saves the album, however, is Rawtune’s adherence to reggae as the root sound. They don’t meander off into hip-hop, or overstate that they can rock. Rawtune sings and performs reggae with confidence, and a bit of rock. Perhaps the ’90s are so far removed a whole new generation will discover the sweet spot when reggae meets rock. If so, Rawtune will be their band.






The latest EP from Denver’s HR People affirms why this is one of the most exciting bands working in Colorado right now. On paper, there’s not much excitement: They blend hip-hop, soul and rock, as many bands do. But damn, they do it so well! HR People music is fun, pop-catchy, super sexy-cool, and funky, but with a depth of soul often absent from pop music. It oozes with creativity, from lyrical surprises like a well-placed “tsk-tsk” to musical flourishes like whistling and bells. The brilliance is in the production and arrangements; as surprising as these creative moments are, they always feel organic to the song. While they don’t necessarily sound like the Talking Heads, they have that quality of balancing a great danceable pop hit with a work of artistry and soul. This is a Colorado band that could write a hit. On this EP, most notably is “Black Widow.” This bluesy, funky number also has a certain disco quality to it reminiscent of how the Scissor Sisters could make rock music with a mirror-ball quality. It’s infectious without being cloyingly pop-y. Then, take “Lover Man,” a hip-hop song featuring bells and a lonesome whistle along with synth. This is a song you listen to intently, wondering what they will do next. Then, before you know you realize it, the song has latched on to you. And rather than shake it off, you gladly carry it through your day. SCENENOCO.COM I OCTOBER 2016




25 Years Strong


1307 E. Prospect • 224-CLUB

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2015 Pride Volunteers




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t’s a calm and low-key evening on the patio of a local brewery, where I sit with the members of the melodic-rockmeets-metal band Autumn Burn. We are here to discuss their new structure and their upcoming album release, but we are interrupted by an enthusiastic young man who approaches to say hello. “You guys are in that band! You rock!” He points at Mikus Shoemaker, the band’s epic bassist. “You were doing that thing…” he attempts to imitate a rasping growl. “It was so awesome!” From the way the guys humbly and genuinely accept the praise, it’s obvious this is not the first time they’ve been recognized by enthralled fans. From Fort Collins to Denver, and everywhere in between, people are getting to know Autumn Burn. The band is quite the enigma. They’re heavy but melodic; hardcore but accessible; a perfect balance between grit and vulnerability. Lead singer Eric Romero delivers refreshingly raw and unguarded lyrics, vacillating flawlessly between smooth, catchy melodies and guttural screams. Guitarist Josh Rivera glides through impossibly intricate instrumental hooks like it’s no big thing, while Mikus and drummer extraordinaire Matt Durnil provide the pulse driving and impeccably precise. Autumn Burn has shared the stage with national acts such as Trapt, Buckcherry, and All That Remains, proving they have the chops to be serious contenders in the music scene, and their long-awaited sophomore album, aptly titled Reach Up To The Stars, is set for release on October 7th through Sugarfox Records at Hodi’s. They’ll share the stage that night with Saints of Never After, Mosaic, and Bronze. “The strength of the material shows - the growth from the first album to the second,” Mikus says. “I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.” Josh agrees. “This is a huge step forward.” Both of the band’s albums have been produced by renowned metal guitarist Ahrue Luster, former member of the Grammynominated band Machine Head and current guitarist for the illustrious Latin metal group Ill Niño. “He’s a brilliant engineer,” Eric tells me. “He made me do over 100 takes on one line. It was not a good day. I was so mad. But then he showed me the finished product, and

Matt Durnil, Mikus Shoemaker, Josh Rivera, it ended up being one of the most defining and Eric Romero of Autumn Burn lines of the album. And I was like, okay, now I get it.” What’s next? Writing new songs in a collaborative format. Mikus and Josh, as the newest members of the band, had a lot of catching up to do this year, by way of learning the songs on the album; now, they’re looking forward to contributing to the songwriting process. “We’re lucky,” says Eric. “It’s not often you find like-minded people who all want to do the same thing. It’s unique and special.” Want to hear what all the fuss is about? Head to the album release party at Hodi’s Half Note on the 7th (see inset for details)


to witness Autumn Burn doing what they do best - reaching up to the stars. For a group with this much talent, drive and determination, the sky’s the limit. ALBUM RELEASE: Friday, October 7, 7 pm Hodi’s Half Note, $10 ADV, $12 DOS (+$5 under 21) Band: Ali Owens is a motivational & lifestyle blogger, writer, photographer and beer lover. Find her at or follow @aliowenscreative on Instagram!

// EVENTS CALENDAR >> OCTOBER SATURDAY 1 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, Goldfish w/ jackLNDN, $16-$18, 9pm Equinox Brewing, Crescent City Connection, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, Ran off the Rooster, Free, 5pm Hodi’s Half Note, Juno What?! w/ Space Orphan, $12 Advance / $15 Day Of Show (+$5 Under 21), 9pm Island Grill, Hazmat, Free, 8:30pm Jessup Farm Barrel House, The Dollhouse Theives and Andrew DeCarlo, Free, 5pm Lucky Joe’s, Chris Musual, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Carl, Free, 8pm Sonny Lubicks, Marty Nightengale, Free, 8:30pm Swing Station, Dixie Leadfoot and Chrome Struts, $5, 8pm

BOULDER Caffe Sole, Second Acts, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, The Record Company w/ Special Guests, $15-$19.50, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Thornberry, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Barking at Dogs, Free, 9pm

DENVER 1st Bank Center, Megadeth w / Amon Amarth, Metal Church, Havok, $35-$50, 6pm Bluebird Theatre, Marian Hill w/ VÉRITÉ and Shaed, $20-$25, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Jerry Joseph and The Jackmormons w/ Jubilingo, $16-$18, 9pm


Dazzle Jazz, Nelson Rangell Quartet, $15, 7pm Dazzle Jazz, Nelson Rangell Quartet, $15, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, “Blues Night” w/ Delta Sonics, See venue for cost, 10:30pm Herman’s Hideaway, Solar w/ Los Hitos, Circle Number Dot, Weekend Medicine, & Time Huston Project, $7-$100, 7pm Hi-Dive, Native Daughters w/ Major Sports, & Chieftain, $10, 9:30pm Pepsi Center, Drake & Future w/ Roy Woods, DVSN, & Special Guests, Starting at $49.50, 6:30pm Ogden Theatre, Twiddle w/ Kitchen Dwellers, $22-$25, 9pm Red Rocks Amphitheater, GRIZ, SOLD OUT, 6pm Summit Music Hall, RX Bandits w/ And So I Watch You From Afar, $22.50-$25, 7:30pm

WINDSOR Ricky B’s, KISSM w/ Hooligan Holiday $10, 8:30pm

LOVELAND The Boot Grill , Owl Canyon Outlaws, Free, 9pm



Colorado Room, “Groove Rescue Sunday’s” Jazz Fusion Jam, Free, 5pm Fort Collins Nursery, Fall Jamboree w/ Choice City, Free, 10am Lucky Joe’s, Acoustic Open Mic, Free, 9pm

BOULDER Fox Theatre, Marian Hill w/ Verite & Shaed, $20-$24, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Eddie Danger, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Humbird, Free, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Stone House, Free, 10pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Lany with Transviolet, $15-$18, 7:30pm Dazzle Jazz, “Urban Brunch” w/ The Adam Bodine Trio, Free, 9:30am Dazzle Jazz, CP3O w/ Tom Gershwin & Greg Harris, $12, 7pm Dazzle Jazz, “Hepcat Mixtape” w/ The Real Folk Blues, Free, 9pm Pepsi Center, Drake & Future w/ Roy Woods, DVSN, & Special Guests, Starting at $49.50, 6:30pm Summit Music Hall, Suicide Silence w/ Whitechapel, Carnifex, & Oceano, $20-$25, 6pm

MONDAY 3 FORT COLLINS CSU Griffin Concert Hall, Gerry Pagano, Free, 6pm CSU Organ Recital Hall, Virtuoso Series Concert: Margaret Miller, Free to students/$12, 7:30pm Hodi’s Half Note, Stand-Up Comedy, 7 pm; Funk Jam 10 pm, Free Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Open Mic w/ Tyler T, Free, 7pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Foy Vance w/ Trevor Sensor , $20, 8pm


Cervantes’ Other Side, Monday Night Menagerie ft. Amoramora, Crescent City Connection, Tyler Imbrey and The Ghost Review, $10 after 8pm, 7:30pm Dazzle Jazz, Soundhouse’s Soul Confluence and Groove Trader, $5-$10, 7pm Hi-Dive, Cale Tyson w/ Andy Hamilton & the Rocky Mountain Contraband, & High Plains Honky, $8-$10, 8:30pm Red Rocks Amphitheater, Tears for Fears w/ Robert DeLong, $39.95$85, 7:30pm Summit Music Hall, Machine Gun Kelly, $32.50-$40, 7pm

TUESDAY 4 FORT COLLINS 1933 Brewing, Queen Bee and the Stingers live rehearsal, Free, 6pm Avogadro’s Number, Open Mic, Free, 7pm CSU Organ Recital Hall, Voice Area Recital, Free, 7:30pm Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Green Bay Pickers, Free, 7pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat,The Matt Human Trio, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Dinosaur Jr. $25.75 - $30.75, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, EshOne w/ Crix Saiz & Ill Kid, $5-$15, 8pm Dazzle Jazz, Anisha Rush Quartet, $7-$10, 7pm Herman’s Hideaway, Lyapis/Brutto, $50-$550, 7pm Hi-Dive, Mr. Gnome w/ PrettyMouth, $12-$15, 9pm

EVENTS CALENDAR >> OCTOBER // Ogden Theatre, The Cult, $39.50$45, 8pm Summit Music Hall, AJJ w/ DINERS, Kepi Ghoulie, $16-$18, 7pm

WEDNESDAY 5 FORT COLLINS Aggie Theatre, Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown, $20, 7pm Avogadros, Mason Street Bluegrass w/ jam to follow, Free, 7pm CSU Griffin Concert Hall, Jazz Ensembles Concert, Free to students/$12, 7:30pm Hodi’s Half Note, Dirt Monkey w/ Wooli, LER, and Crimbrule, Doors 8 pm, Show 9pm, $10 ADV, $15 DOS (+$5 under 21) Lucky Joe’s, Celtic Jam, Free, 7pm Lucky Joe’s, Bryce Merrit, Free, 9pm Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Irish Session, Free, 7pm Odell Brewing, Comanche Joey, Free, 4pm Surfside 7, Mobina Galore (Canada) & Señorita Sometimes, $7, 9pm

BOULDER Fox Theatre, Bear Grillz w/ Midnight Tyrannosaurus, $10-$20, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Purple Squirrel, Free, 8pm


Herman’s Hideaway, Girls Night Out, $28-$25, 8pm Hi-Dive, Breast Friends—Cloud Catcher, Space In Time, Major Sports, Cheap Perfume, $10, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Pennywise w/ Strun$18-$25, g Out, Unwritten Law, Runaway Kids, $25, 7pm Red Rocks Amphitheater, Lindsey Stirling, $39.75-$69.50, 6pm Summit Music Hall, Beartooth w/ Every Time I Die, Fit For A King, Old Wounds, Dead Set, $19.50$23, 6pm

THURSDAY 6 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE 1933 Brewing, Open Mic, Free, 5pm Aggie Theatre, The New Mastersounds & Turkuaz , $10$20, 9pm Chipper’s Lane, Dee Tyler, $2, 10pm Hodi’s Half Note, Billy Wayne Davis w/ Cody Spyker, Andy Juett, Ashley Huck, Dan Jones Doors 7 pm, Show 8 pm, $8 ADV, $10 DOS (+$5 under 21) Lucky Joe’s, John Paul Hodge, Free, 9:30pm Surfside 7, Natural Child w/ Faux Ferocious, $12-$15, 9pm Swing Station, Ben Ballinger & Devin James Fry, Free, 8pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller, The Milk Carton Kids & Special Guests, $60-$75, 8pm Bluebird Theater, Matt Wetz w/ Cappa, Aaron Krause, $16-$20, 8pm Fox Theatre, Malai Llama w /Michael Travis, $12.50-$17, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Jw Teller, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, The Living Arrows, Free, 9pm

DENVER Dazzle Jazz, Art Lande Trio & Quartet, $12, 7pm Dazzle Jazz, “Fresh Noise” w/ Joseph Lamar & Mikey Smith, $5, 10pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Pat Fiddle Band ft. Chuck Morris (Lotus), Tyler Grant, Adrian Engfer & Dusty Ryder (the Railsplitters) w/ Special Guests, Free-$10, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Futuristic “As Seen On The Internet” w/ Beez and Special Guests, $16-$18, 9pm Pepsi Center, Maroon 5, Starting at $30.50, 7:30pm Red Rocks Amphitheater, Casting Crows, $22-$64.75, 7:30pm

Bluebird Theater, Dinosaur Jr. $25.75 - $30.75, 8pm


MOBINA GALORE W/ SENORITA SOMETIMES Visitors from the North, Gunner Records’ Canadian power chord punk rock duo Mobina Galore will visit Surfside 7, joined by locals Senorita Sometimes, for a show that is guaranteed to make a random Wednesday stand out in your October calendar. Comprised of Jenna on guitar/ vocals and Marcia on drums/vocals, Mobina Galore has had success being named one of Canada’s Top 15 Punk Bands (CBC Radio 3) in 2015 and are getting ready to tour as support for Against Me! in December 2016 for 16 dates in the UK and Europe. Often compared to the likes of The Distillers and L7, Mobina Galore holds nothing back when they hit the stage. It’s loud, it’s aggressive, and it’s meaningful. Catch this show if you’re ready to throw down. Surfside 7, October 5, $7, 9 pm. Mobina Galore



// EVENTS CALENDAR >> OCTOBER FRIDAY 7 FORT COLLINS/ LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, Musketeer Gripweed & Shakedown Street w/ Special Guests , $5-$15, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Poudre RIver Irregulars, $10, 4pm Biergarten at Anheuser-Busch, Tyler T, Free, 5pm CSU Griffin Concert Hall, Chamber Choir and Concert Choir Concert, Free to students/ $12, 7:30pm Downtown Artery, First Friday w/ Meeting House and DJ David Veltri. Equinox Brewing, Souvenir Thread, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, Banjo Andy, Free, 6pm Hodi’s Half Note: Sugarfox Records Presents: Autumn Burn CD Release “Reach Up To The Stars,” with special guests Saints of Never After, Mosaic, and Bronze. $10 ADV, $12 DOS (+$5 under 21). Tix: Island Grill, Milliken Underground, Free, 8:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Josh Blackburn, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Peter Lopez, Free, 8pm Sonny Lubicks, Lil Willie, Free, 8:30pm Swing Station, The Two Tracks & Whippoorwill, $10, 9pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Turkuaz & The New Mastersounds, $25-$27.50, 9:30pm Caffe Sole, Nice Work Jazz Combo, see venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre,Na’aan Stop w/ New Kingstong, & Envy Alo, $12-$17, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Ramaya & The Troubadours, Free, 8pm

DENVER Dazzle Jazz, Convergence , $15, 7pm Dazzle Jazz, Convergence , $15, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, “Friday 10PM Social” w/ Gumbo le Funque, $5, 10:30pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Head For The Hills w/ Chain Station, & The Sweet Lillies, $10$18, 8:30pm Cervantes’ Other Side on the patio, Jason Hann’s Rhythmatronix & Euforquestra, $20-$25, 9pm Gothic Theatre, The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band/ Supersuckers, $5-$22, 9pm Herman’s Hideaway, Lola RIsing Record Release w/ The Samples, & The Humbuckers, $13-$128, 6:30pm


Hi-Dive, Guilty Pleasures, $5, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Kaytranada w/ Cashmere Cat, $25.75-$35.75, 8pm Red Rocks Amphitheater, Bastille w/ Andrew McMahon, $39.50$59.50, 7:30pm Summit Music Hall, Laith Al-Saddi w/ Brent Cowles, Garret Lebaue, $25, 8pm

DRAKE The RIverforks Inn, Unreasonable Human w/ Destruction of Decency, Genocide Method & Special Guests, $15, 3pm

LOVELAND The Boot Grill , Union Gray, Free, 9pm

WINDSOR Ricky B’s, Russ Hopkins in Sports Pub, Free, 8pm

SATURDAY 8 FORT COLLINS/ LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, Dweezil Zappa Plays Whatever The F@%k He Wants’ - The Cease & Desist Tour, $28$45, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Dawn and Hawkes, $10-$15, 8pm Downtown Artery, Bike Fort Collins Presents: Bike Prom w/DJ Meek. Equinox Brewing, Lakeside Band, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, Pit Folk, Free, 5pm Hodi’s Half Note, The Autumn Incident 2016: Write Minded and Project 432, with Qbala and L0S. Doors: 8 pm, Show 9 pm. $5 ADV, $8 DOS (+$5 under 21). Lucky Joe’s, Marty Nightengale, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Jim Kristoff, Free, 8pm Sonny Lubicks, Jeff Stephenson, Free, 8:30pm Swing Station, Two Cow Garage w/ Chad Price, Kierston White, Dylan Walshe, Sour Boy, Bitter Girl, & Dead Key, $25, 7pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Matoma w/ Cheat Codes, Steve Void, & Baynk, $25$22, 9pm Caffe Sole, Art Lande, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, Consider the Source “Radiohead + Original Set” w/ Zobomaze, $15-$19 9pm


The Laughing Goat, Ray Smith, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, The Farmer Sisters & Samsara, Free, 9pm

DENVER 1st Bank Center, Martina McBride w/ Thompson Square, Cassadee Pope, & Hudson Moore , Starting at $29.75, 7pm Dazzle Jazz, “Blues Night” w/ Delta Sonics, See venue for cost, 10:30pm Cervates’ Other Side, Jason Hann’s Rhythmatronix & Euforquestra, $20-$25, 9pm Cevantes’ Materpiece Ballroom, Bass Control ft. 12th Planet & Megalodon w/ Jantsen, Lordswanx3 and Detrace, $10$30, 9pm Gothic Theatre, The Selecter w/ Dendrites, $19.99-$40, 8pm Herman’s Hideaway, Rock A Wish— Sabotage, Mr. Steak, My Own Summer, Rooster, Mr.Knowitall, Travis In Chains, $10, 7pm Hi-Dive, Ned Garthe Explosion Album Release w/ A Giant Dog, Poison Rites, & DJ A-L, $10, 9:30pm Ogden Theatre, The New Mastersounds w/ Turkuaz, $23$29, 9:30pm $20-$25, pm Ophelia’s Eclectic Soapbox, That 1 Guy, $18-$30, 9pm Red Rocks Amphiteater, The Floozies w/ Michal Menert & the Pretty Fantastics, SunSquabi, & Russ Liquid, $36.95, 6pm Summit Music Hall, Colfax Speed Queen, $10-$15, 7pm

LOVELAND The Boot Grill , Dokajovi, Free, 9pm

SUNDAY 9 FORT COLLINS/ LAPORTE Avogadro’s Number, John Mccutcheon, $22, 7pm Colorado Room, “Groove Rescue Sunday’s” Jazz Fusion Jam, Free, 5pm CSU Organ Recital Hall, Aaron Tindal, Free, 5pm Hodi’s Half Note, That 1 Guy,$15 (+5 under 21), 9pm Lucky Joe’s, Acoustic Open Mic, Free, 9pm Moe’s BBQ, Two Cow Garage w/ Chad Price, Kierston White, Dylan Walshe, Sour Boy, Bitter Girl, & Dead Key, $25, 2pm


Fort Collins is receiving an indie folk music gift this month when the Austin, TX-based duo of Miranda Dawn and Chris Hawkes take the stage at Avo’s on October 8. You may remember this mesmerizing act from their run on The Voice, or have had the opportunity to see them at one of their many tour dates, some of which have been in support of such greats as Dawes, Chris Isaak, Patty Griffin, Jim Lauderdale, Robert Earl Keen, and Valerie June. This singer-songwriter team blends perfect harmonies, unique melodies, and heartfelt lyrics to create a stage show that is something to talk about. They’ve showcased at SXSW, Folk Alliance, TedX, and SXSW, and they’re not slowing down. If you love folk music and want a night filled with warmth and appreciation for harmony and true Americana, this is the act to catch. Avogadro’s Number, October 8, 8 pm, $10 ADV, $15 DOS.

Chris Hawkes and Miranda Dawn

Surfside 7, Blue Frontier Lane w/ Drew Banburry, & Aubrey Debauchery, $7, see venue for time Swing Station, Marshall Anderson, Free, 4pm

BOULDER Fox Theatre, Joshua Davis Trio w/ Dave Bruzza, $15-$19, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Coastal Cascade, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Ben Ballinger & Devin James Fry, Free, 9pm

DENVER Bluebird Theatre, Consider the Source w/ Robots Among Humans, $14-$18, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Keeplove? & Friends, “The Folkstep Party,” w/ Willdabeast, Tortuga, Transfer Station, FunkStatik and Scatz, $8-$10, 8pm DazzleJazz, “Urban Brunch” w/ The Adam Bodine Trio , Free, 10:30am Dazzle Jazz, Myles Sloniker Trio, $8$15, 7pm Dazzle Jazz, “Hepcat Mixtape” w/ The Real Folk Blues, Free, 9pm Gothic Theatre, Jimmy Eat World w/ The Hunna, see venue for cost, 9pm Hi-Dive, Kikagaku Moyo w/ Tjutjuna, & Moss Folk, $10-$12, 8:30pm Ogden Theatre, Dweezil Zappa, $25$30, 8pm


Red Rocks Amphitheater, Tech N9NE w/ Krizz Kaliko, JL, Mackenzie Nicole, StarrZ, Slo Pain, $34.75-$40, 7:30pm

GREELEY MOXI Theatre, Lucky Luciano, $15, 7pm

MONDAY 10 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE CSU Organ Recital Center, Barbara Thiem, Free to students/ $12, 7pm Hodi’s Half Note, Stand-Up Comedy, 7 pm; Funk Jam 10 pm, Free Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Open Mic Surfside 7, DEADBEATS w/ MakeWar, Surrender Signal, & AM Pleasure Assassins, $6, 9pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Cold War Kids w/ THE STRUMBELLAS, $25-$27, 8:30pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Brujeria w/ Cattle Decapitation, Pinata Protest, $20-$25, 7:25pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Wabakinoset, Moonlight Bloom, Doran Joseph, Menagerie Family Jam & Many More, Free-$10, 8pm

DazzleJazz, Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra w/ TBA , See venue for tickets, 7pm The Fillmore, Slayer w/ Anthrax, & Death Angel, Starts at $35, 6;30pm

TUESDAY 11 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE 1933 Brewing, Queen Bee and the Stingers live rehearsal, Free, 6pm Avogadro’s Number, Open Mic, Free, 7pm CSU Griffin Concert Hall, Men’s Chorus and University Chorus Concert, Free to students/ $12, 7:30pm CSU Organ Recital Hall, Eric Hollenbeck, Free to students, $12, 7:30pm Hodi’s Half Note, CID Initiative Presents: EDM Tuesdays---Mug Night. FREE (+$5 under 21) Swing Station, Young Creatures w/ The Ugly Architect, $5, 8pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, Espresso!, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theatre, Okkervil River w/ Landlady, $22-$25, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Sorrow w/ Dillard & ind33p, $5-$15, 8pm



// EVENTS CALENDAR >> OCTOBER Ogden Theatre, The Devil Wears Prada w/ Memphis May Fire, & Like Moths to Flames, $22.50$25, 7pm Summit Music Hall, The Amity Afflication w/ Being As An Ocean, Hundredth, Trophy Eyes, & Deadships, $17.50-$20, 6pm

WEDNESDAY 12 FORT COLLINS Aggie Theatre, Teton Gravity Research: Tight Loose, $12-$15, 8pm Avogadro’s Number, Mason Street Bluegrass w/ jam to follow, Free, 7pm CSU Organ Recital Hall,Dali Quartet $20/ public-$10/student, 7:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Celtic Jam, Free, 7pm Lucky Joe’s, Brian Johanson, Free, 9pm Odell Brewing, Cloudship, Free, 4pm Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Pub Song Sing -A -Long, Free, 7pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, Hearstring Hunters and Friends, Free, 8pm

DENVER Cervantes’ Other Side, SeepeopleS w/ Special Guests, $8-$10, 8pm Dazzle Jazz, FioNina - Celebrate the Music of Fiona Apple & Nina Simone, $12, 7pm Herman’s Hideaway, SeepeopleS w/ Sun Eagle, Break The Joke, O’Connor Brothers Band, & Willow In The Sky, $5-$10, 7pm Hi-Dive, Young Creatures w/ the Still Tide, Greasy Species, & Marti and the Dads, $8-$10, 8:30pm The Fillmore, Phantogram & The Range, Starting at $27.50, 7pm Ophelia’s Eclectic Soapbox, Rumer Willis--Over the Love Tour (A Post Modern Cabaret), $25$100, 9pm

THURSDAY 13 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE 1933 Brewing, Open Mic, Free, 5pm Avogadro’s Number, Sean Hayes w/ Cory Mon and Tim Carr, $15, 8:30pm Chippers Lane, Mark’s Midnight Carnival, $2, 10pm CSU Griffin Concert Hall, Wind Symphony Concert, Free to students/$12, 7:30pm


Downtown Artery, Jacob’s Center Fundraiser w/Marti & The Dads, Nearby Liars, Special Guest Hodi’s Half Note, Chris Webby, $15$25, 7:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Jason Vigil, Free, 9:30pm

BOULDER Fox Theatre, Policulture & Euforquestra w/ Shark Fin Soup, $10-$16, 8:30pm The Laughing Goat, Ryan Hutches, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Pit Folk, Free, 9pm

DENVER Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, An-Ten-Nae & Soohan w/ kLL sMTH and The Dirty Gemstones, $12-$15,9pm DazzleJazz, John Raymond & Real Feels with Gilad Hekselman & Colin Stranahan , $15,7pm DazzleJazz, “Fresh Noise” w/ Joseph Lamar & Mikey Smith , $5, 10pm Hi-Dive, Hoots and Hellmouth, $10$12, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Getter w/ Aryay, $20-$25, 8:30pm Red Rocks Amphitheater, Jimmy Buffet & The Coral Reefer Band, SOLD OUT, 7pm

FRIDAY 14 FORT COLLINS/ LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, TAUK w/ Moves At Midnight and The RunniKine, $12-$15, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Muscular Housecat, $5, 8:30pm Biergarten at Anheuser-Busch, Matt Skinner, Free, 5pm Downtown Artery, Break Open: A Mental Health Festival w/Music, Art, and Film Equinox Brewing, O’ Connor Brothers Band, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, David Nemo, Free, 6pm Hodi’s Half Note, ”The Perfect Timing” tour feat. Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony and Mo Thugs, $15-$25, 9pm Island Grill, Lakeside, Free, 8:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Troy Clayton, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Come August, Free, 8pm Swing Station, Gasoline Lollipops w/ Wolf Van Elfmand, $5, 9pm

BOULDER Caffe Sole, Jerry Granelli, See venue for cost, 7pm


Boulder Theatre, Cake, $49.50, 8:30pm Fox Theatre, Getter w/ Aryay & Half Empty, $10-$24, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Dusty Stray, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Liz Navarro, Free, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Jay Martin, Free, 10pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Mandolin Orange w/ Leif Vollebekk, $20-$25, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, This Wild Life - Low Tides Tour w/ Have Mercy, Movements and Many Rooms , $16-$18, 7pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Stones Throw 20th Anniversary Tour feat. Peanut Butter Wolf, J-Rocc, Mndsgn and Samiyam w/ Special Guests, $20-$25, 9pm DazzleJazz, “FRIDAY 10PM SOCIAL” w/ Fire IT UP Brass Band , See venue for tickets, 10:30pm Herman’s Hideaway, Buck’d Off w/ Tyler Walker Band, Wendy Clark Band, West of the Blues, $7$100, 7:30pm Hi-Dive, Charlie Parr w/ Luke Callen, $10-$12, 9pm Gothic Theatre, Gojira w/ TesseracT, $26-$40,9pm Ogden Theatre, St. Lucia w/ Baio, $25- $30, 9pm Red Rocks Amphitheater, Brantley Gilbert w/ Justin Moore, & Colt Ford, SOLD OUT, 7pm

GREELEY MOXI Theater, Mandy Harvey, $20$30, 8pm

LOVELAND The Boot Grill , Richie Law, Free, 9pm

WINDSOR Ricky B’s, Trace Rocks in Pub, Free, 8pm

SATURDAY15 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, Liquid Stranger w/ Bleep Bloop, Perkulat0r and Shlump , $12-$15, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Manabi, $10, 9pm Downtown Artery, Break Open: A Mental Health Festival w/Music, Art, and Film Equinox Brewing, See to Center, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, Harumph, Free, 5pm

EVENTS CALENDAR >> OCTOBER // Hodi’s Half Note, Mama Lenny and the Remedy w/ Jus Sayin, $8$13, 9pm Island Grill, Milliken Underground, Free, 8:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Brian Kittrell, Free, 9:30pm Lincoln Arts Center, Colbie Caillat, $25-$58, 7:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Dave Connely, Free, 8pm Swing Station, 3rd Annual Caretoberfest—Matt Skinner, $10, 2pm Swing Station, Rush Hour Train, $5, 9pm

BOULDER Boulder Theatre, Cake, $49.50, 8:30pm Caffe Sole, Lenore Raphael, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, Chill Harris w/ Special Guests, $17-$22, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Philip Mark, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Sash Raskin & Wilder Project, Free, 9pm

DENVER Cervantes’ Other Side, Dizzy Wright “Still Movin’ Tour” feat. DJ Hoppa w/ Mark Battles, Audio Push, Demrick and T Dubz, $20-$25, 9pm The Fillmore, Lettuce w/ Tauk, & The Geek x Vrv, Starting at $27.50, 9pm Gothic Theatre, Kishi Bashi w/ Busman’s Holiday, $18-$20, 9pm Hi-Dive, Honky Tonk w/ Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angels, Halden Wofford & the Hi-Beams, Andy Hamilton & the Rocky Mountain Contraband, $10, 9:30pm Red Rocks Amphitheater, Brantley Gilbert w/ Justin Moore, & Colt Ford, $39.50-$55, 7pm

GREELEY MOXI Theater, Jared & The Mill w/ Edison, $12-$15, 8pm

LOVELAND Boar and Bull, Rodney James and the High Gear Daddys w/ Special Guests, $5, 3pm The Boot Grill, Randy Burghardt Band, Free, 9pm

SUNDAY 16 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, Kirko Bangz w/ Special Guests , $17-$20, 8pm Colorado Room, “Groove Rescue Sunday’s” Jazz Fusion Jam, Free, 5pm CSU Griffin Concert Hall, Percussion Ensemble Concert, Free to students/ $12, 7:30pm CSU Organ Recital Hall, Concert Orchestra Concert, Free, 7:30pm Hodi’s Half Note, Jared & The Mill w/ Edison, Doors 8 p, Show 9 pm, $8 ADV, $10 DOS (+$5 under 21) Lucky Joe’s, Acoustic Open Mic, Free, 9pm Surfside 7, Holdfast w/ Places Back Home, $3, 2pm Surfside 7, Jon Snodgrass, & Garret Dale & GB, $6-$8, 9pm Swing Station, Jay Roemer, Free, 4pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, Ellen Sevigny, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, The O’Connor Brothers Band, Free, 9pm

DENVER DazzleJazz, “Urban Brunch” w/ The Julie Monley Quartet , Free, 10:30am DazzleJazz, “Hepcat Mixtape” w/ The Real Folk Blues , Free, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Ja Rule & Ashanti, $42.50-$45.50, 7pm

LOVELAND Rialto Theatre, Denny Laine of Paul McCartney & Wings/Moody Blues, $23-$43, 7:30pm

MONDAY 17 FORT COLLINS CSU Instrumental Rehearsal Hall, Virtuoso Series Concert : Chris Van Hof, Free to students/ $12, 7:30pm Hodi’s Half Note, Stand-Up Comedy 7 pm; Funk Jam 10 pm. FREE Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Open Mic w/ Tyler T, Free, 7pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Of Montreal w/ TEEN, $20, 8pm

Cervates’ Other Side, Kaptain, SUNN RAYS, Amac- DZ, DUBSpeak, Ras Dave,Open Mic Patio Party & Many More! , Free-$10, 8pm DazzleJazz, Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra w/ TBA, See venue for cost, 7pm Hi-Dive, The Interrupters w/ Bad Cop Bad Cop, & Sorry Sweetheart, $12$14, 8pm Ogden Theatre, Black Rebel Motorcucle Club w/ Death From Above 1979, & Deap Vally, $28.75$30.75, 8pm

TUESDAY 18 FORT COLLINS 1933 Brewing, Queen Bee and the Stingers live rehearsal, Free, 6pm Aggie Theatre, Tory Lanez w/ Special Guests Jacquees, Kranium, J.I.D., & VeeCee , $28-$32, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Open Mic, Free, 7pm CSU Organ Recital Hall, Tom Knific Quartet, Free, 6pm CSU Griffin Concert Hall, Symphonic Band Concert, Free to students/$12, 7:30pm Downtown Artery, Vinyl Williams, Ancient Elk Hodi’s Half Note, CID Initiative Presents: EDM Tuesdays, Mug Night 8 pm FREE ( +$5 under 21).

BOULDER Boulder Theatre, Clutch w/ Zakk Sabbath & Kyng, $30-$35, 8pm Fox Theatre, The Helio Sequence w/ Special Guests, $15-$19, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Fluxus, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, VNV Nation, $34.99$40, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Shiverz & Da Force w/ Sektah, $10-$15, 8pm Hi-Dive, The Lituation, Free, 9pm Gothic Theatre, Deerhunter w/ Aldous Harding, Jock Gang, $20-$25, 8pm Ogden Theatre, Grouplove w/ MUNA, & Dilly Dally, $30.95- $36, 8pm

WEDNESDAY 19 FORT COLLINS/BELLVUE Avogadro’s Number, Mason Street Bluegrass w/ jam to follow, Free, 7pm Lucky Joe’s, Celtic Jam, Free, 7pm Odell Brewing, Maya Bennett, Free, 4pm



// EVENTS CALENDAR >> OCTOBER Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Irish Night, Free, 7pm Surfside 7, HOSS & The Bronze, $6, 9pm

BOULDER Boulder Theatre, Hopsin w/ Joyner Lucas, & Special Guests, $20$171, 9pm Fox Theatre, The Geek X XRV w/ Stelouse, $15-$19, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Von Disco, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, VNV Nation, $34.99-$40, 8pm Dazzle Jazz, Harmony Chorale presents “Music of the Night”, $15, 7pm Gothic Theatre, Tory Lanez w/ special guests Jacquees, Kranium & VeeCee, $32-$34.50, 9pm Herman’s Hideaway, AdaKain w/ Rogues Among Us, Danny Taylor, & Matthew Lindberg, $6-$12, 7pm


THURSDAY 20 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE 1933 Brewing, Open Mic, Free, 5pm Chippers Lane, The Seers, $2, 10pm Downtown Artery, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Special Guest Hodi’s Half Note, A Bears Choice, for info Lucky Joe’s, Marty Nightengale, Free, 9:30pm Surfside 7, NADALANDS LP release w/ Super Bummer, $6, 9pm

BOULDER Caffe Sole, Sherefe-Arabi, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, The Felice Brothers w/ Shelby Earl, $15-$19, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Brazil Night, Free, 8pm


Motet), Todd Smallie (JJ Grey & Mofro), Sasha Brown (Sister Sparrow), Matthew Walton, Tanya Shylock, LaDamion Massey & Phil Johnson w/ Satsang [Late Set] and Hymn For Her , $5-$10, 8pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Blockhead & Lusine w/ Blacksmith (feat. Clark Smith from Dynohunter) and Mux Mool, $15-$20, 9pm DazzleJazz, Manuel Valera Trio, $20, 6:30pm DazzleJazz, Manuel Valera Trio, $20, 8:30pm DazzleJazz, “Fresh Noise” w/ Joseph Lamar & Mikey Smith Gothic Theatre, $5, 10pm Ogden Theatre, Kaleo w/ Bishop Briggs, & The Wind + The Wave, SOLD OUT, 7:30pm

LOVELAND Rialto Theater, Ottmar Lieber & Luna Negra, $39, 7:30pm

Cervantes Other Side, “Tangled & Dark - A Tribute To Bonnie Raitt” ft. Emily Clark, Dave Watts (The


FRIDAY 21 FORT COLLINS Aggie Theatre, Wookiefoot w/ Jon Wayne & The Pain and Satsang , $10-$20, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Just Jazz Quintet, Free, 5pm Avogadro’s Number, Touch Monkeys, $5, 8:30pm Biergarten at Anheuser-Busch, Brian Kittrell, Free, 5pm Dowtown Artery, Erika Wennerstrom (of Heartless Bastards) w/ Paul Dehaven (of Paper Bird), & Blake Hazard (of The Submarines), $12-$14, 10pm Equinox Brewing, Rusty 44, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, Liz de Lise duo, Free, 6pm Hodi’s Half Note, Tom Hamilton’s American Babies w/ Special Guests, $10-$20, 9pm Island Grill, Doka Jovi, Free, 8:30pm Lucky Joe’s,Ben Hammond, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Josh, Free, 8pm

EVENTS CALENDAR >> OCTOBER // BOULDER Caffe Sole, Teresa Carroll and Bill Kopper, see venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, Luther Dickinson & Rich Robinson, $17.50-$22, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Dechen Hawk, Colin Robison, & Jarrad Menard, Free, 8pm

DENVER Cervante’s Other Side, Earphunk w/ People’s Blues of Richmond and Special Guests, $12-$15, 9pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Autograf + Goldroom w/ Melvv, $15-$25, 9pm DazzleJazz, Manuel Valera Trio, $20, 7pm DazzleJazz, Manuel Valera Trio, $20, 9pm DazzleJazz, “Friday 10PM Social” w/ The Gristle Gals , See venue fot tickets, 10:30pm The Fillmore, Shpongle w/ Ott, Desert Dwellers, & Android Jones, Starting at $29.50, 7pm Hi-Dive, Khemmis ‘Hunted’ Album Release w/ Spectral Voice, & Cult of the Lost Cause, $10, 9:30pm

Ogden Theatre, Fruition w/ Larry Keel Experience, $20-$25, 9pm

GREELEY MOXI Theater, In the Whale w/ Slow Caves, Underseer, & Lightning Rodney, $10-$15, 8pm

LOVELAND Boar and Bull, She & I, $5, 7pm The Boot Grill, Harley and the V Twins, Free, 9pm

WINDSOR Ricky B’s, Mark Van Ark in Pub, Free, 8pm

SATURDAY 22 FORT COLLINS/ LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, Earphunk w/ People’s Blues Of Richmond and Special Guests , $10-$12, 9pm

Avogadro’s Number, Fright Flight, see venue for cost, 5pm Downtown Artery, Loch Lomond, $10-$12, 8pm Equinox Brewing, Lineage Music Project, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, The Omaha Boys, Free, 5pm Hodi’s Half Note, In the Whale w/ American Blackout, Maxwell Mud, Men of Letters. Doors 8 pm, Show 9 pm, $10 ADV, $15 DOS (+$5 under 21). Island Grill, Doka Jovi, Free, 8:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Dave Kimball, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Barely Getting By, Free, 8pm Swing Station, Good Gravy w/ The High Desert & Owl Canyon Road, $8, 8pm

BOULDER Boulder Theatre, Goldroom + Autograf w// Melvv, $20-$25, 9pm Caffe Sole, Janine Gastineau, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, Tom Hamilton’s American Babies: Masquerade


Ball of Light and Dark w/ Special Guests, $12-$17, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Russell James Pyle, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Reverend Freakchild and the Angelheaded Hipsters, Free, 9pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Johnnyswim, $18-$20, 9pm Cervantes Other Side, Gnash - the u, me and us tour w/ Goody Grace, Quiñ and Triangle Park, $15-$17, 9pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Wookiefoot and Jon Wayne & the Pain w/ A-Mac DZ, $15$20, 9pm DazzleJazz, Allison Miller’s “Boom Tic Boom”, $23, 7pm DazzleJazz, Allison Miller’s “Boom Tic Boom”, $23, 9pm DazzleJazz, “Blues Night” w/ Delta Sonics , See venue for tickets, 10:30pm The Fillmore, Chris Lane w/ Morgan Wallen, & Spencer Crandall, Starting at $10, 7pm


// EVENTS CALENDAR >> OCTOBER Gothic Theatre, Screeching Weasel w/ The Dickies, Potato Pirates, Three Dollar Knife Fights, $25$30, 8pm Hi-Dive, Karl Blau w/ LAKE, & Paul DeHaven, $10-$12, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Elle King, $30-$35, 9pm Ophelia’s Eclectic Box, Quantic Live - 1000 Watts Tour w/ Special Guests, $20-$40, 9pm Summit Music Hall, Propagandhi w/ Teenage Bottlerocket, & Elway, $20, 7pm

LOVELAND Boar and Bull, Tanji Town Tribe, $5, 7pm The Boot Grill, Harley and the V Twins, Free, 9pm

SUNDAY 23 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Colorado Room, “Groove Rescue Sunday’s” Jazz Fusion Jam, Free, 5pm Downtown Artery, Nocturn Fusion (Alt-Blues Dance Night) Lucky Joe’s, Acoustic Open Mic, Free, 9pm Swing Station, The 4 on the Floor w/ Special Guests, see venue for cost & time

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, Women in Song, Free, 8pm

DENVER Cervantes’ Other Side, Afton Showcase ft. On Faith Ent, Chubby McCabe, ?Triptych Minds?, Steve.O.Spadez, EKKO Tha Mystro, MakStranGe and Mr Accardi, Old Soul Era, CharisseAmore, !epod, Halcyon Contender & Guests, $12-$15, 6:30pm DazzleJazz, “Urban Brunch” w/ The Julie Monley Quartet , Free, 10:30am DazzleJazz, Allison Miller’s “Boom Tic Boom”, $23, 6pm DazzleJazz, Allison Miller’s “Boom Tic Boom”, $23, 8pm Dazzle Jazz, “Hepcat Mixtape” w/ The Real Folk Blues, Free, 9pm The Fillmore, Schoolboy Q & Joey Bada$$, Starting at $39.50, 7pm Herman’s Hideaway, Gabriel and the Apocalypse w/ The Anchor, Iridium, Red XIII, & 30,000 Days, $7-$10, 7pm Pepsi Center, Five Finger Death Punch & Shinedown, Starting at $40.75, 6pm Summit Music Hall, Upon A Burning Body/ Born of Osiris, $17-$20, 6:30pm

GREELEY MOXI Theatre, ¡MAYDAY! w/ Web Three & Joseph Rose, $15-$20, 7pm

MONDAY 24 FORT COLLINS/BELLVUE CSU Organ Recital Hall, Martin Chalifour, , Free, 7:30pm


Hodi’s Half Note, Stand-Up Comedy 7 pm; Funk Jam 10 pm. FREE Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Open Mic w/ Tyler T, Free, 7pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Margo Price, $14.99-$18, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Gramps The Vamp, HomeFried Boogaloo, Differents & Doran Joseph, Free$10, 8pm DazzleJazz, Paa Kow, $15, 7pm Ogden Theatre, Meshuggah w/ High On Fire, $29.50-$35, 8pm

TUESDAY 25 FORT COLLINS 1933 Brewing, Queen Bee and the Stingers live rehearsal, Free, 6pm Avogadro’s Number, Open Mic, Free, 7pm Downtown Artery, Capyac, Turner Jackson Love, Special Guest

BOULDER eTown Hall, Mountain Goats, $25, 7pm The Laughing Goat, SPiNRaD, Free, 8pm

DazzleJazz, Claude Sim, $10, 6pm DazzleJazz, Claude Sim, $10, 8pm Gothic Theatre, Failure, $23-$25, 8pm Ogden Theatre, Purity Ring w/ Health, $27-$30, 8pm

WEDNESDAY 26 FORT COLLINS Avogadro’s Number, Mason Street Bluegrass w/ jam to follow, Free, 7pm Downtown Artery, Drop-off Productions Presents: The Mountain Goats w/ Patrick Dethlefs, $25, 8pm Lucky Joe’s, Celtic Jam, Free, 7pm Lucky Joe’s, Matt Gabriel, Free, 9:15pm Odell Brewing, Brian Johanson, Free, 4pm Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Wednesday Night Session, Free, 7pm

BOULDER Fox Theater, Perpetual Groove w/ Aquaeous, $22-$27, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Ben de la Cour, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Cosmic Strings, Free, 9pm



Bluebird Theater, Lemaitre w/ Chet Porter, Coucheron, $15-$20, 8:30pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Goth Trad w/ Caustik and Thanom , $10-$15, 8pm

Bluebird Theater, The Boxer Rebellion, $17-$20, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, $uicideboy$ w/ Germ, Ramirez, Shakewell, Mikey The Magician and Don Krez , $2-$50, 9pm Hi-Dive, LVL UP, $10-$12, 8pm

THE MOUNTAIN GOATS W/ PATRICK DETHLEFS Drop-off Productions Presents a standout show for October when The Mountain Goats (Duo) and Patrick Dethlefs deliver an evening of live music featuring the beautiful, unnerving, indie folk sound of these noted acts. The Mountain Goats (Duo) are John Darnielle and Peter Hughes. With a catalog spanning more than 600 songs, the duo performs songs that eulogize murdered reggae performers and long-AWOL meth casualties; Darnielle’s writing stands out for its great and curious empathy. This will be the first Duo show in Fort Collins. Joining The Mountain Goats (Duo) will be Denver-based singer-songwriter Patrick Dethlefs. Dethlef’s songwriting crests like a humble Townes Van Zandt, innocent of his own haunting melodies and lyricism. He offers folk Americana that shows effortless sincerity at a time when many acts strive purposefully to revive the stripped-down feel of a musical history long past. All ages show. Downtown Artery, October 26, $25. Tickets: or at the Downtown Artery Cafe: 254 Linden St., Fort Collins.



EVENTS CALENDAR >> OCTOBER // Pepsi Center, Tool w/ Special guests, Starting at $75, 8pm Summit Music Hall, Stryper, $22$40, 7pm

THURSDAY 27 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE 1933 Brewing, Open Mic, Free, 5pm Aggie Theatre, Perpetual Groove w/ Aqueous, $15-$20, 9pm Chippers Lane, Smooth Beethoven, $2, 10pm Downtown Artery, Cohere Bandwidth Presents: I Am The Owl w/ Stilted, & Combatillac, $8-$10, 7pm Hodi’s Half Note, Inna Vision w/Rick Haze and Higher Intentions. Doors 8 pm, Show 9 pm $10 ADV, $15 DOS. (+$5 under 21). Lucky Joe’s, Organomotron, Free, 9:30pm

BOULDER Fox Theatre, Brillz w/ Special Guests, $25-$30, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Grupo Chegando La and Francisco Marques, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theatre, Sodown, $12-$15, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, K Phillips w/ Pistols in Petticoats perform Pickin’ on Madonna and Caribou Mountain Collective , $5-$15, 9pm DazzleJazz, “Fresh Noise” w/ Joseph Lamar & Mikey Smith , $5, 10pm Ogden Theatre, Giraffage w/ XXYYXX, $22.50-$27.50, 9pm Pepsi Center, Stevie Nicks w/ Special Guests, Starting at $49.50, 7pm

GREELEY MOXI Theatre, The Moth & The Flame—Young Rising Sons, $12-$15, 7:30pm

FRIDAY 28 FORT COLLINS Avogadro’s Number, Dead Jam Halloween, Free, 9pm Biergarten at Anheuser-Busch, Elyse Miller, Free, 5pm Dowtnown Artery, COM Presents: Halloween Hip Hop Showcase and Costume Party w/Nacko, Casual, Manny Moonz, & C-Def, Ace the Skywalker, 5-AC Equinox Brewing, WoolEye, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, Hunter Stone, Free, 6pm Hodi’s Half Note, HALLOWEEN PARTY AT HODI’S, featuring Post Paradise (as Radiohead), Stella Luce (as The Cure), and Slow Caves (as Arctic Monkeys). Doors 8 pm, Show 9 pm. $10 ADV, $15 DOS (+$5 under 21). Costumes encouraged. Island Grill, Jigawatt, Free, 8:30pm Lucky Joe’s, John Paul Hodge, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, The Seers, Free, 8pm Swing Station, Halden Wofford & The Hi-Beams, $10, 9pm

BOULDER Boulder Theatre, DeVotchKa, $29.50, 8:30pm Caffe Sole, Amelie Quartet, See venue for cost, 7pm Downtown Artery, Halloween Showcase—Nacko, Ca$ual, Manny Moonz and C-def, Ace The Skywalker, 5-AC, See venue for cost, 8:30pm Fox Theatre, The Main Squeeze w/ Analog Son, $15-$19, 9pm

The Laughing Goat, Daniel Champagne, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Robby Wicks & Taylor Biskup, Free, 9pm


1st Bank Center, Widespread Panic, Starting at 59.75, 8pm Bluebird Theatre, Moon Hooch w/ Honeycomb, $15-$17, 9pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballrom, Perpetual Groove w/ Aqueous and PHO, $20-$25, 9pm DazzleJazz, “Friday 10PM Social” w/ Dave Devine Trio, See venue for tickets, 10pm The Fillmore, The Infamous Stringdusters, Starting at $50, 7pm Gothic Theatre, Demon Knight Masquareade Ball, $15-$18, 8pm Summit Music Hall, Through the Roots w/ Dustin Thomas, $15$18, 7pm

LOVELAND The Boot Grill, Whiskey’s Alibi, Free, 9pm

WINDSOR Ricky B’s, Dale Cisek Duo in Pub, Free, 8pm

SATURDAY 29 FORT COLLINS Aggie Theatre, Rocky Mountain Grateful Dead Revue ft. Rob Eaton of Dark Star Ochestra, Patti Fiasco, Through The Roots, Punch Drunk Munky Funk, PHO, Jaden Carlson, Ginger Whale, & Moontang, $5-$15, 8pm

Avogadro’s Number, Cupcake cabaret, $15, 8pm Downtown Artery, Evrglo Media Presents: Com Truise, Benoit, Special Guests Equinox Brewing, A Brother’s Fountain, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, Robin Lewis Band, Free, 5pm Hodi’s Half Note, NIGHTMARE ON COLLEGE AVENUE featuring Rocky Mountain Grateful Dead Revue, The Patti Fiasco, Through The Roots, Punch Drunk Munky Funk, PHO, Jaden Carlson Band, Ginger Whale, Moontang. $5 early bird, $10 ADV, $15 DOS (+$5 under 21) Island Grill, Jigawatt, Free, 8:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Waido, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Carlos, Free, 8pm

BOULDER Boulder Theatre, DeVotchKa, $29.50, 8:30pm Caffe Sole, The Mighty Twisters, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, Moon Hooch w/ Honeycomb, $15-$19, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Logo Ligi West African Drumming/ Dance Ensemble, Free, 8pm

DENVER 1st Bank Center, Widespread Panic, Starting at 59.75, 8pm Bluebird Theater, The Main Squeeze w/ Evanoff, $15-$20, 9pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballrom, Perpetual Groove w/ Aqueous and PHO, $20-$25, 9pm DazzleJazz, “Blues Night” w/ Delta Sonics , See venue for tickest, The Fillmore, The Infamous Stringdusters, Starting at $50, 7pm Gotchic Theatre, The Faint w/ Gang of Four, $29.50-$34, 8pm Hi-Dive, The Mountain Goats, SOLD OUT,






// EVENTS CALENDAR >> OCTOBER Ogden Theatre, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe perform Prince’s Dirty Mind featuring Angelo Moore from Fishbone, $20-$25, 9pm Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Cherub w/ Gorgon City, Frenship, Boo Seeka, $39.95-$45, 6:30pm Summit Music Hall, Yellowcard w/ Like Torches, Dryjacket, $32-$35, 7pm

WINDSOR Ricky B’s, Relay for Life Fundraiser w/ Movers & Shakers Band, Free, 8pm

SUNDAY 30 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Avogadro’s Number, Arias, Free, 4pm Avogadro’s Number, Slamogadro, Free, 7pm Colorado Room, “Groove Rescue Sunday’s” Jazz Fusion Jam, Free, 5pm Lucky Joe’s, Acoustic Open Mic, Free, 9pm Swing Station, Lornas Swingset, Free, 4pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, Austin Miller, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Andrew Sturtz, Free, 9pm






CSU Organ Recital Hall, 2016 Halloween Organ Extravaganza , Free to students/$12, 7pm Hodi’s Half Note, Stand-Up Comedy 7 pm; Funk Jam 10 pm. FREE Lucky Joe’s, Halloween Party, Free, All day Lucky Joe’s, Marty Nightengale, Free, 9:30pm Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Open Mic w/ Tyler T, Free, 7pm

Avogadro’s Number, Mason Street Bluegrass w/ jam to follow, Free, 8:30pm CSU Organ Recital Hall, Polaris String Quartet Concert, Free to students/ $12, 7:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Celtic Jam, Free, 7pm Lucky Joe’s, Austin Miller, Free, 9:15pm Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Irish Session, Free, 7pm



Fox Theatre, Car Seat Headrest w/ Naked Giants, $15-$20, 9pm

DENVER Gotchic Theatre, Itchy-O, $19.99$30, 8pm Ogden Theatre, The Naked and Famous w/ xylo, & The Chain Gang of 1974, $24.75-$30, 8pm Red Rocks Amphitheater, Mac Miller w/ Vince Staples, Big K.R.I.T, Pouya, Soulection feat. The Whooligan, Njomza, & DJ Clockwork, $39.95-$45, 6pm Summit Music Hall, Chelsea Grin w/ Emmure, & Sylar, $17-$18, 7pm




1st Bank Center, Widespread Panic, Starting at 59.75, 8pm Bluebird Theatre, The Sword w/ C Average, In the Company of Serpents, $17-$25, 8:30pm DazzleJazz, “Urban Brunch” w/ The Julie Monley Quartet , Free, 10:30am DazzleJazz, Jazz for Kay - “Witches Brew” w/ Terri Jo Jenkins & Janine Gastineau, $15, 7pm DazzleJazz, “Hepcat Mixtape” w/ The Real Folk Blues , Free, 9pm The Fillmore, Charlie Puth, Joel Adams, & Hailey Knox, Starting at $27.50, 7:30pm Herman’s Hideaway, Dia De La Musica w/ Osmium, $8-$10, 12pm Gotchic Theatre, Good Charlotte w/ Big Jesus, $29.50, 9pm Ogden Theatre, The Wonder Years & Real Friends w/ Knuckle Puck, Moose Blood, & Seaway, $22$25, 6:30pm

1933 Brewing, Queen Bee and the Stingers live rehearsal, Free, 6pm Avogadro’s Number, Open Mic, Free, 7pm Mulligans Irish Pub, Green Bay Pickers, Free, 7pm

BOULDER Fox Theatre, The Magician w/ Spcial Guests, $25-$29.50, 9pm The Laughing Goat, The Matt Human Trio, Free, 8pm

DENVER Ogden Theatre, Young the Giant w/ Ra Ra Riot, $25-$40, 8pm


The Laughing Goat, Purple Squirel, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Hiss Golden Messenger w/ Dead Tongues, $15, 8pm Gothic Theatre, Majid Jordan, $28.25-$33.25, 9pm

THURSDAY 3 FORT COLLINS/ LAPORTE 1933 Brewing, Open Mic, Free, 5pm Aggie Theatre, David Ramirez, $13$20, 9pm Chippers Lane, Dee Tyler, $2, 10pm CSU Organ Recital Hall, James Rester, Free, 6pm Hodi’s Half Note, David Ramirez, $13-$18, 9pm Lucky Joe’s, John Paul Hodge, Free, 9:30pm Swing Station, Matt Campbell & His Band, Free, 8pm

BOULDER Fox Theatre, Rising Appalachia w/ The Brothers Comatose, $23.50$25, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Melanie Devaney, Free, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Ben Rabb, Free, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Jessee Beaman of (My Empty Phantom), Free, 10pm

DENVER Ogden Theatre, Rae Sremmurd feat. Lil Yachity, $34.50-$40, 8pm, Summit Music Hall, Soilwork w/ Unearth, Battlecross, Wovenwar, & Darkness Divided, $20-$22, 6pm





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