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hen Brandon Barrios became a Music Go Round franchisee in 2014 and opened the Fort Collins store, he embarked on a journey that reminded him of his upbringing in Orlando, FL. There, the budding multi-instrumentalist discovered a local shop that specialized in selling used musical instruments. Because of that store and the couple who owned it, Barrios was given access to instruments and opportunity that would have been cost-prohibitive otherwise. Over the years, Barrios became skilled in trombone, as well as drums and bass and played in bands throughout college as well as sporadically since. Mainly, his four years spent in an Orlando-based ska band playing trombone showcased the skills he honed over several years of playing in everything from orchestra, jazz, and brass groups. Now, two years into owning Music Go Round’s Fort Collins location, Barrios has built a reputation for featuring a vast selection of used instruments along with being a charitable, “ready to help” kind of guy admired by musicians and businesses alike. This year, Barrios will be providing backline for Scene Magazine’s 3rd Annual Fresh Talent Showcase on December 4 at Hodi’s, where 10 selected newer acts from our region will compete to win the January cover of Scene, a cover story, recording time in a professional studio, and a slot to play the 2017 Arise Festival as part of the Scene stage. In addition

to the Fresh Talent Showcase, Barrios also ran sound at Scene’s stage at the Arise Festival this year, assisted with the Staging Youth Showcase, KRFC events, and several Blue Star Connection activities. Also, in 2015, Music Go Round collected and donated three car loads of supplies to Homeless Gear and 77 pounds of food to the Food Bank of Larimer County in their Black Friday promotion. “I like helping bands out because when I was younger and living in Florida, we didn’t have a support system like there is here. I was playing in bands for 12 years and had no assistance. We were just forced to figure things out and make mistakes over and over again. There weren’t opportunities or people around to help us. Here, there are resources and I like being one of them,” Barrios commented. Currently, Music Go Round is in the midst of some very positive changes. The store will have a grand reopening in the New Year to show off their soon to be completed store expansion and increased drum selection. The 1,278 square foot expansion they are doing will bring them to 5,400 square feet total. Along with the drum inventory being significantly increased, the store’s arrangement will also change for the better. To learn more about Music Go Round, visit the store at 2925 South College Avenue, Fort Collins. 970.204.9262. or

Editorial Contributors: Jeremy Fleischer, Rebecca LaPole, Doug Usher, Ali Owens, AMNH, Holly Highlife, Avalon Clare, Dawn Duncan, Megan Kleinschmidt, Rachael E. Worthington Cover: The Symbols Mer Sal, Don Stahl, Jasco Duende Photo: Erin Thames Photography Photo: Shannon Hemme




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Eric Gilfus, Brandon Barrios, and Kyle Heine at Music Go Round in Fort Collins



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FREE MUG NIGHT: Stand-Up Comed @ 7; Funk Jam @ 10





MUG NIGHT: Stand-Up Comed @ 7; Funk Jam @ 10




MUG NIGHT: Stand-Up Comed @ 7; Funk Jam @ 10




MUG NIGHT: Stand-Up Comed @ 7; Funk Jam @ 10


MUG NIGHT: CID Initiative Presents: EDM Tuesdays FREE



Fort Comedy Presents: Karl Hess

Standing Rock Benefit with Write Minded






Cornmeal w/ Cosmic Mesa and Canyon Collected

16. The Velvet Rope w/ Loud Mary (CCR Tribute)

MUG NIGHT: CID Initiative Presents: EDM Tuesdays



Dave Simonett & Greener Grounds Dave Caroll (of w/ Broccoli Samurai, Trampled by Turtles and Mister F w/ WooD & Wire & Special Guests Hell's Belles w/ Hot Apostles

17. Coral Creek feat. Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth w/ Special Guests











MUG NIGHT: CID Initiative Presents: EDM Tuesdays


MUG NIGHT: CID Initiative Presents: EDM Tuesdays


Brent Cowles (formerly You, Me And Apollo)

Rose Hill Drive


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hen a group of artists calls their style of music “Spiritual Porn Rock – music that’s good for the soul and body,” there’s an intrigue there urging more exploration. In an unassuming suburban Fort Collins home, The Symbols created their own magnificent recording studio, and over a Chinese food lunch, seduced this writer with their talent and passion for their craft.

The Symbols are guitarist Jasco Duende, bassist and vocalist Mer Sal and drummer Don Stahl. Mer and Jasco met at a blues jam at Spotlight Music and created the band about five years ago. He bought her a bass a year later, and within three months she’d learned how to play the bass while singing all their tunes. They have been married for three years now and counting. “We’re lucky to have found soulmates in each other,” Mer said, “and to be in a band with people we get along with.” They all agree that their meeting was “nearly cosmic.” Don came along about a year ago, meeting Mer and Jasco at a blues


jam at The Boot in Fort Collins. He showed up and played a gig with The Symbols a week later, with no rehearsal. Jasco had told him, “If you’re worth a fuck, we won’t need [a rehearsal].” While effortlessly restringing a guitar in a few minutes, Jasco said, “The difficult part of any band is getting along with all the personalities, liking the same types of music, and having the same level of commitment. It just doesn’t work without fitting those three things.” Don remembered, “I showed up and Jasco said, ‘we’re going to do ‘Pride and Joy,’ but like a Rumba,’ and then ‘a Fleetwood Mac


song, but more like uptempo jazz swing.’” After a year of playing these “dramatically altered and mangled” cover tunes, they decided to record a full album of them, called Symbolized, which came out in June. They cover songs by bands from The Clash to The Ramones to Jimi Hendrix, all with their own creative twist. Jasco explained the way they do covers, “You don’t want to be comparing yourself to Led Zeppelin…Other than the educational part, you don’t want to copy their notes; you want to copy their soul - what made them special. The trick is trying to keep the essence of the song that is cool.” Don lays down the groove with Mer, most

Mer Sal

Don Stahl

Erin Thames Photography

Jasco Duende

“The difficult part of any band is getting along with all the personalities, liking the same types of music, and having the same level of commitment. It just doesn’t work without fitting those three things.” - Jason Duende all of their songs are groovy and funky, while Jasco brings the soul. Jasco said, “I try to be as musical and soulful as possible. I’m actually not a big fan of long guitar solos; they gotta be poignant and it needs to tell a story and paint a picture.” Mer is very comfortable in her role and said, “As the lead singer you have to be the provider of the entertainment, and draw people in all the way from the back of the room. Make them think with their soul.” Jasco’s opinion is that, “If you can play with enough soul to really touch someone’s emotions, they’ll love you forever. And that’s what we try to do.” Speaking of that forever love, Mer said, “Upon getting married, we built a house and a music studio. Isn’t that what everyone does?” Jasco showed off “The Recordium,” an impressive recording studio custom built in the basement of their three-year-old home. “It’s 1500 square feet, five rooms with decent sound isolation and acoustic treatment. I built the studio for us because Mer writes so many songs, I needed a place I could record them. While it’s not a commercial studio, we do record a lot of our music friends. Usually a band or two per week. Notably, we’ve recorded Phil Brown from

Little Feat (who also produced Smile, their debut album that came out last year), Alvino Bennet (Dave Mason, Stevie Wonder), and local act Maxwell Mud made a record with us that won FOCOMA’s Album of the Year this year.” Don pointed out that the bathroom in the Recordium has a shower, “just in case you rock so hard you need to rinse off after.” That brings us back to their sexy soulful style, like the song “Not Enough Love” which was featured in a PSA for Blue Star Connection, a local non-profit organization that provides guitars and other instruments to hospitals for musical therapy programs and for kids with terminal illness. Their song “Alone” will be featured in the opening credits for Colorado independent filmmaker River Wilde’s upcoming movie, Abstinence. Mer warned, “It’s not a Christian film. It’s more like Porné — artsy porn, or thinking man’s porn; non-body shaming soft porn.” While we anxiously await the release of that movie, The Symbols will be busy playing shows every weekend, teaching music, writing tunes, and recording. Mer said, “If you’ve got artistic powers you should use them.” If you haven’t had a chance to catch them live, don’t miss their show on December SCENENOCO.COM I DECEMBER 2016

10th at the Swing Station in Laporte with Maxwell Mud. They promise a combined hoe-down at the end, and a whole lotta love. For more info visit:,

THE SYMBOLS’ PLAYLIST: 1. “Shakespeare Told Me” - Phil Brown 2. “Schizophrenic” - Oz Noy 3. “Taste of Heaven” - Fourth Estate/ Dave Beegle 4. “All You Wanna Do” - Maxwell Mud 5. “Like a River” - Bishop Briggs 6. “Scared For the Children” - Jeff Beck 7. “Poetry Man” - Phoebe Snow 8. “Cleanup Woman” - Betty Wright

Our Chinese fortune cookies said:

Rebecca: Take a trip with a friend. Mer: Your efforts in a critical area will soon be rewarded. Don: You have great communication skills, send someone an email. Jasco: His inside joke is: Check your brakes! “Funny fortune, right?” His actual fortune You will soon be awarded a great honor! 7





hen an audience is given an opportunity to get up close and personal with a musician, the experience becomes rich and memorable. House concerts, which are making a huge impact in the music scene today, provide such an experience. Beth Wood, musician and avid house concert advocate, describes the experience, “House concerts create a wonderful opportunity for music fans to experience live performance in an intimate setting. It’s a great way to see music if you aren’t into smoky bars or late nights.” Listening Rooms, similarly, are venues set up in a configuration that commands an “all eyes on artist” show. Listening Rooms have been around since the time people gathered for music. They give the audience an opportunity to sit down and really listen to the music and connect with the artist with no distractions, something that’s difficult to do in a concert venue or outdoor festival. When asked his opinion on the Listening Room experiences, international recording artist Cary Morin stated, ”It is my favorite thing to do as a solo artist. I like people to be comfortable and be in a place where they can view and listen to music with no interruptions. It is almost like you are having a conversation with the audience.” Jeff Finlin, also an international artist from Fort Collins, added, “I’ve played large theaters in Europe, but there’s nothing bet-


Cary Morin, Jeff Finlin, Brian Kittrell ter than 100 people in a room.” A listening room experience is coming to Fort Collins on December 17 when Maple Street Music hosts a benefit for KRFC 88.9 fm in the living room of The Music District. Maple Street Music Agency, located in The Music District, put this event in place to support the idea of “neighbors helping neighbors.” KRFC is Fort Collins’ community radio station, supporting free-thinking radio and priding themselves on supporting musicians. KRFC is in the process of moving into The Music District and is in need of contributions to their capital campaign. There can be no better format for a benefit for them than a Listening Room event. The show will feature Cary Morin, Jeff Finlin, and newcomer sensation Brian Kittrell. When Cary was asked why he is interested in being a part of this show, he responded by saying, “I really like the room we will be playing in. I also love the songs and the styles of Jeff and Brian.” The col-


lective style of music, somewhere between folk, blues, and Americana, is an ideal fit for the venue and event and will lend itself to recording for future use on KRFC. The performances will be presented “eTown style” for radio playback, with conversations between the artists and KRFC’s Andrew Schneider throughout. Brian Kittrell sums it up well for the musicians, “I’ve been having a great time writing songs and lyrics knowing that there’s going to be people actually listening to them instead of just slugging their beer and tapping their feet.” More information about the December 17 show can be found at maplestreetmusicagency. com/krfc-benefit. Megan Kleinschmidt is a senior at CSU, studying Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She is currently an intern at Maple Street Music Agency.



Jay & Silent Bob Get Real W Jason Mewes

Kevin Smith

ho are Jay & Silent Bob? Fictional comedy characters invented by writer/filmmaker/actor Kevin Smith. Played by Smith himself and Jason Mewes, they’ve appeared in cult-classics Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma and the like, all penned by Smith. Smith and Mewes transition from film to the stage for a live recording of their #1 ranked podcast “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old” at the Lincoln Center December 13. As teens in Highlands, N.J., the duo met through friends on the way to a comic book show. At the time, Smith wanted nothing to do with Mewes, and didn’t find him funny at all. Later, Mewes was making jokes at the local rec center and finally got a laugh out of Smith. They began working together at a local Quick Stop putting Sunday papers together and later at a neighboring video store. It was the beginning of a lasting friendship. Fans can’t help but recognize similarities between Smith and Mewes’ real life and the characters they portray. It’s no surprise that when Smith wrote the screenplay for Clerks, he had Mewes in mind for the role of Jay. Mewes, of course, didn’t think twice about accepting the role. Smith says that his silent character was based off of his father — quiet, but when something needed to be said he could launch a clever one-liner. In 2007, Smith launched a podcast series — SModcast — with Scott Mosier, Smith’s long-time friend and producer. In 2010, Smith started the “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old” segment, in attempts to help Mewes stay sober by allowing him to talk through his recovery from drug addiction. While you might expect the podcast to be performed in character, it’s actually more of a real-life conversation on life, sex, and weed that the two close friends are known for. Catch “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old” live at 7:30 p.m. on December 13th at the Lincoln Center. Tickets start at $15 and are available at

Rachael E. Worthington is the Marketing & Publicity Assistant at the Lincoln Center. She is currently studying Journalism and Graphic Design and is the Editorial Director of the new Spoon University chapter at CSU, an online food publication. Worthington is also the President of the CSU Society of Professional Journalists.


1205 W. Elizabeth

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Try our hot wings an buffalo strips NEW LOCATION! 222 PINE STREET • OLD TOWN, FT COLLINS • 970 308 1202




New Year’s FUSION

MISHAWAKA 2016 has without a doubt been the biggest year in the Mishawaka’s hundred year history. The venue will close this monumental year with an intimate New Year’s Eve performance from Shakedown Street, Colorado’s premier Grateful Dead tribute band. All ticket buyers will be entitled to a complimentary champagne toast at midnight and prime rib will be on special in the restaurant. This performance will close out the Mishawaka’s first formal Fall/Winter concert series, which also featured prominent local acts WhiteWater Ramble, Derek Blake, One Flew West, Bandits, Wasteland Hop, and The Other Black. While this is not the first ever NYE concert put on by the Mishawaka, the venue hopes this will mark the beginning of a new tradition that the community can enjoy for the next hundred years. Shakedown Street is a natural choice for the Mishawaka. Much like the venue, the band has a rich history that is uniquely Colorado. Formed in 1987 in Manitou Springs, Shakedown Street is one of the longest running and highly respected Grateful Dead tribute bands working today. “Shakeheads” from all over are sure to flock to the Mishawaka to ring in the New Year with the spirit of improvisation and discovery. Doors 7pm, show 8pm.

Bye, 2016, and hello to sexy 2017! The hottest nightclub in Fort Collins, along with Du’Tell Events, is about to go full throttle for New Year’s Eve! The setting is contemporary club decor, the attire is “dress to impress/semi-formal,” and there will be an open bar with select beer, wine, and wells from 8 pm to 11 pm (note that Fusion does reserve the right to monitor responsible drinking). Heavy appetizers, live music by Soul Revival, DJ DR3W, party favors, a midnight balloon drop, photo booth, and champagne toast when the clock strikes 12 will be on the agenda! This is going to be the party of the year, so be sure to get your tickets early and get ready to ring in 2017 in style! $60 per person, $100 per couple. Group VIP couches available (call or text Kevin at 303.249.1263 to reserve). Information and tickets: fusionfortcollins. com or visit Facebook: @fusionfortcollins for ticket link.

CHIPPER’S LANES Come bring your New Year’s party to Chipper’s Lanes this New Year’s! Chipper’s hosts the ultimate New Year’s parties; and this year, the party has expanded to all five centers! How does it work? For this year, the biggest party yet is better than ever with a simple unlimited bowling price. All you need to do is reserve your lane in advance (rentals have been known to sell out), and invite your friends and family! Remember that a lane can only hold six people on it at once, so if you have more, you may need another lane, or you can just rotate people into each game! Don’t feel like bowling? No charge to come hang out and enjoy the festivities with your friends! $149 lane rental; ulimited bowling all night! Hours: 9pm-2am Lane rental includes champagne, ball drop, entertainment, prizes, party favors and drink/food specials, shoes and more! Free arcade cards for everyone! Local Locations: College Center: (970) 484-4777 Horsetooth: (970) 226-6327 Greeley: (970) 353-4275 Broomfield: (303) 466-9700 Estes Park: (970) 586-8625





The Junior League of Fort Collins (JLFC) is proud to present its annual Party for a Purpose event, The Black and White Bash! This seriously swanky New Year’s Eve party will be held on Saturday, December 31 from 8:00 pm – 1:00 am at the Agave Room in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins. Attend the community’s premiere New Year’s Eve celebration with great food catered by The Rio, delicious libations, open bar on beer, champagne toast, live music, silent auction, door prizes and amazing company. Additionally, there will be a masquerade mask craft area and a photo booth. Plus, the best part is you’ll be supporting JLFC’s charitable programs! Funds raised from the Black and White Bash support charitable programs the Hunger Initiative, the Imagination Series, and the Junior League Career Closet. Last year, the JLFC partnered with the Food Bank for Larimer County to provide over 100,000 healthy snacks to children in need; provided 700 at-risk children with free tickets to world-class performing arts events; and outfitted 400 women in need with professional attire from our Junior League Career Closet. JLFC is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through effective action and leadership. The group’s charitable programs and events serve more than 100,000 members of the Northern Colorado community annually. Tickets: $75 - Event is 21+.

LYRIC CINEMA CAFE AVOGADRO’S Avo’s is the place to be this New Year’s Eve as Wasteland Hop, along with special guests Ginger Whale, keep the party hopping with energetic rock/hip hop/fun party songs throughout the evening. There will be drink specials and late night appetizers throughout the event and tickets include a champagne toast at midnight! Don’t miss these fun, exciting acts that are known for bringing the party and getting crowds on their feet — and keeping them up and dancing! Doors at 7 pm; music starts at 8 pm. Tickets are $12 advance, $15 DOS. avogadros. com, 21+


Come worship at the Temple of the Lyric! In case you haven’t hard, the Lyric Cinema Café — Fort Collins’ only independent movie theater — is building a new location at 1209 N. College. The new theater will be bigger and better, but promises to retain that eclectic charm you know and love. The new theater won’t be completed until late 2017, but The Lyric will move this coming March. “But how will we see quality independent films?” you ask. Never fear, cinephiles! Lyric will be operating a pop-up theater out of the Masonic Temple on Oak Street starting in mid-March. Before the move, join The Lyric at its current location at 300 E. Mountain Avenue for one last New Year’s Eve bash! The theme this year is The Apocalypse, so bring your steampunk goggles, your water purifiers, and your zombie repellent. Admission is only $5 and there will be champagne (of course)! 8pm,



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Holiday Stress Relief, Verboten Style in microbrew country have very effective ways of combatting the seasonal blues! I stopped by Loveland’s very own Verboten Brewing to try out a selection of soul medicine that’s sure to keep your stress level from escalating beyond the boiling point.


Rich mahogany in color, this intriguing beer boasts warm and spicy scents of clove, sourdough, crabapple, and persimmon. On the tongue, you’ll find a beautifully balanced mélange of rye bread, toasted walnut, and sun-warmed hay.


On the nose, enjoy the hop-laden aroma of dense pine, along with hints of banana bread and spiced cider. The hop structure is bracing but velvety smooth, with a bitter bite that compliments the brew’s roasty and toasty flavors.


Taster flight at Verboten Brewing I’m going to be real for a minute, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to face the facts. I mean, we all - most of us, anyway - appreciate the holiday season. What’s not to love, after all? It’s the season of giving, of twinkling lights, of coming together in celebration. The season of boughs of holly, sleigh bells a’jingling, joy, happiness, and love. The season when people bring plates full of decorated cookies to your office. The season of peppermint ice cream. PEPPERMINT ICE CREAM, you guys. However, it is also the season of stressed-out shoppers, sold-out items, and long-ass checkout lines. The season of having to be nice to the extended family members who come to visit and start talking politics while you smile and nod and grind your molars into dust. The season of attempting to wow the guests with a beautiful berry panna cotta that would have Martha Stewart weeping with envy, only to end up with a sludge pile of what looks suspiciously like grits and ketchup. The season when you develop a twitch in your eye every time you hear a Mannheim Steamroller song. You know what I’m talking about. No doubt about it, the holidays, festive and all as they are, can be cringingly, headache-inducingly stressful. Fortunately, we here


This brew is a lot of things, but none of what you’d expect. Sure, it smells equal parts sweet and savory, just like a salted caramel chocolate bar, but don’t be fooled - there’s more here than meets the eye…er, nose. At the first sip, you’ll be met with intense notes of bitter almond and coffee, with woody tones and a fabulously tannic dryness throughout.


Stick your nose in the glass and prepare yourself for the homey scents of saddle leather, damp forest oak, and chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. On the palate, tantalizing flavors of cacao, malt, and creme brûlée dance in a beautiful, rich medley that will have you coming back for seconds. And thirds. Happy holidays, everyone! Keep calm, carry on, and drink up. Because Crazy Uncle Myron’s latest alien conspiracy theory is a lot easier to swallow when paired with a taster flight.

Ali Owens is a motivational & lifestyle blogger, writer, photographer, and beer lover. Find her at or follow @aliowenscreative on Instagram.




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hether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus, chances are good you’ll be buying some presents this holiday season. So what to buy for the cannabis lover in your life? “The PAX3 is going to be pretty sweet,” says Maka Kala’i of Organic Alternatives. This PAX vaporizer is going to be the first product that works equally well with flowers and concentrate by using three interchangeable lids; one for a full oven of flowers, a half-oven lid, and the lid for concentrate oven. It’s also faster and is ready to puff in 15 seconds! “It’s pretty awesome that the concentrate oven also fits the PAX2. You can have one for flower and one for concentrate.” If you’re like me and own an original PAX, the newer oven won’t fit, but it is a great excuse to by a newer model. As with all PAX models, they come Good ol’ Saint Nick...jolly AND kind... with a 10-year warranty. One of the coolest with all edibles, keep them far, far away from features of the PAX3 is the the kiddos. app for your phone in both IOS and Android As cannabis becomes more mainstream, platforms. This allows you lock and unlock cannabis products are becoming popular your PAX, control the temperature with a flick gifts for “White Elephant” parties. “Those of your finger, and track the number of hits are always the first ones that get ‘stolen’ or and their length. There are a few games also battled over by participants,” says Kala’i with included with the PAX app. a laugh. I cannot picture it happening at the Edibles are a big seller during the holidays. local ladies’ organizations, but it sounds like “We’ve seen a lot of adults coming in to fun to me! buy edibles as adult stocking stuffers,” says It is important to remember under Colorado Kala’i. I’d be thrilled to find some Wana Sour law, cannabis and cannabis products can be Gummies, Sweet Grass brownies or cookies in gifted to others, but never sold. Shipping or my stocking. taking these products out of state is never Organic Alternatives just began carrying okay. Coda Chocolates in three flavors, and also One huge driver of holiday business is hand-painted chocolate truffles! “They are tourism. “People come to town to visit and a very festive and gift-worthy, with almost no trip to a dispensary is on almost everyone’s cannabis taste.” Then there is my personal to-do list,” says Kala’i. “We get a huge uptick favorite, the Affogato Bar by Incredibles. As



in business.” Along those lines, do you have a dad or other relative suddenly embracing their hippie roots? (My friend Kyle has this problem.) Can you tell/smell they’ve been hot-boxing in their car? Give them the gift of stealth this year with one of the excellent vape pens carried at OA. On a more serious note, if you have a friend or family member with arthritis, an injury or chronic pain, think about topicals. “It is a great way to introduce someone to what cannabis can do,” says Kala’i. “Topicals are huge sellers for people with injuries, aches or pain.” OA carries a wide variety of merch to wear in support of, or as a souvenir of their visit. Their colorful “Colorado leaf” logo is on hoodies, long-sleeve tees, beanies and in both men’s and women’s sizes. Look for a number of sales while shopping at OA during the month of December. Still stumped on gift ideas? “We’ll also be doing holiday gift baskets with a little bit of everything in them.” Stop by Organic Alternatives to check out the array of gifts galore. Holly Highlife is a lover of all things cannabis and calls Loveland her home.

Organic Alternatives 346 E. Mountain Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80524, 970.482.7100





he first track on Plasma Canvas’ self titled debut album starts with a scream. Vocalist Jamie Lynne Axton screamed so hard while recording the vocals for it that she puked. It’s an intense choice for an opener, one that Axton herself described as “inaccessible.” “If you can get past “The Killer, Majestic”, you’ve earned the rest of the album,” she said. The rest of Plasma Canvas is a sprawling rock odyssey, at times indeed much gentler than “The Killer, Majestic.” Most of the songs are close to five minutes long, and the longest is just shy of seven minutes. There are elements of southern rock, metal, and rock ballads reminiscent of those from the 70s and 80s. This record came straight from the heart and life experience of Axton, a 26-year-old trans woman from a small town 40 miles west of St. Louis. The songs are personal, and the whole album has a weight and density to it that demands to be taken seriously. The song “So I Was Thinking”… addresses the complexities of falling in love while being queer and transgender. “Sitting In A Trailer And Everyone’s Dead” describes an incident in which her mom’s boyfriend pulled a knife on Axton. “I didn’t know I was writing a record,” Axton said. “I thought I was just dealing with sh*t.” In an effort to carry a universal message, words like trans, dysphoria, or gender do not appear on the album. It was imperative to her


that the record be “more than just queer.” “I tried to make it as accessible as possible, so anybody who’d ever felt like ‘you don’t belong here’ or ‘this place or these people [aren’t] for you’ because I felt that way before I ever came out.” she said, “[I wanted to] write in a way that put forward my struggles but didn’t erase anybody else’s along the way.” The lyrics focus on themes of isolation and rejection, but the weight of life as a marginalized person is also there, peeking through the cracks. It is a concept album about the first two years of her life as a trans woman. “As much as it is an album that I would hope would empower LGBTQI people,” Axton said, “it’s not just about that. I really hope that it resonates with more people than just the queer community, because some of these songs I wrote before I ever came out.” Axton moved to Colorado in December of 2015, just one year after coming out as trans in her small home town in Missouri. Once she had settled in Fort Collins she set out to record the album that had been building up inside her for years. But she needed a drummer. Unfortunately, a Craigslist post looking for someone to play drums on her album yielded little promising results at first. Most interested parties made excuses once they discovered her transgender identity. Until metal drummer David Sites contacted her. Sites was already the drummer for Wyvern Spire and Age of Mythos, and was looking to expand his recorded catalogue. Although originally they only planned to record together, Axton and Sites had such a great time playing live together that they became Plasma Canvas. After three practices Axton told Sites that she went ahead and booked the album release show. This was in the summer. By the end of September they had finished recording the album, and in October they played that release show in Denver. As a live band, they don’t seem newly formed at all. Axton and Sites could get away with telling people they’ve been playing together for years based on the authenticity of their stage chemistry alone. With a solid SCENENOCO.COM I DECEMBER 2016

rock record alongside their already powerful live shows, Plasma Canvas is definitely on the right path. As for the future? Axton already has enough songs for another album.

Jamie Lynne Axton

SONGS THAT MAKE ME FEEL: 1. “Share The Land” by The Guess Who 2. “The Backseat” by The Gaslight Anthem 3. “The World Is Ugly” by My Chemical Romance 4. “Track 7 N” by 68 5. “Invented” by Jimmy Eat World

Plasma Canvas was recorded at Stout Studios by Darren Radach and mixed by Jace McLain in TN. You can listen to it and purchase physical copies at Plasma Canvas is playing at 7th Circle in Denver on December 16th. For booking inquires please email Avalon Clare is an illustrator, DJ, feminist, and pop culture fairy. She is a resident artist at the Downtown Artery and a Colorado native. Social media makes her heart sparkle. Follow her at @UnicorneClare.



Kickin’ Up Country



T Adams knows a little something about perseverance. As the songwriter, lead singer, and rhythm guitarist for country act The Tailgate Rockstar Band, his dreams are finally materializing - but it’s been a long time coming. “In some people’s eyes, this happened overnight,” he says. “No one realizes how many years I’ve spent putting in 32 + hours a week on music trying to get it right.”

JT’s musical endeavors began in 2004, when he first picked up a guitar. After several years of keeping the hobby to himself, he moved to Estes Park and landed a job giving trail rides, where he would sit on the truck’s tailgate after each ride and play a few songs for his guests - one of whom unknowingly opened the floodgates when she observed, “You’re just a little tailgate rockstar.” Armed with a name, a vision, and his signature unflappable confidence, JT began playing publicly. “I was like a completely different person,” he tells me. “When I went onstage for the first time, I got that feeling - this is where I belong.” He spent years performing, but in September of 2013, he was devastated by the widespread flooding that tore through the Front Range. “I lost all my equipment,” he recalls. “Guitars, everything. And I didn’t know what else to do, so I relocated up to Cody, Wyoming and swung a rope for a living - cowboyin’. I mean, how do you come back from that?” Eventually, though, the call of music grew too persistent to ignore, and JT reached out to drummer Jeremy Meyer with a proposal to collaborate. “Jeremy’s my best friend, my right-hand man, my heartbeat,” he tells me. “We’re real with each other - we can rip each other apart sometimes - but that’s what a relationship needs to be. Otherwise, you’re never going to have results.” Authenticity is important to JT - a fact he’s not hesitant to relay. “Music’s all very real, very personal. You know, I think a lot of people get distracted by the word ‘country.’ They think it’s blue jeans and a plaid shirt. But country is more than that. It’s real. It’s broad. It’s emotional. It makes you cry, and it makes you laugh. That’s country.”’ Imperative, too, is the relationship not only between him and his fellow band mates, but between the band and their fans. “We’re here for the music,” he says. “We want people to feel like they’re a part of it - like we’re all a team. It’s the music - it brings people together.” He’s right; if the band’s recent successes are any indication. Their song “Graceful Hands” will be featured in the 2017 film Saving Faith, which has been slated for national distribution. Additionally, they’ve just released a new single, “Out of Control” - and the next, “Leave It on the Stage,” is coming this month. Look for them both on iTunes. His plans for the future, you ask? “I’m going for Nashville’s throat,” he says, with the earnest yet dead-serious smile of someone who means business.

JT Adams, lead signer & guitarist of The Tailgate Rockstar Band


1. “Record Year” - Eric Church 2. “Mr. Misunderstood” - Eric Church 3. “Are you Sure Hank Done It This Way” - Waycon Jennings 4. “Keep Me Country Straight” - Jesse Cornett 5. “ Right Where I Had To Be” - Gary Alan 6. “Rock My World” - Michael Jackson


Nixon’s - Ft. Collins - Friday 12/2 The Boot - Loveland - Friday 12/23

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don’t mean to sound like a Scrooge, but the overabundance of impending holiday movies is not something I’m looking forward to. I have nothing against the holidays, but Christmas movies are not my favorite. But assuming you want to socialize with anyone else this season, chances are you’re going to be pressured into a few holiday cinema sessions. So I’d like to suggest a few options for you, along with some snacks and (more importantly) cocktails to enjoy while you watch.

Photo by Doug Usher





Quite possibly the greatest Christmas movie every made (don’t argue), Die Hard is the perfect popcorn flick for a cold winter night. To that end, you should make popcorn. But don’t settle for the microwave variety, do it right and make it on the stove top. Get creative and top it with browned butter, sea salt and nutritional yeast. In honor of one of the greatest movie lines of all time, I present my cocktail Yippy Ki Yay Motherf*cker. Fair warning, this is a strong drink, proceed with caution. In a mixing glass combine 2 oz añejo tequila, 1 oz Carpano Antina Formula Sweet Vermouth, 3 dashes chocolate bitters and 1 tsp spiced simple (simple syrup with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger). Stir over ice until very cold, strain into a rocks glass with a single large cube. Top with a flamed orange peel. Toss back a couple of these, and you too can pick glass out of your feet with minimal pain.

It’s honestly hard not to love this multi-storyline film, following the relationships of a bunch of interconnected Brits. The subtle tie-in to the holidays makes it a great choice for a romantic movie night, without bombarding you with too much Christmas cheer. Put together a simple cheese plate, with a few different fromage choices, some salami and accompaniments (think olives, dried figs and candied nuts). In honor of my favorite storyline, I’ve crafted the Aurelia cocktail: In a mixing glass, combine 1 oz single malt Scotch with 1 oz tawny port, a few dashes of Angostura bitters and stir slightly over ice until chilled. Strain into a coupe and add a twist. This balanced cocktail can win over those who don’t particularly like Scotch, and pairs well with a variety of cheeses (not to mention it’s boozy nature will make you a little weak in the knees).

The still funny, go to choice for family movie night, Home Alone is perfect when you have a varied audience. It’s hard not to enjoy watching Kevin McCallister get the better of the Wet Bandits while his poor mother goes through hell to get home (only to find she could have just waited and enjoyed her first class seat the next morning). Home Alone is a junk food flick, so order some pizzas and serve root beer floats. For those of age, I recommend Not Your Father’s Root Beer for a boozy alternative. For the kids, check out Oskar Blues root beer, B. Stiff and Sons.



Doug Usher is the Creative Director of The Via Company in Fort Collins. He is a photographer, blogger, and die-hard foodie who enjoys the culture of his hometown of Fort Collins. He and his wife, Katie, are the parents of daughters Madeleine and Willow and the authors of the blog



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Lately, Nashville has received a lot of criticism for producing sub-par music that ignores the country music heritage. It’s commercial dribble that’s dependent on clichés and written by panels of marketers. Artists like Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell lead the charge for a new country, one that respects the genre’s origins while charting a new course. On Burn It To The Ground, Bryan Thomas and The Mercenaries plant a flag firmly in status quo, commercial country and dare anyone to cross it. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the adult contemporary crap found on most country stations. Instead, it’s a hybrid of hard rock and boot-kickin’ country with an attitude problem. It has all the usual clichés about whiskey, and being an outlaw, and defending the flag and guns, and loving bad girls – but add squealing guitars and rock screams. This band would certainly light up an audience at Sturgis or the Greeley Stampede (and has). For what it is, it’s executed really well. But considering this is a well-tread path, it feels tired, as if it’s following a format, which in many ways it is. Recorded at Sioux Sioux Studio, Charlotte, NC. Recording and mixing by Producer/Artist Jason Scavone. Mastered at Studio B Mastering, Charlotte, NC.


Let’s get something straight: Rarely do music nerds give pop music the respect it deserves. Something isn’t amazing simply because it’s so damn niched out that only a few folks will like it. Sometimes there are artists whose talents can be appreciated by many without sacrificing quality, and that is an awesome feat. Shaley Scott is one such artist. Past releases from Shaley Scott prove she is a solid piano player who possesses a truly authentic and sultry voice, and has a strong songwriter’s sense for creating music with both depth and pop appeal. Currently, she is working on a new LP, Radiate, due in late spring, 2017. But she recently shared the new single, Careful. This track sheds all of the adult contemporary, singer-songwriter elements found in other works to reveal a dazzling disco queen. Careful is fun and infectious, like a great pop song should be. It’s a promising first single that should build anticipation for her first full-length release. I only hope that she hasn’t entirely abandoned her singer-songwriter side and that the album will show her ability for creating a full range of moods. One can imagine Careful being followed by a piano ballad on a stellar album. In any case, Shaley Scott has captured our attention and left us waiting for more. Produced by Anthony Lavin, Killian Cruiser Studios, Los Angeles, CA. Mixed and mastered by Kris Smith, Bridgeway Recording, Fort Collins, CO. Label: Sugarfox Records, Ltd.


It’s really, really hard to be critical of South to Cedars. Not because there’s nothing to criticize, rather their sincerity and earnestness makes you feel like a jerk doing so. As an Americana string band with a country-grass, soft rock sound, it’s not uncommon to find the kind of wholesome corniness on Sunny State. Take “Six String Affair”: At the beginning of the song, the listener thinks the singer is talking about hiding cheating from a love, with talk of “caressing her neck,” etc. But in the chorus, he reveals that his second love is a “six string affair,” and promises to write his human lover love songs every day. Clever, yes. But a bit too corny. Sunny State certainly has its audience, even if it’s not me. There are songs I like, such as “Stupid,” which shows a bit of vulnerability not found in a sunny state. I also like “People Can Change,” despite its dull title. This track, which opens with a Dylan-esque harmonica and “Nashville Skyline”-era acoustic rock shuffle, balances the charming side of simplicity with one of the best musical performances on this album. In final analysis, there are really strong moments on this album, but also ones that drag it down. That said, I’m sure there’s an audience for the not as stellar; it’s just not me. Produced by South to Cedars and Darren Radach. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Darren Radach. Recorded at Stout Studios, Fort Collins, CO.




The Kind Dub Krew are some busy mofos. Along with an apparel line and a video production “department,” the hip-hop Krew still finds time to record music. But does building a ganja-preneurial empire shove the music to the backseat? Year of the Dragonfly is here to cast any doubt where the Krew’s priorities are. On past releases, Kind Dub showed a penchant for juvenile pot puns with songs like “Weed the People” and “Mt. Puffmore.” It wasn’t all jokes, and the production, featuring live instruments, was world class, but it lacked a certain maturity to elevate the music to the level it deserved. Year of the Dragonfly delivers a more mature, more serious Kind Dub, and it’s their best effort yet. The music shows how a talented hip-hop producer is on par with a composer who also plays first chair. The beats pay respect to “real hip hop” while also showing a dynamic, creative approach with impressive musicality; the bass line is most often played on electric bass guitar, creating a melodic thump. The rhymes on Year of the Dragonfly mostly leave pot jokes behind, instead musing thoughtfully about politics, personal strife, and spiritual yearning. This is an inspirational, down-tempo album for the thoughtful dabhead, and a leap in the right direction for Kind Dub music and Colorado hip-hop. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Kind Dub at Kind Dub Studios, Fort Collins, CO.


25 Years Strong

1307 E. Prospect • 224-CLUB

1ST MONTH FREE with No Initiation Fee when you sign up for 6 months. Restrictions and conditions apply, contact membership for details Indoor and outdoor pools • Youth sports and activities Racquetball courts • Basketball court • Indoor squash court Yoga/Pilates mat classes • BTS Group Power • 6,000 sq. ft. cardio deck Kid’s Club • Salon Giorgio and Day Spa • Pilates equipment classes Climbing wall • Personal trainers






it really made an impact.” It’s moments like these, Skinner says, that really stand out when looking back over 10 years of playing in DubSkin. Additionally, the band has opened for Israel Vibrations, Burning Spear, SOJA, Matisyahu, and Collie Buddz, to name a few notable acts, and played Red Rocks in 2010 and 2011. “I grew up singing — gospel, R&B, Motown, you name it. I was in a reggae band that also did classic rock covers in high school. I’ve performed a lot of types of music, but what DubSkin presents, that’s the real deal for me. I am passionate about changing society for the better and delivering a positive, relatable message that pushes people into action.” That idea is what Skinner has in mind with some of his community activism as well. As one of the founders and leaders of the Fort Collins Anti-Racism Network (FCARN), Skinner hopes to educate people, but also listen to their thoughts, ideas, and needs, and create a stronger community as a result. In closing, Skinner remarked, “If you listen to music that inspires you to make positive changes, shifts in your life, then that is what you will do. Music is a strong influence.” The December 2016 release of DubSkin’s album, Light the Dark, which was recorded in Fort Collins and with Jason “Jacko” Randall (John Brown’s Body), the album showcases the evolution of this strong team of brothers, as well as a fresh new sound for the band. December 17, the band will headline the Aggie, along with special guests Project 432, Abstract Rude, Mikey Thunder and The BeatServer. Check out this very special show designed to give back to the people who have supported DubSkin since the beginning as well as warmly welcome new fans to the mix. The show is free for 21+ before 9 pm and $10 after 9 pm. Under 21: $10 all night. This is a 16+ show. Photo: Ryan Gordon


amal Skinner is a man driven by an innate drive to change the world one song at a time. The founder of the reggae act DubSkin, now celebrating 10 years together as a band, has been singing as long as he can remember and penning music since around the age of 10. The youngest in a family of nine kids and a family where everyone sings, including professionally (Skinner’s father), has music in his blood and a message in his heart that he wants to share with the world. In these extremely rocky, uncertain times, it seems that writing about social injustice would be the way to go. We could all use a good dose of logic and progress right about now, and the DubSkin messages seem to echo what we’re seeing and experiencing all around us. (Fittingly, this interview was conducted the day before the Presidential election). “For me, it’s my responsibility to shed light on social injustice that exists in our country. It’s what I am passionate about and I believe it’s an artist’s duty to echo the times that they are living in,” Skinner said. Like many musicians, Skinner will refer to his writing process as something that “comes to him.” The words flow back and forth through his mind as a result of a careful and nonstop observation and calculation of the world around him. The good, the bad, and the atrocious — all come together in Skinner’s mind to create the songs DubSkin is known for delivering in their enigmatic, high energy stage performances. Although the subject matter tends to be heavy, the overarching vibe at a DubSkin show is fun. People dance, they sing along, they share in the familiarity of the fandom that encompasses this band. They are diehards and newbies, young and old, black and white, everything in between. And that’s the point. This is music and Skinner finds the message something that transcends gender, race, economic, and personality boundaries. These are real subjects, pertinent topics, and some of them are really uncomfortable. Again, that’s the point. Skinner added, “This is a band that has never really had “groupies.” I am very serious

about what I’m saying and about delivering this message with honesty and purity. I move away from anything negative that pulls me from this mission.” Formed in 2006 in Fort Collins following Skinner’s relocation from Long Island, NY to Colorado, DubSkin came together organically after Skinner met drummer Cory Eberhart. The two, in addition to the bassist Dean Curtis, are the remaining original members of the act, which now has six members. “We have, like most bands, had lineup changes over the years, but no real conflicts. We are lucky that way, I guess,” Skinner commented. Currently, DubSkin members in addition to Skinner, Eberhard, and Curtis, band members include Matt Grundstad (percussion), Jason Wieseler (keys/piano), Matt Wright (keys/piano), and Mike Tallman (guitar). One story Skinner openly shared was regarding a performance several years ago in Northern Colorado when the band was still fairly new. They were booked to play an arts event that catered to a more upper crust, white demographic and when they arrived and discovered this, Skinner was instantly on edge. “I didn’t think we were going to be wellreceived. We were out of place. Our messages and our songs seemed really inappropriate for the crowd, the setting.” However, the band did the gig and afterward, a gentleman around 70 approached Skinner. “I just want to tell you that your song “Africa” that you did….that was really incredible and it really reached me. I didn’t expect that and I want you to know


Website: Show: December 17, 8 pm Tickets: Free show entry until 9 pm; after 9 pm, tickets are: $10 (21+). Under 21: $10 all night. Doors at 8 pm Venue: Album: Light the Dark, available Dec 17



NOT A BIRD, NOT A DINOSAUR: WHAT IS A PTEROSAUR? What is a pterosaur? It sounds like such a simple question. But the answer, as you learn in the new exhibition Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs, was by no means obvious when the first pterosaur skeleton was discovered in the mid-1700s, in the Solnhofen limestone quarry in Germany. This fossil of a young Pterodactylus antiquus was found in the layers of limestone near Solnhofen, Germany, an area known for its rich fossil beds. Pterosaur bones are fragile, so they rarely form fossils this clear and complete. Perhaps, early observers theorized, that specimen’s long skinny arm-and-finger bones were for swimming? Or was it some kind of toothed, clawed, winged bird? Or even a mammal? Debates raged, even after 1801, when the great French anatomist Georges Cuvier analyzed drawings of the skeleton and determined the animal to be something new to science: a flying reptile that Cuvier later named ptero-dactyle (wing finger in Greek), whose wings were composed of a shortened upper arm bone, along with a

dramatically elongated fourth finger that likely supported a wing membrane. Since Cuvier’s time, the fossil record has revealed much more about these extinct reptiles, which lived from about 220 million years ago to the end of the late Cretaceous period 66 million years ago, disappearing at the same time as large

dinosaurs in a mass extinction event. Still, although pterosaurs may often be grouped with dinosaurs in children’s picture books, they are not dinosaurs. “Dinosaurs are characterized by a set of anatomical features pterosaurs don’t have,”

explains Mark Norell, the curator of the exhibition and chair of the Division of Paleontology, including a hole in the hip socket. Today’s scientific consensus is that pterosaurs are nonetheless more closely related to dinosaurs, whose living descendants are birds, than to any other group, including the next-closest, crocodiles. What is also clear is that pterosaurs were the first vertebrates to fly—an amazing feat. Tiny, invertebrate insects had long since taken to the air, but nothing as large as a four-legged vertebrate had attempted such a thing. “They are the most fabulous creatures that ever existed! I am not exaggerating,” says Alexander Kellner, the exhibition’s co-curator, who is based at the Museu Nacional in Rio de Janeiro and is a research associate at the Museum. “They made the first attempts among vertebrates to conquer the air— they were the first to develop powered flight,” that is, the type of sustained flight that evolved, later and independently, in birds and bats. Courtesy of AMNH. This story is adapted from an article in the Spring 2014 issue of Rotunda, the member magazine.



NIXON’S NEW YEAR’S EVE BASH Be sure to check out the GREAT New Year’s Eve bash at Nixon’s Rocky Mountain Smokehouse! New owner, Nick, knows his music and his BBQ and there will be plenty of both on Saturday, December 31, so make sure you make it out for some great food, along with great drinks, and an all-around great new vibe! The Steve Manshel Band, along with opener J Sound & The Thrill Seekers, will keep you dancing and partying all night with high-energy country, funk, r&b, classic rock... and be sure to not miss it as Steve performs hits from his days in national act Firefall, one of Colorado’s favorite bands. Nixon’s has one of the best live entertainment venues in Northern Colorado with room for 300 people to enjoy live music and a large dance floor. And this New Year’s Eve, Nixon’s is offering the best NYE entertainment value in Northern CO with first drink free, a complimentary and absolutely delicious street taco buffet featuring Nixon’s signature smokehouse BBQ meats and a free champagne toast at midnight, all for only $15. PLUS, because Nick wants to make sure you get home safely and still be able to party, he is offering a free shuttle service between 8pm and closing time. Just come in and buy your tickets in advance to guarantee your seat on the Nixon’s shuttle bus! Nixon’s will be the place to be rockin’ this NYE! Sponsored by Scene Magazine.

Steve Manshel


Nixon’s Rocky Mountain Smokehouse and Tavern Featuring Southern BBQ with all the fixins 6520 S. College Ave. • 970-223-5557 Information:


EVENTS CALENDAR >> DECEMBER // THURSDAY 1 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE 1933 Brewing, Open Mic, Free, 5pm Aggie Theatre, Moon Taxi w/ Special Guests, $12-$15, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Crystal Bowersox, $20, 8pm Chipper’s Lanes, Dee Tyler, $2, 10pm CSU Center for the Arts, Parade of Lights Preview, Free, 6pm Downtown Artery, Meeting on the Mountain Live #8 ft. The Grant Farm, Bonfire Dub, Megan Burtt, Benny “Burle” Galloway, $12$15, 8pm Lincoln Arts Center, Rent 20th Anniversary Tour, $20-$68, 7:30pm Lucky Joe’s, John Paul Hodge, Free, 9:30pm Surfisde 7, Roy G Biv w/ Serpent Foot “Birthday/Pre Mexico Show”, $6, 9pm

BOULDER Boulder Theatre, Henry Rollins, $26$30, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Chris Anderson, Free, 8pm Christmas with The Mrs. feat Bryce & Bethany Merrit, Free, 9pm

DENVER Bluebird Theatre, Wild Child w/ Walker Lukens, & Clouds and Mountains, $18-$20, 8pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Phutureprimitive & Bluetech w/ kLL sMTH and Soulacybin, $20-$25, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, Fresh Noise w/ Joseph Lamar & Mikey Smith, $5, 10pm The Fillmore, Porter Robinson & Madeon, See venue for cost, 7pm Ogden Theatre, Greensky Bluegrass, $29.95, 8pm

LOVELAND Rialto Theatre, Dave Villano’s Annual Celtic Christmas ,$10-$25, 7pm

FRIDAY 2 FORT COLLINS Aggie Theatre, Phutureprimitive & Bluetech w/ Special Guests , $10-$20, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Halden Wofford and the High Beams, $14, 8:30p, Poudre River Irregulars, $10, 4pm

Biergarten at Anheuser-Busch, Jeremy Grant, Free, 5pm Equinox Brewing, Michael Kirkpatrick, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, Tim Ostdiek, Free, 6pm Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures, The Amber Band, See venue for cost, 6:30pm Hodi’s Half Note, Dave Simonett & Dave Caroll (of Trampled by Turtles) w/ Wood & Wire and Special Guests, $15-$22, 9pm Island Grill, Milliken Underground, Free, 8:30pm Lincoln Arts Center, Rent 20th Anniversary Tour, $20-$68, 2 & 7:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Matt Meehan, Free, 6pm Josh Blackburn, Free, 9:40pm Nixon’s Tavern, The Tailgate Rockstar (TGR) Band, $5, 8:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Peter Lopez, Free, 8pm Sonny Lubick’s, Brian Kittrell, Free, 8:30pm Swing Station, Bonnie & The Clydes w/ Elise Wunder, $5, 9pm

BOULDER Caffe Sole, Nice Work Jazz, See venue for cost, 7pm The Laughing Goat, Ramaya & The Troubadours, Free, 8pm

DENVER 1st Bank Center, CHANNEL 93.3’S NOT SO SILENT NIGHT 2016: Empire of the Sun w/ Kaleo, The Strumbellas, JR JR, 888 Gothic, $35-$46, 6:30pm Bluebird Theatre, Dragondeer w/ Mama Magnolia, RL Cole, & His Angels,$5-$15, 8pm Cervantes’ and The Other Side, Moon Taxi w/ Joey Porter’s Shady Business feat. Dominic Lalli, Jen & Natalie, Nick Cassarino, Joey Porter & Garret Sayers, and Sput, $20-$25, 9pm Gothic Theatre, Eoto w/ Mr. Bill (Live), & Circuit Bent, $20-$32, 9pm Herman’s Hideaway, Best of the West 8 Prelim #4, Pet Predator, Los Hitos, Aloris, A Brother’s Fountain, Left Handed Strange, $10, 7:30pm Ogden Theatre, Greensky Bluegrass, SOLD OUT, 8pm Summit Music Hall, Children of Bodom w/ Abbath, Exmortus,& Oni, $27.50-$30, 7pm

LOVELAND Rialto Theatre, Acoustic Eidolon’s 16th Annual Rialto Concert, $15-$20, 7:30pm The Boot Grill, Union Gray, Free, 9pm

WELLINGTON Old Colorado Brewing,Tyler T, Free, 6:30pm

WINDSOR Ricky B’s, Sonder, Free (21+), 8pm

SATURDAY 3 FORT COLLINS 1933 Brewing, Annual Bootlegger’s Ball w/ Queen Bee & the Stingers Free, 6pm Aggie Theatre, Klassick w/ Calvin Hobbes, Delasean, From the Void, LYFTD, Otis, Super Duper, A Will , $15-$18, 8pm Avogadro’s Number, Moors & McCumber, $17, 7pm CSU Griffin Concert Hall, 2016 Holiday Spectacular, $10-$22, 2pm & 7pm Dowtown Artery, Fort Collins Music Teacher’s Association Holiday Perform a-thon, Free 9am Funkwerks, David Nemo, Free, 5pm Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, Fort Collins Music Teacher’s Association Holiday Perform a-thon, Free, 8:30am Equinox Brewing, Derek Blake, Free, 7pm Hodi’s Half Note, Greener Grounds w/ Broccoli Samurai, and Mister F, $7-$10, 9pm Island Grill, Milliken Underground, Free, 8:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Brian Kittrell, Free, 9:30pm Nixon’s Tavern, Drumming Up Hope, $10(weekend pass), 12pm Pappy’s Pub, Carl, Free, 8pm Sonny Lubick’s, Marty Nightengale, Free, 8:30pm

BOULDER Boulder Theatre, Eoto w/ Mr. Bill Live & Circuit Bent, $25, 9pm Caffe Sole, Second Acts, See venue for cost, 7pm The Laughing Goat, Dave Tamkin & Brad Huffman, Free, 8pm Francis and the Wolf, Free, 9pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Dragonette w/ Gibbz, $20-$25, 9pm Cervantes’ and The Other Side, Moon Taxi w/ Joey Porter’s Shady Business feat. Dominic Lalli, Jen & Natalie, Nick Cassarino, Joey Porter & Garret Sayers, and Sput, $20-$25, 9pm



// EVENTS CALENDAR >> DECEMBER Dazzle Jazz, Josh Quinlan Q’tet featuring saxophonist Greg Osby, $12-$17, 7pm & 9pm “Blues Night” w/ Delta Sonics, tickets at door, 10:30pm The Fillmore, JJ Grey & Mofro and Kyle Hollingsworth Band, See venue for tickets, 5pm Gothic Theatre, PLAGUEHAMMER w/ Mount Cairn, Eye of Minerva, Bloodstrike, Sar Isatum, $10-$15, 8pm Herman’s Hideaway, JT & The Indecision, Tyler Stanfield and friends, $10-$180, 7pm Hi-Dive, Decemburger Fest w/ The Shrine, The Well, Zig Zags, In The Company of Serpents, Duel, Malahierba, Cloud Catcher, The Munsens, & Love Gang, $22, 4pm Ogden Theatre, Greensky Bluegrass, SOLD OUT, 8pm

LOVELAND Rialto Theatre, Acoustic Eidolon’s 16th Annual Rialto Concert, $15-$20, 7:30pm The Boot Grill, Owl Canon Outlaws, Free, 9pm

SUNDAY 4 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, Mark Cormican & Starwood Present “A John Denver Rocky Mountain Christmas” , $15-$20, 8pm Avogadro’s Number, Opaque, Earth Died Screaming, Drunk Diggery, $5, 7pm

CSU Organ Recital Hall, Concert Orchestra Concert, Free, 7:30pm Hodi’s, Scene Magazine 3rd Annual Fresh Talent Showcase, 10 bands, 3pm, by donation, Nixon’s Tavern, Drumming Up Hope, $10 (weekend pass), 12pm


FORT COLLINS/ LAPORTE Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Green Bay PIckers, Free, 7pm CSU Griffin Concert Hall, Jazz Combos Concert, Free to students/$12, 7:30pm


The Laughing Goat, Dan Martin, Free, 8pm, The Jeffrey James Show, Free, 9pm

Gothic Theatre, Toh Kay, $18-$20, 9:30pm

DENVER Bluebird Theatre, Sara Watkins, $25$30, 8pm Dazzle Jazz, The Adam Bodine Trio, Free, 9:30 am Peter Sommer Septet Holiday Show, $10-$15, 6pm “Hepcat Mixtape” w/ The Real Folk Blues, Free, 9pm Gothic Theatre, Ricky Dillon, The Gabbie Show, Jack Baran, Chachi Gonzales, & Andrew Lowe, $43-$128, 5pm Herman’s Hideaway, Lord Of War, $6-$10, 7pm Ogden Theatre, Sleeping With Sirens w/ State Champs, Tonight Alive, & Waterparks, $25-$28, 7pm

LOVELAND Rialto Theatre, Big Band Holiday w/ CJRO, $27-$32, 3pm

December 9 - OtterBox Digital Dome Theater, FCMOD


TUESDAY 6 FORT COLLINS/ LAPORTE 1933 Brewing, Queen Bee and the Stingers live rehearsal, Free, 6pm CSU Organ Recital hall, Violin Studio Recital, Free, 7:30pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, The Matt Human Trio, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theatre, Rooney w/ Royal Teeth, & SWIMM, $18-$20, 8pm Dazzle Jazz, “Nutcracker Suite” by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn presented by CU’s Thompson Jazz Ensemble , $20, 7pm

The Fillmore, PartyNextDoor & Jeremih: Summer’s Over Tour, See venue for tickets, 7pm Gothic Theatre, Somo w/ STANAJ, $17.50-$29.50, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Catfish and The Bottlemen, $25-$35, 8pm

WEDNESDAY 7 FORT COLLINS/ LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, Fat Nick - When The Lean Runs Out Tour feat. Lil Peep, Mikey the Magician, smokepurpp, Don Krez, Tyler Grosso , $15-$18, 8pm Avogadro’s Number, Mason Street Bluegrass w/ jam to follow, Free, 7pm CSU Organ Recital Hall, Graduate String Duo and Trio Concert, Free, 7:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Celtic Jam, Free, 7pm Taylor Radio, Free, 9:30pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, A John Waters Christmas, $35-$65, 8pm Fox Theatre, The Revivalist, SOLD OUT, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Purple Squirrel, Free, 8pm

DENVER Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Nightmares on Waz (Dj set) w/ Romare ( Dj Set), $20-$25, 9pm DazzleJazz, Gamejazz , $15-$18, 7pm & 8pm

THERE IS NO LATER WHEN I LEFT HOME New Trash Media the premiere of There Is No Later When I Left Home an immersive virtual reality film at the Otterbox Digital Dome Theatre at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. There Is No Later When I Left Home was produced over two months on a shoestring budget in preparation for the Fort Collins Fringe Festival. A small local crew of animators, directors, musicians and performers conceived, shot, and edited this narrative science fiction fusion of live action, 3d, and 2d animation. The film premiered in Fort Collins, Colorado during the 2016 Fringe Festival, where it won the Ace Gillett’s Audience Choice Award. Due to the limited Festival run and further demand, New Trash Media now offers another opportunity to see this immersive science fiction short film as their team begins work on their next production. Show time is 7 pm in the OtterBox Digital Dome Theatre, 408 Mason Ct., Fort Collins. Tickets available at: JesseNyander. com and at, or at the front desk of the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. Tickets: $10. All ages. Information: Jesse Nyander, 417.437.5231.



EVENTS CALENDAR >> DECEMBER // Ogden Theatre, Illenium, $20-$27, 8pm Summit Music Hall, In Flames & Hellyeah! w/ From Ashes to New, & The Source, $32.50-$38, 6pm

THURSDAY 8 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, The Travelin’ McCourys w/ Pert Near Sandstone, $15-$20, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Bryan McPherson, $7, 8pm Chipper’s Lanes, The Seers, $2, 10pm CSU Organ Recital hall, Violin Studio Recital, Free, 7:30pm CSU Griffin Concert Hall, Symphonic Band Concert, Free to students/ $12, 7:30pm Downtown Artery, Sam Outlaw, $10$12, 8pm Lucky Joe’s, Organomotron, Free, 9:30pm Swing Station, Henhouse Prowlers w/ The Deer, $10, 8pm The Armory, Judy Collins, SOLD OUT, 7pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Elephant Revival, $30-$35, 8:30pm The Laughing Goat, Ravin’ Wolf, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theatre, Lil Durk w/ MIKEMINDED, & RANSTEEZ, $25$30, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, WhiteWater Ramble “Pickin’ On The Rolling Stones” w/ Special Guest, $5$15, 8pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, The Circus Records Tour ft. Doctor P, Funtcase, Diskord and a very speical guest, $45-$50, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, Rudy Royston Trio, $20, 6:30pm & 8:30pm “Fresh Noise” w/ Joseph Lamar & Mikey Smith, $5, 10pm The Fillmore, Alice in Winterland feat. Fitz & The Tantrums, See venue for cost, 6:30pm Gothic Theatre, Sonata Artica w/ Leaves’ Eyes, Omnium Gatherum, $25-$75, 8pm Ogden Theatre, Illenium, SOLD OUT, 8pm

GREELEY MOXI Theater, Madchild w/ special guests, $15-$20, 8pm

FRIDAY 9 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, Elephant Revival w/ Gipsy Moon, $25-$30, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Henhouse Prowlers, Free, 9pm T-Band, Free, 5:30pm CSU Griffin Concert Hall, Wind Symphony Conert, Free to students/ $12, 7:30pm CSU Organ Recital Hall, Isabelle Demers, Cavarra Organ Series, Free to students/ $12, 7:30pm Funkwerks, Derek Blake, Free, 6pm Equinox Brewing, Dave Maservy, Free, 7pm Hodi’s Half Note, Cornmeal w/ Cosmic Mesa and Canyon Collected, $8-$10, 9pm Island Grill, Boom Twang, Free, 8:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Waido, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Barely Getting By, Free, 8pm

Swing Station, Trucker’s Daughter, Free, 8pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Wildlight & Ayla Nareo w/ Scott nice & Ryan Herr, $25-$30, 9pm Caffe Sole, Sherefe, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, Aesop Rock w/ Rob Sonic & DJ Zone w/ Homeboy Sandman, $22-$27, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Local Rhythm, Free, 8pm Dusty Stray, Free, 9pm

DENVER Bluebird Theatre, Cowboy Mouth, $25-$30, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Broccoli Amuri w/ The Runnikine and Mister F, $8-$12, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, Rudy Royston Trio, $20, 7pm & 9pm “Friday 10PM Social” w/ Gumbo le Funque, $5, 10:30pm The Fillmore, Papadosio, See venue for tickets, 8pm

The Art of Sound + Vision



// EVENTS CALENDAR >> DECEMBER Gothic Theatre, Lola Black’s XXXmas + Video Premier w/ In The Whale, Against Himself, LaRissa Vienna & The Strange, 21 Taras, $10-$13, 8pm Herman’s Hideaway, Best of the West 8 Prelim #5—Thousand Frames, Anonymonkey, Today’s Paramount, Big Rock Radio, Blue Mesa, $10, 7:30pm Hi-Dive, Nova Fest 2016 w/ The Coast Is Ours, The Burial Plot, The Calefaction, False Report, The Awakening Process, $10, 8:30pm Ogden Theatre, The Wood Brothers w/ Ben Sollee, $26-$30, 8pm

LOVELAND The Boot Grill, Sean Curtis Band, Free, 9pm

GREELEY MOXI THEATER, My Blue Sky: Honoring The Sound of The Allman Brothers Band w/ Gov’t Mule, $10, 8pm

WELLINGTON Old Colorado Brewing, Nate Jensrud, Free, 6:30pm

WINDSOR Ricky B’s, Rick Iracki, Free (21+), 9pm

SATURDAY 10 FORT COLLINS Aggie Theatre, Aesop Rock with Rob Sonic and DJ Zone w/ Homeboy Sandman , $25-$30, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Vi Wickham & Friends Christmas show feat. Paul Chet & Amy MaddenCopp, $15, 8pm


CSU Griffin Concert Hall, 2016 Honor Band Festival Concert, Free, 2pm Equinox Brewing, Dan Lovett and Bill Varn,, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, The Dollhouse Thieves, Free, 5pm Hodi’s Half Note, Hell’s Belles w/ Hot Apostles, $17-$20, 9pm Island Grill, Boom Twang, Free, 8:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Marty Nightengale, Free, 9:30pm Patero’s Creek Brewing, Mike Murray, 1pm, Free Pappy’s Pub, Jim Kristoff, Free, 8pm

Gothic Theatre, Denver Black Sky IV: Demolition Hammer / Exhumed vs. Skinless / Weekend Nachos with Terrorizer, Primitive Man, SubRosa, Of Feather and Bone, 908, Bloodstrike, $20-$25, 5:30pm Ogden Theatre, Sing It To Me Santa: Michael Franti Trio w/ Tracksuit Wedding, $35-$40, 7:30pm



Caffe Sole, McCrossen/Gershevich Trio, See venue for cost , 7pm Fox Theatre, Trout Steak Revival w/ The Deer & Chain Station, $14$20, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Amberly Chalberg w/ Joe Mazza, Free, 8pm, Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs, Free, 9pm

DENVER Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, The Travelin’ McCourys w/ Pert Near Sandstone, $20-$25, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Cornmeal & Henhouse Prowlers w/ Special Guests, $12-$15, 9pm The Fillmore, Papadosio, Wildlight, & TNERTLE, See venue for cost, 7:30pm Dazzle Jazz, Mandy Harvey Holiday Show, $20, 7pm & 9pm “Blues Night” w/ Ricky Earl Band, $5, 10:30pm Herman’s Hideaway, Band Dynamics Performs The Ramones , $6-$10, 1pm Hi-Dive, Plastic Daggers Album Release Party w/ Colfax Speed Queen, Muscle Beach, Riprats, $10, 9pm

LOVELAND The Boot Grill, Emmet Bower Band, Free, 9pm

FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Surfside 7, Crafttastic Makers Market, See venue for cost, 11am Mishka Shubaly & Matt Mahern, $6-$8, 9pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Tig Notaro w/ Nancy Norton, $35, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Women in Song, Free, 8pm

DENVER 1st Bank Center, 2016 Klove Christmas Tour w/ Crowder, Mac Powell, & Unspoken, Tickets starting at $25, 7pm Cervantes’ Other Side,Afton Showcase ft. Xkape, Croxz, BIG Moochie/Suckas Can’t Join, Everyday Dynasty Entertainment, Ori, Mista Los, Chubby McCabe, Halcyon Contender, Psyland, TEAMTRILLA X SAUCE GOD, RNSL, Aeso, $12-$15, 6:30pm


Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, 10th Annual How The Grouch Stole Christmas ft. LIVING LEGENDS w/ Evidence and speical guests, $32-$35, 9pm DazzleJazz, Brunch w/ Adam Bodine Trio, Free, 9:30am Katie Glassman and Snapshot 4th Annual Winter Swing Show, $15-$18, 5pm & 7pm “Hepcat Mixtape” w/ The Real Folk Blues, Free, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Young Thug w/ 21 Savage, $30-$50, 8pm

MONDAY 12 FORT COLLINS/ LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, 10th Annual How The Grouch Stole Christmas Tour ft. Living Legends (ALL ORIGINAL MEMBERS) w/ Evidence and Special Guests , $30-$35,9pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Digitour Winter, $25-$30, 6:30pm DazzleJazz, Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra, See venue for cost, 7pm Summit Music Hall, Mushroomhead, $10-$35, 7pm

TUESDAY13 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE 1933 Brewing, Queen Bee and the Stingers live rehearsal, Free, 6pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Josh Garrels “The Lights Came Down Christmas Tour” w/ The Brilliance, & A Boy and His Kite, $25-$39, 7:30pm eTown Hall, Gabrielle Louise CD Release Concert, $25, 7:30pm


december 16 - the whisk(e)y

Elise Wunder The Laughing Goat, Espresso!, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theatre, Red Fang w/ Torche, & Whores, $22-$25, 8pm Gothic Theatre, Animals As Leaders w/ Intervals, & Plini, $20-$25, 8pm

LOVELAND Budweiser Events Center, Snoop Dogg, $35-$55, 8pm



Amy Winehouse was an extraordinary, albeit troubled, artist who left this life far too young. Her music lives on as does her signature retro image and these will be showcased by prolific singer-songwriter Elise Wunder and a crew of special guests on December 16 at the Speakeasy at The Whisk(e)y. Along with the night’s musical entertainment, the show kicks off with the burlesque troupe, The Jezzebelles, and there will also be an Amy Winehouse-themed art show with art for purchase through silent auction format. Artist Whitney Yendra will be doing live painting during the event. (Note: Call for artists is open now and artist registration is due by December 14 to: Art on canvas only. Please list size, medium, value of piece. Artists are responsible for delivery of pieces on December 16 no later than 5 pm at venue.) Go back to black and get your f*ck me pumps on as Elise and her band of minstrels take you on an Amy Winehouse journey you won’t soon forget. Tickets: $10 ADV, $12 DOS. Limited to 150 guests. Doors at 8 pm, Show at 9 pm. 21+.,


Aggie Theatre, Brother Ali w/ Special Guests, $18-$22, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Darryl Purpose, $20, 8pm Chipper’s Lanes, Mark’s Midnight Carnival, $2, 10pm Lucky Joe’s, Kurt Humann, Free, 9:30pm Surfside 7, Burlesque Night w/ BANG BANG, $7, 9pm

BOULDER Caffe Sole, Paul Shinn Quartert, See venue for cost, 7pm



Avogadro’s Number, Mason Street Bluegrass w/ jam to follow, Free, 7pm Lucky Joe’s, Celtic Jam, Free, 7pm

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Dubskin “10 year Aniversary Party” w/ Wake Up and Live, Abstract Rude, and Mikey Thunder, Free-$10, 8:30pm DazzleJazz, Adam Bartczak Republic - Holiday Show , $8-$12, 6pm & 8pm “Fresh Noise” w/ Joseph Lamar & Mikey Smith, $5, 10:30pm The Fillmore, Lupe Fiasco, See venue for tickets, 7pm Hi-Dive, Brothertiger w/ RUMTUM, Sex Crystals (DJ Set), $10-$12, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, $35, 9pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, Paper Moonshine, Free, 8pm

DENVER Black Sheep, Brother Ali w/ Special Guests, $15-$20, 9pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Too Short & Mistah Fab w/ Special Guests, $20-$25, 8pm

FRIDAY 16 FORT COLLINS Aggie Theatre, Start Making Sense (Ultimate Talking Heads Tribute) w/ The Swashbuckling Doctors, $13-$15, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Just Jazz Quintet, Free, 5pm Wanyama, $10, 9pm Downtown Artery, Gill Landry, $12$15, 8pm Equinox Brewing, Cody Jeffryes, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, Nick Critchlow, Free, 6pm Hodi’s Half Note, The Velvet Rope w/ Loud Mary (CCR Tribute), $10-$12, 9pm Island Grill, Doka Jovi, Free, 8:30pm Lucky Joe’s, John Paul Hodge, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Come August, Free, 8pm Swing Station, Grassfed w/ AJ Gaither, $5, 9pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, SOLD OUT, 9pm Caffe Sole, Janine Gastineau, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, Templo & Sixis w/ Moon Frog & Dreamwalker, $7-$14, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Dechen Hawk, Colin Robison, & Jarrad Menard, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, The Railbenders w/ Strange Americans, $10-$25, 8pm



// EVENTS CALENDAR >> DECEMBER Cervantes’ Other Side, Greener Grounds w/ The Worksky, Metafonics and The Orcastrator, , $10-$15, 9pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Jans Ingber’s Funk Fellowship ft. Isaiah Sharkey, Sharay Reed, Steveland Swatkins, Jarrod Lawson, Alvin Ford Jr., Lyle Divinsky, & Gabe Mervine, $16$20, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, Houston Person , $24-$27, 7pm & 9pm, “FRIDAY 10PM SOCIAL” w/ Fire IT UP Brass Band, tickets @ door, 10:30pm Gothic Theatre, Louis The Child, w/ Bearson, & Elohim, $18-$25, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats w/ Casey James Prestwood, $36-$40, 9pm

LOVELAND Rialto Theatre, Christmas in America, $18, 7:30pm The Boot Grill, Stumble Monkey, Free, 9pm

WELLINGTON Old Colorado Brewing, Maya Bennett, Free, 6:30pm

WINDSOR Ricky B’s, The Seers, Free (21+), 8pm

SATURDAY 17 FORT COLLINS/BELLVUE Aggie Theatre, DubSkin “10 Year Anniversary Party” w/ Project 432, Abstract Rude, Mikey Thunder and The BeatServer, Over 21: Free before 9pm/$10 after 9pm/Under 21: $10 all night

Avogadro’s Number, Cupcake Cabaret, $17, 8pm Downtown Artery, American Blackout, Wiredogs, I Am The Owl,$10-$12, 8:30pm Equinox Brewing, Matthew Wilburn Skinner of Tallgrass, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, Darling Ravens, Free, 5pm Hodi’s Half Note, Coral Creek feat. Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth w/ Special Guests, $10-$15, 9pm Island Grill, Doka Jovi, Free, 8:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Dave Kimball, Free, 9:30pm Moe’s BBQ, Husky Burnette w/ Grant Sabin & the Juke Joint Highball $10, 9pm Pappy’s Pub, Dave Connely, Free, 8pm Swing Station, Coop & The Chicken Pluckers, $5, 9pm The Music District, An evening with Cary Morin, Jeff Finlin, and Brian Kittrell, $15-$60, 7pm

Dazzle Jazz, Houston Person , $24$27, 7pm & 9pm “Blues Night” w/ Delta Sonics, tickets @ door, 10:30pm Gothic Theatre, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers, $25-$30, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats w/ Casey James Prestwood, $36-$40, 9pm Summit Music Hall, Hometown For The Holidays 2016, $25, 7pm

Boar and Bull, Rockabilly Night! Combo Von Hodad, Grant McIntosh, Josh Long, and special guests, Kyle Allgood and Sunshine James , $5, 4pm Rialto Theatre, Christmas in America, $18, 3pm & 7: 30pm The Boot Grill, Tyler Walker Band, Free, 9pm


Caffe Sole, The Mighty Twisters, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theater, Jans Insber’s Funk Fellowship feat Isaiah Sharkey, Sharay Reed, Jarrod Lawson, Steveland Swatkins, Alvin Ford Jr. & Jonathan Stewart, $20-$22, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Heatherlyn, Free, 8pm The Heartstring Hunters, Free, 9pm


Bluebird Theater, Emancipator w/ Tor, Edamame, & Lapa, $25, 9pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Start Making Sense w/ Special Guests, , $15-$20, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Disco Floyd w/ Honey Puddle and Stella Luce as the Cure, $10-$15, 9pm

Avogadro’s Number, Hillary Scott, $10, 8pm Forge Publick House, CW Ayon, Donation, 7pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, Jay Martin, Free, 8pm Sympathy and the Lion, Free, 9pm

DENVER DazzleJazz, Urban Brunch w/ The Julie Monley Quartet, Free, 9:30am “Hepcat Mixtape” w/ The Real Folk Blues, Free, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Plies/Trina, $43-$53, 7:30pm Summit Music Hall, Snow DazeWInter Break Dance party, $11, 7pm

LOVELAND Rialto Theater, Christmas in America, $18, 3pm

MONDAY 19 DENVER Dazzle Jazz, Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra w/ Arvada West Hs, tickets @ door, 7pm


1933 Brewing, Queen Bee and the Stingers live rehearsal, Free, 6pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, Fluxus, Free, 8pm







WEDNESDAY 21 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Avogadro’s Number, Mason Street Bluegrass w/ jam to follow, Free, 7pm Lucky Joe’s, Celtic Jam, Free, 7pm Lucky Joe’s, Taylor Radio, Free, 9:30pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, Von Disco, Free, 8pm

THURSDAY 22 FORT COLLINS/BELLVUE Avogadro’s Number, Dead Jam, Free, 9pm Lucky Joes, Marty Nightengale, Free, 9:30pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, Grupo Chegando La and Fransico Marques, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theatre, Rebirth Brass Band w/ Mikey Thunder, $10 while supplies last, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, “Fresh Noise” w/ Joseph Lamar & Mikey Smith, $5, 10pm

FRIDAY 23 FORT COLLINS Avogadro’s Number, T-Band Bluegrass Show, Free, 5:30pm Matt Skinner Trio, $8, 8:30pm Equinox, The Dear Landlords, Free, 7pm Funkwerks, The Resonant Rogues, Free, 6pm Island Grill, Movers and Shakers, Free, 8:30pm

EVENTS CALENDAR >> DECEMBER // Lucky Joes, Ben Hammond, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Josh, Free, 8pm

BOULDER Caffe Sole, The Organization, See venue for cost, 7pm The Laughing Goat, Celia Gary and Friends, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Rebirth Brass Band, $10 while supplies last, 9pm DazzleJazz, A Charlie Brown Christmas w/ Annie Booth , $10$15, 6pm & 8pm

LOVELAND The Boot Grill, The Tailgate Rockstar (TGR) Band, Free, 9pm

WELLINGTON Old Colorado Brewing, The Seers, Free, 6:30pm

WINDSOR Ricky B’s, Howard Green & the Outlaws, $5 (21+), 8:30pm

SATURDAY 24 DENVER DazzleJazz, A Charlie Brown Christmas w/ Annie Booth , $10$15, 5pm & 7pm

SUNDAY 25 DENVER DazzleJazz, “Xmas Day Brunch” w/ Julie Monley Quartert, Call for reservations 9:30am


Surfside 7, Stoic & Wanderer, $6, 9pm



DazzleJazz, FIFTH ANNUAL Solo Piano Night w/ Art Lande, Jeff Jenkins, & Victor Mestas, $17, 7pm

1st Bank Center, The String Cheese Incident, Tickets starting @ $50 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, My Blue Sky w/ Special Guests, $5-$15, 9pm The Fillmore, STS 9, See venue for cost, 7pm Dazzle Jazz, Otis Taylor Band, $22$25, 6pm & 8pm “Fresh Noise” w/ Joseph Lamar & Mikey Smith, $5, 10pm Gothic Theatre, Boombox, $20 while supplies last, 9pm

TUESDAY 27 FORT COLLINS 1933 Brewing, Queen Bee and the Stingers live rehearsal, Free, 6pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, SPiNRaD, Free, 8pm

WEDNESDAY 28 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Avogadro’s Number, Mason Street Bluegrass w/ jam to follow, Free, 7pm Lucky Joe’s, Celtic Jam, Free, 7pm

DENVER Dazzle Jazz, Otis Taylor Band, $22$25, 6pm & 8pm

THURSDAY 29 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Avogadro’s Number, The Seers Band, $7, 9pm Lucky Joe’s, John Paul Hodge, Free, 9:30pm

LOVELAND Budweiser Events Center, The Beach Boys, $81-232,, 7:30pm

GREELEY MOXI Theater, Krizz Kaliko w/ Anilyst, Soul Brothers, One Click, K$:HK, $18-$25, 8pm

FRIDAY 30 FORT COLLINS Avogadro’s Number, Steve Johnson Group, Free, 5pm Muscular Housecat, Free, 9pm Funkwerks, Dylan Mathews, Free, 6pm Equinox Brewing, Nick Critchlow, Free, 7pm Island Grill, Movers and Shakers,Free, 8:30pm Lucky Joe’s, Brian Kittrell, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Marty, Free, 8pm


BOULDER Boulder Theater, Yonder Mountain String Band, $35-$90, 8pm Caffe Sole, Swing Je T’aime, See venue for cost, 7pm

DENVER 1st Bank Center, The String Cheese Incident, Tickets starting @ $50 8pm Bluebird Theatre, Fox Street/ Yamn w/ special guests Mlima, $10$30, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, DeadPhish Orchestra & 40 OZ to Freedom, $12-$15, 9pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Stick Figure w/ The Movement and Tatanka, $20-$25, 9pm The Fillmore, STS 9, See venue for cost, 7pm Gothic Theatre, Boombox, $20 while supplies last, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Nahko and Medicine for the People w/ Zach Heckendorf, $32.50-$35, 8pm Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, The Band of Heathens, $20-$40, 9pm

LOVELAND The Boot Grill, Rowdy Country Combo, Free, 9pm

WELLINGTON Old Colorado Brewing, Story of Two, Free, 6:30pm

WINDSOR Ricky B’s, Randy Burghardt, Free (21+), 8pm


// EVENTS CALENDAR >> DECEMBER SATURDAY 31 FORT COLLINS Avogadro’s Number, Wasteland Hop w/ Ginger Whale, $12-$15, 9pm Aggie Theatre, Michal Menert & Friends w/ Bass Physics and Daily Bread , $20-$25, 9pm Chipper’s Lanes, New Year’s Bash w/ champage toast, and party favors, see venue for cost, 9pm Equinox Brewing, S.O.F.A.R., Free, 7pm Fusion Night Club, w/Du’Tell Events, presents: New Years Eve Party w/ Soul Revival, DJ DR3W, $60$100, 8pm Hodi’s Half Note, Rose Hill Drive, $20-$25, 9pm Island Grill, New Year’s Eve Bash w/ free party favors and Champagne toast Doka Jovi, Free, 8:30pm

Lucky Joe’s, Josh Blackburn, Free, 9:30pm Nixon’s Tavern, NYE Party w/ Steve Manshel Band and J Sound & The Thrill Seekers, $15, door 8pm, show 9pm, nixonstavern. com for information Pappy’s Pub, Carlos, Free, 8pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Yonder Mountain String Band, $65-$90, 8pm Caffe Sole, Dave Fulker Quartet ,See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theater, Vibe Street w/ Love and Light & Jade Cicada, $15-$32, 9pm

DENVER 1st Bank Center, The String Cheese Incident, Tickets starting @ $50 8pm

Bluebird Theater, Fox Street & Friends Do Boogie Night & Blow w/ Tiger Party playing the music of “LCD Soundsystem”, $25-$30, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, DeadPhish Orchestra w/ Special Guests, $15-$20, 9pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Stick Figure w/ The Movement, $40-$45, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, NYE Pre-Gala featuring Charles McPherson & Keith Oxman, $30, 6:30pm NYE w/ Dave Devine Trio, $20, 8:30pm NYE Gala Seating featuring Charles McPherson, Keith Oxman, & Dave Devine, $40, 9pm Gothic Theatre, Boombox, $35-$65, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Nahko and Medicine for the People w/ Zach Heckendorf, $50-$55, 9pm

Summit Music Hall, Itchy-O, $30-$60, 8pm

LOVELAND The Boot Grill, Union Gray, $20, 9pm


WEEKLY FUN MONDAY: • • • • • •

Trivia, Beau Jo’s, 7pm Bingo, C.B. & Potts, 9pm Comedy, Hodi’s Half Note, 7pm Funk Jam, Hodi’s Half Note, 10pm Poker, Island Grill, 7pm Open Mic w/ Mouse, Mulligan’s, 7pm

TUESDAY: • • • • • •

Open Mic, Avo’s, 7pm EDM Tuesdays, Hodi’s, 8pm Karaoke, Island Grill, 8pm Open Mic, Pappy’s Pub, 7pm Trivia, Pour Brothers, 8pm Open Jazz Jam w/Pourhouse Jazz Trio, Pourhouse Bar&Grill (Loveland), 7:30pm • A1 Poker Tour, Nixon’s Mountain Smokehouse & Tavern, 7:30pm

WEDNESDAY: • Live Jazz, Ace Gilett’s, 8pm • Open Bluegrass Jam, Avogadro’s Number, 8:30pm • Karaoke, Surfside 7, 9pm • Wednesday Night Session, November 2, 16, & 30, 7pm • Celtic Jam, Lucky Joe’s, 7pm • Comedy Night, Ma’s Juice Bar/Yum Yum’s, See venue for time • Every Wednesday Night Sessions,


Mulligan’s, Free, 7pm • Pints & Purls – Craft Night, Pateros Creek, 6pm • Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night, Pourhouse Bar&Grill (Loveland), 7:30pm • Open Mic Night, The Swing Station, 7pm • Firkin Humpday—Beer Tapping, High Hopes Brewery (Windsor), 5pm • Karaoke, The Whiskey, 9pm • Country Dancing, Nixon’s Mountain Smokehouse & Tavern, 6:30pm • Open Mic, Nixon’s Mountain Smokehouse & Tavern, 8:30pm

THURSDAY: • Open Mic, 1933 Brewing Co., 5pm • Open Mic, The Boot Grill (FoCo), 8:30pm • Live Jazz, Ace Gillett’s, 8pm • Trivia, Ma’s Juice Bar/Yum Yum’s, See venue for time • Karaoke, Pappy’s Pub, 9pm • Cards Against Humanity, Pour Brothers, 8:30pm • Open Mic, Nixon’s Smokehouse & Tavern, 7:30pm

FRIDAY: • Live Jazz, Ace Gillett’s, 8pm • Karaoke, Nixon’s Mountain Smokehouse & Tavern, 9pm


• First Friday’s Gallery Walk, Old Town, 6pm • Game Night, Momo Lolo’s Coffee House, 7:30pm • Salsa Night, Ma’s Juice Bar/ Yum Yums, See venue for time • Trivia, Mulligan’s Pub, 8pm • Comedy Showcase at Pateros Creek Brewery, Every First Friday, 7pm

SATURDAY: • Live Jazz, Ace Gillett’s, 8pm • Karaoke, Blue 32 (Loveland), 9pm • Comedy Night, Ma’s Juice Bar/ Yum Yum’s, See venue for time

SUNDAY: • Live Jazz, Ace Gillett’s, 7pm • Brewery Yoga, Fort Collins Brewery, 9 or 10:30 a.m. • Slamogadro Poetry Slam, Avogadro’s Number, 7pm • Sunday Night Sessions: “Groove Rescue Sunday’s” Jazz Fusion Jam, Colorado Room, 5pm • Every Last Sunday, Late Night Comedy, Elliot’s, Free, 10pm • Acoustic Open Mic, Lucky Joe’s, 9pm • Sunday Brunch Concerts, Momo Lolo’s Coffee House, 11am (1st & 3rd Sunday) • Live Jazz, The Crown Pub, 7pm





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