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APRIL 2017 • VOLUME 28 • ISSUE 1

Here we go, NoCo! With the 9th FoCoMX coming to us this month, it’s officially “festival season” and time to gear up for a few months of fun events focused on music and community. Although FoCoMX wasn’t around in the 1980s, we selected “Velvet Johnson,” lead singer and ladies man of the super group, The Velvet Rope, for our cover, as this festival is truly a wild ride and full of surprises, just like Velvet. This band formed when musicians from our area decided to do a fun side project centered around ’80s hits. The cover band sports bright and over the top costumes, a high energy vibe, and waxes nostalgic about the absurdity and fun of the decade where everything was quirky and odd, to say the least. For our April issue, Velvet was joined by cover models Emma and Elise, too young to remember the 80’s (they weren’t born until the mid-’90s...) but who managed to channel their inner Material Girl and put on the ritz at our cover shoot with photographer Marc Leverette at Fusion Nightclub. It was a festive afternoon of dancing and rocking out to our favorite (and cheesy) ’80s songs while drinking champagne! Spring is in the air and our music community emerges from the more relaxed months of programming to launch full throttle into FoCoMX and beyond. Our spring and summer will be filled with the sound of music and the intoxicating vibe that Fort Collins is known for; relaxed, friendly, and always ready for a good party. Join us on Friday, April 28 at 3:30 pm when FoCoMX veteran, Michael Kirkpatrick, does his annual festival kickoff at Equinox. The patio will be full, the craft beer will be flowing, and the sound of Michael’s smooth baritone voice and incredible mandolin playing will fill our ears and hearts as we launch into the biggest and best FoCoMX to date.

APRIL 2017 1. Pouya & Fat Nick w/ Ghostemane and Swizzy J





FREE MUG NIGHT: Stand-Up ComedY @ 7; Funk Jam @ 10




12. Kung Fu, "The 13. Fez Tour"(one set of original Kung Fu and one set of Steely Dan) w/ Jaden Carlson Band


FREE 19. 18. TurnT-Table Tuesday: Float Goat, Tatanka and E.N Young w/ Special Jimeni, Conscious Rebellio (funk set), Guests 9 Degrees






MUG NIGHT: Stand-Up ComedY @ 7; Funk Jam @ 10


TurnT-Table Tuesday: Miss Jaedha, ELCTRX, Special Guests


7. Moss w/ Special Guests: Don't Call It A Comeback

MUG NIGHT: Stand-Up ComedY @ 7; Funk Jam @ 10

Survive 23. Strong Presents: Chris 24.




Peelander Z w/ Special Guests

MUG NIGHT: Stand-Up ComedY @ 7; Funk Jam @ 10

Webby w/ Special Guests Alex Wiley's "Stoner Symphony Tour" w/ Thin Air Crew

FREE 5. 4. TurnT-Table Jahman Brahman Tuesday: Pitta Patta, with The Jive Tribe Jakatak, B34n5, Mandible


The Main Squeeze w/ Dirty Revival


I See Stars with Echos and Victory Heights

15. Hot Buttered Rum w/ Yarn

LARRY AND HIS FLASK w/ Flatfoot 56 and Special Guests The Untz Presents: Greener Grounds x Electric Love Machine x Metafonics




Ritual Of Ascension w/Inficier, Triton and When Darkness Falls

Project 432 & Write Minded w/ NoNeed and Rawtune


29.FoCoMX: Guerrilla

FoCoMX: The Gremlins, Maxwell Mud, iZCALLi, Halden Wofford and the Hi Beams, Musketeer Gripweed, Stella Luce

Radio, Lindsey O'BrieN Band, King Cardinal, The Grant Farm, Edison, Gasoline Lollipops, Write Minded





Photo: Ryan Frazee

t is already year number nine for FoCoMX, the beloved music festival launched by Fort Collins Musicians Association (“FoCoMA”) back in 2008. Led by musician and Bohemian Foundation employee Greta Cornett and a team of tireless volunteers, FoCoMX is poised for its biggest year yet. This year, the festival received more than 1,200 band submissions for its coveted 280 slots available. Including the Rickshaw Live (traveling rickshaw in Old Town featuring live music), the festival will have 29 venues participating in 2017 during the two days of music, April 28 and 29. Most anything that can become a music venue in Old Town does just that during the festival, with live music pouring out of businesses that include small bars, coffeehouses, stores, and our bigger event spaces such as Artery, Aggie, Avo’s, and Hodi’s. This is a festivalgoer’s paradise where one can pop in and out of venues with just a flash of the purchased wristband that includes admittance at all of the music venues listed in the schedule. Perhaps the biggest challenge one faces is just how to see everything in just two days. Well, it’s impossible, so do yourself a favor and check the festival schedule at and use the slick app featured to put your customized agenda together. Then, make sure you’re wearing shoes you can move quickly in as you’ll be hustling to get from one place to the next in order to catch the tightly-scheduled 45 minute stage times for the bands. Everything from punk to country to hip hop to metal will flood your ears and you best bring ear protection as IT GETS LOUD! This year’s FoCoMX issue features Velvet Johnson, the sexy and now infamous lead singer of The Velvet Rope, Fort Collins’ ‘80s cover band super group. Velvet is joined by models Emma and Elise for an ‘80s-tinged after party at Fusion, Old Town’s newest and biggest night club. The Velvet Rope will play Friday, April 28, 9:30 to 10:15 pm at the Aggie and will have you wearing your sunglasses at night, doing the Safety

Emma, Velvet Johnson, and Elise partying at Fusion

Dance, partying all the time, and rocking the Casbah as you either relive the magic (?) of the 1980s or just pretend you were actually alive back then (and not just listening to your parents’ or grandparent’s weird record collection). Get your leg warmers, jelly shoes, Miami Vice wear, and get that hair feathered and triple sprayed; it’s an ‘80s party you will not want to miss! Festival kickoff: 3:30 pm with Michael Kirkpatrick at Equinox.

Branson Hoog



Tickets: $35 as of April 1 at pick up at Will Call at FVC Mesh at 242 Linden Street, Fort Collins, or visit Rock ‘N’ Robin’s at 804 S. College Avenue, Fort Collins (Cash only) Schedule:






orthern Colorado has talent bursting at the seams. That is not news to those of us who reside here. Scene recently caught up with one these NoCo gems— Emma Marie, and her mentor, Vincent Burkardt, to get the scoop on her recent rise to United Kingdom stardom. Before we dive into the star herself, Emma Marie, we wanted to catch up with Vincent Burkardt, the founder and creative director of The Rising Artist Mentorship Program (RAMP). He established RAMP two years ago, though he tells us the essence of the program travels all the way back to 2009. RAMP is an effort to provide both mentoring and performance opportunities for young musicians, as well as build life skills they can carry with them well into adulthood. “Basically it is giving performance opportunities, including some international ones,” Burkardt told Scene. “I work with the families to learn the logistics of these opportunities. If I set up a gig at Avo’s, there is communication that has to happen.” Burkardt’s fervor to help youthful artists in our community thrive has been established through countless efforts. He has produced a CD composed of all original music by local youth. He hosts a junior broadcast class aimed at teaching our youth interviewing skills. And his most recent effort will be seen at Loveland Startup Week. There, he will organize a panel of musicians to answer questions about the business. Aside from being a top of the line mentor to youth, Burkardt also works hard to help young artists connect internationally. Most recently, he connected Emma Marie and Lucy Gowen, a UK musician. This brings our story to Emma Marie, a small, but powerful 12-year-old, with the voice of an experienced and seasoned singer and who is one of Burkardt’s RAMP youth musicians. Emma Marie and Burkardt met about three years ago—a story Burkardt loves to tell. “This is one of my favorite stories,” Burkardt says. “Mary Sue Thompson, a very talented artist, had been on my show

Musician Emma Marie

a number of times. She brought in Emma Marie. They were warming up, and I was in the other room setting up the mics when I heard this singing and I thought it was Mary Sue, who is a really good singer and quite a bit older. I stepped out, and my jaw just dropped.” “He went, ‘OH MY GOSH!, I thought that was Mary Sue,’” Emma Marie chimed in. Since this first meeting, Emma Marie’s career has been on the rise. She took part in Burkardt’s international efforts when she collaborated with Lucy Gowen, a 12-yearold guitarist based out of London. The girls worked together to record a song and create a music video, all while thousands of miles apart. Impressed yet? The music video—“Sweet Child of Mine” is so phenomenally staged and performed, our jaw dropped when we found out the girls weren’t even in the same country when recording it. We were even more impressed to find this project led them to score a spot on Little Big Shots, a British children’s television and talent show. “We got a call,” Emma Marie told Scene. “Would you and Lucy like to be on Little Big Shots? We freaked.” The episode for Little Big Shots airs in late SCENENOCO.COM I APRIL 2017

March, though it is currently unable to be viewed in the states. Fingers crossed, we will one day get a peek at the clip, but in the meantime there is always Emma Marie’s YouTube channel. While the interview wrapped up, Emma Marie performed a quick song. She picked up her guitar, and proceeded to strum. What came out of her mouth was an unexpected powerful voice that also took the two men in the music store by surprise, and they just had to come out to watch her in awe. The room listened to Emma Marie’s original lyrics “You are beautiful inside and out,” which reminded everyone who was listening that age and size don’t matter when it comes to inspiring those around you. And with that Emma, “YOU are beautiful inside and out.” We here at Scene Magazine wish you the best, and look forward to keeping up with all your future accomplishments. Check out Emma Marie online: YouTube/EmmaMarie Facebook: Emma Marie Music Live: FoCoMX April 29, 7pm, La Luz







Photo: Tessa Abigail Photography


o one has Race to Neptune ever called us generic before,” says Brian Maier, lead singer and guitarist of Race to Neptune, as he sits alongside his respective band members at a coffee shop in Fort Collins. He’s talking about the handful of recent reviews on their debut album Oh Contraire, which has ranked them a solid average of four out of five stars by critics across the nation. If there’s one thing Race to Neptune strives to avoid, it’s certainly falling anywhere on the line of average. Their debut album release marks the culmination of a series of half a decade’s worth of hard work for Race to Neptune featuring Maier, drummer Vanessa Freese, guitarist Zach Berger, and bassist Ken Cavanaugh - whose popular song from the album is “Wanderlilly,” sound is an intertwined mashup of ‘60s psychecertainly the most listener-friendly. delia and ‘90s nostalgia rock. “I think what Maier and Berger are the primary writers for separates us from prior bands is that this one is the band. Maier sampled many of his own songs the most pure and raw sounding in every form in the past, but the group is now actively workof the definition of rock and roll,” says Maier ing as one cohesive unit towards new material. about what makes them unique. “It’s grown from learning Brian’s songs to Freese began playing songs with Maier in everyone contributing more now. We structure her basement after meeting at a house party. it, and Vanessa and Ken are more of ‘What if we The pair ended up making a series of posts on try this?’ and they have some awesome ideas,” Craigslist, seeking a bassist and guitarist. Their Berger says about how the band has evolved as band was primarily founded through acquainta whole to the entire process of creating a song ances. However, they did not get their official — specifically their next two anticipated tracks lineup until 2014 when the duo met Berger and which they have worked on over the last month. Cavanaugh. To continue remaining dynamic and evolvSince then, Race to Neptune have been ing, Race to Neptune has officially erased their continuously playing live shows and polishing whiteboard of plans and are primarily focustheir new material for the debut album release. ing their energy on all their creations. From Oh Contraire was recorded and produced at expanding their repertoire to the way they put Spot Studios in Lakewood, CO, over two hard on live shows, Race to Neptune, despite the sessions. Arguably, Race to Neptune’s most frustrations of creating new material, simply

want more options and ways to rock out. With hopes to continue on this path of progress, Race to Neptune have recently signed a six-month campaign plan with a publicist who chose them as one of the five out of 6,200 applicants to represent. She has previously worked with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Lumineers, comparing Race to Neptune to a polished Nirvana. “I hope we can expand while staying and keeping the things we got going. Stay recognizable,” Berger says.

Show: April 7th, Downtown Artery, 8pm, all ages, with Turvy Organ @RaceToNeptune


FCMOA MASKS EXHIBIT, GALA The Fort Collins Museum of Art, along with sponsors Eye Center of Northern Colorado and Kaiser Permanente, will launch their annual Masks Exhibition Friday, April 7, from 5 to 9 pm at the museum (201 S. College Ave.), during First Friday Gallery Walk. The Masks Project is in its 13th year and features a select mask rendition that is then decorated by community members, including some of our most renowned artists of this region. Additionally, high school students participate in the Masks Project each year, and the museum fills its galleries with all of the masks on display, with a silent auction bidding process in place until the exhibit closes on Friday, May 7 at First Friday Gallery Walk, 6:30 to 9:30 pm. At that time, bidding will end and final bids will be recorded and winners contacted for mask purchase. There is open admission at the First Friday events, courtesy of Eye Center of Northern Colorado. On Friday, April 21, the museum will host their annual Masks Gala from 6:30 to 10:00 pm at the Hilton-Fort Collins (425 W. Prospect Rd.), and will honor local artist, Masks contributor, and art patron, Gwen Hatchette, the 2016 Roz Spencer Award Recipient. For details about the Masks Project, Exhibition, and Gala, visit:, 970.482.2787. << Karen J. Dobroth, “Wind,” (2017)

Brian Kittrell of Maxwell Mud

3rd Annual Staging Youth Showcase Maple Street Music with Music Go Round and Aggie Theatre present the 3rd Annual Staging Youth Showcase at Aggie Theatre on April 9. This unique show pairs local high school students with music industry professionals from around the region. The students and professionals start working together in March and continue until the culminating performance in April. The skilled students spend time with musician and artist mentors in the program, getting to know the industry from behind the scene: ticket sales, promotions, social media activity, rehearsals, merchandising, and more. This year’s lineup of professionals includes Post Paradise, Maxwell Mud, Last Call Romance, Tyler T., The Fort Collins Chamber Music Society, Kevin Kirchner, Daryl Love, Chris Fernald, Andrew Waltman, Jessica Hazlett, Vincent Burkardt, and Sara Durnil. In addition, the Fort Collins Chamber Music Society will perform mainstream music between sets. The idea of the showcase came when Sara Durnil, co-owner of Maple Street Music Agency, saw through her son that high school students were falling out of love with music because of a lack of alternatives to traditional classes. Additional support for the Showcase comes from The Music District, Kind Dub, Mainline Ale House, and Cohere Bandwidth. Tickets are $10/$7 students in advance; $13/$10 students at door. Doors at 3pm, show from 4-9pm. Information:


13 Nails + Feisty Spirits

Northern Colorado horror rock band 13 Nails collaborated recently with Fort Collins-based distillery Feisty Spirits to create a limited edition whiskey called “GRAVEDIGGER,” named after the 13 Nails song of the same title. Additionally, the band and distillery raised $700 for Easter Seals’ Loveland, CO location, with specific designation to help fund its music program that works with challenged adults. 13 Nails is a four piece act that tours regularly, plays locally as well, and that have opened for numerous national acts in the past four years. Feisty Spirits was founded by then business partners Dr. David Monahan and Jamison Gulden and became Fort Collins’ first distillery. As of last year, Gulden has become sole owner as Monahan moved on to pursue other business interests. The company has previously collaborated with other bands, including Fierce Bad Rabbit (Better Days Bourbon) and others, and makes 20+ limited and ongoing editions of organic, specialty whiskeys and spirits, sold throughout Colorado. Information: 13nailsband. com and


CITY BUZZ // Kristin Mastre, founder of Experience Fort Collins

Experience Fort Collins Experience Fort Collins has hit the Fort Collins happenings scene! Formerly The Scoop Blog Network, Experience Fort Collins is a team of Fort Collins writers who are sharing ways to live your life to the fullest in our community. Founded and run by Kristin Mastre, they highlight food and drink, outdoor adventures, arts and entertainment, history, family-friendly activities, farming and gardening, cannabis, and city growth. In conjunction with their community writing, Kristin has also launched a brand new Experience Fort Collins podcast, talking with people who are making their mark in our community about the best and worst aspects of living in Fort Collins, and what each person would consider a bucket list experience right here in our own city. Find a link to the podcast and each community site on or email Kristin at Kristin@

2nd Annual Live Body Painting Experience Du’Tell Events and Mountainside Events, in collaboration with Fusion Night Club, will present “Soul Painting Glamour and Glow: The Blacklight Art Show” on April 15. The event starts at 7 pm and ends at 10 pm at Fusion, 351 Linden Street, Fort Collins, and features up to 10 local artists and their models in a unique art competition where models will be body painted with blacklight and glow paints in one-of-a-kind designs and judged by a select panel. DJ DR3W will provide music entertainment for the night and the club will feature happy hour food and drink specials throughout the event. 21+, $10. Tickets available on (search: Soul Painting Glamour and Glow). Information:, showcasingdutellevents. com,

Earth Day 2017 Earth Day encourages community members to honor the Earth EVERY DAY and make efforts toward conservation and preservation of our planet for current and future generations. This year’s Earth Day festivities take place on April 22, 11 am to 5 pm, at Civic Center Park in Old Town Fort Collins. The festival is hosted by the Sustainable Living Association and consists of a combination of events and activities for the entire family. Featured this year will be informational booths and displays, a Kids’ Zone that includes arts and crafts, live music featuring Ginger Whale, speakers, local food, and a beer garden. For information on events, visit:





sponsored by




Photo by: John Robson

xcited to show off our wonderful craft beer scene to a tourist friend, I was dismayed to find out she was gluten free, due to health reasons. My enthusiasm turned to panic, considering we were in line for a beer at the time, so I frantically scanned the menu board for something she could drink. Giving up, we went to a bar for cocktails. Fast forward several years, and local offerings have expanded to include some gluten-reduced and gluten-free options for the gluten-less. So what’s the difference between gluten-free and gluten-reduced beer anyway? By American standards, beer isn’t considered glutenfree if it’s made with barley or wheat, so other ingredients, such as sorghum, quinoa, rice, and millet, are used instead. Gluten-reduced beer uses an enzyme to break down gluten, drastically lowering the gluten content of the finished beer. Here are some tasty options I found on my gluten-less quest.



This pretty, golden lager is one of two gluten-reduced options at FCB. National Sales Manager Josh Hall explained that when first brewing this beer, they were looking for a straightforward and very approachable German lager. Because of its style and easy drinkability, it was destined to become a go-to for their tasting room regulars. They use classic German hops, which doesn’t give it too much bite, just a dry, crisp finish. I must admit, if no one told me, I would be clueless about any reduction in gluten; it’s THAT good.

>> OLD BARN BROWN, OATMEAL BROWN ALE This English ale is a collaborative effort with FCB’s neighbors across the street, Woodward. When sitting down with their team, Josh discovered several members are on a gluten-reduced diet, so he set out to construct a beer with them. 100 lbs. of oats later, a delightful beer that combines caramel and roasty nuttiness was created.


New Belgium crafted two lovely gluten-reduced beers. Pronounced, “glute-in-knee,” not to be confused with gluttony, the Pale Ale version is definitely for hop lovers. Light amber in color and crystal clear with a creamy, pillowy foam, the taste is classic with a hint of spice, pine, and citrus. The Golden Ale is lighter in color and taste and less hopforward. The malty, sweeter side still packs a perfect crisp bite. The two types TASTE like beer. Very refreshing for hop-loving, gluten-free beer drinkers (and me, too)! You can find Glütiny in bottles at New Belgium and retailers such as The Perfect Pour. Try the FCB beers on draft in the FCB tasting room. Kaarina Robson is the founder of Cheers United, where she coordinates fun and unique brewery tour experiences for business professional groups. Find her at or Instagram @cheers.united Photo by: John Robson





CLOVERLICK BANJO SHOP KEEPS TRADITION ALIVE I have lived here for 22 years and never noticed the obscure little alley behind 7-11 at Mulberry and Shields. This area, now becoming known as “Butterfly Alley,” is gradually being fixed up and is a testament to the artisan culture of Fort Collins and the commitment to taking pride in the community. Nestled down the alley to the south is a new business that is springing to life and it’s nothing short of fascinating. Cloverlick Banjo Shop, located at 1208 ½ W. Myrtle Street (note: anytime someone tells me they have a “1/2” in their address, I know I am in for something interesting), harkens to times gone by while incorporating modern business sensibilities and a strong desire to bring our community together around music. Mark “Rooster” Austin, locally known as a member of Von Stomper as well as his solo act, Pappy Longlegs, who moved to town from North Florida, and business partner BJ Kinney, an electrician who moved here from Minnesota seven years ago, assumed ownership of Cloverlick three months ago following Rooster’s employment with company founder, Jeff Kramer, who started his company in 2001 in Wisconsin. Kramer, a music veteran from generations of musicians, opened his business to keep the old fashioned tradition of hand making banjos alive. The banjo is America’s oldest instrument following the settlement of Europeans, who brought the instrument from travels to Africa and the import of slaves to the United States. Its roots are deep and the people who play this instrument seem to share an affinity for times past and American history, infusing music as the cornerstone of keeping the past alive. As I entered Cloverlick, a residential property which has been renovated from a ramshackle storage building to what is now coming together as a cool, rustic shop and an outdoor music venue, complete with a kids’ corner for children’s activities during events, I was greeted by the “shop dog,” a friendly pit bull named Rosemary who belongs to Rooster. I entered the front door (which has 20+ knobs on it, all antique and different one to the next) and stepped into “The Parlor,” where there was a vintage record player, a vinyl collection, and the warm welcome spot of Cloverlick where guests and musicians are greeted. From here, I went into “The Headquarters,” a small, sunny room where banjos and guitars are handcrafted and a small library of books on lutherie and woodworking was on display. Adjacent to The Parlor from the other side was the main shop, complete with a handmade workbench from Kramer’s original business in Wisconsin. The bench, referred to as “Daisy” featured a handcarved duck on the side of it and the markings, etchings, and nicks from years of crafting instruments on it. Community members (20+), mainly musicians from the area, built Cloverlick, cleaning up the building, pouring a new concrete floor, making a backyard (fenced) that features a covered stage where shows will be presented, and installing ventilation systems. This is a place that the community continues to build as the business leads up to its official opening on April 22 where they will host their launch party and first music showcase. The musical entertainment that day will be Cary Morin, Whipporwill, Woodbelly, Derek Blake, Tyler T., and Tallgrass, 3 to 8 pm. And, here’s a special surprise (don’t tell them I told you) there will be a special “Parlor Session” featuring Cary Morin with Derek Blake and a collective musical experience led by Tyler T. If you love music and want a real taste of something authentically Colorado, built by hand, and rooted in sharing the love of song and friendship, you cannot miss this event. Bring your kids and they’ll meet teachers from Riversong Waldorf School who will be leading a fun arts and crafts session in the “Butterflies and Banjos” Kids’ Corner. Rooster commented on his years in Von Stomper, a band that averaged 150+ days on the road each year, by saying, “After being a road dog and a transient of sorts, living on the road with the band and performing so many shows a year, I wanted a way to really grow a community. I wanted to really live here and share the love of music and collective energy among us. I feel more creative here in this endeavor than I ever have in my life.” Kinney, who was at the moment rocking in an antique rocking chair known as “Eileen,”

Mark “Rooster” Austin, Rosemary, and BJ Kinney

was quick to comment on this idea as well by stating, “I came here from Minneapolis to relocate my family (wife Gemma and boys Liam (10), Sam (7), and Benjamin (2) — all musicians) and build my electrician business. Beyond this, I came to discover community and free my entrepreneurial spirit. I wanted to carry on the tradition of ‘ma and pa business,’ bringing community, farms, family, art, and music together. I see banjos as a root of community.” Rooster added, “Banjos have life to them and this place was created for people to create music together. Banjos are the true ‘working man’s instrument’ and they are representative of tension, hard work, and strength.” Find Cloverlick Banjo Shop on Instagram: @RoosterBuilt Website: Visit the shop at: 1208 ½ W. Myrtle Street (down “Butterfly Alley” behind 7-11 at Mulberry/Shields) Contact the business at: 850.284.7082


• April 22: 3 to 8 pm: Grand opening party at the shop/music venue. Kids and instruments are welcome! Note: backyard is not covered other than the stage, so bring your hat and sunscreen. • June 4: “Let’s Feed Jeff,” party and fundraiser for FoCo Café and in honor of FoCo Café co-founder, Jeff Baumgardner, noon to sunset, musical entertainment scheduled, food/drink on site, kids and instruments welcome!








ust before the Gasoline Lollipops played Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland and sold out the Blue Ball for the first time in its history, lead singer Clay Rose shared his memories of Fort Collins, which he called, “the best music city in Colorado by far.” “There are so many venues up here,” Rose said, “so many different sizes for every different level, professionally, as long as what you’re doing is good, original, enthusiastic, heartfelt. It doesn’t matter if you live in town; there’s really an open-door, open-heart policy that makes it stand out.” The GasPops bring their barn-burning, danceparty rock ‘n’ roll to Swing Station in LaPorte on Friday, March 31, before their FoCoMX set Saturday, April 29 at Hodi’s, where they performed their new album, Resurrection, from front to back last month. Rose has a place in his heart for Fort Collins, as he spent several of his formative years here. He told a couple of great stories, as he does, about his time in the Fort. “[My wife] Sofia’s family moved there when she was 16, and she went to Poudre High and lived there for like five years. I lived at Laporte and Overland for many years, and wrote “Vanilla Baby” for Sofia while I lived there with her. We used to walk down Laporte toward Horsetooth [Reservoir] and climb to the top of the water tower and scream song lyrics at sleeping Fort Collins. We’d venture to Horsetooth and skinny dip with Jonny [Mouser, former GasPops drummer], when he was only 16 in the middle of the winter at night!” Back then, Rose was frequenting Fort Collins venues, but not so much as a working musician.


“I was working at Starry Night [coffee shop] and was also a music man who would go to preschools and kindergarten, hand out shaker eggs, wear boggle antennas on my head, and sing ‘This Old Man,’ and I’d teach them Beatles songs.” The Gasoline Lollipops, whose name Rose dreamed up long before he formed the band, have a sound that would make Johnny Cash and Elvis proud. The lyrics that Rose composes are perfect for a long road trip, a graphic novel, a slow dance, or a heartbroken lover, depending on the song. He pulls his inspiration from wild nights, love, and tragedy in his own life. “Mary Rose,” from Resurrection, has a very dark back story that Rose revealed during our conversation. “[It’s] a fantastical dream-world version of a true story. My stepsister, when I was 24, was murdered in North Carolina. She and I grew up together on the Harpeth River in Tennessee. She left behind a son, and I wrote the song for him. He was probably six or seven years old and so I wrote the song hopefully as a tool for him to make sense of death and to put a little bit of beauty on her life and transformation into the next world, and to let him know that she


was never really gone.” The one song on the album that Rose didn’t write is “Hard Times,” which his mother, who lives in the Ozarks of Arkansas, wrote. When asked what she thinks of the rendition, he said, “I think Mama likes it, although the original is a ballad.” Rose’s plan now includes an effort to “raise money to reprint Dawn and Death [the GasPops’ first two EP’s] and release a box set of all three albums and put them all on vinyl.” Resurrection, the third album in the Gasoline Lollipops’ “Lucky 7” trilogy, is the first release in the set to include 11 tracks rather than seven. These extra songs are a glimpse into what else Rose has up his sleeve for us in the future.

CATCH THEM HERE BEFORE THEY BLOW UP: • Swing Station in LaPorte at 9 pm on Friday, March 31, with the Blind Alley Troubadours • Hodi’s Half Note at 11 pm for FoCoMx on Saturday, April 29 • New Belgium Brewery at 5:30 pm on Friday, May 12 • Mishawaka Amphitheatre (Colorado Sound festival) Sunday, August 6


25 Years Strong

1307 E. Prospect • 224-CLUB

1ST MONTH FREE with No Initiation Fee when you sign up for 6 months. Restrictions and conditions apply, contact membership for details Indoor and outdoor pools • Youth sports and activities Racquetball courts • Basketball court • Indoor squash court Yoga/Pilates mat classes • BTS Group Power • 6,000 sq. ft. cardio deck Kid’s Club • Salon Giorgio and Day Spa • Pilates equipment classes Climbing wall • Personal trainers





ention Mishawaka to anyone around town and the immediate image that pops in their head is likely to be the amazing outdoor amphitheater surrounded by trees and mountains just a few short feet from the river. Ask them what their favorite Mishawaka experience has been and they might mention shows like Band of Horses, Built to Spill, or Béla Fleck. So when I first heard that Chieftain and Native Daughters would be closing out Mishawaka’s Spring Concert series, I was a little surprised. When I learned that it would be held at the Mish’s indoor venue, it was the first I had heard of its existence. Needless to say, I was excited to learn more about this show, so I caught up with Kris Hodgell (bass player and band manager for Chieftain) and Tim Massa (Marketing Director for Mishawaka) to get the inside details. Chieftain is one of Fort Collins’ most-loved metal acts, regularly packing out rooms around town with their infectious stonerrock infused metal, so it makes sense that they’d be involved in bringing metal to a new venue. The other band on this bill, Native Daughters, are from Denver. Since 2012, they have been pushing the boundaries of metal, due in part to their truly unique band setup; not only is Native Daughters a fully instrumental band, they also feature two drummers. The two bands played back-to-back shows together in Fort Collins and Denver last fall as part of a show swap set up by Hodgell and Native Daughters’ guitar player, Justin Hackl. “The overwhelming success of those two shows and the mutual admiration between both bands were both big factors in getting the upcoming show at Mishawaka in motion,” says Hodgell. “Band love” like this is absolutely essential to a strong underground scene, and the collaboration on show swaps like these is a great


indicator that our scene is thriving. It can be tough for a band to break into new markets, even ones that are as close to home as Denver. Another great indicator that our underground music scene is doing well: access to venues who haven’t traditionally hosted “bands like these.” “The SpokesBUZZ Lounge” is the official name of the indoor venue at Mishawaka, and has been hosting live music in the offseason since 2011. The venue holds around 200 people comfortably, according to Massa. Though it is a relatively new space for live music, the lounge was part of the original build 101 years ago when Mishawaka founder, Walter S. Thompson, built his dance hall. While the main stage at Mishawaka generally hosts national acts, The SpokesBUZZ Lounge offers local bands a chance to get up the canyon for some of the Mishawaka magic. The Chieftain/Native Daughters show will be the heaviest concert at the venue to date, but Massa hopes it will be the beginning of a new tradition that brings metal and hard rock up to the Mish more frequently. Let’s all ride up the canyon on May 6th to make sure that tradition gets off to a great start! Tickets are on sale now at


Josh Rivera is a digital marketing professional with a beautiful wife and three crazy dogs. Bikes, beers, and guitars take up most of his free time. Catch him on stage with I Am The Owl or Autumn Burn.

ROCK ON! All FoCoMX8 Musicians, Volunteers and Show-Goers! All Property Services, Inc. – Proud To Be Locally Owned Since 1986

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Photo by Doug Usher


Fare at CopperMuse

Mobb Mountain’s Gin & Juice



hen you hear the word “craft” in Fort Collins, your first thought is probably “beer.” But there’s another craft scene on the rise in town, one with a higher proof and a longer shelf life. The craft distilling scene has been steadily growing over the last couple of years in Northern Colorado. While still small compared to most local craft breweries, these libation creators are nonetheless producing some unique and decidedly local beverages worth exploring. There are unique challenges inherent in the distilling scene, mainly the fact that many spirits need time to age before they can be released. This translates into higher costs than what many casual buyers might be used to, but is worth the exchange for a unique, hand-crafted product that often is unlike anything else on the market. Like the craft beer scene, the diversity of offerings is broad and constantly evolving. Feisty Spirits was the first to open their doors in Fort Collins. Most well known for their various whiskey offerings, in truth they offer more than 30 different spirits in their tasting room, including beer schnapps, brandies, and a large selection of whiskeys. I recommend visiting their tasting room for a flight, so you can sample a range. The staff gets particular enjoyment from educating guests about the distilling process and their products, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and try things outside your comfort zone. Whether you choose a Master Thief beer schnapps or their cask strength Feisty Molly, the experts on hand will help you navigate their list. One of the newer spots in town, Mobb Mountain Distillers, currently

has two offerings, a whiskey and a gin. What makes them unique is that both are made with 100% rye, which gives them a full bodied, smoky flavor. Their welcoming tasting room will remind you of a little cabin in the woods. A list of unique cocktails is available, each designed to highlight their spirits’ rich flavors. With spring around the corner, their Gin & Juice is a refreshing option to enjoy on their patio. CopperMuse’s location on College Ave. has made them one of the most visible distilleries in town, and their products live up to the location. Focused primarily on vodka and rum, their cocktail list is massive and includes a variety of infused vodkas as well. It’s hard to beat sitting on their sunny patio with a cocktail and a snack or two from their kitchen while you take in the sounds and sights of Old Town. Old Town Distilling may have moved from their Linden Street tasting room, but their products are still available at many Northern Colorado liquor stores. They have a broad offering of organic spirits, which provide a fantastic base for your home cocktail creations. And Elevation 5003 provides Midtown with a craft distillery all their own. Their products can also be found at restaurants, bars, and liquor stores around town, as can Feisty’s and CopperMuse’s. The craft spirits scene is still in its infancy in Fort Collins, but there is no doubt it’s an industry on the rise. I’m certain we will see more producers join the scene in the near future, adding more hand-crafted offerings to the mix. Local distillers describe the market as being “collaboratively competitive” and “an exciting opportunity for growth.” So grab a friend, grab your bikes, and go explore the other side of Fort Collins craft.

Doug Usher is the Creative Director of The Via Company in Fort Collins. He is a photographer, blogger, and die-hard foodie who enjoys the culture of his hometown of Fort Collins. He and his wife, Katie, are the parents of daughters Madeleine and Willow and the authors of the blog



7 PM THURSDAY, MAY 4, 2017




THE COTERIES - REASON IN THE ROAD Usually, a band forms, then bandmates are forced into a van to traverse the country. But for The Coteries, the van came first. For two years, three friends from New Jersey spent 11,000 miles in a Volkswagen van together, discovering along the way that they were actually a band. Today, the trio are more settled, having found a new home in Fort Collins, and the van is a bit rusty, but they have released a charming debut EP of folk rock songs that have the road in their heart. While the playing on this album is solid all around, there are two clear standouts. The first is Emily Parasiliti’s country-blues voice. The honey-syrup tone and emotional grit found in the voice she was clearly born with is often imitated with poor results, but man, she has it. And she’s not afraid to belt it out so comfortably that you might take for granted how remarkable it actually is. Some of the best moments here are when she is leading, and the two fellas are backing up with a chorus. You can see how audiences might respond. And if they don’t respond to the sing-a-long vocals, they will to the stompbox, the second standout. This band uses the low end to create a rhythm it’s impossible not to fall into, clapping, stomping and singing like it’s a Mumford & Sons concert. The band now calls Fort Collins home and will perform at FoCoMX this year; and Americana fans should flock.



ANDY SYDOW - A LITTLE MESSED UP The cover of Andy Sydow’s third and most recent collection of songs, A Little Messed Up, is a hypercolored Rorschach test splash. It looks like a — well, perhaps that something we keep to ourselves. Andy Sydow, however, doesn’t hold back from sharing on the album. The first song, “Alibi,” a barroom piano ditty, begins, “Everyone knows I’m a little messed up / Put Baileys in my coffee as a cover up.” Sydow moves from piano to guitar, but he retains the confessional songwriting style of other piano songwriters, like Billy Joel and Randy Newman. Though he’s a young guy, there’s a certain curmudgeonly grumpiness to his songs. On “Another Love Song,” the songwriter laments audiences desire to hear more love songs, claiming he once wrote a song about religion but he lost half his fans. The third song spells out its mood in the title, “If I Grew a Violet (You’d Ask for a Rose).” So many singer-songwriters are earnest and sweet that it’s refreshing to hear Andy Sydow’s humbug perspective. He has a voice well suited to his worldview and a knack for crafting songs that will captivate you for the moment. But yeah, he seems a little messed up.



TAARKA - FADING MYSTERY At the core of the Americana string band Taarka is Enion and David Pelta-Tiller, a talented wife-husband team from Lyons. And listening to their band’s most recent release you can get a sense for what their home must be like. The kitchen is the focal point, with drying herbs hung by coarse twine and endless loaves of seedy bread emerging from a cast iron oven. In a word, their brand of folk meets bluegrass meets a handful of other acoustic styles is “wholesome.” Of course, there is nothing innately wrong with wholesome sounding music; in fact, the world could probably use a bit of it. Perhaps it’s just me, but in contrast with the cynic’s paradise we now call reality Taarka’s music is a bit annoying. And I mean that in the best possible way. Sure, folks loved Garrison Keeler on “Prairie Home Companion,” but he had to go. The world had moved beyond Lake Wobegon, where kids don’t chuck 40 ounce bottles in the lake and guns control themselves, and his worldview, much like Taarka’s brand of acoustic music, seems fantastically pure. I’m aware that I’m driving too hard a point with this wholesome rant. In truth, if you can overlook, or even enjoy, the chamomile tea sound this is a truly talented band. Enion’s voice is exceptional, and the playing is extraordinary. There are some stellar performances on this album, which was recorded live in a cabin along Virginia’s Potomac. The track “Polyamorous Polly Ann,” a heartfelt and yet lighthearted tale of a woman who can’t be pinned down, is a joy. I say stoke up the woodstove on a Sunday morning, light some potpourri and give it a listen if you enjoy wholesome acoustic music.



CITRA - SINGLES AIR AND MY MY MIND WARNING: If you suffer from a heart condition, please check with your doctor before pressing “play” on the new CITRA single “Air” and its b-side “My My Mind.” Yes, it gets fast and it’s so infectious your heart may try to keep up. On the power trio’s previous release, the EP Ocean, CITRA established itself as an incredibly talented band able to create ’90s hard rock that would make Dave Grohl proud. Definitely some great music but easily overlooked. “Air,” however, could take these guys to the next level. This track has the mathematical precision groove of a great The Strokes and the up-stroke guitar bounce of Franz Ferdinand. Like both of those bands, CITRA manages to craft hard rock with all its exciting pomp and power, yet still maintain a certain accessible pop quality. This sound would be a breakthrough if this brand of dance-punk hadn’t already been popular 15 years ago. This is not a jab; it’s a sound worth keeping. Plus, the b-side “My My Mind” has all the best qualities of “Air” yet has a frenetic, high voltage infectiousness that is so timeless any comparisons would be silly. The two tracks combined show a band owning what they do, pushing their talents to the limit, and having a great time doing it. If they keep this up, they may soon open for Dave Grohl.






We are thrilled to report that KRFC 88.9FM finalized the move into its refurbished studios and is broadcasting live from its new home at the Music District! KRFC is an integral addition to the Music District’s community of businesses and entrepreneurs. The volunteer powered radio station delivers unique, community-led programming that helps create a sense of place for Front Range listeners. KRFC and the Music District partner in many ways, including the live broadcast of KRFC’s Live and Out to Lunch, broadcast from the Music District’s Living Room. KRFC celebrates with an Open House on April 8th at its Music District studios. Expect food trucks, refreshments, and games, as well as a tour through the new studios. More info can be found at More info on tenancy and coworking at the Music District can be found at

We like our tacos just like we like our music: bold, unique and with the ability to fill you up completely. By mid-April we will introduce another element that is dear to our heart: local craft beer! Stop in after a Music District event for partner specials. Find us on social media @damgoodtacos.

Woodshed Music is a local resource center for musicians specializing in the philosophical entanglement of wood and wire.

Art and activism often go together hand in hand. Whether it be a performance or a protest, imagery, action and the human spirit combine forces in an effort to inspire positive change and promote a better quality of living. While some expressions demand focused discourse and other expressions may stir controversy, in time our reactions go beyond defining individuals and begin to shape society around us and its future generations. It begins with involvement and the first step to getting involved is to simply just show up! Woodshed Music encourages you to experience some of the events taking place this month at the Music District and around town. If you listen closely, you just might hear opportunity knocking...


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fter a few months of writing this column, I finally decided to visit our sponsor’s store, Organic Alternatives, and dive into a review of cannabis edibles. In a span of five days I tried over 15 products, and slept for over 15 hours each day. Mission success! Edibles are for some people and are very much not for others. Questions about dosage in the past, and how much or how little to eat, were hard to decipher. Quality, based on extraction methods and ingredients, have in the past been shady at best (like much of our food system), and out of all of the cannabis industry elements and facets…I have been most disappointed by edibles. Until now. I talked for more than an hour with several members of the quite helpful staff, and I selected several products based on ingredients alone. The safer the ingredients, the more I want to eat the food and the better I feel the next day. The simpler the methods of extraction and less amount of pesticides used, the better. That being said, most people choosing cannabis food at this point are buying it for the buzz and for the fun, not for the ingredients. I do think however, that the poor quality of cannabis food and industry over the past few years has led to a new array of products that satisfy both needs, good ingredients that get you lifted for shizzel! Check out my new favorites, all available at Organic Alternatives: (prices are after tax). Lucky Turtle Craft Extracts Turtle Butter Packs: 10mg THC, cheap, extra virgin olive oil based, C02/Ethanol Extraction, Good buzz, messy packets, great taste, cheaper one shot package. YUMMY! $7/ single serving. CODA Signature Chocolate Bar (Salt and Nibs): 100mg THC, C02 Extraction, Large quality bar, cane sugar/honey, high end ingredients and packaging, a bit big for 100mg, but the taste is very non cannabis tasting, so a great bar for beginners. $23.50


Dixie’s Orange Zest Awakening Mints: 80mg/pack, 5mg/mint, C02/Ethanol Extraction, the mints are so-so tasting, but, eat a few of them and you have a quick and small delivery method for an easy lift. Bonus, they don’t melt like chocolate bars, very small to travel with. $21.13 Julie’s Nutty Bites: 6/60mg bites canna butter extracted, which is my fav extract method, these are easy to eat, pack a nice punch, and taste like cannabis butter, which I really like, rather the extraction taste of many gummies. The cannabis goes great with the almonds! Only downside, there is an edible decal that contains soy and dyes. $19.96 These were the four favorites, and Organic Alternatives was nice enough to offer as many samples as I needed….. so….many….samples… a BIG thanks to them. It was a wonderful and fuzzy five days of SUPER EDIBLE BUZZ-MAN (new superhero). Fun matters, so does taste, and extraction… but how YOU react to edibles, and which is best, is as personal as your fingerprints, and unique to everyone. 10mg is plenty for most people. I function at a 30-40mg dose each time. God bless America, and Jah bless all of you. Edible responsibly, and support companies that do food RIGHT! Jack Tallgrass is a farmer, community activist, leader, and family man committed to the greater good and quality education surrounding cannabis. He and his family live in Fort Collins.

Organic Alternatives 346 E. Mountain Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80524, 970.482.7100


in theaters April 2017 -



sun salutations, arise style


t Arise, empowering each other, loving ourselves, and uniting as one is omnipresent. This is especially evident in the yoga sanctuary: a glowing white tent with a stage, its own soundtrack, and a mountaintop climb that sets you up with a bird’s eye view of the festival. Each summer, I look forward to breathing and moving together with my fellow festival-goers; a ritual I love to participate in each day. Arise has amazing yoga teachers each year from around the world that bring their own style and flow to the event. Scene caught up with Boulder-based yogis Steph Schwartz and Rob Loud who are returning for their third year, and Chicago/Indiana-based Gretchen Fruchey, a veteran instructor looking forward to her second appearance at Arise. Scene: Tell us about your experience teaching at Arise. Steph Schwartz: I LOVE having a venue so close to Boulder. It’s a fantastic way to connect with students I see throughout the week over the weekend and in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. It feels like home away from Boulder, which truly differentiates from other festivals that require more travel time. Rob Loud: Every year has been an amazing experience and continues to get better. Arise definitely has a very “home-grown” feel and the music line-up is always incredible. The variety of offerings is what stands out, very diverse from bluegrass, to hip-hop to EDM and anywhere in-between. The yoga game at Arise is pretty lit too. Some of the best of the best are at Arise. Arise goes out of its way to make the yoga portion a priority and it shows! I feel blessed to be a part of Arise! Gretchen Fruchey: I am blown away by how fantastic this festival is. It is totally different! We brought four kids with us and despite the size and crazy variety of activities, events, and performers - it felt so organized and comfortable. I love teaching outdoors and the natural vibration and spontaneity that comes with it... I personally don’t think it gets better than teaching yoga in the mountains! Scene: What is the style of yoga that you will be bringing to Arise?


Steph Schwartz: My teaching style comes from studies in Ashtanga, creative Vinyasa flow, and Kirtan. I teach a combination of the three in a style called Bhakti flow. This incorporates heart-opening chanting at the beginning, during Savasana, and at the end of the class. It’s a quick way to get present, open our hearts, and feel into the hearts of one another. My flows are usually mandala-style, or circular, to help people get out of their heads and lost in the flow of the moment. Rob Loud: I describe my style of teaching “embodied power vinyasa” and it is always evolving. I certainly have a “power” background and do appreciate a physical practice, however I pride myself on inclusivity. I aspire to make all my classes “all-levels” so everyone feels included and accomplished. I usually sequence my classes toward a peak pose so an emphasis on particular key actions can be felt during class. My flows are usually spirited, FUN, challenging and bring depth beyond just asana. Gretchen Fruchey: I have been teaching yoga for 12 years. … My style is evolving still, which I think is pretty awesome. I continue to move through classes indulgently, giving students space to hover, sink, deepen. I place energy high on my intention list - so students will feel things changing, burning, settling, leaving. In the end, they will leave more balanced. ... 2017 is all about the Inner Warrior: I am bringing only my 11-year-old daughter this time, and have to admit my desire for her to be strong, confident, brave, and independent is currently a huge inspiration for my teaching. We all need to be reminded of our courage and strength. Scene: How does the musical component at the Arise yoga sanctuary influence the practice/flow that you offer? Steph Schwartz: Bhakti flow fits in SO well with the musical component of ARISE! People show up, ready to chant their hearts out, and they do! I love teaching on Fridays to kick off the weekend in song, music, flow and community. Rob Loud: The musical accompaniSCENENOCO.COM I APRIL 2017

ment provided at Arise is sooooooo good. My class last year with Samuel J was off the hook. The team at Arise does a fantastic job of pairing teachers with talented musicians who match their style. My class last year was a highlight in my career thus far, Samuel killed it, and the people loved it! Gretchen Fruchey: Last year I received a magical partnership, truly. I was paired up with DJ Consciousness and he was the perfect co-visionary. Jesse came up with original tracks that deliberately deepened my intention of letting go. He will be hard to beat, honestly but if I don’t get him this year (I will share), I am sure whichever artist performs will also greatly add to the vibe. In every class I attended I was struck by the music. It in itself was yoga; this beautiful sound creature tapping students on the shoulder or bringing them down for relaxation. Completely awesome!

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Boulder Theater, Mortified Live: April Fools, $18, 8pm The Laughing Goat, T& J- CD Release, Free, 8pm Paul Kimbiris, Free, 9:30pm Fox Theatre, Marco Benevento, $15$20, 9pm

Aggie Theatre, Random Rab w/ Special Guests, $10-$18, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, NoCo Hemp Expo presents-Celebrate the Earth After Party, $10, 8pm Downtown Artery, Halden Wofford and the Hi-Beams, See venue for cost and time Equinox Brewing, Souvenir Thread, Free, 7pm Hodi’s Half Note, Pouya & Fat Nick w/ Ghostemane, $20-$25, 8pm Island Grill, Loaded Dice, Free, 8pm Lucky Joe’s, Brian Kittrell, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Josh Blackburn, Free, 8pm Swing Station, Choice City Stomp Spring Swing Featuring: Possessed by Paul James, Urban Pioneers, Adam Lee, James Hunnicut, The Gold Hope Duo, AJ Gaither, the Big Sky, and Kiel Grove, $25, 7pm The Music District, Sensory Friendly Performance, Free, 2:30pm The Whisk(e)y, Glitter Drag Cabaret, $5, 9pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Spafford w/ special guests Mungion, $12-$15, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Philsh aka Character Zero feat. Phil Salvaggio as Trey, Fleeb as Mike, Eric as Fishman and Jeremy McDonough aka Space Panda on keys w/ Special Guests, $5$10, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, Purnell Steen & Le Jazz Machine, $20, 7pm & 9pm Gothic Theatre, Big Wild, SOLD OUT, 9pm Herman’s Hideaway, Kbpi and Bands 4 Bands Ent Present: METAL SHOP FINALS w/ Lost Point, & Something For Tomorrow, $4$125, 8pm Hi-Dive, Strange Americans w/ King Cardinal, & Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart, $10-$12, 9pm

Ogden Theatre, G. Love & Special Sauce w/ City of the Sun, $30$35, 9pm The Summit Music Hall, NF-Therapy Session Tour 2017, $25-$75, 7pm


The Laughing Goat, Michaela Silverston, Free, 8pm Feyza Eren Quartet, Free, 9pm


Avogadro’s Number, Avant Jazz Quartet, Free, 6pm Surfside 7, Mf Ruckus & White Fudge, $7, 9pm Swing Station, Choice City Stomp Spring Swing Featuring: Possessed by Paul James, Urban Pioneers, Adam Lee, James Hunnicut, The Gold Hope Duo, AJ Gaither, the Big Sky, and Kiel Grove, $25, 7pm

Dazzle Jazz, Urban Brunch w/ The Adam Bodine Trio, Free, 10:30am The Democracy, $10-$15, 7pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, 22 Savage w/ Big Stroke, Esi Juey, Jkee Bdubb, Koo Qua, & Arapahoe Trues $20-$25, 8pm Herman’s Hideaway, Spring In Your Step w/ Over The Castle, Sometime Soon, Mantle, & Opsiden, $8-$10, 12pm Media Solutions, w/ Days of Heaven, The UNIT, Iridium, Bound By Years, & MANXOME FOE, $8-$112, 6:30pm Hi-Dive, Ape Machine, Love Gang, & Urn (CO), $10, 9pm Gothic Theatre, Big Wild, $16-$18, 9pm The Summit Music Hall, Jeezy w/ Lil Durk, $39.50-$45, 7pm



Oskar Blues, Big Thompson Flood Cd Release, $5, 8:30pm


Caffé Sole, Lenore Raphael, See venue for cost, 7pm

MOXI Theater, Bob Margolin w/ Delta Sonics, $15-$20, 7pm

EVENTS CALENDAR >> APRIL // LYONS Oskar Blues, King Cardinal, Free, 5pm

MONDAY 3 FORT COLLINS Hodi’s Half Note, Funk Jam, Free, 10pm

DENVER Dazzle Jazz, Soundhouse’s Soul Confluence, $5-$10, 7pm Hi-Dive, Vinyl Mondays w/ Tiana + Kat, Free, 9pm Pepsi Center, Ariana Grande, Tickets starting @ $29.95, 7:30pm

TUESDAY 4 FORT COLLINS Hodi’s Half Note, Turn T-Table w/ Pitta Patta, Jakatak, B34n5, & Mandible, Free, Downtown Artery, Jazz Jam Sesson, Free, 7pm



MOXI Theater, Cryptic Wisdom w/ DJ Michael Foxx, & Steelo Bass, $10, 7:30pm


LYONS Oskar Blues, Bluegrass Pick, Free, 8pm

WEDNESDAY 5 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, An Evening With Grateful Dead Experience: The Schwag , $10-$12, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Mason Street Bluegrass w/ jam to follow, Free 7pm Hodi’s Half Note, Jahman Brahman w/ The Jive Tribe, $5-$7, 9pm Lucky Joe’s, Celtic jam, Free, 7pm Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Irish Session, Free, 7pm Odell Brewing, Weekend Weather, Free, 4pm The Music District, The Colorado Sound: All Colorado Music Meeting, Free, 5pm The Whisk(e)y, Wolfer, I am the Owl, & Combatillac, $5, 9pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, The Matt Human Trio, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Dead Man Winter (feat. Dave Simonett) w/ Erik Koskinen Duo, $15-$17, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Katchafire w/ Inna Vision, MindState, $15$18,8pm Dazzle Jazz, Steve Denny Trio, $12, 7pm Jazz Jam hosted by Todd Reid, Free,9pm Gothic Theatre, Foxygen w/ Gabriella Cohen, $20-$25, 8pm Hi-Dive, The Memories w/ Colleen Green, Emotional, & Petite Garcon,$10-$12, 8pm Ogden Theatre, 21 SAVAGE-ISSA TOUR w/ Young M.A., Tee Grizzley, & Young Nudy, $32$38, 9pm The Summit Music Hall, The Decibel Magazine 2017 Tour w/ Kreator, Obituary, Midnight, Horrendous, & Blood Incantation, $25-$30, 6pm

BOULDER Fox Theatre, Phoffman/ Beck Quartet Feat: Paul Hoffman, Anders Beck, Billy Strings & Samson Grisman, $17-$20, 8pm The Laughing Goat, Purple Squirrel, Free, 8pm

DENVER 1st Bank Center, Green Day w/ Against Me!, Tickets starting @ $50, 7:30pm Bluebird Theater, Colony House w/ Knox Hamilton, $15-$17, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, RE:Search ft. Two Fresh, Dynohunter, Mosis, Mikey Thunder, Jubee, $10-$15, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, Joe Lovano Classic Quartet, $35, 6pm & 8pm Hi-Dive, Dude York w/ PAWS, & Oxeye Daisy, $10-$12, 8pm Pepsi Center, Eric Church, Tickets start @ $29, 8pm

Aggie Theatre, Phoffman and Beck Quartet feat. Paul Hoffman, Anders Beck, Billy Strings, Samson Grisman w/ Special Guests, $17-$20, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Carrie Newcomer, $20, 7pm Chipper’s Lanes (N. College), Smooth Beethoven, $2, 10pm Lucky Joe’s, Kurt Humann, Free, 9:30pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Zoso- The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience, $15$18, 8pm Fox Theatre, Hoseshoes & Hand Grenades, & The Sweet Lillies, $13-$15, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Jesse Hunter, Free, 8pm Matt Bradford, Free 9pm Alicia Baker, Free, 10pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Highly Suspect w/ And The Kids, & DJ REDBEES, $22.50-$25, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, WhiteWater Ramble, “Pickin’ on Zeppelin feat. Jessica Jones & Pickin’ on Phish feat. members of DeadPhish Orchestra w/ Special Guests, $5-$15, 8pm Dazzle Jazz, Joe Lovano Classic Quartet, $35, 6:30pm & 8:30pm Herman’s Hideaway, Igor & The Red Elvises w/ Shelvis & the Roustabouts, & Denver’s Own Wasted Youth, $14-$116, 7pm Hi-Dive, Sleep Union w/ Black Dots, & Great American House Fire, $10, 9pm

GREELEY MOXI Theater, GII Astorga Band w/ Farewell show w/ special guests, $10

FRIDAY 7 FORT COLLINS Avogadro’s Number, Claim Jumpers, Free, 3pm Poudre River Irregulars, $10, 3pm Tallgrass, $10, 9pm


Equinox Brewing, The Coteries, Free, 7pm Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures, D’ACCORDion, See venue for cost, 6pm Hodi’s Half Note, Moss w/ Special Guests: Don’t Call It A Comeback, $10-$12, 9pm Island Grill, Milliken Underground, Free, 8pm Lucky Joe’s, Josh Blackburn, Free, 9:30pm Swing Station, The Symbols w/ Amy and The Peace Piples & Adrienne O, $7, 9pm The Whisk(e)y, First Friday Art Show ft. Under The Bridge Tattoo, Free, 9pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Marc Maron: The Too Real Tour, $32.50, 8pm Caffé Sole, Nice Work Jazz Combo, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, Poolside w/ Falcon Punch, $20-$22, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Ramaya & The Troubadours, Free 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Highly Suspect w/ And The Kids, & DJ REDBEES, $22.50-$25, 8pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Joey Porter’s Shady Business feat. Joey Porter (Motet), Kris Myers (Umphreys McGee), Jennifer Hartswick (Trey Band), Garrett Sayers (Motet), Adam Smirnoff (Lettuce), Lyle Divinsky (Motet), Drew Sayers (Motet) & Con Brio w/ The RunniKine, $20$25, 8:15pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Genetics w/ Skydyed (LATE SET), Spectacle, $5-$10, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, Annie Booth Trio feat. Steve Treseller, $10-$15, 7pm & 9pm 10 PM Social w/ Dave Devine Trio, $5, 10:30pm Gothic Theatre, Allah-las w/ Babe Rainbow (OZ), $18-$22, 9pm Herman’s Hideaway, Mr. Steak! w/ The RuppClubb, The Humbuckers, & Carolina Reign, $8-$112, 7pm Hi-Dive, Guilty Pleasures, $5, 9pm Odgen Theatre, Turnpike Troubadours w/ Smith & The Saints, $20-$23, 9pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, Arthuer Lee Land Trio, $5, 8:30pm



GREELEY MOXI Theater, KISSM w/ Rush Archives, $10, 8pm

Aggie Theatre, Jackie Greene w/ David Luning , $17-$20, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Blue Canyon Boys, $12, 8pm Downtown Artery, Seven Inches of Heaven, $5, 9pm Equinox Brewing, Grant Sabin, Free, 7pm Hodi’s Half Note, I See Stars, ECHOS w/ Victory Heights, $15-$18, 9pm Island Grill, Milliken Underground, Free, 8pm Lucky Joe’s, Marty Nightengale, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Carl Carrillo, Free, 8pm Swing Station, The Honeygitters w/ Derek Blake, $7, 8pm The Whisk(e)y, 5 Day Weekend, Free, 9pm

Aggie Theatre, 3rd Annual Staging The Youth Showcase feat. Post Paradise w/ Maxwell Mud, Last Call Romance and Tyler T, $7$10, 4pm Avogadro’s Number, Singer/ Songwriter Night ft. Justin Roth & Korby Lenker, $10, 7pm Surfside 7, The Bardots w/ Picture of Moss, & Boat Drinks, $7, 9pm Swing Station, A Jay Wade & The Tennesee No. 9 w/ Grant Mcintosh, $7, 7pm



Caffé Sole, Sherefe, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, Eminence Ensemble w/ Sixty Minutes Men, & Kessel Run, $10-$15, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Strangebyrds w/ Wildwood Roots, Free, 8pm

The Laughing Goat, Women in Song, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades w/ Caribou Mountain Collective, $15-$17, 9pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Phoffman / Beck Quartet feat. Paul Hoffman, Anders Beck, Billy Strings, Samson Grisman w/ Special Guests, $17-$20, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Tropidelic w/ Red Sage, Secret Creatures, $8-$12, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, Images Special Reunion Band, $16-$22, 7pm & 9pm Blues Night w/ Delta Sonics, $5, 10:30pm Gothic Theatre, Anders Osborne’s Yayapalooza w/ New Breed Band & Special Guests, $23-$28, 9pm Hi-Dive, Bison Bone Album Release w/ Poet’s Row, & Bluebook, $10, 9:30pm The Fillmore, Tech N9ne, See venue for cost, 7pm The Summit Music Hall, Nerd Prom 2017: Nerds Unite! w/ Andy Rok & The Real Deal, MC Lars, Mega Ran, Rocket Surgeons, & DJ boyhollow, $10-$15, 7pm



DENVER Bluebird Theater, Parachute w/ Kris Allen, $24-$28, 8pm Dazzle Jazz, Urban Brunch w/ Adam Bodine Trio, Free, 10:30am Images Special Reunion Band, $16-$22, 5:30pm & 7:30pm The Summit Music Hall, Simple Pan w/ Set it Off, & Seaway, SOLD OUT, 6pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, Quemando, $5, 8:30pm

Cervantes’ Other Side, Dave B w/ RhymeSight, $12-$15, 8pm Monday Night Menagerie ft. Mass Relay, Kavsko, Doct3r, Miss Jaedha, OBeMusic, $10, 8pm Dazzle Jazz, Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra w/ Lyons HS, $12.50$15, 7pm Gothic Theatre, Clean Bandit w/ Zara Larsson, & Starley, $20-$25, 7:30pm

Hodi’s Half Note, Kung Fu, “The Fez Tour” (one set of original Kung Fu and one set of Steely Dan) w/ Jaden Carlson Band, $12-$15, 9pm Lucky Joe’s, Celtic Jam, Free, 7pm Rich Johnson, Free, 9:30pm Odell Brewing, Cousin Curtiss, Free, 4pm



Oskar Blues, Eric Wiggs Trio, Free, 5pm

TUESDAY 11 FORT COLLINS Hodi’s Half Note, Peelander Z w/ Special Guests, $12-$15, 8pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, Espresso!, Free, 8pm

DENVER 1st Bank Center, Bon Iver w/ Velvet Negroni, Tickets starting @ $49.50, 8pm Bluebird Theater, Amorphis w/ Swallow the Sun, & Helleborus, $25-$30, 8pm DazzleJazz, Jazz Jam hosted by Todd Reid, Free, 9pm The Summit Music Hall, KatatoniaFallen Hearts of NA, & Caspian, $25-$28, 7pm


MONDAY 10 FORT COLLINS Hodi’s Half Note, Funk Jam, Free, 10pm Downtown Artery, Methyl Ethel w/ Panther Martin, and the Sickly Hecks, $10-$12, 10pm Surfside 7, Victim Culture, w/ Hemingway Hero, & Sorry, No Sympathy, $7, 9pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Chicano Batman w/ SadGirl, & The Shacks, $15, 8pm

MOXI Theater, The Lightbringers tour feat. Lonely Bones w/ Hemingway Hero, Sorry No Sympathy, Underseer, & Victim Culture, $10-$12, 7:30pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, Bluegrass Pick, Free, 8pm

WEDNESDAY 12 FORT COLLINS Avogadro’s Number, Mason Street Bluegrass w/ jam to follow, Free, 7pm


Fox Theatre, Hot Buttered Rum w/ Yarn, $15-$18, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Paper Moonshine, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Ganja White Night w/ Boogie T., SOLD OUT, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, RE:Search ft. Plastician, Vinnie Maniscalco, Ginger Perry, Mikey Thunder, Jubee, $10-$15, 9pm DazzleJazz, Percussionist Nate Werth w/ The DSA & UW Percussion Ensembles, $15, 7pm Gothic Theatre, Real Estate w/ Mary Lattimore, $20-$25, 8pm

GREELEY MOXI Theater, HI Rez w/ Justin Stone, Emilo Rojas, Marble Cake feat. Type1ne, $15-$20, 8:30pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, Tribute Night, Free, 7pm

THURSDAY13 FORT COLLINS Aggie Theater, Bass Physics, Wick-It The Instigator, Blunt Force, Toy Box, $10-$18, 8pm Avogadro’s Number, Dead Jam, Free, 9pm Chipper’s Lanes (N. College), Rush Hour Train, $2, 10pm Hodi’s Half Note, LARRY AND HIS FLASK w/ Flatfoot 56 and Special Guests, $13-$15, 8pm Lucky Joe’s, John Paul Hodge, Free, 9:30pm Surfside 7, Burlesque Night w/ Bang Bang, $8, 9pm The Music District, An Evening of Classic Folk Songs For All Ages, Free, 5:30pm

EVENTS CALENDAR >> APRIL // BOULDER Caffé Sole, Hazel Miller and Friends, See venue for cost, 7pm eTown Hall, eTown on the Road: Damien Jurado & Lera Lynn in Bloomington, $26-$40, 7pm Fox Theatre, Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, w/ Damns of the West, $18-$20, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Sam Burns, Free, 8pm Bo DePena Trio, Free, 9pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Ganja White Night w/ Boogie T. $15-$27, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, The Wooks (EARLY SET) w/ The Mallett Brothers Band (LATE SET), Miles Over Mountains, Free-$10, 8pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Quannum MCs feat. Blackalicious (Chief Xcel and Gift of Gab), Lyrics Born and Lateef (Latyrx) w/ L0S, J.O.B., $18-$20, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, Sheryl Renee & The Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra: Ella Fitzgerald Tribute, $20, 6:30pm

Gothic Theatre, Desiigner, $25-$30, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Luke The Knife w/ Paper Bird, & Super Magick, $25, 7pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, Open Stage, Free, 7:30pm

FRIDAY 14 FORT COLLINS Aggie Theater, Bone Thugs-NHarmony w/ Murs & Zion I, Stay Tuned, Kind Dub and MRDR, $35, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, T-Band Bluegrass Show, Free, 5:30pm Danielle Ate the Sandwich & The Band of Lovers, $10-$12, 8:30pm Downtown Artery, Mark Mallman w/ special guests Serpentfoot, $8-$10, 8pm Equinox Brewing, Dave Meservy, Free, 7pm Island Grill, Lakeside, Free, 8pm Lucky Joe’s, Ben Hammond, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Jim Kristoff, Free, 8pm

The Whisk(e)y, The Painters, Free, 9pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Mac Focus w/ Bass Physics, Chris Karns, & Blunt Force, $15-$22, 9pm Caffé Sole, The Mighty Twisters, Free, 7pm Fox Theatre, The Grateful Ball Feat. The Travelin’ McCourys w/ Special Guests Drew Emmitt, Andy Thorn, Adam Aijala, & Greg Garrison, $25, 9pm The Laughing Goat,Tennessee Stiffs, Free, 8pm Clyde and the Milltailers, Free, 9:30pm

DENVER Bluebrid Theater, Hot Buttered Rum w/ Yarn, $20-$25, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Wick-it the Instigator & Unlimited Gravity (10 Year Celebration) w/ Beak Nasty, Notorious Conduct, $15$20, 9pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Mickey Avalon & Dirt Nasty w/ Feeki, Flavortooth, Joon Bug, JDirty, $22-$25, 9pm


Dazzle Jazz, Planet Earth feat. Ernie Wattts, Brad Goode, & Claire Daly, $15-$22, 7pm & 9pm 10PM Social w/ Purple Squirrel, $5, 10pm Gothic Theatre, Koffin Kats w/ Blackeyed Saints, The Ghoulies, & All Waffle Trick, $10-$18, 8pm Hi-Dive, Eldren w/ BANDITS, & Headphone, $10-$15, 9:30pm Ogden Theatre, Bear Grillz w/ Pogman, & Wooli, $15-$25, 9pm The Summit Music Hall, State Champs w/ Against The Current, With Confidence & Don Broco, $20-$23, 6:30pm

GREELEY MOXI Theater, Bryan Thomas w/ Southern Fryed, Shawn Wright, and the TRIBE $10-$15, 8:30pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, The Wooks, $5, 8:30pm

SATURDAY 15 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, Mickey Avalon & Dirt Nasty w/ Feeki, Seffry & Litts, $22-$25, 9pm


// EVENTS CALENDAR >> APRIL Avogadro’s Number, Cupcake Cabaret, $15, 8pm Downtown Artery, Gleemer w/ Infinite Me, & Household, $5-$7, 8pm Equinox Brewing, Dan Lovett & Bill Varn, Free, 7pm Fusion Night Club, Du’ Tell & Mountainside Events present Soul Painting II, Glamour & Glow: The Black Light Art Show, $10, 7pm Island Grill, Lakeside, Free, 8pm Hodi’s Half Note, Hot Buttered Rum w/ Yarn, $12-$15, 9pm Lucky Joe’s, Troy Clayton, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Josh Blackburn, Free, 8pm Swing Station, Bonnie & The Clydes & Matt Skinner Band, $10, 9pm The Whisk(e)y, Soul Revival, $5, 9pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Kung Fu- The Fez Tour w/ Legato, See venue for cost, 8:30pm Caffé Sole, Chris Daniels, Free, 7pm Fox Theatre, Wick-It The Instigator, $10-$15, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Andy Palmer, Free, 8pm Ambiance Duo, Free, 9pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, The Lil Smokies w/ Ghost of Paul Revere, $15$17, 9pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, The Grateful Ball feat. The Travelin’ McCourys with Drew Emmitt, Andy Thorn, Greg Garrison (Leftover Salmon) and Adam Aijala (Yonder Mountain String Band) & Special Guests, $25-$30, 9pm

Cervantes’ Other Side, MURS & Zion I w/ Stay Tuned, ROOKE5, $18$20, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, Planet Earth feat. Ernie Wattts, Brad Goode, & Claire Daly, $15-$22, 7pm & 9pm Blues Night w/ Delta Sonics, $5, 10:30pm Hi-Dive, Mark Mallman, $8-$12, 9:30pm Summit Music Hall,Cowboy Mouth, $10-$40, 7pm The Fillmore, Bone Thugs-NHarmony, See venue for cost, 8pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, Monocle Band, $5, 8:30pm

SUNDAY 16 FORT COLLINS Avogadro’s Number, Honky Tonk Happy Hour w/ John Magnie, Steve Amadee, Matt Skinner & special guests, $12-$15, 3:30pm Surfside 7, Michael Dean Damron & Cory Call w/ Dwarf Cannon, $7, 9am

BOULDER Fox Theatre, Cory Henry Presents: The Revival, $15-$30, 5pm The Laughing Goat, Brian Allison, Free, 8pm Steve Itterly, Free, 9pm

DENVER Dazzle Jazz, Easter Sunday Brunch w/ The Julie Monley Quartet, CALL FOR RESERVATION Julian Archer, Gabe Rupe, & Liam Hughes-Butler Senior Recital feat. Brad Goode & Eric Gunnison, $10-$12, 7pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, Felonious Smith Trio, Free, 5pm

MONDAY 17 FORT COLLINS Hodi’s Half Note, Funk Jam, Free, 10pm

BOULDER Fox Theatre, Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles, $18-$22, 8pm

DENVER 1st Bank Center, A Perfect Circle w/ Prayers, Tickets starting @ $39.50, 8pm Dazzle Jazz, Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra, $12-$15, 7pm Hi-Dive, The Walters w/ Summer Salt, & Panther Martin, $8-$10, 8:30pm The Summit Music Hall, Thursday w/ Touche Amore, Basement, & Cities Aviv, $30-$32, 6:30pm



Aggie Theatre, Rumpke Mountain Boys w/ Hog MaGundy and Canyon Collected, $5-$10, 9pm Downtown Artery, Jazz Jam Sesson, Free, 7pm



Hodi’s Half Note, Turn T-Table w/ Float Goat, Jimeni, Conscious Rebellion (funk set), 92 Degrees, Free Surfside 7, Psychotic Defilement, w/ Nephrectomy, Chaotic End, & Morgue Whore, $7, 7:30pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, Bill Scorzari, Free, 8pm Allie Chipkin, Free, 9pm Joshua Powell, & The Great Train Robbery, Free, 10pm

DENVER Dazzle Jazz, Austin Piazzolla Qunitet, $10-$15, 7pm Jazz Jam hosted by Todd Reid, Free, 9pm Hi-Dive, NE-HI w/ American Culture, & Slynger, $10, 9pm The Summit Music Hall, Emo Night Brooklyn, $10-$13, 10pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, Bluegrass Pick, Free, 8pm

WEDNESDAY19 FORT COLLINS Avogadro’s Number, Mason Street Bluegrass w/ jam to follow, Free, 7pm Hodi’s Half Note, Tatanka and E.N Young w/ Special Guests, $10$15, 9pm Lucky Joe’s, Weston Smith, Free,1:15pm Celtic Jam, Free, 7pm Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Irish Session, Free, 7pm Odell Brewing, Prairie Scholars, Free, 4pm




Steve Manshel

Steve Manshel is a seasoned music pro who has spent his career penning songs that run the gamut from rock to pop to ballads to country. Each live performance and also each release by this artist prove the level of musicianship and technique that come from unwavering commitment to quality and delivery of heartfelt songs that reach into the minds and hearts of listeners. The release of Steve’s new CD Kandyshine April 21 at Downtown Artery brings together his band with special guests Amy Morgan of Post Paradise on cello and guitar guru / co-producer Dave Beegle, who also is opening the show. Tom Capek (keys/vocals), Anneke Toomey (keys/ vocals), David Becher (bass/vocals), and Steve Ivey (drums) back Steve on Kandyshine’s originals and more from Manshel’s catalogue. Steve wears his heart on his sleeve, his voice, his songs, and…his guitar. 6pm doors, 7pm show, $10/$15, all ages. Tickets:

BOULDER Fox Theater, The Railsplitters & The Front Country, $12-$14, 8:30pm The Laughing Goat, Jazzetry Night! feat. Von Disco, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, UZ w/ Oski, & Kyral x Banko, $20-$25, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, RE:Search ft. Artifakts w/ Pandasaywhat?!, Mikey Thunder, Jubee, $5-$15, 8:30pm Dazzle Jazz, Ravi Coltrane Quartet, $20-$30, 6pm & 8pm Gothic Theatre, Dave Asprey, $45$50, 7pm Hi-Dive, J&L Defer w/ Clarke and the Himselfs, & Bark Wilson, $10, 9pm Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Method Man & Redman/Flatbush Zombies w/ Curren$y, Futuristic, RDGLDGRN, $uicideboy$, Afroman, & Probcause, $45, 4:15pm The Summit Music Hall, The Damned- 40th Anniversary U.S. Tour w/ Bleached, $15-$80, 7pm

THURSDAY 20 FORT COLLINS Aggie Theatre, The Underachievers & Futuristic w/ Thin Air Crew, $22-$25, 9pm

Blind Pig, 3rd Annual 4/20 Celebration, feat. Taylor Scott, and Friends, Tyler T., and the Holler! Free, 4:20pm, to close Chipper’s Lanes (N. College), Venture Still, $2, 10pm Downtown Artery, 4/20 CelebrationSwitchman Sleepin’ w/ Lineage, Pickin on Garcia, $8-$10, 8:30pm Hodi’s Half Note, The Untz Presents: Greener Grounds x Electric Love Machine x Metafonics, $7-$10, 9pm Lucky Joe’s, Brian Kittrell, Free, 9:30pm Surfside 7, Casey Prestwood & the Burning Angels Dylan Earl, & the Reasons Why, $7, 9pm The Boot, Natti Love Joys Playing LIVE, 5pm, $10 tickets at door.

BOULDER Boulder Theater, The Expendables w/ RDGLDGRN, Tribal Theory, $20-$65, 8pm Caffé Sole, Fareed/ Monica, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, Kitchen Dwellers Album Release w/ Part & Parcel, & Kind Country, $12-$15, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Brazil Night, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Of Montreal w/ Christina Schneider’s Jepeto Solutions, $20, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Dizzy Wright w/ Special Guests, $33-$35, 9pm

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Super Duper Kyle presents SUPER Tour with Cousin Stizz (EARLY SHOW), $16-$18, 5:30pm Method Man & Redman w/ Afroman (LATE SHOW), $42-$75, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, Ravi Coltrane Quartet, $20-$30, 6:30pm & 8:30pm Gothic Theatre, Break Science w/ Marvel Years, & Maddy O’ Neal, $20-$25, 9pm Herman’s Hideaway, Torn The Fuck Apart w/ End To End, Eye of Miverva, Horde Of Draugar, & Gore Loaf, $10-$12, 7pm Ogden Theatre, Gucci Mane, $65-$75, 8pm Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Flosstradamus, $45.50-$50, 6pm The Summit Music Hall, SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque, $20-$80, 8pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, Interstate Stash Express, Free, 7:30pm

FRIDAY 21 FORT COLLINS Aggie Theatre, Beats Antique w/ Mr. Bill, $28-$32, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Intergalactic Peace Jelly, $10, 9pm Downtown Artery, Steve Manshel w/ Dave Beegle, $10-$15, doors 6pm Equinox Brewing, The Hashtones, Free, 7pm




Hodi’s Half Note, Ritual of Ascension w/ Inficier, Triton and When Darkness Falls, $7$10, 9pm Island Grill, Midnight Growlers, Free, 8pm Lucky Joe’s, Marty Nightengale, Free, 9:30pm Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Cary Morin & Johnny Hickman, $12.50, 8pm Pappy’s Pub, Come August, Free, 8pm Swing Station, Cowboy Dave Band, $5, 9pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater,September School Presents Corporate Battle of the Bands, $25, 7pm Caffé Sole, Rene Heredia and the Flamenco Dance Company, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, Louis Futon, $10-$15, 9pm The Laughing Goat, The Constellation Collective, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Kitchen Dwellers w/ Part & Parcel, & Kind Country, $12-$15, 9pm Ceravantes’ Other Side, Green Is Beautiful - A tribute to Blue Note guitarist Grant Green feat. Eddie Roberts (The New Mastersounds), Alan Evans (Soulive, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe), Chris Spies, Alex Scott, Nick Gerlach (Turbo Suit) w/ Special Guest DJ Marcos Boricua, $20-$25, 9pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, The Underachievers w/ Special Guests, $25-$30, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, Ravi Coltrane Quartet, $20-$30, 7pm & 9pm Friday 10pm Social w/ Gumbo Le Funque, $5, 10pm Hi-Dive, The Lituation, See venue for cost, 9pm Herman’s Hideaway, 420 Reggae: Pressure Busspipe w/ Mountain Lion Dynasty, $15$120, 7:30pm Ogden Theatre, Pierce The Veil/ Sum 41 w/ Emarosa, & Chapel, $30-$35, 6:30pm The Fillmore, Thievery Corporation, See venue for cost, 8pm The Walnut Room, The Mailboxes, $10-$15, 8pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, Atomga, $5, 8:30pm


SATURDAY 22 FORT COLLINS Avogadro’s Number, Acoustic Shakedown Street, $10-$12, 8pm Downtown Artery, Grayson County Burn Ban, $5-$8, 8pm Equinox Brewing, Good Touch, Free, 7pm Hodi’s Half Note, Project 432 & Write Minded w/ NoNeed and Rawtune, $10-$15, 9pm Island Grill, Midnight Growlers, Free, 8pm Lucky Joe’s, Dave Kimball, Free, 9:30pm Pappy’s Pub, Backline, Free, 8pm The Whisk(e)y, Blue Stocking Burlesque, $10, 9pm

BOULDER Boulder Theater, Silversun Pickups w/ Kiev, $36.50, 8:30pm Caffé Sole, Janine Gastineau , See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, Late Night Radio w/ Maddy O’ Neal, $12-$15, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Brian Kittrell, Free, 8pm Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs, Free, 9pm

Hodi’s Half Note, Strong Survive Presents: Chris Webby w/ Special Guests, $15-$20, 7:30pm Lincoln Center, Travis Tritt, $20-$58, 7:30pm Surfside 7, Rosedale w/ Holly Murmurs, & Wolfers, & The Seers, $7, 9am

Caffé Sole, Rahul Sharma & Zakir Hussain, $15-$35, 7pm Fox Theatre, G Herbo, $22-$25, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Sophie Nevill, Free, 8pm BrownRandy, Free, 9pm SPIRKO, Free, 10pm

Hodi’s Half Note, Turn T-Table w/ Miss Jaedha, ELCTRX & Special Guests, Free The Music District, CSU New Music Ensemble: It Could Be Anything Le Bal Masque, Free, 8pm



Bluebird Theater, Betty Who w/ VÉRITÉ, $20, 8pm Dazzle Jazz, Urban Brunch w/ The Adam Bodine Trio, Free, 10:30am Hi-Dive, The Obsessed w/ Fatso Jetson, Karma To Burn, & Cloud Catcher, $20, 8pm Ogden Theatre, Silversun Pickups w/ Kiev, $36.50-$40, 8pm Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Snoop Dogg w/ Wiz Khalifa, $64.95$70, 6pm The Fillmore, Coheed And Cambria, See venue for cost, 7pm

Bluebird Theater, G Herbo w/ MikeMinded, & A Meazy, $23$28, 9pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Rumpke Mountain Boys w/ Cascade Crescendo /// Canyon Collected (PATIO SET), $12-$15, 9pm Dazzle Jazz, Amendola Vs. Blades, $15-$22, 7pm & 9pm Ogden Theatre, Pierce The Veil/ Sum 41 w/ Emarosa, & Chapel, $30$35, 6:30pm The Fillmore, Beats Antique, See venue for cost, 8pm The Summit Music Hall, Devin the Dude w/ Ice C.R.E.A.M, & UFO (CO), $16-$20, 7pm

Oskar Blues, Banshee Tree, Free, 5pm

SUNDAY 23 FORT COLLINS Avogadro’s Number, The Mood Elevators feat. Steven Johnson, Free, 4pm



Oskar Blues, New Family Dog w/ Sally Van Meter, $5, 8pm

Oskar Blues, Bluegrass Pick, Free, 8pm





MONDAY 24 FORT COLLINS Hodi’s Half Note, Funk Jam, Free, 10pm

DENVER Cervantes’ Other Side, Monday Night Menagerie ft. Laika Beats, Scotty Does Know, Bossillator, TwoMood, $10, 8pm Dazzle Jazz, Festival Del Tambor, $10, 7pm Hi-Dive, Vinyl Mondays w/ DJs Ned Garthe Explosion Datties, Free, 9pm The Fillmore, Mastodon, See venue for cost, 6:30pm

GREELEY MOXI Theater, Devin the Dude w/ Anvill, Los Guys, ESP, Church of Lazlo, High Class Low Lifes, & Fresh Crew, $15-$20, 8pm


The Laughing Goat, SPiNRaD, Free, 8pm

DENVER Dazzle Jazz, Jazz Jam hosted by Todd Reid, Free, 9pm The Fillmore, Tycho, See venue for cost, 7pm

WEDNESDAY 26 FORT COLLINS Avogadro’s Number, Mason Street Bluegrass w/jam to follow, Free, 7pm Lucky Joe’s, Celtic Jam, Free, 7pm Paul Vincent Frost, Free, 9:15pm Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Irish Session, Free, 7pm Odell Brewing, Bryce Merritt, Free, 4pm

BOULDER Fox Theatre, Na’an Stop Album Release, $12-$14, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Anna Shoemaker, Free, 8pm Stereo RV, Free, 9pm

DENVER Cervantes’ Other Side, Re:Search Wednesday ft. The Geek x VRV w/ Lucid Vision, Mikey Thunder, Staxx, Jubee, $5-$15, 8:30pm DazzleJazz, DPO w/ A Twist: Mixed Drink, $15, 7pm The Fillmore, Breaking Benjamin, See venue for cost, 6pm The Summit Music Hall, Chelsea Grin-Self Inflicted Tour w/ Ice Nine Kills, Gideon, & Enterprise Earth, $16-$18, 6pm





Avogadro’s Number, Wood & Wire, $12-$15, 8pm Chipper’s Lanes ( N. College), The Seers, $2, 10pm Downtown Artery, Joe Pug and Anais Mitchell, $15-$20, 7pm Hodi’s Half Note, The Main Squeeze w/ Dirty Revival, $12$15, 9pm

Aggie Theatre, FOCOMX, See venue for details Avogadro’s Number, FOCOMX, See venue for details Colorado Room, FOCOMX, See venue for details Downtown Artery, FOCOMX, See venue for details. Drunken Monkey, FOCOMX, See venue for details Equinox Brewing, FOCOMX, See venue for details Fusion Night Club, FOCOMX, See venue for details High Point Bar, FOCOMX, See venue for details Hodi’s Half Note, FOCOMX, See venue for details Illegal Pete’s, FOCOMX, See venue for details Island Grill, Movers and Shakers, Free, 8pm Lucky Joe’s, Waido, Free, 9:30pm Odell Brewing, FOCOMX, See venue for details Pappy’s Pub, Marty Nightengale, Free, 8pm Poudre Keg, FOCOMX, See venue for details Prost Brewing, FOCOMX, See venue for details Surfside 7 ,FOCOMX, See venue for details Swing Station, Red Feather Tribe, $5, 9pm The Whisk(e)y, FOCOMX, See venue for details The Music District, FOCOMX, See venue for details

BOULDER Fox Theatre, Official Beanstalk Pre-Party w/ Tenth Mountain Division and Cycles, & Good Touch, $8-$12, 8:30pm The Laughing Goat, Grupo Chegando La and Francisco Marques, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, No Ceilings feat. Boogie, Kaiydo, Kemba, & Michael Christmas, $15-$18, 8pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds w/ MindState, $13-$15, 9pm Dazzle Jazz,Sam Williams Quintet: Turn The Moon CD Release, $10-$12, 7pm Herman’s Hideaway, Bobaflex w/ Another Lost Year, & The Complication, $10-$125, 7pm Hi-Dive, SIR w/ Avifauna, & Atomatic Iris, $10, 9pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, The Complete Unknowns, Free, 7:30pm


BOULDER Boulder Theater, 25th Annual Microbreweries for the environment feat. The Brothers Comatose w/ Special Guest The Drunken Hearts, & Chain Station, $15-$25, 8pm Caffé Sole, Wayne Wilkinson, See venue for cost, 7pm Fox Theatre, The Main Squeeze, $15-$17, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Kutandra Kombi, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Wood & Wire w/ Rapidgrass, & Ginny Mules, $15-$18, 9pm Cervantes’ and The Other Side, The Unified Field - A Sonic Bloom Pre-Party feat. Ott - The Human Experience SoDown - Mike Love - Orgone - Monophonics - Ben Silver (Orchard Lounge) - saQi Janover - Tierro Band Feat. Bridget Law of Elephant Revival - Mikey Thunder & More, $30-$35, 8:30pm Dazzle Jazz, Ken Walker Sextet, $8-$12, 7pm 10PM Social w/ Dave Devine Trio, $5, 10pm Hi-Dive, Brent Cowles EP Release w/ Wildermiss, & King Cardinal, $13-$15, 9pm The Fillmore, Killswitch Engage & Anthrax - The Killthrax Tour, See venue for cost, 6pm The Summit Music Hall, Mod Sun, $18-$20, 7pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, Caribou Mountain Collective, $5, 8:30pm

SATURDAY 29 FORT COLLINS/LAPORTE Aggie Theatre, FOCOMX, See venue for details Avogadro’s Number, FOCOMX, See venue for details Colorado Room, FOCOMX, See venue for details Downtown Artery, FOCOMX, See venue for details. Drunken Monkey, FOCOMX, See venue for details Equinox Brewing, FOCOMX, See venue for details Fusion Night Club, FOCOMX, See venue for details High Point Bar, FOCOMX, See venue for details Hodi’s Half Note, FOCOMX, See venue for details Illegal Pete’s, FOCOMX, See venue for details Island Grill, Movers and Shakers, Free, 8pm Lucky Joe’s, John Paul Hodge, Free, 9:30pm Odell Brewing, FOCOMX, See venue for details Tap & Handle, The Bardots (FoCoMX), 8pm Pappy’s Pub, Elizabeth Hudetz, Free, 8pm Poudre Keg, FOCOMX, See venue for details Prost Brewing, FOCOMX, See venue for details Surfside 7 ,FOCOMX, See venue for details Swing Station, Tejon Street Corner Thieves, $5, 9pm The Whisk(e)y, FOCOMX, See venue for details The Music District, FOCOMX, See venue for details


1205 W. Elizabeth

Campus West • 493-1103


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BOULDER Caffé Sole, Dry Jack Group, See venue for cost, 7pm eTown Hall, eTown Presents: Wood & Wire & Lauren Stovall and Peter Sharpe of The Railsplitters, $17, 6pm Fox Theatre, Black Tiger Sex Machine w/ Kai Wachi, $18-$20, 9pm The Laughing Goat, Savannah King, Free, 8pm Skean Dubh, Free, 9pm

DENVER Cervantes’ and Other Side, The Unified Field - A Sonic Bloom Pre-Party feat. Ott - SoDown Orgone - Monophonics - Mikey Thunder - FunkStatik - TruFeelz, $20-$30, 8:30pm Dazzle Jazz, Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet, $22, 7pm & 9pm Blues Night w/ Delta Sonics, $5, 10:30pm

Gothic Theatre, Potato Pirates/ The Bunny Gang w/ Screwtape, Red Sage, The Beeves, & Denver Vintage Reggae Society , $5$18, 8pm Hi-Dive, Muscle Beach w/ Necropanther, Orcanaut, & Glacial Tomb, $10, 9pm Ogden Theatre, Hyper Future Tour Feat. Epic, Must Die! & Gentlemen’s Club, $20-$35, 9pm Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead w Medeski Martin & Wood, $42.50-$45, 6:30pm The Summit Music Hall, Peter Hook & The Light, $25-$45, 7pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, The Red Petals, $5, 8:30pm





Aggie Theatre, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds w/ Mindstate, Project 432, $13-$15, 9pm Avogadro’s Number, Arias @ Avo’s, Donation, 4pm Hodi’s Half Note, Alex Wiley’s “Stoner Symphony Tour” w/ Thin Air Crew, $10-$12, 9pm Lincoln Center, FACE and SHEL, $22$30, 7pm Lyric Cinema Cafe, Movie|Silent Auction Benefit for Charis Ranch, a sanctuary for kids and horses, 2pm Swing Station, Matt Woods, Free, 4pm

Downtown Artery, Jeffrey Foucault, $18-$20, 7pm Surfside 7, Ese & Victim Culture, $7, 9pm


The Laughing Goat, Ken Stevens, Bethel Steele, Theresa Peterson, & Shanna in a Dress, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Joe Pug w/ Anais Mitchell, $17-$20, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Sadistik w/ Nacho Picasso, Rafael Vigilantics and Special Guests, $13-$16, 8pm Dazzle Jazz, Urban Brunch w/ Julie Monley Quartet, Free, 10:30pm Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet, $22, 6pm & 8pm Herman’s Hideaway, SMASHINGTON DENVER 2017, $10, 5pm

LYONS Oskar Blues, Benefit for Nancy, Free, 4pm

MONDAY1 DENVER Bluebird Theater, Oddisee & Good Compny feat. Oliver St. Louis, $15-$18, 8pm Cervantes’ Other Side, Alex Wiley’s “Stoner Symphony Tour” w/ Kembe X, Kundalinians, $10$12, 8pm Gothic Theatre, Delain w/ Hammerfall, & Immortal Synn, $30-$25, 8pm



BOULDER The Laughing Goat, The Matt Human Trio, Free, 8pm

DENVER Bluebird Theater, Meat Puppets and Mike Watt + The Jom and Terry Show, $22-$25, 8pm Hi-Dive, Charly Bliss w/ See Through Dresses, & Blue Lane Frontier, $10-$12, 8pm Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Chance the Rapper, SOLD OUT, 7pm The Fillmore, PJ Harvey, See venue for cost, 7:30pm The Summit Music Hall, Say Anything/ Bayside w/ Reggie and the Full Effect, $23-$26, 6:30pm

WEDNESDAY 3 FORT COLLINS Avogadro’s Number, Music on the Patio feat. Cobb & Loiz, Free, 5pm Lucky Joe’s, Celtic Jam, Free, 7pm Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Irish Session, Free, 7pm

BOULDER The Laughing Goat, Purple Squirrel, Free, 8pm

DENVER Cervantes’ Other Side, RE: Search ft. MuzzY w/ Frameworks, Ryan Viser, Mikey Thunder, Jubee, $5-$15, 8:30pm Ogden Theatre, Jamey Johnson w/ Margo Price, & Brent Cobb, $35$50, 7:30pm Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Chance the Rapper, SOLD OUT, 7pm The Summit Music Hall, Ones to Watch Presents Gnash w/ Sweater Beats, MAX, Goody Grace, & Tulpa & Blankets, $20$25, 6:30pm

Infinite Wellness Center


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April Issue!  
April Issue!