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right to care  for  our skin can be daunting. It starts with

SPF 45 protection, and also contains peptides to stimulate

figuring out your skin type, Anderson says. If you have

collagen. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments also restore

fair skin that is sensitive, what is appropriate and what is

the surface of the skin reducing redness and pigment that

not? If your skin is oily, what creams will sit well and what

results from sun damage. It works well for those with ro-

won’t? If you’ve had a lot of sun exposure, what proce-

sacea, a chronic skin condition that causes redness and

dures are not options? A patient’s goals also are important

acne-like eruptions. “We have many effective ways to help

as is the condition of his or her skin. “What I do personally

with acne and rosacea. With acne, cleansing and decreas-

for my patients is predominantly medical, but I practice

ing inflammation is important and can be aided by photo-

what I preach, and I have an interest in research and help-

dynamic light therapy,” Anderson says. “We’ve also come

ing others,” she says. “We look at the literature and the

a long way in understanding the inflammatory and vas-

science, and we’ve been able to find products we believe

cular component for rosacea. There are newer prescrip-

in and procedures that have impact because we respect

tions available, and we are able to better counsel people

the trust that patients put in us.”

to avoid triggers like spicy food, caffeine, and red wine.”

With her background in genetics along with her med-

Dermatology & Oculoplastic Consultants has recent-

ical education and specialty training in dermatology, An-

ly moved to a new location at 5310 Clark Road in Sara-

derson is in a uniquely qualified position to research the

sota and has added a new leading-edge FDA-approved

effectiveness of new products, treatments and procedures.

Ultheraphy ® procedure, which is a nonsurgical treatment

“When patients come to us with questions about conditions

that uses ultrasound to lift and tighten the skin of the

or we’re looking at something new, we want to find the an-

brow, jawline, and neck. Dermapen® is also relatively new

swers,” she says. “We will figure out the goals, delivery sys-

to Anderson’s practice. It is a micro-needling process that

tem, what benefits are claimed, how long it will take to get

stimulates the body’s regenerative capabilities reducing

those benefits, and if it actually will deliver them.”

fine lines and wrinkles. It also is effective in improving

Anderson says great skin excels in four categories:

acne scars and the appearance of stretch marks.

tone, texture, volume, and clarity. With age, skin loses

Anderson works in partnership with her husband, Dr.

elasticity, or tone, and she says there are products that can

Paul Brannan, which gives patients an added opportunity

help. Her practice carries SkinMedica®  eye cream with

to refresh the eye area. Brannan is an oculofacial plastic

growth factors, vitamin C, retinol, and peptides that im-

surgeon with special expertise in the eye area.  Both  are

pact collagen in the skin, and Nectifirm ®, which tightens

familiar faces around town and are known for giving back

the problematic neck area with collagen induction and fat

to the community. Each year, Dermatology & Oculoplas-

refinement for a smoother line. This is also where lasers

tic Consultants selects a charity of the year, and this year

can be beneficial. By very precisely affecting dermal, or

it is Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue. They recently were lead

deep, top layers of skin, lasers stimulate the body’s heal-

sponsors for the Sandy Claws Run fundraiser for Sarasota

ing response forming new skin cells for a tighter, more

Parks and Recreation and a SRQ 5K SUP & RUN race in

youthful appearance. “Botox ® also is good for smoothing

Benderson Park to benefit wounded veterans. Anderson, Brannan, and their staff come up with an

out forehead lines and crows feet,” she says. When it comes to texture, exfoliation plays a key role.

annual motto to guide them. This year’s motto is Pride,

Anderson faithfully uses a Clarisonic® skin cleansing de-

Passion and Purpose. “Purpose is key. We have to keep

vice with an array of brushes for gentle exfoliation. “Clar-

in mind, and base our actions on, taking care of patients.

isonic is a fantastic tool for cleansing,” she says. “It gets

We have a very comprehensive methodology, and always

rid of layers of sunscreen and makeup and prepares the

try to be approachable. Walking away knowing you did

skin for moisturizers and other products.” Chemical peels

the best for patients is where pride comes in,” Anderson

and microdermabrasion along with antioxidants such as

says. The passion comes from viewing what they do as a

Vitamin C and Vitamin A, and  products derived from

career, rather than just a job, and knowing they can make

it like Retin A and retinol, also help skin’s texture and

a difference.


“We set time aside to do a thorough skin analysis for

and Radiesse ®, can help by filling out cheeks to give them

our patients. We listen, and we counsel,” she says. “We

a more youthful profile or address deeper wrinkles and

can know scientifically what rejuvenation is, but we have

areas like the nasolabial folds.

to apply it to a patient’s internal and external focus, their

glow. Volume is where dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm

To improve skin clarity, prevention plays a very sig-

goals. And we have to be humble that what we do is a

nificant role in decreasing brown and red spots, and there

mixture of science and art.” Those who would like to

are products that can make a difference as well. Intelli-

know more about skin rejuvenation and medical derma-

shade™ is a tinted lotion that matches skin tone, adds

tology may visit or call 941.925.3627.

June 2015





June 2015 Issue of Scene Magazine


June 2015 Issue of Scene Magazine