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e t a m i The U lt r e v o e k a M e l i m S By Sue Cullen

No matter what kind of beauty someone possesses, whether it is the classic look on cameos and ancient Roman coins or a visage uniquely theirs, only one feature provides the ticket to an instant makeover. A beautiful smile. Smiles are a powerful part of our beauty ar-

Improved dental aesthetics also means better

senal, credited with lighting up a face or an

functionality and vice versa.”

entire room. They also can transform a face from nice to radiant. Thankfully, with mod-

Whether it’s a small enhancement, such as

ern cosmetic dentistry, having a “killer” smile

whitening teeth, or a full smile makeover,

is possible no matter what Mother Nature or

more and better options are now available.

Father Time had planned for us.

While additional choices are a boon, finding the best option can seem overwhelming.

“A person’s smile is a key aspect of facial aes-

“We spend a lot of time educating patients

thetics, and that becomes even more appar-

about their options. With veneers, for exam-

ent when someone has a facelift or any kind

ple, someone can choose from a variety of

of augmentation,” says Dr. Kenneth Liszewski

grades of materials. For more aesthetic full

of BayView Dental Associates (941.351.8338

crowns, combinations of porcelain and zirco-

|, who has practiced

nia are available. For cost conscious patients,

general and cosmetic dentistry for nearly

composites may be the ticket.” Liszewski

30 years in Sarasota. “That means cosmetic

says. “As is usually the case, you typically get

dentistry goes hand in hand with cosmet-

what you pay for. Composites look nice ini-

ic enhancement, but at the same time, you

tially but may wear and discolor more rapidly

can’t separate functionality and aesthetics.

not having the longevity of all ceramic. VeJuly 2016





July 2016


July 2016