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NEWSLETTER Autumn Edition

OUR DAYCARE CENTRE FOR DOGS Great fun centre for your dogs to play, have fun, socialise and tire themselves out whilst you are out

JANUARY 2013 Some of the changes explained

PETSITTERS WANTED See inside for details

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Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Care Centre More of us go out to work for most of the week. Unfortunately this isn't the lifestyle that our dogs desire. Here at Doggie Day Care we ensure that your dog receives the exercise, company, stimulation and fun that they lack if left at home alone. Day care is also the perfect place for your dog to socialise with other dogs and people, and produces a happy and well-adjusted dog who is easier to live. Doggie Day Care is the perfect place for all types of dogs. We actively encourage puppies to come along for socialisation as well as adolescent, adult and senior dogs. We tailor make each dog's day so they receive the correct level of exercise, rest, play and company for their individual needs. Day Care is a purpose built facility with inside and outside play areas both containing a multitude of toys. The inside area also contains a raised chillout area which the dogs can choose to retreat too when they are tired or need a bit of space whilst still being able to watch the action. There is a quiet area, which is ideal for puppies, or dogs who are just starting out in day care who need a gradual introduction to playtime. The outside paddock boasts 6ft high fences to ensure our dogs are safely contained whilst entertained by the multitude of enrichment.

Contact Nina for more information: 2] Tel: 01243 697202

All Dog Food Natural Instinct only employ fresh meat that’s been sourced from DEFRA-approved farms. From both an ethical and health conscious viewpoint, we don’t use battery farm chickens or any intensivelyfarmed animals as there’s a growing body of evidence which suggests that the use of cheap, substandard ingredients has been a trigger for health problems in pets. A staunch, unflinching commitment to human grade ingredients means that all our meats are dressed. In other words the phrase meat isn’t a misguided euphemism for a big bucket of chicken heads, feathers and feet. We also never resort to bulking out our recipes with undesirable fillers such as dairy produce, animal by-products, animal derivatives or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Contact Nina for more information:

Tel: 012433]697202

Petsitters required for occasional dog boarding in your own homes. Must have experience of owning dogs

Sussex Petsitters Price Increase: We have not taken the decision to increase fees lightly, however, for us to maintain and continue to improve the service that we provide, this review has been necessary and remains very competitive with similar services offered by other companies. Our Fees have remained the same for the last 10 years and with effect from the 1st January 2013, the price of a one hours’ dog walk will increase from £8 to £9, for 2 dogs it will be £13.50, for 3 dogs it will be £18 and 4 dogs it will be £25. There are no changes to the prices of any other service at this time. Invoicing: As part of our commitment to improving the service that we provide to our customers, we have recently introduced a new computer system, which now enables us to provide quotes, book services, invoice for those services, and receive payments, all through one system, making the whole process more streamlined and efficient. As we now have the facility to invoice for services, we would like you to pay for services monthly in advance rather than finding the fees at the end of each week. Any extra walks for the month can be added to next months invoice and any cancelled walks, can be credited to next months invoice also. (Subject to SPS cancellation policy) Once Invoiced, you can still pay your pet-sitter by cash or cheque or direct to the company by BACS, and in addition to these options we can now offer a facility to pay accounts by card over the telephone; please call the office on 01243 697202 between 9.00am and 4.00pm to make payment by this method.

Contact Nina for more information:

Tel: 012434]697202


Whats on? MONDAY



6-9pm Agility

1pm - 9pm Puppy and Obedience Classes

One to One Behavioural Clinics

1-9pm Agility 6-9pm Fearful Fido 8pm Search and Rescue One to One Behavioural Clinics




6-9pm Agility

1pm - 8pm One to One Behavioural Clinics

Agility and Obedience Workshops

6-8pm Flyball

1pm-6pm One to One Behavioural Clinics 6pm - 9pm Puppy and Obedience Classes


Recall Seminars 6.30-9.30pm Agility

Search and Rescue

9-12 One to one Behavioural Clinic at Downland Vets Chichester


Fearful Fido Classes Does your dog lunge, bark or growl at other dogs or people? Fearful fido is a group class where the dogs are helped to conquer their fears and owners gain tips, techniques and support to increase their dog’s confidence

New Starters Agility Class Suitable for both puppies and adult dogs. This class teaches the basics required to excel in agility, whether for fun or competition




SCDT Xmas meal at the stables in Fontwell on the 7th at 7pm

Classes restart from Monday 7th January

Last chance to Book for the Search and Rescue Course Starting in April


Coming Soon..... CRATE GAMES


Allows anyone to produce:

Perfect for dogs that wont always come when called. Chasing dogs/ wildlife or just with their noses to the ground this course teaches you how to get that all important recall, every time. We can also teach this class as a 121, if required, in one of our clinics

* Focus and motivation for work * A dog that can relax in his crate even while you work another dog * A phenomenal sit stay * A speedy and dependable recall * Distance skills for obedience or agility * Self- rather then imposed-control * A remarkable working relationship * Confidence while being proofed during any tough distraction * A dog that keenly offers responses when being shaped * ...and much more!

NEW FOUNDATION AGILITY CLASSES Suitable for puppies too. A class that teaches all the basics needed to excel in agility whether for fun or competition. Ensures your dog is confident on all the equipment as well as following your directional cues and teaching body awareness.

2X2 WEAVES Susan Garrett's revolutionary 2x2 weave training method takes a skill that handlers often struggle with for months, and turns it into one that can be trained in just weeks!

Contact Nina for more information:

Tel: 01243 697202 6]

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Sussex Petsitters Newsletter  

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