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Happy Birthday Zoo Professor Becky! You're a wonderful friend and fearless leader. Enjoy your day! Love you! - Lissy

Dear Becky, I hope your birthday is filled with joy, kindness, and love. Have a wonderful birthday, sweetie! Love, Jess

Dear Zoo! Nearly a year back I made the decision to leave the impassive SimAngels to join my friends at D.N.A. I haven't regretted it one bit. I love you Zoo, happy birthday! Sara

Happy Birthday! Have a great day Zoo!!! Love Cakes :)

Dear Zoo! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, I hope you'll have a wonderful one! *hugs* - Ildi Hope the "zoo story" about your birthday this year is long, funny and colorful! Have a fantastic day, hugs! Ruthy "One year older and a whole lot wiser! At least, that's how it should work ;) Hope your day is filled with merriment and gifts-a-plenty - you deserve it Zoo! --Wibble :)" Have a purr fect day zoo , hope all your birthday wishes come true. Love Rach

May this day be nothing less than happy and sweet with joy for you. Happy Birthday. Jenn Zoo, Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional. Happy Birthday! Clare "Happy Birthday Princess!" XOXOX Pam Happy Birthday darling Zoo, Happy Birthmonth even! xoxo, Elle

Dear Zooey! Thank you for being such a dear friend! Have a happy birthday and remember... Birthday cake for breakfast is perfectly acceptable! Much love, Taryn My Message: Sending you a pint of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia and a bunch of *hugs* for your birthday, She

Dear Zoo, “It takes a long time to grow young.” - Pablo Picasso Here’s to all of us becoming “young” together! Have a fantastical birthday! Love, Dawn

Happy Birthday, Zoo  

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