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Greetings and Welcome!

give them a huge welcome.

Welcome to the new members of the Student Support

One of the big changes we

Services family and to our

made is in regards to the

returning members. We are

SSS Tech Lab. It has been

exited about the new semes-

renamed The SSS Resource

ter and with some exciting

Lab. The purpose of the

things we planned over the

change is to provide a place

summer semester.

where students can go to

The staff has worked hard to put together some solid,

Carolyn Kindle, M.S., Interim Vice President of Student and Administrative Services

get resources about colleges/universities, have tutoring sessions, study,

educational, cultural, empowering schedule of activities, workshops, and events. We did lose a member of our staff, Mrs. Linda Brown, who is still at Shawnee but no

print, use the computers and some of our workshops will be held there also. Matt ’ s office is now located in the SSS Resource Lab and he will be there to assist you all

longer with us. If you are in

while in the lab. You can still

the nursing area, stop by and say hi to her. In September, we will be adding a new member to our staff to fill

Dr. Tim Bellamey, President

that position and ask you to

find Tanya and Lee Ann, as well as myself, down the ‘ H ’ main hallway.

Inside this issue:

Student Support Services, STAFF Jeff McGoy, Director Vacant, Executive Secretary II Tanya Hill, Career/Transfer Advisor Lee Ann George, Retention Specialist Matt Clemons, Tutor Coordinator

618-634-3236 618-634-3287 618-634-3252 618-634-3226 618634-3205

Eastern IL Campus




TRiO Nighti/Giordano’s


TASTE Of Chicago




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On Thursday, July 12th, TRiO students attended a campus tour of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL. Upon arrival, the students received a tour of the sprawling campus, which consists of unique landscapes, student centered buildings, and residence halls. Staff and students were treated to an entire evening of fun filled activities, which included swimming at the student recreation center. In addition, staff and students ate lunch at The University Food Court, located in the Martin Luther King, Jr. University Union. The student friendly food

court consists of Chick-fil-A, Charleston Market, Panther Grille, Freschetta Pizza, and Subway. After an exciting day of tours, food, and fun, staff and students retreated back to the residence hall to get some much needed rest. Overall, the campus visit to Eastern Illinois University was eye opening, informational, and a major success from start to finish. Most importantly, the students who attended were able to benefit from being exposed to a well rounded and diverse college environment, that is located away from the familiarity of home.

Chris Fitzgerald and Andrea Purchase take a moment to show why they are picture perfect!

From L to R: Masasha Boyd, Andrea Purchase, Chris Fitzgerald, Naomi Nelson, Jose Botello, and Alka Johnson.

SSS and Talent Search Students receiving an all access tour of the Eastern Illinois Campus.

Eastern Illinois University tour guide giving TRiO Students an overview of the buildings on campus.

Kenneth Grundy and Andrea Purchase pose for a picture inside the Student Recreation Center.

SSS and Talent Search Students receiving a tour of the Student Recreation Center.

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On Friday, July 13th, 20 TRiO students

( 1 0 Student Support Services and 10 Talent Search ) attended a TRiO Night/WNBA game featuring the hometown team, The Chicago Sky. The game was intense and hard fought with a 78-80 victory being secured by the Connecticut Sun. In addition, the students were able to attend a financial literacy workshop that was a part of the TRiO Night event. After the game, the

Chicago Sky WNBA Team takes on Connecticut.

From Left to Right: Chris Fitzgerald, Andrea Purchase, and Jose Botello smile big .

Yvetta Bennett, Andrea Purchase, and Christopher Fitzgerald at Giordano’s Pizza.

On Friday, July 13th, 20 TRiO students ( 10 Student Support Services and 10 Talent Search ) attended the Taste of Chicago in Chicago, IL. The Taste of Chicago ( mostly known as The Taste ) is the world ’ s largest food festival, held annually in mid-July. The nation ’ s flagship outdoor food festival showcases the diversity of Chicago ’ s dining community. The plentiful array of food served at the Taste of Chicago is complimented by an eclectic variety of music and activities for all age groups. Every summer since 1980, Chicago ’ s beautiful and scenic Grant Park on the city ’ s magnificent lakefront has been home to the world ’ s largest

From L to R: Chris Fitzgerald, Naomi Nelson, Masasha Boyd, Jose Botello, and Andrea Purchase getting ready to “TASTE” Chicago.

Andrea Purchase standing in front of the “Seated Lincoln” monument located within the Court of Presidents area in Grant Park.

Chris Fitzgerald standing in front of the “Seated Lincoln” monument located within the Court of Presidents area in Grant Park.


SHAWNEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Student Support Services TRIO Program 8364 Shawnee College Road Ullin, IL 62992 (618) 634-3200—Main Campus nt_support_services.asp

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