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June 2009 Next General Meeting – Wednesday 3 June All members are invited to attend our next General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 3 June at 8.00pm. Prior to the meeting, from 6.30pm, come and enjoy our “mid-year roast dinner” for $12.00 per person (we will include a glass of house red or white or, if you prefer, a Hahn Premium beer). Please note that numbers for catering purposes need to be advised by Friday 29 May. If you haven’t booked there will not be a meal for you.

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Shannons Nationals Round 4 Mallala

From the President – Michael Keenan As car persons we should all know the value of logic and the most valuable principle of a logical answer to a problem – Occam ’s razor – the simplest solution is the best and most likely to be the actual solution. The other rule is the camel principle - that is a complex solution and is most likely to be designed by a committee – why? Because it tries to incorporate all the parts. (Opinions/ views etc) Given it is election time, a quick review of the nomination and election process and the application of the Occam’s razor is perhaps pertinent. The Club’s constitution actually calls for four sets of elections. One for President, one for Vice President, one for Secretary and one for Board Members. Complicating the matter is nomination for one position excludes you from another. An added but not impinging complication is that some people don’t have to be elected this time. The governance committee of the Board has considered this arrangement. Apart from it not being a simple solution to the problem of how you get a good collection of people who represent the clubs internal opinion to manage the Club for everyone’s benefit – it also wastes talent. If, for example, three people stand for President, two of them will not be able to participate in the Board for a year. Given the Club, and it is not alone in this, is not under siege with candidates, this is a gross waste of talent. The same happens with Vice President and with Secretary. There is a catch all that says the Board can appoint people thereafter and there is a potential for the person who nominates to get involved in the Board committees and there is also a potential for a person to be involved into the sections in lieu of their loss. However that must be weighed against the candidates realization that they might have escaped (rather than lost) the position and so they are less willing to put their name up in the immediate future. The Club needs to think seriously about having a single all in all out election process with the Board appointing its officers from within –as does parliament, most clubs and organizations. Apart from simplicity, it has the advantage of having candidates stand for the job of managing the Club rather than the position. For those who want to have recognized and direct vote for the Club’s mantelpiece, the other option is to have a two elections - for President and for the Board, if so, then to ensure the capture of talent, the process should allow a candidate to nominate for a President and for a board position - if they lose as President, then in the simultaneous separate ballot process they can then be voted onto the Board – if they lose both, there has to be a message in the result. In the meantime, we have an election under a set of rules and I urge candidates to come forward; I will not be so ingenuous as to say there is no time commitment because there is but if you have the time and the commitment, it will seem like no time at all.

June 5-7

June 13-15 Sunseeker Rally Clare

June 14 Multiclub 1 Collingrove

June 20 Drift School Mallala

June 21 Round 3 Burnout Collingrove

June 28 Around the Houses Veteran/ Vintage

June 28 Wintercup 1 Collingrove

July 4 Drift Practice Mallala

July 5 Working Bee Collingrove

July 19 Foggy Dew Run Vintage Section

July 19 Round 4 Burnout Collingrove

Library News DID YOU MISS OUR BIG BOOK, MAGAZINE AND BROCHURE SALE? NOW YOU CAN PURCHASE OUR SURPLUS STOCK YEAR ROUND BY COMING INTO THE LIBRARY ON WEDNESDAY OR FRIDAY MORNINGS. One popular book that we have recently re-read is “LIFE AT THE LIMIT” by double World Champion, and Indianapolis winner, Graham Hill. Graham was a Tasman Series competitor and was known for his easy charm and wit and his ability to liven a party with stories. So the book is an entertaining read and recounts how he started from an unlikely beginning, but it concludes several years before he was killed in a crash in his own plane along with Australian mechanic Tony Alcock and several others. In his writing, it could be said that he overuses the words “of course”. Cynics may say that he mostly means ‘off course’ as he made a lot of these excursions which he graphically and humorously describes. FOR SALE: We have bound copies of English MOTORSPORT OF 1949, 1950 and 1951 available. WE REQUIRE: SPARK PLUGS by A M PARKER, Volume 1 (black cover). Can anyone help with this? When you are next in the Club, have a look at the information on THE LIBRARY NOTICE BOARD (the board nearest the function room) for information about books, magazines and other topical subjects. Does anyone have a copy of ROAD & TRACK for JANUARY 2008 that we can have to complete our collection for binding and to replace a copy which has gone missing? Gavin Farmer is currently researching for two more books with help from the Library. One is on the Monaro and the other on the Buckle. If anyone has photos or information that they think should be included in these publications talk to us in the Library.

Lobethal Grand Carnival UPDATE Dates for the event - October 3-4, 2009 followed on Monday October 5 by Vintage Collingrove. Highlights - 70th Anniversary of the Australian Grand Prix and the return of the 1939 victor, Allan Tomlinson who will, aged 93, drive a replica MG TA around the full circuit. Featured marques are MG and Alfa Romeo - there are many MG's entered including the very rare (10 built) MG R-type of Chris Bucknell and three K3 models. Philip Bradey's K3 was the winner of the first 50 mile handicap at Lobethal in 1938 ahead of the Boughton brothers 4-4 Morgan which is expected to re-appear fully restored. From USA three very significant cars have entered, the 1935 ex- Nuvolari German GP winning P3 Alfa Romeo owned by Jon Shirley, another significant P3 to be driven by Greg Whitten and the very Delahaye 135S which John Snow scored 4th outright at the 1939 AGP. To date some 90 cars and 30 bikes are entered. A few spaces remain so for those intending participation on track at Lobethal 2009, please get your ENTRY downloaded from the event website, or collect from the Club. In addition, 2009 will see Corporate Hospitality introduced at Kayannie and Mt Torrens corners and parades of exotic and historic touring cars will be staged in the gaps between the cars and bikes lapping. These parades will be used as a fundraiser with passengers paying to occupy a passenger's seat. For the Sporting Car Club, the main role besides fielding entrants is to provide officials and volunteers for which the Club is reimbursed. Earnings from the 2008 event amounted to $15,000 so this is a very worthwhile contributor to the Club's income stream. Positions to be filled range from key officials to marshals for track sectors, road closures, crowd control, car parking Volunteer Forms are available on the event website ( or at the SCCSA front desk. All enquiries and volunteer sign-ons are to be referred to Events Manager, Penny Gordon, at the Club on 8373 4899 or to Event Co-ordinator, Dee McLean on 0402 454 576.


HRR News Easter Mallala Ann Ozgo gave an overview of Easter Mallala, although the event had some unforeseen hiccups this year it was a resounding success with over 900 paying spectators on the Sunday. The spectators were treated to some very exciting racing in perfect weather conditions. CAMS Commission Report Peter Hall gave the CAMS Commission report; he reported that there is a lot of discussion surrounding Formula Ford and 1989 as the date when this type of race car’s construction changed significantly to be the dividing line between contemporary racing and historic. There was also some good discussion regarding Group S using Dunlop D93J tyres and whether they are considered wet weather tyres. Eligibility Kevin Shearer reported that a Formula Ford “Hawk” from the USA was nearing completion and should be soon racing. In the Pipe Line There are plans afoot to hold a forum with other car clubs to canvas their ideas and thoughts regarding the direction and future management of historic car racing. These ideas would then be presented by the CAMS representative in this state at future CAMS Historic Commission meetings. On the Big Screen Classic motor cycle racing from Aldinga Beach Next Meeting is the AGM Tuesday 14th July

Market Place Wanted to Sell Mercedes 1974 450SE & 1925 Studebaker Californian plus a second car in bits. Trevor Hunt 8278 5816 or 0428 839 474 or Murray Reed H 8278 3790 or W 8356 7323. 1927 Morris Cowley part restored. Pam Whittle 8332 0043. MG-Y type owners manual good condition, MG-Y type Saloons and Tourers by John Lawson. Hardcover, as new, Morris Mini Minor Workshop manual (includes 998cc Mini Cooper), well used, but complete, 6V Klaxette horn excellent, Dead Easy double acting tyre pump for running board complete, undamaged. Nigel Scott 0419 838 626. Vauxhall 1925 LM 14/40 5-seater Tourer body by James Flood, Melbourne. Carefully maintained in excellent condition throughout. Reg. No. VGL 848. Bob Eglinton (08) 8431 6080. 1968 Alfa Romeo 1750c GTV. Interior re-trimmed in black and exterior painted red. New tyres, carpet and windscreen. Runs well (no rego) Reg. No. RTM 982. $11,000 ono. Phone Mal Hosking 8278 4123. Wanted Mid 1934 -1940 Ford Sidevavle V8 or parts, also gear box, front/rear suspension, axles, wheels, brakes etc. Morris Cowley steering box. Please call Phil Carter 0417 876 484. Holiday House to Rent – Stansbury, Y.P. Overlooking the sea. 100 years old, restored to old era. Accommodates 5 people. Minimum 3 nights. Bedspreads supplied, BYO sheets, blankets, pillows. Outdoor gas bbq in garden setting, pergola and picnic furniture. Off street parking. Contact Graham South (08) 8297 2475 or 0417 894 814. Holiday Rental – Port Elliott Cowsley House, a luxuriously appointed 2 storey limestone cottage situated in a quiet street in the heart of Port Elliott, only metres from The Strand and 5 minutes walk to Horseshoe Bay. 3 bedrooms (sleeps up to 4 adults and 4 children) 2 bathrooms, designer bed linen and towels provided. Full cooking facilities including dishwasher. Private courtyard for alfresco dining. Off street parking in lockable garage. Visit or call 0428 130 899 for full details. Visiting France? Stay a while in SCC member’s medieval village house. In SW France this carefully restored stone th house, dating from the 13 Century, has modern appliances, central heating. Sunny terrace, garden, secure parking. Our interesting small town of Castelnau-Montratier and surrounding countryside with vineyards offers a perfect way to experience France. Good availability for short or longer rentals. Phone John or Norma on 8223 2707 for full details and brochure or visit June 2009

New Members – April 2009 Terry Clancy Trevor Shepherd Steve Angeli Lance Colebourne Nathanael Williamson Mike Schneider Michael Gold Ben Finnis Bonnie Thomas David Urry Bill Sandford Michael Allen Brett Pendlebury Adam Biggs Justin Codr

Competition Veteran, Vintage, Classic General General, HQ, Competition General, Classic, Competition General, Classic, Competition Competition General Competition Classic Competition Classic, HRR, Competition Classic General General, Competition

Veteran News Coming Meetings Friday 19 June – AGM and Trophy Presentation Night. Friday 17 July – Noggin and Natter. Coming Events May 23-24 – Burra Bash, a weekend rally organised by the Vintage Section June 21 – Around the Houses – depart SCC at 9.30am, Hills pick-up at 10am at Carey Gully CFS. We are visiting Mike Sheehan’s shed and Paech’s Farm. BYO morning tea and lunch. Gold coin donation at Paech’s Farm. Collections of cars, agricultural machinery, memorabilia and china, glassware and furniture can be viewed. All welcome to join us. July 5 – Foggy Dew Run with Vintage Section. October 25 – London to Brighton Run th Past Events – 75 Anniversary National Veteran Rally, Naracoorte, 3-8 May. To host a National Veteran Rally with 145 pre-1919 vehicles entered was a great honour. It was pleasing to see that we had one of the largest attendances at a Veteran rally for many years. Our thanks go to Julian McNeil, Rally Director, and his hard working Rally committee and rally assistants. Our Club was well represented with 21 of the 38 SA entries. Vehicles ranged in age from 1902 to 1928. Thanks to all who attended to make this such a fitting th celebration of our 75 Anniversary. See the further write-up and pictures in July WheelSpin or on the noticeboards at the Club. The Club 1917 Dodge Brothers Roadster has again become available for application for custodianship. It is offered to both members and non-members. Information on the custodial conditions can be obtained from the website, Club office or from the Veteran Section committee members.

HQ News In the second round of the State series it became apparent that Graham Mason is still the man to beat. Nicolo, who had a win, Schultz and the emerging talent of Darren "Danny" Jenkins certainly kept him honest. Mace however has the growing championship points tally at the moment. The date for the 2009 HQ Nationals originally scheduled for Eastern Creek early in October has been changed. The new date is yet to be formalised but watch this space. Matt Davidson's HQ is for sale..he's looking for around $10K, contact him on 0416 878695 Check out HQ Racing on the SCC website For all the latest HQ News go to the new website / HQ Section for race reports, meeting nights, etc.

Fleurieu News After an extremely successful May Day event, for which we thank all those who participated, the Fleurieu Group are going into winter hibernation. This will enable most of us to flee to warmer climates. We will resume activities in spring with a Dawn Buster run on Sunday, September 20th and we look forward to seeing you then. More news closer to the event.


Classic News Our last Classic Meeting was on Friday 1 May and we visited City Holden in Grenfell Street. 40 plus members attended and were hosted by Glenn Sullivan who is the Salesperson for HSV vehicles. His address was interesting as was the display of vehicles in the showroom which included an FJ Holden (not quite HSV). We thank City Holden for their hospitality and the HSV shirts donated for us to raffle on the night. Sunday 3 May was the Fleurieu Group May Day run. 21 vehicles started from the SCC Clubrooms and met the others at Strathalbyn for morning tea. The lunch at Goolwa Golf Course was enjoyable as was the run and the entertainment. Congratulations to the Fleurieu Group for another successful May Day. Coming Meetings Friday 5 June is our Lancia Night. We will have some very rare and quite interesting Lancias on display so come along for an enjoyable night. Of course the meeting will be followed by an appropriate Italian supper. Friday 3 July is the Classic Section Annual General Meeting. There will be cars on display, trophies awarded, election of officers (some new Committee Members will be welcome), dancing girls and a sumptuous supper. Wanted; A new Chairperson for the Classic Section as the old one is worn out. Any person who would like to work with a capable and supportive committee in a fun Section of the Club would be very warmly welcomed. A taste for red wine is desirable but not essential. Please apply!! Coming Events 2009 Classic Clare Sunseeker on the 13, 14, 15 June is fully booked and all planning and preparations are well underway. For those on the waiting list we are sorry but do not despair as if anyone cancels the next in line will be immediately notified. George and Mildred are frantically preparing for the event. The Citroen 2CV is once again over the pit with the underside being scrubbed to an inch of its life as George was informed that the cleanest car will win the Bill Potts Trophy. Mildred has been commissioned to polish the upper surfaces to a mirror finish but only did the bonnet before she broke a nail and refused to do any more. George has had to promise her not one, but two new dresses (one for Saturday night and one for Sunday night) to convince her to continue. However he did suggest to her that for two new outfits she could at least vacuum the interior. With only a few weeks to go and a new set of tyres required George is trying to convince Mildred to wear the same dress both nights. Alas, a useless challenge, so the tyres themselves may have to be second hand. Mildred has entered in her diary that we meet at the Clubrooms on Saturday 13 June at 8.15am for a 9.00am start and to bring the Thermos for morning tea and for the Sunday run as well. Hope they remember. Gordon Taylor, Classic Chairman.

Vintage News The RAA trophy day – our thanks to the organisers within the Veteran Section for a fabulous day. Nature provided ideal autumn weather. Coming Meeting Friday 12 June – This will be our AGM – please consider accepting nomination for the committee. In the last few years we have strived to provide an interesting schedule of events. We need your input! On stage we will have 2 interesting cars – no, you will have to wait to see what they are… Coming events The Burra Bash is fully booked! Thanks for your support – we will have a great time. Sunday 21 June – We are joining with the Veteran Section for the Around the Houses outing – refer Veteran Section for details. These events are always interesting so don’t miss out!

Hub Lunch Thursday 16 July at 12.30pm. Edinburgh Hotel, 7 High Street, Mitcham. Contact Sarah on 8264 0752 or 0409 197 404.

June 2009


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June 5-7 Shannons Nationals Round 4 Mallala

June 13-15 Sunseeker Rally Clare

June 14 Multiclub 1 Collingrove


$45.00 $45.00 $37.00 $24.00


Board Nominations Look for the separate flyer in this edition of the newsletter. Nominations must be received by 4pm on Friday 26 June 2009.

Online Numeric Number Plate Auctions 

Drift School Mallala

The Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure is now auctioning select 6-digit numeric number plates via online auctions. For further information visit or phone Evans Clarke National Auctioneers on 8345 0099.

June 21

Contacting the Library

June 20

Round 3 Burnout Collingrove 

June 28

All Members are asked to note that the Library can now be contacted by email. Their address is Why not ask them a question? They will be happy to assist.

Around the Houses Vintage/Veteran 

June 28 Wintercup 1 Collingrove

July 4 Drift Practice Mallala

July 5 Working Bee Collingrove

July 19 Foggy Dew Run Vintage Section

July 19 Round 4 Burnout Collingrove

July 26 G1 Drift Mallala

CALENDAR of EVENTS June 2009 3 5 5-7 12 13-15 14 15 17 19 20 21 28 28

General Meeting – Clubrooms Section Meeting – Classic Shannons Nationals Round 4 Section AGM – Vintage Sunseeker Rally – Clare Multiclub 1 – Collingrove Section Meeting – Drift Section Meeting – HQ Section AGM – Veteran Drift School – Mallala Motorsport Park Round 3 Burnout – Collingrove Around the Houses – Veteran/Vintage Wintercup 1 – Collingrove

July 2009 1 3 4 5 10 14 15 17 19 19 20 26 31

General Meeting – Clubrooms Section AGM – Classic Drift Practice – Mallala Working Bee – Collingrove Section Meeting – Vintage Section AGM – HRR Section Meeting – HQ Section Meeting – Veteran Foggy Dew Run Round 4 Burnout – Collingrove Section Meeting – Drift G1 Drift – Mallala Movie Night - Clubrooms

Drift News We are in need of bolstering our stock of Drift officials in all areas but particularly scorers. The Club will hold a couple of training sessions for interested volunteers to learn the scoring system. A basic knowledge of computers would be helpful. If you are interested or know of anyone who might be, contact Penny Gordon at the Club on Ph: 8271 5689 or email: sccsaevents@inte

June 2009 Newsletter  

Newsletter of the Sporting Car Club of South Australia

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