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being there to care has been our one concern for twenty years‌

we are pleased to present this special edition of image news to celebrate our 20th anniversary. instead of our usual news round-up, we are combining our two publications (image news and networking news and prayer) to celebrate God’s faithfulness to us as an organisation. in it you will find an overview of our journey so far with stories from people we have helped along the way and commendations from those we network with. UC cretary at SP e S h it m S r te Pe ad image was so called because says: I have h ls a c li e g n a v E gside we believe that every person to work alon re su a le p t a ave the gre is made in the image of god ... 15 years. I h ly r a e n r fo image t an e a speaker a b from conception to natural to y p p a h le been invited peop d n a e c n e r death. Image Confe ences. SPUC confer to e g a im ’s m fro We are concerned about both d with image e s s e r p im n e bee abortion (with all its related I harvk with crisis pregnancy wo g. issues) and euthanasia. we sellor trainin n u o c e tr n e c want to reach the evangelical community, to take action and Denny Hartford says: We here to be involved in prayer. whilst, at Vital Signs M istries have over the years, our activities been honored as wellin as de ly have changed or developed, our blessed to have worked withepim ag heart remains the same: we are over the last 20 years. Though baseed in the United St ates, we have be ‘christians caring for life’. en involved with th e dedicated Chri stian we praise god for the growth servants at image in seve ra l w ay s over those years incl of image, from its small uding conferen ces in the United Kingd beginnings and feel we’re on ed om, networkin g, ucational mater ials, internet the threshold of something outreaches and various ministr much bigger. ies to pregnant wom en and their fam please pray with us that the We have seen their work ‘up cl ilies. ose and personal’ an d have always be god who has so wonderfully im en pressed with th eir vision, provided for us this far will compa ssion, wisdom, faithfulness continue to provide the and spiritual in tegrity. We look people and finances to expand. forward to a continued friendship with image and pray that our Lo if you feel able to help us rd’s blessing on thei r work in any way, please see the remains strong and inspiring. form at the back...




‘‘ ‘‘

1990 2010 1990OCTOBER 20

Prayer to mark the 25th anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act. The day became an annual event. One participant from Birmingham wrote: The most miraculous time of all was when we felt the closeness of the Lord in a way I’ve never experienced. It was as if He revealed His heart to us. That instead of Him standing with us, we were standing with Him, ministering to His pain.

Image formed at a meeting of about 30 people in an evangelical church on the outskirts of Manchester. A prayer rota was organised to support the witness outside a local abortion clinic. The results were immediate as some women changed their minds and decided to keep their babies. One mother later wrote to image: In our hearts we knew that we were wrong, but seeing your people outside caring about us and our child gave us the strength to turn around and walk away from our potential self-made tragedy . . . we are very glad that you were around on that Saturday. Her baby (Jordan) was born six months later weighing 7lb 13oz: a baby brother for Kirsty.

1994 Image opened a pregnancy telephone helpline to network Tameside pregnancy centres.

1997 Image developed its five-day training course recognised by the Association of Christian Counsellors as a specialist course.



A 16-year-old girl going for an abortion with her mother stopped to talk to workers outside the clinic and changed her mind. A few months later image workers were invited to the christening of her baby boy.

Image opened its first Manchester office at Coverdale Centre, Ardwick in Manchester. Image’s training course was recognised by Open College Network as providing 60 hours in Christian Pregnancy Counselling Skills.

As well as maintaining a Christian witness at an abortion centre, image began to provide pregnancy crisis and post-abortion support, train counsellors and youth workers, help establish new pregnancy centres, publish pro-life literature, organise demonstrations and prayer vigils, encourage the setting up of prayer rotas in other areas, provide pro-life speakers and publish submissions on life issues.

2003 Image employed its first image workers. Previously, all image’s work had been part-time and unpaid.

2004 Image’s Pregnancy Helpline, manned by volunteers, was re-launched as a Manchester helpline.

2005 Image began work with Challenge Team UK to provide teams of young people going into schools and youth groups in the North of England to promote saving sex for marriage. This led to a full-time Challenge Team leader and a part-time administrator working with image in Manchester.

1991OCTOBER 26 Image’s first national conference was held (with Denny Hartford, USA).

1992OCTOBER 27 Image organised a National Day of



For all the people who have prayed for image over the years, the mother and grandmother of this beautiful baby have provided their account of how his life came to be.

Image started its pregnancy counselling skills course in London (simultaneously with the one in Manchester) for the first time, leading to the formation of Image Training London.

The events described took place 13 years ago but both decided to write their powerful stories* for the first time for this image news.

2008 A new Pregnancy Helpline website was introduced, along with a text service to match the e-mail and telephone services for enquirers.


Throughout this difficult journey the grandmother was in touch with image regularly and we prayed:

2010JANUARY Image reported during the previous 12 months: l 1,300 calls and 432 clients for Pregnancy Helpline l Over 100 hours in face-to-face support l Pregnancy and post-abortion counsellor training courses l A prayer conference l A National Day of Prayer l 3,000 secondary school pupils reached in the North by the Challenge Team with a tremendous response l Outreach to the homeless l A new women’s prison ministry l A move to new Manchester premises l Plans for new ministry in schools and in the community

*The accounts below are abridged. Please visit the image website to read in full.

GRANDMOTHER’SSTORY As Christian parents we had, we thought, a good relationship with our children. So it hit us particularly hard to learn that our unmarried daughter was pregnant. Although this pregnancy had come from an event that she had not wanted, and she had no relationship with the man involved, we had no doubt that we would be there to support her in bringing up the child, or even to adopt the baby and bring him/her up as our own. ä amme mmers Progr ta S r o v re T r D and dical Ethics e M in r to c e Dir , rsity College e iv n U ’s y r a Law at St M unched far p s a h e g a Im : London says rs r twenty yea fo t h ig e w s t by above it d that it’s no te ra st n o m e and has d God's power but by y b t o n t, h mig hful rayer and fait p h g u ro h T . Spirit idst of ork in the m w d r a h t n e consist as seen many h it n o ti si o p strong op ant m the malign o fr d e v sa s e liv eath' 'culture of d e th f o s e s s exce the e in killing m a h s o n s a im that h ss. I thank H le e c n fe e d d weak an g em for servin th d n a m e th for Him so well.





This part of my life started with a work social event taking a turn I hadn’t planned, or even wanted. Towards the end of the evening, a man who’d been showing me a bit more attention than wanted (a work colleague) handed me a drink (a coke supposedly) and when he went back to the bar one of the girls in our group swiftly took it out of my hand and said, Don’t! I remember feeling so thankful, I just grabbed my coat and bag and ran outside to a waiting cab leaving the club, the loud banging music, and the colleague inside... so I thought.


But no, as I got into the cab I felt someone behind me pushing me in and getting in behind me... it was him. I just wanted to be home. The cab stopped outside my flat and I got out. My bedsit was on the top floor. I still can’t remember him getting out of the cab and following me in - I just remember as I opened my flat door him walking in behind me. ä

When she eventually told us that she had an appointment for a termination, my heart sank. I decided that I must go to the clinic myself and be there for her, whatever the outcome. When I arrived in the vicinity of the clinic, I was not sure exactly where it was, but I needed the loo. I parked close by a building opposite the station and went to the door to see if it was open and ask if I could use the loo there. Imagine my amazement to find I’d been guided to the Christian Pregnancy Centre (Acorn Pregnancy Advice Centre, Hazel Grove), but how wonderful is our God! I soon found the clinic, and now I’d arrived, wondered what on earth I would say to the receptionist! No time to delay, I just went in and said I had come to see my daughter. They looked at me a bit suspiciously, but one of them checked the list… Then she raised her head and said: ‘She’s not here. She’s left.’ I was puzzled. What does that mean?’ They said she’d changed her mind.’


Andrea Minichiello Willi ams Director of CCFON says : Congratulations to im age on the occasion of your 20th anniversary. We greatly appreciate the Christian stand that you have taken over the last 20 years in supp orting and promoting the pro-li fe view that every person is made in the image of God, with a life of value from conception to death. We are grateful for th e many aspects of your work but wou ld particularly like to thank you for the provision that you have made to encourage the establishment of a National Day of Prayer about abor tion on October 27 each year. May the Lord continue to bless you and guide you in all that you undertake in His na me.

As a young teenager I was full of ideals, strong beliefs and commitments... but let me tell you, not for a moment had I considered really, truly, how difficult the decision of abortion was, until I was faced with it myself. ä





pregnancy helpline has been operating for nearly 15 years offering women space and time to think about their pregnancy as well as relevant information. Often we do not know the outcome of a woman’s decision but this is a very different story...

I know I said ‘NO’ probably over 100 times in my semi-conscious, drunken state. I naively thought that someone I knew would respect the word No! In shock and angry I shouted at him to leave, get out, and slammed the door in his face. Then I broke down. I spent two hours on the phone to the Samaritans and at 7am I went to find the morningafter pill. I spent all day going from clinic to clinic and eventually managed to get the morning-after pill less than 12 hours after it had happened. A few days later I knew something was wrong. In the trauma of the event and struggling to come to terms with it I never even thought of it being possible, not after the morning after pill. It took all of two seconds for the lines to appear on the pregnancy test and for me to collapse on the floor. Life had stopped. No one would love me, understand. My life as I knew it had ended. Then it came, the suggestion of a termination. At around seven weeks I went for counselling. This was the right decision. I wanted my future back. When the day came, the nurses must have come for me about four or more times. Each time I shook my head - I’m not ready yet. I was in the bed by the window. I had a newspaper. I was looking for another job. But could I read? Not with another voice loud inside me, inside my walls talking to me. Such a calm voice, a positive voice! I can still hear it now. “Mum, let me live! Mum, let me live!” No tears, just a decision. From the nurses, no questions, no persuasiveness, nothing except a smile, tea and toast and the knowledge in leaving that I would never be back. No, don’t think now that was it. I knew I couldn’t have an abortion...that was all. I battled every day with wanting to throw myself down stairs so I’d have a miscarriage and such like! And I battled with my son who was so determined to live and be part of my life. And now, I am so glad he did.

A CLIENTNEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN I first met Aleya early in 2000. She called Pregnancy Helpline for a pregnancy test and the positive result sent her into shock and panic: how could she face another Caesarean section? She’d already had two and her youngest son had only just turned one. She needed time to process what was happening so continued to talk to me on the phone. She was obviously in two minds: scared of another difficult birth but equally scared of any other option. As she carried on talking it became clear that she could find the courage to face the pregnancy and birth if she had support. Over the next few months I became support worker for Aleya, taking her to appointments and providing a listening ear. On the date set for the C-section I ester from Manch k e o H e jk ri a M d a well truste is e g a Im : s y sa ho find for women w lp e h f o e rc sou hase in precarious p a in s e lv e s them e of refuge, c la p a h ic h e life in w -giving advic fe li d n a t c e . peace, resp their journey in rt a p le b a is an invalu make better to le p o e p s Image enable support s, gives real e ic o h c d e inform substantial and makes a . living wisely to n o ti u ib tr con






Paul Wenham of The Musta rd Tree in Manc h e s te r s a ys: It has been a real pleasur e to work alongside im age. They ha ve shown wisdom, car e and compa ssion in the way they have suppor ted some of the vulne rable ladies we work with. Chris a nd her team work tirelessly an d make a ver y real difference to many who o therwise would have nowhere to turn. Thanks imag e!”


the following are more recent clients who have received help at the image office or in prison with the journey. the journey is a ten step programme designed to help those who have had an abortion. it has been adapted to help clients with other child losses, too.

went to collect her from home and discovered that she’d spent the night on the children’s ward with her younger child. Her husband needed to stay with him so I was asked to be her birth partner. Her beautiful little boy was born on 2 August 2000, on my 25th wedding anniversary! Continued involvement with Aleya led to close friendship. With such a wonderfully warm and giving person there were no options! It was a year later, when I was at a hospital appointment with her and her husband, that she was diagnosed with rectal cancer. We all cried together. Some difficult years followed, with times of acute pain and suffering as well as times of reprieve, joy and gladness. Sadly, she died in 2005. It was a tremendous privilege to be Aleya’s friend and walk with her through that time, to share her joys and sorrows. She’s certainly a client I will never forget! Her son celebrated his 10th birthday this year and looks very much like her. Christine Fidler Director, Image

Names have been changed for confidentiality

SANDRA’SSTORY Sandra had an abortion and a cot death and writes: I no longer feel guilty with myself and I have more inner peace. It has helped me not to feel as angry and to come to terms with my loss. It has helped me learn to talk about my problems. I also looked forward to coming to sessions even at the hardest part as I have now found inner comfort. You have helped me break down barriers, and taught me life can go on without hiding behind brick walls.



longer flat and grey. I still have moments, especially at certain times of the year, but I cope. My past is exactly that and it influences who I am but it no longer controls me. Thank you for helping me to come alive again!

Anne had had two abortions and an adoption. Read her unedited story on the website: It is very difficult to remember the person called Anne who existed before the Journey. I created her to act as a shield which I could hide behind. I lived in a world of guilt, anger and doubt hurting myself, blaming myself. This continued for over 20 years until, by chance, I met a very special man. He saw someone I could not, he saw the real Anne and fell in love with her. We decided to marry but I could not believe he had chosen to be stuck with somebody like me. I went from a heavy drinker to an out of control drinker. Slowly I began to realise how much pain and distress my husband was experiencing because of my behaviour. I decided to get help. If I could stop drinking and control my moods life would be more bearable for my husband. I never thought there would be anything for me, I didn’t deserve it. When I saw the ten steps to recovery in the Journey I thought, it’s not going to be any worse than the state I’m in now. Tracy’s skill and understanding prevented me from becoming overwhelmed by the emotions released. The Journey is structured into small steps, achievements. This gives you confidence you can do this, you’re not completely useless. One of the most valuable things given to you on the Journey is time. Given time you really can change the way you think. Tracy will say I’ve done all the hard work and, yes, it was hard. It was difficult to believe that by experiencing guilt, anger, pain and many other emotions I would become a different person. Who am I? Well, I’m the real Anne for the first time in 43 years! I wake up happy (most mornings) which I’m told is normal. Then I have a day experiencing things, some nice, some not, which is wonderful! My life is no

CATHY’SSTORY Cathy commented after doing the Journey for her stillbirth: I feel I have now moved on with my life. I no longer feel guilt or hurt. It has made me strong, happy, forgiving. I now believe in myself that I am worthy. Thank you.

MARY’S & SARAH’SSTORIES Mary and Sarah completed the Journey for miscarriage: I’ve moved on to a better mindset. It made me see what I need and have to do to get anger out. Good times but had some rough sessions. Worth it to get to where I am now. I can now go home and move forward and feel happy that I got everything off my chest. I found it very helpful. It’s changed me as a person. Health and Jennie Frost er omotion Offic Wellbeing Pr ork y says: The w it s r e iv n U d ea at Salfor . They provid le b a lu a v in image do is me of so many at ti to r a e g in n liste hand d – a helping n o y e b d n a ace crisis f love and gr o e c n a d n u b y and an a en when the m o w to t u o is poured nly . Image not o le b ra e ln u v are so in the service with t n e ll e c x e run an ow r area but all te s e h c n a M K, Greater ughout the U o r th d a e r p s K this to be ll over the U a m o fr le p o training pe ith when faced w t is ss a to le b to be a child y crisis and c n a n g e r p f issues o see how the to g in it c x e o loss. It’s s g g and reachin in w o r g is k wor g hat a blessin new areas – w eople! to so many p




Enclosed is a flier advertising the next image training course. Please display this and advertise the course in your church. The work is fast growing and we need more trained workers. If you could help us, please contact the image office for details.


might help are thinking and feeling. Men are also welcome on this course. Men are not immune from the effects of being involved in situations of crisis pregnancy or abortion, and therefore may seek help. I cannot say that this course was easy, and the issues that we discussed are not all enjoyable. However, it was very good. The teaching was always done with obvious expertise and care, the wellbeing of those being trained was protected, and the role-play was performed in a non-threatening, supportive setting. I now feel more able to express myself in a non-judgemental, caring, insightful, and helpful way which will hopefully allow me to have a beneficial influence on those I have the opportunity to speak to.

Barbara Verrall writes of her experience of the image course (full text on our website): I took the Christian Pregnancy Counselling Skills Course earlier this year. Having been a Christian for many years, I understood the main issues around pregnancy and abortion. However, I recognised that I did not have a grasp of all the issues involved so it was difficult for me to explain my point of view clearly and compassionately. The course gave me information and allowed me to think about what I actually believe, and to consider the reasons for my attitude to those who need help through a crisis pregnancy or who have been involved in the abortion process. I had to answer questions like, how do I show acceptance to those whose beliefs and values are different from mine? How do I deal with my own prejudices? I was asked to record how my thinking had developed as a result of the teaching and the course’s required reading. An important part of the course is the use of role-play which allowed me to try using the information I had been given when acting as helper, and gave me a greater insight into what women I

‘‘ ‘‘

on says: After is e th a M e ild H o ted these tw le p m o c g in hav ave age, I feel I h im h it w s e s ing cour d to start help e p ip u q e ll e ose been w crisis and th in n e m o w t he pregnan m abortion. T o fr g n ri e ff o who are su given to do s n e e b e v a h tools that I g elp in settin h t a e r g f o e will b . t in Mallorca c je o r p r e e n up a pio


Kay Owen Qu ality review er for Image for its 6 0 -hour course in Christian Pregnancy C ounselling Skills says: C ongratulatio ns on your special anniv ersary. Glad to have an opportun ity to say ho w much your professio nal yet comp assionate service must mean to eve ryone concerned. O pen College Network Northwest se nds best wis hes to Image for the next 20 y ears.





PAT’SSTORY “For we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10) I started as a volunteer with image in 2004. I had just completed the training course and the Journey training course. Six people from my town had completed the training course in anticipation of a pregnancy centre in Leigh (this opened in Oct 2005 and I now volunteer there). I offered myself as a volunteer for image in order to use the skills I had learned, and to be more ready for when our centre opened. My first day was a nightmare. I had great difficulty finding my way to Ardwick by public transport and arrived at 11.30 having left my home at 7.15! I was very nervous, I had no office experience and I could just about turn a computer on. Jackie made me very welcome and was very patient with me as I got to grips with how an office worked and the Pregnancy Helpline. Answering the helpline was scary. I had listened to both Jackie and Chris and I knew I wasn’t in the same league as them; I felt very self conscious and was sure I would make a mess of it. I was encouraged to be myself, use the skills I had acquired and go with it. The biggest thing I have learned while at image is that I am who God has created me to be. I am not Jackie or Chris, I am me! I have grown in confidence, grown in compassion and understanding, and learned to tolerate situations and people. I have learned how to be part of a team. I have conquered many fears, mainly the fear of making a mistake. In 2008 I became the Office Manager (God really has a sense of humour!) Administration is not my gifting but I learned such a lot as I allowed God to take me on this path. God has opened doors for me that for a long time had

been the desire of my heart. I am a people helper, and supporting the women who continue with their pregnancy with practical and emotional help has been very rewarding. Walking alongside those hurting from child separation, adoption and child loss has been a privilege. Helping on the training course, seeing others grow and become pregnancy support workers is a joy. I now work in the capacity of outreach worker for Image Pregnancy Helpline. I spend one day a week in Styal prison (supporting those in prison has been a dream I have held in my heart since I became a Christian). I go out once a month on the Mustard Tree soup run telling the street people of our service. We offer support in the Mustard Tree on Friday mornings and other venues are opening up. Christians caring for life is exactly what image represents. Jesus said “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10). Image has given me life and allowed me to be who God created me to be. To God be the glory!

MALENE’SSTORY I came to this country as an asylum seeker. A good friend proposed that I should become a volunteer for image. I was very reluctant at first because I was suffering from severe depression and post traumatic stress disorder and I had very little or no self esteem. My condition made me prefer only my own company. So volunteering for


after 20 or so years? In the effort category: ‘A’ plus. Little more needs to be said. In terms of achievement, despite a small staff and budget image has delivered quality pregnancy crisis training every year and helped in the formation of crisis pregnancy centres around the country. The number of lives assisted through these is hard to know as are those who have needed support through accessing the helpline. One of the strengths of image is its whole of life worldview. Human life is sacred from fertilization until natural death and accordingly this has important practical consequences with respect to the use of contraceptives. It is essential that this subject is not hidden from view - as it so often is and image has not backed away from addressing this, primarily in the training courses. The support of the Challenge Team has been a difficult assignment but extremely important. From where else can young people with little or no exposure to healthy, life affirming teaching on sex and relationships get this kind of advice from within the school curriculum? The commitment to research and supplying quality information has always been high. It’s going to be even better once proper annotated searchable references are added to articles in the newsletter. Three people who were involved with image right from the start need special mention. Jim Fidler, Sue Dray and Stuart Cunliffe each made a huge contribution. Jim spent a lot of time during school holidays and Saturdays standing outside the South Manchester abortion centre. It is still a matter of regret that the wider Christian community in the UK has not caught on to the importance of having a prayerful presence on the streets every time children are being aborted. Jim has laid down a benchmark on this which has been his legacy. Sue and Stuart also put in huge chunks of their time furthering developments

image was a huge challenge but I am happy that I did it. The staff were very understanding and caring. They supported me daily in various aspects of my life, moral, emotional and financial. They even wrote a letter to the Home Office in support of my asylum. I became pregnant whilst working for image and they continued to support me. Christine was even there when I had my baby. Pat and Sally visited me in the hospital. The image team came to church for my daughter’s dedication with presents for her. Their support has been ongoing. They are more like a family to me and they mean a lot. A million thanks especially to Pat, Sally, Christine, Jackie, Kat and all those who are working graciously for their tremendous efforts in keeping the work of image alive.


Sheffield Janet Pike of ounselling Pregnancy C my privilege n e e b s a h It Support says: er the ith image ov w d e lv o v s in to be e good friend m so e d a m e y years. I hav m humbled b a d n a e g a y through im aff show. The st e g a im n o ti s in the dedica rs and carer io r r a w l a u l are spirit area of socia d e d e e n h c any this mu y go on for m e th y a M . e c , in injusti side the Lord g n lo a , s r a e more y ference in making a dif 's lives. many people


AN HONEST ASSESSMENT Dr Greg Gardner has been a valued supporter of image from its beginning. Here he offers an honest assessment of the last 20 years. When a teacher writes a report on a pupil, they usually say something about their strengths and anything unusually good which has caught their eye before going on to talk about their difficulties. So what would an evaluation about image sound like



in om Answers Paul Taylor fr , : For 20 years s y a s is s e n e G for a biblical case d te n se re p s image ha , particularly fe li n a m u h protecting God bies. I praise a b n r o b n u f d, that o ey have save th t a th s e v li the for the iritually - as sp d n a y ll a c both physi entral to their c n e e b s y a lw Gospel has a riter eaker and w p s a s A . y tr cs minis nal apologeti o ti a n r te in rs with an eir endeavou th t r o p p u s I , ministry ir them for the d n e m m o c d an . odly witness g d n a k r o w hard


Sue Relf Volu ntary Organis er says: Challen ge Team UK congratulate s Image on 20 wonderful years of Chris tian love an d service. Image made contact with Challenge Team in 2004 and a close p artnership grew up. A C hallenge Tea m of four young adult volunteers h as visited numerous sc hools in Man chester since that ti me, touring during the autumn term for the last s ix years. Based in Eas tbourne on th e south coast, this p artnership w ith Image has given Ch allenge Team an important fo othold in th e north of England wh ich otherwis e would not h ave been pos sible.


Alec Motyer s ays: They als o serve who on ly stand and With apologie p ray! s to Milton, I can't think of a be tter way to m ark image’s anniversary , support its work and promote the pro-life caus e. It is not defeatist, on ly realistic, to say things have gone so far now that nothing but wholesa le divine inte rvention will suffice. Join me in p rayer that the God of life , the God of a ll grace, will come to transform, a nd rectify. I rejoice in th e testimony of image, and in all its servants hav e achieved and do. But, o h may the Lo rd himself come in pow er on their, m y and our beh alf.


of the counselling and prayer ministries. Thanks and much appreciation go to them. Image has its own difficulties to overcome. The pro-life movement is still the Joseph of the church: there is no level playing field when it comes to the allocation of resources. The local church for historic more than scriptural reasons still takes the greater share of these. Groups like image are up against an abortion industry which in the UK turns over around 100 million pounds per annum. It is a testament to the tenacity of the image staff and especially its volunteers that the work has steadily grown in spite of these difficulties. So after 20 years there is a lot to give thanks for but also a lot to anticipate. The vision is still intact, the needs are huge but we have a faithful God who always supplies our needs.




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